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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Off has Gun in Gun’s bed and his hands have finally been allowed to touch. His mouth is on Gun’s neck as he spoons him, fucks him.

“Stop,” Gun says, and Off stops moving. Gun swallows. “You can keep fucking me, just...don’t leave marks. Not where the crew can see.”

“They don’t know?” Off asks, hand on Gun’s thigh, forcing him to open his legs a little and give Off better access.

Gun shakes his head. “I ordered we weren’t to touch you, remember?”

Off laughs. “But I wanted so badly to be touched.”

“By them?” Gun wants to ask more, but Off shifts, Gun lets out a low groan.

“Of course not,” Off whispers. “I only had eyes for the captain.”

Gun leans his head back and Off can’t help himself, goes for Gun’s neck again as he strokes Gun in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Come for me?” Off says, and Gun does, moaning his name.

Off follows him over and only once they’re coming down, separating, does he notice the reddish purple already appearing.

“Sorry, captain.” Off kisses Gun before Gun processes what he means. He breaks away, murmurs into Gun’s ear, “But everyone will know now.”