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A Most Edible Thistle

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One year later...

“Ohhh Josie, I can’t decide between the marigolds or the zinnias! We absolutely can’t have the poppies, or else Bobo will eat them—” Yvette gushes around a mouthful of stuffed artichoke, spilling crumbs across her plate.

Josephine holds out her hand, struggling to swim upstream of Yvette’s babble. “Does Bobo like poppies?”

“I don’t know, but Bobo likes everything, and poppies are poisonous so we mustn’t risk it!” Yvette exclaims, slapping her hand across a list of Robin’s proposed menus for the wedding banquet. The choice of food is made more difficult by the fact that Yvette loves every single one of Robin’s offerings. Even with Tabitha as Robin’s devoted new prep cook and inamorata, they are barely able to keep up with Yvette’s excitement.

Bobo bleats contentedly, and steals an artichoke leaf from Yvette’s plate.

Josephine sighs.

Neither she nor Vivienne had expected the wayward goat to keep following them. Nor had they expected that Sera and Yvette would adopt the goat. Thankfully, the knowledge that the goat eats anything has kept Sera and Yvette from making the newly-named Bobo their ring-bearer.

There is a warm presence behind Josephine, lightly perfumed with fresh orange blossoms. Josephine leans back with gentle familiarity, and Vivienne’s arms are already open to embrace her.

“I trust you will keep my words in strictest confidence,” Vivienne murmurs, breath stirring the shell of Josephine’s ear.

Josephine smiles; Yvette is entirely too distracted to notice the whispering right in front of her. “Always.”

“Sera was, dare I say, charming. She held admirably still for her measurements, and was thrilled to pick out the design for her wedding gown. The tailors were delighted with her enthusiasm.”

Josephine laughs, covering her mouth with the palm of her hand. “I’m glad. Thank you for helping, my love.”

Vivienne chuckles, leaning forward to brush her lips over Josephine’s cheek. “For you...anything.”