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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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They know what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate for what they are. They’re a shipping couple, so sometimes they just have to play up the possibility.

That’s all there is to it, right?

And in the office, they can be appropriate, right? Everyone knows it’s for show, right?

Except Off is telling Tay to act as a lookout.

Gun is pushing Off into one of the rooms, down onto the couch and unbuttoning Off’s pants, murmuring that he’d been kept waiting all morning.

By the time they hear Tay’s voice distracting possible witnesses, Gun is already riding Off’s cock. Not that anyone would see much anyway, Gun’s oversized shirt covering where their bodies are intimately connected, Off’s pants only splayed wide enough to give Gun access.

Gun comes with a groan of Off’s name on his lips and then he’s standing back up with a wince, haphazardly cleaning them off, getting dressed and checking his hair while Off does the same.

When Tay spots them again, he tells them it’s inappropriate and they both play dumb, tell him nothing had happened.

They smile and joke with staff and coworkers, as if it’s all a game.

Nothing happens again the next day.

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Thawin’s hands are too hot when they grip Punn’s hips, leaving finger stripes of nearly-singed flesh. It’s the kind of thing that any normal person would hate, would avoid at any cost, but something in Punn loves the pain.

It’s what has him walking into Boss Thawin’s office after everyone else has gone home and Thawin’s eyes rake him over.

Tonight, Thawin turns Punn around, presses up against him. If Punn wanted to, he could fight him, could be the one in control, but Thawin’s polite exterior hides a powerful side, an almost cruel side, a side that he only shows to Punn.

He gets Punn half-stripped, somehow callous and cautious all at once because he never tears a button or a seam. Thawin bends Punn over the desk and pounds into him and Punn moans, fucks back against him, says, “More. Harder.”

And then Thawin is fucking him so good that neither of them can think, neither of them need to think anymore, Thawin arching over Punn to grab his cock as they both plummet over the edge. Thawin pulls out and Punn feels come slipping slick and sticky down his thighs.

Maybe one day, they’ll actually go out.

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“Sean,” White starts to say, but then he realizes how ridiculous his timing is and stops.

Sean pauses. “What is it? White can tell Sean.”

White shakes his head. “It’s nothing, really.”

“Does it hurt?” Sean asks, worried, but White shakes his head again, blushing harder than he already was.

“No, no, it doesn’t hurt,” White says. And, for emphasis, “Move.”

“Not until White tells Sean what’s wrong,” Sean says firmly.

White bites his lip, he really doesn’t want to say it, but he does want Sean to move and it makes him feel like the answer is yes even before he asks the question. After all, Sean is already in him. “If White tells Sean, will Sean make me feel better?”

“Of course, baby,” Sean says instantly. He shifts his hips a little, anticipatory, but waits.

“ I easy? We weren’t even going out when we started doing things.”

Sean chuckles and White feels it through his whole body, they’re pressed so tight together. “White only does anything with his husband. Don’t worry, okay?”

Too shy to say anything else, White just grips Sean’s back. “Move now. Please.” Quieter, “P’Sean, na.”

With that motivation, Sean fucks White until he sounds as slutty as he feels. He moans so loud he can’t believe the voice making those noises could possibly his own.

White pants, his toes curling, and suddenly it no longer matters whether he’s easy or not.

If he’s easy but only for Sean, that’s not so bad.

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Off takes this-- takes Gun back to his bed, like he never had with the other one, the real--

But this one is real.

Gun arches under his touch and threads their fingers together and squeezes Off’s hand as Off licks and sucks and bites at his neck, his shoulder, his chest.

He says, “Off,” as he spreads his legs and maybe his intonation isn’t quite the same, but the voice is still Gun’s voice. The lips still look like Gun’s lips, feel like--

Well, how he always imagined--

Gun’s lips are soft and supple beneath his.

And then Gun is begging--that voice is begging--for Off to take him, to fill him up, to love him. That body is writhing under his, those hands are wrapped around Off’s back.

Gun’s voice is crying out.

After all this time, Gun finally loves him, too.

And Gun will never know.

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Off’s tongue is a source of distraction, from the way he pulls a silly face, a sexy face, to the way he puts it to use on Gun.

Off’s tongue against his own, a kiss that has Gun moaning his assent.

Then Off travels down Gun’s body. He was shy the first time, Gun remembers, had never done it before.

But now, he’s confident--overconfident, if not for how good he actually is--as he takes Gun into his mouth. He slides his tongue along the underside of Gun’s cock, sucks in the head, hollows his throat as he takes Gun all the way down.

“Papii,” Gun whispers. He stares down at Off, Off’s lips around his cock, and Off’s eyes flicker up to meet his.

Off holds him by one hip, his other hand at the base of Gun’s cock, and when Gun starts to come, Off swallows him down.

Off pulls away, licks his lips. “How was that, baby?”

“So good, Papii,” Gun says, pulling him up.

“Maybe one day I’ll be as good as you,” Off murmurs, kissing Gun.

Gun tastes himself, breaks the kiss with a chuckle. “Papii thinks he can be as good as Gun?”

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Rome grabs his camera and Pick is rightfully embarrassed at the idea. He tells Rome not to take pictures, not now.

“I’ll develop the photos myself,” Rome says, and Pick knows it to be true. In fact, he ends up with Rome in the dark room again as Rome does so a week later

And it’s just them.

The first photo is of Rome’s face peeking over Pick’s bare shoulder. It’s rather tawdry but tame. Rome’s expression is hard to read, and there’s a slight blur since he’d taken the picture himself in the midst of what they’d been doing.

The next was likely meant to be their faces, but it had ended up showing lips, shoulders, chest.

Pick hooks his chin on Rome’s shoulder as another picture develops. Rome had somehow captured a glimpse of the way their bodies connected. The way this one is blurred only adds to the action of the scene. It feels artistic but also...

Pick’s hand travels down the front of Rome’s body, teasing him, and it’s playful until he manages to undo Rome’s belt and fly, slipping his hand in and gripping him. Rome leans back against Pick, both of them looking at the photo and thinking of each other.

“P’Pick,” Rome whispers, breath coming in harsh pants, rubbing up against Pick until Pick has to bite his lip to keep quiet.

The last photo is ruined, but maybe it’s better that way.

No one needs to know except the two of them.

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Third covers his mouth, doesn’t want anyone to hear what they’re doing. How Khai convinced him that they should fuck in Two’s guestroom, he’s really not sure, but then again, it’s Khai.

Khai licks and bites at Third’s nipples until they’re wet and so tender they almost ache, Khai’s fingers working him open, fucking into him, hitting him in just the right spot, at just the right angle. Third wants nothing more than Khai in him and now, but...but…


Khai breaks away. “Yes, tee rak?”

“Can you...put it in?”

“Yes, tee rak,” Khai replies, almost too politely, but he’s freeing his fingers and settling Third down onto his lap, Third sinking down onto his cock.

Third is so keyed up, he rides Khai until it’s too much, until he’s coming without ever touching his own cock.

And then Two and Bone are both banging on the door.

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Teedo hears the hard thunk from the floor above and worries at first that something has happened, that he might need to run and help, but then the noises begin.

Teedo hates noise and there’s nothing worse than hearing Maetee and T-Rex fucking.

No one has brought it up, but the others have to know, right? It seems that every single day, Teedo will be trying to live his life when the sounds will flitter through the air and straight into his ears.

Sometimes it’ll just be heavy breathing, the smacking sound of lips, the rhythmic slap of skin against skin. He’s pretty sure that’s when they’re trying to be subtle.

Other times, he’ll catch snippets of what they say, too:


Need it, need you.

Or his favorite:

Stay quiet.

Whether it’s “stay quiet” or “I wanna hear you,” it’s just as frustratingly loud to him.

He’s tried to leave it alone as something he can’t change, something he just has to learn to deal with, but he’s going to have to bring it up soon.

The limit to what he can take is apparently nowhere near the limit of what they can.

It really never seems to end.

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“It’s just work.”

Gun presses up onto his toes to kiss Off’s neck, Off’s cheek.

“It’s just work.”

Off wraps his arms around Gun and pulls him in close.

“It’s just work.”

It used to just be Gun, eager to hold Off’s hand despite how much Off fought him on it. Now they thread their fingers together like it’s only natural.

“It’s just work.”

Off kisses Gun and it’s soft at first, playful, but grows deeper.

“It’s just work.”

Gun pushes Off down, straddling him, kissing him until they’re both hard, until they’re grinding against each other.

“It’s just work.”

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It’s a fine day, warm but not terribly hot, when Maitee comes across Maetee and T-Rex out in the garden.

T-Rex has Maetee pinned down in the grass, his oversized purple t-shirt pooling around them as he holds Maetee’s wrists. Maetee glances at Maitee with wide eyes and bites his lip.

“Hey, Maitee,” T-Rex calls.

“What are you guys doing?” Maitee asks with furrowed brows.

“It’s...a new type of therapy I wanted to try out and Maetee volunteered to help,” T-Rex tells him with a smile.

“R-right,” Maetee agrees, and he sounds a bit freaked out, but that’s no cause for concern when it comes to Maetee.

“Okay. Go easy on him,” Maitee finishes as he heads into the kitchen with his groceries. Maitee finds Teedet glancing out the curtains and then turning towards him.

“Trying some new therapy,” Maitee explains.

Teedet squints. “So why’s shorty not wearing pants?”

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Thawin has done all sorts of things to the new intern, and Punn has encouraged him each and every time. There are hints, however, that Punn has a darker side.

Everything he does, no matter all the power that Thawin has, seems to be something Punn lets him do.

It’s been a particularly rough day, Thawin invites Punn back to his office as usual, planning to have a bit of fun with him.

Today, however, Punn arrives...different.


“Khun Thawin,” Punn starts. “Strip.” Thawin stares, waits. “Strip,” he says, and this time Thawin has no control, is taking off his clothes without wanting to, meaning to.

A reversal. Interesting.

“We don’t want to make a mess of that nice suit,” Punn says, and when he says “we,” Thawin gets the distinct feeling that he himself is not part of the equation.

Thawin raises an eyebrow. “What now?”

“Knees,” Punn instructs, but again, Thawin hesitates.

“Use the voice,” Thawin says. “I like it.”

Punn smirks, and there’s something soft and sharp there. “I got it from a friend.”

Thawin is all the more curious, but he still doesn’t move.

Punn strips his own clothes, folds them neatly and places them on a chair. “Khun Thawin, get on your knees and suck me.”

Although forced, Thawin is all too happy to oblige, falling to his knees in front of Punn, who is half-hard as he takes him in his mouth. He grabs Punn’s ass as he starts sucking him, drawing him further in, looking up at Punn as he deep throats him.

Thawin feels the way Punn trembles as he’s close, Punn right on the edge.

Thawin pulls back, licks Punn again just to make his whole body shudder. “Want me to swallow? Or make that mess you were talking about?”

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“Stop,” Punn instructs, breathing hard.

Thawin does so, even without the commanding voice this time, more interested in what Punn wants to do next.

They take a moment and then Thawin is fingering Punn until he’s back on that precipice.

“Stop,” Punn says again.

“Are you sure?” Thawin asks, having felt Punn twice on the brink. The kid had willpower on top of whatever else.

Punn nods. “I want to ride you until I come, Boss Thawin.”

Thawin ends up seated on the couch, helps Punn lower himself down as Punn’s hands claw in Thawin’s chest, over to clutch at his back.

“You’re not allowed to come until I do.”

“Oh? Is that one of your orders?” Thawin asks.

Punn quirks an eyebrow. “It could be.”

True to both their words, however, Punn fucks himself Thawin’s cock until he’s spilling onto Thawin’s chest and stomach, clenching around him, riding out the aftershocks.

Thawin thrusts up into Punn’s pliant, much more docile body until he finds his own release. He doesn’t pull out, just strokes hands far too hot over Punn’s back.

“I knew you were promising, Punn,” Thawin murmurs into Punn’s ear. “I can’t wait to see what else you can show me.”

Punn leans back, eyes meeting Thawin’s. “I’m sure my performance will impress you, Khun Thawin.”

They kiss then, for the very first time. Equal footing has finally been established after months of dancing around the truth, pretending to be something they’re not.

A true partnership has begun.

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Khai has Third on his hands and knees, relentless as Third keeps making all these noises, nothing coherent left except for the occasional plea of Khai’s name, like Third is dying, like it’s all he has left.

Khai’s hand is on Third’s cock and Third is fucking back against him, fucking into his hand, is more of a mess than Khai’s ever gotten him before and Khai can’t yield, feels Third tense up around him, whole body going stiff before it goes lax.

He pulls out only to flip Third onto his back, wanting to see Third’s face as he comes.

They both lie there catching their breaths.

Khai says, “Tee rak?”

“Mh?” Third replies, fucked out, exhausted.

Khai bites his lip, doesn’t mention how beautiful Third looks like this. “Can you hold me?”

Third opens his arms and Khai snuggles in, safe in Third’s embrace, ear over Third’s heart.

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“Bright’s not here?” Arthit asks and Prem’s eyes blaze to life.

“What’s the story, Prem?” Tuta prompts, ready for the gossip.

Arthit glares at his friends, but secretly he’s curious, too. Bright does a lot of stupid things and he wonders what Bright has done now.

“There’s this new freshman in photography,” Prem starts.

Kongpob appears, interrupts, “Why are you in photography?”

Prem shrugs. “Me and Bright took it to pick up girls.”

Everyone nods in understanding, a collective “oh.”

Tuta clears his throat, “So where is Bright? With this girl? She cute?”

Prem grins. “I went to Bright’s room, right?”

“And the freshman was there,” Kongpob can conclude.

Prem nods. “Under the covers, and under Bright.”

Tuta’s jaw drops. “They’re already banging? And he didn’t tell me?”

“I barely got out the door again before that freshman was moaning again, saying, ‘P’Bright, please--’”

“Hoi,” Bright interrupts. He fixes his hair, but it still looks a little mussed.

Tuta opens his mouth, “You’re here? We heard you were--”

Bright reaches over and smacks him, then steps over to make room for someone else at the table.

Looking a little more disheveled that Bright had, a freshman steps up, and Bright’s friends all stare.

Bright clears his throat. “Everyone, this is Nong Rome.”

“Nice to meet you,” Kongpob says and, a bit more unsteady, Arthit follows suit.

“Nong Rome is in our photography class,” Prem announces slyly, leading everyone to send an obvious glare in his direction.

Rome wais the group, standing there a bit nervously, especially with the way Prem eyes him.

Tuta scratches his own neck pointedly. “Nong Rome, you’re...friends with Bright?”

Self-consciously, Rome’s hand leaps up to cover the hickey, blushing all the way down his chest. “Yes.”

“Ow, just friends?” Bright asks, turning to Rome. “And here I thought I was the player. I didn’t think friends--”

Rome shoves a hand over Bright’s mouth, the mark on his neck once more visible. “P’Bright!”

Tuta kicks Bright. “You didn’t tell me you were seeing someone! And you’re dating boys now! I’m hurt.” Tuta clutches his chest dramatically. “I always thought if you swung that way, you and I could make it…” he teases.

Bright rolls his eyes. “I’m not dating boys. Not you, at least.” He pulls a face and Tuta humphs. “Just Rome. I should’ve known Prem couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”

“It’s not every day I walk in on you fucking your faen!” Prem defends, lewdly.

Kongpob is much more gentle. “So are you two official then?”

Bright nods. “He’s too cute. If I don’t lock him down, someone might try to steal him!”

“P’Bright, no one is going to--”

Prem grabs Rome’s hand. “Are you sure you don’t want to pick me instead, Nong Rome?”

Rome pulls his hand away and grabs Bright’s arm. “What’s wrong with your friend?”

Bright looks smug as he pulls Rome in front of him, hooking his arms together over Rome’s chest possessively. “Just everything.”

Everyone laughs, even Prem.

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Off has had a bad day and everyone knows it. He’s snapped at people, smacked friends, stormed out.

He’s finally alone, for better or worse, with a closed door between him and the rest of the world and everyone else aware enough to keep good distance.

Almost everyone, at least, as the door opens and one person slips through.

Of course it’s him.

“Papii, can Gun help?” Gun asks, wrapping his arms around Off’s neck, tiptoeing up to press kisses to Off’s throat even as Off tries to turn away.

“Stop it, Gun. There’s nothing you can do,” Off says, pulling away without quite pushing Gun.

“Nothing?” Gun asks, pouting.

Off hesitates, but barely. “Nothing, Gun.”

Gun flushes. “Or something?” This time, when he wraps his arms around Off, Off doesn’t pull away. Again, he kisses Off’s neck, but then he slides down Off’s body and onto his knees.

“Gun.” Off wants, Off warns.

Gun undoes Off’s fly, Off is already getting hard and Gun mouths at him through the fabric. “I’m helping,” he insists, freeing Off’s cock. His pretty lips bow around the head as he gives a tentative taste, finds out if Off is going to stop him.

Then, Gun takes in a little more, starts to bob his head, starts to suck, and takes Off’s hand, puts it on the back of his head, before he grabs the length of Off’s cock, whatever’s not currently enveloped in the wet heat of his mouth.

It only takes a second before Off bucks his hips, and Gun doesn’t complain, just squeezes the hand already on the back of his head, relaxes his throat, and lets Off fuck his face.

When Off comes, Gun chokes and splutters, but he swallows, proceeds to lick Off clean.

Gun tucks Off back into his pants and stands up.

Off laughs, wiping Gun’s mouth.

Gun leans in and Off kisses him, sweet and slow. Gun can’t help smiling as they break apart. “See? Gun helps Papii.”

“So much,” Off agrees, kissing Gun again, slipping his hand down the front of Gun’s pants. “Thank you.”

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The trip is for research and maybe Pick technically wasn’t supposed to bring his boyfriend along, but how could he deny taking Rome on a little vacation?

And, more than that, how could he handle spending two weeks away from Rome?

Pick isn’t ready to say that latter part to Rome. Instead, he had said, “I guess you could come along,” like it didn’t really matter one way or the other.

They’re in his cramped room with few amenities and even with the extra blankets, it’s cold.

Pick considers apologizing but decides against it. Instead, he wraps his arms around Rome without being prompted, guilty as Rome shivers.

Rome tucks his face into the crook of Pick’s throat, huddles against Pick for warmth.

“Better, shorty?” Pick asks, trying to sound aloof, even annoyed.

Rome nods against him. “Of course I feel better. P’Pick is hugging me.”

“I’m not,” Pick refutes and, even though he could be petty, doesn’t let go, drawing Rome in closer.

After warming up a little, Rome snakes one of his own arms around Pick and their bodies are pressed even more tightly together.

“P’Pick,” Rome whispers.

“Can’t help it,” Pick mutters, not embarrassed. Then he freezes, surprised.

“Can’t help it,” Rome repeats back. He lifts his chin and Pick looks down and their lips meet, exchanging breaths, exchanging heat. Pick’s hand moves from Rome’s waist to cup his jaw.

Their bodies start to rock together and, gradually, they find a very pleasant way to get warm.

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Everyone else is drunk, but White is not, and Sean shouldn’t be either, although he’d had one or two. Sean has pulled a blanket over the two of them, which isn’t unusual in itself, Sean likes to give White preferential treatment, to be possessive of him.

Black is relaxed against Gram’s shoulder so he must be close to sleep, and Yok is on Gram’s other side. Yok and Gram are still watching the movie.

Sean… Sean looks like he’s watching the movie, but his hand has wriggled its way into White’s shorts, and White can’t help it if he reacts to Sean’s touch.

Sean always had a way with him.

White bites his lip and tries to pretend his focus is still on the screen, but Sean’s hand circles his cock and starts jerking him slowly, teasing him.

“Someone’s gonna come, right?” Sean asks, directing the question towards their friends, ostensibly about the film.

Yok and Gram agree, Black gives a little grunt as Gram jostles him.

White’s breathing picks up as Sean’s speed does the same.

“What do you think, White?” Sean tilts his head curiously, expression innocent even if his eyes aren’t.

“White thinks-- I think they should’ve thought about where they are, if-- if anyone should come there.”

Sean hums. “I’ll be really disappointed if no one comes.” His grip loosens just a little, stroking White unhurriedly, knowing it’ll only get White even more worked up.

Sean,” White warns.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Sean murmurs, in English. “Sean will take care of you.”

His hand starts moving faster again and White buries his face in Sean’s shoulder and chest as his toes curl and he comes.

“What’s wrong with White?” Gram peeks over.

“Oh, it was too scary,” Sean explains.

White excuses himself to the bathroom.

Sean follows.

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Off had once said that Gun had touched him everywhere outside, but not inside. Not yet.

Little by little, this starts to change. Then, more rapidly.

They had limits once, Off thinks. Maybe. It was just so easy to pass one line and establish the next.

We can only go this far.


Just a little farther.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but what you feel.

Physically and emotionally.

Now Gun’s hands have been all over him. More than just his hands.

Gun has touched him everywhere outside.

Gun has been inside him, too.

His body, and his heart.

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Thawin takes notice of Punn right away.

Punn purposely brushes up against Thawin in the office, asks Thawin questions when it’s obvious Punn already knows the answers, always offers that he could do more.

Punn has taken special interest in him. How can Thawin not do the same?

It’s late and everyone else has gone home, but Punn is still there. He’s sorting through files, leaning over a desk, and Thawin comes up behind him. Ostensibly, he’s checking on Punn’s work.

“Khun Thawin,” Punn greets, without turning, without showing any other indication that he’s aware of Thawin’s presence.

“How’s work?” Thawin asks, trying to sound polite, concerned for an employee.

Punn leans over a little more, ass brushing up against Thawin’s front. “Wouldn’t mind something harder.”

Thawin’s hands hover over Punn. “Oh?”

“If Khun Thawin is up for giving it to me.”

“You want something hard?”

There’s little prep before Thawin is taking him fast and rough, gripping Punn’s hips without a thought for his normally so conscientious control.

“Have me whenever you want,” Punn tells him after, and Thawin sees the imprints of his own fingers in striking red burned into the skin.

Punn follows his gaze, and smiles.

Chapter Text

Off has been on the ship for a fortnight, far from his beautiful home and comfortable bed and the ease of wealth and luxury.

The taste of salt in the sea air is no longer noticeable, is simply the way of his world now.

The pirates have made lewd comments but no one has dared to touch him, not since the captain had declared him strictly off-limits.

It should be a blessing, but it’s actually a shame, or, at least, Off should be ashamed. There’s nothing Off wants more than for the captain to touch him, has gotten to the point of hoping whenever he hears a creak in the middle of the night that it will be Gun sneaking into the private little room they’ve provided him.

If Gun won’t dare, then Off supposes that he must.

Careful not to be seen, Off enters Gun’s chambers.

Gun is waiting.

Chapter Text

Maetee has helped with all of T-Rex’s psychological schemes, so of course T-Rex agrees when Maetee asks him for a favor.

Maetee is writing out a script, struggling. “I’ll play the female lead,” he says, “and, T-Rex, you can be the male lead.”

T-Rex reads over what Maetee has so far, crossing his arms over his chest, trying to look cool. He says the last line written, “What? You like me or something?”

Maetee takes on the role, shifts from foot to foot. “What if I do?”

T-Rex rolls his eyes. “That’s your problem, not mine.”

“You’re the one who kissed me!” Maetee exclaims.

T-Rex remembers that scene from earlier in the script, shrugs. “So?”

“So you kissed me,” Maetee repeats, turning shy.

T-Rex raises an eyebrow and steps in closer. “So?”

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“It’s just a kiss,” T-Rex says, and then he’s pulling Maetee down, pressing their lips together.

They part and Maetee looks at him with wide eyes. “Just a kiss?”

T-Rex pushes Maetee down onto their bed. “It can be just sex, too, if you want.” He crawls on top of Maetee. He clears his throat, falls out of character. “Maetee, is this helping? Should I--”

Maetee gulps. “What if we continue the scene? What would you do next?”

Maybe it’s his mindset, maybe it’s the moment, but T-Rex kisses Maetee again and settles between Maetee’s thighs. “Then I’d fuck you.”

Maetee groans and pulls T-Rex down.

They lose their clothes, their inhibitions, and T-Rex does as he said he would. He fucks into Maetee slow at first, but then with more fervor, until they’re both gasping for air, falling over the edge.

T-Rex sits up after. “Your script,” he says. “Will that work out?”

“Will we?” Maetee asks, sounding small.

T-Rex smiles. “Of course.”

Chapter Text

“Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn,” Gun says, addressing Off by his full name.

“Captain,” Off returns, emphasizing Gun’s status right back at him.

It makes Gun smile. “You can call me Gun.”

Off takes a few steps closer. “So is everything they say about pirates a lie?”

“Probably half of what you hear from up in your perfect palace,” Gun answers, eyeing Off carefully, curiously. Off had, after all, entered a strange pirate’s bedroom in the dark of night.

Off rolls his eyes. “It’s not a palace.” Which is technically true. But then, he pouts, disappointed at Gun’s response. “Oh.”

“Why?” Gun asks.

“Aow. I just sort of hoped some things would be true,” Off tells him.

“Aren’t most of the rumors bad, Off Jumpol?”

There he goes with the name again. Off takes a seat on Gun’s bed, nods vehemently as he looks up at Gun. “Horrible things, pirates will ravish their prisoners.”

Gun raises an eyebrow. “You’re not much of a prisoner.”

Off smirks. “Ravish me anyway?”

Gun is forceful then, taking Off’s mouth into a bruising kiss as his fingers nearly rip open Off’s loose shirt. He straddles Off’s lap and holds Off down as they start grinding against each other.

Gun breaks the kiss by tangling his fingers in Off’s hair, roughly tugging him back, causing Off to hiss in pain. They don’t stop the roll of their hips, seeking friction.

“Is this what you wanted?” Gun asks.

Off smirks, hand trailing down. “It’s a start.”

Chapter Text

Off had no idea how much strength was held in Gun’s small, lithe body, but he was pleasantly surprised--almost frightened--by Gun’s power after Gun had him tied to the bed, stripped.

Off tugs at his wrists. There’s enough give for the situation to not be painfully uncomfortable...but not enough for him to attempt escape.

Gun is still wearing most of his own clothes, although it being the middle of the night, it’s not the proper captain’s attire Off has become accustomed to. He strokes his fingers up and down Off’s thighs teasingly, then brushes fingertips featherlight over Off’s aching cock.

“What are you going to do to me, Captain?” Off asks, as if this isn’t what he’d been fantasizing about since they’d captured him.

“Take advantage of my rich, naive prisoner, of course,” Gun says. “Because that’s what pirates do.” He gives Off and wink and Off lets out a groan he has no means of stifling. “That’s a pretty sound,” Gun tells him. “Let’s see what other sounds that fancy upbringing taught you. Did they tell you how to beg, Adulkittiporn?”

Gun removes his own clothing slowly, Off allowed to look but unable to touch.

“Do you think you can make me do what you want?” Gun asks, bared before him.

Off shakes his head. “No, no. Gun-- Captain. You’re in control.”

Gun’s hands touch him everywhere, pinching and caressing and leaving him a mess, too ready, cock leaking over his own belly just from the anticipation. Then, Gun takes something from a side table, drips it over Off’s cock, covering the length of him.

Gun,” Off moans.

Gun straddles Off’s hips, taking Off in hand, guiding him in, and sinks down onto Off’s cock.

“I want to touch you,” Off murmurs fervently, straining against his restraints, but Gun ignores him.

Settling, adjusting, Gun closes his eyes. Then, he starts to ride. He fucks himself onto Off’s cock while Off writhes, tries desperately to break his bonds, keens as Gun starts moving faster, lifts himself up, slides back down with a satisfying groan of pleasure.

“Gun, please. Captain, I want--”

“You want what I’m giving you,” Gun tells him. “Know how many people would love to fuck me?”

“Why me?”

“Why not?” Gun returns, avoiding the question.

Off chuckles. “Fair.” His eyes flicker to where their bodies meet, back to Gun’s. “Take what you need then.”

Chapter Text

The first time Rome gets his hand down Pick’s pants, he lets out a little gasp at the same time Pick does. Pick hadn’t been lying when he said it was big.

It’s their first time fooling around, Rome knows they should take things slow, but feeling Pick, all he wants is Pick inside him--as soon as possible.

“P’Pick,” he starts, his hand still stroking up and down, “what do you want?”

Pick has trouble voicing things, especially things having to do with Rome, even now that they’re official. “What you’re doing now is good,” Pick says, breathing hard. He looks down at Rome’s hand, then up at Rome’s face. “Why? What do you want?”

“P’Pick,” Rome huffs.

Pick stares at him, awaits further information.

Rome gets to the point. “You’re big.”

Pick smirks. “Yeah.”

“Has P’Pick-- Does P’Pick want to do more?”

“What do you mean ‘more,’ Rome?” Pick asks carefully, and Rome swears that Pick is blushing, but he’s still hard in Rome’s grip.


“Yeah?” Pick asks, growing bolder. “What do you want?” He rubs his own hands over Rome’s sides, down his hips, cups his ass.

Rome’s eyes meet Pick’s. “I want P’Pick inside me.”

Chapter Text

“Up there?” Maetee asks.

Uh,” T-Rex tells him. “Top shelf. I can’t reach.”

T-Rex could’ve easily gotten a stool or a chair or a ladder...but watching Maetee stretch to reach the top shelf, the rise of Maetee’s shirt, the hints of skin revealed.

Well, this is far more satisfying.

Maetee grabs the book but it falls to the ground and he bends over to grab it, letting T-Rex appreciate the delicious view of his ass.

T-Rex crowds Maetee up against the bookshelf.

“What about--” Maetee starts, holding the book between them askance.

T-Rex tosses the book onto the couch. “I think there’s something else I’d rather spread under me right now.”

Maetee smirks, but then he schools his features, feigns ignorance. “What are you talking about, T-Rex? I’m confused.”

T-Rex sighs, looks up past his glasses. “You, under me, begging for me to fuck you.”

Maetee bites his lip.

Chapter Text

Khai finds himself a sticky mess and Third ushers him into the bathroom.

“I can wash myself, don’t worry,” Khai says, thinking only of the inconvenience.

It’s this very reason that presses Third to continue. “I’ve washed you before.”

“Don’t let me burden you,” Khai says. “I’ll be okay.”

Third hesitates, can’t believe his husband is being this obtuse. He turns on the water. “Khai, I want to help.”

Khai sits at the edge of the tub and Third kisses him, half-straddles him, grinds against him, but doesn’t otherwise touch him as the bath fills. Khai, however, no longer cares since he’s realized Third’s plan. He runs filthy hands over Third’s sides through his shirt, and Third scolds him, only making him laugh.

They tumble--carefully--into the bath and get clean only to get dirty.

Khai, with Third settled onto him, kisses Third’s neck. The water sloshes over the side of the tub as he moves his hips. “Did you just want to help me?” he murmurs.

“I wanted…” Third starts, lets out a little gasp. “I wanted you, Khai.”

“Third,” Khai says, sounding shocked.

“What?” And Third sounds somewhat alarmed.

“Will you marry me?”

“We’re already married, dumbass.”

Chapter Text

Gun swivels his hips and starts a slow, sultry grind, bringing Off back from the edge, but barely.

“Please,” Off begs. “Gun, Captain, please. Have mercy.” He pulls at his bonds and Gun rakes his nails down Off’s chest, stinging, making pretty red lines.

“Am I the kind of pirate that shows mercy? Is that what you think, Off Jumpol?”

Off nods desperately. “You didn’t kill me. You’re good-- this is good. Fuck, Gun. Please--”

Gun fucks himself on Off as Off writhes and whines. “I won’t kill you? Are you sure?”

“I can’t.” It’s all too much and soon Off is groaning, bucking up into Gun, coming.

Gun chuckles, riding it out. He leans in and smirks at Off. “You’re right. I’m not going to kill you.” Gun tilts his head, “I’ll just give you the little death.”

Breathing heavy, Off manages to say, “Can I return the favor?”

Chapter Text

Punn is tight as Thawin enters him, hasn’t done this before despite how much he had thrown himself at Thawin, had tried hard to convince him otherwise.

Thawin doesn’t expect Punn to shift personalities, not now, but Punn goes soft and pliant in his bed, legs wrapped around Thawin’s.

Punn’s hands come up to Thawin’s neck, stroke his hair, and Punn tilts his head coquettishly. It’s very different than the Punn he’d brought home.

“Who are you now?” Thawin asks, as he starts to move his hips.

Punn gasps, shy although he looks straight into Thawin’s eyes. “Someone who’s yours.”

Chapter Text

Off tells himself it’s for Gun, that all he wants from this is to keep Gun happy.

When he touches Gun, he makes Gun feel good.

When he fucks Gun, he makes Gun whine and moan and writhe and lose all sense.

He makes Gun come.

Each and every time.

It’s just to keep Gun happy, keep Gun from leaving him, keep this persona that they have.

It’s for the sake of their ship. It’s for the sake of their fans.

As long as Off doesn’t finish, if it’s just Gun coming, moaning his name in a way that makes Off’s whole body feel tight and loose at the same’s still like it didn’t happen.

It’s not like this is what he wants, like Gun is what he wants.

It’s not for him.

That’s what he tells himself.

If he keeps telling himself that, it’ll be true, right?

Chapter Text

Maetee’s lips are soft and supple against T-Rex’s when T-Rex kisses him for the first time.

Of course, Maetee doesn’t really respond, but it makes sense.

Maetee is asleep.

The kiss makes him shift, shiver, and T-Rex wonders what goes on in Maetee’s mind, if Maetee sees ghosts in his dreams, trying to take advantage of him.

T-Rex is no ghost, although his intentions may be the same.

T-Rex gives Maetee a gentle shake and, when Maetee startles awake, T-Rex straddles him, kisses him again.

Maetee blinks in the low light. “Shorty?”

T-Rex hums wordlessly, nods, moves against Maetee until Maetee’s body responds to him, until their bodies start moving together.

There will be no evidence.

In the morning, T-Rex will act as if nothing happened.

At least he’s leaving Maetee with a good dream.

And maybe Maetee will have another good dream the next night.

And the one after.

Chapter Text

T-Rex is drunk, eyes overbright behind his glasses as he’s laid bare beneath Maetee.

“T-Rex,” Maetee says, trying to reason with him. “Shorty, you don’t want to do this.”

T-Rex purses those full lips of his and wraps his arms around Maetee’s neck. “Maetee.” He stares into Maetee’s eyes. “We’re friends, right?” At Maetee’s nod, he continues, “We do this and we’re lovers...or we don’t and we’re nothing. I can’t come back from this, from being this vulnerable with you.”

Maetee hesitates. “You’re my best friend.”

“What will I be tomorrow?” T-Rex asks.

Maetee ducks his head, hiding his face, and it seems it’s over. Then, he says, “Spread your legs.”

T-Rex does as Maetee says. He licks his lips. “What now?”

Maetee reaches between them, takes T-Rex in hand. “If we’re not friends… Is this…”

“More,” T-Rex says, his skin flushed. “And I’ll take care of you forever.”

Chapter Text

Gun’s shorts ride up high and Off goes to cover him, making Gun balk at him. “They’re just shorts, Papii.”

Off leans in. “Your thighs.”

“What about them? Not too much skin.”

“Gun, do you remember what we did last night?”

Gun nods, face heating. “Of course.”

“If you don’t close your legs, everyone else will know, too,” Off murmurs into his ear.

Gun pulls back, looks down, catches just a hint of what Off had been talking about, shifts his position.

Small, dark bruises dot along his upper thighs, each one a perfect match for one of Off’s fingertips.

Chapter Text

Rome had been the one who had wanted it so badly, but as Pick presses into him, tears form in his eyes, start rolling down his cheeks.

“Ai--” Pick huffs. “Nong Rome, is it too much?”

Rome shakes his head. “Just...Rome has never…”

“Never? But-- Ai’Shorty,” Pick says with a sigh. He wraps his arms around Rome’s back and Rome clings onto him

Pick rolls his hips slowly at first, lets Rome adjust to the feel of him, lets Rome start to fuck back against him. Then, Rome says, “Okay.”

“‘Okay’?” Pick repeats, confused.

Rome nods. “P’Pick, I’m ready,” he tells Pick confidently. “I like how big it is, how full I am.”

“Shit, Rome. Do you?” Pick asks, hips thrusting almost thoughtlessly.

“Mh,” Rome agrees. “So much. Fuck me, P’Pick?”

Pick starts moving faster, fucking Rome harder, pounding into him.

Rome comes first, but Pick isn’t far behind.

Chapter Text

Maetee and T-Rex are curled up on the couch together as usual. Their hands drift, seeking contact, seeking comfort.

T-Rex idly strokes his fingers up Maetee’s thigh and Maetee shivers.

“It tickles,” Maetee says.

T-Rex shifts a little, does it again.

“Shorty, stop,” Maetee warns him.

“Okay,” T-Rex agrees, but his fingers travel up Maetee’s thighs until he can cup Maetee through his jeans.

Maetee gasps, stares. “What are you doing?”

“You’re hard.” T-Rex starts to rub and, when Maetee doesn’t scold him, undoes Maetee’s fly. He slips his hand inside.

Maetee shivers again.

“Does it still tickle?” T-Rex asks, feigning curiosity, watching Maetee through his glasses. His hand wraps around Maetee’s cock and he slowly starts stroking him.

Maetee shakes his head and bites back a moan. His gaze flickers from T-Rex’s eyes, down to T-Rex’s hand.

He lets T-Rex jerk him off, there where anyone could walk in.

Chapter Text

Punn slaps Thawin across the face and Thawin grabs Punn’s wrist, and the other when Thawin tries to fight him off. The slap was hard, leaves a pretty red handprint on Thawin’s flawless cheek.

With both Punn’s wrists held in one hand, Thawin pins him to the wall, presses himself up against Punn. “You wanna hit me again?” he asks, letting Punn feel how hard he is.

“You like it, Boss Thawin?” Punn asks--gasps--as Thawin rolls his hips.

“Do you like it, Nong Punn?”

“‘Nong’?” Punn repeats. “Whose ‘nong’?” He breaks free, slaps Thawin again, harder this time.

Chapter Text

After a tussle, Thawin manages to get Punn under control, Punn’s wrists manacled in dark red rings from Thawin’s grip. Punn is bent over the couch in Thawin’s office now, breathing hard, awaiting Thawin’s punishment.

Nong,” Thawin says, emphasizing the word. “Do you know what happens to naughty children?”

“I’m not a child,” Punn spits.

Thawin laughs. “Of course not. But you didn’t answer the question.”

A harsh spank sparks stars behind Punn’s eyes, embarrassment warring with something else. “You’re going to spank me, Khun Thawin? Really?”

“Mhm.” Another strike. Then another.

Punn grits his teeth.

Another striker.

He moans.

Chapter Text

Thawin stays his punishment, spreads Punn instead. He starts to lick him open and Punn’s sounds become even more wanton, even less uncooperative.

“Be a good little slut and suck,” Thawin says, and there’s almost a kindness to the command, respect and degradation working together. He puts his fingers in Punn’s mouth and Punn does as told.

Thawin takes his spit-slick fingers and works them into Punn’s already eager hole. He thrusts them in and out slowly, teasingly, crooks them and Punn groans, ruts back against him.

Smirking, Thawin says, “Now, Nong Punn, convince me why I should fuck you.”

Chapter Text

Sean is fucking White hard and White is trying to be quiet, but he can’t do it. He’s moaning with each thrust, Sean’s fingers pinching at his nipples, Sean’s mouth on his neck.

White’s toes curl and his fingers dig into Sean’s back. “Sean. Sean, na. It’s too much. White can’t-- can’t--” He breaks off into another moan, almost a whine. Everything feels so good the pleasure is borderline pain.

“Just a little more. Sean will take care of White,” Sean murmurs against his skin.

Suddenly, they both freeze at the sound of a doorknob rattling.

“It’s locked,” Sean assures.

Chapter Text

They say it’s a kiss that will wake the prince from his slumber.

It must be his soulmate. It must be under the light of the full moon. It must be a kiss.

What kind of kiss? Off wonders as he looks down at the fair prince, whose once bright eyes have been closed a decade now.

Off had been led here by dreams, by whispers, by getting lost with no way to return home.

He had been pushed to this...mausoleum.

He’d never cared for the legend of the prince, had figured it was all some silly story to keep the public from realizing his demise, perhaps under unsavory circumstances. Maybe the royal family were too ashamed to admit he’d simply run off, or worse: they were the ones who’d gotten rid of him.

And yet, here he is. He looks so near to death, but if Off watches him closely, there’s the barely visible rise and fall of his chest.

The cursed prince, sleeping for all eternity unless, by some force of good, his soulmate manages to find him.

There had been so many who wanted to try, to press their lips and hands to his unmoving body. It was why he’d been moved somewhere he’d never be found.

Except, said the witch, by the one meant to find him.

Off had arrived by accident, had no right to the prince, but he found himself drawn in anyway.

He couldn’t kiss the prince, could he? It’s not as if the prince can consent.

But the legend...and he has no way out anyway…

Off presses his lips to the prince’s, briefly, and there’s a spark. And the felt so good to kiss him.

Off kisses him again, on the lips, the cheek, the jaw, down his throat, and he feels life stirring.

Another compulsion as he rips the prince’s shirt open, climbs on top of him. He strips the prince further, and his mouth trails down, down, down.

They say it’s a kiss that will wake the prince from his slumber, but they never specify where.

Chapter Text

Gun positions himself, sinks onto Off’s cock with a groan. “Papii feels so good in me,” he says.

Off is at a loss, his composure gone. “What do you want me to do?”

“Gun can do it,” Gun assures. He lifts himself up, slides back down, gets a good rhythm for a while before he starts to lose it. “Come for me, Papii. Na, na, na.” He’s practically bouncing on Off’s cock now and Off’s hands are on Gun, but he’s doing little more than letting Gun take him.

“Gun--” Off gasps, clutching Gun’s hips as he spills into him.

Chapter Text

Off has Gun half on his side, positioned behind him, under him. Off’s fingers work into Gun’s body, Gun already loose and wet from their fuck.

Gun tells him, “There, more,” and the like. One of Gun’s own hands is toying with his nipples, the other on his cock. He’s sweating, writhing, and he’s gorgeous.

Off sucks a mark into Gun’s neck, hopes someone else will see it, hopes no one else will see it. “Gun,” Off says, wanting Gun badly, to make a mess anew. “Can I fuck you again?”

Gun laughs, too sharp. “Only if I’m in control.”

Chapter Text

Gun is on top of Off again and his hands are on Off’s chest, as much as he wants control Off can see that he’s losing it a little.

“Can I help?”

Gun shakes his head.

Off knows Gun is aching to come, but wants to seem stronger, wants to make Off happy first, again. He’s happy to delay his own satisfaction a little longer if it means Off will love him another second, another minute.

Off sits himself, pulls Gun in, gets them chest to chest. He fucks up into Gun and runs a soothing hand over Gun’s back.

Chapter Text

Gun is shaking in his arms. “Papii, don’t. Gun is--”

Off nods, his face tucked in the crook of Gun’s shoulder. “Gun is very capable,” Off tells him. He nips at the mark he’d made. “But what if I want Gun just as much?”

“I know Papii wants Gun,” Gun snaps back. He’s hurt, Off can hear it.

“Hey, let me see your face,” Off instructs, and Gun turns away. Off grabs Gun’s chin, seizes his attention. Gun’s eyes are watering.

Gun blinks, turns again, wraps his arms around Off’s neck for leverage so he can start riding him again.

Chapter Text

Off pulls back only to better capture Gun’s lips, to kiss him as he maneuvers Gun onto his back, to hold him down.

“What’s going through your head?” Off asks.

Gun doesn’t answer, can’t answer. He changes the question. “Are we fucking or not?”

Off rolls his hips in response, snakes his hand between them to start working Gun’s cock. “Gun,” he whispers, Gun’s lips parting, Gun’s breath hitching, Gun rutting back against him. Off brings Gun to the brink.

“Gun love-- loves Papii,” Gun manages, ashamed, as he comes over Off’s fist, between their bodies, making eye contact before swiftly looking away.

Off fucks him harder, follows him over, makes sure Gun can hear him as he says what he’s needed to for too long, the awful, wonderful truth. “Papii loves Gun.”

“Don’t lie,” Gun breathes, when he’s able to speak at all.

Off chuckles, kisses him. “I’m not.”

Chapter Text

“Because I’ll tell you to, Boss,” Punn says, an edge there.

“You can make me just like that?” Thawin asks.

Take out your cock and fuck me,” Punn orders.

Thawin blanks out, finds himself already inside of Punn when he comes to. “Neat trick. Fair’s fair.” He fucks Punn with awareness now, the sound of skin and against skin loud in the quiet room.

It doesn’t take long until Thawin is spilling into him with a groan, doesn’t get the chance to pull out before Punn is staying him.

“Again, Boss Thawin,” Punn says. “Again. Don’t stop until I’m full.”

Chapter Text

The sun beats down and Off doesn’t want to do anything. It’s too hot, his mind’s a blank.

He doesn’t understand how Gun is able to get up, but Gun does.

Gun returns a moment later with a popsicle in hand.

His upper lip bows over the top as he takes a tentative taste, then he pushes it past his lips, his cheeks hollow as he sucks, but some of the juice starts dribbling down his chin.

Gun pulls the popsicle out, licks all the way from the bottom to the top, trying to catch anything trying to drip down, then stretches his lips around it once again. He moans and closes his eyes, throws his head back to expose the long column of his throat, juice traveling all the way down, slipping into his shirt.

Off strangely feels far more capable of moving, as he crawls unconsciously towards Gun.

Chapter Text

Third twists around to see what Khai is doing and flushes red from his face down his chest.

Khai is slicking a dildo, the one Third had picked out. He presses it into Third little by little. “Feel good?” he asks.

“Not as good as you,” Third admits.

“I know, tee rak, but I’ll be away for a week… Use this and think of me?”

“I always think of you,” Third admits.

Khai smiles. He pulls the dildo out, thrusts it back in, tests the angles until Third lets out a groan.

Khai wants to be Third’s first for everything.

Chapter Text

Maetee ties T-Rex’s wrists together. “How’s this?”

“Pinches a little,” T-Rex tells him.

Maetee nods, fixes it. “Better?”

T-Rex nods, smiles. “Much better.” Then, he turns his face to the side and starts to struggle. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I want,” Maetee says, and he pushes T-Rex’s legs open. “You can scream as much as you want, but I won’t stop.”

“Don’t,” T-Rex whines, wrists straining against his binds. He’s hard, already leaking. “Don’t do it. Please. Let me go, phi!”

“Not until I’m done,” Maetee tells him. He presses in with one long thrust.

Chapter Text

The first time Pick has Rome in his bed, he doesn’t know where to start. He wants to touch Rome, he really does, but...

Excitement and nervousness war in his chest. Rome looks so good and Pick wants him so bad, and Rome trusts him in a way that Pick has trouble trusting people, but it makes him trust Rome all the more.

Pick kisses Rome, settles onto his side so his hands can skim over Rome’s back and sides, feels Rome shiver at the light touches and gains confidence.

Rome has touched him before, but Pick has never…

Pick takes Rome into his hand, and Rome pants against his lips, as if he hadn’t expected it. Rome feels good, different, and Pick moves his hand slowly, earns a buck of Rome’s hips. Now that he’s touching Rome?

That’s it. He’s done for.

Pick doesn’t want to touch anyone else.

Chapter Text

This new Gun isn’t so clear on what is and isn’t appropriate, but Off teaches him.

He teaches him that it’s fine to sit in Off’s lap, that it’s fine to put his hands all over Off’s body, that it’s fine for Off to do the same.

It’s appropriate for Off to fuck him whenever he feels like it. This Gun goes willingly. With some practice, his speech patterns can be fixed, too. His tones.

“Gun loves Off,” he says, and it doesn’t matter that Off was the one to name him.

Off will keep fucking him until he forgets.

Chapter Text

The bell above the bakery door jingles.

“Sorry,” Off calls, already prepping the shop for the next morning. “We’re closed.”

“Can I come in anyway?”

Off turns to see a familiar witch, his dog at his heels. “Gun! I thought you left already.”

“I was hungry,” Gun says. He turns to glare at Bibi as the dog gives a little bark in protest. “Then you should’ve waited at home,” he tells her. “Off.”

Off is already taking out a few of Gun’s favorites that he’d saved, just in case. “What is it?”

“This is a rite of passage for witches,” he starts. “Into adulthood.”

Off nods. He knows that, he also knows that it means Gun might not stick around, that Gun had already planned to leave again. Seeing him now is a happy surprise.

“I was wondering if you could help me with another rite of passage,” Gun says, approaching the counter.

“Anything you need, Gun,” Off tells him with a smile, blushes when Gun smiles back.

“Can I stay with you tonight?”

Off blinks, thinks he must misunderstand. “Oh. You need a place to stay?”

Gun shakes his head. “No. I need you.”

“Okay,” Off says. “Anything, Gun.”

Chapter Text

The little apartment above the bakery smells like warm bread and it makes Gun feel even more comfortable, even more sure that he’s chosen the right person for this particular rite.

Off has been both sweet and understanding, has asked Gun at each and every step what he needs. Off is so careful with him that it’s only when Off is fingering him open, pressing soft kisses to his skin, wherever he can reach, that Gun realizes Off is in love with him.

By the time Off is in him and they’re moving together, lips meeting, hands clutching, Gun realizes he loves Off, too. The feeling builds as they become further in sync, one instead of two, whispering affection with every touch.

Gun feels his magic all around, flowing out, encompassing them both, binding them together. Off must feel it, too.

Gun was never meant to leave.

He’s found home.

Chapter Text

The prince starts breathing harshly, his body responding at the feeling of Off’s mouth on him.

His chest starts rising and falling dramatically, his hands clenching at his sides.

Off pulls away, wonders if he should stop, watches as the prince’s eyes open and meet his. He thinks to apologize, but the prince’s cheeks are so flushed and he looks so beautiful, and so desperate.

The prince pushes himself up, as if he hasn’t been asleep all these years, and he kisses Off, still looking for words in his muddled mind, knowing only need.

Off frees himself, manages to take both of them in hand, awkward and messy, but the prince doesn’t seem to mind, grabbing Off’s shoulders and curling in, moaning.

They come, spilling over Off’s hand, and Off kisses the prince’s lips again.

Panting, Off says, “Good morning, Prince Atthaphan.” He bites his lip. “How did you sleep?”

Chapter Text

Pick wakes up to his alarm and finds his arm is stuck, heavy, and it takes him a second to remember why.

Rome is curled up next to him and Pick has a moment of panic. In the night, asking Rome over, one thing leading to another, it had seemed so organic, so safe, so...necessary. But now Pick is faced with the fact that he had slept with Rome.

He had slept with a man. In the cold light of morning, it feels like he’s gone too far, like there must be consequences he was too stupid last night to foresee, like his whole identity has changed.

Rome stirs, starts to smile, all soft and content, until he sees Pick’s expression and his own turns to worry. “P’Pick? What’s wrong?” And Pick sees that panic in Rome’s eyes--not his own regret, but fear of Pick’s.

In that moment, everything changes.

Pick shakes his head with a little scowl, but then he smiles at Rome, places a kiss to Rome’s forehead, squeezes him too tight before letting go. “Nothing, Shorty. Just looking at the man I love. Why? What’s wrong with you, huh?”

Rome shakes his head. “Absolutely nothing.”

Chapter Text

Maetee and T-Rex had handcuffs, but their handcuffs have gone missing. It seems better not to ask.

So Maetee has gotten pretty good at tying T-Rex up, and T-Rex has always been good at tying up Maetee.

Now, Maetee fucks T-Rex hard, one hand over the bindings, over T-Rex’s wrists, holding him down as T-Rex sobs and begs for mercy.

“Please, phi!” T-Rex cries. “Don’t! It hurts!”

“But you feel so good, nong,” Maetee replies. “Your body disagrees.”

T-Rex shakes, struggles, and Maetee shifts his angle, makes T-Rex come first, then takes and takes and takes until he’s coming, too.

Chapter Text

Tam needs somewhere to live, to escape, find space, and that’s when he moves in with Thawin.

Thawin tells him it isn’t evil to survive, to free himself, to thrive. Thawin doesn’t care what happened to Tam’s family, doesn’t ask questions.

Thawin has his own problems, Tam can see that Thawin is still trapped, caged by an obsession that’s gone on far too long.

Tam crawls into bed with Thawin and makes sure Thawin knows he understands, that they can be free together, that he can free Thawin.

They can start over.

They can start a new life

...And forget.

Chapter Text

“I’m sorry,” Off says, but Gun turns away, pretends he’s absorbed in his phone and doesn’t even notice Off. “I didn’t mean it, I promise.”

Off drops to his knees in front of the sofa and Gun’s eyes flicker over, if only for a second. It’s not enough.

“Gun. Gun-ja. Tee rak.” He reaches to touch Gun, but Gun flinches. Off feels tears well up in his eyes. He wants to be angry instead, but he can’t. This is his fault. “Gun, what can I do?”

With a heavy sigh, Gun parts his legs and stares down at Off. “Beg.”

Chapter Text

When Pick gets hard while he’s with Rome, he tries to make any excuse he can as to why it’s not because of Rome.

This only makes it worse because then Rome is even more on his mind than usual.

He tries to look at other people, tries to think of anything else, but Pick finds that his brain and his body only want one thing right now.

He wraps his hand around himself and starts jerking himself off, closing his eyes.

He sees Rome smiling at him, Rome licking his lips.

He comes just thinking about Rome kissing him.

Chapter Text

Off has been in Gun’s quarters for three days when he’s had enough.

Gun never lets him touch and he’s still never seen Gun come, as if that might make him too vulnerable, unbefitting of a pirate ship’s captain.

He’s seen the cracks in that facade though, has tracked the ways in which Gun shows how much he likes something,

When Gun returns to his room in the evening, Off waiting for him now like he always does, Gun offers him a plate of food.

“I’m not hungry, not for that,” Off says.

Gun raises an eyebrow. “Off Jumpol, shouldn’t you be grateful?” He turns to set down the plate.

Off nods, steps up behind Gun. “I am. That’s why I want to show you how much.”

Gun tries to turn back but Off pins him in place. “What are you trying to do?” Gun asks, angry.

Off presses a kiss to Gun’s neck and Gun relaxes a fraction, still on edge but allowing the touch. “Showing you,” Off repeats. He unbuckles Gun’s belt, slips his hand down Gun’s trousers. He presses another kiss to Gun’s neck and Gun leans back against him, breath already stuttering, like he didn’t expect anyone to be gentle with him, to touch him like this.

“What are you doing?” Gun whispers, but he’s hard under Off’s touch.

“Gun,” Off murmurs, sucks a mark into Gun’s neck as he starts stroking him. “Hasn’t anyone ever been nice to you?”

Gun shakes his head. “Will you?”

Chapter Text

White is on his hands and knees and Sean’s fingers are in him when he remembers the condoms, fairly sure they’re still in the car. White blanks out for a second, panting hard.

Sean’s fingers fuck into him slowly, crooking to hit him just right make him moan and arch his back, his arms trembling. He drops to his elbows, ass in the air, and Sean pulls his fingers free, positions himself.

White could mention the condoms, he knows. It’s not like it’s too late, it’s not like the car is far...but…

“Sean, White needs you,” he says instead.

Chapter Text

Krathing is surprised when the address is a school, that he’s to go to a dorm room to tutor one of the students. He wouldn’t normally go this far out of his way, but the pay offered was handsome. It didn’t matter whether or not he needed the money.

He’s let in and told the way and he arrives at the door of his new student, Punn Taweesilp.

Another boy passes by, adjusts his glasses as he gives Krathing a disdainful once-over that Krathing returns with an overly cheerful smile.

The boy glances at his phone, back up.

Then, the door is open.

“Why didn’t you knock?” Punn—it must be Punn—asks, ushering Krathing inside.

“How did you know I was here?” Krathing asks instead, confused.

“Wave,” Punn says, as if that explains anything. He looks at Krathing in a similarly assessing manner as the boy in the hallway had.

“Amazed at how handsome I am?” Krathing bats his eyelashes, figures flirting is the easiest way out, especially with how serious this kid seems to be.

Punn stares up at him, tilts his head. “It’s good you’re handsome, phi.”

“Krathing,” Krathing provides. “Nong Punn, right?”

Punn nods and gestures for Krathing to sit down.

Krathing sits on the edge of the bed, taking in the neat room, the textbooks on every possible subject. “Calculus?” he asks, as that had been the request.

Punn, who had seemed so confident, swallows and his gaze flickers away. “I lied.”

Getting a weird feeling, Krathing says, “So what did you bring me here for? Don’t tell me this is some weird plot my dad came up with.”

Punn shakes his head. “Although my father knows P’Krathing’s, I do want you as a tutor, just not for math.”

Krathing stares. He’s not sure how he can be useful, or why Punn would lie. “What subject?”

Punn huffs, must hate admitting his own shortcomings considering the personality Krathing already sees. “People,” Punn says simply.


“People,” Punn says again. “Together.” His gaze meets Krathing’s, too direct. “I want to learn about sex.”

“Wait. Excuse me?”

Chapter Text

“There’s porn. And the internet. And-- and friends, for that. I’m not a prostitute.”

“I’m not looking for a prostitute,” Punn replies.

Krathing stares. “Nong, I think you have the wrong guy.”

“P’Krathing, you don’t have to touch me. I promise. I just want to know,” Punn says, matter-of-factly.

Krathing hesitates. “Why do you want to know so badly?”

Punn shrugs. “What does it matter to you?”

“Look, I’m not just--”

“Fine,” Punn says with a huff. “I’m curious and I can’t ask anyone here. Please, P’Krathing?”

Krathing furrows his brows. “You know how to ask nicely?”

This earns him a roll of Punn’s eyes in response, but then Punn says, “Yes. So?”

Krathing should say no. He has every reason to say no, except for one: Much like Punn, he’s curious. He sighs. “What exactly would you want from me?”

Punn smiles at him. “Not too much. Don’t worry.”

Chapter Text

It feels weird every time he enters the high school, like there’s more going on than he knows, but Krathing keeps coming back.

It had started out innocent enough. He had answered Punn’s questions, but some things were difficult to explain.

Kissing Punn had been a lesson, making sure Punn knew what he meant, what he was doing. Punn was quick to pick up on Krathing’s methods.

“Nong, we can’t do that,” Krathing says, as Punn’s hands wander.

Punn stares at Krathing and there’s something of a challenge, but a sweetness, too. “We can stop, if P’Krathing really doesn’t want to go any farther.”

The way he’s phrased, Krathing feels trapped. Either he rejects Punn outright like he should, or he admits that he wants Punn. “We shouldn’t,” he says.

“P’Krathing,” and Punn is straddling him. “You’re a very good tutor.” He leans in. “But I hired you because I hoped you’re also a good lover. Teach me?”

Punn is kissing him and Krathing grabs him by the shoulders, stops him. “Punn,” and his eyes travel over Punn’s body. “What did you want to learn?”

“Teach me how to touch you,” Punn says, hand rubbing at Krathing through his jeans.

Chapter Text

Krathing opens up his jeans and Punn wants to dive in, but he puts up a hand. “You want to know?”

Punn nods.

“Then...just watch for a second, alright? You’ve touched yourself before?”

Punn blushes, but nods again.

Krathing’s hand encircles his own cock and he strokes himself slowly, teasingly, looks from himself to Punn. “You wanna touch yourself now?”

Punn is embarrassed, but he pulls himself out and Krathing tries not to stare. Tentatively, Punn’s hand starts to move, Krathing can see a little of what Punn does, seems to like.

“I’m going to touch you now, okay?” he asks. When Punn gives his assent, Krathing puts his hand on Punn, uses his other hand to guide Punn to touch him.

“We could do more,” Punn suggests, breath already hitching.

Krathing shakes his head, but he’s smiling. “This… This is a good start. We don’t need to rush.”

Chapter Text

Off has Gun in Gun’s bed and his hands have finally been allowed to touch. His mouth is on Gun’s neck as he spoons him, fucks him.

“Stop,” Gun says, and Off stops moving. Gun swallows. “You can keep fucking me, just...don’t leave marks. Not where the crew can see.”

“They don’t know?” Off asks, hand on Gun’s thigh, forcing him to open his legs a little and give Off better access.

Gun shakes his head. “I ordered we weren’t to touch you, remember?”

Off laughs. “But I wanted so badly to be touched.”

“By them?” Gun wants to ask more, but Off shifts, Gun lets out a low groan.

“Of course not,” Off whispers. “I only had eyes for the captain.”

Gun leans his head back and Off can’t help himself, goes for Gun’s neck again as he strokes Gun in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Come for me?” Off says, and Gun does, moaning his name.

Off follows him over and only once they’re coming down, separating, does he notice the reddish purple already appearing.

“Sorry, captain.” Off kisses Gun before Gun processes what he means. He breaks away, murmurs into Gun’s ear, “But everyone will know now.”

Chapter Text

Off doesn’t like admitting that he’s needy, but Gun is kissing him and he’s wet and he wants.

“Papii, want Gun in you?” Gun asks.

“How’d you know?” Off says, embarrassed.

“Alpha,” Gun tells him, tapping his nose. “I know when an omega is practically in heat.” He pulls Off closer. “Especially my omega.”

Off rolls his eyes, but soon they’re stripping away their clothes and Gun is pressing into him.

“Better?” Gun asks as he starts to move.

“Mh,” Off agrees, enjoying the absolute rightness of feeling full

“You can ask,” Gun says. “Gun loves when Papii wants to get fucked.”

Gun,” Off whines, but he sighs. “Can I still fuck you, too?” he asks.

“Of course, Papii,” Gun tells him with a peck of his lips. “But for right now, enjoy being an omega getting taken by his alpha.”

And as Gun pounds into him, he really does.

Chapter Text

“Are you hungry, Khai?” Third calls, opening the fridge to peer in.


“What do you want to eat?”

Khai slides up behind him. “Something tasty.”

Third rolls his eyes. “Like what?”

Khai grins, realizing Third hasn’t caught on. “My favorite meal.”

Third huffs, shutting the fridge and turning around, only to find Khai caging him in. “Oh.”

Khai smirks. “What about you? Are you hungry, Third?”

Third’s back is against the fridge and Khai thinks Third is about to scold him. Instead, Third wraps his arms around Khai. “I’m starving.”

“What do you want, tee rak?”

“My favorite: Khai.”

Chapter Text

Thawin shoves his rolled up tie into Punn’s mouth before he shoves his cock into him, effectively muffles the noise of Punn crying out, the salacious sounds he emits after.

If they’re not quiet, the whole office will hear, will come in to investigate.

The murmur of voices can still be heard outside, but the carnal cacophony of their bodies meeting is contained within the room.

Only after they finish does Thawin take the tie from Punn’s mouth, now too ruined for the eyes of the others.

Punn, also, is too ruined, but Khun Thawin sends him back out anyway.

Chapter Text

“Pala?” Off asks playfully and Gun smiles, but gives Off a shove.

“Why are you asking?” Gun grabs at Off’s shirt and pulls him closer. “Is Papii saying he’s not already Gun’s?” He glares and pouts and it’s so cute Off has to kiss him.

“I’m yours, huh?” Off smirks.

Gun nods, and presses Off against the wall. “Papii is Gun’s,” he says, hands roving over Off’s sides, down to grab his ass.

“Papii is Gun’s,” Off agrees, wraps his own arms around Gun, holding Gun tight and making sure Gun knows just how much he could be.

Gun’s gaze is heavy when he looks up at Off. “Papii wants to be Gun’s right now?”

Off nods and Gun grabs his hand, tugs him toward the couch. “Not the bedroom?” Off asks.

Gun pushes Off down. “Don’t wanna wait.”

Hands settling onto Gun’s hips and Gun straddling his lap, Off says, “Me neither.”

It’s great to be Gun’s like this, for Gun to be his, but even better to see the way that ring looks on Gun’s finger as he takes Off in hand, or when he sucks those fingers into his mouth.

Gun is more than just his lover.