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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Off doesn’t like admitting that he’s needy, but Gun is kissing him and he’s wet and he wants.

“Papii, want Gun in you?” Gun asks.

“How’d you know?” Off says, embarrassed.

“Alpha,” Gun tells him, tapping his nose. “I know when an omega is practically in heat.” He pulls Off closer. “Especially my omega.”

Off rolls his eyes, but soon they’re stripping away their clothes and Gun is pressing into him.

“Better?” Gun asks as he starts to move.

“Mh,” Off agrees, enjoying the absolute rightness of feeling full

“You can ask,” Gun says. “Gun loves when Papii wants to get fucked.”

Gun,” Off whines, but he sighs. “Can I still fuck you, too?” he asks.

“Of course, Papii,” Gun tells him with a peck of his lips. “But for right now, enjoy being an omega getting taken by his alpha.”

And as Gun pounds into him, he really does.