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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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“Bright’s not here?” Arthit asks and Prem’s eyes blaze to life.

“What’s the story, Prem?” Tuta prompts, ready for the gossip.

Arthit glares at his friends, but secretly he’s curious, too. Bright does a lot of stupid things and he wonders what Bright has done now.

“There’s this new freshman in photography,” Prem starts.

Kongpob appears, interrupts, “Why are you in photography?”

Prem shrugs. “Me and Bright took it to pick up girls.”

Everyone nods in understanding, a collective “oh.”

Tuta clears his throat, “So where is Bright? With this girl? She cute?”

Prem grins. “I went to Bright’s room, right?”

“And the freshman was there,” Kongpob can conclude.

Prem nods. “Under the covers, and under Bright.”

Tuta’s jaw drops. “They’re already banging? And he didn’t tell me?”

“I barely got out the door again before that freshman was moaning again, saying, ‘P’Bright, please--’”

“Hoi,” Bright interrupts. He fixes his hair, but it still looks a little mussed.

Tuta opens his mouth, “You’re here? We heard you were--”

Bright reaches over and smacks him, then steps over to make room for someone else at the table.

Looking a little more disheveled that Bright had, a freshman steps up, and Bright’s friends all stare.

Bright clears his throat. “Everyone, this is Nong Rome.”

“Nice to meet you,” Kongpob says and, a bit more unsteady, Arthit follows suit.

“Nong Rome is in our photography class,” Prem announces slyly, leading everyone to send an obvious glare in his direction.

Rome wais the group, standing there a bit nervously, especially with the way Prem eyes him.

Tuta scratches his own neck pointedly. “Nong Rome, you’re...friends with Bright?”

Self-consciously, Rome’s hand leaps up to cover the hickey, blushing all the way down his chest. “Yes.”

“Ow, just friends?” Bright asks, turning to Rome. “And here I thought I was the player. I didn’t think friends--”

Rome shoves a hand over Bright’s mouth, the mark on his neck once more visible. “P’Bright!”

Tuta kicks Bright. “You didn’t tell me you were seeing someone! And you’re dating boys now! I’m hurt.” Tuta clutches his chest dramatically. “I always thought if you swung that way, you and I could make it…” he teases.

Bright rolls his eyes. “I’m not dating boys. Not you, at least.” He pulls a face and Tuta humphs. “Just Rome. I should’ve known Prem couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”

“It’s not every day I walk in on you fucking your faen!” Prem defends, lewdly.

Kongpob is much more gentle. “So are you two official then?”

Bright nods. “He’s too cute. If I don’t lock him down, someone might try to steal him!”

“P’Bright, no one is going to--”

Prem grabs Rome’s hand. “Are you sure you don’t want to pick me instead, Nong Rome?”

Rome pulls his hand away and grabs Bright’s arm. “What’s wrong with your friend?”

Bright looks smug as he pulls Rome in front of him, hooking his arms together over Rome’s chest possessively. “Just everything.”

Everyone laughs, even Prem.