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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Maetee and T-Rex are curled up on the couch together as usual. Their hands drift, seeking contact, seeking comfort.

T-Rex idly strokes his fingers up Maetee’s thigh and Maetee shivers.

“It tickles,” Maetee says.

T-Rex shifts a little, does it again.

“Shorty, stop,” Maetee warns him.

“Okay,” T-Rex agrees, but his fingers travel up Maetee’s thighs until he can cup Maetee through his jeans.

Maetee gasps, stares. “What are you doing?”

“You’re hard.” T-Rex starts to rub and, when Maetee doesn’t scold him, undoes Maetee’s fly. He slips his hand inside.

Maetee shivers again.

“Does it still tickle?” T-Rex asks, feigning curiosity, watching Maetee through his glasses. His hand wraps around Maetee’s cock and he slowly starts stroking him.

Maetee shakes his head and bites back a moan. His gaze flickers from T-Rex’s eyes, down to T-Rex’s hand.

He lets T-Rex jerk him off, there where anyone could walk in.