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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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The first time Pick has Rome in his bed, he doesn’t know where to start. He wants to touch Rome, he really does, but...

Excitement and nervousness war in his chest. Rome looks so good and Pick wants him so bad, and Rome trusts him in a way that Pick has trouble trusting people, but it makes him trust Rome all the more.

Pick kisses Rome, settles onto his side so his hands can skim over Rome’s back and sides, feels Rome shiver at the light touches and gains confidence.

Rome has touched him before, but Pick has never…

Pick takes Rome into his hand, and Rome pants against his lips, as if he hadn’t expected it. Rome feels good, different, and Pick moves his hand slowly, earns a buck of Rome’s hips. Now that he’s touching Rome?

That’s it. He’s done for.

Pick doesn’t want to touch anyone else.