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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Off tells himself it’s for Gun, that all he wants from this is to keep Gun happy.

When he touches Gun, he makes Gun feel good.

When he fucks Gun, he makes Gun whine and moan and writhe and lose all sense.

He makes Gun come.

Each and every time.

It’s just to keep Gun happy, keep Gun from leaving him, keep this persona that they have.

It’s for the sake of their ship. It’s for the sake of their fans.

As long as Off doesn’t finish, if it’s just Gun coming, moaning his name in a way that makes Off’s whole body feel tight and loose at the same’s still like it didn’t happen.

It’s not like this is what he wants, like Gun is what he wants.

It’s not for him.

That’s what he tells himself.

If he keeps telling himself that, it’ll be true, right?