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As the rain comes down

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The sky decided to downpour, and if anyone decided to step out the water would threaten to bite your ankles.


Papikana is an imaginative person, and every time it rains she can’t help but think that a shark will charge at her if she dares to peer too closely into the murky water.


”Don’t be silly,” Mimi sighed as she pulled Papikana closer to her, “sharks don’t swim in such shallow waters.” She tried to assure, but even she isn’t that knowledgeable of what animals can even do.

“But still,” Papikana murmured, nuzzling her head into Mimi’s chest, calming her enough to allow her to breathe easily, “the rain makes it hard to smell anything.”


”What would you need to smell?” Mimi asked, pushing her friend off her to look into those sapphire eyes.


Papikana just grinned as she leaned in to sniff the nook of her friend's neck, “To smell you, of course,” she laughed, being pushed by Mimi as she groans at Papikana’s straightforward playfulness, “... if we ever separate and the rain hides your scent and tracks, no one would protect you and your child,” Papikana's grin began to falter, anxiety becoming a common thing ever since she ran away with her friend from the facility, “a-and, what if a bad guy hurts you but I’m not there to help you? I would feel... really lonely,” her vocabulary not strong enough to reflect her emotions, but Mimi picked up the undertones anyway.


”Ah, Papikana,” Mimi sighed, wrapping her hand around the other’s neck, feeling the strayed ends and uneven cut of her short hair, as Mimi pulled her close to her once again but this time tightly, “don’t say those things, it will only bring bad luck, even if there’s a possibility that they’re true.”


Papikana snorted though closed her eyes as she breathed in Mimi’s cool skin, “You’re bad at comforting people,”


”I was never taught how to,” this time Mimi let out a chuckle of her own, a rare sight as her ruby eyes glint with the bit of life left in her.

Just knowing that Mimi can even be this happy even in this dingy room and uncertain future, it was something that Papikana wanted to hold on, as if it’s her last silverlining. 

“I will always be with you, even if it rains as badly as this,” Papikana began to propose.


”I know,” Mimi nodded, her hand sliding atop her womb, “and you’ll also stay with Cocona too.”


Papikana nodded, “Yeah! And we can always play together, the three of us!” She smiled, now hopeful of her imaginative future, “I will protect the two of you, and we can have a lot of delicious food everyday, and play in a really big lake and have picnics too,” she began to ramble, feeling elated, “because I will always love, love, love-“


”Stop that,” Mimi sounded cold, causing Papikana to stop at her tracks, Mimi noticing how harsh her tone was and coughed, “you... know how I feel about that word.”


”Ah, right,” Papikana lowered her head, feeling her chest drop, “but... you know I do,”


Mimi sighed, her cold tired hands clasping across the salmon haired girl, “Of course I know,”


And as the two stayed like that, the rain began to pour harder.



Cocona slept peacefully on her bed, snoring softly as the rain drizzled tapping against her window.


Papika couldn’t sleep, opting to watch Cocona chest rise and fall and to wonder what kind of dreams her lovely friend could be having.


She watched the window shudder from the random intervals of the rain, causing herself to shirk her head into her knees, but refusing to falter in case she fails to protect Cocona from it.


Papika’s chest tightened uncomfortably, as the memories of her previous self resurfaced as she's left to her thoughts, trying to shake them out she decided to creep closer to Cocona to take a whiff.


The smell of her Cocona, something that won’t be washed away and forgotten by Papika, and that’s something she made certain wouldn’t happen.


She positioned herself atop of Cocona’s sleeping body, not seeing anything wrong with it, and leaned close to sniff her hair. Clean, soft, and almost as calming as the night sky itself. She sniffed her cheek, feeling Cocona’s breath braze across her own, and leaning close to sniff Cocona’s neck. Soft, innocent, and most definitely alive.


Cocona began to stir uncomfortably, as she groggily woke up feeling the weight of Papika on her chest, groaning as she covered her eyes with her free arm, “What are you doing still awake..?” She mumbled out, still drunk on sleep.


Papika flopped her whole body atop of Cocona, deciding to cuddle her up as she smiled, “I was waiting for you to wake up because of the rain,” she mumbled, clinging onto the other.


Cocona groaned, but her arms didn't stop from wrapping around the other, “Did you want me to watch the rain with you?” Her eyes barely opened, but she made sure to be able to see the bothersome love of hers as she brushed some stray hair out of Papika’s face.


Papika paused for a moment, shaking her head as she inches closer to Cocona’s face as she happily grinned, “I was protecting you from the rain,” she said, almost matter of factly. It was too late into the night for Cocona to care, so she accepted it as Papika’s quirky tangents as she tried to go back to rest.


”Then I’ll protect you, too, you know,” she mumbled as she went back to dozing off.


Papika just stared at her exhausted face and let the quietness envelop them both, but this time the rain seems to deafen as all she could hear was Cocona’s soft breathing throughout the storm.