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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Maetee and T-Rex had handcuffs, but their handcuffs have gone missing. It seems better not to ask.

So Maetee has gotten pretty good at tying T-Rex up, and T-Rex has always been good at tying up Maetee.

Now, Maetee fucks T-Rex hard, one hand over the bindings, over T-Rex’s wrists, holding him down as T-Rex sobs and begs for mercy.

“Please, phi!” T-Rex cries. “Don’t! It hurts!”

“But you feel so good, nong,” Maetee replies. “Your body disagrees.”

T-Rex shakes, struggles, and Maetee shifts his angle, makes T-Rex come first, then takes and takes and takes until he’s coming, too.