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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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It feels weird every time he enters the high school, like there’s more going on than he knows, but Krathing keeps coming back.

It had started out innocent enough. He had answered Punn’s questions, but some things were difficult to explain.

Kissing Punn had been a lesson, making sure Punn knew what he meant, what he was doing. Punn was quick to pick up on Krathing’s methods.

“Nong, we can’t do that,” Krathing says, as Punn’s hands wander.

Punn stares at Krathing and there’s something of a challenge, but a sweetness, too. “We can stop, if P’Krathing really doesn’t want to go any farther.”

The way he’s phrased, Krathing feels trapped. Either he rejects Punn outright like he should, or he admits that he wants Punn. “We shouldn’t,” he says.

“P’Krathing,” and Punn is straddling him. “You’re a very good tutor.” He leans in. “But I hired you because I hoped you’re also a good lover. Teach me?”

Punn is kissing him and Krathing grabs him by the shoulders, stops him. “Punn,” and his eyes travel over Punn’s body. “What did you want to learn?”

“Teach me how to touch you,” Punn says, hand rubbing at Krathing through his jeans.