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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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The trip is for research and maybe Pick technically wasn’t supposed to bring his boyfriend along, but how could he deny taking Rome on a little vacation?

And, more than that, how could he handle spending two weeks away from Rome?

Pick isn’t ready to say that latter part to Rome. Instead, he had said, “I guess you could come along,” like it didn’t really matter one way or the other.

They’re in his cramped room with few amenities and even with the extra blankets, it’s cold.

Pick considers apologizing but decides against it. Instead, he wraps his arms around Rome without being prompted, guilty as Rome shivers.

Rome tucks his face into the crook of Pick’s throat, huddles against Pick for warmth.

“Better, shorty?” Pick asks, trying to sound aloof, even annoyed.

Rome nods against him. “Of course I feel better. P’Pick is hugging me.”

“I’m not,” Pick refutes and, even though he could be petty, doesn’t let go, drawing Rome in closer.

After warming up a little, Rome snakes one of his own arms around Pick and their bodies are pressed even more tightly together.

“P’Pick,” Rome whispers.

“Can’t help it,” Pick mutters, not embarrassed. Then he freezes, surprised.

“Can’t help it,” Rome repeats back. He lifts his chin and Pick looks down and their lips meet, exchanging breaths, exchanging heat. Pick’s hand moves from Rome’s waist to cup his jaw.

Their bodies start to rock together and, gradually, they find a very pleasant way to get warm.