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And Stay Down

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Danny looked over at the stove clock. There was only 20 minutes till the one-week anniversary of the accident. But between the hospital bills and CPS constantly hounding his parents for an explanation of why there 14-year-old had access to such heavy equipment, Both his parents and his sister were out. Trying to clean up the mess that he had caused. When he had woken up it took three days for it all to feel real, in the pit of his stomach something keeps telling him that he should have not survived that. He remembers the hospital staff telling him how they were shocked that he was uninjured from the accident. Not even a scorch mark was on his skin not a single injury, well other than a small cut in the palm of his hand that was in the shape of a quarter circle. He must have gotten it when he fell after passing out.
Danny looked down at his unfinished meal. Sighing he picked up his plate and brought it over to the counter then pulls out a tuber ware and dumped the food into the plastic container. His knees popped as he bends down to search for a fitting lid. He places the sealed food into the fridge and brings the plate over to the sink. That's weird; he tilts his head in confusion.

There at the bottom of the sink is a black  powder like substances, he reaches into the sink and drags two fingers across the dust leaving two shining trails behind from the exposed sink metal. He flips his hand over to reveal two clean fingers, the boy blinks and pulls his head back slightly in surprise before looking back at the sink to see the clean stainless steal staring back up at him. He stared blankly at the metal appliance before The Dirty dishes into it. Just he was about to turn around to leave, a sharp pain shot up his bandaged hand and arm. “Gahh” He yelled out, voice cracking from lack of use. Jazz had told him that he was probably selectively mute for at least a little while. He left the sink and made his way over to the stairs to get to the bathroom on the second floor.

Danny sat on the bathroom floor staring at his unwrapped injured hand. The cut, it had grown. The last time he had dressed the wound it was only a quarter circle, but now it was closer to a half. Maybe his brain had gotten fried during the accident. The sound of scraping metal coming the sink brock him from his train of thought. He stood up slowly to see the faucet shifting in place as the same black dust fell from it, but it quickly came to a stop and picked up again in the electrical socket next to him underneath the medicine cabinet. Small puffs of the same black dust came out of the socket, he leaned in to get a better look when in the corner of his eye he spotted movement in the mirror. A creature taller than his father stood silently behind him, it was covered in the black powder and wrapped in dirty cloth strips and skull with sunken in flesh near its eye sockets. The dried skin that covered the face was missing around the mouth area exposing a set of rotting teeth, the creature sported a crest of bones a protrude from its head. Danny stood still looking the beast over, he had seen enough horror movies to know that if he turned around it would not be there. His eyes shifted to the bathroom doorway, his heart rate was picking up quickly, he didn’t dare look back to see if it was still there. He launched him self out the doorway and into the hall making his way to the stairs. As he took his fist step a sturdy force slammed into his back sending him flying down the stairs landing on the carpeted ground, knocking the wind out of him. The sound of a kitchen cabinet opening the sound of the knife sharpening rod being drawn from its home was lost to Danny as he lay on his stomach trying to breath around several broken ribs.

Danny took notice of lack of assault to attempt to make a run for it. When the same force but weaker pushed him back down then rested on his leg, lifted then slammed down on to his foot shattering the bones. Coincidentally it was the same foot that had caught the wire and made him trip. Danny let out a cry, tears forming in his eyes as the creature grasped his ankle and further agitating the broken lignans and phone sharks in his foot as it dragged him away from the stairs and towards the wall. The creature slammed him up against the wall knocking the lamp off the end table. It grabbed his hand inspecting it; the circle was almost complete; before slamming his hand over the electrical socket. Danny pulled at his arm begging it to release him, the creature positioned the knife sharpener rod over his hand and began to push the rod into his hand centered perfectly inside the circle shaped cut as it completed itself. Danny screamed trying to pull the monster off of him, soot from the beast covered his free hand and collected underneath his nails as tears began to stream down his face. The rod finally made its way through his hand and was now pressing into the plastic covering the socket and with a loud crack the rod stabbed the wiring sending an electric current through the rod and into Danny’s body. The electricity shocked his muscles forcing them to convulse his body shaking violently as he slid down the wall. The creature looked down at his work, the lights of the house flickering and the sound of electricity searing through the humans flesh.