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OffGun+ April Drabbles: Spicy Edition

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Thawin’s hands are too hot when they grip Punn’s hips, leaving finger stripes of nearly-singed flesh. It’s the kind of thing that any normal person would hate, would avoid at any cost, but something in Punn loves the pain.

It’s what has him walking into Boss Thawin’s office after everyone else has gone home and Thawin’s eyes rake him over.

Tonight, Thawin turns Punn around, presses up against him. If Punn wanted to, he could fight him, could be the one in control, but Thawin’s polite exterior hides a powerful side, an almost cruel side, a side that he only shows to Punn.

He gets Punn half-stripped, somehow callous and cautious all at once because he never tears a button or a seam. Thawin bends Punn over the desk and pounds into him and Punn moans, fucks back against him, says, “More. Harder.”

And then Thawin is fucking him so good that neither of them can think, neither of them need to think anymore, Thawin arching over Punn to grab his cock as they both plummet over the edge. Thawin pulls out and Punn feels come slipping slick and sticky down his thighs.

Maybe one day, they’ll actually go out.