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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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“Pala?” Off asks playfully and Gun smiles, but gives Off a shove.

“Why are you asking?” Gun grabs at Off’s shirt and pulls him closer. “Is Papii saying he’s not already Gun’s?” He glares and pouts and it’s so cute Off has to kiss him.

“I’m yours, huh?” Off smirks.

Gun nods, and presses Off against the wall. “Papii is Gun’s,” he says, hands roving over Off’s sides, down to grab his ass.

“Papii is Gun’s,” Off agrees, wraps his own arms around Gun, holding Gun tight and making sure Gun knows just how much he could be.

Gun’s gaze is heavy when he looks up at Off. “Papii wants to be Gun’s right now?”

Off nods and Gun grabs his hand, tugs him toward the couch. “Not the bedroom?” Off asks.

Gun pushes Off down. “Don’t wanna wait.”

Hands settling onto Gun’s hips and Gun straddling his lap, Off says, “Me neither.”

It’s great to be Gun’s like this, for Gun to be his, but even better to see the way that ring looks on Gun’s finger as he takes Off in hand, or when he sucks those fingers into his mouth.

Gun is more than just his lover.