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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Off’s tongue is a source of distraction, from the way he pulls a silly face, a sexy face, to the way he puts it to use on Gun.

Off’s tongue against his own, a kiss that has Gun moaning his assent.

Then Off travels down Gun’s body. He was shy the first time, Gun remembers, had never done it before.

But now, he’s confident--overconfident, if not for how good he actually is--as he takes Gun into his mouth. He slides his tongue along the underside of Gun’s cock, sucks in the head, hollows his throat as he takes Gun all the way down.

“Papii,” Gun whispers. He stares down at Off, Off’s lips around his cock, and Off’s eyes flicker up to meet his.

Off holds him by one hip, his other hand at the base of Gun’s cock, and when Gun starts to come, Off swallows him down.

Off pulls away, licks his lips. “How was that, baby?”

“So good, Papii,” Gun says, pulling him up.

“Maybe one day I’ll be as good as you,” Off murmurs, kissing Gun.

Gun tastes himself, breaks the kiss with a chuckle. “Papii thinks he can be as good as Gun?”