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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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“Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn,” Gun says, addressing Off by his full name.

“Captain,” Off returns, emphasizing Gun’s status right back at him.

It makes Gun smile. “You can call me Gun.”

Off takes a few steps closer. “So is everything they say about pirates a lie?”

“Probably half of what you hear from up in your perfect palace,” Gun answers, eyeing Off carefully, curiously. Off had, after all, entered a strange pirate’s bedroom in the dark of night.

Off rolls his eyes. “It’s not a palace.” Which is technically true. But then, he pouts, disappointed at Gun’s response. “Oh.”

“Why?” Gun asks.

“Aow. I just sort of hoped some things would be true,” Off tells him.

“Aren’t most of the rumors bad, Off Jumpol?”

There he goes with the name again. Off takes a seat on Gun’s bed, nods vehemently as he looks up at Gun. “Horrible things, pirates will ravish their prisoners.”

Gun raises an eyebrow. “You’re not much of a prisoner.”

Off smirks. “Ravish me anyway?”

Gun is forceful then, taking Off’s mouth into a bruising kiss as his fingers nearly rip open Off’s loose shirt. He straddles Off’s lap and holds Off down as they start grinding against each other.

Gun breaks the kiss by tangling his fingers in Off’s hair, roughly tugging him back, causing Off to hiss in pain. They don’t stop the roll of their hips, seeking friction.

“Is this what you wanted?” Gun asks.

Off smirks, hand trailing down. “It’s a start.”