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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Everyone else is drunk, but White is not, and Sean shouldn’t be either, although he’d had one or two. Sean has pulled a blanket over the two of them, which isn’t unusual in itself, Sean likes to give White preferential treatment, to be possessive of him.

Black is relaxed against Gram’s shoulder so he must be close to sleep, and Yok is on Gram’s other side. Yok and Gram are still watching the movie.

Sean… Sean looks like he’s watching the movie, but his hand has wriggled its way into White’s shorts, and White can’t help it if he reacts to Sean’s touch.

Sean always had a way with him.

White bites his lip and tries to pretend his focus is still on the screen, but Sean’s hand circles his cock and starts jerking him slowly, teasing him.

“Someone’s gonna come, right?” Sean asks, directing the question towards their friends, ostensibly about the film.

Yok and Gram agree, Black gives a little grunt as Gram jostles him.

White’s breathing picks up as Sean’s speed does the same.

“What do you think, White?” Sean tilts his head curiously, expression innocent even if his eyes aren’t.

“White thinks-- I think they should’ve thought about where they are, if-- if anyone should come there.”

Sean hums. “I’ll be really disappointed if no one comes.” His grip loosens just a little, stroking White unhurriedly, knowing it’ll only get White even more worked up.

Sean,” White warns.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Sean murmurs, in English. “Sean will take care of you.”

His hand starts moving faster again and White buries his face in Sean’s shoulder and chest as his toes curl and he comes.

“What’s wrong with White?” Gram peeks over.

“Oh, it was too scary,” Sean explains.

White excuses himself to the bathroom.

Sean follows.