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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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“Up there?” Maetee asks.

Uh,” T-Rex tells him. “Top shelf. I can’t reach.”

T-Rex could’ve easily gotten a stool or a chair or a ladder...but watching Maetee stretch to reach the top shelf, the rise of Maetee’s shirt, the hints of skin revealed.

Well, this is far more satisfying.

Maetee grabs the book but it falls to the ground and he bends over to grab it, letting T-Rex appreciate the delicious view of his ass.

T-Rex crowds Maetee up against the bookshelf.

“What about--” Maetee starts, holding the book between them askance.

T-Rex tosses the book onto the couch. “I think there’s something else I’d rather spread under me right now.”

Maetee smirks, but then he schools his features, feigns ignorance. “What are you talking about, T-Rex? I’m confused.”

T-Rex sighs, looks up past his glasses. “You, under me, begging for me to fuck you.”

Maetee bites his lip.