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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Thawin takes notice of Punn right away.

Punn purposely brushes up against Thawin in the office, asks Thawin questions when it’s obvious Punn already knows the answers, always offers that he could do more.

Punn has taken special interest in him. How can Thawin not do the same?

It’s late and everyone else has gone home, but Punn is still there. He’s sorting through files, leaning over a desk, and Thawin comes up behind him. Ostensibly, he’s checking on Punn’s work.

“Khun Thawin,” Punn greets, without turning, without showing any other indication that he’s aware of Thawin’s presence.

“How’s work?” Thawin asks, trying to sound polite, concerned for an employee.

Punn leans over a little more, ass brushing up against Thawin’s front. “Wouldn’t mind something harder.”

Thawin’s hands hover over Punn. “Oh?”

“If Khun Thawin is up for giving it to me.”

“You want something hard?”

There’s little prep before Thawin is taking him fast and rough, gripping Punn’s hips without a thought for his normally so conscientious control.

“Have me whenever you want,” Punn tells him after, and Thawin sees the imprints of his own fingers in striking red burned into the skin.

Punn follows his gaze, and smiles.