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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Khai has Third on his hands and knees, relentless as Third keeps making all these noises, nothing coherent left except for the occasional plea of Khai’s name, like Third is dying, like it’s all he has left.

Khai’s hand is on Third’s cock and Third is fucking back against him, fucking into his hand, is more of a mess than Khai’s ever gotten him before and Khai can’t yield, feels Third tense up around him, whole body going stiff before it goes lax.

He pulls out only to flip Third onto his back, wanting to see Third’s face as he comes.

They both lie there catching their breaths.

Khai says, “Tee rak?”

“Mh?” Third replies, fucked out, exhausted.

Khai bites his lip, doesn’t mention how beautiful Third looks like this. “Can you hold me?”

Third opens his arms and Khai snuggles in, safe in Third’s embrace, ear over Third’s heart.