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Le Chat Noir

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Regina Mills shields her eyes from the sun, looking up at the sign stating the name of the tattoo studio of her choice: Le Chat Noir. As she opens the door, she wonders how many people actually understand the reference. It doesn't exactly help that she's heard from her friends that most people just call it Swan’s.

Emma Swan is the owner of the shop, supposedly hot as fuck and very popular with the ladies. Regina’s also heard the rumours about Emma’s dick and its size. She smirks to herself. She fully intends to find that out for herself. She doesn’t need a relationship to lead a full life, and being Storybrooke’s mayor keeps her too busy to put in the required time and effort, but she has sexual urges as much as the next person. Urges she prefers to take care of far from prying eyes. It’s not easy to find someone who can satisfy her, and it’s been too long. Her entire reason for choosing to get a tattoo is to get out of her comfort zone in hopes of spicing up her life - and, hopefully, her sex life along with it. 

She looks around - the place isn't huge, but it looks clean. There are some band posters on the walls and pictures of tattoos Regina guesses are displays of Emma’s work. The equipment looks professional as well. Music is playing, but not too loudly. Regina doesn't recognise the band - then again, her exposure to music is rather limiteed.

As the door closes behind her, a woman comes into the front room. Regina stifles a groan -  the rumour mill for once was not exaggerating. Emma looks so fuckable. Her blonde hair is long and wavy, cascading down her shoulders. She's wearing a tight, ripped white tank top and the shortest jeans shorts. Regina can't help but let her eyes flick over her crotch.

Emma looks at her expectantly, nonchalantly chewing on something Regina guesses is gum. She's proven right when Emma blows a bubble as she introduces herself: “I’m Regina Mills. I’m here for a tattoo and I heard you're the best. Is this a convenient time for you?"

Emma takes her time checking Regina out unashamedly. She rakes her mesmerising green eyes over her from head to toe, taking in the woman in front of her. Perfectly coiffed dark brown hair, mesmerising chocolate brown eyes that convey confidence and a twinkle of something she can’t quite place - a challenge of sorts. A beautiful nose that defines her face, plump lips that look like they’re a crime not to kiss, an intriguing scar gracing her upper lip, the same confidence and challenge in her eyes can also be found in her small smirk. Emma’s eyes take in her chest, her stomach, her legs (and yes, she’d kill to see this woman’s ass), all looking so delectable in the figure-hugging blouse and pencil skirt. Emma Swan smirks, not bothering to try to hide her appreciation. "I can make time for you."

Regina grins, knowing full well the effect she has on the tattoo artist. This is her sexiest outfit after all - well, the sexiest one that still holds a modicum of class. "Excellent."

Emma walks over to her, studying her face intently, her eyes lingering on that intriguing scar. "So, what do you want and where do you want it?"

Regina opens her handbag and extracts the folded piece of paper on which she drew her design. She shows it to Emma. "You think you can do this?"

Emma takes it from Regina, their fingers briefly touching. Regina wonders if she's the only one who can feel the electricity jolting through her. "Sure," Emma mumbles, her eyes studying the interesting design - an apple surrounded by vines on the background of what looks like a medieval coat of arms, though the coat of arms is only hinted at. "Where do you want it?"

Regina curls her fingers around Emma’s wrist and puts it on her stomach. Emma quirks an eyebrow and her grin grows wider as Regina slowly guides her hand downwards, toward her pussy. Emma’s breath hitches in her throat when Regina gets surprisingly close. She only stops when she's reached the area just below her stomach. "Right there," she whispers in Emma’s ear, making sure her hot breath tickles Emma’s skin.

"Cool." Emma tries to sound nonchalant, but Regina notices that she's flustered. She smirks to herself. Job well done. Emma guides her to a separate area in the back of the tattoo parlour, behind a dark curtain.

”You can sit down in the chair," Emma says as she walks over to a sink. She puts some soap on her hands and washes them. Emma turns around and smirks. "You should lift your blouse, maybe tuck it into your bra, and lower your skirt."

Regina quirks an eyebrow and boldly decides to just take off her shirt, then makes herself comfortable. She watches Emma swagger over to her with some supplies, clearly appreciating the view. "Alright," Emma says, sitting down on a stool as she puts on gloves. "First, I'm gonna clean and disinfect the area where your tattoo will be."

She gets to work and Regina has to hold back a groan. Emma’s touch is gentle, but firm. She’s trying with all her might to be professional and not stare at Regina’s boobs, looking so deliciously inviting encased in the black lace bra, but she’s rarely had such a hard time controlling herself. A very hard time indeed, she thinks as she feels her not so little friend twitch in her pants.

When Emma’s done, she smiles at Regina. "Is this your first tattoo?" she asks.

Regina nods.

Emma continues. "Okay, this is just some disclaimer bullshit to reassure you and to make sure you can't sue my ass. I work with sterile equipment and I only use my needles and shit once. I'll throw them in the bin where you can see it and I'm not into dumpster diving, so no worries there. I'm gonna use some numbing spray first, okay?"

Regina nods and watches Emma apply the spray.

"So, this is how it works. First, I'm gonna put the outline of your tattoo on your skin. I'm gonna clean that with antiseptic soap and water. Then I'm gonna change guns and shade the design. After that, I clean again. I use sterile and disposable towels to clean up the blood. Finally, I'm gonna clean it again and then bandage it up. I'll tell you how to take care of it when we're done, okay?"

"Splendid. Can we hold a conversation while you're working or do you prefer silence?"

“You're way hot so yeah, I wanna chat you up,” she grins cheekily. 

Regina nods again, her ego purring at the compliment, even though Emma’s eyes had already told her as much. Luckily, her pain tolerance is pretty high. She jumps a little when she first feels the needle, but concentrates on Emma’s face. Emma’s eyes are fixed on the area just above Regina’s pussy, the tip of her tongue peeking out of the corner of her mouth. Regina can almost feel her clit throbbing under the intense gaze.

When the pain becomes harder to bear, even for her, Regina starts talking. "So, have you always wanted to be a tattoo artist?"

"Nope. Actually, I used to be a bounty hunter. I was the best and got jobs all over the country.”

Regina whistles. "Impressive. So why start a tattoo studio?"

Emma tilts her head. “Being a bounty hunter was interesting, but I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I wanted to be able to channnel my creativity, and all the last-minute travel was exhausting. I could never calm down, and placing tattoos brings me the peace of mind I was missing so much. I was growing tired of the lies and the subterfuge, too. Tired of running schemes. I like the honesty of this job.”

Regina nods, not sure if it’s okay to ask details, so she changes the subject. "So, Le Chat Noir. Have you ever been to Paris?"

Emma grins. "Been there once, some huge convention, of course I visited the last site but it's not much like it was way back then. Not many people who come in here get it, though."

As Emma works on Regina’s tattoo, they share more information about themselves. They fall into an easy talk. Regina finds Emma is not only intelligent and independent, but also funny, laid-back and charming.

Finally, Emma bandages it up. “There, all done. I'm gonna give you a folder telling you how to take care of your tattoo so that you don't forget. Basically, you keep the bandage up for about 24 hours, unless you start to see pooling ink. Once you've taken it off, you clean the entire area with antibacterial soap and wipe away the antibacterial soap. After you’ve cleaned it, use some skin cream to keep it moist. Make sure the skin cream has no dyes or perfumes, and definitely keep the tattoo moist. You need to cleean and reapply the skin cream every day, twice a day, for two weeks. Try not to touch your tattoo, pick at scabs, rub it, bump against it, scratch it, etc. Don't wash it with alcohol or peroxide, but use antibacterial soap and a soft towel to pat it dry, don't rub it. Are you allergic to antibiotic ointment?"

Regina shakes her head. "Not as far as I'm aware."

"Alright, maybe check that out. But in the meantime, be sure not to use petroleum jelly or it'll fade. If you see redness or swelling, put an ice pack on your tattoo. Also, try not to go out in the sun until it's fully healed and don’t go swimming in a chlorinated pool for two weeks. I know this is a lot of info, that's why I've got the folder. My number's there, so you can call me whenever." Emma stops and grins slyly. "And I mean whenever. Or you can come by, in case you're not sure about something or something's wrong." She gets up from her stool. "That'll be a hundred and fifty bucks."

Regina smiles to herself. She takes her purse and rummages through it. She gets out her wallet and pretends to look for money. Finally, she fakes an annoyed sigh. “I’m afraid I don't have the cash on me."

Emma is putting away her equipment. "There's a cash machine just around the corner."

Regina licks her lips and walks over to Emma. She leans into her, their bodies ever so close. She palms Emma's crotch through her shorts as she whispers in her ear: "I know another way to settle this."

Emma doesn't answer immediately, so Regina takes Emma's hands it and brings them to her chest, resting them on top of her tits. She squeezes Emma's hands and Emma needs no further instruction. "Alright. Cause you're hot and I've been wanting to bang you ever since I saw you come in."

Regina takes Emma's hand, feeling the tattoo artist staring at her ass. She adds an extra sway to her hips as she walks back to the chair. She stops when they reach it and leans in to kiss Emma. Before they know it, the kiss turns frantic. It feels natural, intense, insistent. They both moan into it, grabbing at each other's clothes. Then Emma remembers something. With the speed of light, she turns around the 'open' sign and closes the blinds. She almost runs back to Regina and they resume their kissing and undressing.

When they're both fully naked, they take in each other's bodies, panting. Regina smirks. Emma's tits are nice - hard nipples, looks about a B-cup, but her dick... totally the biggest she's seen. Emma's dick is semi-erect and Regina gets on her knees, taking it in her mouth and sucking it fully hard, using her hands as well. Emma bucks into her, and when Regina can feel her losing control, she pulls back.

Emma growls like an animal and throws Regina onto the tattoo chair. She uses her hands to open Regina's legs wider and starts rubbing her clit ferociously. Regina gasps and lifts her hips at the unexpected sensation. Emma throws her leg over the chair and straddles Regina. She lets go of her clit and guides her dick to Regina's pussy, rubbing her clit with the head of her dick now. Once again, just as she's getting used to the sensation, Emma changes tactics. She plunges her dick inside and penetrates her slowly, allowing her walls to adjust. Emma is grunting at the tightness and Regina throws her legs around Emma's hips, closing her ankles at her lower back.

Regina moans when she feels Emma's big, hard dick entering her pussy. The natural friction is delicious. Finally, when she's fully inside, they both take a moment to breathe. Regina is still getting used to the incredible feeling when Emma pulls out and enters her again. She repeats the motion, creating a steady rhythm that brings Regina higher and higher. It resounds in her high-pitched moans.

Emma smirks and shifts a little, changing her angle. She tries to go even deeper, shifts again, and then Regina cries out - Emma just hit her G-spot. Emma grins in triumph and brings one finger to Regina's clit again, trying to concentrate on both pounding her and rubbing her clit. Soon, it's not even necessary anymore - Regina lifts her hips so high that with every thrust, her clit rubs against her pelvis.

The pace quickens. Sweat is dripping down their bodies, Regina's pussy sucks in Emma's dick. She's hot and throbbing, and she adds to it by squeezing the walls of her pussy around Emma's dick as much as she can manage to.

Emma's grunts grow louder and louder, her movements losing much of their coordination. Regina can feel her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach, but Emma gets there first. It's only when Emma's muttered curses are accompanied by the sensation of her seed filling her up that Regina realises they never thought about using a condom. It flashes through her mind and is gone again - her body decides for her to worry about that later.

Her own orgasm follows and it feels like heaven. Her walls flutter around Emma's dick and she's riding the waves of her orgasm, enjoying the ripples that keep coming. Finally, they're both exhausted. They both let out a moan at the loss of that exquisite feeling when Emma pulls out.

Emma lies down on top of Regina and kisses her softly. "We didn't use a condom, but I'm clean. I get regular check-ups."

Regina nods. "I'm clean too. I'll just take the morning after-pill."

"Awesome. Can I tempt you with a second tattoo?" Emma winks playfully.