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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Khai finds himself a sticky mess and Third ushers him into the bathroom.

“I can wash myself, don’t worry,” Khai says, thinking only of the inconvenience.

It’s this very reason that presses Third to continue. “I’ve washed you before.”

“Don’t let me burden you,” Khai says. “I’ll be okay.”

Third hesitates, can’t believe his husband is being this obtuse. He turns on the water. “Khai, I want to help.”

Khai sits at the edge of the tub and Third kisses him, half-straddles him, grinds against him, but doesn’t otherwise touch him as the bath fills. Khai, however, no longer cares since he’s realized Third’s plan. He runs filthy hands over Third’s sides through his shirt, and Third scolds him, only making him laugh.

They tumble--carefully--into the bath and get clean only to get dirty.

Khai, with Third settled onto him, kisses Third’s neck. The water sloshes over the side of the tub as he moves his hips. “Did you just want to help me?” he murmurs.

“I wanted…” Third starts, lets out a little gasp. “I wanted you, Khai.”

“Third,” Khai says, sounding shocked.

“What?” And Third sounds somewhat alarmed.

“Will you marry me?”

“We’re already married, dumbass.”