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Sexy Times at the Hargreeves Mansion

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It was half past eight when Diego and Five came into the mansion, holding a limp figure between them.
“Brought home the bacon!” Diego called happily into the house.
From high above in the balcony, Allison cheered “Whoo hoo! Save some for me!”
“I found her, Diego, you just helped bring her in.” Five retorted.
“Yeah yeah.” he replied with a snort, “She’s here now. Doesn’t seem to matter much now, does it.” The two dropped the girl heavily on the carpeted floor, where she remained motionless.
Klaus came out from the kitchen, licking custard off of his upper lip. “Damn, nice catch! She doesn’t have a mark on her-” he laughed. “You’ll share her right? Come on, it’ll be fun!” he goaded.
“Sure, I’ll share this time. Trust me, this’ll be a riot.” Five grinned. “Where do we want her?”
“Tied up against a pillar!” Allison suggested, coming downstairs in a tight catsuit with her long hair pulled up. “That one, she’ll be able to see us all when she wakes up.”
“Ooh, kinky, I like it.” Klaus remarked, dragging the body and maneuvering it to a somewhat upright position. “Diego, could you hold her up a second while I tie the rope?” it took only a few minutes of skilled work, but soon she was ‘standing’ upright, held firm to the pillar at several points with her arms bound above her head- which was lolling forward in her unconscious state. “A work or art if I do say so myself.” he grinned, stepping back to admire it.
Five, who had been laying on the couch for a few minutes stood up sharply. “Alright guys, listen up.” he began to the three in front of him. “There’s some ground rules regarding little miss dead-weight over here.”
“Aw, rules? Come on, Five, loosen up.” Klaus cajoled.
“Hell no, she’s my prize, I get to do this my way tonight.” he said firmly.
“Alright fine, but hurry it up, I’m getting impatient.” Allison snapped.
“Firstly, I don’t like sharing fluids in the same container as you guys. So no backwash if you catch my drift.”
“What?!” Diego yelled. “I help you carry her halfway down an alley and I don’t even get to wet my dick?”
“If you don’t like it you can leave. Pound it out on the next one you catch- Allison, Klaus, and I are plenty able to do this by ourselves you know. Rule two, no irreversible harm. I don’t want us getting caught.” there were no objections to that one so he pressed on. “Rule three, we follow my lead. I’m in charge of how this night goes, and I don’t want any over-rumoring or blood loss, capiche?”
They weren’t exactly thrilled, but they agreed nonetheless. “Alright then, let's get started.” he said, sitting down on the couch in front of the girl to enjoy the show. “Allison, if you would be so kind as to wake our guest?”
“Gladly.” she said with a smile. “I heard a rumor that you woke up.”
The girl’s eyes shot open, confused at first, but quickly turning to terror. “P-Please, I don’t have-” Five blipped right behind the pillar, wrapping a slender hand around her throat and squeezing slightly; a warning.
“What, don’t have anything we want? That’s not true at all now is that, sweetpea. You wouldn’t lie to us now would you?” he said, tightening his grip just slightly. She shook her head and he blipped directly in front of her, slapping her across the face. Not too hard- she was still learning after all. “I’m sorry, what was that? I didn’t quite catch that one.” He gave her a few beats, waiting expectantly in front of her.
“No, I wouldn’t lie to you.” she said after a brief pause, very quietly. It was cute the way she tried to shrink into herself, meek as a mouse.
“Very good.” he said, relaxing his shoulders and smiling warmly at her. “I’ll tell you what, princess. You continue to be very good for us and we’ll let you go in a few hours, how does that sound?” Her eyes darted around quickly at the other people on the couch, gauging if they might be allies to her. Seeing as Klaus was touching himself through his skirt, it was pretty clear to Five that she wasn’t going to get any help from the Peanut Gallery tonight. Five grabbed her chin with his hand, firmly bringing her face back to look at him. “I don’t like repeating myself.” he said calmly, but with an undertone that suggested he wouldn’t be calm for much longer if she didn’t comply.
She nodded, and said “G-good, sounds good”.
“Liar!” Diego shouted.
“You know, Diego, I think you’re right.” he said with a darkened grin. “What should we do with this little liar, do you think?” he said softly, brushing a strand of hair from her face.
She swallowed hard under his gaze, hardly moving a muscle.
“I think we should punish her.” Allison said, with a gleam in her eye. “Maybe teach her a ‘lesson’.”
He nodded once. “Excellent idea, Allison.” he said thoughtfully, walking away from the bound figure before him and taking a seat on the couch. “Diego, pin her thighs open-” and tittered when he began to walk towards her. “-with your daggers.”
Allison clapped her hands excitedly, while Klaus moaned languidly. Diego, biting his lip firmly unsheathed two daggers, one for each hand. “Alright sweetheart-” He began with mocking sincerity in contrast to Five’s poison-honey tone. “Spread your legs for me like a good girl will you?”
She shook her head, frightened. “Please, no, I-”
“Oh, so you want me to come over there and spread them for you?”
“No! That’s not-”
“Alright, then spread 'em.”
There were a few beats of pause as the girl pitifully looked from person to person, hoping against hope for mercy. When her eyes settled at last on Allison, she murmured sensuously, “If you don’t want to, I’d be happy to help you keep them open, pretty girl…”
Quivering slightly, she parted her legs a few inches. “More.” Diego demanded. She went farther, forcing her skirt to bunch up. “I said, more. You don’t want me to miss, do you?” A quiet sob left her at that and she adjusted, opening her legs so that her skirt rode up her thighs, leaving her panties on display in exchange for a few more inches. “Much better, very good sweetheart…” Diego said, breath becoming heavier. “Now hold still for me, that’s it, just like that.” He said, throwing his daggers simultaneously, and with deadly precision. They struck true just on the insides of her thighs, blades pointed down to minimize any cuts from struggling.
The girl had frozen where she stood, head turned to the right with eyes squeezed shut. When the blades had made impact with the pillar she had squeaked, and Allison began to squirm in her seat. “Ohhhhh Five, please let me make her feel good…” she said. At first, Five was confused by the request, but he saw the look on her face and smiled.
“By all means, tease her all you like. Just don’t let her get carried away, we don’t want to spoil her.”
She nodded her understanding. Silky smooth, Allison said “I heard a rumor, that you were deliciously aroused.” Almost immediately, the girl's face flushed, and her hips began moving subtly, testing out where the knives were.
“Excuse me, did I say you could move?” Diego barked out.
“N-no.” She said, throat dry.
“No, what?” he demanded.
“No…” She searched her mind for a word that would satisfy him. “No, Diego?”
His knife flew before anyone could tell he had done it. It stuck just under her right ear, next to her cheek. “No sir.” he corrected. “Repeat it.”
Her mouth was moving, though her voice caught in her throat as she spoke. “-o sir, I’m -orry sir.” she choked out, halting her movement, even as a gentle warmth began to spread throughout her body.
“You’re learning fast.” Five remarked with a smile, looking cool as a cucumber in his nicely pressed suit. “Maybe you can be a good girl for us after all.” he turned to Klaus, who now had his skirt pulled up and was lazily stroking his member. “Klaus, you haven’t gotten to play with her yet. What do you have on your mind?”
His eyes were glazed, but held a certain frenzy to them. He hummed, amused by all the possibilities. “That’s a very long list, Five.”
“Give us a taste.” he responds, watching the girls face for any sign of reaction.
“I imagine her suspended from the ceiling and we all have dildos on the end of broom handles like a demented game of pin the tail on the donkey.”
“Interesting. Perverse, but interesting.” Five said. “What else?”
“I imagine taking away her sight and making her spin around. Whoever she bumps into first inflicts whatever they want upon her while the other three hold her down.”
“Tell me another.”
“I think about playing William Tell while I finger her so I get to feel her clench around me when the knife hits.” This causes a reaction. Her face changes from the usual fear and pleading to one of fear and arousal. Jackpot.
“Well, Klaus, that one seems fairly actionable. Allison and I will call out places to hit, and Klaus, you may finger her around her panties, does that seem fair to you?”
“YES!” he shouts. “I was hoping you’d pick that one.” Klaus practically jumps for the girl, and sits down next to the pillar, lubing up his fingers with a tube from his pocket. “Don’t worry,” he soothes, as she makes a little sound of fear. “I’m going to be gentle. I’ll make it feel good, I promise.” She whimpers at this, but stops when Diego catches her eye. He’s not in the mood for begging right now, and there’s no guarantee he won’t miss.
“There’s a good girl.” Five beams as she slowly takes Klaus’s first finger. He gives her a little bit of time to adjust to the second finger as he gently begins to pump the fingers in and out. Her hip jerks just slightly and Five gives the first location. “Left hip.” he commands.
Dagger flies, dagger lands, and she clenches around his fingers. Klaus moans. “That’s nice…” he says, pumping the fingers in and out at a steadier pace. She bites her lip, and says nothing. Allison frowns.
“Right calf.” Dagger flies, lands, and Klaus moans again, this time a quiet sound escapes her clenched jaw. “What are you thinking about, darling?” she asks the red faced girl.
She knows better than to lie, so she breathlessly says “Cumming?”
“Mmm that’s a half truth, I’m going to need more than that. Do you want me to rumor you again?”
“I was thinking about Klaus rubbing my clit and letting me climax?” she said tentatively.
Allison tutted. “Was that a question?” she asked rhetorically to Five.
“You know, I think it was. I think she could use a little encouragement.” Five said, throwing a remote controlled vibrator to Klaus, and giving the controller to Allison- to which she positively beamed. “We’re all the way over here, sweetpea, we need you to be louder for us, alright?”
She swallowed hard, and said “I understand.” in a slightly louder voice than before.
“See, you’re doing better already.” Klaus said, working the oval shaped vibrator in with his fingers. He continued thrusting, nudging it with every pass. Her moans began timid, but Allison was having none of that. She turned the dial and began upping the speed. Almost immediately, she began to moan in earnest, flexing with each thrust of Klaus’s.
“That’s more like it.” Five said appreciatively. “Left neck.”
A sound somewhere between a moan and a scream tore through her as Allison twisted the dial at that moment. Allison squealed in excitement. “That was very good! Can you do that again for me?” She turned the dial higher and the girl began to pant and moan rhythmically, struggling to keep still as she began to reach her climax. As she and Klaus’s voice began to raise, Five put his hand on Allison’s knee and she stopped the vibrator. The sound that came out of her next was both relief and betrayal. Five laughed, giddy.
“I’m sorry, did you want to do something?” he said, sweetly.
“Yes.” she said, a drip of arousal running down her inner thigh. “I wanted to...cum.” she said, lowering her voice on the last word.
“What was that?” he said, squeezing Allison’s knee and looking pointedly at Klaus.
“I want to CU-!” She shrieked, as the vibrator went mad next to Klaus’s hand. Her hips strained against the ropes around her midsection as her mouth went into a silent open-mouthed scream.
“Enough.” Five said, and all movement ceased, leaving her shaking in her bonds. “One more time?”
“CUM! I wanted to orgasm, shithead!” There it was. Trying people’s patience was never very difficult, especially for this. But alas, technically she just earned a punishment that warranted much more action than this.
Five snapped his fingers. “Diego. Get her onto the floor.” Like lightning, a knife cut through the rope on her middle, and above the knot on her hands that was holding her up, but still keeping her bound. Diego pulled her out of the precariously positioned knives and threw her onto the rug in front of them. “Hold her down.” Klaus and Allison each took a leg, while Diego pressed tightly to the bundle of rope ensnaring her hands.
Five walked slowly around her, struggling against the three strong pairs of hands. “You know, sweetpea, I’m really proud of you for using your voice. You did a really good job with that.” Her struggles lessened, confused.
“I...did?” She eyed him warily as he circled, uncertain of the sudden shift in attitude.
“Yes! You did a wonderful job. But the messaging was a little bit off. You see,” he said, bending down and kneeling on either side of her torso, leaning in closer. “-I know you wanted to cum. I could see it all over that pretty face of yours.” he continued, gently brushing a stray hair from her cheek. “But I just wanted to hear you say it, loud and confident, and so I don’t appreciate being called a- what was it again, sweetheart?” he paused, pretending to think it over.
“S-Shithead?” She supplied quietly.
“Precisely. You’ve hurt my feelings quite badly you know-”
“I’m sorry-” she said hastily, tensing up beneath him as he traced a hand around her throat, letting it settle lightly beneath her chin.
“Don’t interrupt.” He said lowly, giving only a gentle squeeze to remind her. “My feelings are not only hurt, but you’ve failed to learn anything from our previous correction. You understand, don’t you, sweetheart? It’s for your own good, you know.” She nodded her understanding, though they could see in her eyes that she did not really understand.
He squeezed just a little harder than before. “Use your words.” Diego growled quietly from his position by her wrists.
“I understand.” She forced out quickly.
“Good.” Five smiled, giving her a firm pat on the cheek, and climbing off of her. “Proceed.” he finished lazily.
With that order given, Diego stuffed two fingers into her mouth. “Suck.” He ordered. She gagged briefly as his fingertips touched her uvula. Instinctively, she closed her mouth, and her teeth closed against his fingers. He let out a brief grunt of pain before replacing the hand holding her wrists with his knee. He used that free hand to tangle up in her hair and pull firmly, tilting her head to his ear.
“This is your only warning, princess, so I’ll make myself abundantly clear-” he sneered darkly, but quietly, as if it was a passionate whisper. “If you bite me again, I'll go down there and rip your clit off with my teeth.” he grinned as her eyes widened and she let out a terrified whimper. Now that’s more like it. “Thought so. Now be a good girl and suck.” he repeated, pleased when she immediately began sucking in earnest, swirling her tongue around his calloused fingers.
Meanwhile, Klaus and Allison were debating over which toy to use on her. “The dildo is thicker.” Allison stated firmly.
“But the vibrator vibrates! That’s- That’s its whole purpose! What’s the point if not that!” Klaus argued.
She rolled her eyes. “Alright, you use the vibrator, and I’ll use the dildo- happy?”
“Immensely.” he said with a smile, passing her the short but thick dildo (and a bottle of lube), while he picked up the vibrator.
Five sat in his large armchair, one ankle resting on his knee- the very image of comfort and nonchalance. “Here’s the deal, princess: you wanted to come, and so you will. My dear brothers and sister are going to play with you until you’re on the brink of cumming...and then you’re going to beg. And sweetpea, we’re going to do this as many times as we feel are necessary until you’ve learned your lesson. Is that clear?”
There were tears brimming in her eyes as she made a garbled “Yesh” around Diego’s fingers.
Five gave her a brilliant smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “There’s a good girl.” He looked to Allison. “Would you be so kind as to give our guest a little more help fulfilling her task?”
“With pleasure.” she grinned. “I heard a rumor you will only come when we say you can.” her eyes glowed a brief white, and she began pushing the dildo into her slowly. She savored the choked sounds of pleasure coming out of her mouth. Not quite words, yet. But they would be soon.
Klaus began trailing the vibrator up her leg, letting it buzz temptingly. “Ohhhhh you’re in for such a treat. Five hardly ever plays this nice, you lucky girl.” he paused for a moment, letting his vibrator trail just shy of her labia. Her hips jerked toward it and Diego began firmly grabbing her breasts through her shirt. Her breath hitched in time with her hips, and Diego knew Klaus had given her what she wanted. They each worked her up in their own way, as she began thrusting her hips encouragingly, eyes glazed over. Allison smiled. Rumoring made things so much easier. She was now on the brink of climax, writhing on the ground as much as the three of them would allow her.
Five grinned, “Go ahead and beg, love”.
As if a dam had burst, a litany of pleas escaped her lips. “Please please let me come, I'm so close, I’m right there!-”
“Hmmmm…” Five said, contemplating her request. “No. I don’t think so. Let’s give it a little bit longer.”
“Wha-” she began before Diego cut her off with a sharp thrust of his fingers.
“You heard the man.” Klaus said giddily, rubbing the vibrator along her slit with long, firm strokes. Allison began thrusting the dildo with a steady rhythm, and her pleas and moans began to take on a new pitch.
“Are you sorry?” Five asked, as if talking down to a child.
“Yes yes yes!” she shouted as if it were a chorus.
“I’m not sure I believe you…”
“Ple-ASE!” She shouted, after a particularly brutal thrust.
“Alright then, come.” Five said, pleased. Klaus met Allison’s eyes, and then Diego’s. They each smiled, and at once, took action. Diego gave her her nipples a strong pinch, while Allison shoved the dildo completely inside of her, with Klaus pressing the vibrator directly on her clit. She made an unholy sound somewhere between a shriek and a moan. They let the waves of pleasure carry her through the orgasm...and didn’t stop. They continued their ministrations past the point of pleasure, and her thighs began to resist being held open, struggling to escape the sensations.
“No, please no! I don’t- AH!” she shouted, thrashing.
“Again?” Five asked, all mock concern. “Go on then.”
“NO!” she begged
“Come.” Diego ordered
This one went through her body more harshly than before. It burned through her, flames of pleasure and pain licking across her body.
“No more, please no more, I’ve learned my lesson, please!” she screamed, head tossing from side to side.
“Again.” Five said, all pretense of concern gone. His eyes were hungry now, eagerly taking in the sight before him.
“Come!” Klaus said delightedly, holding the vibrator to her clit and raising the vibrations.
She fought it, again and again, as they wrung her body of every orgasm they cared to command. It took a while, but eventually she stopped fighting it, laying dejectedly on the carpet with raw wrists, and tear streaked cheeks. Five held up his hand- a signal to stop. He knelt down on the carpet, and brushed her tears away with a gentle thumb.
“Are you really sorry now?” he asked quietly.
She nodded her head furiously and said in a voice scratchy from shouting, “I’m so sorry.” she sniffled, leaning her head towards his knee. “I’ll never do it again- I promise...please no more.” he brushed her tangled hair away from her face.
“Alright, sweetpea, no more.”
“But you didn’t even-” Diego began, chorused by the other’s protestations, but Five silenced them with a look.
“Would you like to go home now?” she nodded, eyes open and hopeful, unsure if it was too good to be true. “Diego, would you untie her?”
As Diego began to saw at the ropes on her wrists, Five leaned over to Allison and whispered something in her ear, which she grinned at and nodded. “Would you stand up for me, pretty girl?” she tried her best, on wobbly legs reminiscent of a young foal. “Very good. Now, I heard a rumor…” immediately her face fell, and her eyes glossed over once more, “that you forgot all about this, and came back next week”.