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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands

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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
The Prologue
Everyone's Here For Some Reason!

Yeah, there's 96 contestants announced and know now, this was originally posted on Fanfiction.Net.

So expect some shenanigans from old FFN habits, but a whole lot of good writing from this...

...borderline impossible project, but I'm working on it as hard as I can!

Four (or more) isles of multi-dimensional drama...
Two million reasons to fight through all of that...
116 contestants that are ready to battle...
Six teams of empty spots to be used...
...and two hosts with the knowledge needed to make this work.

Chris and Chef are back...with some other people doing their business as well.

Either way, there's a lot of characters and a lot of fandoms, so you can kinda tell that this was an Fanfiction.Net exclusive for a while.

I'll deal with it, by the way.

These two were somehow back on top after a normal season and a crossover season (that I'm not going to make, but let's just say that it was like some other TD fanfics with 30 contestants.)

Making safe portals between dimensions proved to be one of the most killer attractions that Chris and Chef made and they were raking in money and breaking copyright like it was no-one's business.

Or rather, somehow getting the impossible to be possible, as most of the executives were plain impressed with him doing just that and the rest were confused, but didn't see nothing wrong raking in money.

They got the time to chill and then suddenly...a mysterious group of people managed to convince the executives of Fresh TV to do something very stupid.

And then Chris got this call from Terry Gillis, one of the top guys behind Total Drama, sick of his antics:

"Yo, Terry? What have you got for me?" Chris asked, probably relaxing too hard.

"We're going big on your show. 40 or more contestants or bust, because you'll be allowed to do all of the things you like." Terry said, nervously, as though someone was forcing him to saying it.

"Good, because I've got something big planned and it's the awesome kind of big!" Chris shouted.

"Oh, great? What is it?" Terry then sounded unimpressed. "The thing I said?"

"Yes, it is! I promise, this season is going to go out with a bang...with the most contestants ever!" Chris shouted. "Maybe 50, 60, 80, heck I could go for 100."

"I get the feeling that you don't get the reality of what you're saying. How are you going to film it, let alone cut it down for time?" Terry asked.

"It's on streaming, duh. I've got my ways of making things work for everybody." Chris added.

"...How hard did prison and the multi-dimensional tech mess with your mind?" Terry suggested, not in the mood to deal with it. "Because 50 or even 60 barely sounds reasonable, let alone 100."

"Do you know how many people from other dimensions want to go on this show? Trust me, it's a ridiculous amount." Chris told him over the phone.

Terry Gillis then heard a window cracking.

"Yeah, thanks for that." Terry stated. "Honestly, I can't really do anything. It's already approved, even your insane plan to get 100 people or whatever it is you're doing, so it."

"Good, because we've got a lot of budget to spend and I've got thank some people for doing that." Chris stated with a smug smile.

"Man, those guys are going to be the end of me." Terry stated, still happy with the money. "After that, a normal-sized season please?"

"I guess so." Chris said. "The biggest season sounds awesome, but I'm gonna rest for a while after that."

"Please do, but you're going to pull some good contestants-" Terry got cut off by Chris ending the call to talk with his co-host Chef.

Chef was just looking at the long-list of candidates that weren't approved to be on this show and these list was practically filled with contestants.

"Chris, these guys that you picked are looking really good." Chef stated with a smile. "They won't what's gonna hit them."

"Yeah, I bet they won't." Chris chuckled.

Of course, the 25 or so that were selected were out of the loop on what they were going to get hit by, but that's Total Drama for you.

The Initial 26?

For the female newcomers we've got:
Miko, The Hyperactive Gamer (Glitch Techs)
Kipo Oak, The Peace-Loving Half-Mute (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)
Azula, The Fiery Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Mikasa Ackerman, The Fierce Scout (Attack on Titan)

For the female oldies from TD:CT...
Harley Quinn, The Wild Card Villain (her self-titled show)
Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)
Ochako Uraraka, The Shy Floaty Girl (My Hero Academia)
Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)
Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)
Yuri, The Spunky Fighter (Art of Fighting)

For the male newcomers, we've got:
Sokka, The Boomerang Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)
Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)
Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

For the male oldies from TD:CT...
Khun, The Case-Carrying Strategist (Tower of God)
Pinstripe Potoroo, The Mobster-ish Potoroo (Crash Bandicoot)
Tooru Oikawa, The Trashy Setter (Haikyuu)
JFK, The Flirtatous Clone (Clone High)
Genos, The Demon Cyborg (One Punch Man)
Shulk, The Engineer Swordsman (Xenoblade)

And to complete things:
Tron Bonne, The Tsundere Pirate (Megaman Legends, does it fit?)
The Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinochio, trust me he's interesting)
Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug, new)
Tails, The Young Genius (Sonic The Hedgehog, flying high for Sonic)
Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth (Listen, I'm practically in every TD fanfic, there's not going to be any surprises)
Julia Chang, The Nature-Loving Streamer (Tekken, well she's definitely a fighter for sure

There's definitely a few villains, but they aren't the only villains in this show, as there's definitely a few more in the building.

Besides that, those 26 are far from the only ones that are going to enter this competition, as while the roster is still impressively balanced at this stage...

...there's a need for some more coming from me and you guys and so, I'm going to introduce the next 24 in a pretty unqiue way.

A written teaser of sorts, as there's now 24 more contestants that are more than ready to show themselves and bring some more action.

Coming soon to streaming and TV...

Eva was punching her best against a certain orange-haired princess that was floating down with a shoe stomp and Eva managed to nudge a trainer...and then got kicked in the face.

By Princess Daisy wearing her sports outfit.

...Total Drama's back on a bunch of islands...

Judy Hopps and Carmelita Fox were both on each other's backs, carrying some good paintball guns to shoot at someone, though they didn't know what they were going to shoot at.

...Total Drama comes back with the biggest season...

Yumeko was smiling like she was about to eat someone and some other guy that was scared.

"Wow, you creep me out." Kageyama said, being a volleyball player with short black hair attitude that disappeared.

"What do you mean? I'm just saying hello." Yumeko stated with one heck of an uneasy smile, having her long black hair.

"...Sure you are."

...that no-one asked for...

Yuri and Sakura were just hanging together, just readying themselves for be fighting the battle for whatever team they were on.

"Man, your style of karate is kinda ridiculous." Yuri told Sakura angrily.

"Thanks, but it's not like karate's a big thing." Sakura told her, not too mad.

...and everyone kinda needs...

Falco was just looking someone in eye, but that someone was also holding a card with confidence.

"Eh, you wanna learn how to play the game?" Joey asked, his massive yellow-haired bangs making it obvious.

"No, dude." Falco grumbled.

...but the drama never stays dead!

Sandy was just looking down towards the cliff.

"Come on, Luigi. Put your butt into high gear." Sandy stated, ready to push the plumber.

"...Uh, my butt can't move, though." Luigi wasn't sitting.

Anyways, we've got more contestants than you can rock the grass at.

Kyo and Iori were just casually glaring at each other, besides two different people that were not looking too interested at being angry.

"Save the angry noises for the battle!" Haohmaru shouted.

"Or the challenge, which is happening." Terry Bogard remarked.

"Seriously, I think you can fight in this one." Haohmaru just pulled out his sword.

"Cool, just hoping that it's not too crazy." Terry said.

And there's a whole bunch of people dealing with a boat.

Their boat was slowly rocking from the weighted-thing that was happening with the waves and the third dock.

"Man, it looks good! We can probably ride on it." Mystique Sonia said.

"To be honest, I'm not much of an boat expert. But I can drive." Samus stated, sure of her opinion.

"I'm pretty sure the design of the boat isn't good, if that makes sense." Sonja told the two of them, matter-of-factly.

"You try fitting that many people on one boat!" Mystique Sonia stated.

"We've probably got no time, so we're trying." Samus stated.

Well, Total Drama: Chef's Islands are coming to a thing near you in-

"Hey Chris, we're not in this trailer yet." Deadpool just busted down the door to the recording studio.

"Deadpool, get out of here! I know you're in!" Chris shouted.

"Shut up, I'm doing things from here on out." Deadpool stated, holding up guns.

"Can't argue with guns, dude!" Chris said, nervously saying things. "Besides I've gotta make more challenges!"

And when Chris went out thanks to Deadpool, two different people came in with confused looks on their faces...considering that they were military.

"Why would you do that?" Cassie Cage asked. "There's no reason to do that."

"Hahahaha, dumb Canada man got what he needed to get!" Heavy exclaimed. "Anyways, what are you gonna say?"

"Before you two get arrested." Cassie Cage ready to bring some pain.

Yo, the DP's telling you that Penny Proud and Kristoff is coming to the island too!

Chris then walked back in, as he had a smug smile.

"Damn, we got tricked into doing his job!" Deadpool shouted.

"That's sick! This show is coming soon!" Chris just went back to doing the thing.

Cassie Cage just looked at Heavy and Deadpool like she was about to unload some things on them...aside from some knowledge of the law and Chris just smiled confidently.

Like I said, it was really a written teaser of sorts...a general feel for the writing.

That makes about 50 that have made it so far, but you can be sure that there's at least 18 more to come and some of them are definitely requests and new to the whole thing.

And some will be carryovers from Total Drama: Crossing Trunks (which is on, anyways), but there's still a whole sort of thing that I have to write for the first episode.

The roster's set, but the writing might not be.

Some of them may be old, while others are wholly new and this time, I'm going to put the new contestants in italics.

I'm kinda unsure about the size of the roster, but what I'm sure is these characters that are clearly confirmed for this story and that the introductions will be coming hard and fast.

Some of them may be old, while others are wholly new and this time, I'm going to put the new contestants in italics.

Since there was so many newcomers that I both wanted in and you guys picked out, the roster's still a little bit big and I'm not worried about that.

There's still going to be four massive teams of 24 contestants each, but there will be 28-contestants teams, because that's what happened.

Besides that, I'm hoping that the four teams means that it's easier for me to write the challenges around them...this time.

Besides, this is actually from Episode 1-1a!

"Listen up, we've got a lot of people coming in and you dudes and ladies on the TV and streaming this know how we do it on the isles!" Chris shouted, being aware of all of the viewing things.

"These docks are where these contestants are gonna drop-" Chris said, before the first contestant made themselves known through some good measure.

Also, they were mad.

"...I don't care why you're doing it, but you should stop doing it!" The first contestant stated, as the white-haired, white-skinned forest spirit looked incredibly angry.

And short like a ten-year old...wearing some white dress.

Well, that does sound like one of the new additions within this update.

This isn't really in one of my chapters, but more of a test of writing.

Kate and Sienna (or Squigly for some reason) were both two people that were walking around like they were very famous...which they were in their home worlds.

One of them was a purple-skinned zombie girl with a sewn-up mouth and a bone dragon inside her head and was also a sixteen-year old and the other was literally one of the 22nd century's most famous pop-stars.

"...I don't even know what we're going to say." Kate stated.

"Maybe, you should've checked your script." The bone dragon inside Squigly's head asked.

"We kinda don't have one." Kate noted the two of them.

"I think we don't neeed one, because we're just talking to people." Squigly just said with a smile.

"Well, I'm good at that." Kate remarked. "At the very least, we can-"

The door was open and the chaos was plainly seen by these two, as they weren't exactly good with what was happening in front of them...despite the obvious.

Yuri and Penny were both looking at each other with mean stares, being on the same green team.

"It's been only one day, though!"

It's not really an indication of anything other than a test for writing this fic, so until Episode 1, I'll leave you with the massive and much more balanced roster!

See ya, I guess...because there's now 96 contestants in the building.

Some of them are nice.

Some of them are not nice.

Some of them are horrible people.

All of them on the same show ran by Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet and a bunch of other people.

There's a shit ton of characters and fandoms in here, so sorry for messing your update lists.

But this is happening on and here, so I can't change fate or my massive list of characters.

And there's still more to come with this roster, as these 96 players aren't the only ones in the game.

There's still twenty to be introduced!

Intially announced in the first part:

1. Miko, The Hyperactive Gamer (Glitch Techs)

2. Kipo Oak, The Peace-Loving Half-Mute (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)

3. Azula, The Fiery Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

4. Mikasa Ackerman, The Fierce Scout (Attack on Titan)

5. Harley Quinn, The Wild Card Villain (her self-titled show)

6. Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)

7. Ochako Uraraka, The Shy Floaty Girl (My Hero Academia)

8. Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)

9. Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)

10. Yuri, The Spunky Fighter (Art of Fighting)

11. Sokka, The Boomerang Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

12. Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)

13. Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)

14. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

15. Khun, The Case-Carrying Strategist (Tower of God)

16. Pinstripe Potoroo, The Mobster-ish Potoroo (Crash Bandicoot)

17. Tooru Oikawa, The Trashy Setter (Haikyuu!)

18. JFK, The Flirtatous Clone (Clone High)

19. Genos, The Demon Cyborg (One Punch Man)

20. Shulk, The Engineer Swordsman (Xenoblade)

21. Tron Bonne, The Young Pirate Captain (Megaman Legends)

22. The Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

23. Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug)

24. Tails, The Young Genius (Sonic The Hedgehog)

25. Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth (Marvel)

26. Julia Chang, The Nature-Loving Streamer (Tekken)

There's now the 24 more that were announced in the teaser:

27. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Police Office (Zootopia)

28. Carmelita Fox, The Interpol Agent (Sly Cooper)

29. Tobio Kageyama, The Tense Setter (Haikyuu!)

30. Yumeko Jabami, The Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)

31. Eva, The Passionate Athlete (Total Drama Island)

32. Kristoff, The Ice Cutting Guy (Frozen)

33. Falco Lombardi, The Space Pilot (Star Fox)

34. Joey Wheeler, The Third-Rate Duellist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

35. Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter (Metroid)

36. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

37. Kate Alen, The Popstar Racer (F-Zero)

38. Squigly/Sienna Conticello, The Zombie Aristocrat (Skullgirls)

39. Sakura Kusagano, The Ordinary Warrior (Street Fighter)

40. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

41. Iori Yagami, The Angry Bassist (King of Fighters)

42. Kyo Kusanagi, The Confident Fire-Wielder (King of Fighters)

43. Haohmaru, The Fight-Hungry Samurai (Samurai Shodown)

44. Heavy Weapons Guy, The Heavy-Set Weapons Expert (Team Fortress 2)

45. Cassie Cage, The Military Millenial (Mortal Kombat)

46. Penny Proud, The Typical High-Schooler (The Proud Family)

47. Johnny Bravo, The Flirty Momma's Boy (Johnny Bravo)

48. Princess Daisy, The Loud Princess (Super Mario)

49. Sandy Cheeks, The Texan Squirrel (Spongebob)

50. Luigi, The Corwardly Plumber (Super Mario)

The characters that have arrived in the third part:

51. Aisling, The Forest Spirit (Secret of Kells)

52. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

53. Gintoki Sakata, The Odd Job Man (Gintama)

54. Riku, The Dark-Ish Keyblade Warrior (Kingdom Hearts)

55. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

56. Donkey Kong, The Cool Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

57. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

58. Piccolo, The Heroic Uncle (Dragon Ball Z)

59. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

60. Papyrus, The Excitable Skeleton (Undertale)

61. Sir Daniel, The Skeleton Knight (Medievil)

62. Spike, The Young Dragon (My Little Pony)

63. Gloria, The Proud Hippo (Madagascar)

64. Raven, The Goth-ish Hero (Teen Titans)

65. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

66. Tiny Tina, The Explosive Experts (Borderlands)

67. Squirrel Girl, The...Squirrel Lady (Marvel)

68. Min Min, The Ramen Server (ARMS)

69. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

70. Lowain, The Bro Cook (Granblue Fantasy)

71. Giovanni Potage, The Wannabe Villain (Ephihet Erased)

72. B, The Silent Genius (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

73. Pit, The Gamer Angel (Kid Icarus)

74. Albedo, The Comitted Succbus (Overlord)

75. Sol Badguy, The Gruff Hero (Guilty Gear)

And finally in this update, the second-to-last contestants on the island:

76. Kitty, The Preppy Girl (Ridonculous Race) got replaced by Rock, The Teen Rocker (Ridonculous Race)

77. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

78. Tomo Takino, The Hyperactive Student (Azumanga Daioh)

79. Clover, The Valley Girl (Totally Spies)

80. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldier (Youjo Senki)

81. Riley Freeman, The Young Guy (Boondocks)

82. Hsien-Ko, The Altruist Vampire (Darkstalkers)

83. Basil of Baker Street, The Prideful Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

84. Samurai Jack, The Lone Samurai (Samurai Jack)

85. Pepper Ann, The Ordinary Middle-Schooler (Pepper Ann)

86. Lord Hater, The Loud Villain (Wander Over Yander)

87. Tifa Lockhart, The Fighting Bartender (Final Fantasy)

88. Scott Pilgrim, The Dick-ish Boyfriend (Scott Pilgrim)

89. Wario, The Fat Entrepreneur (WarioWare)

90. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

91. Storm Shadow, The Proud Ninja (G.I. Joe)

92. Captain Amelia, The Spaceship Captain (Treasure Planet)

93. Robyn, The Wolfwalker (Wolfwalkers)

94. Noel Vermilion, The Nervous Soldier (Blazblue)

95. Muscle Man, The Groundskeeper (Regular Show)

96. Gum, The Graffiti Skater (Jet Set Radio)

To be continued in the first actual episode...with still more contestants showing up for the first time again, as they're going to be part of the first part of the first episode.

50 contestants out of the gate, but you guys could come up with a few more and I'm going to bring a few more to this race...

...because there's at least 54 contestants and most of them are waiting to be revealed!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
The 20 Bonus Contestants!

Archive of Our Own guys, you guys are getting a treat from this already overstuffed fic! More contestants to make more drama, more funny moments and more of that Total Drama...thing.

If there wasn't a recent Disney princess, the guy from Vinland Saga, a Puyo-popping lady, a hyena office worker, a dopey cook, a restaurant-owning princess, a bumbling old pirate, a young demon slayer, a constantly tired villainous sidekick and a crusader with...problems, this wouldn't be complete you know?

Not gonna tell you their names anyways, but there's now 20 bonus contestants, up from the original 96 to make the 116 contestants in this super crossover fanfiction.


Connor was an android created by Cyberlife to stop crime and through that journey, he helped Hank out in various weird ways and did attempt to stop crime and learned the all-important skill of empathy.

His life was as complicated as any human's, but it was now getting a whole lot more complicated than any normal human's.

Now that he was in the past, except it was really different from his perspective.

"I don't think there should be any roosters, let alone any talking ones on any Total Drama." Connor remarked, holding his head.

"Yeah, uh, things are different here." Panchito said.

Panchito was a very Mexican rooster, as his red-ish clothes were clearly from a mariachi band and his two pistols were there.

"Why do you have two pistols?" Connor asked.

"Because I do."

Panchito brings the nachos onto the isles!

Connor wasn't even sure, pulling his best confused face.

Connor stops the crime on the island.

"I do not really understand this universe's laws, but I will learn them." Connor declared.

On another side of the yacht, the two husbands were just sitting together and having a good time drinking some good drinks together...even if they couldn't understand how they both lived.

"What, you cook fires on some moveable thing called a barbeque? Heh, we just kinda put it down on a fire and watch it cook!" Fred Flintstone looked impressed.

Fred Flintstone takes it very old-school on the isles!

"Yeah, you have no idea how propane does until you see it! Why are you a caveman, if you're darn tooting about this thing?" Hank asked.

Fred Flintstone and Hank Hill were hanging out together, as these two were figuring that they kinda didn't like each other.

"Because I like being a caveman and plus, where I'm from, I can't stop being a caveman." Fred remarked. "What's your problem?"

"You're missing out on propane."

Hank Hill's got the best beef on these isles!

"I think you're starting to turn into a real pro-pain in my butt." Fred grumbled, as Hank definitely noticed the pun.

"Yeah, you just don't understand." Hank Hill wasn't angry.

And inside the yacht, four ladies were hanging out together and doing entirely different things for no apparent reason than because TD was happening again.

Two of them were used it and felt their comeback again, as Leshawna was just doing her own dancing thing.

Leshawna's bring the 'tude back for real!

"Okay, how are you back in this show?" Leshawna asked. "I ain't seeing any people that liked you, even wherever you're from!"

"Because I wanted to get back on this show and prove that I'm not a bad person!" Sugar shouted.

"Good luck with that." Leshawna said, probably remembering Gwen and Courtney's very inconsistent relationship.

"I've got a good luck charm anyways!" Sugar declared.

Sugar swings down back into Total Drama!

And the other two were practically clashing off each other as a certain 13-year old girl in a sports outfit was just throwing a football and the other definitely adult black-haired girl with a peace necklace...just caught it sitting down.

The 13-year old was Lynn Loud, by the way.

"Hey, what's up with you? You got to go on one of the craziest reality shows out there and deal with some weird people, so why aren't you excited?" Lynn asked at light speed.

Lynn Loud has readied herself for the drama.

Hayley Smith was the adult, dealing with some random stuff.

"Honestly, even if this one isn't fake, I don't think it's ethical to take people from their words to compete for the sake of an audience." Hayley said. "Besides, I just wanted to go away from my dad and deal with this mess."

Hayley Smith deals with the reality of Total Drama?!

"Wow, you're a buzzkill." Lynn just snatched the football.

"This is just going to end abrupt-" Hayley stated, before it cut to four more people.


The last two contestants were more than determined to show up for the show, no matter and Chris probably liked that about them, as one of them was a Viking with a smile and the other had a look of determination.

The other guy was a brown adult spotted hyena that was kinda tall and wore a leather jacket, a black t-shirt with red stripes, leather pants and brown leather shoes.

The Viking guy was named Askeladd and looked like the peak of humanity with abs and muscles all over, short blonde hair and a small beard and he was 5'6''.

He wore what a warrior would've wore, being some chest armour, a long brown jacket, a beige leg cover thing, a whole grey undershirt and underpants and brown boots.

And these two were...hitting it off somehow.

"Seriously, I can't believe you just killed guys to bring king guy!" Haida shouted.

"Yeah, you should've been there to see it. Apparently, it's been over a 1000 years." Askeladd stated. "Where's the fighting and stealing?"

"We kinda got over that a while ago, sorry." Haida remarked.

"That's not my problem. I was a born warrior!" Askeladd proclaimed.

"...You sure are." Haida stated, still unsure of that. "Anyways, do you think the girl I love will like this sword?"

Haida tried raising the sword.

"Trust me, you need that warrior training really badly."

Askeladd brings the Viking raid to Total Drama and...

Haida brings the office stuff into TD, but there's still two more ladies!

One of them was trying to finish up a puzzle inside something and the other was just watching in awe.

"Hey, Rapunzel, I'm just trying to focus here." Arle said, popping some beans.

Arle was an 16-year old magician of sorts that had the powers to clear out Puyos like nothing and she was a red-head with chin-length hair with a ponytail.
She wore blue boots, a blue cape and a blue and white dress and blue and white guantlets.

"Yeah, but I've never seen something so awesome before!" Rapunzel shouted.

Rapunzel was 18 and clearly was a princess from her lilac and pink dress...lack of shoes and absurdly long blonde hair that she carried...and a pan for protection.

"To be fair that's understandable, Puyos can look cool to a lot of people." Arle remarked.

"Glad to know that they appreciate it too!" Rapunzel shouted, noticing Arle's serious face. "But what's with the look."

"It's not like they're harmful or anything, but you should probably be careful with them." Arle went back to smiling. "Besides, I'm happy to spread the game of Puyo around."

"...Does that mean?"


Arle pops the drama on the isles...

and Rapunzel brings the hair and the pa(i)n on these isles!

A red-haired teen cook with spiky hair that was wearing his headband, a teenager with a green checkboarded haori and a sword, a tall blonde crusader with yellow armour and a weird face and...Shego was on board.

"Ready to show them what's what?" Shego asked.

Said cook was named Soma, the teenager with the green haori was named Tanjiro and the tall blonde crusader was Darkness.

"Yeah, I'll bring this one with my cooking!" Soma declared.

"Okay, this isn't a cooking competition. It's a competition about doing your best to ensure that you survive until the merge." Darkness said.

"Oh...I'll make it to the merge!" Soma shouted.

"Wait, why are you so confident? You forgot that." Tanjiro noticed Soma forgetting something.

"Because I'm going to get a good team behind me!"

Darkness and Tanjiro were sure that this guy had no reason to be so confident.

Darkness takes the pain as an crusader!

Tanjiro brings the demon slaying prowess into the isles!

Shego adds some villainy into the show!

And finally, Soma cooks up some more heat into Total Drama!

And they were all on some random boat with a guy that was driving them towards the isles of Total Drama.

"These 112 contestants will be fighting for the biggest Total Drama prize on the island with adults now in the mix, so expect some of the hottest drama on TV! On Total Drama...Crossed Islands!" Chris announced, being in the studio on one of the islands.

"Chris, ya did good." Chef complimented him.

"Thanks." Chris stated with a wink and a smile.

And finally, there's four more people and I'm not going to actually write anything out, because it's too damn early for Daylight Savings to kick in and I have to go to church.

(Posted on 28th March, 4:05 am, UK time, tired as hell, napping a lot)

Dawn and Owen are both back!

One's a fat guy that made it all of the way to the final two on Total Drama Island with his fun antics, friendliness and sheer luck.

And has appeared in a lot of reality shows (in his world anyways)

And the other is a nature-loving girl who uses chi and only appears on Revenge of The Island, but still has a lot of fans.

And a lot of friends coming from the same season.

These two may be very different, but they're not here to make enemies at all.

They're here to get the million for their own reasons and heck, they could both find love here.

Tiana cooks up the competition!

Being the only black Disney princess means something, but it doesn't mean anything to her when she comes in to compete for a crazy vacation away from her restaurant.

She may have been a frog, she may have learned some skills and she may have had to learn how to have fun.

But she hasn't learned how to deal with Reality TV.

Mr. Smee does some serious pirating...without Captain Hook?

That's right, it's just him.

If you want to know how far the bumbling sidekick will go, I don't really know either, I don't exactly have a plan for this thing.

However, though he may be bumbling and dumb, he would be one heck of a good teammate with his friendliness, his old man words and...being weirdly fast.

No, seriously, he's actually pretty fast.

And with these four, there will be no more contestants to come, no matter what!

That's right, the roster is now officially complete, as we've got 116 contestants that was in the description and this show is finally stopping the prologue thing.

I'm gonna let myself rest because it's 4am, bruh!

The mandem aren't going to be pleased about sleeping habits anyways, so...

Intially announced in the first part:

1. Miko, The Hyperactive Gamer (Glitch Techs)

2. Kipo Oak, The Peace-Loving Half-Mute (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)

3. Azula, The Fiery Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

4. Mikasa Ackerman, The Fierce Scout (Attack on Titan)

5. Harley Quinn, The Wild Card Villain (her self-titled show)

6. Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)

7. Ochako Uraraka, The Shy Floaty Girl (My Hero Academia)

8. Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)

9. Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)

10. Yuri, The Spunky Fighter (Art of Fighting)

11. Sokka, The Boomerang Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

12. Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)

13. Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)

14. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

15. Khun, The Case-Carrying Strategist (Tower of God)

16. Pinstripe Potoroo, The Mobster-ish Potoroo (Crash Bandicoot)

17. Tooru Oikawa, The Trashy Setter (Haikyuu!)

18. JFK, The Flirtatous Clone (Clone High)

19. Genos, The Demon Cyborg (One Punch Man)

20. Shulk, The Engineer Swordsman (Xenoblade)

21. Tron Bonne, The Young Pirate Captain (Megaman Legends)

22. The Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

23. Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug)

24. Tails, The Young Genius (Sonic The Hedgehog)

25. Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth (Marvel)

26. Julia Chang, The Nature-Loving Streamer (Tekken)

There's now the 24 more that were announced in the teaser:

27. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Police Office (Zootopia)

28. Carmelita Fox, The Interpol Agent (Sly Cooper)

29. Tobio Kageyama, The Tense Setter (Haikyuu!)

30. Yumeko Jabami, The Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)

31. Eva, The Temperative Athlete (Total Drama Island)

32. Kristoff, The Ice Cutting Guy (Frozen)

33. Falco Lombardi, The Space Pilot (Star Fox)

34. Joey Wheeler, The Third-Rate Duellist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

35. Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter (Metroid)

36. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

37. Kate Alen, The Popstar Racer (F-Zero)

38. Squigly/Sienna Conticello, The Zombie Aristocrat (Skullgirls)

39. Sakura Kusagano, The Ordinary Warrior (Street Fighter)

40. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

41. Iori Yagami, The Angry Bassist (King of Fighters)

42. Kyo Kusanagi, The Confident Fire-Wielder (King of Fighters)

43. Haohmaru, The Fight-Hungry Samurai (Samurai Shodown)

44. Heavy Weapons Guy, The Heavy-Set Weapons Expert (Team Fortress 2)

45. Cassie Cage, The Military Millenial (Mortal Kombat)

46. Penny Proud, The Typical High-Schooler (The Proud Family)

47. Johnny Bravo, The Flirty Momma's Boy (Johnny Bravo)

48. Princess Daisy, The Loud Princess (Super Mario)

49. Sandy Cheeks, The Texan Squirrel (Spongebob)

50. Luigi, The Corwardly Plumber (Super Mario)

The characters that have arrived in the second part:

51. Aisling, The Forest Spirit (Secret of Kells)

52. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

53. Gintoki Sakata, The Odd Job Man (Gintama)

54. Riku, The Dark-Ish Keyblade Warrior (Kingdom Hearts)

55. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

56. Donkey Kong, The Cool Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

57. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

58. Piccolo, The Heroic Uncle (Dragon Ball Z)

59. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

60. Papyrus, The Excitable Skeleton (Undertale)

61. Sir Daniel, The Skeleton Knight (Medievil)

62. Spike, The Young Dragon (My Little Pony)

63. Gloria, The Proud Hippo (Madagascar)

64. Raven, The Goth-ish Hero (Teen Titans)

65. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

66. Tiny Tina, The Explosive Experts (Borderlands)

67. Squirrel Girl, The...Squirrel Lady (Marvel)

68. Min Min, The Ramen Server (ARMS)

69. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

70. Lowain, The Bro Cook (Granblue Fantasy)

71. Giovanni Potage, The Wannabe Villain (Ephihet Erased)

72. B, The Silent Genius (Revenge of The Island)

73. Pit, The Gamer Angel (Kid Icarus)

74. Albedo, The Comitted Succbus (Overlord)

75. Sol Badguy, The Gruff Hero (Guilty Gear)

And finally in this update, the last few contestants on the island:

76. Kitty, The Preppy Girl (Ridonculous Race)

77. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

78. Tomo Takino, The Hyperactive Student (Azumanga Daioh)

79. Clover, The Valley Girl (Totally Spies)

80. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldier (Youjo Senki)

81. Riley Freeman, The Young Guy (Boondocks)

82. Hsien-Ko, The Altruist Vampire (Darkstalkers)

83. Basil of Baker Street, The Prideful Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

84. Samurai Jack, The Lone Samurai (Samurai Jack)

85. Pepper Ann, The Ordinary Middle-Schooler (Pepper Ann)

86. Lord Hater, The Loud Villain (Wander Over Yander)

87. Seiya, The Cautious Hero (Cautious Hero)

88. Scott Pilgrim, The Dick-ish Boyfriend (Scott Pilgrim)

89. Wario, The Fat Entrepreneur (WarioWare)

90. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

91. Storm Shadow, The Proud Ninja (G.I. Joe)

92. Captain Amelia, The Spaceship Captain (Treasure Planet)

93. Robyn, The Wolfwalker (Wolfwalkers)

94. Noel Vermilion, The Nervous Soldier (Blazblue)

95. Muscle Man, The Groundskeeper (Regular Show)

96. Gum, The Graffiti Skater (Jet Set Radio)

And now for the bonus additions (that got added in after the fact and are in this part of the prologue):

97. Hank Hill, The Propane Salesman (King of The Hill)

98. Hayley Smith, The Liberal Gal (American Dad)

99. Fred Flintstone, The Caveman Husband (The Flintstones)

100. Connor, The Android Cop (Detroit: Become Human)

101. Sugar, The Pageant Star (TD: Pahkitew Island)

102. Panchito, The Mexican Rooster (The Three Caballeros)

103. Lynn Loud, The Sports Fanatic (The Loud House)

104. Leshawna, The Girl With 'Tude (Total Drama)

105. Askeladd, The Tricky Viking (Vinland Saga)

106. Haida, The Shy Coworker (Aggretsuko)

107. Rapunzel, The Princess With A Pan (Tangled)

108. Arle, The Puzzle Magician (Puyo Puyo)

109. Soma Yukihira, The Confident Cook (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma)

110. Shego, The Teenage Villain (Kim Possible)

111. Tanjiro Kamado, The Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer)

112. Darkness, The Pain-Loving Crusader (Konosuba)

113. Mr. Smee, The Loyal Right-Hand Pirate (Peter Pan)

114. Tiana, The Hard-Working Restaurant Owner (Princess & The Frog)

115. Owen, The Big Fun Guy (Total Drama World Tour)

116. Dawn, The Moon Girl (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

I know that the roster is very excessive and stuffed with somewhat random characters, but I'll work with it as much as I can with this story!

Besides that, Episode 1 is going to progress once again!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 1a: Fire, Water and Tension!

There's more than 100 contestants that are more than willing to take on these sets of islands, as while the place may be a resort, the challenges here are going to be tougher than ever, harder than ever and more original than ever.

There may be a few contestants have returned, but the rest is new contestants from either the same world or other worlds and most of them are here to show off their skills.

And the challenges are a good mix of old and new stuff that throws these contestants for a loop in every single challenge.

However many there are, that doesn't change that these guys have to be introduced first and that's 112 introductions.

Well, there's now 4 more contestants and that's going to be it for the story, because 116 players is a lot...very much a lot.

Don't worry, four of them are going to come later in this episode.

Chris knew that he had to put on the best show, but he liked the job way too much to not do that and the previous season was practically the testing ground for that.

So, he did what he usually would do.

"Last time on Total Drama, it was the first season containing a whole bunch of contestants from other parts of the world or even other worlds."

A train that was branded with his smiling smug was just shown on the screen with several contestants that were clearly there, including Sonic, Kanji, Smee and Yusuke

"Those 32 previous contestants that battled on a train for a million Canadian dollars, going around America to win that money!"

All of the different places that the train went to were shown in America and Canada, such as Alberta, Florida, Quebec, Rhode Island and Nevada...those were the states that the previous season were in.

And then it cut back to the island that the actually decent looking resort was on, but then it revealed something a little bit bigger.

"This season, we're back on an island...or several islands. But it's a resort on a whole bunch of islands with some insanely original challenges!"

A camera showing the whole set of islands that were there, from Boney Rock (home to some of Boney Island's best wildlife) to Rushall Island (full of normal wildlife, trees and even a cliff) to the Junkyard Jetty (the small island that's a junkyard) to some other islands.

"That's right, we're finally in a resort! But that doesn't mean it's going to be lacking of drama, 'cause we're going to get more drama than ever!"

The resort was being shown off in many different shots, with there being a whole volleyball court, a mess hall and several other places where you could really entertain yourself.

"We've got way too new islanders, but we've also got a few returning losers ready to take their two million dollars as the ultimate prize and go home in...Total Drama: Ultimates Island!" Chris announced, as the island zoom-out was finished from his perspective.

And that was just the beginning of the the show, as the intro didn't really play yet...but the title that was actually in a mostly auburn brown on a white sign that showed the many islands.

Bruh, you know me, there isn't an intro...yet.

The year's 2020 and this time, the season that can't be topped was airing (in some alternate universe where COVID somehow got contained and Syria's still a war zone.)

Of course, Chris was standing near the dock where there was going to be a whole lot of introductions for these many contestants.

"Listen up, we've got a lot of people coming in and you dudes and ladies on the TV and streaming this know how we do it on the isles!" Chris shouted, being aware of all of the viewing things.

"These docks are where these contestants are gonna drop-" Chris said, before the first contestant made themselves known through some good measure.

Also, they were mad.

"...I don't care why you're doing it, but you should stop doing it!" The first contestant stated, as the white-haired, white-skinned forest spirit looked incredibly angry.

And short like a ten-year old...wearing some white dress.

"Aisling, you're supposed to be on the boat!" Chris announced.

"You know how forest spirits work, right?" Aisling asked, starting to be tired of the host. "I probably beat the boat here, anyways?"

"Uh, I guess so?" The second contestant here stated, flying in with his two tails. "You weren't technically on it, but it's cool."

"It's not cool to be taken away from my forest!" Aisling shouted at the fox.

"To be is Chris." The fox dropped down onto the ground.

"Come on, Tails, my dude! Welcome to Total Drama!"

The two of them were looking incredibly unconvinced of being on some competition, as the fox and the fairy/forest spirit/Irish girl were sure of them being on an island.

"Well, the boat's nearly here." Tails stated.

"...Is that's what it's called?" Aisling asked, still pretty mad.

"Yes. Yes, it is."

"Yeah, that's whatever."

With that being said, there was four more that came on the first boat and two of them were not fighting for something and the other two...sort of were, as Bayonetta smiled with confidence and Dante looked pissed off, being a demon hunter with a red jacket, white hair, a black shirt and some stubble.

All four of them kinda came off at the same time, but Dante was being held by the ice picking guy and Bayonetta was with Kipo.

"Hey, guys, maybe we don't have to fight over...something apparently." The ice-picking guy, a tall, buff and blonde Norwegian guy clothed in black winter-ish clothes with some red trim...said.

"Well, yeah. Maybe we could've gotten along, but she said that she'd make a better demon hunter." Dante remarked angrily. "I'm ready to prove her wrong."

"Yeah, that's not exactly fight-worthy." Kristoff held Dante back. "Prove her this thing.

"Dante and Kristoff, welcome to Total Drama! You'll hopefully be staying here for the next two months."

Kristoff and Dante kinda broke apart to admire the resort.

"That is actually some good craftmanship. Too bad, I'm in winter clothes." Kristoff told Dante, who had a smirk.

"Wow, this place is looking pretty snazzy." Dante pointed at it. "Bayonetta, make your move."

"Oh yeah, it is."

One of the other two was Kipo, a 13-year old girl with spiky lilac hair tied in a ponytail, light pink skin and wore a loose white top, some dark blue jeans and boots.

The other was Bayonetta, who was just wearing her dress that was decked out with details, roses and whatever needed to be there.

"Kipo, Bayonetta, welcome to the show!"

"Wow, it actually looks really good!" Kipo shouted. "Come on, Bayo, we're going to have a good time here in the old world!"

"Old world? Oh yeah, you come from that where talking animals are roaming around like nobody's business." Bayonetta stated, taking a demeaning look at Kipo.

"Come on, it's awesome there. You'll meet a lot of other humans, mutes and the other things-" Kipo declared, as the witch besides her walked away.

"I'd love to travel, but we're stuck on some cheap resort." Bayonetta remarked casually, as Kipo was just plain shocked. "Not my spot for vacationing, if you ask me."

"Yeah, you're gonna change your mind after staying here!"

The girl that came from the burrow just dropped her arms, as she also walked on ahead with Bayonetta, who was strutting.

"Seriously, what's with that guy?" Kipo asked Bayonetta again.

"I probably said something that hurt a lot." Bayonetta remarked once again.

The next group of six different contestants each were on their way in a different boat and they were in there, having a pretty decent time with each other.

"Really, we're going on Total Drama?" One of the guys, who was wearing a black jacket with a ring of fire on the back, stated. "Sounds stupid."

"To be fair, you are...something, alright." One of the girls, who was wearing a karate gi, some leggings, an undershirt and hi-top sneakers, said.

"Listen, Yuri. You're about to get the Kusangai classic!" Kyo proclaimed, readying his arms.

"I'd like to see-" Yuri stated, before the boat stopped. "-Oh, hey, the island."

There was another pair that just came off the boat and smelled the fresh air around them with Chris coming to them, as they were feeling the experience of Total Drama once again.

One of them was eliminated in the second episode and never came back, which only three others did in the OG and two of them were in a similarly massive Ridonculous Race.

The other was Jude, a tall, lanky skater with blonde hair that got covered by a blue beanie, light skin, a loose yellow t-shirt, some shorts and grey sneakers. And he was excited.

"Jude and Eva, welcome to this big mess of a show."

"Dude...why do you sound like me? It just kinda trips me every time I hear it, dude." Jude just asked.

"Come on, Jude, there's probably 90 other people waiting to get off?" Eva just pulled his ear. "Chris, I hope you prepared something good.

The fighting pair finally got off, just walking onto the dock with some determined expressions.

"Kyo & Yuri, welcome to the island!"

As though he was playing to the crowd, he showed his symbol before getting on.

"Hey, I guess." Yuri said, not even bothering the host.

"Yeah, you're not going to pull a fast one on us." Kyo proclaimed, as the brown-haired rebel flipped him off.

And the last duo on the boat practically contrasted each other, as Snufkin was just a average height vagabond with a green hat, trousers and apron shirt, a yellow scarf and brown boots.

And Sakura was a 5'4'' Japanese girl with short brown hair. She wore a red and white tracksuit jacket, some shorts and red trainers...with the karate gloves, just for show.

Sakura ran off with her luggage, while Snufkin casually walked in.

"Snufkin and Sakura, you're in the show!"

Sakura was just yelling "Yes!"

"Alright, you're happy to be trapped on some random bunch of islands!" Snufkin stated. "I'm just happy to be with a whole bunch of random people."

"Who said I wasn't excited about that?" Sakura just asked.

"I dunno."

"What do you mean, I dunno?"

These two were practically pushed off the dock by the host, who didn't look too interested in their conversation about some dumb stuff and Chris remarked on something, as the previous boat left.

"Man, there's going to be a lot of boats today..."

The next six were stepping off their boat as quickly as they could, as these guys were part of a weird crew that there were generally less than excited to meet everyone.

And one of them was already unimpressed with the decor, as a propane salesman that definitely looked like an Texan dad with the white polo shirt and light blue jeans.

His name was Hank Hill and he didn't look happy.

"Hank, welcome to the island!"

"This place ain't looking too bad. But I've seen your show and I don't think you'll see my son on it." Hank complained.

"Meh, I think it's awesome." The host of the show remarked with a smile.

"Yeah, you and your dangerous challenges." Hank grumbled to Chris, as the dad wasn't too interested.

"To be honest, I'm doing it for a good cause." The next contestant that stepped off the boat said. "So, it's cool."

The next contestant was clearly about politics with the peace necklace, grey top, long straight black hair, jeans with a massive boots and white sandals.

She was getting a weird look from Chris.

"Hayley! Hey!" Chris shouted. "Welcome here!"

"Hey, Chris McLean. I heard that you're back to your old antics." Hayley didn't look too impressed. "And I doubt that this resort is enviromentally friendly."

"It is, Hayley!" Chris remarked, as the hippie girl wasn't look too impressed with the host.

"I'll be the judge of that." Hayley stated.

The next contestant was the classic caveman husband and he just slapping her on the back.

"...What are you doing?" Hayley just took a look back at Fred Flintstone.

"Trying to raise a woman's mood." Fred remarked, making Hayley just slowly walk backwards.

"Fred, coming in from the stone age!"

Chris and Fred were just high-fiving together, the humble caveman and the egotistical tv host sharing a quick moment with each other.

"Yeah, it's nice to see you, Chris!" Fred shouted.

"It's nice to be in my stride, my caveman!" Chris exclaimed.

Fred Flintstone were just flicking his fingers towards the host.

"I can see it. I bet I could make it to the top four or something!"

"Good luck, my man."

Three of them were off the boat and most of them were either smiling honestly or were grimacing at some of the contestants that were coming in...including the next one.

She was back and she was slightly less fat, but she was still the same old sugar inside...minus the new cowboy boots that were made to be in Total Drama.

"Sugar, our first and least returning contestant!"

"What do ya mean, least returning?" Sugar angrily asked. "You saying that I suck?!"

"I mean, you're the only one from Pahkitew Island here." Chris told her with a smile that suggested that he didn't want to say the real reason. "And you made it to the top three!"

"Well, I deserve it to win this one!" Sugar boasted, ready to take anyone on. "And I ain't kidding."

Sugar just lined up to the show off her...curves to another competitive person.

"Listen, I don't care what you're doing, I don't think you're going to make it that far." Sakura told her.

"Says you and you might be wrong." Sugar declared.

"You're definitely kidding." Sakura stated.

"Guess not!"

The next contestant didn't look too happy about being on the island, despite probably having a lot of advantages of being an android cop (sharing a ridiculous skillset)

Minus the water resistantance and him looking like a plain above-average height model with slicked brown hair in a futuristic cop suit.

"I don't even know how you could get technology like this." Connor stated.

"Connor, greetings!"

"...What I am doing here? Could be some kind of investigation." Connor said.

"Look, I'm gonna level with you. To get money and fame, dude!" Chris announced.

"But I don't need either of those. There's something amiss with the island." Connor remarked, as he just went out of his way. "Hello, there people-"

Chris was a little bit irked, but Lynn actually made him a little bit more irked, as she carried a hockey stick...and a football in her bag, ready to do any kind of sport.

Her short brown hair and her apparent tween-ness didn't help.

"Yo, he's boring, right? I'm ready to swing it on!" Lynn swung the hockey stick like it wasn't a big deal.

"Lynn, welcome to the show!" Chris stated, nervously smiling. "Glad to see ya!"

"I'm happy to see you too! Total Drama challenges here I come!" Lynn shouted, as the sporty gal ran on ahead onto the where the rest of the cast was hanging out.

"Good luck..."

These six were finally in the place that they wanted to be in, or suspected in Connor's case, and they were ready to meet some more newcomers...and old comers.

"Dang, we made it!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Not going to lie, I'm surprised too." Yuri stated. "Wait, you're 13?!"

"Yeah, is there a problem with that?" Lynn asked, ready to do some competition.

"Not really, just surprised." Yuri stated, readying her headband.

The next boat came in a group of four and these four couldn't be more different, if Chris tried to get them to be different and one of them was stepping off the bat with excitement...

...but the rest were coming with her too.

The nineteenth contestant was a princess with...some ridiculously long hair that even tied up in a massive braid of sorts with flowers and all of that, still went down to her knees...and had a simple purple dress.

"Rapunzel, welcome to Total Drama!"

"Oh, that's what this competition is called." Rapunzel's apparent excitement softened a bit, as the princess didn't look too excited. "I thought it was going to be super cool.

Chris was kinda surprised that the princess didn't like it a lot, but the next contestant looked pretty neutral, which the host took a sign.

The next contestant was also a teenager with a dress, but she had orange hair in a ponytail, a blue and white dress, blue and white boots and blue and white guantlets.

"Arle, welcome to Total Drama!"

"I guess I am welcome." Arle wasn't sure what to do. "Woo?"

The third contestant was 5'7'', tough as nails, a real Viking and an Faroe Islands guy and also wears some armour and some traditional viking go with his short hair and stubble.

And he looked like he had a fun time carrying the last contestant.

"Askeladd, it bet it's nice to be here!"

"Yeah, sure. Where's the beautiful women and sword that is forged from the gods?" Askeladd asked. "You said you had both, but I don't see 'em."

"Please, please, please, put me down!" The next guy, who was a hyena guy in a leather jacket stated.

"You said you were tough!"

"I was being facetious with that kind of stuf!"

The hyena got dropped off and then the guy picked himself up to...actually somehow be taller than Askeladd...which almost made Chris chuckle, but it made him smile wider.

Besides that, the hyena guy wore a leather jacket, a black t-shirt with red stripes, jeans and shoes.

"Haida, glad you're here."

"I don't feel like I am! I just carried by some viking like it was nothing and he's still somehow shorter than me." Haida exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's a problem. Listen, if we're going to be on the same team-" Askeladd stood up proud.

"Hey, we're not going to be on the same team." Haida just walked away from him in with a confident look. "You don't just carry a men you met."

"I just wanted to test your strength, by the way." Askeladd said, before he went up and met the other warriors.

The next boat was carrying five different people for the second time, though it was because of a dumb reason and there might have been a sixth guy ready to bring it on and the first was Donkey Kong.

Ready to hug it all out, as Wario was just right behind her with a weird smile, as DK just got freaked out, as these two looked happy to be with Chris.

"Yeah, let's go!" Donkey Kong shouted.

"Alright, it's Wario time on this island." Wario declared.

These two were in.

"Welcome DK...and Wario!" Chris was completely thrown off, as these two pointed towards the host. "That's something you don't see every day."

"I mean, this kind of show is something that really don't see every day, but I don't really complain about it." The next contestant, who wasn't that scared of those two.

"Yeah, what she said!" Donkey Kong backed her up, as he lightly slapped her on the back.

"Wario should've said it!" Wario complained,

The next contestant, Sonja was a Japanese sixteen-year old with straight black hair and red glasses. She was wearing a flower-patterned white sundress, a green flower-patterned jacket, a straw hat and

"Sonja, welcome to Total Drama!"

"Please to meet you, Chris McLean!" Sonja stated. "I'm looking forward to this physics-bending competition."

"Hold on, I'm not messing with the laws of physics or anything!" Chris shouted with a smile.

"...No, I meant the fact that these contestants from other worlds are here and fine could be considered that. Besides, it's not a bad thing, really." Sonja told him.

"Man, you like my show." Chris commented, before seeing another woman in the military...well, it's more like a kid in a soldier's outfit. "And who are you?"

Tanya knew it was her time to introduce herself, being a short 13 year old in the full dark green military garb, hat and all and her messy tied-blonde hair.

But her face was practically that of a monster with one heck of a smile.

"Tanya von Degurechaff of the Imperial Army, ready to show that this show is a sham!"

Chris didn't really have words.


"Please, I do get that a lot." Tanya stated without missing a beat. "Though, you shouldn't underestimate me."

"But, you do look quite cute." Sonja said, as though she probably didn't want these introductions to go on for longer.

"Not a problem. What matters here is the strategy." Tanya proclaimed.

"I'm hoping to see yours, then!" Sonja said, keeping her cool.

These two just got a weird look from the final contestant that was actually on the boat and he looked the least distinct...despite being a big and fat adult guy...with a teal cap.

"Huh, this is definitely Total Drama!" The guy said.

Considering all of the things that he saw back at Gravity Falls, this wasn't too far off from the usual supernatural shenanigans.

He did wear a teal t-shirt, some cargo shorts and teal shoes.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Tanya shouted.

The adult man got hugged by Chris.

"Soos, welcome to the freakshow! I hope you like it here!" Chris announced it to him, as Soos was just a little bit happier.

"I know I come from a weird place, but I'm here to be in a good kind of weird. You know, not world-destroying and stuff." Soos stated, as he looked at the rest of the contestants.

"Imaghine being living a world where war happens on a daily basis or even one where you have to actually do something other than being a store clerk!" Tanya shouted.

"Alright, alright, I get it, lost child." Soos nervously stated.

"That should be clear to you." Tanya declared.

At this point, Leshawna wasn't even that surprised...moreso disappointed that her stuff and luggage ended up in another boat, as he eyed a look towards a certain someone.

And that person wasn't that surprised.

"I think the joke stopped being funny." Kristoff noted.

"You're damn right it is!" Leshawna yelled, as the black woman was back on her groove. "I didn't compete in three season to get myself thrown over the damn board!"

"Leshawna, welcome back to another round of Total Drama!" Chris shouted in her face, as Leshawna wasn't that intimidated.

Kristoff looked smug about something, as Snufkin didn't understand a single thing about what made her so unpleased.

"Sorry about that, just didn't like that prank. I'm ready to be in the house and stay in it!" Leshawna declared.

"That's awesome!" Kipo exclaimed. "I think you've got a real shot at making it."

"I dunno, looks like the competition would disagree." Leshawna saw some of the stares with ill intent. "But I ain't playing that game."

"Yeah...I guess." Kipo stated, as there was a few others that had to butt in.

"Looks like I'm ready to tussle with the old contestants!" Kyo said. "Come on, Leshawna or whatever your name is, I'd like to see you try."

"You bet I'm trying!" Leshawna was more than fired up.

As there was a whole lot of fiery spirits inside some of the contestant, the actual spirit and the forest guy just up and left the standings.

"Yeah, you can go and make yourself mad, I guess." Aisling didn't really care.

"I didn't really say anything, but I'm going with you." Snufkin was...kinda close.

Aisling couldn't be more angry, but there was still a whole lot of new contestants that were coming in soon.

"We've already introduced these twenty-seven competitive contestants and as you know, there's eighty or so more contestants to battle in this ultimate season!" Chris announced to the camera. "So, stay tuned!"

To be continued in the second part of these introductions, being Part there's still a ton of people left to do some good racing in A Really Ridonculous Race and there's still a lot of introductions that this season has to do.

Besides that, in order of introduction:

1. Aisling, The Irish Spirit (Secret of Kells)

2. Tails, The Genius Kid (Sonic The Hedgehog)

3. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

4. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

5. Kipo Oak, The Half-Mutant Girl (Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts)

6. Kristoff, The Ice Picking Expert (Frozen)

7. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

8. Kyo Kusanagi, The Fiery Dropout (King of Fighters)

9. Yuri Sakazaki, The Wild Karate Girl (Art of Fighting)

10. Eva, The Angry Athlete (Total Drama Island)

11. Sakura Kusagano, The High School Fighter (Street Fighter)

12. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

13. Hank Hill, The Family Man (King of The Hill)

14. Hayley Smith, The Liberal Wife (American Dad)

15. Fred Flintstone, The Caveman Husband (The Flintstones)

16. Sugar, The Pageant Star (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

17. Connor, The Android Cop (Detroit: Become Human)

18. Lynn Loud, The Sports Fanatic (The Loud House)

19. Rapunzel, The Long-Haired Princess (Tangled)

20. Arle, The Puzzle Magician (Puyo Puyo)

21. Askeladd, The Viking Man (Vinland Saga)

22. Haida, The Shy Coworker (Aggrestuko)

23. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

24. Wario, The Business Glutton (Wario)

25. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

26. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldiers (Youjo Senki)

27. Leshawna, The Girl With 'Tude (Total Drama Island)

To be continued in the second part of the introductions in the next part, as there's going to be a whole lot more of them and there might be two new faces.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 1b: More Campers In The Ring

Like the title suggests, there's going to a whole more of the campers than entering this resort that would take a lot of money from Chris' account.

There's going to be a lot more weird, a lot more normal people and a lot more of that all-star madness that's in this ultimate season.

It's not really a ultimate season terms of the actual people, but there's still a lot of players regardless anyways, so it's the ultimate in terms of size!

Anyways, it's time to cross off some introductions again.

"Oh good, the next boat's here."

The camera was back on, as the the next four or so contestants dropped in from a yacht and four of them were in through sheer personality strength and other strengths and this guy that was wearing a black shirt, some jeans and sneakers came in...through sheer cooking prowess and a personality that's unlike any others.

And his distinctive red hair with a headband, as this teen is one hell of a cook.

"Soma, welcome to the drama scene! I heard your cooking's crazy!"

"Yeah, it is." Soma remarked. "I don't know why, but my food causes people to open their third eye or something like that! Which is good enough for me."

"To be honest, that sounds kinda awesome, but kinda scary." Chris remarked.

"Yeah and this doesn't come for free either-" Soma wanted to say more, but got pimp slapped by the next contestant's green hand...

...and she was definitely a bit of a villain.

Shego was tall, had black wavy hair, green-ish skin and a full black and green bodysuit and she was just rolling her own eyes.

"Shego, welcome to the drama with your villainy and-"

"Yeah, yeah, spare me the capturing of random people." Shego stated, shutting Chris up the host didn't really have any words.

The cook and the villainous sidekick were immediately staring at each other with some intense glares.

"Honestly, I don't know what it is about this guy, but this guy is getting on my nerves." Shego remarked, bored as all hell.

"Wait, it is because you think I'm not going to go far in the competition?" Soma asked. "Because I am."

"Listen, you're talking some big words for a good cook." Shego just declared.

"It's Total Drama, you don't need powers to make it through." Soma stated with incredible calmness. "You just need the mind power."

"You know, this thing has phsyical challenges, right?" Shego just fought back, before a box...roared or something. "You know, you can't keep your sister inside a box forever."

The 15-year old guy that just came off the boat had a backpacked box, a special sword, messy black and burgundy hair and a green and black checkered haori (jacket)...and his name was Tanjiro Kamado.

"I know. Some demon captured me to be here and I should be out there hunting demons...but I can't just go to different worlds like nothing." Tanjiro stated. "We did defeat him, though."

"Alright, no need to drop your entire life story on us." Shego just told him.

The 15-year old walked off, stuff and all.

"Yo, Tanjiro, you won't ignore me, right?"

"No, you captured me to be on-" Tanjiro shouted at the host, who immediately cut him off with...

" By the way, Nezuko can't do challenges for...obvious reasons ."

"You mean because she can't go into sunlight?" Tanjiro suggested.

"....Yeah, I knew that!" Chris scoffed like it wasn't a big deal. "Tanjiro, sorry for that guy, I promise that-"

Tanjiro knew that he had to get the hell out of the host's personal space, as the next contestant dropped right in and she had a confident look and an well-prepared set of armour.

She was tall, blonde, 19 years old and generally beautiful in most areas. and had black, white and yellow armour with a wing on her right shoulder.

Immediately, people were thinking a lot differently about her.

"And finally, Darkness, welcome to the show! Not going to say your name for...reasons.

The yellow-armour crusader looked more than happy to be dealing with this show, as she felt that her abilities could work here... well as her other thing.

"Hello, my adventuring name is Darkness and I will be the best cruasder that I can be within this thing called a 'reality show' and be the best team member!" Darkness declared without breaking a sweat. "Trust me, I will."

"On the boat, you were talking like some kind of weirdo." Shego remarked, still bored.

"Saying stuff like 'Oh, demon, please tie me up' or something like that." Soma added to the sentiment.

"I mean, I did say that...but it was for defense's sake!" Darkness rebutted the two of them, as Tanjiro...just remembered something. "Besides, that demon was ugly!"

"Did you see the way he-" Darkness declared with a smug smile.

"Alright, alright, the next boat's coming and we don't have all day!"

Chris felt that this boat was something different, as these six were here to do the business.

"These next six are definitely tougher than the last four newcomers!"

As one boat was leaving, another one was docking and ready to unload the six of them that were hanging out and they were looking more than determined to make it through.

The first one to unload was actually kind of scared, but it wasn't because of the show.

Luigi needed no introduction, as he got a pat on the back from Daisy, his princess and the two of them shared an low their sports outfits.

"Luigi, you're looking kinda scared." Chris commented on Luigi's mood. "Daisy, welcome to these hallowed isles!"

"Come on, it's not because of this show." Luigi told him.

"Yeah, there's this girl on board...throwing out blue fire like it's nothing!" Daisy shouted. "Is she ok?"

"I'm glad that I'm out of there." Luigi shook it off, as he looked ready for some drama. "Besides, I've dealt with worse."


With that being said, there was one confident black-haired woman that could do just that, wear some of the best clothes and look pretty good at the same time and she stepped off, free of chains and ready to take back the Fire Nation.

And Luigi backed away from her.

"Azula, you good?"

"Please get out of my sight. There's a certain coward that I want to talk to." Azula said with force. "Besides, I'm fine! What's with him?"

"I'm just scared at the way you threw that blue fire." Luigi told her, still behind Daisy. "You were just throwing it around like it was nothing."

"In awe at my firebending power, I assume?" Azula asked. "Please, give me your best shot?"

"Okay." Luigi said, creating his quick fireballs with hesitation that just flew forwards pretty fast towards the sea and then faded. "Is that good?"

"Not even remotely close to being that, let alone on my level." Azula suggested with a smug smile.

A relatively short humanoid rabbit stepped off the boat with a pink plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves and light blue jeans...and she was cute as all heck, walking onto the dock with her luggage.

Awkward in the middle of a literal fire fight.

"Judy Hopps, welcome to this completely legal show."

"...I dunno if it's completely legal, but I'm not going to complain about it." Judy Hopps stated. "Besides, I think you've got a much bigger issue coming up right now."

"Really, we do?" Daisy asked, ready to swing with a golf club. "Listen, rabbit, I think we've got a problem."

"No, I'm serious!" Judy didn't look like she joked.

The next guy came off and two things that were very apparent was his actual red hair was a massive left bang and his almost six-feet-tall height.

He was definitely Japanese and definitely wore a silk burgundy shirt, some black trousers and white leather slacks...and wasn't in a good mood like always.

"Iori, you look motivated."

"Pfft, shut the hell up about motivation. Anyways, I heard that Kusanagi's here." Iori remarked, carrying his stuff. "And you all should get out of my way."

Iori just swung around some purple fire, as Azula looked impressed.

"That's some pretty great firebending you've got there. Almost as great as a Fire Nation attack ship-" Azula interrupted him.

"Sure, princess. I'm not looking to compared to some ships!" Iori Yagami had a smirk on his face, as the former princess was looking at him with dissapointment.

Azula was shocked to see such a man pass by her to deal with his ridiculously petty feud with some guy that almost certainly was a teenager from her perspective.

"Huh, idiots."

"Not my problem, you compared him to a ship. That's pretty dumb." The next guy that stepped off said with a smile.

No-one could mistake that Fatal Fury hat, red denim jacket, jeans and long blonde hair that was tied into a lony ponytail.

"Terry, what's up!"

"Nothing much, just going onto the craziest season of the craziest reality show." Terry Bogard remarked. "You've even got a fire lady in here!"

"My name is Azula, rightful heir to the Fire Nation. Please to meet you, street rat." Azula said with all of the passive-agressive attitude in the world.

"Nice to meet you too!" Terry just blew it off. "Hey, Chris! I bet this season's going to be awesome!"

"Aw, thanks, dude!" Chris remarked with a smile, as the boat just raised the walkway.

As one left, another one came and hilariously enough, there was one person that actually made Azula get a bit angrier than she usually was...which was impressive on this island.

And he had a boomerang, a Water Tribe sword, dark skin and parted dark brown hair that came straight of the 2000s.

This guy was a Water Tribe guy through and through with his blue clothes and threw a smug look towards Azula...and then bellyflopped onto the docks.

"Sokka, yeah!"

"Man, my jaw actually hurts." Sokka said. "I'm not going to lose to you, though."

"If your introduction showed nothing, it won't be long before your team sends you home." Azula mocked the bellyflopping guy, who picked himself up by now.

"This is a game that needs no bending, just a sharp mind and weapons that are as sharp as that mind." Sokka boasted, ready to show his weapons. "I've got actual friends."

"You got defeated by one of my former underlings. I'd say that befits you." Azula said.

"Sokka, you left your stuff here!" A white-haired guy that was wearing black summer-ish clothes shouted. "I guess I'm carrying it."

The white-haired guy was wearing a black waist jacket, blue knee-length shorts, black boots, a white t-shirt and black fingerless gloves...and his hair was kinda spiky, though pointed downwards.

And he carried both his luggage and Sokka's.

"Riku, dude!"

"Hey...Chris, you must be hosting the reality show! Honestly, I'm kinda here to find my friend and also here to prove something." Riku stated.

"That you're here to win?!" Chris told him with a smirk.

"Yeah, I'm not going to be on that." Riku remarked. "Sokka, is your jaw okay?"

"I've been through way worse anyways." Sokka looked fine, as he smiled wide, as Riku was freaked out. "Apparently, you're definitely a tough cookie."

"You mean definitely. Otherwise, how would I've gotten here?" Riku stated, as Sokka just took a weird look at him. "Besides, there's a mouse coming right now."

And the tall brown mouse was decked out in a Victorian outfit, being a white dress shirt, a reddish waistcoat, a green neck tie, gray-brown pants and black shoes with spots.

And he was not used to being human-sized.

"Basil, glad to see you."

"I'm not exactly that glad to see you too..." Basil remarked. "To be honest, it's not like being this size in apparently some other world isn't the weirdest thing that happened to me today."

"Same thing here, too. Some old man told us about 'punishing bad boys' or whatever he was saying." Shego shouted, making sure that the mouse detective.

"Aren't you an apparent supervillain!" Basil said, disgusted by her presence.

"Even on TV, everyone thinks I'm just some sidekick." Shego stated, lighting her hand up. "Trust me, I'm not."

"I'll survive on my wits alone." Basil remarked, as the next contestant to be there just bumped him. "Seriously, some people don't know how to actually look."

"Hey, it's not your fault that you were talking some smart guy." The next contestant said, as he was definitely a guy .

This Japanese guy had short black hair and was nearly six feet tall and wore a dark blue sports jacket, a white t-shirt, blue volleyball shorts and white trainers.

"Kageyama, you look like a mean guy!"

"Kageyama is it? What were you doing walking like that?" Basil asked him through gritted teeth.

"I'm here, aren't I?!"

The rest of the guys that from the boat just stared at him.

"Listen, here, I aim to make it to the top with whatever team I end up on!" Kageyama shouted. "So, you might have to deal with me."

"...Good talk." Riku was lost for words.

"I'm sorry for barging into you! Please, let something!" Kageyama shouted at Basil, who just angrily huffed away from him. "Urgh."

"Come on, Kageyama, that's no way to make new friends. You have to make the most of that summer business, right?" The next player, who was also Japanese, stated. "You know, being a first year and all."

"Shut up, Oikawa! Some guy tricked me into being on this show, because I thought it was a volleyball training camp." Kageyama shouted at him from the dock.

This Oikawa fellow? He was 6 feet tall, had his chocolate brown hair swept to both sides and got the girls talking with his good looks. He wore a aqua-coloured t-shirt, some khaki shorts and dark grey athletic shoes and still looked ready to play Volleyball.

"Yo, Oikawa!"

"Thanks to making me be here. Unlike some people, I actually do take a look at letters written by this game." Oikawa remarked with a smile. "Besides, I'm looking to make my next big move."

"Is your next move being a jerk?" Kageyama had a smile of his own. "Because you're looking like one, right?"

"Apparently so, Tobio-chan. Anyways..."

Oikawa went back to waving to the single ladies that were on this island, as said ladies were just swooning over this guy.

"'s nice to see this show's a team game."

"My team's going to beat your team just like Karasuno beat your team!" Kageyama proclaimed. "With teamwork."

"It's nice to see you still try and get that crown thing." Oikawa remarked, as he got closer and closer to his other potential rival and former protege.

These two were looking at each other closely.

"Alright, we've got...80 people to go through, there's no time!"

"And here comes another boat of newcomers and they're-" Chris saw the first contestant front-flip continously onto the dock. "-upping their introduction!"

"My name's Mai Shiranui and I'm not going to take this easy! Happy to be with you, Chris!"

It was Mai, the 5'5'' sexy Japanese ninja with her long brown hair in her iconic ponytail. But she wasn't wearing her revealing ninja outfit, as she wore a pink buttoned top, jean shorts and some trainers and she looked...excited.

"Mai Shiranui, welcome to Total Drama!"

"Yeah, I'm welcome here! I'm not scared to deal with a bunch of creeps!" Mai declared.

Soma just got a slap to the head from Daisy, as he was looking at her assets...but Terry Bogard was actually waving as a friend.

"Hey, Terry!" Mai shouted at him, as he wasn't on the dock.

"Hey, Mai, what's happening?" Terry Bogard asked.

"You know, fighting for Andy, fighting to prove that beautiful women are real strong and dealing with drama." Mai answered candidly.

"Cool." Terry just said.

The next woman just jumped off the bow of the boat and onto the dock with purpose and determination.

"Kasumi, you're here too?!" Mai exclaimed.

"Yes, I am here! Not the best way to spread the word of the Todoh style, but if KOF's not happening, this is my next best option!" Kasumi declared, readying her stance.

The actually blue-haired woman was 5 feet tall, had long blue-ish hair tied into a ponytail and looked like a typical Japanese teenager.
She was wearing her usual, the wide kimono-y pants, the kimono shirt, the armour, the red sash and the sandals with white socks.

"Kasumi Todoh, welcome to the drama, then!"

"Pleased to meet you, Chris McLean! I'm not really here to make enemies, but I'm fight to against Kyokugenryu!" Kasumi declared, ready to fight Yuri. "Because I'm here to fight for my style!"

"Same thing here! I'm not backing down!" Yuri shouted, readying her husband.

Kasumi got her headband prepared.

"Good, because we've got a long one ahead of us." Kasumi stated.

"I don't mind, because I'm not losing to you!"

The next contestant stepped off and he was definitely a robot boy, having dark brown short hair and being...a boy, he was pretty short, had a human head and chest and mechanical limbs.
He wore a metal helmet, a metal headband under that, a ratty red cape and green and purple pants.

And Reg was that boy, not sure what he was supposed to do here.

"Hello, Reg!" Chris announced. "You're excited?"

"I don't know where I am." Reg said. "But this seems like a good place to be!"

As he said that, Kyo and Iori were going at it again, Yuri and Kasumi were just death-staring each other and Tanya was just silently judging some of the women that came before her.

"Well, compared to the Abyss that is..."

"Dang, you're a walking, talking robot?!" Kipo then gasped, as Reg just backed away.

"'s okay." Reg just felt backed up.

"Oh, sorry. Just was super excited to see a good guy robot." Kipo awkwardly stepped back as well.

"That's alright." Reg quietly said, as the half-mute girl let the robot kid be.

And he walked onto the where the rest of the contestants were having a fun time...existing and waiting for the rest of them and one of the boat riders...also did a bellyflop.

And Sokka, not even looking at the dock at this point, felt validated for some reason.

Pit was an angel and he looked a little worse for wear and his tuft-filled hair was brown and he looked like a 13-year old.
He wore a white chiton with a red and gold hem that was tied with a fibula, a gold vine leaf on his hair, a navy undershirt and shorts under the chiton and he also had brown sandals with bands and fuzzy trims...and top it off, he wore a bunch of gold rings and a belt.

"Pit, looks like you're ready to be here."

"I dunno, let me do that introduction again." Pit said. "I'm not gonna bellyflop onto the deck again!"

"Alright, man, just letting you know, the next contestant is coming." Chris told him.

"Good, any rest from the cruel challenges!" Pit just went back up to the boat angrily.

The next contestant was also getting a lot of looks from her own clothes, as she wore a white dress with a low neckline and a golden spider web necklace, had a beautiful face and very long-black hair

For them, they didn't notice the giant black wings and two horns coming out of the head.

"Huh, Lord Ainz sent me here? Albedo asked.

"Albedo, it looks you're excited to be on this show."

"...Please tell me, I'm not living with a bunch of humans." Albedo stated with much displeasure.

"And you're going to let a demon stay in here?" Tanjiro just raised his own sword, ready to defeat her.

"Uh, yeah. Didn't you two get the memo?" Chris asked her, as Albedo got very angered...but covered it with a smile.

Tanjiro was also up on the dock, but he just grunted.

"I'm only here under the orders of Ainz-sama after he got sent a letter bearing your name on it. Don't try and test me." Albedo told Chris.

As for Tanjiro.

"I can't just let you walk around like it's fine!" Tanjiro raised his sword. "But we can't kill each other..."

"Fortunately for you, I'm going to go as far as I can from you." Albedo still shared that same smile, despite it clearly being fake smile.

"Fine, hopefully, you won't eat or kill any humans." Tanjiro just told her with a nervous face, putting the sword back.

And Pit tried again...and finally stuck the landing with one backflip, as the next contestant just swung onto the dock with her own ODM gear and landed with a sllide.

"That was insane! How did you do that?" Pit was practically star-struck.

"It took me a lot of training and a lot of battles to get used to it." The next woman competing stated. "Eren must be proud of me to even be here."

Her name was Mikasa Ackerman and she was 5'9'', 19 years old, was Japanese, having chin-length black hair and looked kinda attractive.
She wore the Scouts' uniform proudly, brown jacket, beige pants, black boots and the green cape with the Survey Corps' wings of freedom and the belt that held the gear.

"Mikasa, it looks like you're going to be a good teammate." Chris announced. "And also, Pit, get off my deck!"

"Yes, host dad!" Pit grumbled, as Mikasa stood proudly on the dock. "Wow, you're really tall!"

"But I'm not even that tall." Mikasa stated. "I'm just here to do some serious competition."

"And you're stupid cool, too!" Pit shouted.

"I'd rather be a loyal teammate to a good leader than to just be cool." Mikasa said, as Pit just walked off the dock with her.

"Man, you're no fun!"

And what must have been the 8th electric boat left the dock once again without any of the contestants' luggage and this time, there was going to be two more before the break cut in.

Things were definitely going way quicker this time around, as the 9th boat...crashed onto the island or rather, it ran the next woman in line just did two backflips off the boat on the deck...somehow.

"That was ridiculous!" Tails declared. "The momentum to do that must have been insane!"

This woman was Miko Kubota and she was 16, a gamer, had very long violet hair in a hime cut with uneven bangs and light skin.
She wore a black tank top under a yellow cat t-shirt, purple tights, a blue hoodie wrapped on her waist, red and white socks, blue sneakers and an orange wristband.

"Hey, Miko! You're not our first gamer, but probably the best!"

"Hi, Chris McLean! What...are you actually doing?" Miko asked, seeing all of the weird and not so wonderful contestants on the island. "Because it sounds stupid."

"Pulling contestants from multiple worlds and all that stuff!" Chris said.

"Honestly, that sounds a little bit too crazy to be true!" Kipo shouted from the island. "How do we know that it is real?"

"Right, pink-skinned girl! It could be just total fakery and costumes and who knows what else!" Miko shouted back.

"...I doubt it now!"

"Me too!"

Miko just ran to the two of them were having a friendship moment, as the next familiar contestant was coming off the boat with a air guitar...and even an actual guitar in the luggage.

"Rock, coming from the Ridonculous Race!" Chris announced, as Rock wore the same clothes from the Ridonculous Race....demon frog t-shirt, jeans, boots and even the headband. "Front man of the Demon Frogs!"

"Yo, Chris, this is insane!" Rock shouted. "It's actually an awesome camp for rocking out!"

"Yeah, but you're also going through one of reality TV's best shows to date." Chris remarked.

"I dunno, man, sounds like big talk. What if it's..." Rock imitated the sound of a failed sound. " some other seasons."

"Don't worry, it won't be." Chris stated, as another familiar contestant went onto the dock and the host didn't look too surprised. "B, you're still not going to say anything?"

The silent genius were more than happy to continue the silence.

"Of course not."

Weirdly enough, B (real name Beverley) and Rock were actually vibing with each other, even if it didn't seem like it with the sounds and B just pointing at him.

"Honestly, you've got the sound down or something!" Rock stated.

B just dropped a guitar sample on Rock's good ears.

"Man, that's fine."

These two went off.

Despite that, there was another guy that was on board and he was probably the oldest of the four people that was going on this show and he looked pleasantly smug in particular.

The suprisingly 6-foot tall, old and portly British man with no grey hairs on the top and a top hat to cover it.
He carried his massive red overcoat on his side, as he wore a buttoned-up deep blue shirt and of course, his red trousers, brown riding gloves and brown boots...and the snake-like smile that threw off Chris.

Very few people knew that The Coachman stepped onto their shores besides Chris, who kinda didn't care that much.

"Coachman, Barker or whatever your name is, welcome to the island! Hope, you like your stay." Chris said, not scared of the old man.

"Well, that's good, because I have been waiting to get away from my workplace for a long while." He said with an oddly foul tone.

The old man just put his whip out, holding it in both hands.

"As some people would say, I don't intend to keep the saboteurs and the villains safe and I'm going to make them have your fun and pay for it." He stated, before looking at Judy.

"Sir, that's really onimnous." Judy Hopps stated, genuinely confused at why he said. "Seriously, what's your problem?"

"This is Total Drama, I doubt that those kinds of people won't make my vacation stressful." The old man smugly smiled at Judy, as he said this.

"That's...good, right?" Judy said, pretty sure that this guy was shady as all hell.

"Alright, alright, these intros are gonna go at light speed or something, so get off please." Chris said, as these two weren't even on the dock anymore.

And of course, there was a few more and this time, it was a party on the boat with those few kinda participating in it and the first one was definitely the youngest contestant in Total Drama.

He was nine and a real OG (in his head)

The black kid with brown cornrows wore an loose shirt with red sleeves, some green trousers and trainers.

"Riley Freeman, yo!"

"Nah, man, you ain't feeling it. It kinda hits different when you really feel it." Riley stated. "I'm 'bout to get into this Total Drama and stack so much paper, you can't even see the top!"

"I doubt it, though." The next contestant, who was a 15-year old black girl with black hair in two ponytails and light skin, stated. "You don't have a killer strategy."

"Naw, Penny, it's gonna hit different when you see it." Riley was trying to impress Penny.

"Yeah, not exactly." Penny proclaimed.

Penny, the 16-year old back girl, wore a pink-ish cardigan, a white shirt, a burgundy skirt, white socks and burgundy shoes.

"Penny Proud, I'm guessing you're proud to be here.”

Sure, I like not dying, getting serious injured and all of that good stuff.” Penny looked more than determined to make things work within these isles.

I’m ‘bout to get that paper stacked to the ceiling in the hospital, if I’ve gotta!” Riley shouted, just making Penny go to the fourth contestant that arrived on the boat.

The third agreed with Riley on the paper-stacking thing however.

It’s your funeral.” Penny remarked, not excited to be here.

Listen, I’m gonna die before my bananas are stolen! I can relate to that, though!” A talking gorilla stated with a red tie exclaimed, as Riley high-fived him.

Yeah!” Riley shouted.

"Donkey Kong!" Chris knew that there was no mistake the big ape with a love for bananas, music, red ties and his girlfriend. “Welcome to the big jungle!”

Don’t worry, me and this little guy are gonna take care of each other.” Donkey Kong just lifted Riley off the ground.

Listen, this dude ain’t lying. He’s got the arms to carry all of that paper.” Riley proclaimed.

As that was happening off the dock, there was a certain beautiful white-skinned redhead that wore a lot of purple...minus the green ascot was more than determined to get away from all of that.

Daphne was her name and being part of Mystery Incorporated was her game and Penny was probably cool with doing other things.

"Daphne Blake, just one of the mystery solvers!” Chris announced. “Welcome to this crazy season!”

Wait, that last season was real? Why would you do that?” Daphne asked.

Because the show would be more awesome that way!” Chris said. “And I have the tech.”

I’m going to go over there.”

Daphne wasn’t too interested in a less crazy Chris McLean, but she did want to talk to Penny.

This is going to be one hell of a summer.” Daphne commented, seeing some of the people on the island.

I know, I just ain’t interested at staying home all summer.” Penny stated.

Obviously, I hope Fred sees this.” Daphne told Penny. “He knows that I can make it really far.”

I wish I had that much hope from my dad. I ain’t going home day one!” Penny declared, ready to take on the competition.

With that random declaration, Chris felt it was good time to cut it off.

"Well, we've still got 56 contestants that have arrived and 56 more that have yet to arrive, because the biggest season with the biggest introductions will be back!”

The camera was off for real.

To be continued in the third part of introductions in Part 1c, where there’s still going to be more contestants and no more surprises in the show...

28. Soma Yukihira, The Confident Cook (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, newly introduced)

29. Shego, The Teenage Villain (Kim Possible, newly introduced)

30. Tanjiro Kamado, The Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer, newly introduced)

31. Darkness, The Pain-Loving Crusader (Konosuba, newly introduced)

32. Luigi, The Scaredy Brother (Super Mario)

33. Azula, The Fiery Former Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

34. Daisy, The Spunky Princess (Super Mario)

35. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Cop (Zootopia)

36. Iori Yagami, The Moody Bassist (King of Fighters)

37. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

38. Sokka, The Boomerang Guy (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

39. Riku, The World-Travelling Hero (Kingdom Hearts)

40. Basil (of Baker Street), The Aloof Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

41. Tobio Kageyama, The Aggressive Setter (Haikyuu!)

42. Tohru Oikawa, The Adaptive Setter (Haikyuu!)

43. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

44. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

45. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

46. Pit, The Angel Warrior (Kid Icarus)

47. Albedo, The Succbus In Love (Overlord)

48. Mikasa Ackerman, The Attacking Scout (Attack on Titan)

49. Miko Kubota, The Tech Support Gamer (Glitch Techs)

50. Barker/Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

51. Rock, The Teen Rocker (Ridonculous Race)

52. B, The Silent Genius (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

53. Riley Freeman, The Abrasive Kid (The Boondocks)

54. Penny Proud, The Middle Schooler (The Proud Family)

55. Donkey Kong, The Cool Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

56. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

To be continued in the next part of the introductions, where there's going to be a whole lot more of the contestants coming in with an old one in tow.

And of course, the first 27 that came in before this massive group:

1. Aisling, The Irish Spirit (Secret of Kells)

2. Tails, The Genius Kid (Sonic The Hedgehog)

3. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

4. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

5. Kipo Oak, The Half-Mutant Girl (Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts)

6. Kristoff, The Ice Picking Expert (Frozen)

7. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

8. Kyo Kusanagi, The Fiery Dropout (King of Fighters)

9. Yuri Sakazaki, The Wild Karate Girl (Art of Fighting)

10. Eva, The Angry Athlete (Total Drama Island)

11. Sakura Kusagano, The High School Fighter (Street Fighter)

12. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

13. Hank Hill, The Family Man (King of The Hill)

14. Hayley Smith, The Liberal Wife (American Dad)

15. Fred Flintstone, The Caveman Husband (The Flintstones)

16. Sugar, The Pageant Star (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

17. Connor, The Android Cop (Detroit: Become Human)

18. Lynn Loud, The Sports Fanatic (The Loud House)

19. Rapunzel, The Long-Haired Princess (Tangled)

20. Arle, The Puzzle Magician (Puyo Puyo)

21. Askeladd, The Viking Man (Vinland Saga)

22. Haida, The Shy Coworker (Aggrestuko)

23. Donkey Kong, The Loud Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

24. Wario, The Business Glutton (Wario)

25. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

26. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldiers (Youjo Senki)

27. Leshawna, The Girl With 'Tude (Total Drama Island)

Part 1c should be coming very soon with the next 27 contestants...again.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 2a: Even More Campers In The Ring

The title describes itself, as there's also the previous 56 contestants that were already introduction and there's going to be 28 more coming in this part and the next part

Of those, some of them are going to be men and some are going to be women, so let's just get on with the extended introductions and these introductions should be over soon.

Either way, there's still 116 contestants in the ring, ready to shine at their first moment on TV.

I know that Tifa wasn't originally meant to be in here, but she replaced Seiya from Cautious Hero, who may not work as well in this kind of cast.

The show was back and so were the introductions, as the next environmentally-friendly boats were adding some more contestants into the fray.

"Aw yeah, I wonder who's gonna be in this shit." Riley proclaimed.,

Six of them, to be exact, and they were packed with personality and skills that were very specific.

Aside from having a sword and punching with fire, which was already very common and going to be common without Sol on this thing...but he did look like a cool guy.

Sol Badguy definitely had messy brown hair with a long-ish ponytail and that was turnt to the right and a bunch of muscles everywhere, especially on the arms, but it was covered by the red jacket with he wore.

He also wore a black tank top, black fingerless gloves, white trousers, red shoes, two belts, some fabric covering his crotch and...he carried his sword like it wasn't a problem.

"Man, what the hell did I get myself into?" Sol asked.

"Sol Badguy...I'm guessing you're a good guy."

"Some weird competition apparently." Donkey Kong remarked.

"Heh, looks like it. A big 'ol gorilla's talking to me like it's not a problem." Sol stated.

"Yeah, but it's cool." Donkey Kong remarked.

Sol then looked at the colorful cast that inhabited the show and just nodded negatively.

"Cool is a big word for most of these guys." Sol stated, as Donkey Kong chuckled. "Guys I haven't met."

There was a blue bird that just flew onto the dock and landed like a pro, as he was an anthro bird.

"Whoa, you're really cool." Pit said, talking to the bird who landed.

Falco Lombardi was a blue bird, a space pilot and had wings for arms....along with looking like a falcon.
His attire reflected what a pilot in space looked like with the silver armoured boots, red pilots' trousers, a grey jacket with wings on each hem and...a scouter.

"...What?" Falco didn't really get it. "We've been in Smash for years now."

"And you stayed cool all these years."

"Falco, you're flying in, right?"

"Goddamn it, host. Leave the bird alone." Sol looked pretty tired of the host's antics. "He's with me."

"Yeah, I'm flyin' and not with this guy." Falco just put his wings down. "I don't know what you're drinking, but it must be something strong to put 100 guys in here."

"Alright, the more, the merrier, my guys!" Donkey Kong just tried to hug them.

"Come on, this show is a party from Venom...or the pits of suck!" Falco shouted, looking at the guys. "What's with their looks?"

"You just insulted them like it was no big deal, but it's probably a big deal to them!" Pit stated, not wanting his guy to be hated. "And this guy apparently."

"Yeah, o.k?" Falco asked, as the potoroo complained about something.

"Yeah, look at ya. Looking like you're about to fly the fuck outta here." The potoroo stated

Suprisingly, Pinstripe didn't come in his salmon striped suit...though the salmon Hawaiian shirt, khaki and leather shoes outfit still gave off the gangster vibe.

"Pinstripe, you're looking real gangsta."

"Please tell me, that this bird isn't going to be on my team." Pinstripe remarked, as he took a look at the bird with one heck of an accent.

"Good, because we're definitely on separate teams when that happens!" Falco said with utter confidence. "Then you'll see what my wings will do."

"Dudes, I've gotta say hello to some people." Chris pointed out, as there was a bunch of people waiitng.

Pinstripe and Falco walked off the dock, as though they had some kind of territorial situation between each other...and Terry Bogard barely helped.

Whoa, whoa, fight in the competition, not on the dock!” Terry Bogard tried to space into each other.

Yeah, we can do that too! What, is my accent a problem?” Falco complained, ready to do some throwing down with some wings.

No, but you’re up in my face, so I’ve gotta put you in your place.” Pinstripe just dropped a bar.

Great, you’re really good at dropping rhymes, so I bet you could handle a few wing slaps.” Falco fired back.


So, where’s Canadian guy?” A really big guy asked, as the bird and the potoroo ran away from him. “Why do you run?”

The next guy was Russian and couldn't care less who took his gun named Sasha.

No-one took it and he still carried as he went in, as a big muscled, tall, bald, top-heavy Russian guy in a blue shirt, a bulletproof vest, brown trousers, a belt, brown boots....with some stubble.

No-one wanted to deal with him.

"So, you're called the Heavy...with no real name?"

"Yeah. Is fine." Heavy said. "Chris McLean?"

"Nice to meet a fan." Chris remarked.

"...Ok, host guy." Heavy stated, as he chuckled. "I can see most people are crazy. I like crazy!"

Heavy was just coming in, as he got slapped hard by someone.

"Good. You don't touch my gun." Heavy stated.

"Well, that's fine." She said, coming in.

She was...definitely a real looker of a fox with her black long hair and generally good purpotions, but she wore a yellow jacket, a blue sports bra, blue trousers with a belt and boots.

There was mistaking's Carmelita Fox's look of suspicion.

"Carmelita, welcome to the good?"

"Honestly, the fact that you're still doing this show like this and is honestly impressive." Carmelita stated. "Seriously, you almost got replaced."

"Man, I'm too talented to be replaced." Chris boasted, which made the fox inspector's eyes roll aggressively.

"Yeah, your talent is big." Heavy was trying to come back with the slap to Carmelita. "And is her talents."

"I'm going you're talking about my many arrests and not the obvious." Carmelita told the big guy with a gun.

"You arrest good. And you look good, but can you beat gun?" Heavy just showed his gun, still not really able to hold it properly.

"Honestly, I could easily beat gun. I've beaten bigger guns before and in a team game like this, that's not going to help your team win." Carmelita told him, honestly.

"You think all I have is Sasha? I have big body that can crush enemies." Heavy was just cracking his knuckles. "I carry my gun places."

"Yeah, we got it."

Surprisingly, the next woman didn't go for the zero suit.

She just wore an explorer's outfit, scouter, boots, short-sleeved jacket and all and she was 6'3''...and blonde, but she did have some Chozo DNA.

"Samus, you're looking good for a bounty hunter!"

And the whatever numbered boat left.

"What, can't I be?" Samus asked.

"Nah, you're probably going to crush the competition."

"Come on, this is a show. Nothing serious, though I bet that there's going to be some hard compettiion." Samus remarked without a smile or a sneer, just a stoic face.

"I think the competition is going to be...something that can only be streamed or on TV." Carmelita said, taking a look at Samus. "Also, I bet you're not that strong."

"Huh, then try your best to top that." Samus had a smirk.

"Good, because we're going to have some good honest competition." Carmelita stated.

These two were walking with each other, though it was not friendly by any measure, as they were doing the stares with each other...and saw some of the other contestants.

"Yeah, I don't think I like this one bit." Carmelita saw a whole bunch of criminals here.

"I don't know, they could be tough players." Samus had a smirk.

"Honest to god, I don't really like it here. There ain't any benches and there's sure as all hell ain't any organisation." Hank just stated, getting real tired of sitting on the grass.

"I can't disagree with you there." Carmelita didn't look too interested in waiting. "This competition is just waiting to get serious."

"Besides you're not the only one looking for a million dollars.

The next boat brung on six more people that were more than ready to take the competition for no other reason than because of fame, money and to try out their skills.

And the next black woman in here certainly could do that, despite being a popstar and looking like one too.

She had a giant afro and was pretty tall compared to most of the contestants that were staring at her.
And she wore orange heeled boots, orange short shorts, an orange top with shoulder pads...and her hairband.

"Kate, one of the 22nd century's most notable popstars!"

"Yeah, it's me! I'm as capable as any other contestant here and I intend to be a team player!" Kate shouted, as the other contestants were confused.

"Kate, as much as it hurts me to say this, you're not exactly unique here." Chris stated.

"Honestly, I probably could just get a million dollars easily, but I'm here to get some inspiration and do some other things!" Kate had a determined grin on her face.

"Now, that's unique! Woo!" Kipo just shouted for no reason.

"Thank you, purple-skinned gal!" Kate yelled.

"She's my friend now." Miko was just put Kipo into a bear hug.

"...And random purple-haired lady." Kate said. "Not sure if we're going to be on the same team."

"I mean, that's cool, that's ok." Miko said, feeling deflated.

Robyn was definitely a child, though she was a 12-year old blonde with blue eyes and was kinda...average height for a 12-year old.
She did wear 16th century clothes, a green shirt, brown pants and black boots...and a crossbows, ready to fight off people who sucked...a massive cape that was as long as her body.

"Hey...uh...Robyn, was it?"

"Wait, how do you know my name?" Robyn asked. "...Oh, you're that Total Drama weird man."

"Yeah, welcome to the show!"

"Great, can I just join the other people?" Robyn didn't look too pleased. "I'd not like to be with you."

Robyn just ran to the other people.

"Wow, rude."

The English child with a crossbow was just walking up to the other children and people that were actually interested in that.

"What the heck, is that a real crossbow?" Penny asked.

"Yeah, but I only use it to get fruit and things." Robyn just put it down.

"And apparently you're a wolfwalker or werewolf, because it sounds like the same thing." Penny stated. "You become a wolf at night, obviously."

"The difference is that us wolfwakers basically sleep while we're wolves...and we do magic." Robyn just told the black girl, who just had a look on her face.

"Werewolves probably can do magic stuff anyways!" Penny Proud exclaimed, just throwing her hands up. "Anyways, what else do you do?"

"Live my life, alright." Robyn stated.

The next guy came up anyways.

The next guy was definitely a samurai with the white gi with black at the bottom of his trousers, black triangles on the open shirt, white socks, sandals, a red tied belt and red wrappings around his lower arms.

And a holder for his sword.

"Haohmaru, you're looking ready to swinging in with your katana!"

"The katana that's probably cut quite a few people and a killed some major demons!" Haohmaru shouted. "Chris, how do you get this many people together?"

"My sheer charisma, my samurai dude."

"Yeah, you believe that." Haohmaru said, running to the children. "What the heck, there's a bunch of a children fighting?!"

"No, we were fighting about being a wolfwalker or werewolf or whatever she's talking about." Penny stated.

"I was just telling her that werewolves can't do magic." Robyn fired back.

"Listen, all that matters that you turn into a wolf and you can fight with your claws." Haohmaru stated. "At least that's what everyone's saying anyways."

"Wolfwalkers actually become wolves and werewolf are like manbeats or something!" Robyn shouted, as Haohmaru just left the conversation.

To bump into the next person that was getting off the boat.

Snake was a gruff American man with a brown beard, short brown hair and he generally looked like a super soldier.
He was fully decked out in a grey super soldiers' bodysuit and compartments for his weapons and stuff.

"Snake, nice to see a man of the military here! Chef would love you."

"That's fine, but what's with the samurai guy standing in front of me?" Snake asked, as Chris was just unsure at why Haohmaru was there. "He looks like he's got a problem with me."

"Er, you just happened to be in my way, but backwards." Haohmaru grinned. "The name's Haohmaru."

"Solid Snake, but you can call me David." Snake just stated his name. "Looks like there's a lot of incredibly shady people."

"...I didn't even notice! Looks like we've got our hands cut out for this one!" Haohmaru said.

"Yeah, not exactly." Snake just didn't look the energy of some of the contestants. "Honestly, I'm surprised that he got so many of them here."

"Me too!" The woman who was in incredibly fashionable clothes said.

The next contestant, who looked like she really was from Malibu, actually backflipped onto the dock for style points...and she did it in some fashionable clothes.

She was wearing red top, white ripped jeans, purple socks, mocha-coloured heeled shoes, but her blonde hair was in a bob cut that kinda looked like a mop.

"Clover Ewing, coming all of the way from Malibu!"

"Hi, guys-"

Clover felt the impact of two guys just looking at her.

"-I'm not a spy, I swear!"

"Uh, we didn't ask. Don't worry, you're not a spy to me." Haohmaru stated.

"I think it's best if we get off the dock." Snake slowly sneaked off the dock, as Chris was just talking to Clover.

"I think you were pumped to be here!"

"Yeah, I was! There's a whole bunch of hot guys that I want to talk to and some other ladies, but those two weirdos just showed up outta nowhere!" Clover shouted. "I'm going to get a million dollars and go out of here."

Clover just passed the two of them, as they were surprised to hear those two things and she say all of the hot guys.

"I'm gonna snatch a boyfriend on this island, though!" Clover shouted.

"You're not the only one that's going for Oikawa!" Sugar somehow nailed the pronounciation.

"Dream on, fatso!"

"I'm proud of mah weight!"

Tifa was definitely a tall, light-skinned and attractive lady, having long brown hair that was tied at the end and had a left-swept bang and she did have some muscles from dealing with Shinra a lot.

She wore a white crop top, a leather mini-skirt, black leggings, red guantlets that had black sleeves going into them, red boots and said skirt had suspenders that went around her breasts.

And she looked displeased.

"Tifa, I'm going to assume you're not used to dealing with other worlds!"

"I was going to talk about the old man. That man is suspicious as can be." Tifa just made Coachman spit out his drink of water. "Honestly, it's cool to be here."

"Cool, but we don't promote stuff here."

"I'm not that surprised." Tifa stated. "Besides, there's still a lot of people to meet."

"Damn, where do you workout?" Clover asked. "You're looking right tough."

"Honestly, the work of trying to improve the environment." Tifa said.

"Uh-huh, that's just code words for fighting bad guys." Clover stated. "Besides, I'm looking right at the old guy too."

Tifa and Clover just walked up to him like it wasn't a big deal.

"You know, you could have just said hello, but this works too." Coachman said so casually. "You really should be on the same team, anyways."

"Thanks for the suggestion." Tifa remarked, just happy to have some casual advice. "That smile isn't going to get you places."

"You two ladies probably shouldn't be on my team." Coachman stated with a cruel smile.

"Good, because we're not on your team either." Robyn said, still carrying the crossbow without a problem.

Penny and Robyn were standing there like they were about to fight or something.

"Okay, okay, you four can join each other." Coachman just blew them with that same odd smile.

The second boat of six in ten minutes was just leaving once again to go to some random island that was actually where the portal was and also where the other contestants that came from this world...

...joined them.

And there was a third, because of course, there was and there was a guy who got a lot of the camp talking.

The clone of JFK was a pretty tall guy with a brown pompadour and looked like he did sports for a living with a big butt to boot.
He wore a red jumper with a white stripe, a white collared shirt, khakis and leather slacks.

"JFK...hey there!"

" uh...I'm seeing some good ones in here!" JFK shouted. "Ready to get it started and by it, I mean my-"

"Dude, stop for a second, this is a family show."

"...I forgot, er uh, but I'm bringing home that million with this lady!" JFK was just pulling a teenage hero out.

She didn't look out of the ordinary with the brown hair bob cut...besides the rosy cheeks indicating her powers.

Weirdly enough her powers didn't factor into the outfit, which was just a cream coloured-shirt, jeans and black trainers.

"Ochako Uraraka, you're floating in, right?"

"I guess you could say that." Ochako said, trying to move away from JFK. "I'm here and I'm repping USJ, yeah!"

"You know what my USJ is?" JFK was just moving foward towards the hero that could make things float. "The universal sexy JFK!"

"That's...just my school." Ochako said, accidentally raising a rock.

"You could make me float in bed." JFK remarked, before a random demon maid just slapped him on the head. "Ow, you're 18?!"

"Does that even mean I'll be with you?" The maid asked.

Despite the look of this short maid with pink hair, she was actually 18 and looked like she couldn't care less about the island's condition.

"Ram, pleased to make your accquaintance!"

"I'm not pleased to make your accquaintance, but on Roswaal's word, I'm here." Ram stated and then looked at JFK. "I'm not pleased to meet with men with ridiculous hair cuts."

"Man, you guys are friendly already." Chris announced.

"My haircut is not ridiculous. My hair's very American!" JFK boasted.

"...I'm just going to ignore that." Ram just went into Ochako's personal space, defending her.

"Er, thank you." Ochako said, dropping the rock. "My name's Ochako Uraraka and I'm going to be a hero someday!"

"Pleased to meet you, my name's Ram." Ram didn't look too happy. "I'm sure that our time together is going to be good."

"Alright." Ochako had a confident smile.

JFK was still knocked down when the next contestant came off.

"Whoa. Is he okay?"

A white-skinned teenage lady with a long tongue also jumped from the boat with her grey dress with blue trim, red pants and shoes.

And her pink sentient hat came along for the ride with extendable ribbons, eyes and side horns.

"Mystique Sonia, you've got one awesome hat!"

"Yasha isn't just a hat? She's the hat." Mystique Sonia said, as her hat was just standing up. "And she's pretty cool..."

JFK stood up with the dumb smile with Mystique Sonia

"...and really attractive!"

"Er uh, your white skin makes me want to get into your...hat?" JFK asked, as he went away from the contestant place.

Mystique Sonia and Chris were completely thrown off.

"My hat isn't that attractive, but I do look pretty good." Mystique Sonia said, clicking her fingers towards Ram and Ochako. "Hey, ladies, wait up!"


The next guy was 17, 5'6'', looked weirdly Korean and had white hair...and a blue bow on his hair.
He did wear a black dress shirt with a black tie, some khaki pants, black leather shoes and overall...looked pretty stylish.

"Khun, you kinda look like a lawyer."

"Trust me, I'm not even close to being that." Khun said with a smirk. "I'm just here to do some good competition, same as a lot of the contestants."

"That makes sense." Chris announced. "This is going to be the hardest Total Drama ever!"

"Last time you said that, an island nearly blew up. Let's hope that these islands don't really blow up." Khun said.

"Damn, I hope not!" Sugar shouted out of nowhere, as Khun just rolled his eyes. "Whoo!"

"I guess not." Khun stated.

The white-haired exiled prince still kept that same cool smile, as he went into the high amount of contestants.

"Man, you're one smart guy. I think I could tell." Sokka was attempting to be cool with a tree stump.

"Wait, you really can tell?" Khun asked jokingly.

"Kinda, but I know that look anywhere. It's the look of a bender who's too cool to care and I'm one of them." Sokka said, sitting down like he was about to do things.

"Come on, you're not that cool. But you can definitely defend yourself." Khun said, as Sokka stood up like he was ready to fight.

"Pretty much."

The boat left, as these two were having a bit of a conversation.

There was another boat, again, and it had six people, again, and these people were definitely struggling to deal with each other and the first guy had a British accent...despite not being British.

The 18-year old guy was blonde, had slight muscles and was 5'6'' and had a massive mop of blonde hair in vary tufts.
He wore a black jumper under a red vest hoodie, brown shorts, red boots and some kind of brown undergarments and they were all patterned with a whole bunch of circles. (blue on the jumper and grey on the other clothes.)

"Shulk, welcome to the drama! I know you can't drop the sword that lets you see into the future, but don't do that please."

"Honestly, being on this islands makes me thing that seeing into the future wouldn't be fun." Shulk said. "But I don't know if you can carry the sword."

"Hold on, it looks like it's a job for my Servbots!" The next contestant stated with her lego-like robots.

Tron Bonne was 14 and definitely looked like it too with her short brown hair being like two tails on the bottom.
She wore a pink dress, a black jacket with poofy sleeves, pink boots, pink gloves with cuffs, leggings and...armoured underpants?

"Tron Bonne, nice to see ya here!"

"Not really, but most of these people would probably make a decent crew." Tron Bonne remarked. "Including this boy with a huge sword."

The Servbots tried their best to carry it...and weirdly enough, got shocked and dropped the sword.

"...What kind of sword is this?" Tron asked.

"Some sword of the gods, but I don't know why it's shocking other robots like that." Shulk said, confused at Tron was. "To this day, there's probably still a bunch of secrets about the Monado."

"You've wielding it like it's nothing and there's still secrets to this day?" Tron looked like she was processing something. "Then I could help."

"...How?" Shulk asked. "I'll just put it in a box."

"Good, then I bet it would go for a lot of money to discover the secrets!" Tron had an eye.

"Uh, no thanks."

Julia was a 5'6'' attractive and slim 20-year old American with brown hair tied into a Native American styled ponytail and her clothes were kinda like her hairstyle.
Pretty Native American, as she wore a brown jacket over a white top with a enviromentalist logo on it, belted jean shorts, brown gloves and the blue sneaker boots.

"Julia, you're here for the Amazon, right?"

"That is right. It still gets smaller and smaller every single minute." Julia told Chris.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't advertise it."

"...You really don't know how serious this is." Julia said.

"Honestly, considering what I know, it's serious!" Shulk shouted.

"Even a guy from another world understands!" Julia stated without much of a problem, just going onto the massive cast of contestants. "But that still doesn't mean I'm going to forget what this is!"

"Okay, we get it. Just go already!" Tron Bonne huffed, as she saw Julia just carry her luggage. "Nicole's coming right now."

Nicole was a blue anthro cat who really looked like a mother with the extra buttons on her work shirt, grey pleated skirt and...general tiredness.

"Please, tell me we're here!" Nicole stated.

"Nicole, you are here! In Total Drama!"

God, why do you need to do this? I’m having a hard enough time as is.” Nicole shouted, almost getting in Chris’ face. “I thought it was-”

Look at the island!”

Nicole just dropped her jaw at the place that the resort actually was and the cafeteria that was actually ridiculously big, but all of it was Total Drama-styled.

Honestly, this is an actually good surprises. You need to have more of-” Nicole stated, when someone bumped into her. “-more of the good surprises.”

Get out of the way, talking cat!” The next contestant shouted.

Hey, that’s no way to talk to someone.” Nicole said.

Shut up, like, get over it.”

Chloe was definitely an attractive teen with her blonde hair tussled up into a clean ponytail and she looked like she kept herself in top condition.

She wore a yellow leather jacket, a white t-shirt with black stripes, blue skinny jeans and white flat shoes...for the island with sunglasses for good measure.

"Chloe, you're looking fresh!"

Yeah, I know, right. You’re that Chris McLean from the news.” Chloe regarded the host with a sneer “Anyways, I’m about to win this competition, like it’s nothing!”

...Are you insane, look at the other people that are here!” Nicole pointed her towards the cast that trended towards the very strong side. “They could eat you up.”

Please, I’m too beautiful!” Chloe exclaimed, as the blondie just walked onto the island with her luggage. “Servant?”

He’s clearly not a servant!” Nicole shouted.

Yeah, I’m definitely not one.” The ordinary-ish guy said, definitely carrying his stuff and Chloe’s extra stuff.

Reigen just did his usual thing of wore a white shirt, grey suit trousers and black he looked a little less ordinary with his short blonde hair and was clearly an adult.

And he might even be a scam artist at times without Mob.

"Reigen, looks like you're up to something good!"

I’m making a name for myself! Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.” Reigen said. “...So, it’s not a lie?”

Man, why would I lie, this season is the biggest TD to date?”

...Come on, where’s the drama?!” Reigen just ignored Chris. “Oh shit, there is a lot of it. This camp does look pretty good, though.”

I don’t pay you to wait!” Chloe shouted at him.

I don’t even get paid most of the time!”

The host just shrugged, as these two were sure to not like each other, as Reigen was practically carrying a lot of extra stuff and Chloe was flippantly...flipping her hand at someone.

And yet, there was a whole lot more of these contestants, 23 to be exact, and five more were about to get onto the island and the first one of those walked off with a confident smile.

Yumeko sort of wore a Japanese prep school's outfit with a red overcoat, a white shirt, a black tie, a grey pleated skirt, black leggings and black leather shoes.

By the way, she had black hair, was 16 and was definitely an average height for a Japanese schoolgirl and...had above average assets on the front.

"Yumeko, I'm guessing you want to bet on the chance on being the winner!"

I guess you could say that.” Yumeko said. “But I’m not really here to get a million, because I’ve got a million.”

Honestly, that makes sense.” Miko stated, coming up to her. “You’re the gambling queen at the school that throws around money like it’s nothing. I bet you’re here to have some good times!”

Oh, you’ve caught me.” Yumeko happily said. “These challenges are definitely going to prove my skill.”

I dunno if gambling like crazy is a skill, but it’s something.” Miko remarked, just awkwardly smiling.

...Yeah, that’s an interesting skill. How do you even win against the mob of gamblers, yourself?” Azula sounded interested, as Yumeko answered with...

I just beat the cheaters and there are a lot of them.” Yumeko answered honestly and angrily. “Also, you’re making it sound like everyone was against me.”

You were up against the top players of the school, it does sound like a compromising situation over, you’re more than worthy of being on my team.” Azula said with a confident smile.

Sounds great!”

Squigly (or Sienna Conticello) was an actual slim zombie teenager aristocrat and she looked the part with her mouth sewn shut, blue skin and blue hair that covered her left eye and was in ponytail on the right side.
She wore a blue and red dress with red and white seperated sleeves...and red and white high heeled boots.

"Squigly isn't your real name, but you're still here to kick butts, right?”

Yes, you could say that. But there’s no need to be so crude, though!” Squigly stated.

Quite so, Mr. McLean.” The bone dragon that stuck out of Squigly’s head stated with a very British voice.

Nice bone dragon! What’s his name?”

My name is Leviathan and I am a parasite of sorts.” Leviathan stated. “And you’re in no position to be hosting reality shows, mister-”

Alright, we’re moving onto the next guy!”

Squigly got butted into the conversation between the two scary black-haired ladies and she really ended up in a weird moment.

Hello, you two. My name is Sienna Conticello and I am pleased to make your accquaintance!" The zombie teenager said. "What's with the angry face?"

"Could you not interrupt, we are talking about matters of importance and strategy." Azula said. "And games."

"I doubt that all three of those things are what you were talking about." Squigly remarked, with her dragon on her head just as unsure.

"And then you thought wrong in your stupid mind." Azula just threw that out...with a smile.

"Is this how you introduce yourself to most people?"

"To only the stupid people."

"Daaaamn!" Some guy that wasn't even on the boat shouted. "That was an insult for the ages."

Joey Wheeler was a 5'10'' white teen with big dirty blonde tapered hair...with some weird Brooklyn accent.
His clothes were more ordinary guy, wearing a white t-shirt with blue sleeves, trim and a blue logo, black trousers, black trainers and a necklace.

"Joey, you're up for another card game?"

"Chris, I have never met you and I ain't playing games with you!" Joey shouted. "Okay, you could've asked, but you're the host."

"Chill, dude, it's just a joke, bro."

"Yeah, but I'm still not playing games." Joey had a smile this time, ready to have some fun puns. "I've got no more disks, anyways."

Joey was observing the palpatable energy that came from the some of the island's more antagonistic guys and gals and he just happened to run into a bird and a potoroo.

And, he tried something.

"Hey, guys, what's your problem?" Joey just wanted to ask.

"What's with your accent?" Pinstripe said. "It's like some kind of mockery bullshit."

"Come on, he just wants to know why you're still acting like a hard egg." Falco said with a whole lot of spite.

"This guy's accent is whack and he thinks that he's a better person than me!" Pinstripe proclaimed. "Which he isn't!"

"Hey, genius, you're not proving that right now!" Falco shouted, not willing to let things go.

"Yeah, listen, I'm not going to get involved." Joey just walked backwards out of the guys with a smooth situation. "Alright, you guys have fun."

The next two contestants witnessed the mess that there was going to be in this season and just sighed a lot.

Cassie Cage was a military woman with short blonde hair in a bang of sorts with a short ponytail.
She wore a black trucker hat, sunglasses, plain buttoned shirt, white sweatpants and dark fluffy boots.

"Cassie Cage, you made it and I bet your dad's proud...."

Sandy Cheeks was decked out in her yellow suit, mostly because she didn't want to wear the bikini up here.

"... and Sandy Cheeks! Welcome to the drama isles!"

Cassie and Sandy were both very interested in this show...and each other, unsurprisingly.

"Wait, an actual talking squirrel?" Cassie asked.

"And you're some kinda small human?" Sandy asked back.

"We're both the same size, though!" Cassie shouted. "Human-sized."

"Yeah, we're both human-sized, probably." Sandy said.

The two of them looked at each other, before Chris broke up some seriously awkward tension with each other by literally being in the middle of these two.

"Alright, we've still got a butt load more contestants to go, alright!"

These two were coming up to the somewhat chaotic crowd, as they were just looking at the two new people that came up with authority and a weird look at each other.

"Damn, you two are kinda fine!" JFK shouted. "Oh wait, you're a squirrel!"

Sandy didn't look too impressed.

"Er-uh, not that's wrong or anything."

JFK got kicked in the chin, as he flew up and then went down like an angel that hit rock bottom.

"What kind of man hits on a squirrel?" Cassie asked.

"I dunno, some kind of guy that wouldn't survive in Texas!" Sandy shouted. "Apparently, this guy's a clone of that JFK guy."

"Huh, that's definitely something you don't hear every day. How is the clone of the president like that?" Cassie said, as there was another woman coming up on them.

"Oh shit, that's weak!" Leshawna shouted, as Cassie just came up and clicked her. "He said something about chocolate and I didn't want to be around that type of man."

"...He said that?!" Clover looked very surprised, as she poked out of the trees.

"Man, we've got definitely the most Total Drama for your buck yet with these 85 and we're still not done with these new guys coming into the roster!"

Chris had a lot of contestants to finish up the introductions, as there was more than 25 contestants left on the board and one of them was about to...not come from a yacht.

But only a small boat.

"They'll come after the break!"

To be continued in Part 2b with the final part of these introductions and whatever else is happening in that part, as there's going to be no more from that point onwards.

The new players that are introducted right here, right now:

57. Sol Badguy, The Gruff Fighter (Guilty Gear)

58. Falco Lombardi, The Space Pilots (Star Fox)

59. Pinstripe Potoroo, The Gangster Weasel (Crash Bandicoot)

60. Heavy Weapons Guy, The...Heavy Weapon Expert (Team Fortress 2)

61. Carmelita Fox, The Tough Cop (Sly Cooper)

62. Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter (Metroid)

63. Kate Alen, The Popstar Racer (F-Zero)

64. Robyn, The Wolfwalker (Wolfwalkers)

65. Haohmaru, The World-Travelling Samurai (Samurai Shodown)

66. Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)

67. Clover, The Valley Girl (Totally Spies)

68. Tifa Lockhart, The Bartending Fighter (Final Fantasy)

69. JFK, The Flirty Jock (Clone High)

70. Ochako Uraraka, The Floaty Gal (My Hero Academia)

71. Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)

72. Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)

73. Khun Aguero Agnes, The Case-Carrying Strategists (Tower of God)

74. Shulk, The Engineering Swordsman (Xenoblade)

75. Tron Bonne, The Tech Pirate (Megaman Legends)

76. Julia Chang, The Enviromentalist Fighter (Tekken)

77. Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)

78. Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug)

79. Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)

80. Yumeko Jabami, The Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)

81. Joey Wheeler, The Third-Rate Duellist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

82. Squigly/Sienna Conticello, The Zombie Aristocrat (Skullgirls)

83. Cassie Cage, The Military Millenial (Mortal Kombat)

84. Sandy Cheeks, The Texan Squirrel (Spongebob)

The players introduced in the previous parts...or rather, both parts:

---Part 1a:---

1. Aisling, The Irish Spirit (Secret of Kells)

2. Tails, The Genius Kid (Sonic The Hedgehog)

3. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

4. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

5. Kipo Oak, The Half-Mutant Girl (Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts)

6. Kristoff, The Ice Picking Expert (Frozen)

7. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

8. Kyo Kusanagi, The Fiery Dropout (King of Fighters)

9. Yuri Sakazaki, The Wild Karate Girl (Art of Fighting)

10. Eva, The Angry Athlete (Total Drama Island)

11. Sakura Kusagano, The High School Fighter (Street Fighter)

12. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

13. Hank Hill, The Family Man (King of The Hill)

14. Hayley Smith, The Liberal Wife (American Dad)

15. Fred Flintstone, The Caveman Husband (The Flintstones)

16. Sugar, The Pageant Star (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

17. Connor, The Android Cop (Detroit: Become Human)

18. Lynn Loud, The Sports Fanatic (The Loud House)

19. Rapunzel, The Long-Haired Princess (Tangled)

20. Arle, The Puzzle Magician (Puyo Puyo)

21. Askeladd, The Viking Man (Vinland Saga)

22. Haida, The Shy Coworker (Aggrestuko)

23. Donkey Kong, The Loud Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

24. Wario, The Business Glutton (Wario)

25. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

26. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldiers (Youjo Senki)

27. Leshawna, The Girl With 'Tude (Total Drama Island)

28. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

---Part 1b:---

29. Soma Yukihira, The Confident Cook (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma)

30. Shego, The Teenage Villain (Kim Possible)

31. Tanjiro Kamado, The Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer)

32. Darkness, The Pain-Loving Crusader (Konosuba)

33. Luigi, The Scaredy Brother (Super Mario)

34. Azula, The Fiery Former Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

35. Daisy, The Spunky Princess (Super Mario)

36. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Cop (Zootopia)

37. Iori Yagami, The Moody Bassist (King of Fighters)

38. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

39. Sokka, The Boomerang Guy (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

40. Riku, The World-Travelling Hero (Kingdom Hearts)

41. Basil (of Baker Street), The Aloof Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

42. Tobio Kageyama, The Aggressive Setter (Haikyuu!)

43. Tohru Oikawa, The Adaptive Setter (Haikyuu!)

44. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

45. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

46. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

47. Pit, The Angel Warrior (Kid Icarus)

48. Albedo, The Succbus In Love (Overlord)

49. Mikasa Ackerman, The Attacking Scout (Attack on Titan)

50. Miko Kubota, The Tech Support Gamer (Glitch Techs)

51. Barker/Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

52. Rock, The Teen Rocker (Ridonculous Race)

53. B, The Silent Genius (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

54. Riley Freeman, The Abrasive Kid (The Boondocks)

55. Penny Proud, The Middle Schooler (The Proud Family)

56. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

And there it goes, the biggest and more than likely, the least watchable season of Total Drama ever and there's still a whole bunch more!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 2b: The Final Set of Campers!

Well, everyone's here and I am kinda tired of writing these introductions out, but that's what happens when you have a roster that is 112 contestants strong for no good reason.

But at the same time, that mean there's going to be years' and years' worth of drama in this story and this is gonna be a long one... let the final introductions commence.

The show was back for the fourth and final time to introduce its own massive set of contestants and it was kinda absurd that there was this many introductions.

Either way, one of them just came in.

She kinda did look like a jester, although it was more because of the black and dark red sports bra that was under a black t-shirt proclaiming that she arrived and long red shorts that were comfortable and sexy and red leggings with spade symbols and red and black trainers.

Her long-ish bleached blonde hair with pink and cyan tips on either tip and of course, she was attractive and had jester-like make up.

"Harley Quinn, what are you doing on that boat?"

"Doing what I do best. Fucking shit up." Harley shouted.

"Please stop fucking shit up." Rock shouted from the crowd, as the jester girl had her bat ready. "Please?"

"I won't, anyways, how the hell is everyone going to show up on screen?"

"Good question." Chris said. "It kinda is!"

Harley Quinn and Rock were both mouths agape, but there was also a countless amount of groans and facepalms that were coming from the 84 other conestants.

"Eh, at least, I'm here." Harley Quinnn said, baseball bat in tow. "And like I said, I'm here to 'cause some trouble."

"It could be like a bit of a gamble." Yumeko looked excited to be with her. "And the bat's just there, right?"

"Listen, I need some protection!" Harley declared. "And this is some good protection."

Azula wasn't that surprised that the two of them went together, but she did look happy about something...

...and the chad on dock just made her angry.

The guy that stepped onto the dock and just clicked his fingers towards the unimpressed ladies was Johnny Bravo, a guy with good muscles in general and a blonde pompadour.
He wore a black t-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.

"Johnny Bravo, you're the 86th contestant in this super reality show!"

"Hey, fire-breathing baby, I bet you could light up a good BBQ!" Johnny Bravo declared to Azula...

...who just threw some of that fire-breathing above his head.

"Whoa, you almost lit up my hair, Azula."

"Please, I could do much more than that, but you're not worth the effort to burn." Azula stated, which somehow made Johnny get closer.

"Oooh, you're making me burn." Johnny Bravo was practically getting pulled back by Sokka, as he said sweet nothings....sort of. "Whoa, whoa, wait your turn."

"She almost burned your ridiculous hair." Sokka told him, as the guy just went back for more. "Apparently, she's 14."

"What a bummer, man. Me and her were going to go on a lot of fire dates." Johnny Bravo stated, thinking about dates that are never going to be had.

With Sokka struggling to deal with this guy's one track mind.

And there was another boat coming with some more people and this time, it was a small yacht and the first guy looked very bored.

This guy was a Japanese guy with messy white hair and had 5'10'' in height. His clothes were simple and Japnese, wearing a white yukata (or kimono) and under that was black trousers, a black shirt with the collar popped and black boots.

His name? Gintoki Sakata, reading the thing.

"Gintoki, hey!"

Gintoki just dropped the magazine with the attractive woman.

"Dude, you've gotta be more subtle."

"Alright, it's not like this island is going to be any better." Gintoki said, before seeing the island. "Man, this show is crazy!"

"Anything for a million dollars or whatever it is in yen." A green-skinned Namekian stated. "Huh, would you look at that."

Piccolo looked an literal alien martial artist with the big ears, antenna and being seven and a half feet tall...which went with the green skin.
Either way, he wore a white and purple headwrap hat, a white cape and shoulder pads combo and a purple martial arts gi, blue wrapped belt and brown leather shoes.

"Piccolo? Welcome to the island!"

"I am on it, not sure if I'm welcome." Piccolo saw the islanders. "These people seem crazy."

"I know, right?" Gintoki said. "Anyways, I've got this thing."

It was one hell of a thin and long statue, that much can be said for what he showed Piccolo.

"Yeah, I'm tired of this thing already." Piccolo said, as he walked into the crowd of people.

"Alright, this is just happening to me." Gintoki stated, almost certainly dodging some sticks.

Piccolo came up to most of the chaotic crowd and just threw away his cape for dramatic measure.

"Hey! What's up with you?!" Piccolo boomed, being ridiculously tall compared to everyone else. "Good, what's wrong with some of you?"

There was a whole lot of contestants that were bringing the glares towards the tall green alien, as he stood his ground like he didn't care.

"Look, I doubt that fighting random people is going to help or make this island better. I might know a bit from my nephew." Piccolo stated. "Of sorts."

"Whoa, you're a uncle?! Nice!" Tifa remarked, as Piccolo was just standing up with a lot of proudness. "Hey, maybe you guys shouldn't fight for dumb reasons."

"Honestly, I don't really care that much, it's just that everyone's fighting right now for no reason." Piccolo then noticed the next pair that came off the boat. "They're dead, right?"

"I dunno, man, are they dead?" Kageyama said. "Could just be walking skeletons."

"Are we just acting like that's normal now?!" Riku shouted, as the volleyball player and alien uncle were right besides him.

There was in fact, two talking skeletons, that were walking through on the dock like it was pretty normal.

A big-bodied skeleton knight with a sword and no lower jaw? Well, there was only one man or...contestant who could match that.

"Sir Daniel, you can talk, right?"

"Thank you for allowing me to be on this competition." Sir Daniel attempted to say.

Unfortunately, he had no lower jaw, so things got muffled.

"Good enough." Chris just shrugged. "And who's this guy?"

"I am the great Papyrus, ready to represent the underground and I am a skeleton of words and respecting humans and monsters!" Papyrus made a statement.

As for the other tall skeleton that was in the game, he was kinda similar in that, he had a armour plate on the chest and shoulders, underpant armour on the pelvis, red gloves and boots, a red scarf and some kinda black thing on the rest of his bones.

"Papyrus, excited to be on Total Drama?"

"...Yes!" Papyrus practically screamed out, as Sir Daniel didn't cover his ears...but everyone else did. "Who said that friends can't be made in competition?!"

"No-one said that." Piccolo crossed his arms with a confident look.

"Oooh, an alien!" Papyrus shouted, as he looked at Piccolo. "You can speak English!"

"Yes, can you please get out of my personal space?" Piccolo just swatted the skeleton away.

Papyrus just went out of his personal space excited, as Riku and Tobio Kageyama were sure that this guy was kinda crazy.

As for the skeleton that couldn't properly speak, there was a lot of words happening and a conversation that essentially didn't exist.

"So, is this where the competition is? Nice to meet so many...strange people." Sir Daniel said, still without that lower jaw.

"You want a fight or something?" JFK was just stancing up aggressively.

"You all are fine!" Sir Daniel wasn't in the mood for random fights.

"Alright, er uh, let's rumble!" JFK shouted, doing a punch into some armour.

And it bounced off, making the clone president's fist hurt.

"...Why are you so strong?"

"Dude, he has got some armour on!"

As JFK was reeling from the hurt hand, some of the others were actually looking.

"...What?" Tails asked, completely thrown off.

There was going to be a whole lot of contestants and there's still a whole lot of boats that were actually carrying six contestants and one of them wasn't scared of much.

Spike was basically a purple young dragon with a green underbelly and back flap and he looked eager to get into this competition.

Before he realised what he was going into.

"Spike, welcome to Total Drama!"

"Yeah, I sure am welcome!" Spike shouted. "Is it always like that?"

"It's the biggest Total Drama season, yet! What were you expecting?"

"Honestly, not this really." Spike got met with the glares of Kyo and Iori, due to his fire breath. "What's with people and dragons."

"Are you part of the Orochi assholes?" Kyo asked seriously with intent.

"What the heck is an Orochi clan?!" Spike said. "And why's everyone in such a bad mood."

"I don't know, we're waiting for two hours for anything to happen." Kyo said. "Besides, they said they would show up."

"...Who are those guys? I still don't know." Spike said, confused about the Orochi.

"Long story short, they want to eliminate us humans to protect nature or whatever they're doing this time. Somehow, nature would be back to normal." Kyo scoffed at the idea.

"That does sound like some people my friends fought...except dumber." Spike remarked. "I think."

"Trust me, if they show up again, you don't want to meet them." Kyo told him. "They're probably a bit of an asshole."

"Okay?" Spike didn't sound too sure.

Gloria was just a female hippo with a big heart and an even bigger pair of buttocks and she wasn't intimidated by the chaotic energy of the show.

"Gloria, you really bring that hippo energy into the game!"

"I've got that big hippo energy happening here!" Gloria shouted. "What's happening, y'all!"

The hippo was just seeing Kyo and Iori just get angry over each other.

"They're fighting...again." Spike said, something knowing the beef between these two.

"Seriously, what are you all fighting over?" Gloria said, as she picked Kyo and Iori up and just let them go.

"Heh, you wouldn't get it."

They both said this at the same time, as Gloria just looked at them.

"Then I don't even care what your problem is, it's still a problem!" Gloria shouted. "Besides, at least you two can understand me."

"Uh, most of the people can hear you fine." Kasumi said. "How did you carry those two?"

"I used my hands...that's it." Gloria looked like she had to explain the basics.

"Those two are pretty strong, though." Kasumi remarked.

"And I'm a talking hippo, what's your problem?"

"...I don't have one."

The next contestant that came off the boat sighed, as she wasn't exactly excited to be on such a crazy island.

Raven was a blue-skinned teen superhero coming from Azaranth, but kinda had a demon father and didn't really have the time to chill with that.
She wore a black leotard with sleeves and fingerless gloves, a purple cape, purple gloves and a purple cape that covered her black hair.

"Raven, welcome to the drama! What's with the cloak?" Chris asked with enthusiasm.

"It's none of your business. I just like wearing it." Raven said, not sounding too impressed with the host.

"Alright, alright, I just wanted to ask." Chris said, as the superhero that was still floating.

"Okay." Raven said.

And she wanted to get in, but there was a explosions expert blocking her way.

Tiny Tina was a 19-year old light-skinned blonde with a passion for pizza and incase no-one knew it, bombs...and she wasn't even tiny.
Packed with bombs and wearing a protective vest, slapdash armour, military-style pants, boots and bomb ingredients...a lot of them, really.

"Tiny Tina or just Tina! Nice to see you that you're here."

"Yeah, I'm here and I'm clear about mah bombs!" Tina shouted.

"Please move right now." Raven said.

"Nah, I'm not moving." Tina stood her ground, moving from side to side.

Raven just pushed her out of the way with her powers.

"Come on, now my bomb stuff is just on the dock!"

"You could've just moved...not that hard." Raven remarked. "Most of these guys are not you, that much I can say."

The dark-looking teen hero just went out of Tina's personal space and just probably went away from her...unlike the next contestant.

Squirrel Girl was a redhead young adult that loved squirrels, didn't look too unattractive and of course, was a squirrel-carrying superhero.
Her costume was a brown leotard and boots and grey leggings with a dark brown she had fake squirrel ears and a real squirrel tail.

"Squirrel Girl, so is your real name Doreen?" Chris asked. "That's-"

"I thought you were a different guy, but you're definitely Chris, alright." Squirrel Girl told the host.

"Yeah, that's great." Chris grumbled. "Alright, there's a whole bunch of people that can't wait to meet ya!"

"Alright, I'm going to do that!"

Squirrel Girl (or Doreen) was just picking up Tina along the way, as the latter was piggybacking on the former.

"Wow, you've got a big butt!" Tina remarked.

"...Er, you have one, too?" Squirrel Girl definitely had a comment.

And it could only go up from there.

"Yeah and I bet the squirrels are not having that!"

"They sure aren't! They're just eating nuts."

These two moreso happened to this conversation, as they just jumped down into a conversation about...fighting?

"Eh, I bet I could beat you in an KOF one day. Hopefully that does comes soon, because I'm still representing the Todoh name!" Kasumi declared to Yuri confidently.

"Alright, then Kyokugenryu's got me and I'm not ready to back-" Yuri stated.

Tina and Squirrel Girl tripped into their personal space.

"-What is your own problem?" Yuri stated.

"Seriously, you can trip anywhere else! You want to fight?"

And the duo came up.

The next boat came off with air of coolness, as the majority of the four were not scared to do crazy stuff.

A certain Chinese cook came out of the boat, which some of the other contestants somehow recognized, and with her ramen noodle arms, bowl cut hair, hidden under her orange ramen bowl-like hat, it was not to.

And she wore her usual outfit of a green chinese chestplate, an orange shirt and shorts, a black undershirt and green and orange trainers.

"Er, go to my ramen shop." Min Min stated.

"Min Min, how are ya?" Chris announced. "You look determined."

"Trust me, my shop needs the money more than I do." Min Min stated. "And I don't intend to lose either!"

"That's one hell of a declaration!" Harley Quinn shouted. "What have you got?"

Min Min stretched her arms out with confidence, reaching for a long handshake.

"Pleased to meet you." She said. "I do have my arms."

"Listen, I've got a friend with long arms...and can turn into you for sure, that's not much." Harley Quinn stated, as Min Min still shared that same smile.

"I've been working in my shop for so many years and I even have these arms for that reason!" Min Min shouted. "Sometimes, powers don't matter that much."

Soma was just bumping Riku's shoulders.

"Yeah, I know. You two were kinda born into the restaurant." Riku remarked.

"No, what I meant that was she could be an ramen legend." Soma said, as Riku just raised an eyebrow. "Look at her, she's practically half-ramen!"

The white-haired demon hunter looked a little bit older than what everyone would've liked, but his stubble just added to attractiveness and general cool demon hunter energy.

He did wear his burgundy leather jacket, black jeans, navy blue t-shirt with a opped colour, fingerless gloves and long dark brown boots and it oozed a cool old guy-ish style.

"Dante, you're looking really snazzy!"

"Yeah, Chris, you could really say that!" Dante shouted. "Huh, this island is exactly what I expected from the actual description. This is one hell of a competition!"

"Heck yeah, it is!" Lynn Loud stated, as she cheered on the white-haired half-demon. "But, I've done sports like it's nothing."

"Heh, you wish that you had done half the stuff that I've done!" Dante said.

"You probably just sit around and do not much." Lynn Loud proclaimed, readying her hockey stick. "When I'm older, I bet I'll beat you!"

"Alright, give it your best shot..." Dante had a smirk. "...with your team."

"My team's going to be awesome and if we end up on the same team, me and her are going to be the best teammates." Penny backed up Lynn like it wasn't a big deal. "Definitely."

"Man, even the kids are in the competitive spirit!" Dante shouted, looking at a certain tall witch. "But there's someone that I want to meet."

"Looks like he showed up." Bayonetta remarked.

As the kids were watching a demon hunter and a Umbra Witch just come up to each other, a summer-loving cook jumped out of nowhere.

A tanned taller-than-average blonde teen with fox ears and hair parted in the middle jumped off with his luggage.
He wore a decorated blue vest, a blue sash thing around his big belt, white pants, black sleeves, brown boots and...of course, goggles.

"Lowain, yo!"

"Yo, Dante! What's been happening?!" Lowain shouted.

"Hey, Lowain! I'm dealing with a witch who's really into me." Dante threw out a quip with a smirk.

"It's more like he just walked up and tried to say hello in a cool manner." Bayonetta remarked, as she went up to Dante's face.

Lowain just immediately got the situation, as he clicked towards the duo, who were not liking each other.

"Whoa, you're also a cook...and a furry?" Soma shouted.

"You could say that, bromigo. You're that Totsuki dude with that weird armband headband...thing?" Lowain asked, as Soma nodded with an awkward smile.

"Yeah. Man, a lot of people don't like me, I don't know why." Soma just answered with a confident look.

"Maybe it's because they're jealous of your mad cooking skills and...spiky as hell hair?" Lowain asked. "I dunno, I barely know you."

"Oh, gee."

Some young adult with pink scruffy hair and slight stubble came in wear a summery version of his villains outfit with the yellow shorts, a yellow and orange t-shirt, navy blue socks and red shoes..

And he came out of the smoke and somehow flopped onto the ground.

"Giovanni Potage, some villain!"

"I am not just some villain, I am the villain!" Giovanni declared, as he stood up with confidence. "I don't abandon my teammates at a drop of the hat, but I'm here to get a million, make a lot of friends and make one hell of an organization!"

"...Truth?" Riku was a little bit too swept up. "What do you plan to do?"

"Don't want to say it again, but there's going to be some serious teamwork when the team has me in it!" Giovanni shouted.

"You know, you're sounding like a bit of a hero." Riku had a bit of a smirk, as Giovanni got offended. "Sorry, sorry, just-"

"I'm going to be the biggest, baddest villain who respect his underlings!" Giovanni was definitely throwing off some people.

"Good luck with that with this tall British mum." Dante was practically guarding with his guns against Bayonetta.

"I'm sure that the demon hunter who always goes alone will be a great teammate." Bayonetta kinda went aggressively against the demon hunter.

"I bet with you two on my team, you'd work together like a true power couple." Giovanni declared, as the two of them were glaring daggers. "Okay, then I will leave the conversation."

While Dante and Bayonetta having a bit of a banter, one random girl jumped off the boat to witness the banter.

Tomo was a 18-year old girl that was 5'2'', had long-ish black hair and was wearing simple khaki trousers, black trainers with white soles, a blue striped t-shirt and sunglasses.

"Tomo, also coming all of the way from Tokyo like a lot of our contestants!"

Tomo just breathed in to ensure that her introduction was as loud as possible.

"My name is Tomo Takino! I'm ready to do some total drama and my friends believe that I'm here to kick some serious butt!" Tomo yelled, as she made things clear. "Which I am, except for my team, who I'll kick butt with!"

"...You two remind me of each other, if that makes sense." Riku said carefully, as to not make Giovanni mad.

"Her introduction was good and her energy is good! I should recruit her." Giovanni stated.

Riku wasn't sure what he got himself into, but he was in it and he couldn't care less about who was going to be there.

Tomo just jumped off the dock onto the beach and ran towards a certain pink-haired guy and his random crew of people that liked enthusiasm.

"Wow, you're that pink-haired guy that just declared teamwork! Uh, awesome!" Tomo shouted.

"Thanks, thanks, you're pretty kind." Giovanni said. "Now, do you want to be on your team?"

"I guess so! Trust me, I've got some good physical stuff and can drive." Tomo stated.

"Yeah, we've got a pink-haired guy and some lady, let's go! It's a team with Wario in it!" Wario came up to the two of them...with him smelling bad and them moving away. "Yeah, don't like my manly musk?"

There was definitely an small area of small around Wario that practically repelled contestants from him.

And this boat contained the most exciting guy that would be on here. (And for the fanfiction readers, the most prolific hero in any Total Drama crossover...sans the cartoons one.)

It was Deadpool, no bones about it and he could see that there was a guy that was waving towards him and...weirdly enough, it was the other guy that could also break the fourth wall sometimes.

"Deadpool, rather fittingly the 100th contestant to come on board!"

"Alright, Chris, it's the big 100! I've gotta give credit to the author of this story, they've really got the characters nailed." Deadpool exclaimed, before Chris was looking at him. "And how you've packed so much watchable insanity into one show."

"Finally, a compliment!" Chris shouted, as he groaned with a smile. "Also, please stand with the 99 other contestants."

"Will do, Chris-man!"

Deadpool went up to two people who really liked him.

"Dante, Pit, what's happening?" Deadpool said, having met them on the island that the boats came from. "Looks like you two are in a situation."

"I reek and I don't know where the bath is." Pit felt the smell, as his eyes were red.

"...Yeah, I can't help, but I can see that you've got someone!" Deadpool told Dante, who was in a situation that got worse with that comment.

"Well, he's definitely trying with the glares, but I've dealt with too many glares to care." Bayonetta shouted with some serious passive-agressive tones.

"Nice, good luck with that." Deadpool said, unsure of how those two were going to do.

While the merc with the mouth just went out, there was another contestant also wanted to get off.

Hsien-Ko was a traditional Chinese vampire girl, wearing pink and blue traditional Chinese clothes, including very loose sleeves filled with weapons and blue pants and her sister, who was a paper on her pink traditional Chinese hat

The sleeve with weapons was't the only thing she was carrying, as there was a whole lot of actual luggage as well.

"Hsien-Ko, welcome to the show."

"Hello, Chris. I assume that this is the show that...has some problems, but I'd rather not deal with the vampire stuff." Hsien-Ko said. "Besides, there's probably a lot of people like me in other worlds."

"There definitely are some here, though."

Chris just took a smug look at her, as the Jiang-Su woman wasn't impressed.

"I know, but it does sound insane." Hsien-Ko said. "I'll go and meet 'em."

Hsien-Ko actually walked to one of the ladies that could fight and immediately, Squigly actually came up to her at an appropriate distance.

"Hello, nice to meet you!" Hsien-Ko shouted. "You actually look really good."

"Thank you. You're also very beautiful for a...Chinese vampire." Squigly said. "Sorry if that came out wrong."

"No, no, it's fine. The blue skin does throw off people." Hsien-Ko said. "I'm just hoping that there's someone to make sure that we're not like this anymore."

Pepper Ann was 12, a kinda tall, white middle schooler with swept right hair and a ponytail tied with a blue scrunchie.
she wore a loose purple jumper, an olive-coloured skirt, jeans that ended right above the ankle, cream-coloured socks and black sneakers.

"Pepper Ann, welcome to the freakshow!"

"Yeah, I feel like my imagination only goes so far. I couldn't have imagined this, but..." Pepper Ann didn't look too sure. "...this is probably a bit too much."

"Yeah, but this is the season where we're going all out!"

"I'm not complaining, because my friends won't believe me, but I'm just happy to be here." Pepper Ann just awkwardly walked into the middle of the monsters' conversation.

Squigly and Hsien-Ko were looking at her like she was weird.

"I'm just hoping that you guys don't eat me or something." Pepper just shrugged.

"No, we don't do that." Squigly said.

"Of course, we don't eat people." Hsien-Ko said with a honest laugh.

"Yeah, I doubt you would do that. You two probably must be pretty nice." Pepper Ann just told the two of them.

The three of them shared a smile, but then there was lightning that came down near them and Kyo lit up at who it might have been.

And then it was some skeleton guy, as Kyo just groaned.

Being the third tall skeleton, he stood out by really looking like a villain with the green eyes and all that.
He wore a black and red cloak with a food, two lightning bolt horns, underwear and black shoes.

"Yo, Lord Hater, stop putting down lightning! I'm already up to the neck in lawsuits!" Chris told him, probably tired of getting sued.

"Well, you're the one getting sued, right! Listen, I'm ready to make those lawsuits disappear!" Lord Hater declared. "Because we're both villains."

"First off, not a villain. Secondly, can't say!"

Lord Hater walked with a lot of intent, anger and probably some random fire.

"My name is Lord Hater and I'm going to be the best villain on this show! Those teenagers cannot compare to me, an adult!" Lord Hater yelled. "With fire."

"Yeah, yeah, that's great and all, but you're not looking like that right now." Harley Quinn wasn't too interested in him.

"Are you looking at me, are you blind?" Lord Hater asked. "Because I am looking like a real villain!"

"...Honestly, were you dropped on your skull or something?" Harley Quinn was blown back by this guy's quality.

"No, I am very fine and very calm!" Lord Hater yelled.

Scott was a 23-year old Canadian redhead man and he didn't look too out of the ordinary.
He wore a green t-shirt, blue jeans, black trainers and grey jocks, adding to the ordinariness of it all.

Aside from teleporting in with the bags and the stuff.

"Scott Pilgrim, how the heck did you get here?"

"I just kinda went into subspace and came here from that island over there." Scott said. "It's not like there aren't other people that can't teleport."

"Never mind, Scott." Chris just gave up. "Welcome to the island."

"There's just an insane amount of people here." Scott remarked. "Must be some kind of special Total Drama occasion."

"It kinda is, because it's the biggest season of all time." Deadpool said. "I'm not complaining."

"What the heck, are you like a comic book guy or something?" Scott asked, surprised.

"Yeah, pretty much. Seriously, I could tell you about the time I-"

These two were walking away from the dock like they were friends or something, but they were definitely having some kind of crazy conversation, that's for sure.

There was only a few more to go and all three of them were not in the mood to talk to Chris and the first guy kinda had to do that as his ninja way.

Storm Shadow was a young adult ninja that wore all white except his red sash and belt and he definitely looked like a ninja...mask and all.

"Storm Shadow, you look like a ray of sunshine."

"I can sense Snake Eyes." Storm Shadow said. "And you can't stop me!"

"Yeah, that's not happening and-"

Chris that the ninja already did a smoke bomb and ran off at an ridiculous speed.

"-you made it happen, man!"

Amelia definitely looked like a human woman and cat hybrid with the short orange hair and...human-coloured fur pirate captain.
She wore black long high-heeled boots, brown pants, a blue jacket with yellow shoulder pads, a white shirt and white gloves.

"Captain Amelia or just Amelia, how are you doing?"

"Fine. I'm not so sure about the crowd of people that are going on appear on television." Amelia said. "I'm talking about equal airtime, Chris."

"Well, I've got a solution!"

"As much as you'd like to say, I'm not sure that dealing with 100 contestants wouldn't grate on anyone. You have my sincere sympathies, you fool." Amelia stated, as the host felt like he got an strong insult.

"Bruh, he's not a fool. He's a legend!" A short, but manly guy shouted.

Said short and green-skinned manly guy that was pretty fat to the point where he had man boobs...of sorts and had long brown hair.
And he wore blue t-shirt, black trousers, black shoes.

"Muscle Man, welcome to the show!"

"Yeah, you better believe it." Muscle Man shouted, high-fiving Chris. "I don't know what her problem is, but she needs to wait."

"Wait for some of these people to run wild and probably stomp on the host?" Amelia asked. "I doubt that this is going to end well."

"Nah, you're just jealous about me beating you on this show!"

"...I've got a space ship that still works on water, I don't need to be jealous of you."

"You know, who else owns a flying boat?"

Amelia didn't even humor Muscle Man's joke.

"My mom!"

The boat left, just as the joke was completed, Muscle Man laughed and Amelia was just doing a quick chuckle.

And the final boat of this season had four more contestants, ready to cause some troubles and bring on a lot of the chaos...despite not being chaotic at all.

Such as...Gum, just a graffiti skater.

Gum was definitely a punk in a weird sense, despite being a blonde skater young adult girl that looked attractive and was slightly taller than average.
She wore a white shirt with a logo, green sleeves, a green-grey pilot's hat and green-greey boots with a logo that looked like the skates she wore, down to the white soles.

"Gum, hello, wow."

"Man, this island looks a bit boring." Gum said. "Where's the actual spots, the rails, the other areas that aren't just skate for a second-"

Then she saw the total mess that was the actual show that took place on these islands.

"-Never mind, this show is opposite of boring. What the hell am I looking at?"

"The world's craziest show, woman." Johnny Bravo said. "Welcome to the freakshow, hope you like it here."

"If you moved, I would like it." Gum remarked, as there was two other people behind Johnny.

"Whoa, ladies, there's enough time to meet all of ya. We could be on the same team!" Johnny Bravo smoothed it over. "Alright, who wants to do some good things."

Gum was just throwing a finger towards Johnny for no reason than Johnny trying to follow her.

"I see what you're trying to do." Yuri took an angry look, ready to throw an uppercut. "You think you can ask everyone."

Panchito was an anthromorphic red Mexican rooster and he really looked the part with his mariachi-style clothes, sombrero and two pistols stored up.

"Panchito, what's with the guns, dude?"

"What, I never leave home without these! It passed every check!" Panchito stated, never too tired to carry them. "Also, crazy stuff happens around me."

The whole entire cast was actually looking at his two guns.


"Dude, I think it's because of your two guns." Chris remarked, as Dante came up to him.

With his two guns and things started off good.

"Wow, you're also a two-gun man?" Panchito asked.

"Trust me, there's a lot more than just the guns, but yeah." Dante smirked. "These two guns are very special to me and I bet they're very special to you."

"Yeah, that's cool." Panchito remarked. "Nice to see that not everyone's shady as hell."

"What the hell are you?" Dante asked, looking at the arms of the law.

There was a couple of police officers that were interested in the dual-gun wielding pair and Panchito wasn't scared.

"Come on, it's the island, guys!"

The next contestant wasn't scared of many things and this was one of those many things.

The tall Japanese warrior that looked lost and badass at the same time was a man that had his hair tied up in a manbun and wore a white silk robe, wooden sandals and a katana sheath for his legendary sword.

"Samurai Jack, some people are wondering? What's your real name?"

"My name does not matter." Samurai Jack said. "What matters is that I'm a team player."

Dante and Panchito were just looking at the dude like he was incredibly cool.

"There are a lot of people on this show. I wonder if some of them are-" Samurai Jack said, before the last contestant to arrive bumped into him. "Sorry."

Dante and Panchito were both slowly backing out of there like something was about to happen with the teenage-looking girl.

She was 5 creation-wise, but probably was more like a teen life-wise (Blazblue's lore is crazy, man) and she looked like a 5'2'' blonde teen with long hair and green eyes.

She wore a blue cape, a white crop top with a small tie, a blue short skirt with a belt, leggings, blue high-heeled boots, white gloves and had enough storage for her two guns and four red storage holders on the belt.

And she was nervous.

"Noel...I guess you're the last contestant!"

"I am very sorry for bumping into you, Mr. Jack!" Noel shouted. "I didn't really mean to!"

"Oh, it's fine." Samurai Jack said, not very scared. "You must be the last contestant here."

"Yes, I am, what do you want?" Noel felt a little bit freaked out.

"I don't really want anything from you." Samurai Jack just wanted to calm her down, as Noel just felt calm now.

"Seriously, it's like I felt some evil energy coming from some people and it hit all at once." Noel noticed some of the contestants looking at her oddly.

Tanjiro just stood in front of an old man, an gangster potoroo and an inquisitive maid, as he could sense that stuff was off.

"Hey, guys, she's not used to you three, yet." Tanjiro said. "And I don't know if I like the way you smell?"

"...Is this a joke, boy?" Coachman was very confused and Tanjiro looked very serious.

"Please, the jokes have been getting worse." Pinstripe remarked with a smug grin.

Either way, that was everybody that was lined to be on this show and the drama could be felt from a mile away.

"Okay, that's everyone?"

There was a whole bunch of contestants that were talking to each other, wherever it was about the presence of a half-demon or the fact that there was old people in Total Drama and whatever else was on their mind.

But they did put their thumbs up, wherever dismissively or not.

"Good, because I'm not doing any more of these introductions, I'm too good to be doing this many intros with these 112 contestants and..."

Chris made sure that the photo wasn't even taken.

"...they're going to be put into four teams and a photo after the break!"

To be continued when the teams finally formed and the drama is going to get even more tense than it really needs to with these 28-man the cafeteria and Chef's usual stuff.

The final players that are introducted right here, right now in this final part of the introductions:

85. Harley Quinn, The Wild-Card Villain (Harley Quinn)

86. Johnny Bravo, The Flirty Momma's Boy (Johnny Bravo)

87. Gintoki Sakata, The Odd Job Guy (Gintama)

88. Piccolo, The Heroic Uncle (Dragon Ball Z)

89. Papyrus, The Excitable Skeleton (Undertale)

90. Sir Daniel, The Skeleton Knight (Medievil)

91. Spike, The Young Dragon (My Little Pony)

92. Gloria, The Proud Hippo (Madagascar)

93. Raven, The Goth-ish Hero (Teen Titans)

94. Tiny Tina, The Explosive Experts (Borderlands)

95. Squirrel Girl, The...Squirrel Lady (Marvel)

96. Min Min, The Ramen Server (ARMS)

97. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

98. Lowain, The Bro Cook (Granblue Fantasy)

99. Giovanni Potage, The Wannabe Villain (Ephihet Erased)

100. Tomo Takino, The Hyperactive Student (Azumanga Daioh)

101. Deadpool, The Merc With The Mouth (Deadpool)

102. Hsien-Ko, The Altruist Vampire (Darkstalkers)

103. Pepper Ann, The Ordinary Middle-Schooler (Pepper Ann)

104. Lord Hater, The Loud Villain (Wander Over Yander)

105. Scott Pilgrim, The Dick-ish Boyfriend (Scott Pilgrim)

106. Storm Shadow, The Proud Ninja (G.I. Joe)

107. Captain Amelia, The Spaceship Captain (Treasure Planet)

108. Muscle Man, The Groundskeeper (Regular Show)

109. Gum, The Graffiti Skater (Jet Set Radio)

110. Panchito, The Mexican Rooster (The Three Caballeros)

111. Samurai Jack, The Lone Samurai (Samurai Jack)

112. Noel Vermilion, The Nervous Soldier (Blazblue)

The players introduced in the previous parts...or rather, both parts:

---Part 1a:---

1. Aisling, The Irish Spirit (Secret of Kells)

2. Tails, The Genius Kid (Sonic The Hedgehog)

3. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

4. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

5. Kipo Oak, The Half-Mutant Girl (Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts)

6. Kristoff, The Ice Picking Expert (Frozen)

7. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

8. Kyo Kusanagi, The Fiery Dropout (King of Fighters)

9. Yuri Sakazaki, The Wild Karate Girl (Art of Fighting)

10. Eva, The Angry Athlete (Total Drama Island)

11. Sakura Kusagano, The High School Fighter (Street Fighter)

12. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

13. Hank Hill, The Family Man (King of The Hill)

14. Hayley Smith, The Liberal Wife (American Dad)

15. Fred Flintstone, The Caveman Husband (The Flintstones)

16. Sugar, The Pageant Star (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

17. Connor, The Android Cop (Detroit: Become Human)

18. Lynn Loud, The Sports Fanatic (The Loud House)

19. Rapunzel, The Long-Haired Princess (Tangled)

20. Arle, The Puzzle Magician (Puyo Puyo)

21. Askeladd, The Viking Man (Vinland Saga)

22. Haida, The Shy Coworker (Aggrestuko)

23. Donkey Kong, The Loud Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

24. Wario, The Business Glutton (Wario)

25. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

26. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldiers (Youjo Senki)

27. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

28. Leshawna, The Girl With 'Tude (Total Drama Island)

---Part 1b:---

29. Soma Yukihira, The Confident Cook (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, newly introduced)

30. Shego, The Teenage Villain (Kim Possible, newly introduced)

31. Tanjiro Kamado, The Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer, newly introduced)

32. Darkness, The Pain-Loving Crusader (Konosuba, newly introduced)

33. Luigi, The Scaredy Brother (Super Mario)

34. Azula, The Fiery Former Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

35. Daisy, The Spunky Princess (Super Mario)

36. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Cop (Zootopia)

37. Iori Yagami, The Moody Bassist (King of Fighters)

38. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

39. Sokka, The Boomerang Guy (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

40. Riku, The World-Travelling Hero (Kingdom Hearts)

41. Basil (of Baker Street), The Aloof Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

42. Tobio Kageyama, The Aggressive Setter (Haikyuu!)

43. Tohru Oikawa, The Adaptive Setter (Haikyuu!)

44. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

45. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

46. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

47. Pit, The Angel Warrior (Kid Icarus)

48. Albedo, The Succbus In Love (Overlord)

49. Mikasa Ackerman, The Attacking Scout (Attack on Titan)

50. Miko Kubota, The Tech Support Gamer (Glitch Techs)

51. Barker/Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

52. Rock, The Teen Rocker (Ridonculous Race)

53. B, The Silent Genius (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

54. Riley Freeman, The Abrasive Kid (The Boondocks)

55. Penny Proud, The Middle Schooler (The Proud Family)

56. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

---Part 2a:---

57. Sol Badguy, The Gruff Fighter (Guilty Gear)

58. Falco Lombardi, The Space Pilots (Star Fox)

59. Pinstripe Potoroo, The Gangster Weasel (Crash Bandicoot)

60. Heavy Weapons Guy, The...Heavy Weapon Expert (Team Fortress 2)

61. Carmelita Fox, The Tough Cop (Sly Cooper)

62. Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter (Metroid)

63. Kate Alen, The Popstar Racer (F-Zero)

64. Robyn, The Wolfwalker (Wolfwalkers)

65. Haohmaru, The World-Travelling Samurai (Samurai Shodown)

66. Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)

67. Clover, The Valley Girl (Totally Spies)

68. Tifa Lockhart, The Bartending Fighter (Final Fantasy)

69. JFK, The Flirty Jock (Clone High)

70. Ochako Uraraka, The Floaty Gal (My Hero Academia)

71. Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)

72. Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)

73. Khun Aguero Agnes, The Case-Carrying Strategists (Tower of God)

74. Shulk, The Engineering Swordsman (Xenoblade)

75. Tron Bonne, The Tech Pirate (Megaman Legends)

76. Julia Chang, The Enviromentalist Fighter (Tekken)

77. Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)

78. Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug)

79. Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)

80. Yumeko Jabami, The Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)

81. Joey Wheeler, The Third-Rate Duellist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

82. Squigly/Sienna Conticello, The Zombie Aristocrat (Skullgirls)

83. Cassie Cage, The Military Millenial (Mortal Kombat)

84. Sandy Cheeks, The Texan Squirrel (Spongebob)

Everyone is here, ready to do some Total Drama in a very dense and also, very stupid season and this time, there's arcs and all of that good stuff in here!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 3: The Ultimate Islands!

112 contestants.

3 pictures.

4 teams.

Honestly, you could use that these are the ultimate islands and you wouldn't really be wrong, but there's still a matter to settle of the pictures, the teams and all of the resort island to show.

Either way, there's still a metric ton's worth of drama in here and anyways, it's still happening!

The wait was insane for most of the contestants, as they practically had to wait hours to even get on the island and the rest were just waiting for their spot to relax.

But there was one more thing in order for the host with the most.

"Listen, we need to take some pictures with each other!"

There was a ton of groans and a ton of glares towards the host, but he was practically used to them at this point in his Total Drama career and the dock was pretty strong.


Either way, the panorama camera had to used, or else some of the contestants would straight up be cut out of the womens' and mens' photos.

Which worked out well, because the wooden dock that the contestants were now standing on were able to handle a whole lot of people still and the two solo gender photos were good.

The complete photo was...definitely a bit of a back-breaker, though, as some contestants were practically posing like idiots

"Er, it is not supposed to be shaking. The weight of the dock obviously can't handle 112 people." Tanya remarked. "But you tried anyways."

"Shut the fuck up, you're shorter than me!" Riley Freeman shouted.

"What-" Kate wanted to say something.

But then Chris intervened.

"Say Wananakwa!"

Everyone did their best smile, as they were clearly attempting to ensure that the picture was good and that they were in this Chris was on the other dock.

The picture got taken and the dock was still shaking, as these contestants were just running off the dock and...then they were all off.

"Huh, that was-"

Tanya just saw the dock make a hole in itself.

"-If you add any more people, actually get an improved dock."

"Huh, who are you talking to?" Soma asked, very confused.

Tanya just groaned.

After all of that mess, there was a whole camp and a half to introduce and the host wasn't wasting any time doing the introductions.

"Now let me show to the best camp in Total Drama history!"

"Ugh, finally, they have a good one!" Chloe complained, as she was seeing the very Canadian cabins that were going to house the four different teams.

These cabins were actually of decent quality, but then again, decent quality meant that they weren't run down and actually had a oak brown colour to them.

The lights were functional, the cupboards, the drawers and everything was made to accommodate 30 people each...or contestants, but it was still the same situation.

"Dang, where was all this in World Tour?" Leshawna asked.

"This just means that the challenges are probably more painful." Eva just didn't look too surprised.

"After all of the painful challenges, we can relax as a team!" Darkness just sounded...weird about these challenges.

"We've got some bug-free cabins for every team with good beds!"

The contestants that were looking in the cabins that were practically a hostel for 30 were impressed or just plain surprised that it wasn't some kind of ass.

"We've got the communal bathrooms for each gender! There's a lot of them, because there's a lot of contestants!" Chris announced, as the multiple bathroom buildings were situated next to each other. "No, you don't have to be Catholic."

Chloe and Clover just smiled, as they knew that things were good.

All of them being a shade of beige that made them stand out like it was no-one's business compared to the cabins.

And some of them were actually hosing some other people, but they were not coming out.

"God, this makes me want to go there." Sol Badguy remarked.

"Yeah, I bet there's actual toilet paper." Dante chuckled.

These two were laughing, as some other guys were slapping them on the back.

"Man, why are your jokes total ass?" Yuri said, despite being not that tall.

"...Good one." Sol just tapped her on the head, as the karate warrior didn't realised what she did.

"There's the mess hall and I do mean mess hall. Look at this marvel of awesomeness, the biggest one to date! It's where Chef and his crew are going to make some good eats!"

There was a lot of table, a lot of space and a lot of space of the counters, as the mess hall did not needed to be worked on, but it was definitely fitting that Canadian aesthetic.

"Man, I hope he's not lying!" Soma remarked, as the Total Drama contestants were giving him some weird looks. "Yeah, he's apparently on TV making good foods."

"...No-one wants to tell him?" Sandy asked, actually having seen the show.

Soma was just looking at the place like it was an actual restaurant and the other contestants didn't have the heart to tell him.

"Yeah, uh, this really does look like a camp restaurant!" Soma declared, loving the entire place.

"You'll be talking a whole different deal when you're in here!" Eva just shouted at him.


"We've got the confessional where you can air some dirty laundry, tell the audience whatever strategies you're pulling, talk about love, dark thoughts and whatever else is on your mind!" Chris told the whole cast...

It was definitely a bunch of outhouses that were surprisingly seperated, mostly because there's a lot of contestants and there should be a lot of confessionals.

The outhouses did look terrible, but it wasn't a bathroom anyways.

*Azula's confessional*

The former Fire Nation princess did have some choice words.

"If anyone thinks that I'm going to get let Sokka win, it looks like you don't know me. He's part of a team that sent me down, but he's alone that should be easy."

*Sokka's confessional*

The boomerang teen from the Southern Water Tribe was just showing off his own boomerang.

"I doubt that Azula does think that I'm here for a long time, but I'll be here to prove that wrong, okay. I'll make an awesome team, be an awesome leader and do some awesome stuff with my team!" Sokka proclaimed, as he relaxed on the toilet.

*Giovanni's confessional*

He looked a little bit worse for wear, as he smoked up the confessional before.

"I'm starting to think that putting people who already hate on the each other isn't going to help." Giovanni said with a smug grin. "Because they're not loyal to winning a lot!"

*Confessional cut*

With all three confessionals done, the next part was practically the most important to the show, as the elimination place was too big for only one person...or even the standard set of twelve teams.

It was made for this season and the energy coming off it was ridiculous, as the fire was a bit bigger and there were more campfire seats.

That was about it.

"And finally, we've got the big elimination campfire, where the losing teams have to vote off someone because they lost...obviously!"

There was a weird look coming from all corners of the crowds, as the tension felt like a thick steak and the already established tension between some of the players just threw some eyes towards each other.

"That's right, the losing teams have to vote some people off!"

A lot of the contestants were plainly shocked by the fact that there was probably more than two teams.

And there it was, how the four teams would be made.

"And finally, here's why I said that!"

There was actually a special area for forming these crazy big teams, as there was four different mats and the roofed wooden area that housed each massive team.

Mostly because four makes sense.

"We've got four teams now because of this crazy cast of characters, contestants and cool people!"

The massive cast of contestants were just wondering how the teams were even going to be organised, considering that there was a ton of them to be done.

"Damn, this is going to be painful." Hank Hill remarked.

"And the teams of twenty-something are going to be massive enough to make all sorts of alliance, deals and the obvious stuff!"

There was a whole lot of...dead air, as Chris finally shut them up and the contestants were really feeling the pressure of the drama.

"I literally can't organise everyone into teams, because these challenges don't just come out of nowhere."

The sighs were audible and the relief was potent.

"But I can put in six people in each team, because I'm ready to drop my wisdom into the show. You know right?"

And Chris made it disappear like it wasn't that big deal, as a good chunk of the contestants were sure of Chris being able to make some...conflicting team choices.

"Aw shit, this is bad." Sol remarked.

There was going to be some of that Total Drama originality in here, with some of the contestants.

"Azula, Pinstripe, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa and Panchito are...

These six were more than ready to prove that they were...a team that existed, as there was a few other dirty looks thrown towards them.

"...part of the red team!"

"Okay, we're just chilling on the same team?!" Panchito shouted.

"Yeah, that's Total Drama for ya." Tifa said, showing her reasearch.

These six were on the red mat.

"Giovanni, Wario, Tomo, Sandy, Riku and Kageyama are...

These guys were looking very happy to team up, as three of them liked each other's vibe, Kageyama was happy to do some rivalry-stocking and Sandy was just there.

"...part of the yellow team!"

"Heck yeah, we are!" Giovanni yelled.

"We've got no name yet, though." Riku stated, ready to bring some awkward situation.

"Sonja, Ram, Ochako Uraraka, Robyn, Kate & Samus..."

These six were more than happy to be the ladies' team, as they were not very scared of what was about to happen...besides Uraraka, who was feeling some serious pressure.

"...are part of the green team!"

"Damn, these five are so powerful." Uraraka said. "Even the girl with a bow?"

"You're apparently a witch. What are you scared of?" Robyn asked the Japanese girl.


" and finally, Sokka, Tails, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi and Lowain..."

Nicole and Kasumi were just looking at each other like they were about to be cursed with some infliction.

"...part of the blue team."

"Kageyama, just you, wait and see!" Oikawa shouted and Sokka was about to shout something.

He did.

"Come on, mister volleyball, I've got a sword and my trusty boomerang! You've got a volleyball, which I didn't forget."

"Seriously, we're on the same team. I don't mind not being the leader." Oikawa just shrugged.

"Look, I didn't organise everyone into teams, but that's for you to decide because I'm working on these awesome challenges right now!"

There was definitely a lot weird tension to the area, as there was definitely six of them in each team like it wasn't a big deal and the teams were partiall set by the host.

"See ya when you guys are done with the team thing! By the way, both teams much have an equal amount of dudes and ladies and..."

Sokka and Oikawa were just looking smugly at each other.

"...the people within the team can reject your position!"

Chris just left the place with an incredibly confident look and the other...88 contestants were going to have choose themselves and there was definitely a quiet period.

And the red team actually noticed.

"This is going to be some kind of bum rush or what?" Pinstripe asked.

"Honestly, it's more of an or what." Tifa said. "I get the feeling that some people will quickly choose and others won't, because of the personalities on each team."

"Yeah, that's not that insightful, lady." Pinstripe remarked.

"I know, but I feel like you forgot." Tifa remarked.

And for lack of a better words, things started off on a very bad note with some of the people that were trying to come into the unnamed blue team, as Sokka didn't look too sure about some of them.

"Hey, Sokka, maybe we should let some of these players in." Lowain stated.

"I dunno, it looks like they could be trouble." Sokka said.

"How, though?!" Arle shouted. "It doesn't make a lot of sense!"

"Just a hunch." Sokka stated, as a few other people were standing behind him. "I'm good with hunches."

Arle, Daphne, Albedo (who was looking angrily at everyone), Hsien-Ko and Raven were somehow added to the team.

"Hey, hey, maybe your hunches might be wrong this time." Oikawa said, more than willing to accept some guys into the group.

"They're not wrong that often."

Cassie Cage just slapped him on the head, as she joined the team.

"This is Total Drama, not the end of a hundred-year war, I can see what you're doing."

"Okay, okay." Sokka said, just putting up the okay sign.

The twelve-strong blue team were now seventeen-strong with the addition of Johnny Bravo, Reigen, Reg, Joey and Bayonetta and this team was already pretty solid.

Despite Sokka and Oikawa being slapped by Reigen for taking a look at the tall witch.

"Seriously, if you're looking at her, you won't be as good as her." Reigen told them. "Also, she is sexy!"

"I don't really need to be told that by three entirely different people, I already know it myself!" Bayonetta just looked at the three of them with confidence.

"Yeah, that's fine!" Reigen remarked.

Joey was trying to not take a look at her for Mai, but he looked anyways and things got awkward.

"I don't know why you're staring at me like you've never seen tall women before!" Bayonetta shouted.

"Er, er, I have a girlfriend!" Joey declared.

*Joey's confessional*

The blonde-haired Duellist were not that sure.

"Mai, she looked at me and I didn't look at her!" Joey said.

*Confessional cut*

The red team were sure that they were attracting villains by sheer accident, as Yumeko, Shulk, Dante and Sol were sure there was some kind of weird energy that a certain ninja brung to the team.

"Yo, what's up, Storm Shadow!" Dante remarked.

"Hey!" Sol said.

Storm Shadow didn't even dignify them with a response.

"You're seriously not going to talk?" Dante said.

"Do I need to talk?" Storm Shadow told them...with the anger of the sun.

"No?" Shulk was as unsure of most of the guys.

"Then that is my response." Storm Shadow said.

The ninja basically made the team silent with a situation and Iori joining the whole shebang didn't help with his glares towards a certain member of the unnamed yellow team.

"Kyo, you're ready to get eliminated!" Iori yelled loudly.

"You first!"

However, Lynn Loud, Panchito, Kristoff and Tron Bonne were bringing the good energy back to the team.

"Hey, welcome to the team! We've got big moves, big powers and big kicks!" Mai shouted.

"We will be as strong as a Fire Nation naval vessel. Just so, you know." Azula said.

"AKA a big ship!" Harley Quinn just clarified for the guys and one gal.

These four got quite the introduction, as they were sure of one fact.

"If we're like a big ship, I don't think we can be stopped!" Kristoff shouted.

"Well, I think she meant like a crew." Sol also joined the team with a smirk. "Besides, there's a whole bunch of strong people."

"Uhh, we're pretty strong and manly!" Muscle Man was just flexing his muscle.

"So we're a strong bunch!" Kristoff declared.

Lynn Loud wasn't exactly sure why Pepper Ann, Carmelita and Tron Bonne were generally hanging out together, but they were...even if Carmelita definitely put herself at an arms distance.

"Hey, how does it feel to be on the same team?" Lynn asked. "Wearing the colours."

"I don't mind not wearing the colours, but this team isn't super great." Pepper Ann could feel the antagonistic energy. "Luckily, I have you guys."

"Honestly, we're still all part of the crew, so there's no complaining." Tron Bonne shouted.

"Shouldn't we complain if the crew has some serious animosity between each other?" Carmelita asked, still not understanding the children.

"No, because they're complaining!" Lynn declared.

"Yeah, because we could come together and talk things out." Pepper answered with confidence.

Carmelita just looked at them.

"Good enough!" Tron Bonne shouted.

*Carmelita's confessional*

The Interpol agent was sure that they weren't doing this as a dig.

"I doubt that three children would get the feeling of having a team grind to halt because of a lack of co-operation." Carmelita said. "Still surprised that they both knew the word animosity, though."

*Confessional cut*

While that conversation was happening, Sugar just wanted to join the winning side, Fred Flintstone just glared at Hank, Rock was just there and Clover couldn't not vibe with red.

"Wow, this is...definitely a team, alright." Clover noticed the weird energy in the air. "There's just two hot guys in here, maybe three."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Rock said with a smirk. "My guitar solos are pretty hot!"

"No, I mean-"

JFK just walked onto the team and Clover looked at his abs. His well-defined and fine abs, but Clover kinda got lost in them.

"Please, raise your jaw off the floor. If you've got the right people, you can make anyone lose their spirit, remember their defeat for all of time and question their purpose!" Azula said, raising a few eyebrows. "As a team."

"Yeah, sounding major suspect right now!" Clover shouted.

As for the unnamed yellow team, they were definitely in the vibe for the most chaotic team in the game at the current moment, as while there was a few contestants that could be described as table.

The rest were definitely not that to say the least.

"Yo, we're all chilling on the same team and two of us are gamers! This is going to be so hype, it won't even register!" Miko yelled.

"Guys, guys, I'm sure that we're all hype, but we still need to calm down for a bit." Kipo just wanted to say.

"Hey, dudes! What's up with all of you?" Terry Bogard stated.

"Nothing too bad. We're having a good team in here with some good people!" Giovanni shouted, as Kipo was trying to wave to him.

"Oh, that's pretty cool." Terry said.

"Yeah, I know, right?"

With 21 of the contestants already selected because of the sheer charisma of an angel warrior, a gamer, some pink-haired guy, the still unnamed yellow team was on a good streak.

Even if a few people did want to hear what Kipo had in mind.

"Guys, guys, we're still a team at the end, so we should do some teamwork to be hype!" Kipo told the two skeletons.

"That is awesome, half-monster human!" Papyrus shouted. "Let the great Papyrus to do the teamworking with these great people!"

"Please, do not call her half-monster. She is apparently a half-mute, which I should judge." Sir Daniel mumbled, honestly.

"I still don't know where you lower jaw is, but I'm hoping it's somewhere, because you don't sound like a bad person." Kipo stated, as Sir Daniel looked more than surprised.

"Yeah, you speak like a fine skeleton! I bet you're very cool!" Papyrus said.

"Not really." Sir Daniel didn't sound too confident.

Shego, Sakura and Soma were in the same general area, but that was about it for having the same thing, as the conversation was something.

"So, what do you for a living?" Sakura asked.

"Oh, I study the cooking arts at Totsuki. Doing some crazy things and cooking up some great recipes!" Soma said, very casually.

"Isn't that like a fine arts school or something?" Sakura said.

"Yeah, but my cooking is just really good and I want it to be more than really good!" Soma said.

"Why do I care that much about your cooking?" Shego just interrupted the conversation.

"Because I'm going to beat my dad with my cooking and you're going to enjoy some of my food here!" Soma declared, as the green superpowered teen was just lighting up her hands. "Nice hands, though."

"...Urgh, I'm outta this conversation." Shego just got up.

Gloria and Judy were just sizing up each other in confusion, Deadpool was just chilling with Terry Bogard and Kyo was being pulled back by two different people.

"Ugh, reminder why I'm pulling this guy back?" Kageyama asked. "I thought this was a volleyball camp."

"Because they're apparently going to do some crazy stuff if they fight. I just have that bad feeling, though." Riku definitely managed to throw Kyo.

Before he got caught by Genos.

"...What the fuck kind of team am I in?" Kyo realised.

"I do not know at this moment, but you cannot back out of any team." Genos told him, as Kyo groaned. "Do not worry, for we can work together."

"...That checks out." Kyo just groaned.

Though, it was may have been a somewhat chaotic team of 23 that was mostly randomly picked together with the whole team having a butt ton of enthusiasm or a certain good wasn't the only team that wasn't too organised.

The unnamed green team had an enviromental thing going on, but that was only with some of the contestants and one of them looked not very impressed.

"Hey, we like the forest-" Robyn just wanted say something to Aisling.

"-Not another world!" Aisling shouted.

Some of the team members noticed that the team wasn't that cohesive, but it that it had two things.

"From one dude to another, these ladies aren't to be messed with!" Jude shouted.

"I don't know, it could be tough to deal with them. But we're still on the same team, so we shouldn't mess with them anyways." Spike agreed.

"Yeah. I know some strong ladies back home and I think all of them should be strong." Tanjiro remarked, trying to hold back from not freaking from the dragon's presence.

"Same thing here. Back at Ponyville, there's a lot of them that I'm good friends with." Spike stated.

"...My mall dudettes?" Jude remarked.

And others just didn't care that much.

"You know, I appreciate that you care about the enviroment so much." Julia said. "Some people say that we can just grow back the trees."

"That's honestly insane, the Amazon isn't just going to grow itself back!" Hayley said.

"I know, really?"

"That's insane."

Despite all of that, the original six that got picked by Chris for the still unnamed green team were sure of something important and cool.

"I think we're playing a honest game! I just hope that we don't do dirty moves." Uraraka was nervous, sure that she could get kicked out of U.A.

"I know we won't. We've got a killer team, even if may not seem like it at first." Kate said, looking at the now 24-strong team. "Seriously, some people just want to win dishonestly for money that will spend itself out of existence."

"You're talking two million dollars, I doubt it's going to be spent that fast." Samus stated. "On what even?"

"...You know, stuff?" Uraraka said.

Despite the time elapsing 15 minutes, none of the teams were complete with only one or two spots to filll and the seven or so that remained were definitely not the best of players.

Except Khun, who was definitely standing near the blue team's mat.

"Give me a good reason why you should be in this team." Tails just wanted the white-haired guy to prove something.

"Look, it's not like that I couldn't go onto the other teams, which I could, but I just think that this team would be the best team for me to use my strategies in. Besides that, blue's in my hair." Khun answered pretty casually.

"You're in!" Tails shouted.

"Come on, there's enough good-looking strategists on this team!" Sokka complained, as Khun came up to him.

"One more wouldn't hurt, right?" Khun answered.

Eva and Leshawna were just giving each other dirty looks.

"Honestly, I don't give respect to traitors." Eva remarked. "But that was years ago."

"I know, but I'm still not in the mood to deal with this team." Leshawna fired back.

(Blue Team):
Sokka, Tails, Lowain, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi Todoh...
Cassie, Raven, Albedo, Daphne, Hsien-Ko and Arle...
Johnny Bravo, Bayonetta, Reg, Reigen Arataka, Joey Wheeler...
Noel, Eva, Falco, Askeladd, Connor...
Amelia, Leshawna, The Heavy, Squigly & Khun!

*Tails' confessional*

The fox wasn't that surprised that things ended up in a terrible place with some of the teammates.

"Look, I know that some of them are not the best choices, but they are definitely better choices than the ones that were left."

*Confessional cut*

"Okay, we should avoid trying to get the old guy, because I feel like he has some kind of curse." Tanjiro said, sniffing something out. "I can smell it."

"Damn, you're a weirdo! Besides, the team's full!" Haohmaru just slapped him on the back. "This Snake guy's here."

"Oh, that guy with the weapons." Tanjiro was just happy to see the guy. "He seems like a good guy."

"No doubt about it!" Haohmaru exclaimed, as Snake was basically welcomed into the team.

Really loudly.

"Snake, welcome to the team with a lot of green in it!" Yuri shouted. "We promised to be a kick-ass team that pulls together ladies and guys!"

"Calm down, we just started teaming up." Snake told Yuri, who stopped shouting.

(Green Team):
Sonja, Ram, Samus, Uraraka, Robyn, Kate...
Penny Proud, Riley, Scott P., Jude, Soos, Snufkin...
Yuri, Mystique Sonia, Piccolo, B, Aisling, Donkey Kong...
Daisy, Luigi, Spike, Julia, Hayley...
Tanya, Tanjiro, Samurai Jack, Haohmaru & Snake!

*Uraraka's confessional*

She looked confident.

"I just hope that we're the team that plays fair, not really dirty...but fair! I'd hate to be in that kind of situation."

*Confessional cut*

There was two teams left and only four different people left and the four of them were just giving off wildly different energies with their presence.

Haida was trying to be tough in the presence of the coachman, but that smile definitely dampened things quite a bit.

Basil was trying to determine which team that he could be good in and Tiny Tina knew that she had to do one thing.

"Oh, what do you plan to do?" Basil asked Tina, who was just ready to do some mouse-carrying. "Is that it?"

Tina just carried Haida into the yellow team, away from the detective mouse and the coachman, who was just giving each other dirty looks.

"Thanks for...the carrying thing? Besides that, how the hell are those two going to get along?" Haida asked.

"It's Total Drama, so probably through some challenge." Tina said. "I'm glad we're bringing in...da bombs!"

"That's real cringe, though!" Miko yelled at Tina, who just laughed.

The Crafty Crows (Yellow/Gold Team):
Wario, Giovanni, Tomo, Sandy, Tobio Kageyama, Riku...
Kyo K., Terry Bogard, Darkness, Pit, Gloria, Judy...
Deadpool, Soma, Genos, Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Gum...
Miko, Kipo, Sakura, Shego, Mikasa...
Chloe, Lord Hater, Rapunzel, Tiny Tina & Haida!

*Sandy's confessional*

The squirrel looked at the team optimistically.

"While I don't think there's anyone else that is super smart, I think we've got a good team with a whole bunch of skills combined together." Sandy proclaimed.

*Confessional cut*

And Azula sighed, as she realised that she was going to have to deal with the fact that there was going to be some serious presence on her team.

"Okay, guys, we're definitely going to have to deal with each other." Tifa said, noticing all of the glares. "Some of us want to be on another team moreso than others, but we can't just kick each other?"

"Please, the tension on this team got much worse with those two being in here together. We should swap, but-"

Chris was back and convinently, too!

"-the host is here."

"I feel your pain. I can't imagine the kind of criminality that this senior would bring to the group." Basil remarked. "Do you even know who he is?"

"Says the mouse that simply refused to get onto any team and would rather read his book?" Coachman fired back.

"Nice teams, guys!"

Azula and Tifa both knew that they were in for a rough one, though in very different ways.

(Red Team):
Azula, Pinstripe Potoroo, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa, Panchito...
Shulk, Harley Quinn, Yumeko, Lynn Loud, Storm Shadow, Iori...
Pepper Ann, Panchito, Kristoff, Carmelita, Tron Bonne, Sol...
Muscle Man, Sugar, Clover, Fred, JFK...
Rock, Gintoki, Hank, Coachman & Basil!

*Azula's confessional*

The Fire Nation princess looked displased.

"Please, it's not like that Tifa lady is going to stop me from heading the team in the direction of winning challenges. With my own group, of course, because sometimes you just have to play the game of sending someone to their prison." Azula had a pretty damn evil smile.

*Confessional cut*

And Chris was back and loving how the still unnamed red team was just practically half in shambles and the other half was trying to unshamble them.

"I'm back from doing my thing and you contestants have picked some awesome choices!"

"Whoa, whoa, what thing?" Fred asked skeptically.

"Challenge set-up, because I'm the host."

Gintoki and Hank skeptically nodded, as they were sure that this guy didn't do that.

"I've come up with some quality team names, as usual!"

Sugar was just raising an eyebrow at that, as she was slapped by Tron Bonne for no apparent reason.

"And I bet you're going to like them!"

Every single player that was in the game didn't look too impressed, as the host felt the dead air.

"Alright!" Chris shouted passive-aggressively with that smile.

"Red team, you're the Rugged Rhinos, toughing it through every obstacle and team issue!"

"Well, that's fitting for our team." Kristoff commented, which just got Azula's ire. "What, it's true!"

"Doesn't mean you have to say it!" Clover complained.

"Yellow team, you guys are the Crafty Crows, using every one of your skills to get through!"

There was a bit of a mixed reaction, but one guy was happy.

"Nice name!" Kageyama had to shout, coming from a teams with a crow symbolism. "Good one!"

"Green team, you guys are the Daring Deer, looking beautiful, being gentle and not scared to take on any animal!"

"That's just true, dude." Jude had to say that, as the rest of the team were looking at him. "Deer really do crazy stuff."

"Blue team, last and not least, you guys are the Striking Swordfishes, bringing on some serious attacks and stinging moves!"

"Nice, it really does suit us!" Oikawa remarked with a smile, which got a slap from Arle. "What's wrong with the name?"

"I don't really sting!" Arle told him angrily.

"How that's for team names?"

"Damn, those are the coolest so far!" Sokka shouted.

"I kinda like how it accidentally suits every team." Samus remarked.

"Yeah, we'll be taking all of our skills together to own you other teams!" Kipo shouted.

"I apperciate that it's accurate, but did you have to say that?" Carmelita asked, not feeling the host's sass.

There was a lot of talk happening and a lot of questions that needed answers with some raised hands.

"Good, then you guys are going to enjoy Chef's food!"

"Okay." Rock stated. "Uh, we just spent a whole bunch of time making teams and I think the food is going to be..." he mimicked a missed note.

"Come on, Chef's got a crew now to keep up with this cast. This food is going to hit different...after the break!"

"...What?" Pit and Deadpool said at the same time, as the camera turned to black.

"Yeah, I doubt it." Leshawna stated, having experience in the show's cuisine.

And that was it.

To be continued in Part 4, where the introductions are finally over and the madness subsides in Chef's cafeteria of bad foods and a few more cooks for the massive cast.

And also, the first challenge might be introduced the next chapter and the first episode definitely ends in the next part.

Either way, here's the teams:

The Rugged Rhinos (Red Team):
Azula, Pinstripe Potoroo, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa, Panchito...
Shulk, Harley Quinn, Yumeko, Lynn Loud, Storm Shadow, Iori...
Pepper Ann, Panchito, Kristoff, Carmelita, Tron Bonne, Sol...
Muscle Man, Sugar, Clover, Fred, JFK...
Rock, Gintoki, Hank, Dante, Coachman & Basil!

The Crafty Crows (Yellow/Gold Team):
Wario, Giovanni, Tomo, Sandy, Tobio Kageyama, Riku...
Kyo K., Terry Bogard, Darkness, Pit, Gloria, Judy...
Deadpool, Soma, Genos, Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Gum...
Miko, Kipo, Sakura, Shego, Mikasa...
Chloe, Lord Hater, Rapunzel, Tiny Tina & Haida!

The Daring Deer (Green Team):
Sonja, Ram, Samus, Uraraka, Robyn, Kate...
Penny Proud, Riley, Scott P., Jude, Soos, Snufkin...
Yuri, Mystique Sonia, Piccolo, B, Aisling, Donkey Kong...
Daisy, Luigi, Spike, Julia, Hayley...
Tanya, Tanjiro, Samurai Jack, Haohmaru & Snake!

The Striking Swordfish (Blue Team):
Sokka, Tails, Lowain, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi Todoh...
Cassie, Raven, Albedo, Daphne, Hsien-Ko and Arle...
Johnny Bravo, Bayonetta, Reg, Reigen Arataka, Joey Wheeler, Min Min...
Noel, Eva, Falco, Askeladd, Connor...
Amelia, Leshawna, The Heavy, Squigly & Khun!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 4: Everyone's In The Cafeteria!

With almost EVERYTHING (even on my end) finally settled, it's time for the part that most people have been waiting and the part where the show really gets its title from.

Some friendships may be started here, some contestants may become enemies and there might be two strategic moves from two people who hate each other...on different teams.

Four new arrivals, a reworked prologue and the first challenge will come soon...before the final four new challengers appear in an extra part.

To 1602jaw, yep, there's going to be a lot more of that in this fic and to that guy, Episode 2's going to have a lot of that.

Memeking, I don't mind taking my time!

Finally, the massive cafeteria was where the massive group of contestants were going to stay in for a good while, as the teams were equally as massive as the cast and there might have been food.

But it sure was following the Total Drama tradition of being only somewhat edible, as the reactions were definitely mixed coming from...all of them.

"Goddamn, this is actual shit." Riley Freeman had to start it off.

"You said it. What kind of food is this?" Yuri shouted.

Chef just threw a good glare at them, doing his job with a lot more cooks in the kitchen.

"It's edible." Riley said through gritted teeth.

And Uraraka was feeling her nausea go up a bit from even eating the food.

"Alright, you guys are enjoying Chef's stuff, I'm going to go have my interns test the first challenge!" Chris just disappeared. "As well as other stuff!"

"Ok!" Uraraka just got done vomiting. "What kind of food is this?"

"I don't know, but it's definitely something!" Yuri shouted.

As a good chunk of the Deer were definitely in a complaining mood and the rest were trying to stomach the highly questionable taste, some others were sure there was going to be a problem.

As per the team with an actual (technically) gourmet cook and contestants that could eat...

...which wasn't everybody, as Aisling was...something and Connor and Genos were not too exact about the taste.

"I am going to assume that you can't eat this food!" Genos wanted to get the point across.

"That's not nice to Chef Hatchet, he can cook great food, this is just Total Drama!" Connor tried to shout over the table.

"Yeah, you better be listenin' to android cop over here!" Chef Hatchet, of course, heard all of that. "I ain't going to change much!"

Soma just heard this one and instinctively got up.

"What do you wanna say, Totsuki guy?"

Soma just started walking.

"Don't take the bait, you're probably going to end up working there!" Pit shouted at the guy, who had a confident smile. "No, Soma!"

The guy did have a box in his hand and Chef noticed something.

"Eat up."

"Glad to know that someone cares about the chef in here." Chef opened the box and in there was...squid covered in peanut butter. "What are you up to, boy!"

"Come on, it's peanut butter in squid." Soma said, as Chef Hatchet ate it.

And the Chef felt like he was getting a beat down from the food.

"It's bad, right?" Soma had a very smug smile.

"Yeah, but I ain't interested and I ain't hungry anymore." Chef just took the box, as Soma didn't look too surprised.

Soma went back down with his whole team looking at him.

"I just wanted him to show off some of my disgusting dishes." Soma answered.

"Then you must have some balls of steel to go up against Chef Hatchet!" Dante shouted, stomaching the questionable food.

"Wait, who?"

*Chef Hatchet's confessional*

The chef didn't look impressed.

"I don't know what's up with that kid, but that combination wasn't even that bad. If he has a problem with me, he shoulda said it to my face!" Chef said. "Besides, it's a Total Drama thing at this point!"

*Confessional cut*

With a pissed off Chef in tow, there was quite a few people that were returning the dishes and they were probably getting some good words.

"Hey, uh, this is something." Clover said, meeting Chef's aggressive face.

"Yeah, I cook for all of you people and I still get no appreciation!" Chef shouted.

"Wait, do you have no budget?"

"You think money's an issue here!"

Clover slowly backed away from the counter, as a few others were looking on with their clean plates.

"Anyone got some words for me?" Chef asked with some intimidation.

There was quite a few people that nodded sideways...besides Hank Hill, who just didn't look too impressed.

"I don't know why you're serving that prison food, but this ain't a prison. It's some sort of TV show!" Hank Hill said. "I don't think you know that!"

"What, you don't think I know that?!" Chef came up to the Texan dad's face.

"No, I mean you're not understanding properly."


There was a whole lot of vomiting in the room, as there was a few people couldn't get with the badly cooked egg with something else on the side.

"Excuse me, we've gotta issue out front." A guy that looked similar to Lowain...except more pink said. "Quite a few people are blowing chunks!"

"Yeah and our bro's out there." Another guy that also looked like Lowain except with grey hair and generally grey clothes. "I think he's okay."

Chef just grunted, as he had already done the food serving.

As Lowain was getting to grips with the poorly cooked brunch, his two bros were definitely cleaning up the vomit and he could see the two of them do their thing.

The grey-ish bro with furry ears and tanned was Tomoi or Tommy and the pink-ish bro with tanned skin and they were just ready to have a conversation.

As some others were vomiting.

*Joey's confessional*

The guy just done cleaning his mouth.

"This is kinda very sick in a bad way, but who are those guys and why do they know Lowain?" Joey asked.

*Confessional cut*

And then they talked.

"Bros, I'm glad you guys are here, even if you're working hard at the vomit clean-up! Nice mop, dudes!" Lowain was just talking to the others.

"Yeah, we're interns, doing the whole nine yards and all of that crazy stuff." Tomoi exclaimed. "Serious, these challenges are killer."

"Not that surprised, this show is just mad challenge and drama queens and kings all around!" Lowain shouted.

"Dude, you've should've seen what else was there." Tomoi said.

"I know, you can't say 'cause it'd be spoilers." Lowain remarked.

As the trio were talking, Daphne wasn't even sure why they were talking like this.

*Daphne's confessional*

The redhead with the blue dress looked confused.

"Why do they look like surfer guys that came from the medieval times? I mean, what kind of clothes are that!" Daphne shouted.

*Confessional cut*

As that was happening, there was a weird kind of tension in the place...even if there was a whole bunch of people cleaning up.

Hank and Chef were having a bit of a stare down from the bench and the counter, the teams' rivals were just also looking at each other and even some members within the teams were doing it.

"Wow, this has to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences, ever." Rock remarked.

"Yeah, well, good food should appreciate that." Hank told Rock, who didn't get it.

There was a random bell sound coming in, though.

And there was more people coming, because...of course there was, as the 112 contestants were sure of something that was happening outside of the massive cafeteria.

Aside from Lowain, who sat down and his bros that weren't cooking anymore.

Two of them were definitely familiar faces for sure, as they were coming back from previous seasons in very unexpected ways.

Owen was back and he was having a fun time in his white and teal maple leaf shirt and Sky was just dodging something in her usual clothes, being the cream-coloured shirt, black yoga pants.

And they just confused the hell out of the people that were already there.

"Hey, Leshawna! Guess what?" Owen asked Leshawna, like it was normal. "Holy shit, there's a ton of people!"

"That's what I'm saying! How are you joining this thing?" Leshawna asked. "Never mind, Chris is on some bull."

"It's not bull, it's awesome to be back in the competition!" Owen shouted.

"Okay, sure." Leshawna shouted.

Sky and Sugar were just eyeing each other.

"Hey, I hope you've gotten nicer since Pahkitew Island." Sky said, trying to calm things down.

"I dunno, you still beat me and I'm stuck on some team with a buncha villains!" Sugar shouted. "I don't feel super great, but I'm gonna beat ya!"

"If that what makes you happy, I guess." Sky remarked.

"I just don't like being on this team and I'm gonna win this pageant!" Sugar declared.

The two returning contestants from both the first generation and third generation meant that B was the only person from Revenge of The Island.

"Yes, not only are Dawn and Owen back in with the chance to win!" Chris announced. "There's two more new faces!"

Chris was just pointing towards a random door.

"And they're coming from here!"

The door was practically stuck, as the contestants were all looking at a door that was locked.

"Seriously, there's already 114 people in here, I don't think we need any more in here!" Owen remarked. "Heck, I can't even remember some of them!"

"I think I can remember every one of your faces!" Dawn said.

Luckily, Chris didn't have to answer the a black, slim woman that looked like she worked hard on her restaurant and a old white man that was short, stout and the right hand man of Captain Hook.

Tiana, young and free, looked more than ready to compete in her green-ish dress, yellow blouse, grey slip-on shoes with a heel and her black hair was tied messily.

"...Er, is there supposed to be this many people?" Tiana asked. "You said there was going to be fifty people or something."

"That's what I'm saying!" Sky added.

"Please welcome, Tiana to the green team!"

Mr. Smee was definitely short, old and very much balding on the top...where his red nightcap was.

He wore a white t-shirt with blue stripes, blue shorts and brown sandals...and glasses for seeing...and was flat on the ground.

"And finally, Mr. Smee, for the blue team!"

"He is not long for this island, hoo boy." Kyo whispered to some people, as the old right-hand pirate got up.

The obvious questions were done.

"Hey, sir, how are you going to deal with this many people?" Mr. Smee asked.

"Same thing here, old dude." Jude said.

Chris just waited for dramatic effect to settle in before saying something.

"Computers, interns, my awesome brain and the other important things, obviously!"

Most of them weren't even sure that he was serious about this one, as there was a lot of people there that thought that this stuff wasn't really necessary or even workable.

And a lot of people thought that this was possible, but then again, there is 116 contestants in the mess hall, so anything could be possible in here.

"Seriously, does that mean that Dawn's on the red team and Owen's on the yellow team? Because it does." Tails had an important question.

"I think it's the wrong way around." Dawn definitely noticed.

"Yeah, Dawn's on the yellow team and Owen's on the red team!" Chris announced. "And that's every contestant in here!"

B was just unsure at how it would work, but he signed to say something important.

"Yeah, couldn't agree more. How do you even get 116 contestants in here?" Samus asked.

"I don't know, it must be some kind of miracle or something." Tiana said with disbelief.

"It might as well be, though..."

Chris was just grinning with confidence.

"'s pretty shaky."

"At least we all made it here." Tiana remarked.

"Guys, my job's done for today and this time around, you guys are going to get some rest before the first challenge in the morning!" Chris announced, as all of the contestants were reeling from the random announcements. "I'm going to rest in my awesome cottage for the big day!"

"Why?" Eva asked, ready to choke a man.

"...We was going to have to do it today, but some people made this be super late! So enjoy getting up early!"

The host just left the cafeteria, just as Chef and the cooks that were there also left, leaving the ludicrous amount of contestants to stew over what had just happened.

Someone really did look outside and noticed that the sun was almost below the horizon, as these guys were going to have to get used to each other...and the new guys were doing confessionals.

*Tiana's confessional*

"Er, hello everybody at home, proud to be here. I don't know how long that I'm going to say, but I'm going to say that I'm hoping to have a good time here!" Tiana shouted with a smile.

*Smee's confessional*

"Cap'n, I know that I might not be there to help you, but I can bring a great treasure! Wait, is there even treasure here?"

*Dawn's confessional*

"As much as I'm happy that I am in fact back and can sense some evil presences on some of the contestants, these islands are definitely hiding a lot of secrets!" Dawn said, actually happy. "They're not terrible ones too!"

*Owen's confessional*

"Okay, mom, dad, Noah, Emma and Kitty, I'm ready to do this show again and uh, you know, deal with 115 other people to get the prize again!" Owen declared. "Woo-hoo, it's going to be like a party!"

*Confessionals are cut*

With that being said, no-one could predict when Chris wake them there was a tradition of just messing people's sleep up that a lot of the contestants knew.

Besides that Owen was definitely part of the Rhinos.

"Oh god, I'm not going to be prepared to wake up early!" Owen shouted. "Been having too much fun lately!"

"Trust me, that's going to end with the host and these great bunch of teammates." Iori just grumbled.

"Oh yeah, you're the Yagami guy! I can't believe you're so strong!"

"I can't believe that you're not getting out of my face."

"Come on, don't be like that."

Owen was just waving at all of the other people that were waving at him back, as they were about to get the arm thing.

"Hey, guys, what are you guys up to?" Owen asked.

"Trying to have a good time sleeping!" Mai shouted.

"Just having a good time and throwing nuts around!" Squirrel Girl said.

"Hopefully quelling tensions." Shulk stated, still seeing a detective and a donkey trader generate just that.

"Okay, this sounds like a good team!"

This team were definitely welcoming Owen, despite a good chunk of the team glaring at him, as he got a whole lot of high-fives and all of that.

Dawn was getting a different reception from the Crows, but it was mostly because of her apparent weirdness.

"How the hell are you able to recognise that?" Kageyama asked, avoiding some guy's chuckles. "You're smart, right?"

"Hello, they obviously do script the introductions!" Terry Bogard exclaimed.

"I didn't even use my chi that time. I just read something." Dawn answered the whole team.

"That makes a lot of sense, because I don't think you would've predicted that." Terry Bogard said. "Though, your powers are probably cool."

"No, no, it's fine." Dawn said. "I'm just happy to be on a good team."

"Yeah and since we've got powers, we're hoping to combine all of our faces and hopefully, most of us will make it to the merge." Kipo told the team, as Sandy stepped in.

"I know that you have been in Total Drama before, so make your second choice count!" Sandy shouted, as Dawn just silently nodded.

"Dude, make it count for all of us!" Giovanni declared. "We'll be the best team in here."

"That's still a lot to carry on one person, but I think we can do this!" Riku was sure of something.

All of the team were walking back to their cabin with a stride, besides Dawn, who was just walking like a normal person.

The two newcomers were definitely feeling a lot different in their own teams and even between each other, as Tiana was a normal person in the Daring Deer, a team packed the brim with personality-driven powers.

She did have words that got the younger girls together.

"Whoa, you turned into a frog?!" Mystique Sonia asked. "You must have a lot of stories to tell."

"Weirdly enough, it's just one crazy story. That's how I met my husband, though." Tiana told her.

"Damn, that's crazy!" Yuri shouted. "Was he a frog, too?"

"He got turned into a frog like me."

"Oh, that makes a lot of sense."

"No, it doesn't really. There's no way that someone benevolent would actually do to some random waitress and a prince." Ram stated, being the demon maid that she was.

"Wow, you're so smart for a-" Tiana said, before Samus just stopped her.

"-a short adult." Samus finished that sentence, as Tiana raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah, I know. Some adults are really short and have pink hair!" Tiana shouted, as Samus just went out of the way.

"You should continue the story, please." Ram aggressively told Tiana.

"Yeah. I'm not gonna say his name, but he was known as the Shadow Man that scams people, does voodoo stuff and nearly took over New Orleans. I don't know what his problem is, but I'm glad he's dead." Tiana explained, as the others were just entraced in her story.

There was definitely a lot of awe in the place, as the restaurant owner was feeling the pressure.

"It was a fine enough story." Ram said with an unimpressed face.

"Okay, that's cool. What's been up with all of you?" Tiana just asked.

"Just the usual, saving the world from an evil guy one at a time!" Mystique Sonia shouted. "With my hat."

Tiana just high-fived the hat and the hat high-fived her without much problem, as there was the guys that were talking in the place.

"Damn, guys, we're just out here...chilling." Jude smiled with confidence. "With so many freaky dudes."

"Wow, you really call everyone dudes. I'm not just a dude...I'm a good dude!" Scott shouted.

"Honestly, you two don't have any surprises according to my intel." Snake did managed to spook the both of them.

"Oh yeah, I guess they've got it on the internet." Scott was still in the middle of eating...something.

"Wow, they really do!" Jude exclaimed, as Snake just shook his head. "So, guys, what do you think we're going to do tomorrow?"

"A challenge...with our teams?" Scott remarked, as Jude was just getting it.

"Maybe it's something about doing crazy with the team. Because this is the big one, dude!" Jude exclaimed, as Scott was looking at him weird.

*Snake's confessional*

"As much as most of my team are probably good people, some of them would absolutely rule the game if they could together. You bet that I'm going to add to this team's potential threat." Snake said with confidence.

*Confessional cut*

Smee was practically out of place in the Swordfishes, which is odd when most of the team is somewhat out of place, but he notably tripped when he came in.

"Sorry, mates! I hope to be a good player in the game!" Smee shouted, even saluting the random dudes that were in the cabin.

"I'm sure that you are." Sokka sounded skeptical.

"Hey, you could be a little bit nicer to the pirate senior. It's not everyday, we get an old guy." Lowain remarked, as he pointed to the pirate.

"Why, thank you! I hope to steal some stuff for you guys." Smee told all of them.

There was a lot of raised eyebrows.

"...Honestly, I don't know what you could steal." Lowain just asked.

"Yeah, the only thing there could be was good food." Falco remarked.

"I don't think so, because the kitchen did smell...really bad." Smee stated, as he remembered the smell. "I don't think it could smell so bad."

"Besides, we're about to kick some ass tomorrow!" Reigen shouted at them.

"I think we are." Falco said, borderline unimpressed. "Now, what kind of challenge would happen tomorrow."

"A hard and crazy one no doubt! Why else would he delay the challenge until tomorrow." Sokka exclaimed, as there was a lot of raised hands.

"...The sun is down, the sky's turning dark and to be honest, I'm not tired!" Tails yelled, as Sokka was more than interested in not being tired.

"Me too, I'm ready to see whatever Azula's doing in here!" Sokka yelled.

"I don't know, I get the feeling having some rivals distract from doing a bunch of stuff on the island is a bad thing." Reigen remarked, as he saw the three un-tired guys be excited for the challenge.

"Yeah, but you're also technicall an scam artist when you're not with the kid. So, we can scope out what the competition does." Tails told them.

"...I'm just going to do pirate things!" Smee exclaimed, not even sure why he was here.

With the whole team more than ready to discuss whatever the hell that they want and the 29 members of the massive team all doing their own thing and they were really doing it.

Such as...fighting each other?

Albedo and Arle were practically glaring at each other, as Cassie Cage and Kasumi Todoh were just watching whatever was in front of them.

"Listen, no human can try to bond with me! They abandoned me in the middle of the game!" Albedo shouted.

"I know losing video games can be real tough, but why are you trying to kill me?" Arle asked, as she was dodging the swings.

"...I hate humans, are you not listening?!" Albedo was pretty much swinging punches.

"Yes, I was listening. Your reason sounds dumb and I don't know what's up with the succubus thing." Arle was defensively throwing spells.

"Listen, I live for only my master and I bet you would not understand that!"

These two were being watched outside by Kasumi and Cassie, sure that they got into...something.

*Cassie Cage's confessional*

The Special Forces millenial looked interested.

"Wow, some people are really fighting each other for video games, huh?" Cassie asked, as the fighting was still going on. "Also, I don't know what's wrong with Albedo, but she has a lot of things that are wrong, so I'm not surprised."

*Kasumi Todoh's confessional*

The almost blue-haired akido pracitioner was confused.

"Seriously, I don't know what their problem is and why it is a problem, but it is!" Kasumi shouted.

*Confessional cut*

"These 116 contestants in their four teams are going to wake up to our first challenge and they're already excited, but the first one is going to be a major bummer for them!" Chris announced. "Total Drama: Ultimate Islands really starts in the next episode, so stay tuned...after our final four contestants are revealed!"

The camera should've cut off here and it was cut, but...

"Wait, what's wrong with Total Drama: Crossed Islands?"

...someone had to question the title

To be continued in the second episode, as there's going to be whole lot of token-snatching with the absurd amount of contestants that are doing their thing at their best.

116 to be exact now.

113. Mr. Smee, The Loyal Right-Hand Pirate (Peter Pan, added to the Swordfishes)

114. Tiana, The Hard-Working Restaurant Owner (Princess & The Frog, added to the Deers)

115. Owen, The Big Fun Guy (Total Drama World Tour, added to the Rhinos)

116. Dawn, The Moon Girl (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island, added to the Crows)

3 for the original cast, 2 for the ROTI cast and 1 from Pahkitew Islands sounds mostly right for these 6 returning characters.

That might be the number of eliminations in the all-original first challenge that I'm proposing, but either way, here's a token for your reading!

Either way, here's the teams for the final time with the four additional characters:

The Rugged Rhinos (Red Team):
Azula, Pinstripe Potoroo, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa, Panchito...
Shulk, Harley Quinn, Yumeko, Lynn Loud, Storm Shadow, Iori...
Pepper Ann, Panchito, Kristoff, Carmelita, Tron Bonne, Sol...
Muscle Man, Sugar, Clover, Fred, JFK...
Rock, Gintoki, Hank, Dante, Coachman & Basil!
+Owen (Total Drama Islands)

The Crafty Crows (Yellow/Gold Team):
Wario, Giovanni, Tomo, Sandy, Tobio Kageyama, Riku...
Kyo K., Terry Bogard, Darkness, Pit, Gloria, Judy...
Deadpool, Soma, Genos, Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Gum...
Miko, Kipo, Sakura, Shego, Mikasa...
Chloe, Lord Hater, Rapunzel, Tiny Tina & Haida!
+Dawn (Revenge Of The Islands)

The Daring Deer (Green Team):
Sonja, Ram, Samus, Uraraka, Robyn, Kate...
Penny Proud, Riley, Scott P., Jude, Soos, Snufkin...
Yuri, Mystique Sonia, Piccolo, B, Aisling, Donkey Kong...
Daisy, Luigi, Spike, Julia, Hayley...
Tanya, Tanjiro, Samurai Jack, Haohmaru & Snake!
+Tiana (Princess & The Frog)

The Striking Swordfish (Blue Team):
Sokka, Tails, Lowain, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi Todoh...
Cassie, Raven, Albedo, Daphne, Hsien-Ko and Arle...
Johnny Bravo, Bayonetta, Reg, Reigen Arataka, Joey Wheeler, Min Min...
Noel, Eva, Falco, Askeladd, Connor...
Amelia, Leshawna, The Heavy, Squigly & Khun!
+Mr. Smee (Peter Pan)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Crossed Islands
Episode 1: The All-In-One Isles
Part 5: The Final Four Faces! (extra chapter, of course)

Michiru (from BNA: Brand New Animal, added to the Crafty Crows)

Legoshi (from Beastars, added to the Rough Rhinos)

Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes Show, added to the Daring Deer)

Ryuko Matoi (from Kill La Kill, added to the Striking Swordfishes)

These four are placed into their respective teams to round pit the roster to a solid 120 and also, to create that little bit more of drama between the 29-member teams!

What's going to be up with the 30th member of each team and more importantly, this is technically an late April Fools thing, but it's also very serious at the same time.

So, yeah, let's see 'em.

Chris didn't look too tired for a host that had to do a lot of work, but it was very clear that the sun was going down.

"I know that we have120 contestants now and they're going to be the last ones to enter the competition!" Chris announced to eight people that were representing their teams.

Azula and Mai from the Rhinos were both paired together to ask one question.

"Why is there so many?" Mai asked.

"Why introduce these four now, when the sun is dropping?" Azula said.

"First off, I want to bring some surprises. Secondly, we've got an extended episode, so that's more ratings and more space for campers!"

Kipo and Mikasa from the Crows were sure that Chris was just joking about that, as they both knew that what ratings were.

"Each team's going to get their last members today and it's your job to introduce them to your team!"

Samus and Snake from the Deer were sure of something apparent, as these two were sure that the host had a dirty trick.

Sokka and Khun did have things to say, as the line-up came up.

"What's with her?" Sokka asked, eyeing a look at the proud student.

"She's part of the Kiryuin family, one of the strongest out there."

"First off, we've got..."

A 7-foot-tall grey wolf that was clearly a student from his white shirt, dark blue waistcoat and long khaki trousers for his long legs came out...with his hand rubbing his head.

"Legoshi from Cherryton Academy for the Rhinos!"

A half-tanuki, half-human teenager came out with her reddish brown and dark brown fur, blue and dark brown hair and tail and a smile. She was wearing a red unzipped track jacket, a grey t-shirt, jean shorts and blue trainers.

And she was very excited compared to Legoshi, who was nervous about the whole thing.

"Second off, we've got Michiru from Anima City for the Crows!"

Michiru was just surprised to see that two other beastmen (Anima City's terminology for furry people) were joining her on this awesome show.

The third guy was Bugs Bunny, looked tired as hell of this show.

"Thirdly, we've got Bugs Bunny from Alabama, I think!"

"Yeah, that's great. You don't even know where I live." Bugs remarked, as he just shrugged. "At least I can win 2 million."

"Lastly, but not least, we've got Ryuko Matoi, going to the Swordfishes!"

Ryuko was definitely a 2nd year high school student from Japan with black stuffy hair with a red hair, wearing her distinct black, grey and red woman's uniform (that looked a little weird), but she was also wearing her white trainers and a very distinct left glove.

"Well, I don't mind going on this crazy show for free, but I've got a friend that could use that 2 million." Ryuko said. "Isn't there supposed to be a thing?"

"Yeah, where's the battle between the newcomers?" Michiru asked.

"The what-" Legoshi wanted to answer, but-

"Kinda had a whole thing going on, but I have to cancel it because of reasons. Just go and join your teams!" Chris announced to the four newcomers. "Besides, the real test is the first challenge."

"Alright, that's okay." Legoshi said, as he went to Mai. "Wow, you're something alright."

Mai was just hugging him back, as Legoshi slightly backed off.

"Yeah, we are definitely something alright."

Michiru and Kipo were looking at each other all weird and it became weirder when her arm turned furry.

"I think you two are much more similar than you think." Mikasa said with a straight face. "Let's just go back."

As for Bugs, Samus and Snake they all had one thing to say each.

"This is a real crossover, alright. Shame that we're doing something crazy." Bugs stated.

"Heh, I do crazy things all of the time, 'cause that's a bounty hunter lives." Samus said, also with a straight face.

"I can't really say anything, but war is crazy." Snake remarked, as Bugs just did a random high five. "That was weird."

And the blue team two apparent leaders' with Ryuko in tow, were having a bit of a time.

"Yo, why are you so...out there?" Sokka asked.

"Honestly, I don't really have much clothes." Ryuko said, putting her own punky jacket on. "Besides, this is kinda like a trademark."

"I'm just saying...that you look good, but whatever!" Sokka was borderline flustered.

"Even in a different world or something, stuff never changes." Ryuko remarked, as Khun was just smiling like a pro. "Anyways, I'm guessing this high and mighty guy is Khun."

"I'm not that high or that mighty. We're on the same team, so we'll just get acquainted." Khun remarked, as Ryuko was just smugly smiling.

"Good, because I'm ready to kick a lot of asses." Ryuko said, as Sokka put his sword out there...and Khun just showed his suitcase. "It's just a suitcase."

"Trust me, it's more than a style choice." Khun remarked.

*Michiru's confessional*

She looked like she was ready to hang out.

"Total Drama's one of the craziest reality shows out there and I've seen some stuff, but I'm representing beastmen everywhere...which is going to be hard to do, but being myself should be good representation."

*Legoshi's confessional*

The wolf just scratched the back of his head.

"I can't believe that I got set up to do this, but there's no way back. The boat even blew up with no-one on it!" Legoshi said.

*Bugs Bunny's confessional*

The bunny looked tired.

"I know it's kinda weird that I'm going onto this show, but I have one of the most irresponsible house mates of all time. I don't even know how he found the money to spend it on a pool, but it's not legit for sure!" Bugs complained.

*Ryuko's confessional*

The black-haired high schooler...with one set of clothes said...

"Huh, if this isn't a wilder ride than Honnouji Academy, I'm going to be disappointed. It's Total frickin' Drama with random people with random powers, so I'm expecting some crazy stuff!"

*Confessional cut*

Kipo and Michiru were the most similar and unsurprisingly, they were also the ones that talked the most to each other with Mikasa being there.

"Wait, hold on, you're part jaguar?" Michiru asked. "...I mean, you don't exactly look like it."

"It doesn't stick out all of that much, but..."

Just to prove it, Kipo transformed her right arm into another one of the jaguar's legs.

"'s a long story how I got these, because I didn't always have these until a short while ago."

"Weird, it's kinda like mine. One day I was human and the next day I'm like this." Michiru just grew her arm.

Kipo and Michiru did share a good laugh.

"You two are definitely something to behold." Mikasa had a smile on her face. "I think you two can definitely go far in the competition."

"I dunno, this show brings swerves into every single day of being here and the alliances are crazy powerful. But our whole team's strong, right?" Michiru asked, as Kipo was sweating a bit.

At the cabin, the 27 other contestants were about to meet their team's 30th and last contestant on this season and they were not ready for it.

Soma was doing his own thing...which made the cabin a bit messy and the three that came in saw that.

"Yo, welcome to the Crows! We've got good players, okay players and maybe some bad players, but we're still players on the same team!" Soma shouted, as Mikasa was stunned.

"Thanks for the squid, you really suck." Kageyama grumbled. "Sorry, new lady, this guy think he's the coolest cook!"

"Is it always like this?" Michiru just felt the energy.

"We barely know each other, so it's like a first judgement." Kageyama complained, as the volleyball player still had the taste of squid with peanut butter.

"Yeah, he's cool. You want some of my squid with peanut butter?" Soma asked the three of them.

Mikasa out of reflex just slapped him hard, as Kipo and Michiru were not sure what to do with the peanut butter-covered squid...for different reasons and Gum just glared at him.

"Hey, whoa, whoa, you can't just serve that for our new member." Gum said. "That's horrible."

"Yeah, I know. But it's not like anyone else is going to eat it-" Soma then realised that the last one was gone. "-never mind, my name's Soma."

"Hello, guys, my name is Michiru! I'm just happy to be here." Michiru said. "I hope that my powers can help you humans...and skeletons out!"

Papyrus and Sir Daniel were just high-fiving, having learned the thing during their time trying to figure what the heck was going on in the campgrounds.

"Seriously, that's pretty dang nice. I'd rather deal with you than mayor princess." Gum remarked, as Chloe just straight up offended.

"Hey, all I'm saying that you're not as cool as me." Chloe remarked, whipping her hair. "And also, also, she's just a tanuki lady."

"Yeah, that's cool." Gum stated, as Michiru was just unsure of why Chloe was mad. "Listen, you better step up or else."

"Alright, alright, I will, I was once a superhero."

"Jeez, you two, we've gotta better things to do than argue about who's the coolest?" Sandy asked. "Michiru, what are you doing?"

There was definitely a howl coming through, as there was another howl that was coming from the Rhinos' cabin and it somehow made the beast(wo)man howl.

"I don't know, but I don't think it's a good howl." Michiru said. "It's probably from another team."

"Eh, let's worry about them later! Tonight, we do something cool!" Giovanni yelled, as there was a lot of team shenanigans. "I don't know what it is, but we're bad guys."

"...Okay, we're not bad guys, we're just guys in here!" Tomo exclaimed.

The energy of the Crows was actually good.

*Riku's confessional*

The white-haired Keyblade wielder had a neutral face.

"I'm not going to lie, she's probably a really good teammate." Riku said. "I might be wrong, but she might be like Sora."

*Confessional cut*

Legoshi didn't exactly get an warm welcome, even if some of the members were trying their hardest to ensure that...despite the fact that there was a ridiculous amount of tension.

Even in the cabin, it didn't seem like much.

"Welcome to the Rhinos, we're here, we're rugged and we're not rhinos!" Mai shouted, as Sol just threw some paper. "Thanks, Sol."

"No problem, my man." Sol remarked. "You're Legoshi, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Legoshi said, as Mai was reading something and Azula took it. "That's kinda weird."

"We're a weird team, if those words mean anything." Azula put on her best honest smile, as she said that. "Our weirdness will be a factor for ruling the competition, taking down everyone else like a ship."

"Haha, good one." Legoshi remarked, nervously. "This is...a ship."

"Pretty much and an air-tight one at that." Azula was probably lying through her teeth, as...something was thrown. "Things get thrown."

"They don't get thrown like that?!" Mai just saw a plate break, as Panchito was looking side-to-side. "Panchito."

"Er, someone wanted to prove something with this plate throwing." Panchito asked. "Pinstripe, you win this one!"

"Yeah, take it and leave it." Pinstripe proclaimed, as Legoshi raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah, you're that Legoshi guy."

"Hey, I'm guessing you two are Pinstripe and Panchito. Sorry, I'm getting used to being here." Legoshi said, referring to the potoroo and the rooster.

"Yeah, it's a weird place here." Panchito remarked, getting a little too close to Pinstripe. "Those two are causing some seriously bad energy, weasel man."

"...Please don't mention it, hermano." Pinstripe mocked Panchito.

Legoshi was just...understanding it less and less, as he was getting invited to the boys' part of the team and getting in all of the weird dynamics.

"That's good, but what do you mean by those two?" Legoshi asked, as he saw the old man for the first time. "...I'm guessing he's one of them."

Pinstripe and Panchito were both not willing to answer that, as the tall wolf already felt the weird energy around the Coachman.

"Hey, you're the old guy." Legoshi remarked.

"Yeah, I guess I am. I'm sure that we'll be good teammates in this game." Coachman said with a smug smirk. "Besides I think you can keep up with me."


"Well, I meant strategy-wise. I'm not that strong compared to you."

"Thank you! I hope that I can do that."

Basil was just rolling his own eyes at the slightly off interaction, as Pinstripe and Panchito were just both bothered by him.

"What's wrong with introducing him to the old guy?” Panchito asked.

Honestly, I don’t have any evidence, but I have a bad feeling about his unspeakable nature.” Basil said with a sneer.

Once the first challenge is over, we can judge him or something.”

And I bet it is the ‘or something’ part.” Pinstripe threw a smug grin towards the mouse detective, who scoffed at him. “Geez, you two don’t have a history.”

Can you please let me get back to reading my book? I was in the middle of something.” Basil stated, as the rooster and the potoroo just walked away.

*Legoshi’s confessional*

"This is...definitely a good team, sorta." He said without much confidence. "What's with the mouse detective?"

*Confessional cut*


Bugs, Snake and Samus were definitely a dream roster type of team and they were all on the same show, but they weren't even sure why.

The real question is how he was going to intergrate with the rest of the Deers, who was in the middle of some random dispute and random was right.

"I gotta say, you two look like you do crazy things for a job." Bugs remarked.

"Yeah, that's more of a thing that I can't talk about." Snake just said it with some gruffness.

"I've got a lot of long stories, unlike the super-soldier!"

"Yeah, I'd rather not do that. We're here to introduce the newcomer onto the team." Snake said, as Bugs was raising an eyebrow. "Sorry, there's an person on our team who's...being divisive."

"Yeah, I've got experience dealing with people like that." Bugs said.

"I'm more of a lone player anyways." Samus remarked. "I hope you're ready to deal with a teenager."

"...Dang, I'm babysitting!" Bugs looked more than ready for it.

These three were sure that they were getting into a cabin situation, as they were all expecting some kind of oppressive atmosphere or something like that.

But it wasn't that oppressive, as Tanya looked angry and Yuri looked like she was ready to throw down.

"We kept this wild child in bed." Yuri declared, as the blonde child soldier groaned. "Tanya's down!"

"We met half a day ago." Tanya said. "At this point, taking over the team would only make things worse."

"Yeah, that's what she said!"

"I said the truth, what else do you want?"

The three that were coming in were dumbfounded at how Yuri handled it.

*Samus' confessional*

The bounty hunter just sighed.

"I'd never thought that it would be this weird of a situation, but we barely met anyways." Samus said. "Let's hope that Yuri doesn't go crazy."

*Yuri's confessional*

"It feels good to make someone go down a bit!" Yuri shouted. "The first challenge isn't ready for me!"

*Confessional cut*

Ryuko was really got more than prepared to meet the rest of the new and oldcomers alike, as there might have some cool moves and even cooler attitudes in the whole darn team.

Sokka was more than used to the chaos within the team and Khun tried to adapt to that, but...

"Goddamn, this is definitely the strangest team out there." Ryuko said with a smile. "Mako'd fit right in here."

"No doubt about it. It's chill, but weird." Sokka said with a side eye. "We're a good team!"

"...Uh, I wasn't even insulting you." Ryuko remarked with some gruffness. "Most of these guys look like normal people."

"Dude, that's the beauty of this team, we're all chilling, we're skilling up and we're all motivated to not be bummed out." Lowain declared, stepping up for the team. "Okay, dude-ette."

"Lowain, I don't think she will understand what you just said." Khun said with some condescension.


"Don't worry, I got it. I'll make sure that I won't hold you guys back." Ryuko told the three of them, before seeing a certain yellow fox.

Tails was in the middle of working on something pretty cool, but...

"Must be some kind of heal weapon." Heavy said.

"That's kinda close." Tails answered the Heavy, who was in a happy mood.

"Uh, maybe it's a healing love...thingy thing?" Daphne asked. "Never mind."

"Yeah, that's not close."

"Some kind of monster to make sure that we're kicking butt." Joey Wheeler exclaimed, doing an uppercut into the air.

"How are you guys getting farther? It's something that can heal!" Tails shouted at the three of them. "Total Drama's...something else."

"Yeah, I know. They let a lot of talking animals on board." Ryuko remarked, coming up to Tails.

The fox got stunned by the appearance of the black-haired student.

"Hey, I may be an talking animal, but we're just as cool as anyone else, Ryuko Matoi!" Tails asked, as she looked at him.

"Okay, what's your problem? I'm just calling it like I'm seeing it and it's cool." Ryuko said with a stern face.

"Yeah, oh....Sorry, I thought it was an insult." Tails was just waving his arms.

"What was all that about?" Ryuko just shouted at Tails, in a battle-ready mood and Tails just got nervous.

"Dang, is there a fight happening?" Joey looked interested, as Ryuko elbowed his face. "I fight with my cards."

"Sorry, but it sounded like you wanted to fight." Ryuko said.

"It did, so I should be sorry." Tails remarked.

These two were practically in a stalemate, as Joey recovered from his elbowed cheek and saw the two of them just awkwardly shake hands with each other.

"I promise to kick some serious ass." Ryuko said.

"You have my ass-kicking approval!" Tails shouted.

*Lowain's confessional*

This blonde guy was just not understanding it.

"That was a real bruh moment right there. Imagine that happening to you and you can picture it up in your mind easy!" Lowain shouted. "Damn, you better imagine it, bros and bro-ettes."

* Confessional cut*

Chris was just smiling with the knowledge of what the first challenge could be.

"Everyone is here and the first challenge is going to be unlike anything you've seen in here! These 120 players are going to have to bring their a-game tomorrow and they're going to get woken up good!"

The host emphasised the next bit of words.

"Who's going to make it through? Who's going to get cut? And more importantly, who's going to beat the rest?"

And of course, there was the zoom out of the archipelago.

"On Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

To be continued in Episode 2-1, where the first challenge gets itself started!

And one more time for the people in the crowd, in the back or in the front, as there's not going to be any more new faces, only these 120 known faces:

The Rugged Rhinos (Red Team):
Azula, Pinstripe Potoroo, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa, Panchito...
Shulk, Harley Quinn, Yumeko, Lynn Loud, Storm Shadow, Iori Yagami...
Pepper Ann, Panchito, Kristoff, Carmelita, Tron Bonne, Sol...
Muscle Man, Sugar, Clover, Fred, JFK...
Rock, Gintoki, Hank, Dante, Coachman & Basil!
Owen (Total Drama Island) & Legoshi (Beastars)

The Crafty Crows (Yellow/Gold Team):
Wario, Giovanni, Tomo, Sandy, Tobio Kageyama, Riku...
Kyo K., Terry Bogard, Darkness, Pit, Gloria, Judy...
Deadpool, Soma, Genos, Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Gum...
Miko, Kipo, Sakura, Shego, Mikasa...
Chloe, Lord Hater, Rapunzel, Tiny Tina & Haida!
Dawn (Revenge Of The Island) & Michiru (BNA: Brand New Animal)

The Daring Deer (Green Team):
Sonja, Ram, Samus, Uraraka, Robyn, Kate...
Penny Proud, Riley, Scott P., Jude, Soos, Snufkin...
Yuri, Mystique Sonia, Piccolo, B, Aisling, Donkey Kong...
Daisy, Luigi, Spike, Julia, Hayley...
Tanya, Tanjiro, Samurai Jack, Haohmaru & Snake!
Tiana (Princess & The Frog) & Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes Show)

The Striking Swordfish (Blue Team):
Sokka, Tails, Lowain, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi Todoh...
Cassie, Raven, Albedo, Daphne, Hsien-Ko and Arle...
Johnny Bravo, Bayonetta, Reg, Reigen Arataka, Joey Wheeler, Min Min...
Noel, Eva, Falco, Askeladd, Connor...
Amelia, Leshawna, The Heavy, Squigly & Khun!
Mr. Smee (Peter Pan) & Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill, is in every TD fic)

No more new faces, just a one-way trip down to the biggest Total Drama fanfic (in size, anyways) and onto the first challenge!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 2: Free For Teams
Part 1: Running For Tokens!

Welcome to the first challenge, where 120 challengers will become 115 automatically, as these four teams are going to really get their first taste of the new Total Drama!

Tokens, techniques, sabotage and all sorts of tactics are going to be needed if the four teams' best members are going to survive this one.

And that's not all for eliminations, as the worst-performing team will have extra elimination, so there's going to be five cuts after the challenges.

Anyways, reviewers (Wolf, 1602jaw and a guest on, you guys are going to see how these teams work together and so this is the game!

And the show was back the very next day.

"Last time on Total Drama: Crossed Islands, we've introduced 120 contestants on the dock and in the cafeteria and they're ready to go for the first challenge..."

There was a massive picture of each single contestant's portrait, scrolling horizontally in each row.

"...Some of them got acquainted, some of them hated each other and all of the teamed up to do some crazy challenges!"

A whole bunch of footage was shown of the random rivalries, fast friendships and awkward actions with the conversations.

"Four massive teams of 30 people each are ready to do the craziest season probably ever..."

Chris looked more than ready to shout the title.

"...Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

The morning was good, the sun was bright and the time was right for Chris to do one of his signature moves to the currently asleep contestants with a smug smile.

The Rugged Rhinos were generally good sleepers, as they finally stayed on the island for their first day and their beds were decent enough so that when it really hit.

The horn that awoke seagulls, stirred up the heavy sleepers and woke up everyone else sounded as loud as it could on the mega speakers and these people were not having it.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down, it's 7am!" Gintoki said, getting the heck up. "Geez, you'd think that he does this regularly."

"Yeah, it happens more than you think!" Owen shouted. "But that's an awesome thing!"

"...How?" Gintoki did look like a wreck. "You get woken up and that's it."

"Because there's a challenge today!"

While Gintoki and Owen were having that situation, Azula was just cursing the host for waking her up and others were definitely noticing something unsurprising, while Azula was very angry at her treatment.

"Seriously, what's with you two wise guys?" Pinstripe asked. "You guys can't get yourselves unstuck on the same boat!"

Basil woke up incredibly angry, as The Coachman had a smug, but tired smile.

"None of that matters now. Why would the host wake us up like that?" Basil asked. "Must think we are some kind of fools, right?"

"There's probably a good few of us that are fools, so it could be fitting." Coachman said, still tired. "You all have had a good night's rest."

"Good one, because you look like a skunk threw up on your face." Pinstripe said.

"Please, I'm not much of a morning person!" Coachman remarked.

That same weird grin was still there on the old man, as Basil was just pinching his own nose and Pinstripe did his power the morning.

"You two are going to have to work together or else, I promise to kick your butts...with some people!" Pinstripe declared, as Dante was just standing there...doing the hi sign.

"I don't know how I'm involved, but it's cool." Dante remarked.

"I just wake up two minutes ago and I've got an intervention happening to me." Basil didn't look too impressed with the situation that was around him. "Argh, some people and their assumptions."

Dante was just sure that he got into some weird, yet cool situation again and Legoshi wasn't even sure what happened.

"Urgh." Legoshi groaned. "Why is everyone up?"

*Dante's confessional*

The white-haired demon hunter didn't look too tired.

"Honestly, the weasel kinda asked me to deal with these two guys yesterday, woke me up and we're dealing with it. Looks like the British are teaming up again!" Dante said. "Not my best, but it does fit!"

*Confessional cut*

As for the Azula situation, she was just there...doing some things with two of the ladies that talked to her on the dock and some other lady in the girls' side of the Rhinos cabin.

"Yo, Azula, what's been up with you?" Harley Quinn asked, as Azula was cleaning herself up.

"We all got woken up by the host thinking he's funny." Azula said with a lot of spite.

"Seriously, did he have to wake us up like that?" Yumeko asked, feeling messed up. "I could probably wake up anyways."

"I guess so, but that wouldn't be kick-ass otherwise." Harley Quinn didn't look that tired. "This show's-"

"I think you'd understand how long it takes a princess to be beautiful." Azula remarked. "Considering your white skin and all."

"Yeah, pretty much. But this is Total Drama after all, you've got to be ready for the game at all times." Harley Quinn remarked, as Yumeko was awkwardly standing there.

"My mind's already ready for the game, I just want to look my best for it." Azula stated, getting her hair in order.

"Yeah! How did you wake up so early?" Mai Shiranui said, bedhead and all. "You look like you're done."

"You look like you just woke up." Azula remarked with a smug smile. "Ready to crush the other teams?"

"I just woke up, Azula." Mai stated.

*Azula's confessional*

"I have no doubt that there's going to be a lot of strategy and luckily, I've got a strategy to make it through the whole competition. If there's a chance to make an alliance, it's not like anyone's going to stop me." Azula remarked. "Sokka's just there."

*Carmelita's confessional*

The fox had seen both alliances forming.

"Two very different alliances with two very different ways of playing on the same team? Tell me how that's going to go?" Carmelita remarked, not liking the idea.

*Confessional cut*

As for the team that had the colour of the sea and a fish that was also from the sea, they were having one heck of a time...doing something, as Sokka was looking at a certain cabin and the rest were trying to pass the time.

"What the heck are you looking at?" Amelia accused Sokka of doing...suspect things. "There's nothing to look at this time of day!"

"I don't know, Azula is planning something, because that's the type of person she is! I mean look at that smile!" Sokka definitely saw her smile.

"She's definitely evil, but the way you describe the situation sounds...a little lacking in actual evidence and weird." Amelia said.

"Yeah, but that's-" Sokka then turned around to see the tall cat lady. "-Wow, you're definitely a tall cat!"

"I'm not even that tall and I still can't believe you didn't notice my height." Amelia said. "And I don't think it's that."

"Yeah, you know, you're attractive, probably could kick my butt ten times over and could handle this team pretty good like me."

Amelia was just eye-ing Sokka.

"Please, don't kick my butt!"

"Are you okay? You seem less good than usual." Amelia remarked, as the Water Tribe guy walked away from the window. "We're still all part of the same crew."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Still wondering what my enemy's up to." Sokka was chilling in the place. "...Still have no clue what's happening there."

"You tell me. I said I was single and suddenly..." Cassie said.

The rest of them were watching a challenge for Cassie Cage, mostly coming from Johnny's side.

"Why the heck are we armwrestling? We can have a discussion about this beautiful lady who is single." Oikawa said, trying to stall Johnny Bravo.

"Yeah, but you look like a tough guy that plays volleyball! So, let's do it!" Johnny declared. "It's an arm sport."

"Why, yes it is!"

These two were on a table, as Oikawa was definitely trying his hardest to push down the manly guy's big arm with his left arm, but then again, Johnny Bravo just slammed the high-schooler's arm down hard.

"Well, well, there's definitely a lot of good ladies on this team." Oikawa said. "I hope that you really get her."

"Volleyball boy, I'm gonna get her!" Johnny Bravo shouted, as Oikawa was looking confident.

"You do that."

"I don't think he's going to get the lass, but that's my thought." Mr. Smee said.

"Bet on it, bro!" Lowain shouted.

Those people were watching Johnny Bravo just aggressively come up to Cassie and do his thing and his thing managed to get him a good slap that hurt.

"Dammit, lady, I'm just trying to prove something to ya!" Johnny Bravo said.

"Listen, I'm not interested in a good-looking, but desperate guy. Sorry, but you're desperate." Cassie Cage remarked, as Johnny felt those words.

The rest of them weren't exactly watching, but they definitely noticed Johnny slumping a little bit.

"Urgh, if that guy goes after me, I'm literally going to disappear." Raven said, while reading a book about Total Drama. "This show is not the good kind of crazy."

"Yeah, but we're in this together. Johnny sleeps on the other side of the cabin anyways." Daphne said.

"That's fine, because I want him to leave me alone."

"Alright, alright. You don't need to say it again."

*Oikawa's confessional*

The pretty boy volleyball setter was still spinning the ball while he was doing the confessional thing.

"Wow, some people really think they can just get the girls by coming up to them. You need some good communication and some good gifts, which is kinda how I ran my the captain!"

The ball dropped on his feet and he cringed.

"Yes, this doesn't hurt at all."

*Confessional cut*

The other teams were already in the cafeteria, as there was some food on offer and Chef looked pretty mad about it, which meant that there was one thing that consistently happened.

Compliments for going above the minimum.

"Wow, this is actually pretty edible! I thought it was actually going to be all hunk and gunk and whatever!" Miko shouted.

"I know he can cook some good food, he's just choosing not too." Soma said, as Miko just bumped him on the shoulder. "Sorry, but I've got a girlfriend."



Miko wasn't even sure what he was on about, but she did know that now.

"Nakiri's always bugging me about my food and I don't know why..." Soma said.

"What kind of relationship are you guys caught up in?" Miko asked.

"Yeah, that sounds...some kind of crazy." Giovanni was relaxing in his chair. "But I bet it's awesome."

"Trust me, she's definitely the reason why I'm going to elevate my cooking to the next level!" Soma exclaimed, as Miko wasn't even sure...what that meant. "She's always helped to improve the stuff."

"...That's so dang weird, imagine cooking for a-" Wario then realised what he was going to say. "Wario needs to make money, so Wario stopped himself!"

"Uh-huh." Giovanni said, as he was sure about...something.

"That's good. Because I know exactly what you were going to say." Soma said with Wario getting a weird look from certain people.

Wario felt the pressure of being talked to.

"I'm cooking for someone with the God Tongue, right?"

"Whoa, whoa, I heard of that before in...certain areas!" Miko basically freaked out, as Wario was shaking and Pit looked distraught. "Geez, dude."

"No, I mean, her taste buds are on a whole different level when it comes to food and other stuff!" Soma shouted...didn't really help, as Deadpool just chuckled. "Just food."

"Come on, Soma, just leave it. the 'god tongue' thing sounds like some kind of bed joke." Deadpool said, as Miko was...feeling dirty. "From one weeb to another."

"Eh, you're right! Man, what is the first challenge, anyways?" Soma asked, just brushing off the mercenary's words.

*Deadpool's confessional*

The guy was still trying to not laugh.

"I'm not actually a weeb, but damn, I feel like the god tongue thing sounds like some kind of hentai thing? Am I right, audience?"

There were literal crickets in the outhouse.

"Come on, let me have one joke."

*Pit's confessional*

The angel was actually in awe, forgetting the other context.

"Imagine having taste so good that you can tell what every ingredient is and where it came from. That's...simply ridiculous." Pit remarked happily.

*Confessional cut*

And it was back to the dramatic duo of the red team and Pinstripe being in the middle, tired as hell of the food and the feud.

"I really wonder if you realise that fighting me is going to make you look like a jackass. Because I'd like that very much." Coachman had an evil smile on his face, as Basil looked at him with a lot of contempt.

"I already know that, but if I'm going to let you have your way within this team, I'd resign from being a detective." Basil said. "Your crimes will be revealed and-"

"And what? You'll feel good about it?" Coachman interrupted smugly.

"-one more criminal will be off the streets and hopefully in a place where they can't do crimes."


"If you two wisecrackers don't work together, I'm going to wisecrack your backs." Pinstripe said with a dirty glare. "This stuff ain't even edible."

The two English people just shut up for a bit, as Pinstripe looked tired of the food.

"Wait, where's Chris-" Shulk wanted to ask, before the doors got slammed open. "-Oh, there he is!"

The host came in all of a sudden and the atmosphere for the place automatically dropped, as all of these contestants knew what was happening pretty early today.

"You guys like my wake-up warning?"

There was a general silence coming from the crowd of Total Drama players that wanted to get some good rest.

"Cool. The first challenge is going to be a tough one, but also a new one!"

"Finally something original!" Owen shouted, who was happy to be here. "What's the challenge?"

"It's not going to be new." Eva dampened the mood.

"...Alright, you 120 or so guys ready for it?"

Chris just pulled out a magnetic token and of course, his face was on the non-magnetic side and the magnet...was for something else good.

"The first challenge to stay on this island is to collect these magnetic tokens with my awesome mug on it! Doesn't matter where you find it, it's gotta have the magnet or it's no bueno, dude." Chris told the 120-strong cast.

"Wow, that sounds obvious, yet crazy." Ryuko said.

"Besides that, there's something to spice up the competition."

Riku and Tifa were somehow interested in the spicy addition to the first challenge and the rest of the contestants were clearly awake.

"The last four contestants without a token will be booted from the competition, no marshmellows, no waiting!"

"Dude, what the hell?" Jude just said...that.

"Man, I like this show already." Dante added to the sentiment.

"Anyways, get ready to feel some pain."

"We really aren't." Bugs Bunny remarked. "What's your problem."

"Well, that's it, right?" Muscle Man asked.

"Because there's also a double elimination for the bottom placing team because it's fun."

There was an very audible amount of groans that were coming from every contestant in the place.

"I don't know what kind of mad man are you, but you suck." Muscle Man said, as if it was a fact.

"Speak up, big guy." Kristoff said, being a fellow big guy himself.

The host was not that impressed at the disrespect.

"Alright, guys, you guys know the drill! Get prepared to get your team those tokens!"

Some of the more attentive players were just thinking up a good strategy to ensure that they were bringing their team's best and Amelia, Khun and Sokka were thinking of three completely different things.

Kageyama was trying to think up something, but he just slapped his own face.

*Tobio Kageyama's confessional*

The black-haired volleyball setter sat down frankly.

"I don't see how hard this is. I've got two feet, two legs, I'm a really good setter and I'm with Karasuno, so the tokens are going to be super easy to get!" Kageyama exclaimed.

*Bugs' confessional*

This rabbit was raring her gloves.

"I'm still a rabbit, so I bet the way I can find this quickly is digging with my hands. Besides Daffy would mock me anyways." Bugs started with an unsurprised face.

*Confessional cut*

There was a little bit of a discussion between all of the team members about who would deal with the token madness and Luigi and Daisy were having a good one in a different area.

As these two were sitting together.

"Alright, you two are probably going to team up to find your tokens." Samus said. "So find them together."

"Yeah, we've got that!" Daisy exclaimed, as she kissed Luigi. "Oh, we won't get distracted."

"Good, the rest of you...trying to team up with each other. I sense that if we split up individually, some of us are going home." Samus remarked, as the rest of the team got it.

"And ensure that the people that you're teaming up with have some synergy, none of us would like to go home." Sonja added to the conversation, as Snufkin came up to her.

The rest of the team just put their thumbs up.

"Aw yeah, now we're stealing money." Snufkin remarked, as some of the guys were chuckling.

"It ain't his money, anyways!" Penny Proud proudly shouted.

"Your preparation time is up! Now, you guys are going to have to find your 116 tokens all across these islands!"

Just as always, about 20 contestants across all four massive teams had some kind of GPS thing...


...Chris left no time for the token getters to rest, as the four teams of 30 people each were moving their butts at speed or as fast as they could for them tokens.

And Legoshi was actually definitely trying to get his head moving, as the tall wolf was just running as fast as he could...with some other guys running alongside him.

"Uh, I wonder what's going to be happening?" Owen remarked, as the fat guy was running for the tokens.

"I think we'll be grabbing some tokens." Legoshi just said the obvious, awkwardly running.

"Nice, man."


"You've definitely heard that." Storm Shadow grunted, seeing those two run quite a bit behind him.

While Owen, Legoshi and a silent and pissed off Storm Shadow were running together to a whole different place, a good chunk of the contestants were just quickly running towards some important places that might have had tokens.

Mikasa was using her gear to swing around in the forest, as were her friends from the same team that could take advantage of the momentum.

"Huh, I didn't know that you could just swing all around like some kind of trapeze artist." Shego remarked, a little angry.

"Well, I have to have this for protection and forest movement." Mikasa said, while she was using her gear.

The other two were clearly playing some kind of catch-up on the ground.

"Dang, slow down for the rest of us!" Sakura shouted.

"Yeah, she ain't going to be slowing down anytime soon." Sandy said, noticing that Mikasa was swinging real fast and Shego was...somehow just as quick.

"Urgh, it's not like we're going to run over one." Sakura said, as Sandy spotted something.

"I think we might have." Sandy noticed something, as Sakura checked out...a pile of dirt. "I think it's kinda obvious, there's something under there."

"Hold on, I think there might be only one." Sakura stated.

"I dunno, there might be two."

The squirrel and the street fighter in training were just quickly digging through the pile of dirt that blocked them from two potential tokens, as the other two were still flying through the forest.

*Shego's confessional*

"Honestly, I don't care if the competition takes them out, I just care how the heck is Mikasa flying around like it's nobody's business." Shego said, bored as heck. "Literally just some grappling hooks."

*Confessional cut*

Sandy and Sakura dug through the thing and found nothing good.

"Wow, Chris sure knows how to mess people up." Sakura said. "Let's check somewhere else."

"Hold up..."

Sandy was searching through the already dug up dirt to find...two tokens for each of them.

"...I think these guys are trying to be smart!" Sandy shouted.

"Sweet, that was quick!" Sakura also got her own token. "Only two, though."


These two were clearly running back to the host, not that sure of where the camp/resort was, but very sure of their token nabbing.

The camera cut to the awkward group of Storm Shadow, Legoshi and Owen that were able to find a single token at random in the middle of the and the latter two were just cheering.

"Well, we don't have to find some more tokens!" Owen cheered him.

"Yeah, that's great that one of our teammates has it. Though, he's got it." Legoshi definitely noticed Storm Shadow sprinting back to camp.

" wanna find them together?"

"What else are we going to do?"

And Legoshi and Owen went on ahead, being a duo now that was trying to find some random tokens in very random places...who bumped into JFK by accident.

"I'm sorry, it was an accident-" Legoshi tried to apologise.

"Teammates, we'll, er-uh..., take the tokens for our ladies!" JFK shouted, as Owen was confused by that. "Alright."

"Our ladies?" Legoshi asked, as Owen was shaking his head.

"I need to get a lady real quick!" Owen shouted, as JFK and Legoshi were grinning together.

And these three were off to find some more tokens.

*Storm Shadow's confessional*

The ninja sighed.

"Though I may not like the people at Cobra, those two were a new kind of annoying." Storm Shadow said quietly. "I don't plan to make friends or be in alliances."

*Confessional cut*

Storm Shadow, Sandy and Sakura were not the only ones that had a token of their own incredibly early and they weren't the only ones with a S in their name to have one either.

Well, Mr. Smee was still rolling down a slope for a considerable distance, but he did grab something good on the way down and looked at it.

"...Wait, how did I get a token?" Smee asked. "Eh, the captain would be surprised."

Smee just got up with the tokens dazed and confused, but he was happy.

*Smee's confessional*

He was still pretty dazed.

"I got kicked by someone hard enough to find a token. Now that's something that you don't see everyday." Smee said, almost falling down after that.

*Confessional cut*

Tails, Kasumi and Reg were both finding a random pair of tokens in the middle of some tree, as the first of them had the GPS and the noise was incessant at this point.

And these guys were practically doing completely different things, as Tails was plain flying and Reg was climbing the tree like it was no big deal.

The sun wasn't that strong, as the trees broke up the light into different bits and in very different ways.

Kasumi was lost.

"Wait, what do I do here? I'm not going to climb a tree for you guys!" Kasumi shouted.

“It’s okay, there are probably a lot of tokens spread around here.” Reg told the akido practitioner, who looked determined. “There’s some that I can even see.”

“Okay, where?”

“Come on, Kasumi, I’m detecting another of our team’s tokens somewhere to the right of you. I think you can get it.” Tails remarked, flying into the hole where the birds were.

“I’m going there then.” Kasumi told the two of them, who were dealing with the birds. “Good luck, you two.”

Tails and Reg were navigating the quandary of not disturbing the birds in the tree, as Reg was feeling inside the tree and Tails...was just flying.

“Okay, guy, we need to-”

The birds just flew away, as the fox also fell down.

“-You got it.”

Reg just got the tokens and saw that Tails...had been poked in the eye, as these two had their tokens and the yellow fox and the robot kid ran back to the camp.

*Kasumi’s confessional*

The blue-haired practitioner looked determined.

Okay, so it might be that those two are good, but they’re definitely working through some bird drops!” Kasumi said.

*Confessional cut*

As for the Deers and the Crows that were the closest to finding some of their teams’ many misplaced tokens, the former trio were all additional contestants that had to deal with one of the most common things.

A dark alcove that wasn’t too deep, but clearly had an animal that was willing to protect its territory.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a bear. Stand back, guys...I’ve got a normal sword.” Tanjiro said, inching towards the cave.

“Against a bear? What are you trying to do?” Tiana asked, still hiding behind a bush.

“Something risky, but what else are we going to do?” Tanjiro suggested.

“Go somewhere that doesn’t have bears.” Tiana said, stepped back.

Tanjiro was standing tall and firm with his non-special extra sword and his breathing was totally concentrated on surviving the bear attack.

“Yeah, we won’t just let three tokens just sit there.” Bugs Bunny said, coming out of a digging hole. “But that kid needs a way to escape, too.”


“And he backflipped over the bear.”

Bugs was right, as he saw the demon slaying teen flip over the bear and grab the tokens and hop into the digging hole..carefully, as to not make the bear chase him and his teammates.

Tiana saw Tanjiro hop out of the hole, tokens held tightly in his hand and Bugs thumbed him up.

“Nice one, kid.” Bugs said.

“We did it as a team!” Tanjiro exclaimed...before some kind of rock fell down. “And we need to move as a team!”

“You don’t need to say anything.” Bugs said, as the bear finally woke up...and saw some fresh meat.

“I ain’t staying to get eaten, that’s for sure.” Tiana declared, as the bear started to run.

While that was happening off-camera, the camera cut to a duo on the Deers that was pretty relaxed on the occasion of having to survive the first challenge.

“Man, it’s awesome when you get to just walk in the forest and nothing crazy happens.” Soos said, just taking it in his stride.

“Correct-a-mundo, my man. I think we can find these tokens easy and peasy.” Jude remarked.

“Besides, it’s not like there’s a bear running towards us.”

“Dude, you might be wrong, ‘cause I’m seeing a bear.”

The bear chase almost continued until Bugs, Tanjiro and Tiana just ran ahead of those two and the bear just stopped to turn towards the two of them, as Soos and Jude were frozen.

“Uh, it’s going to eat us.” Jude said, backed towards a tree.

“Please wait, I don’t have a real girlfriend!” Soos shouted at the bear, who just stopped for a second.

Said bear somehow had one thing to say.

“Wow, that’s rough, huh?”

“She’s a talking bear, dude!” Jude replied, scared of a talking bear.

Soos and Jude were just sprinting in the general direction of being nowhere near the talking bear’s vicinity...even if it was just someone in disguise and she popped the head off.

It was Izzy, red frizzy hair and green eyes and all and she looked ready.

“E-Scope, you’ve done it again.” She remarked to no-one in particular.

*Izzy’s bonus confessional*

She looked...manic as always.

I get paid for one day to scare the pants off the new people and a whole bunch of old contestants, so it’s going to be awesome to scare Owen!” Izzy shouted.

*Confessional cut*

While running around in the middle of the forest, they both realised something.

“I think those guys had tokens or something.” Soos commented, as Jude nodded. “So, let’s find some and get away from the talking bear.”

“Dude, it might have been Izzy.” Jude remarked. “The bear’s name.”

These two did manage to run into Mikasa and her incredibly confident token grab from the middle of nowhere...and came up to her.

"By the way, there's a talking bear by the name of Izzy!" Soos shouted at Mikasa.

"I know. She gave me this token, so we're both fine." Mikasa told the two of them. "I don't need to tell you two anything else."

And then the Scout just gripped onto a tree with her ODM gear and started her own swing back towards the camp at speed, as the Deer duo were incredibly sure of something.

"Wow, she's good." Soos remarked.

On the Rhinos, there was a certain group of ladies that were practically an alliance with the way that they were moving...within the thick side of the forest on the smallest island, being the island with the cabins at one end and the resort part on the other end.

Despite no-one telling them, there was definitely some dangerous traps, obstacles and the like down in this deep exchange for multiple tokens for each team.

"Oh, dang, what now?" Tron asked Yumeko. "Some giant plant?"

"Yes, it is a giant plant. Honestly, I wouldn't like to die..." Yumeko's common sense made hide behind a bush. "'s a gamble that I'm not exactly crazy about."

"Servbots, do it!" Tron Bonne ordered her Servbots to get on it.

"Mostly because of radiation and that kind of stuff." Yumeko had a uneasy smile, as Tron Bonne was seeing something weird. "Aren't they supposed to do something."

"Yes, but you know...radiation." Tron remarked nervously, as the other two members stood tall.

Larry was starting to block said pseudo-alliance, being one of the survivors from the radioactive Wananakwa and stopping them from getting the four tokens easily.

"I'm tired of these radioactive things!" Harley Quinn missed once again.

"Yeah, but we can't keep swinging at it!" Yumeko declared. "But we run in, someone could die."

"I like the odds!"

While these two were hurting, Tron Bonne was hiding behind Azula, who looked like she had a plan in mind.

"Azula, put that plan of action into...action!" Tron Bonne actually had her Servbots scared of the plant. "My Servbots are practically frozen."

"Don't worry, this plant will go up in flames, never to rise up again." Azula remarked, before doing her Firebending form.

Harley Quinn swung behind the planet, only to do some serious distraction, as Azula finally put out a big fireball that was just big enough to hit Larry, Chris' pet and not hit the trees.

And she owned it with one single shot...besides the fact that Harley Quinn just swatted the flames out with her bat of not lighting up.

"Yeah, eat it, Larry!" Tron Bonne shouted, as the plant was lit up. "...I think it was a mom to some weird plants."

"Pretty much, so they're going to have to survive on their own!" Yumeko had a certain smile. "Makes me-"

"Are we gonna get there or just complain all about it all day?" Harley Quinn asked, her bat still not on fire.

"Now, that's a gamble I can take!"

All four of them were just finding some way of getting the tokens from a random box that was situated near the radioactive caniverous plant in such a way that they had to battle it.

*Azula's confessional*

"Honestly, I'm disappointed at how the plant just went down in one fell swoop, because it had the potential to mercilessly inflict poison and liquids on our opponents, making them deal with the after effects on their bodies. But it just went down."

*Mai's confessional*

The ninja looked surprised.

"I can't believe they dealt with Larry's children or something, because it just went down and didn't burn the entire forest!" Mai shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Chris was still in the cleaned up mess hall, sure that there was someone that had the first tokens to beat the rest of the punch and the host looked incredibly happy when a certain ninja with a lot of spite came in.

And he did not look happy.

“This challenge was not very challenging.” Storm Shadow said.

Dude, you’re the first one here! Congrats for your team!”

“I am not very surprised."

"Now, you've gotta put it down on the table."

The spiteful ninja did just that quite easily, as the host was pretty shocked.

"Now, if excuse me, I have a ninja that I have to settle scores with."

Storm Shadow used the smoke bomb to get out of the cameras' view and out of the presence of the duos that managed to get an token incredibly quickly.

Tails and Reg were taking a serious look at Sandy and Sakura, sure that they were the first ones here thanks to said smoke bomb.

"Okay, we're still not out!" Sakura said.

"We will not take it easy!" Reg shouted to Sakura.

"Man, you've gotta put these tokens down on the table, that's it."

Both duos just figured out that the tables had the logo basically painted on top of the table and tried as hard as they could to let the tokens go into the small holes that were barely big enough for the tokens.

Despite all of that, they all put it in the right place, Sakura slamming it down on the table three times despite that.

"You guys round out the top five, by the way."

Tails and Reg were both giving each other a silent thumbs up.

"Alright, that was nice!" Sandy declared, as Sakura just hugged her. "...Uh, you don't have to do that."

"We did a good job finding those things." Sakura said, just happy to finish the challenger.

*Sandy's confessional*

The squirrel was pretty elated.

"Alright, I didn't get a science degree for nothing!" Sandy shouted. "Well, I live underwater."

*Confessional cut*

The rest were coming in slowly, but very surely and each team were sure that they at least, brung some good contributions and there was a trio that came in with their game faces.

They also dealt with the "talking bear" quite easily.

"We beat a bear! What did you do to some of these animals?!" Tiana shouted.

"Yeah, I don't think that's new." Bugs told her with utter confidence.

"Alright, we have made it back to camp!" Tanjiro declared.

"All you have to do and put the tokens in the small hole."

All three of the Deers that were there managed to put down the tensile strength to bring the tokens into the magentic holes.

"You guys are safe!"

Tiana wiped the sweat off her brow, Bugs just casually ate a carrot and Tanjiro just did a victory fist.

Right after that, there was an short and stout old man that came in and he looked kind of beat up.

"Are you okay?" Tanjiro instictively asked, as Tiana and Bugs looked at him weirdly.

"Don't worry, kids, I'm fine!" Mr. Smee just dropped with a token, as Reg saw him trip up. "Wait, where's our c'apn?"

"Not here, that's for sure!" Tails remarked, as the old guy put his token down. "I can't believe you beat him."

"...I can't believe it either!"

"Mr. Smee is safe!"

The old man just sat down on the table, when another person came in with a confident look.

"I have a token for my team." Mikasa said, as Sakura just clicked her fingers towards Mikasa. "Thank you."

"By the way, you have to put the token in your table's hole!"

As soon as that was said, the Scout managed to do that ridiculously quick and ensured her own safety in the challenge.

"And so is Mikasa!"

The top ten were set and had a few surprise picks mixed with some expected picks and they were all waiting for their teammates to come back at the same exact time.

Storm Shadow wasn't even there, but there was definitely a group of four that came from his team that arrived.

"We have arrived and we've got some tokens for you!" Tron Bonne proclaimed.

"And Sokka isn't even here, as even an old man beat him." Azula remarked smugly.

"Harley Quinn, Azula, Yumeko and Tron Bonne, you all are safe for your teams!"

The group of four were just happy to take things as a win, as Smee just came up to Azula to do some explaining.

"Well, uh, I tripped over something and then I got the token while rolling down to somewhere and then I was dizzy coming. Sokka isn't doing too bad." Smee wasn't even that sure what to sure.

"I don't even have to insult him, you just did by being here." Azula smugly remarked at the old man, who was sweating. "It's not like you can change it."

And Dawn came straight out of nowhere, as Chris was completely thrown by her appearance and her teammates weren't even sure what to do.

"...How did you even get here?" Mikasa asked.

"Easy, I just appreciated the quality of a bear and then she took her head off and gave me a token." Dawn explained calmly said. "Nothing too crazy."

"That makes sense, as she also gave me one." Mikasa showed her own token, as Dawn put hers down.

"Well, that is very good for her." Dawn said to Mikasa, as these two were happy with each other. "She's not a bear, though."

"...I didn't really know that." Mikasa said, kind of stunned.

"Dawn's also safe...somehow."

Sandy and Sakura were quietly sitting down together.

"15 of our 120 or so contestants are safe, but only one hundred more exactly will be saved from the auto elimination!

The 15 of them were all sitting in completely different places and ways, one of them even sitting down off-camera in a whole different place and Yumeko wasn't that surprised about that person.

"The worst team will get two guys eliminated instead of one, so stay tuned for more of Total Drama's new first challenge!"

To be continued in the second part, where tokens become a little bit harder to find for everyone that wants to get one.

The 120 contestants are the final roster, however massive it may be, as these players aren't scared of each other yet, only one of the craziest challenges in Total Drama history.

Anyways, until Part 2 comes out, see ya then!

The members of each team that have finished:

The Rugged Rhinos:
Storm Shadow (1st), Azula (11th), Yumeko (12th), Harley Quinn (13th) & Tron Bonne (14th)
The Crafty Crows:
Sandy (2nd), Sakura (5th), Dawn (Revenge of The Island) & Mikasa Ackermann (10th)
The Daring Deer:
Tanjiro (6th), Bugs Bunny (7th) & Tiana (8th)
The Striking Swordfishes:
Mr. Smee (9th), Tails (3rd) & Reg (4th)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 2: Free For Teams
Part 2: The Token Games!

Yep, it's back to the token-catching business, as there might be only 15 people that have finished the challenge and there's 100 spots for the rest of them to be saved.

But however, here's where the dirty moves and moves that were just as clean are really pulled off with a good majority of the contestants trying to get their tokens in check!

Either way, there's things happening on here and a new island or two potentially being seen.

The already qualified contestants were sitting there pretty, ready to see their teammates make it through the whole thing and two teammates potentially get out of the competition.

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Ultimate Islands, where 105 of these players are finding tokens to not lose their spot and not return here...ever!"

The small amount of teammates that were there for each team were definitely speculating or letting their feelings show.

"Dang, I hope that JFK doesn't make it through." Harley Quinn remarked.

"Why? I think he's a really good asset to the team." Azula told her.

"That kinda goes when he's really obnoxious to us ladies."

"It's not like we are going to get a man like that, because I can see that he is very strong and willing to do anything."

While that was happening, Tron was just wondering something important.

"How the heck did a flytrap thing get that big?" Tron asked with a angry look.

"I don't know, but I bet it's something cool." Yumeko said.

Within the Rhinos, the four ladies that were actually in there were able to watch the rest of the team ensure that they weren’t the last ones were the rest of the contestants that finished.

“I sure hope that none of the cool people got eliminated.” Tails said, sighing after.

“Considering their abilities, that’s not likely to happen.” Reg told the yellow fox, who smiled. “At least I think so.”

With the 15 that finished, they had confidence in their teammates making it before the number cutoff.

*Dawn’s confessional*

The moon girl her usual self.

As much as he is on another team, I hope that B has some good teammates. I can sense that he is a good place, right now.”

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of a good place, B was with a few other people that were definitely on his side and his team and he managed to find something that was pretty odd.

“Whoa, is your name Beverley?” Scott asked, as the big silent guy just nodded. “How did that happen?”

B was just trying to wave away that answer.

“Yeah, it’s probably a long story that he doesn’t even know about.” Snufkin answered. “So, how the heck did you just appear on the island?”

“I used subspace.” Scott answered to the nomad, who was confused.

“The heck’s a subspace and can I do it?” Snufkin remarked without any hesitation.

Snufkin, Scott and Spike trying to do some lookout stuff were with the silent returnee from the radioactive season of Total Drama and they were all doing some weird-ish stuff.

Scott just went into a door that seemingly went out of nowhere and he opened it...walking through some weird space that no-one could see and he found a door on the other side.

...into a beaver’s nest with giant beavers on the other side of his face.

“Hey, beavers, you think you could just...uh, give us tokens?” Scott asked.

The other three people were sure of something that happened.

B was just plain confused at how physics allowed that to happen and the other two were super excited to see all of that.

"Do you think Scott's going to come back with coins?" Spike asked.

"I don't know about tokens, but I think he might end up in a weird place." Snufkin said, nonchalantly, as Spike was flying to him. "Hey, he's going to be fine."

"That door took him to some place with beavers in it, I'm sure of it!" Spike shouted, as B was just pointing something out.

"Yeah, what are you not saying?" Snufkin asked, as the silent big guy was just pointing his arms towards an area.

B then signed his best to ensure to tell people about his beaver shield, but only one of them easily understood.

"Alright, we're up against a bunch of giant beavers!" Spike shouted. "And we're making a shield!"

"...Sure, okay." Snufkin just huffed, as B did a hidden thumbs up.

Scott did come back a bit early, as he came flying in and managed to hit B directly in the gut and the silent guy was smugly putting his confused thumbs up.

"Apparently, we just did." Spike remarked, as Snufkin caught Scott. "Let's go."

"Let me be sure of you, that probably hurt a bit." Snufkin said. "But just go."

"I wish that we had tokens." Scott said with pain from a beaver slam. "But all I got is pain and a token."

Spike just snatched it like it was nothing, as Scott was recovering from the ridiculous slam and loosened his hand and Snufkin couldn't really stop him.

"Look, I think I can help you...sorta." Spike said, still with the token. "No-one said that if you had a token, you couldn't help your teammates out."

"Chris didn't say that because we'd play like jackasses otherwises. We're not jackasses, we're deer!" Scott shouted, as Snufkin was smugly grinning.

Someone was spying on the Deer and it was definitely a teammate.

*Snake's confessional*

The spy didn't have a smirk, just an observant look.

"...This is one weird team, but honestly, every single team is a weird team on this season. Even back in Pahkitew Island, there was a whole bunch of weird people."

*Confessional cut*

The Crows were back in town and they were having a good time doing things that were definitely related to climbing trees...or at the very least, these three or four were sure doing it.

Despite the fact that it was pretty dang hard to see anything...up on the trees.

"Hey, Soma, we're trying to find tokens on the ground!" Kageyama shouted. "You can't just go up and find them?"

"Who says we were?" Soma asked, still as nonchalant as ever.

"...We should be doing that." Kageyama angrily said.

The other two were witnessing it from the ground, as they were a little bit too excited to go and find tokens.

"Uh, we're finding tokens, right the hell now!" Tomo told those two. "I've got the GPS thingy!"

"Listen, I've got the gamer sense in check." Miko shouted. "Let me touch that."

"No, Giovanni entrusted me with...the thing and I know how to use it." Tomo said, waving around the GPS like it was no big Miko was shaking her head. "It says that there's like four tokens here."

"You mean, up there, right?" Miko said, seeing the two guys up there. "...They're kinda in the right place."

The genki girl and the gamer girl were just watching the two of them go at it, as the boys finally saw the a box that was up in a perilous place...and very good one at that.

"...What the hell are we going to do about...that?" Kageyama asked.

"Trust me, we can just jump." Soma said, just doing the whole jump like it wasn't a big deal.

And almost missed the branch.

"You almost ended up in some kind of clip show thing." Kageyama said, as Soma chuckled. "God, you're like Hinata."

"...Okay." Soma just shrugged it off, as he pulled himself back up.

The four that were a little bit energetic for the box were up to stuff and Kageyama was definitely the doer of stuff, while Soma was just sure that the box was somewhere up in the general area.

The two at the bottom weren't even sure what to do other than the incredibly obvious action of...

...shaking some trees down, as Miko and Tomo were just hyped about the possibility.

"Hold on, we can't just jump down there!" Kageyama shouted, as Tomo was ignoring him. "We don't have the box, Soma!"

"I dunno, it's on some branch." Soma said, sliding down the tree. "Wait, it's moving!"

"I know, they're shaking the tree!"

The two boys managed to get down before any kind of stuff fell down on them, but the box actually managed to almost fall down on someone's it broke and Tomo still had her hands over her head.

"Thank you, random box!" Tomo Takino shouted. "I don't have to do anything."

"I can't believe that worked, because you nearly got bonked on the head." Miko said, a little bit spooked by the box drop.

"...Are you okay?" Soma Yukihira said, unsure about the box. "You seem okay."

"Yeah, what's your problem!" Tomo shouted at the three other people.

*Soma's confessional*

The red-haired cook looked surprised.

"I thought this was going to be a super fun show, but it's getting kinda spicy. Someone's going to get hurt and it's gonna suck." Soma remarked, chilling on the toilet.

*Confessional cut*

And the two groups that were within rival teams basically smashed together on a patch in the middle of the woods that had a path back to the camp and the tokens all got mixed up with a weird swing.

"Yeah, your loss!" Kageyama shouted.

"Shut up, random volleyball guy." Scott Pilgrim said.

These two basically ran into each other and glared at each other side by side...ahead of their teammates, as the rest of their respective teams' guys.

"Er-" Miko said, seeing the mix-up.

"-Ah, let them realise it." Snufkin remarked lackadaisically.

"I'm hoping that they swap the thing." Miko said, kinda unsure.

These eight were coming in and six of them weren't even opening the door, as the door practically got smashed out by the two guys who were a bit mad at each other.

"Goddamn, that's brutal. Why couldn't we come like that!" Harley Quinn complained, as the two boys slammed their tokens down. "...Never mind, it did that."

"Dang it, we could've looked cooler." Tron Bonne was looking at the two guys that were dumbfounded.

Kageyama and Scott were throwing some looks at each other, as their teammates managed to clear the challenge with each other.

"You two dudes are the only ones to not clear the challenge out of the guys that just came in, so uh-" Chris told the two of them.

"Then I will get some more." Scott Pilgrim said, dropping his token. "Because, you know, that's what you do."

"Okay, just stay out of my way." Kageyama remarked, slamming the other token on the ground.

"Guys, the tokens are swapped, you can put them in the right place!" Sandy told the two of them.

"Pfft, sure."

Sandy wasn't even sure how it ended up like this, but she knew that those two sprinting back towards the forest didn't listen and two randos could absolutely take it.

Azula had a look.

"No, you can't burn the tokens! This is wood, my dude."

Azula just grumbled, as the Crows and the Deers were notably ahead of her own team by some distance and a few people.

*Snufkin's confessional*

The nomad with a big hat had a smile.

"I get the feeling that even if I told them, something would've started and stuff would be thrown around, making them probably lose a token or something. Yeah, it's okay." Snufkin just stated, very sure of his decision.

*Miko's confessional*

Miko looked nervous.

"Whoever swapped the tokens must have done some top-tier deception, because one of our teammates and one of their teammates are kinda stuck without one. Besides...there's already one for my friends, anyway." Miko held up her team's token (the one that was dropped)

*Confessional cut*

Besides all of that, there was some people having some fun times in the junkyard that happened to be in their way and most of them were from one team that opposed another team.

The circular junkyard was notably bigger this time around, as the place had a whole bunch of used parts and random parts that lied around to make a whole bunch of piles...and it also had

"Okay, what makes you think that there would so many tokens here?" Cassie asked, looking under a whole bunch of tyres.

"I guessed. What else are we going to find under a bunch of junk?" Sokka suggested, dirtied up.

"Other junk."

"Probably, but there also could be tokens."

"Besides, the radar is definitely beeping here for all of the teams, so they'll be coming and doing something stupid." Captain Amelia, held the radar carefully. "Like fighting us."

"Or much more likely, sabotage." Connor said, with the same tone and randomly finding a token.

"...That's what I meant." Amelia said, not that willing to dig into random parts.

"Oh." Connor just forgot. "I do have a token."

"You could get some more, but some other faces showed up." Amelia remarked, as Connor was looking towards something. "And they're not friendly."

"Well, I should get back." Connor casually ran out of the junkyard...and even barged past the assilants heads. "Make sure that you two have tokens!"

Cassie and Sokka managed to get their tokens, just as the bad guys from the Crows came in with some serious smug faces and their self-proclaimed weapons of mass destruction.

Amelia, who was standing there, Joey Wheeler and Heavy, who just came out of a pile, were definitely doing their own thing

"Will do." Sokka turned towards Wario. "You want my token?"

"Nah, we want you to lose your token. Wario's doing it his way." Wario shouted, ready to rip a fart out.

"Okay, don't do that because you already reek and I don't want to smell like concentrated fart." Shego said, bothered by Wario ready to unload it.

"That's right, we're taking it from you! Giovanni Potage and these two are going to do just that!" Giovanni ended the introduction.

"Bring it-"

Heavy and Joey were nowhere to be seen, as they were running out of the other end with tokens in their hands and shouts that were inaudiable to the Water Tribe guy.

"-Alright, it's three on three!" Sokka was just showing his original Water Tribe sword, as Amelia groaned. "Amelia, help us out."

"It's not like we have a challenge to finish, but ok." Cassie just got up, not too happy.

*Heavy's confessional*

The big guy was sad.

"I want to fight Crow pipsqueaks, but I have token. Now, I'm sad." Heavy complained. "But our team have tokens, right?"

*Confessional cut*

The three dudes came back as fast as they could with smiles.

"Heavy, Joey and Connor, you guys are safe for the next round!"

"...Uh, what the heck's going on with our team?" Tails asked.

"They're fighting for our rights to be awesome." Joey proclaimed, telling the fox about Sokka's battle for pride.

"That's very dumb and it's the first challenge, by the way." Tails answered.

"Heh, he's got my vote." Joey said with a smile. "He's defending our friends."

While Tails and Joey were arguing about stuff, there was one powerful man that was questioning an old guy that was pretty confused about what he did.

"How did you end up in top ten?" Heavy asked. "You must have fight."

"Not really, I just rolled down the hill, grabbed a token on the way and then came back up. It wasn't even that far." Smee told him, which got the heavy weapons man excited. "Wait, is your name Heavy?"

"Yes, but you got old speed or something." Heavy said. "You not a coward."

"Thank you!"

"And there's two people who came back with some other people!"

Those other people that came back with Soma and Kageyama (who had confident smiles) were Haida for the Crows and Riley Freeman for the Deer, both of them looking worn out.

And indignant.

"I can't believe that I kicked a bear in the stomach and it didn't work." Haida told Kageyama.

"And I was about to throw hands with a bear!" Riley shouted at Scott, who just sighed in relief. "You ain't even got two-"

"There's two real ones right there." Haida said, as Riley looked at the tokens that got moved under the table.

"Shit." Riley remarked, ready to slam them down on the ground.

"Riley and Haida are safe!"

"Hold up, you're still a nine year old." Haida remarked, unsure of letting a kid out there.

"And you're in my space, so we can throw hands!" Riley shouted, ready to throw down already.

"And so are Scott and Tobio Kageyama!"

The two boy were giving each other respectful looks.

"Nice one, Kageyama." Scott remarked.

"Same to you, dumb ass." Kageyama said.

The Crows and The Deer now had more members and Spike slapped Scott in the face, as the guy got congratulated in.

"I can't believe you didn't think to check." Spike told him.

"Well, we're in some fast-paced competition, so I thought he'd sabotaged the tokens." Scott said.

"Come on, I don't think that Kageyama guy would do that. Also, you two crashed into each other." Spike said.

"Come on, you don't know the guy."

"I mean, yeah, but he's just a volleyball player."

The two of them got interrupted by a certain guy in a massive green hat.

"I think all of us agree that we had a great time!" Snufkin shouted. "We fought bears, we beat bears and we did other stuff too!"

Tanjiro raised a fist, as did most of the rest of the team, as Tiana wasn't even sure why she needed to raise her fist.

*Tiana's confessional*

She looked a little bit scared.

"Two million dollars and everyone starts thinking like everyone's out to get them. We're competing against each other for money, not killing anyone or doing voodoo whatever." Tiana said.

*Confessional cut*

Muscle Man was doing his own thing in the forest like it wasn't a big deal to do that, as Legoshi, JFK and Owen were paired up with him for their ladies and their own thing didn't really help.

As they were getting deeper and deeper into the forest, despite having some sunlight, it was clear that there was something else that the guys encountered.

A locked random storage closet

"I, uh, see our lock." JFK proclaimed. "And it's clean!"

"Is it? Kinda looks dirtied up." Legoshi said, taking a look at it.

"Shut up, it doesn't." JFK snapped at Legoshi.

"Yeah, I tried to open this thing and it didn't open!" Muscle Man shouted, with his dirtied up hands. "I bet one of you guys could open it up."

JFK and Legoshi looked at each other like they weren't even sure how to do it, before Muscle Man tried again with his bare hands.

"Come on, man and wolf guy!"

They all were pulling at the lock, trying to make sure that the door didn't come off at the same time as the lock...and they were trying for 30 seconds.

"Wait, what about me?" Owen asked, ready to jump in.

"We need all of the help that we can get, please!" Legoshi shouted like it wasn't that big of a deal, as Owen came in to...try and get into the space. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay, it's really hard to get-"

And then the big fat guy saw the three of them just ungrasp their hands with the actual lock.

"-Oh no, the chain's still there!" Owen shouted, as he pulled it off quickly. "Don't worry, I'll open this."

And the door was opened and there was a bunch of tokens lined up for every single team and all four of them were looking at a token treasure haven...even if it mostly empty with some random light.

"We all did it, guys!" Owen said, as he got all of them in a bear hug.

*JFK's confessional*

The clone looked very proud.

"Aw yeah, there's a whole bunch of us Rhinos, er uh, because we're in America and fighting against Canada with our abs!"

*Legoshi's confessional*

The wolf looked very scared.

"Er, that hug could actually kill people, so I don't want to be doing that again." Legoshi said.

*Confessional cut*

An odd group that was most likely an alliance was just roaming with Shulk in tow, as the three of them were walking with the angriest smiles that they could pull off.

Besides Shulk.

"Seriously, you three can't be this angry!"

"Muscle Man, Owen, Legoshi and JFK are safe!" The random megaspeaker shouted, in case people wanted to know.

"Four of our teammates managed to be safe!" Shulk shouted.

"Honestly, you try calming down these two. You'll feel angry then." Pinstripe Potoroo angrily remarked, as he was basically walking side by side with the swordsman.

"Yeah, I can try." Shulk shouted excitedly.

"That was a warning." Pinstripe grunted.

Those two who were referred to? They were not in a good mood to put it bluntly.

"I'm stuck with a criminal and a particularly heinous one at that." Basil remarked, walking very calmly...despite his anger. "You know what you did and you're smiling about it."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but maybe you should focus on the challenge." The Coachman just threw an intimidating look towards the mouse. "Well, well, there must be a token somewhere."

"Well, I found two in some random cave and another pair that was near there. However, we need to try to get through some rough terrain as a solid team." Basil said.

"Nice one," Shulk tried his best, not sure what to even add.

"I don't think you know the meaning of teamwork." Basil said, as he and Shulk embarked on a token-finding journey together.

"Coming from the man who always did his cases alone and then stopped when your enemy was defeated, that's rather hilarious." The Coachman said. "Besides I've always had partners in crime."

"No lies there." Pinstripe remarked. "Let's just keep these two close."

The other duo also went in the same general direction, but they were finding two very different source tokens and weirdly enough, both duos were close enough.

Also on the same team, the camera cut to a redhead twelve-year old and a brown-haired thirteen year old trying to reach a pair of tokens in the middle of a tree.

And they were on the edge of a grass patch, soaking in some sun light.

"Lynn, you can get up there, right?" Pepper Ann asked, as she was the girl jumping. "My hair can't handle it."

"Gimme a second, I'm not a jumping jack or anything!" Lynn Loud shouted.

"I's only because my hair literally can't handle it." Pepper Ann said.

"...I've got...something." Lynn Loud just hung onto the tree's rim, as her teammate cheered her on. "That something should be good!"

Lynn...couldn't even see that she grabbed onto the tokens and she moved her hand around in there in a vulture's extra spot and Pepper Ann tried to get a view in there.

And as the vulture came back, Lynn dropped in with tokens in hand and she knew it, as she had a smug smile.

And Pepper Ann accidentally caught her, not the tokens and she caught the tokens herself.

"Come on, bird!" Lynn taunted the vulture.

"Nice vulture, nice vulture!" Pepper Ann basically backed away from the incoming vulture.

These two were definitely a pair that were running from a vulture.

*Pepper Ann's confessional*

The red head didn't look that nervous.

"Imagine if the vulture was super fast and caught us. I don't know where we would be, but we would be vulture food...but we got close, though."

*Confessional cut*

And the battle in the junkyard was basically slow paced as Amelia, Sokka and Cassie Cage were all trying to find their tokens and also avoid the Crow trios' attacks.

As the Crows also had a whole bunch of tokens that were and Wario, Giovanni and Shego were in there to do the taking and they were coming in with attacks.

Sokka and Giovanni were going head-to-head in the hut.

"Hey, hey, we've each got tokens here. There's no need to fight!" Sokka was still throwing tokens.

"Yeah, I know. So why aren't you dropping your sword and boomerang?" Giovanni Potage asked, as he put up his smoke screen.

"Because that would be boring and we don't know where the token is."

"...Good move!"

The two dudes were still pretty close to each other, but they were definitely using their weapons to space each other from attacking...and they were somehow also finding their tokens.

Giovanni Potage put the smoke in place, as the two got to finding their tokens...and they were pretty quick about it, as Sokka managed to find his own quickly in the pink-ish smoke.

"Thank you, Giovanni!" Sokka took the thanks smugly.

On the other side, since the tokens were dark red and the fog, it was really to find his own tokens...but he did break some nearly broken stuff.

"And you too, Sokka!"

And then they went back to fighting, once their three respective tokens were in their to clear the air, as Sokka sliced through it with the sword and Giovanni just dissapated the rest of it.

Though it wasn't even close to over for the fight, as Cassie and Shego were actually keeping things close quarters with their fists providing the power.

"Honestly, I'm going to kick you ten ways." Cassie Cage raised her fists.

"Please, these punches will knock you out before you even figure out those ways." Shego boasted, guarding against Cassie's quick roundhouse kick like a pro.

And then she swung against Cassie with a good hook that was powered up to boot, but the latter knew better.

She knew to basically do a very quick dodge that make Shego swing forward and ready to get clowned on...though it did put Cassie, herself, in bad position for an...

...roundhouse kick from Shego, who took advantage of the relatively quick dodge.

"Eh, you're okay. It's not like I came here to distract." Shego remarked.

"Yeah, I figured." Cassie said, on the ground.

"Come on, take all the credit you like. All that mattered, was that it worked." Shego said. "Wario, take a shower after this!"

"Wario always retains his manly musk!" Wario took another token for his own team, as Amelia took hers. "Come on, cat lady!"

Cassie and Shego both groaned at the same time, as they were both sure of something that was really obvious in one of the junkyard's open space and their teammate.

"Yeah, there is a lot of tokens for our team." Cassie said. "Best you find some of your teammates and help 'em out."

"Geez, this is boring. Wario, we're doing the steal!" Shego shouted at Wario, who just let out a fart in protest. "What's your problem!"

"You insult the mask, Wario doesn't listen."

Cassie just threw a very smug grin towards Shego, who had a pretty mean frown to throw back and these two were just letting each other leave, considering that there was no reason to fight in the junkyard anymore.

*Shego's confessional*

The sidekick villaness had some choice words to say.

"Honestly, the next time we get to swinging blows, little miss Special Forces won't be so lucky. I don't know what's with Wario, but he must be excited or something." Shego said, not too impressed.

*Cassie's confessional*

The daughter of a military woman and Hollywood actor.

"Damn. Imagine your own teammate telling you to stop doing the crazy stuff, but I guess there's so many ways to play this challenge. Shego's going for the sabotage, which I respect." Cassie said.

*Confessional cut*

On the way, the two seperate groups of the battling Swordfishes and Crows managed to meet two of their friends and things got a lot simpler for each of them.

On the Crows side, Riku and Darkness were given tokens of their own, as the former was trying to get to the latter high-up in the trees and Darkness was tied up in such a way that made the boys feel...weird.

"From the team leader, here's your gift." Giovanni shouted at Riku and Darkness, as he smugly smiled. "By the way, I have my own."

"Well, thanks, those two were up in some bizarre places and Darkness tried her best to get there. I think that's what happened, but she's...hanging in a weird pose." Riku blushed.

"Aw, love." Giovanni remarked.

"No, it's just...something weird."

Shego actually looked up to get Darkness out of the tied-up rope that pushed her chest area up and Riku got a boost from Giovanni to slice the rope open.

"I felt so good tied up in that bundle of rope!" Darkness shouted happily. "But I can now be reunited with our team."

"Please...please, stop saying that." Riku said, seeing that Darkness got caught by Wario. "Wario?!"

"Hey, what do you wanna do about it? You got my help." Wario threw Darkness off him like it wasn't a big deal.

"...And she's got that feeling again."

Wario, Shego, Giovanni Potage and Riku all saw their teammate stand up with a serious blush and a peverted smile.

"Oh wow, the way that the trap made me feel can't be compared to and the way that I was tied up showed that it was expertly made and it's making me feel something-"

Darkness definitely managed to read the room or in the case, read the forest corner and composed herself.

"-It's good that we're out of this trap, anyways. Whoever made this knew how to make them." Darkness didn't mind her stunned teammates.

"Don't tell me..." Shego facepalmed at that statement.

*Riku's confessional*

The Keyblade wielder look like he had to explain some stuff."

"I was down there, trying my hardest to run on these trees, but I guess the trees disagreed with me. And Darkness didn't help with...her words." Riku said, feeling very uncomfortable.

*Confessional cut*

As the Swordfishes, things were much simpler for the other trio that wanted to give some of their teammates a token, as neither of the expected teammates were tied up.

Just only dealing with a pretty sealed door.

"Urgh, this thing won't budge!" Arle shouted.

"What, you can't use your magic?" Daphne asked, before looking an frozen door.

"I just sealed the door further, what am I supposed to do?" Arle asked.

"...Wait for help, because they're coming quick!" Daphne definitely saw the trio that came back from the junkyard.

Sokka, Amelia and Cassie Cage were running towards the camp, though they could definitely see their teammates, indicated by the team armbands that both Daphne and Arle had one, and they stopped.

"Uh! Sokka, it's nice to see you here!" Arle said, trying to wave him away. "I kinda froze this door."

"Don't worry about it...witch lady." Sokka tried to smooth, but Arle didn't look impressed. "We've got tokens for you two."

"And we kinda need help to open it." Daphne said, as Cassie flicked a blue token towards her hand. "That's not what we were expecting, but that's good!"

"Don't worry about it, we're Swordfishes after all. Finally, Chris picks some good names!" Cassie shouted.

The five Seabass members were running back towards camp...just as the five Crows were doing the same thing.

"Man, this is taking a little bit too long for my liking!" Chris announced over the megaspeakers. "There's still, like, a lot of people who haven't got it yet!"

Lynn and Pepper Ann were the first ones to get back in after the top quarter of the leaderboards were settled and they looked like they fought a whole bunch of vultures.

"You ladies are looking scarred after a real battle." Muscle Man remarked.

"...We fought a vulture, it wasn't that hard." Lynn Loud said, as Pepper Ann walked slowly in. "For me, at least."

"Man, if it was me and the vulture, it wouldn't stand a chance." Muscle Man said.

"It was more like we chased it away, but I wouldn't trade it for anything." Pepper Ann walked in.

The two new ladies slammed down their tokens.

"Lynn and Pepper Ann have qualified!"

And all of a sudden, the next group walked in with some smug smiles and they slammed the door open...or imitated the motion of slamming the door open.

"Where have you been?" Haida asked.

"I was tied high up in a tree and it felt good!" Darkness shouted.

"...It's for the sake of motivation, right?" Haida said, as Darkness nodded. "Yeah, that's great."

"Maybe?" Riku was very unsure.

"Riku, Lalatina, Shego, Giovanni & Wario have also qualified!"

Darkness was about to object, as Shego slapped her.

"Trust me, he would've found some way to use your real name." Shego smugly remarked.

"And I think, it''s...something!" Darkness blushed again, as Shego just had no hope.

While that was happpening, the five-strong group of additional Seabass members came in and Sokka looked very surprised at how the old man Cassie was giving a thumbs up towards The Heavy.

"Cassie, Arle & Daphne have qualified for the next challenge!"

"How the heck are you top ten? What kind of tricks did you pull?!" Sokka asked.

"Well, uh, you see, erm..."

Smee felt the pressure of Sokka's insquistive eyes.

"...I rolled down a hill, grabbed a token and then came up the hill with the token! It was lucky that it happened to be so close." Smee nervously explained.

"I get the feeling you're underselling yourself a bit." Sokka said.


"Come on, even with that, you got top ten, there must be something you have, right?" Sokka asked.

"-Well, I do it for my cap'n." Smee nervously said.

Sokka was speechless.

"He is definitely telling the truth, so you can just leave your questions for actually qualifying." Captain Amelia remarked.

"And so have Sokka and Amelia!"

Sokka looked happy to have such an oddly great team, as Amelia wasn't too impressed with the Water Tribe teen's behaviour and Smee...was still very confused.

"Good job, but you can no compare with me." Heavy told her. "Because you are behind."

"Trust me, I've got a lot more tricks up my sleeve." Cassie remarked.

Besides that, there was definitely one more person that came up to Sokka.

"Wow, you were so slow, a big man and an old man beat you to it. That must be some kind of impressive team, you've got there." Azula had to taunt the guy.

"Who asked you and your 12 eh qualifiers? That's right, me and my awesome 11." Sokka boasted. "Most of them are tough people."

"You underestimat the value of having a veteran player in this game of money and I'm winning the money." Azula had an evil smile.

"Well, my team has two...and they haven't arrived yet." Sokka stayed confident.

"Well, good luck to you." Azula said. "I'm sure that your sword and boomerang are definitely going to take you far."

*Joey's confessional*

The blonde guy with the cards had a smirk.

"Did I want to be here? No, but I'm glad to be here with my weird team...'cause I've got card game skills to rival the best of these people." Joey shouted. "You hear that, Yugi?"

*Confessional cut*

"There has 43 taken spots so far and only 63 remain and out of all of the teams, the Crows has the most safe contestants!"

Basil and Shulk were sure of something that happened within one of the teams, as they were stepping up the pace in between a dropped path...which was still well in range of the megaspeakers.

"You couldn't just not follow us?" Basil asked. "Your scanned spot indicate that you would need to take a different path."

"Oh no, that just wouldn't do." Coachman suggested with an evil smile. "There's some people coming that would have stopped us."

"No surprises for who they are." Basil scowled at the old man. "People that you must have attracted to us."

"Do you think of yourself as above it all, that you didn't attract them to us?" Coachman said.

"Not gonna lie, I think you both created a target for us." Pinstripe was definitely looking upwards. "And they ain't easy ones either."

"The strange thing is that I recognise all of them from the Smash tournaments!" Shulk shouted. "What must they be doing here?"

"...Guess, genius."

"No need for guessing." Shulk unsheathed his extended blade.

Those four were definitely in the Smash series, being a quartet that were all in the latest edition to boot too and they all took advantage of the higher ground that was above the path.

"Snake, your hunch was spot on! Now, let's block these guys!" Daisy shouted from the top.

"With what?" Snake asked over the intercom. "You can't just say that and let loose on those powerful four."

"With each other." Daisy remarked.

The crew that jumped down were not easy to fight at all...besides Daisy, who was just kissing Luigi in the cheek, as the cowardly-ish plumber looked ready to thrown down.

Samus and Donkey Kong didn't look scared at all.

"You want some of this?" Donkey Kong held out a banana.

Samus actually raised an eyebrow.

"No, I mean this!" Donkey Kong held his empty hand.

"...Oh, wow, they sent you four? The Deers must be holding back." Coachman didn't look too impressed, as Samus was just casually whipping him...

...with electricity.

"Must be some kind of new thing."

Shulk, Pinstripe and Basil looked at the very arrogant man with unsurprised looks.

"Is there something I don't know about?"

"Yeah, we're going to kick your butts and stall you!" Daisy proclaimed.

Daisy, Samus, Luigi and Donkey Kong were all generally good sentient contestants, as they were doing smiles...aside from Samus, who didn't look too imressed.

And the four that could've become an alliance were just looking at these four generally good people.

"Well, shi-" Pinstripe said, before Chris cut in.

"43 people may have passed and there may be 116 spots to not be automatically eliminated, but there's still a whole lot more in Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

To be continued in the third part, where the tokens become way less common since a lot more people have them now...even if it’s not that many more.

Besides that, here’s the members of each team that have finished this token collecting challenge and qualified for the next challenge:

The Rugged Rhinos:

Storm Shadow (1st), Azula (11th), Yumeko (12th), Harley Quinn (13th), Tron Bonne (14th), Muscle Man (29th), Legoshi (30th), Owen (31st, returning contestant), JFK (32nd), Lynn Loud & Pepper Ann

The Crafty Crows:

Sandy (2nd), Sakura (5th), Dawn (15th, returning contestant), Mikasa Ackerman (10th), Tomo Takino (19th), Miko Kubota (20th), Soma Yukihira (21st), Tobio Kageyama (26th), Haida (27th), Wario, Giovanni Potage, Shego, Riku & Darkness (or Lalatina)

The Daring Deer:

Tanjiro (6th), Bugs Bunny (7th), Tiana (8th), Snufkin (16th), B or Beverley (17th, returning contestant), Riley Freeman (25th), Scott Pilgrim (28th) & Spike (18th)

The Striking Swordfishes:

Mr. Smee (9th), Tails (3rd), Connor (22nd), Joey Wheeler (23rd), The Heavy (24th), Captain Amelia, Sokka, Cassie Cage, Daphne, Arle & Reg (4th)

The top 32 contestants are marked for a good reason and that reason will come in Part 5, which will be coming pretty soon!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 2: Free For Teams!
Part 3: Face Down Finishes!

Well, the token-catching business is just about a third of the way there, as there's still a ton of obstacles, traps and other things that the remaining contestants were going to have to get.

And some of the obstacles are each other, so let's get back into business with some more teammates beating the things and clearing the spot for them!

Either way, it's time to get the chapter to be read!

The fight in the ditch that was also a path was ready to start.

"Welcome back to Total Drama, where these contestants are messing up each other!"

Daisy, Luigi, Samus and Donkey Kong all had confident looks on their own faces, as the quarter were facing up against a somewhat uncoordinated bunch of Rhinos.

"Here we go, I guess." Luigi said.

"Alright, put some power into the moves!" Daisy shouted. "Get 'em!"

"Uh, Samus has got 'em..." Luigi said.

Shulk was the only guy that could actually defend them, as two of the four were not fighting and the third basically got kicked twice by Samus brutally, but it was still two kicks.

"Well, you're pretty strong for a-"

"NO." Samus stood over The Coachman, clearly tired of the old man's words, as he got back up. "Turn back or else, you're getting more volts."

And Donkey Kong was ready to throw down with him for obvious reasons.

"Uh, we're fighting?" Donkey Kong confused, raising his fists.

"Do we have to? I've got better things to do!" Pinstripe stated, raising to swing his own fists.

"YEAH!" Donkey Kong swung at Shulk, who just just guarded himself. "EH?!"

Shulk almost had a vision mid-battle, as he rolled and then countered with his blade extending into Donkey Kong's arms....and it hurt bad.


Donkey Kong's short scream could be heard around the forest, as Shulk just pulled it back and just calmed himself down.

"...What kind of sword is that? It must be something else." Basil said, stunned by the fact that DK didn't have a wound. "And there's no wound too!"

"Well, that's the power of the Monado, sort of." Shulk answered, still ready to throw down. "I don't remember it doing that, though."

"That's still a strange sword." Basil noticed, as he tried to raise his fists against Luigi, who kept on throwing weak punches. "...And what's this green plumber doing here."

"Uh, I was distracting you from doing things!" Luigi exclaimed, throwing out a powerful uppercut out of nervousness.

Basil basically guarded it...and still got thrown upwards by said powerful uppercut and Shulk almost caught him, as Pinstripe ran from Daisy's ridiculously powerful...volleyball serve.

Pinstripe actually caught Basil and the mouse detective immediately jumped off, as he could see the obvious.

And it did hit too, but Shulk did manage to get Pinstripe back up quite easily.

"Geez, that was a single volleyball? It was like some kinda takedown!" Pinstripe shouted.

"Well, at least, most of us made it out."

In the middle of the ditch, things were pretty chaotic with the four Deer really sure of distracting the four Rhinos that got each other stuck...

...which was good because Snake was absolutely trying to gather up tokens for his teammates, who weren't really following him and he was doing it...near the area of where the original four went.

"Yeah, I don't think I can see anyone there." Uraraka said. "Wait, what are the four of them doing?"

"Stalling for us, as we're only three people in a sea of Rhinos." Snake said. "I can see that Yagami and Sakata are trying to be cool and doing nothing."

"I wonder why that is...must be a strategy thing." Uraraka replied.

"Pretty much." Sonja answered. "Someone must have called them to ensure that we wouldn't get our tokens, but it seems like they’re not doing anything of use.”

“Could be, but I don't think they're just going to let things lie." Uraraka definitely noticed the random duo.

"I've watched them at several locations and I'm pretty sure that they're not guarding anything." Snake said. "So, they're no problem.”

“You three, I slowed them down with my butt and my feet!” Daisy shouted, not even caring about how it was worded. “And the other guys did their part as well!”

“Well, now it’s time for us to take the tokens for ourselves and ensnare the tokens for ourselves. Should be easy for us.” Snake remarked, as the grizzled super soldier just dropped down casually into a bush.

So did the other two, who were just quickly running in to take some tokens.

“That’s great and all, but it’s not like she said that they were stopped or anything. You should know that Shulk could be coming at any time with his Monado.” Sonja told Snake, who was just nabbing the tokens like it wasn’t a big deal.

“That is fair, but it’s not like it’s hard to hide here.” Snake remarked.

The alcove that the Rhinos’ tokens and Deers’ tokens were surrounded by more bushes that it was necessary to have, but they were definitely hiding alright.

And then Snake left to do something.

"I guess this means we're going back, but Snake went in the opposite direction of the camp. For what?" Sonja asked, slowly walking in the bushes towards camp.

"To save his teammates." Uraraka uttered it, almost out of instinct.

With their team’s tokens and even a few of the Rhinos’ tokens.

Meanwhile, the quartet that had been so strong before was practically carrying the old man that made snarky comments and they definitely knew something.

It was actually silent.

“...They even took our potential tokens too!” Shulk shouted, somehow carrying the old man. “Their teamwork is rather commendable.”

“Things would be different if that bounty hunter wasn’t there. She was a beauty and kicked the old guy down, two impressive things.” Pinstripe stated with a smirk, as Shulk just shrugged his shoulders.

“You blokes know that I’m splendid and can get up, right?” Coachman asked, casually raising his head.

The old man just jumped down from the hands of his teammates.

“Ah, let’s just move.”

“...Okay.” Basil said, not even bothering.

*Pinstripe’s confessional*

The potoroo was growling.

Man, Azula’s one hell of a fiery broad, the old man is real-life movie villain and Storm Shadow is a ninja that wouldn’t survive a day where I work.” Pinstripe remarked with a smile. “What a team.”

*Confessional cut*

Snake was in here to do one thing and some people would definitely notice that he was doing that thing, but in the forest of random obstacles and probably powerful plants... other people his extra tokens was something.

Robyn, Penny and Mystique Sonia (with her hat) were all trying their best to ensnare the token from another giant flytrap and their best was a succinct way to put it in.

Mystique Sonia's hat, Yasha, didn't really like being in the mouth, considering it was all goey and the white-skinned hero threw out a tongue whip.

"Move your tongue, please!" Robyn accidentally fired off an arrow.

"Yeah, Yeah, I got it." Mystique Sonia somehow accidentally slapped it into the flytrap's mouth.

And said arrow also went into the mouth and the flytrap started closing the mouth.

"Oh no." Robyn said.

"It's not over yet!" Mystique Sonia shouted, pulling the tongue out.

But the flytrap bit on the end and there was a scream.

"Oh my god, her tongue got hit!" Penny Proud yelled. "Pull it out, pull it out!"

"I'm gonna help!" Robyn was just aiming his crossbow...without realising the obvious. "Where are my arrows?!"

"...He got 'em." Mystique Sonia practically mumbled from the tongue pain, as the other two were moving back into the tree.

"How the heck did he make something like this? That's some kind of science experiment!" Penny Proud shouted. "And it ain't the good kind either."

"We can fight it...right?" Robyn sounded as unsure of the others.

And that was then before Snake came in running with a grenade and did his best he threw said grenade perfectly in the mouth of the amssive flytrap and then came in close...just as the grenade exploded the entire mouth.

And said flytrap basically died because the whole thing was a mouth and all of the fluids just splatted onto the ground and onto the trees.

The three ladies did escape got hit by the fluids.

"Finally time I showed up, right?" Snake asked.

"Yes, it is time you did that!" Mystique Sonia shouted, though it was very mumbly. "We've been over there stuck with the flytrap."

"We did it...together!" Robyn exclaimed, ready to get their tokens.

And they got them, green liquid-covered and all, as Snake was just waving goodbye to them of them was confused.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to the cabin? You could be eliminated real quick with these fast guys on the island." Penny Proud remarked, as the other two weren't worrying about that.

"It's okay. That guy just exploded the flytrap like it was nothing!" Mystique Sonia remarked.

"Yeah, I've gotta help my other teammates. I don't think that many people have even finished yet." Snake said. "So it won't even be close to elimination."

"Okay, then!" Mystique Sonia declared, as her other two teammates were looking at her weird.

*Snake's confessional*

The super soldier stood tall.

"Well, there's definitely a lot more that needs to be done to make our team safe." Snake said. "And I suspect that there's a few more that I could do."

*Confessional cut*

In another area, there was three short ladies and they were all on the Deers, full of energy and enthusiasm that one of them didn't want or care for.

"Listen, we're going to crush whoever is in our way and this time, we will ensure that they are crushed!" Tanya shouted. "I'm all out of good speeches."

"Well, I didn't want to hear them." Ram remarked.

"You're just hating on her because you don't have any enthusiasm." Yuri stated. "Maybe you need to learn karate."

"No thank you, I already have my magic." Ram still remarked. "And can see much farther than you two can."

"Yeah, prove it!" Yuri declared, as the pink-haired maid.

"Prove that you're an good asset to this team!" Tanya shouted with a twisted smile.

Ram was very unsurprised at these two's attitudes and from the way she did her ability, she just had enough of their inability to do anything than annoy her.

It was only from her perspective, though, as the other two were actually just trying to get her to be a bit more motivated.

"I'm doing this for the team." Ram told the both of them.

All of a sudden, both of her eyes went red and...the other two weren't even sure what she was doing, but they were definitely watching with intent.

Ram was actually using some of the animals to see the potential tokens that could have been and she managed to find...something that could house some of them.

And she stopped doing that.

"You found something?" Yuri asked.

"Yes, I looked through some other person's eyes." Ram told her and Tanya...and then she bled a little bit. "Don't worry, I'm fine."

"That's good to hear. So what do we do?" Tanya told her, as Ram basically swatted her away.

Luigi may have been alone with mostly harmless animals, but he was scared of the potential of other people coming out of the place...and so when his teammate basically came out of nowhere running.

He tucked his tail and looked scared.

"We sent ourselves." Ram said in a very casual manner. "There's no problem."

"Oh, sorry...I thought you were another team." Luigi said. "Anyways, I found four tokens in this locked treehouse. Wait, is she bleeding?"

"Yes, but I'm fine." Ram replied to Luigi, as Tanya brung out the tissue. "We don't to find some complicated way of unlocking it."

"It's a lock, what are you going to do?" Tanya asked.

"There could be a key and it's pretty probably close." Luigi said, trying to figure it out. "I've seen this before!"

Luigi stood tall, as the other two ladies were just taking two weird looks at each other and the plumber just got to going into random bushes and digging into them.

Ram immediately got the gist of it, as she actually just used wind magic to blow off the bushes and...blow the key upwards.

"Uh, you found it and made it fly upwards?" Luigi asked. "Hold on, I've got it!"

"What kind of strategy is that?!" Yuri shouted at Ram, who just looked up at the sky. "It's not like it's going to end up in your hands!"

The two of them were running towards where the key might actually be, as Luigi was trying to get up into the trees, Yuri did the upper to catch it and Ram was actually going out to the spot.

And Tanya was just incrediulously staring at the sky.

"You three know that I can't do anything without my battle suit, which apparently got lost somewhere!" Tanya shouted at the three of them, as she was just holding out for the key.

"Wow, who cares, I've got the key!" Yuri shouted, with her hand just sticking with it. "Now we've gotta get up there."

"Without a ladder, this can only be done with some kind of jumping move, which I don't have. But we do have..." Tanya remarked, before the green plumber just jumped up.

And he jumped like it was no-one's business and easily reached the platform.

"...a green plumber."

Yuri threw the key up there, as Luigi opened the door.

And there it was.

Four tokens, one for each of them and they had another problem to deal with.

"We are kind of lost." Ram remarked.

"Uraraka and Sonja are safe!"

These two were just sitting by each other.

"Robyn, Mystique Sonia and Penny Proud are also safe!"

These three were clearly a little bit dustied up and had a bit of liquid on them, but they were also sitting right next to the two of them.

"How do you turn into a wolf?" Penny asked.

"I only do it when I sleep and I do mean when I sleep, I'm also a wolf." Robyn said.

"Hold on, so that would mean no matter when you sleep, you would become a wolf." Penny said, looking too interested. "...Dang, you could sleep during the day and-"

"Why would I do that?" Robyn asked.

Some others were just looking at her all weird, including Sonja.

*Sonja's confessional*

"Considering all of that, no-one should be getting any ideas about making her sleep during the day. Because that would be useless." Sonja commented with a bored face.

*Confessional cut*

Eva, Leshawna, Ryuko and Noel were all very ready to do their thing in trying to get into the cave and these four were the most...energetic quartet, as Noel was just quietly walking into the cave.

And Leshawna noticed

"Aren't you scared?" Leshawna asked.

"I've been up against some dangerous stuff, so it should be fine." Noel smiled at her, as the girl with attitude looked confused. "It's complicated."

"Some people ain't really the speaking type."

"I think that's me." Noel said. "I think."

The other two cave raiders were here to do some serious punching of random stuff, as they weren't in a mood to talk.

"Wow, there's nothing in here. So what's with the big random cave?" Eva asked with a weird smile.

"I dunno, I've been here one day." Ryuko didn't look too interested. "Let's just get 'em, go back to camp and make ourselves safe."

"I'm good with that, because there's nothing here." Eva remarked, uncarefully stepping into a weird area...where everyone instinctly looked forward. "...What."

The four of them were actually pointing at the whole bunch of bats were hanging around the chest of five tokens and...while all of them could probably punch them quick, the bats were speeding towards them.

Out of nowhere, it was like Noel...just jumped under the bats, as the other three were just trying to ensure that their teammate wasn't wrecked by the bats.

"Damn, what a trooper." Leshawna hid outside the bat cave. "...Wait, she's an soldier?"

"I mean..." Ryuko just turned back into the cave. "...we're team players."

"You ain't wrong." Leshawna slowly walked into the cave. "Those bats are swarming her!"

"Eh, she's fine." Ryuko definitely saw Noel, walking out of the cave.

"Ryuko's right. How did he got fruit bats up here?" Noel asked, carrying the box of tokens like it wasn't a big deal. "Must be something."

"Let's just get out of here before-"

The four of them were actually not that surprised at the other kind of bats that were chasing them and they were running out of the forest, pretty sure that they had no idea where they were.

*Leshawna's confessional*

"I don't care how they got here, how the hell were they chasing us outside?" Leshawna shouted. "Bats are night animals."

*Confessional cut*

Rock was just standing there, not sure what he contributed to the group of very charismatic muscled guys other than his Dante and Sol went as hard as they could on an unopenable box.

Sol swung his sword and the box still ended up in Rock's hands, not opening a single bit.

Dante basically almost hit the box, but Rock couldn't really hold a guitar and a box at the same the sword barely didn't hit the box...and Rock fell back with the guitar.

"Good job falling." Sol remarked.

"Well, I'm sorry that-"

Sol just basically smashed the metal box with his sword, while Dante provided a good cut to the same box for additional damage.

It was almost overkill to say that the tokens got flown off...and Dante caught it with a second bounce from some tree wall-climb and Sol just landed.

"How the hell are you so cool?!" Rock shouted.

"Consider the obvious. Two swords, two guns and too many reasons to win." Dante quipped like it was nobody's business.

"Huh, I guess it really does come to the..." Rock mimicked the 'shing' sound. " you two have it down."

"The heck does he mean?" Sol asked.

"Style, obviously!" Dante remarked. "Come on, you have a lot of it."

"These are just my clothes, though." Sol answered like the two of them were appreciating it. "Now, let's get outta this place."

*Dante's confessional*

"Someone tell that Sol guy he looks pretty damn good for surviving an apocalypse!" Dante shouted with a grin. "Looks like he couldn't care less, though, which is also damn good."

*Confessional cut*

Weirdly enough, Iori Yagami just showed up to the quartet that were struggling to get a token of their own and this red-haired guy didn't look too interested in making them lose.

As they were all kind of lost.

"Hey, idiots. You need help?" Yagami asked, clearly not giving a crap.

"No, we're fine on our own terms and you were, in fact, just standing there." Coachman smugly remarked. "So you should be grateful for us being here."

"...You could've just said no, but there's a whole bunch of tokens up there." Yagami remarked. "Been trying to get it since some time ago."

The token box was all up on a rope and very high up on a tree to boot, so the five of them were looking up and four of them could only look up.

"I bet that I could help you!" Coachman boasted, slowly raising his left arm.

"Nah, it's Shulk time in here." Pinstripe just slapped the somewhat functional left arm.

The Monado boy, as coined by a certain someone, knew what was up and activated one of his Monado Arts.

"We're still on the same team. So, we help each other!" Shulk shouted at the other three guys, as his sword had a green kanji on the base. "Okay?"

"Sounds good to me." Basil remarked. "Who else could jump that high?"

Shulk did an impressively high jump with some preparation to boot and he barely got up to the rope, but did a quick slash and grabbed the box with his other hand...and then dropped it.

It didn't drop fast enough for Iori to not catch it and Shulk landed back on the ground, not before hitting a branch and being laid on the ground.

"Good job, unlike some people that I don't want to mention." Basil said, as Shulk got up. "Wait, there are six tokens here!"

"Look, do you want to lose or not?" Iori asked, going back to not caring. "I'm not going home!"

"We all know the answer." Coachman said, his other arm pretty much swinging the whip. "Hop to it, boys!"

"...Shut the hell up, we're going." Pinstripe Potoroo added to the conversation.

"Looks like we're going back." Shulk smiled, not sure what to do about the feuding guys.

These four and Yagami were running on their way towards the camp or attempting to, as there was a definite lack of speed coming from the obvious contestant.

Hank Hill was in the middle of...something, when the Texan father and donkey trader basically smashed into each other with some kind of force.

“Can’t ya watch where you’re going?” Hank asked. “I’m trying to get some tokens and finish…whatever this is.”

“Sorry for that. But we do have something for you!” Coachman exclaimed, as Hank was looking skeptically looking at him. “A token for you.”

“Well, I do want to see it.” Hank said. “Come on, you’ve got it, right?”

The donkey trader just gave him...a token rather reluctantly and both him and Hank were on their way back.

*Hank’s confessional*

Yeah, I don’t know what all of that was about, but at least, I’m not climbing up some tree and falling anymore.” Hank said, not too surprised. “How did I get here?”

*Confessional cut*

Basil, Shulk, Iori & Pinstripe are safe from elimination!”

These four were just chilling and relaxing in the seat.

“Thank god I don’t have to be here.” Yagami was spinning his extra token. “Chris, can I-”

“Hey, what’s with you? You don’t want to meet the team?” Lynn asked Yagami, who rolled his eyes.

“What’s the point, they’re either annoying or pathetic or both.”

“Well, uh, I think you’re pathetic and annoying!” Lynn just shouted, as two of their teammates. “Hey, old guys.”

Hank was basically slamming down his token and sighing wearily, as Yagami threw his token to The Coachman, who had an unsurprising grin.

“Honestly, I didn’t have an extra one.” Coachman remarked with a smile.

“Thanks, I guess.” Hank just looked away from the other old man. “Maybe I can get to know you guys.”

“Uh, that’s awesome.” Lynn felt pretty dang angry, barging in mid-conversation. “I’m going to talk to someone wanting to compete.”

“I ain’t mad.” Hank remarked, very unsure of why that happened.

“Why not me?” Coachman said with a weird smile.

“Because-” Lynn was about to say something.

Hank Hill & Coachman are also safe!”

*Coachman’s confessional*

That was really a weird and torrid conversation.” He said. “I have no doubt that if I had an alliance, Hank Hill would not be in it. I do need certain kinds of people in my alliance.”

*Confessional cut*

Kasumi was definitely lost as all hell, as she heard the many announcements of players that arrived back before her and she still didn’t have a token in the middle of the forest.

Rock, Dante and Sol Badguy are also safe!”

“Why are so many of the Rhinos safe now?” Kasumi asked. “I have more grit than most of them!”

The aikido lady sighed, as she didn’t look too sure in finding anything in this big muddle of forest, let alone two teammates that were stuck without finding anything.

She was clearly going up the hill, yet she kept the same determined face to show no mercy towards any opponent.

Fortunately for her, she found a few teammates.

Not so fortunately, they didn’t work that well with each other.

“You can stop calling me Raven-chan.” Raven didn’t sound too bothered in her cloak.

“Raven-chan, you’ve gotta help me. I’m pretty sure that we’re lost!” Oikawa was basically walking behind and begging.

“For what, I’m not exactly showering in tokens.” Raven said.

“For help, obviously.” Oikawa said with a smirk.

“Kasumi, you’re here, right?”

“Yes, I am!” Kasumi shouted, going into her stance. “And I don’t have a token.”

These three were each walking their way into a rather random place, as one of them had an idea of what they were doing, one of them knew where they were going and the third had no clue at all.

Raven, Kasumi and Oikawa did manage to find two ladies that weren't scared of anything, moreso stuck on a weird puzzle.

Mai and Tifa were looking determined to deal with it, as the former managed to sucessfully use her ninja arts to basically to slice a box with a key in it and then Tifa punched it like it wasn't a big deal.

And the wooden box was real strudy, because it wasn't completely broken.

"Dang it, now there's a bunch of Seabass in here!" Mai shouted. "You've gotta open this!"

"By doing what? Puzzle solving a box isn't my thing and I don't think someone from a rival team would know either." Tifa remarked.

"I'd have the best chances and I would really struggle." Oikawa said, so casually.

"That must mean something coming from you, genius." Kasumi crossed her arms, looking at the box. "It's just doing four simulteanous twists in a row...what did you guys have to deal with?"

"Trying to find the string to cut this down without getting some kind of hit. Yeah it took a while!" Mai exclaimed, as there a few objects that had nothing in them...that hung on a tree. "Besides-"

"-I think we've both got our tokens in that box." Kasumi took a look at it. "I don't need help."

"Fine by me, we've already got four people." Raven remarked.

Two members from each team were twisting the knobs that didn't stay in place and they all look determined to get the heck out of there and use their strength, despite Raven looking very uninterested.

"Old teammate, let's pull through!" Mai shouted.

"...Wouldn't twist through work?" Kasumi asked, scratching her head with one hand.

All of sudden, the box split open and three of the four token finders practically got their butts sat down on the floor...besides Mai, who instantly caught one and Tifa, who instinctly caught one.

"Okay, that was very good. But we will not fight on the same side next time!" Kasumi declared.

"We didn't, the box both had our tokens and yours inside. That's kinda impossible." Tifa told her, as Kasumi didn't look less angry. "...You fine?"


Oikawa smiled smugly, as he did a peace sign.

"We opened the box together." Oikawa remarked. "Now it's time us to get back."

"...Did you hear something true?" Raven asked Kasumi like it wasn't a big deal.

"Not exactly, but he did find it!" Kasumi complimented the setter.

"Luigi, Yuri, Tanya & Ram are safe!"

"Now let's go before one of us ends up being eliminated." Oikawa said with a tone that suggested he had a serious smirk. "Okay?"

These two teams were plainly unimpressed with the remark, but they were doing as they really said, as they were both running out of there in seperate directions.

"Leshawna, Noel, Eva and Ryuko are safe!"

"I hope Falco goes out." Mai remarked towards Kasumi.

"You don't even know him, though!" Oikawa told her.

*Harley Quinn's confessional*

"Azula's kinda mad, but I'm not that interested because I don't care what those two were on, that was some badass teamwork. And from the way those two were looking, I doubt they're teaming up again." She said, basically smiling the whole time.

*Confessional cut*

The tension on the Rhinos' only got a little bit stronger.

"Mai and Tifa are safe from elimination!"

Azula's blood was boiling, as Mai was just looking at her with suspicion and Tifa...was not understanding the situation and on the table, things were not getting any better for Shulk.

"By the way, Kasumi, Raven and Oikawa are safe!"

"Seriously, what else could we do?" Mai asked. "These knobs practically were made to put four different people turning it."

"Maybe you could've used both hands to grasp it and then turn both knobs." Azula said. "That was certainly possible."

"It twisted the opposite way on both knobs and...oh." Mai finally put two and two together. "Opposite sides, right?"

"Yes. And then you wouldn't have help from the enemy." Azula stated.

"If you were there, you would have known that there was a whole bunch of strings that pulled down stuff that hurt and we found that out the hard way!" Mai shouted, as Tifa tried to cut it out silently. "...I wasn't thinking straight."

"Good, because I'm sure you won't do that again." Azula told her, as Tifa just facepalmed.

"...Yeah, I don't know what you expected, Mai." Tifa said, as Mai felt really bad for getting help. "We could've easily opened it and sabotaged it."

"Please, sabotage wouldn't help. You were in the bottom half of the leaderboard." Azula remarked with the most smug face.

"Trust me, she's right." Rock added to that, as Mai was glaring at the firebender.

On the other side, Basil and Coachman weren't going about it weirdly enough, as Shulk and Iori were both more interested in the way these two were going at it.

"Urgh, I can't believe that we shared that experience." Yagami asked.

"Honestly, the Coachman isn't that bad of a person despite his...frankly unbelieveable crimes." Basil said. "Rumours don't always turn out to be true, but you're definitely not a good person."

"That I can't deny! However, I'm sure that we'll make a great team." Coachman said, undeniably having a terrible tone. "And it's for your sake, too."

"...I still called you a bad person despite your lack of donkey transforming." Basil grumbled, not too interested in the old man.

"That I can do! You want to see what-" Coachman threw a good chunk of the team for a loop.

"No, no, you probably did have strange powers, though." Basil said, still very much bothered.

Shulk and Iori were just plain shocked at the sudden admission of...what he could do, as Basil felt odd.

"It does take a lot of energy, though." Coachman added on, as Basil was just shaking his head. "Honestly."

*Yagami's confessional*

"I don't care how this happened, but my team's either a bunch of crazy assholes or normal people and honestly, I'm not surprised." Iori said, remembering the people that he got teamed up in most KOF tournaments.

*Confessional cut*

Falco was back in town and this time, he really was in the place that he preferred with Michiru following him for whatever was up there.

"Hey, lady, get off my wings!" Falco boasted.

"Not exactly, there's a token up there and I'm in need of it!" Michiru exclaimed.

The two of them were flying in completely different ways, as they were trying to reach the top of a tree to grab a mini bag of their team's token and Falco had some branches to his advantage and Michiru had actual wings.

Either way, they were climbing up fast and they managed to get the bags...just by barely grasping at it and they both managed to fall down quickly.

"I'm not going to say it again." Falco remarked.

"We're both competing for two million dollars, though." Michiru said, jumping off another branch to do a huge leap in the air with her wings. "Let's go!"

Falco was just swinging off a branch to do his famous and fast Phantasm, a thing that boosted his momentum.

"Right back at ya!" Falco shouted with a smile.

"Then bring it." Michiru said, not taking things seriously.

And on the ground, there was a trio that was actually fighting someone that was standing their ground, as Kipo sighed relief at getting her token from the air and Kyo and Terry were going all in.

"Don't worry, I'll still help." Kipo shouted, ready to throw down with a Sasquatch. "Sorry, big guy, I've got to fight you."

"Don't worry about it, you've got a token, right?" Terry Bogard asked, after throwing a few Power Waves for the sasquatch to dodge.

"Yeah, but this giant cutie's throwing punches at you two." Kipo said.

"Listen, we won't hurt him too much. I think the host has some questions to answer." Terry Bogard turned his hat around, saying it with confidence.

"Thanks!" Kipo then looked back at them. "Oh yeah, you're the KOF guys, so that'"

And then she sped back to base, as Kyo and Terry were looking at each other like they had teamed up before and did some killer moves at the random sasquatch.

Sasquatchanakwa looked tired of this and the Crackshoot from Terry didn't help matters and nor did the Kyo throwing a jumping kick to the face...and the sasquatch did what he had to do.

He gave them the tokens.

"...Huh, you'd never expect that." Kyo Kusanagi said. "We'll be taking those right now."

The sasquatch just nodded affirmative.

"Trust me, you're not up to my level." Kyo remarked, as Terry just stopped him.

"There's 20 safe Rhinos, 19 safe Seabass-es, 17 safe Deers and 15 safe Crows! You people better get a move on or else, you'll go home soon!" Chris announced to the remaining players. "Also, Falco and Michiru are safe, so that's 20 Seabass contestants and 16 safe crows!"

*Terry Bogard's confessional*

"Damn it, this host is trying to pull off some spicy stuff." Terry said, not too impressed with the law-skirting that the host was doing. "The sasquatch didn't really want to fight, that much I can tell."

*Confessional cut*


And it was time for Daisy, Samus and DK to finally do their thing, as they were going quite a distance from the camp to find their token, but they did manage to find it.

While that was happening.

"Kipo is safe!"

These three were trawling in the jungle to even find a bunch of tokens

"Kyo and Terry are safe from elimination! These Crows are finally stacking up to the plate!"

The trio finally managed to find some tokens and this time, they were actually in a easy place to find and Samus basically cut the rope, sensing that they were part of a trap.

"Mmm, free tokens! Let's get them and get out of the elimination zone!" Donkey Kong shouted.

"Okay, I can't complain." Daisy shouted. "I'm gonna get them for Luigi!"

"For Luigi?" Donkey Kong was plain excited.

"For Luigi!"

While those two were shouting, Samus went in there...hopped over the token bag, took it and then just landed like a pro...just as the pitfall fell off.

"Go, Samus, we're doing it for Luigi!" Daisy yelled at Samus, who was just putting her thumbs up. "Woo, let's go, girl!"

"And there's three of them to boot." Donkey Kong remarked. "Let's move for Luigi!"

"I'm not really doing this for any person within the team, really. The whole team deserves to have its best in the competition." Samus stated. "...For Luigi."

"Get 'em." Donkey Kong had a smirk.

The three of them were certainly making it back as fast as they could, as Donkey Kong was practically speeding through the path with Daisy riding on top and Samus not being far behind.

"...Dang it, don't you have someone that you could love?" Daisy asked.

"Being a bounty hunter, I don't really have any." Samus answered, plain and simple.

The trio were soon back inside the mess hall and they were coming in...and Snake also there as well, coming in with a token of his own.

"Wait, I thought you were going to help the best of the team!" Samus looked surprised.

"Considering where the rest are at, me doing that wouldn't really help." Snake told her. "Besides, we've already got a powerful team in this hall."

"...That I can't disagree with." Samus looked at her two teammates, who put their tokens down and ensured their place in the next challenge. "But we're also up against some other powerful teams with their skills."

"Besides, we've got some serious strategists, powerful punchers and people that have skills that could really give us the leg up." Snake said. "We're fine."

"Snake, Daisy, Donkey Kong and Samus are safe, which means that the Deer has 21 safe contestants now!"

The whole team sans 9 people that were at risk of elimination were just celebrating with the people that were there.

"And the Rhinos actually lead with 22 safe contestants and Seabass have 20 safe contestants in 3rd!"

"Tobio-chan, how does it feel to be behind?" Oikawa asked.

"It feels pretty good, because we're not that far behind." Kageyama remarked, still angry at his team.

"And lastly, the Crows has 19 safe contestants!"

Kageyama threw a smirk at Oikawa.

"How does it feel to be down?"

"...meaning that 82 contestants have finished the challenge already...and what's going on with the 38 other contestants?! Find out after the break..."

To be continued in the fourth part, where the remaining contestants are going to cut down to the wire with all of the token-snatching business and there might even be a few surprises along the way.

Seriously, it's more like one, but it's still a good surprise.

The Rugged Rhinos' safe players:

Storm Shadow (1st), Azula (11th), Yumeko (12th), Harley Quinn (13th), Tron Bonne (14th), Muscle Man (29th), Legoshi (30th), Owen (31st, returning contestant), JFK (32nd), Lynn Loud, Pepper Ann, Sol Badguy, Dante, Rock, Hank Hill, Basil, Mai Shiranui, Tifa Lockhart, Shulk, Pinstripe Potoroo, Coachman & Iori Yagami

The Crafty Crows' safe players:

Sandy (2nd), Sakura (5th), Dawn (15th, returning contestant), Mikasa Ackerman (10th), Tomo Takino (19th), Miko Kubota (20th), Soma Yukihira (21st), Tobio Kageyama (26th), Haida (27th), Wario, Giovanni Potage, Shego, Riku, Kipo Oak, Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Michiru & Darkness (or Lalatina)

The Daring Deer's safe players:

Tanjiro Kamado (6th), Bugs Bunny (7th), Tiana (8th), Snufkin (16th), B or Beverley (17th, returning contestant), Riley Freeman (25th), Scott Pilgrim (28th), Spike (18th), Ochako Uraraka, Sonja, Robyn, Penny, Mystique Sonia, Luigi, Ram, Tanya Degurechaff, Samus, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Solid Snake & Yuri Sakazaki

The Striking Swordfishes' safe players:

Mr. Smee (9th), Tails (3rd), Connor (22nd), Joey Wheeler (23rd), The Heavy (24th), Reg (4th), Captain Amelia, Sokka, Cassie Cage, Daphne, Arle, Leshawna, Eva, Noel, Kasumi Todoh, Raven, Tooru Oikawa, Falco & Ryuko Matoi

And to make sure that's everyone being kept track properly!:

The Rhinos' unsafe contestants:

Sugar, Clover, Fred Flintstone, Panchito Pistoles, Kristoff, Carmelita Fox, Squirrel Girl & Gintoki Sakata

The Crows' unsafe contestants:

Chloe Bourgeois, Rapunzel, Lord Hater, Tiny Tina, Gloria, Judy Hopps, Genos, Gum, Papyrus & Sir Daniel Fortesque

The Deers' unsafe contestants:

Jude Lizowski, Soos, Piccolo, Aisling, Hayley Smith, Julia Chang, Haohmaru, Samurai Jack & Kate Alen

The Swordfishes' unsafe contestants:

Khun Aguero Agnes, Askeladd, Bayonetta, Hsien-Ko, Albedo, Reigen Arataka, Nicole Watterson, Lowain, Johnny Bravo & Min Min

Part 4 will be arriving before the end of April and I can promise that!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 2: Free For Teams!
Part 4: A Token of Teamwork

Well, the token-catching business has really gotten into gear with sabotages, token swings, token passes and the like...because it's a team game after all and I do mean swing, as these are the last 38 contestants that are playing!

I mean, these guys aren't really above it, because these remaining 38 are straight up built different compared to the rest!

Even if may not seem like it at first and thanks to my consistent reviewers, these chapters are coming out fast!

Thanks, Memeking The Third & 1602jaw on Fanfiction.Net, for reading and reviewing, which you guys on here could do!

The cameras were actually back on, as they were showing the massive cast that was already in this thing.

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Ultimate Islands, where out of an impressive cast of 120, 82 of them are through to the next round!" Chris announced. "And 38 are at risk of being sent home, no vote, no problem!"

Every single team was either a bit worried or very worried in the case of the Seabass, as they were missing a powerful few.

"Guys, we're missing some strong and powerful people!" Sokka proclaimed. "We need them to find us or else, we could be in for a serious losing streak!"

"Oh, it's not like you watched one team lose continuously for several challenges...from your house!" Leshawna complaining.

"We get it, we get it." Sokka said. "Volleyball legend, say something."

"Oh yeah, you've been real quiet." Leshawna complained at Oikawa, who was thinking of something.

The setter was getting a lot of eyes from all of his safe team members and he stood up, probably to say something pretty cool.

"Look, we've got the strongest team potential, as while we may have as new as the others, we've got some powerful minds, strong people and some others with skills that no-one could replace! Kageyama may have the better results, but if we can pull for it, I believe that we're going to make this competition ours!" Oikawa shouted seriously. "Ushjima, we won't lose this one!"

"Come on, Ushijima's fine. Besides, you've got powerful allies!" Satori Tendou said, pretending to sweep the floor.

"...Thanks, whatever your name is." Oikawa replied with a playful smirk.

"It's Tendou!" The red-haired intern shouted at Oikawa, who was smiling with some serious confidence.

The 19 members that were actually safe were sure of their best teammates coming back with some tokens, as they had faith in them and they were all having some hope.

Speaking of the Seabass' best members, Bayonetta, Khun, Askeladd and Lowain were a quartet that wasn't to be underestimated and that was despite the fact that their teamwork was kinda shoddy.

And the fact that they were up on a cliff and none of them could really climb down to get the tokens that were down on a very small ledge and Bayonetta was definitely not in a mood to climb down.

They were probably trying to figure something out, besides Bayonetta doing her thing of using her tricks to get onto the ledge.

"Listen, you all need to ensure I'm handling this." Askeladd looked more than interested. "Walking around and finding random treasures is what I'm good at!"

"That's great and all, but what does have to do with cliffs?" Khun asked.

"I'm a Viking, small fry. That's what I do!" Askeladd boasted.

"...Never mind, I'm going to figure something out." Khun said, clearly not getting through. "You have big feet."

Askeladd wasn't really going into the sea and neither was Khun and Lowain wasn't diving down for a bunch of tokens that were probably moreso hanging of a cliff...with his normal clothes.

"Man, I'm going somewhere else. This is almost a dud in some weird sense." Lowain remarked, as Askeladd tried to pull him towards the cliff. "Viking bro, I'm not in my swim clothes."

"Hah, you're just not ready to dive a hundred foot cliff." Askeladd asked. "Any real warrior would've gone down there."

"...Brah, the ledge is too small and I don't want to die for the first get two tokens!" Lowain just walked away from the cliff. "Besides, Bayo's already doing it."

"Trust me, I'm going to take these coins on my own." Askeladd said. "And then we'll have a big feast!"

"Cool beans, you can go and do that with Bayo! We're probably going to find it in a river." Lowain just waved off the tall Viking guy and went with Khun to find some more tokens somewhere else.

"We won't find it in a river." Khun remarked to Lowain, as the two younger guys were just leaving the cliff.

These two were clearly running to somewhere, leaving Askeladd...who was trying to pick something off the cliff with a random spear and Bayonetta, who did manage to get something good...but was.

"Yeah, I'm not exactly an Olympic jumper!" Bayonetta remarked. "I do, in fact, need some help up."

Askeladd had a sneaky grin.

"Throw these coins up to me and I'm going to help you up!" Askeladd shouted at her.

"I'll just throw myself up, thanks." Bayonetta remarked, before doing a ridiculous jump up into Askeladd's hand...and casually holding up the tokens. "That good enough."

"...Yeah, that's fine." Askeladd said, walking casually to camp. "Looks like they're going to like to regret it!"

"To be fair, none of them can read the future or even saw that I did that." Bayonetta remarked, making sure that the Viking guy knew what he was getting into. "And there's a lot more where that came from, boy."

"Do you know how many people I've killed? That's not a thing that a boy could do." Askeladd got irked, being that he was a real Viking invader.

"Then get a move on." Bayonetta told him.

These two were running ahead now, knowing that they had of losing by walking and one of them had a smirk on her face and the other had a grimace.

*Askeladd's confessional*

The guy from the Faroe Islands looked interested.

"I don't know what kind of powers she has and she's not going to get married, but...she's definitely a smart woman and a warrior, so I'd like her to stay in this team." Askeladd said with a smile. "For strategy reasons."

*Confessional cut*

Lowain and Khun were doing their a part of the big island where the lands were wet and so were blonde-haired cook and the white-haired Ranker.

"These are some seriously wet lands!" Lowain shouted, shaking the water off.

"And maybe, you should look where you're going." Khun remarked.

Lowain picked himself up.

"Yeah, you're right, ribbon bro." Lowain remarked, looking into the small pool. "Nah, man, still not swimming in the water."

"Sometimes, you have to swim from the competition!" Khun told the surfer cook, who was just not getting the metaphor...regardless of that.

"...That just kinda don't make sense. But I bet these tokens are hiding in these bushes, my guy." Lowain said, happy to dig in some bushes.

The white-haired guy was just trying to swim in the small pool and ensure that the token wasn't hiding in any location that was under the water...and he picked up a rock.

The other guy was just sneaking in the bushes, trying to dig through all of the small leaves and branches inside said bushes with his hands. And there was definitely a lot of bushes that he looked through.

They both managed to find it at the same time, as Lowain found his and noticed something kinda weird.

"Uh, you good, Khun?" Lowain asked. "You drowning?"

Khun came up and out of the water, having to take some breaths and a token in his right hand...but was otherwise all right and Lowain showed him his token.

"Alright, man, let's bounce it before we're goners!" The cook shouted.

"Do you always talk like this?" Khun remarked at the guy, who had a good smile and a nod. "...You're from some medieval world, how the hell do you speak like that?!"

"Alright, cool it with the dialecta-phobia!" Lowain just backed off, as he was feeling a bit nervous.

In another part of the main island, Kate Alen was kind of alone, as while Jude and Soos were with her and actively helping her out, they were having their own kind of conversation.

"Alright, look at what I took!" Soos showed the skater guy his camera.

"That's literally nothing, dude." Jude noticed the blank picture in there.

"Oh sorry, wrong photo. There's been some crazy stuff in Gravity Falls!" Soos exclaimed, trying to search for the right photo.

"I dunno, it sounds like boredom was wrecking your mind, bro!" Jude stated.

"Haha, yeah!"

"Bayonetta and Askeladd are safe!"

Kate was just looking at the two of them like she couldn't understand them, as the duo that was behind her were just very unsure of what was announced.

"And so are Khun and Lowain!"

These three knew that they were short in time compared to the rest of them and Kate definitely noticed.

"Geez, imagine being so close to getting a token early and then...still being stuck there. That's definitely me." Kate told the two of them, being candid. "Let's not be the final three."

"Yeah, imagine having to say goodbye to my homie!" Jude shouted.

"I don't think it's going to hurt that bad. You two have known each other for not even a day." Kate said.

"And it's been a good day!" Soos argued for his quick friendship.

Kate was just sighing, as she kept on moving forward.

*Kate's confessional*

The pop star didn't look too confused.

"Out of all of the things that I have done, telling two guys who started their friendship to...not take it too hard is definitely up there in one of the weird thing." Kate said, smiling a bit.

*Confessional cut*

The trio were more than ready to find...something of worth, as they were all walking aimlessly towards a place where a token could be at.

"Uh, there's Izzy. She's a talking bear." Soos whispered, as Kate walked closer to it.

"Have you not seen Total Drama? She's in a costume." Kate told the guy honestly.

"Look we're in a whole different thing!" Soos had a spear for any bear. "There could be a talking bear."

"...I mean, you're not wrong. You just ain't right." Kate was still hiding behind a bush, not willing to scarifice the looks. "Jude-"

The guy was there, chilling behind Soos with his vibe and some other pole.

"-never mind, I'm fine with dealing with the bear."

The three of them were putting on completely different faces, as Kate Alen put on her brave face, Jude was just trying to keep things chill and Soos was looking scared.

"Hey, bear." Soos started the conversation. "Are you just there?"

The bear was just as confused as Jude was at his friend communicating with...said bear.

"Dude, what's up?"

The bear wasn't even what to do, as it just stood up with an angry look against a tree.

"...Uh, having a bad day, my dude."

While Jude was trying to figure out what the strategy was and Soos practically mocked the bear now, Kate was slowly getting the three tokens in a bag that they all needed.

The pop star sneaked through into the hole that the bag got stuck in and was sneaking out of there with the bag of tokens slowly, as she didn't want to interrupt what her teammates were doing.

And they were not helping either, as while Kate just got it back in her pocket...these two were practically readying themselves to get the bears eaten.

The bear was getting plain tired of their antics with his bored expression, as Kate tapped on Jude's shoulders with something important.

"Dude, stop." Jude said. "We've got 'em."

"Yeah, this bear guy's...struggling." Soos remarked, waving goodbye to the animal. "He'll be okay."

These three were practically running away from the bear that just went back to eating its fish, as they weren't willing to stay on to lose.

*Jude's confessional*

"My dude had the balls to talk to the bear. Even if he's freaking out on his chair right now, he helped us out seriously!" Jude shouted, still a little confused. "Still don't know how that happened, though."

*Confessional cut*

Genos was flying trying to precisely find a token in the middle of a cave, as he had the hands, the lights and the technology to see inside of the dark and actually empty cave.

Though the other problem presented itself really quickly, as Chloe was just getting herself unstuck in here.

"I've been in here for twenty minutes and I haven't found a single thing!" Chloe complained loudly.

"Sorry that I was not there." Genos told her, even doing the bow. "Now, we will find the tokens together."

"Yeah, that's fine!" Chloe didn't even thank him, as the two of them walked on. "It's not like these tokens exist or something."

"Well, they do here." Genos finished scanning the area. "It is just very hard to find, but it can be found."

Chloe and Genos was just slowly walking further into the cave, as the latter was detecting a bunch of tokens pretty close to each other and the former was looking really good...and pouting.

The signal was stronger for those two at the turn of the cave, which was certainly a man-made structure thanks to the general straightness of it...and the random alcove.

And even stranger, Carmelita Fox and Clover came up to them with smug faces.

"Look, I know that I look good, so I bet you look bad." Chloe told Clover, who could barely be seen in the dark. "With your loose white shirt!"

"Says the lady that's wearing that yellow jacket and black and white t-shirt combo!" Clover fired back.

"Hey, it's my combo and it looks good on me!"

"Shut up, it looks good on you, because you're the only one that barely makes it work!"

Carmelita Fox and Genos both just took the pragamatic approach and got the teams' their own tokens and didn't leave the two fashionistas to argue past each other.

"Yeah and...and...those shoes aren't even made for this show!" Chloe still argued.

"Oh, so you've got a problem now!" Clover shouted. "Carmelita, how can you leave two people with so little style that-"

"One of us will be sent home if we complain about style." Carmelita told her, as Clover just sighed.

"Yeah, you're right." Clover took a dirty look towards Chloe, who got carried by Genos. "Uh, she needs to be-"

"Calm down, we came here to compete in an oversized Total Drama. This doesn't need any serious injury." Genos stated loudly, to all three of the people inside the cave.

Both duos were moving on out of the very linear cave, as they weren't bothered to be in eliminated or at the very least, at risk of some surprise showing up and making them have a unfun time.

*Carmelita's confessional*

Carmelita looked like she wasn't having a fun time.

"Well, we came for tokens and we got tokens. Surprisingly, Fred didn't even want to go in and he was fighting a massive bat outside with a rock bat!" Carmelita shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Genos and Chloe were met by a graffiti-creating skater with a smug smile and a helmet that had a bunch of scratches on it, as they were stepping back at a bit.

"I beat 'em up and what the hell was that animal? Goners." Gum showed her tokens. "Come on, let's bounce!"

"There is no rule against flying you two back to camp." Genos said in a serious tone. "But be sure to put it in a good pocket."

"Got it!" The other two said at the same time, as they were being lifted up.

"Fly me outta here!" Chloe complained.

"What she said, but less bratty." Gum remarked.

The three of them were above the highest of the trees, as they were basically flying in the air and Gum was...freaking out silently, while the other two didn't look surprised.

It wasn't even that fast, but it wasn't very slow either.

"Wait, you were a superhero?" Gum asked.

"Oh, now you believe me." Chloe remarked in a negative manner.

And on the other side, Fred had finally defeated the giant bat with the cave club and he looked really tired, as the other two were just looking at him with surprise.

Carmelita Fox quickly composed herself, Fred was just sitting down and Clover was looking at the big bat's...corpse.

"Oooh, that can't be legal." Clover said.

"It was either me or that mutated bat, and I'm very alive!" Fred Flintstone shouted.

"Technically speaking, there's...certain things that are very obvious that shouldn't be said." Carmelita said. "I can't believe you would do that."

"Yeah and it's awesome!" Clover was starstruck over the caveman. "But you're old."

"Well, sometimes, you have to go ape against the bat." Fred Flintstone smugly stated.

"...Uh, we have a much bigger problem to deal with." Carmelita Fox said, feigning a suggestion.

*Fred Flintstone's confessional*

The caveman didn't look too sad.

"Okay, so it's a long story about me and the bat. It came up to me from the jungle somewhere, looked at my club and immediately tried to bite my neck or something and there was only one thing that I could do! Come in swinging and oh boy, were those swings hitting their mark!" Fred had a smile while retelling his story. "Besides, bats aren't supposed to be giants!"

*Confessional cut*

Nine more contestants had arrived back at the camp, as the now 94 strong cast of contestants were not that surprised at the good majority of qualified contestants.

However, there was also a few surprises that were brung into the mess hall.

"For the Rhinos, Fred Flintstone, Clover & Carmelita Fox are safe!"

"Whoa, you killed a mutated bat!" Harley Quinn shouted.

"There's a lot more of that where it came from!" Fred Flintstone bragged.

"And for the Crows, Genos, Chloe Bourg-whatever and Gum are safe!"

These three got some weak claps, as they didn't have an impressive finished.

"And finally, Kate Alen, Soos and Jude are safe and the Deers are definitely greeting them...sort of!"

"Woo, go, Kate!" Mystique Sonia shouted.

"You made it, lady!" Yuri added.

"Congratulations!" Sonja said to Kate.

"Thanks!" Kate Alen shouted, pointing towards the guys that definitely were with her. "These two did help me, though, but I did my best effort as well!"

Kate managed to get the whole squad to silent, as they weren't even sure what to think of the bear distraction thingy.

"They were willing to throw away their lives for you." Tanya darkly remarked.

"Thanks for the comment. Seriously, these two should at least get something." Kate Alen said, trying to defend the two guys.

"Bruh." Riley gave them something. "They could be winning, but they weren't winning."

"Wow, that's some...useful advice." Samus remarked.

Jude and Soos were just shrugging their shoulders, knowing that they weren't going to get anything better.

And on the Rhinos, things were not any better for the trio that arrived with the team, as they were met with the usual from the better guys on the teams.

"Er, is this supposed to be happening?" Clover asked about something.

"I think it's happening regardless of wherever it makes sense, of course." Carmelita Fox said, looking very unsurprised at the thing that was happening in front of them.

Pinstripe and Azula were doing the glares and of course, their one friend was attempting to do the same thing...and attempt needed to be emphasised, as they both recognised something else.

"This is strategy, apparently." Tron Bonne remarked.

"Honestly, if this leads all of us getting along better, I think it's a rather nice thing." Coachman said, still with an evil smile. "Besides, I can slap the both of them hard after that."

"Okay, stop doing that smile, then." Tron Bonne remarked.

"Well, good." Coachman had a less off smile on his face. "Do you like it-"

"Yes!" Tron Bonne shouted at him aggresively. "Don't make me say it again."

And there was two people that were next to Azula.

"...Man, this is definitely not the best team around. Could use some more team motivation." Lynn Loud remarked. "And volleyball."

"Honestly, there's a little too much motivation here. What we need is to know we're a team and that we're mostly all beautiful." Clover sat down next to her, as Lynn looked confused.

"Nah, it needs synergy!"

"That's what I said!"

These two were just high-fiving each other, as the rest of the team weren't feeling the best energy despite probably having the best chance of getting...a surprise.

And the Crows were just giving the recently arrived guys some problems, as there was three more people that were safe and one of them was very angry.

"What's your problem, I didn't do good on the challenge!" Chloe said, feeling something weird. "And your clothes are ugly."

"Yeah, I know, but we're doing good in the team game right now and I guess you're in it." Kageyama said, still bluntly worded.

"Look, you guys can celebrate all you want, but I'm going to be taking the top spot alone and there's no way you're going to do the team thing." Chloe told him loudly.

"If you suck in any challenge, I promise to make sure that you're voted off!" Kageyama suggested. "You're not just going to sit around like a dumbass, right?

"You have no sense of style and no sense of talking, but there's no way that you'll-" Chloe got a look from a good chunk of the team. "-Urgh, I guess I'll do something."

"Whoa, that was rather easy. You must be...something else!" Soma exclaimed, as Chloe got offended.

Gum looked pretty dang angry, as Genos was contemplating something, as these two were sitting next to each other.

*Gum's confessional*

"Seriously, there was a giant mutated bat in the cave and I didn't want to deal with all of that. Doesn't exactly help when a caveman literrally smashes the giant bat to death...Looks like I'm living the fever dream." Gum remarked, carrying her spray cans like it wasn't a big deal.

*Confessional cut*

Aisling, Haohmaru and Samurai Jack were a real strong trio and only one of them was sure why, but the other two weren't really complaining either for obvious reasons.

They were obviously complaining about something else, as they had some tokens that they were down a pit and said pit was just a bit too deep.

"Dang it, we've got no way to climb up!" Haohmaru shouted.

"And it's because you didn't look where you were." Aisling complained.

"Well, uh, you weren't looking either." Haohmaru said. "And your bunch of wolves pushed me in there."

"It was kind of funny. And I bet that you couldn't get up." Aisling basically teased Haohmaru, who chuckled a bit.

These two were daring each other, as Samurai Jack was just thinking of a way to climb up with his own head and the other two were practically daring each other to come up.

And then the samurai with the long robe had a decent idea, as he looked lit up.

"Maybe we could be able to jump on the side of these pits. These dirt walls are good for wall jumps." Samurai Jack told the two of them earnestly. "Two of us could jump."

"I'm still going for making the walls fall down, because it's the ground." Aisling said, as Haohmaru got himself started with a good jump. "Then make it!"

Haohmaru then just tried his best to leap off the dirt walls and leap he did, as he practically sprung from the dirt and then stabbed his sword into the dirt to do his coolest special move.

Doing three frontflips with his trusty katana and then getting back up to the surface without any cruds given to gravity or his hair...which got a little bit dirtied up.

"Come on up, samurai guy, it's awesome up here!" Haohmaru exclaimed.

Samurai Jack just kept on jumping onto the walls, though they were very much not stable at all and he kept his mood calm and his skills cleanly done.

Said samurai may have carried something in his heart that could have weighed him down, but he kept on going no matter what and the dirt walls were going all the way up.

And they were falling all of the way down, but the pit wasn't catching this Samurai Jack and the other samurai had a smirk.

"Well, that was a good one." Samurai Jack said. "But we're not out of the woods!"

"Yeah, the definitely a fairy is-"

Aisling was actually behind Haohmaru, seemingly coming from nowhere and smiling like a fool.

"-standing right here."

"What are you going to do about it?" Aisling asked, being a young shapeshifter without something important. "...Oh, well, I didn't want to be with you anyways!"

"Yeah, I hope you find a token quickly." Samurai Jack said. "See you back in the hut."

Aisling just disappeared back into the forest that she clearly didn't know, clearly mad.

*Aisling's confessional*

"Yeah, that man who is an 'sam-uh-rae' just left my token in the dust and now I could be kicked out of here! Not that I'm complaining or anything." Aisling said, practically seething in anger.

*Confessional cut*

Gloria, Judy and Tiny Tina were three people that were marking the struggle to find some tokens, as they were not that excited to be struggling for so long or...even find nothing.

"Argh, I'm out here trying to find tokens and most of them got lucky!" Gloria shouted. "These trees are not agreeing with me!"

"Uh, yeah, I don't think they were before." Tiny Tina remarked with a genuine smile, as the explosions expert had prepared something.

"Seriously, you can't just carry around explosives in your bag. That kind of stuff could explode at any time." Judy warned her friend, who was just chuckling.

"Why are you so crazy?"

"Because when you've gotta survive with so many friends on a desert planet, you need to have a good time!" Tiny Tina replied with a very wide smile and Judy was just stunned at her craziness.

These three definitely heard the horns.

"Haohmaru and Samurai Jack are safe from auto-elimination! And there are 22 contestants that are still out there and sucking!" Chris announced, as the three of them were just feeling the weak insult.

And they were not wasting any time on the words of the host and his probably self-satisfied they were running towards wherever the tokens are...being that Judy was one of the people with a token GPS.

And since the tokens were being taken, there was signals that were disappear on being caught and there was a lot of them that were disappearing.

Minus one and it scanned for four different tokens and they were running for it like it was no tomorrow with all sorts of potential strategies coming up.

And they ran to the signal and saw something very obvious above them and they were now in it and they were trapped.

"Good one." Judy remarked. "Tina, you've got something to use?"

"What are you talking about? This is bamboo and it's not even good bamboo!" Gloria shouted. "I'm gonna do the booty thing!"

"Booty power!" Tiny Tina exclaimed, willing to take the hippo thing. "Gloria, you're the...big animal!"

The trio had vastly different vibes, as the bamboo cage was slowly breaking from Gloria's booty bumps and Tiny Tina smashing the other side with a wrench.

And Judy was just there, seeing the poorly made bamboo cage fall apart before her eyes.

And they all got the top of the cage slammed onto them...or Gloria made it fall down to the side, as these three were finally ready to get the fuck out of the forest and survive the first challenge.

"Did you say that I was fat?" Gloria asked.

"Uh, probably." Tina just remarked. "We owned the cage with her big-ness!"

"...You're safe this time around." Gloria threatened the explosive experts, who had a goofy smile on her face. "Probably."

These three were sure of something in the mid-afternoon, as they were looking at their four tokens and while they were thinking of people to give it to, they were running at speed.

*Judy's confessional*

Judy wasn't too mad, but

"First impressions of those two? I wouldn't want to be with them in any place that is quiet, because they're the loud kind of fun. Fun to be around, but not super useful when you're catching criminals or a sandwich." Judy explained with spirit.

*Confessional cut*

Nicole and Min Min were running with determination, as they were the last of the duos to make sure that they weren't down, out and embarrassed on inter-dimension television.

And they weren't ready to be embarrassed in a very high resolution in the middle of the grass patch...trying to figure how the tokens could've been underground.

And finding some shovels.

"We're just totally lost." Min Min remarked. "Painfully so, but we have a chance."

"Our chance is shrinking every second that we're not digging with our hands!" Nicole yelled, practically building the rage.

"Digging with our hands will actually slow us down." Min Min complained, running for a shovel.

"Well, I'm looking for the right spot and you're looking for a shovel! Job done!" Nicole angrily said, somehow harnessing her anger into the crazy dig.

"I literally can't argue with that." Min Min said, starting to be thrown off.

"Oh yeah, Gloria, Judy and Tina are the next three safe contestants from the Crows!"

Despite Min Min being all sorts of calm with a shovel and Nicole inputting her anger into digging up random pieces of dirt from the specific location, things were about to get weird.

Nicole practically digged out her two blue tokens at speed, as the dirt practically swung out of her hand at speed.

Min Min had a shovel in her hand and her other hand was empty and...she extended it out, almost instinctively, to ensure that the tokens were gotten and said arm basically got bent.

It wasn't enough to not get the tokens though, as the ramen lady with extendable arms had the two of them and Nicole just let out all of her anger.

"...Oh, I'm sorry. I think we found them, right?" Nicole asked.

"Right! Now, it's time to get back to camp!" Min Min exclaimed, just happy to be done with it.

These two were sprinting like it was going out of style, as they were very much not in the mood to lose either.

*Min Min's confessional*

"As in the ARMS tournament, if you think that I'm going to lie down and let myself lose, you've got another thing coming and it's too spicy for you!" Min Min shouted. "Unlike my spicy ramen, which my team is going to have."

*Confessional cut*

All of the Seabass that were waiting on the table, were panicking at the useful duo that were practically speeding down the forest.

"Uh, I wonder when they're coming-" Sokka said, before seeing two angry ladies ready to put their tokens down. "-Wow, you two ladies are quick and beatitiful!"

"Yes, thank you!" Min Min declared. "Let's go."

"I'm tired of being mad." Nicole told the whole team. "And besides everyone useful is already here."

"Not really...there's someone." Min Min said, taking a rest in the seat.

"When is the host going to announce-" Nicole was basically putting her head down, as she was tired of the challenge.

"The challenge is finally finishing up with the final 17 contestants, as Nicole and Min Min qualify for the Seabass! Some of them are powerful, others are not, but four of them will be eliminated at the end of this challenge! And the end of the first challenge of Total Drama: Ultimate Islands...will be after the break!"

To be continued in the fifth and final part, where it not only gets down to the wire about who passes, but also about who's going to be the bottom two teams in regards to taking their teams' tokens and the top two teams get a good surprise!

That's really about it, as there's still quite a few people left that are prepared to be sent home on Day 2.

(The newly safe contestants will be put into brackets on their own)

The Rugged Rhinos' safe players:

Storm Shadow (1st), Azula (11th), Yumeko (12th), Harley Quinn (13th), Tron Bonne (14th), Muscle Man (29th), Legoshi (30th), Owen (31st, returning contestant), JFK (32nd), Lynn Loud, Pepper Ann, Sol Badguy, Dante, Rock, Hank Hill, Basil, Mai Shiranui, Tifa Lockhart, Shulk, Pinstripe Potoroo, Coachman & Iori Yagami (Carmelita Fox, Fred Flintstone & Clover)

The Crafty Crows' safe players:

Sandy (2nd), Sakura (5th), Dawn (15th, returning contestant), Mikasa Ackerman (10th), Tomo Takino (19th), Miko Kubota (20th), Soma Yukihira (21st), Tobio Kageyama (26th), Haida (27th), Wario, Giovanni Potage, Shego, Riku, Kipo Oak, Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Michiru & Darkness or Lalatina (Chloe Bourgeois, Genos, Gloria, Judy H., Tiny Tina & Gum)

The Daring Deer's safe players:

Tanjiro Kamado (6th), Bugs Bunny (7th), Tiana (8th), Snufkin (16th), B or Beverley (17th, returning contestant), Riley Freeman (25th), Scott Pilgrim (28th), Spike (18th), Ochako Uraraka, Sonja, Robyn, Penny, Mystique Sonia, Luigi, Ram, Tanya Degurechaff, Samus, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Solid Snake & Yuri Sakazaki (Jude Lizowski, Soos, Samurai Jack, Haohmaru & Kate Alen)

The Striking Swordfishes' safe players:

Mr. Smee (9th), Tails (3rd), Connor (22nd), Joey Wheeler (23rd), The Heavy (24th), Reg (4th), Captain Amelia, Sokka, Cassie Cage, Daphne, Arle, Leshawna, Eva, Noel, Kasumi Todoh, Raven, Tooru Oikawa, Falco & Ryuko Matoi (Lowain, Khun Aguero Agnes, Min Min, Nicole Watterson Bayonetta & Askeladd)

And to make sure that's everyone being kept track in this challenge:

The Rhinos' unsafe contestants:

Sugar, Panchito Pistoles, Kristoff, Squirrel Girl & Gintoki Sakata

The Crows' unsafe contestants:

Rapunzel, Lord Hater, Papyrus & Sir Daniel Fortesque

The Deers' unsafe contestants:

Piccolo, Aisling, Hayley Smith & Julia Chang

The Swordfishes' unsafe contestants:

Hsien-Ko, Albedo, Reigen Arataka & Johnny Bravo

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 2: Free For Teams!
Part 5: The Last Token(s)

Yeah, as per tradition, Chris McLean's cruel twist comes back to bite these teams in the butt and the winning team isn't really having any of it.

But when the stronger and more mentally sound members are down without a token, anything could happen at this point with the previous 103 safe contestants watching it all go down!

Which of the seventeen will not make it through and what is that twist that's going to make problems for everyone?

Who knows, but you guys should read on, see the twist(s) and review it, if you have the time to deal with this monster of a fanfic!

Also, I'm going to try and make the episodes shorter...if only because I don't have to introduce anyone else for a good while!

"Welcome back to the biggest Total Drama ever, where there has been 120 contestants selected to enter this experimentally awesome season! And only 17 of them are left to battle for the spots in the next challenge!" Chris announced, as all of the contestants that were listening heard something that was not surprising.

And while the Rhinos were set to be the best team in the game, they were definitely worrying about a certain someone.

"Oh no, Squirrel Girl!" Lynn shouted, worried about a good gal.

"Yeah, she's actually pretty cool." Tifa remarked.

"No doubt about it." Mai high-fived her.

And then it got stopped midway by Azula, who had a keen eye for something that must have been related to her.

"What? You think she's going to go?" Mai asked.

The Fire Nation princess just nodded with rejection, as she looked like that there was a plan in her teammate's the works.

"Okay, okay, what do you think she's going to do?" Mai didn't look impressed.

"Obviously, find a token. But there's also another advantage that you don't think she has." Azula told the whole team. "She's carrying someone else that could help us in the game."

"Kristoff? The only things he has is that he's big, strong, has a lot of common sense and survival skills." Yumeko noted, dimissing the ice cutting prince. "You told me that."

Azula, Mai Shiranui, Yumeko and Tron Bonne were sat together and keeping things a little bit private on the giant table, they were turning their volume.

"That's a good enough reason for him to not be eliminated and him an important role within it." Azula said. "He's not dumb, but not smart either, so I doubt that he'll make moves of his own."

"Oooh, you want him to help the team win and to help you with...the alliance." Tron Bonne realised something, as Yumeko had a confused look.

"He will help, I know just the words to say to him." Azula remarked.

"Well, he is his own person. I doubt that he will help you-" Yumeko had a smile, doing an impressive click. "-just like that."

"Honestly, have some faith in fire lady, I think she could do it." Tron Bonne remarked, bumping Yumeko on the shoulder.

"He'd still help us by hopefully being competent." Azula finished the thing, as Mai was just waving her fan. "Besides, you and Squirrel Girl would fit this all-women alliance. The both of them being safe means I'm assured to rule the game."

"Good on you! I can't believe it's all on one team, but I guess it's a very different season." Mai exclaimed, just happy to hang out with the ladies.

*Mai's confessional*

"Honestly, I doubt that Azula isn't going to share the money, just take over the government...which doesn't sound right, but I'm here to get money to save for a wedding!" Mai shouted, just happy to be in the alliance.

*Confessional cut*

"Time's ticking, you slowpokes!" Chris announced, as three people were trying to get up to the top of a tree with a treehouse...where the tokens were on the roof.

Kristoff and Squirrel Girl were the two that were talked about, as they were actually trying to get some tokens up in the tree and avoid elimination at the same time.

These two were trying their hardest, but they weren't lucking out well and the third wasn't even sure what he was going to do.

"Seriously, what do I do? I'd hate to lose myself." Gintoki asked. "I'm just motivate you guys."

Gintoki spat at Kristoff with some impressive range and an unsurprised face.

"Yeah, forget it. I had a prince try to kill the throne and he motivated me more than that." Kristoff wasn't that impressed at the spit shots, which Gintoki brung more of. "Stop it."

"You mean it's not working?" Gintoki asked.

"Keep doing it!" Squirrel Girl shouted, perched up on a branch. "It's pointing towards the token bags."

"Okay, you have my word!" Gintoki shouted back at the squirrel-having superhero.

"Yeah, don't spit-"

Kristoff got what he didn't want, as Gintoki spat up towards the token bag that was there and it fell on top of his head.

"-You have a sword, right?"

"I don't need to use my sword, because my spit what will take you guys upwards! And you're just hanging there, so if you put your hands up, I'll help you up." Gintoki was practically making it up as he went. "And...and, you won't be eliminated."

Kristoff dropped a small distance...and he just went back down to give a weird look at Gintoki.

"There could be three tokens up there, obviously, the guy who made the tokens said so!" Gintoki shouted.

"Uh-huh, you know him well?" Kristoff asked, with a very skeptical look.

"Yeah, but he doesn't have white hair and isn't very cool." Gintoki answered, as Squirrel Girl finally managed to hang onto the it was a weird one. "Trust me, he said that himself."

"...I'm sure that he said that he definitely exists." Kristoff said, getting a little bit too tired.

"...Yes!" Gintoki shouted, almost mindlessly.

Meanwhile the only member that was actually barely lifted herself up on the rounded ledge and managed to up on the treehouse's patio and she saw the very truthful discussion.

"Come on, I like both of them!" Squirrel Girl shouted. "What are you two arguing about?"

"None of ya business, that's what up. We're talking about the guy who made the tokens." Gintoki shouted back, in the least calm tone he could muster. "He's not that cool and his hair isn't white."

Squirrel Girl just leapt to get the tokens that were in a small plastic pouch...that even the squirrels couldn't really get thanks to the string being weird, as the two guys were arguing down there.

Of course, the squirrels caught it and were scurrying down to the two guys that were arguing...and they were in for a serious sight.

"...Uh, is that squirrel giving us the two...oh shoot, there's only two tokens?" Gintoki asked. "I'm not going home."

And the squirrel wasn't that interested in giving either of them the tokens, as Squirrel Girl finally leaped down and looked angry.

"One of you might be going home!" Squirrel Girl shouted. "And it's up to me!"

*Kristoff's confessional*

The ice cutting guy looked concerned.

"The host shouldn't even have that kind of power, let alone the girl that can talk to squirrels. It's because that power is pretty ridiculous!" Kristoff exclaimed with a smile. "Also, where are we?"

*Confessional cut*

"And the Rhinos have three more people that need to find tokens!"

On the other side of the second island, Sugar and Panchito were doing their thing and their thing was being completely stuck within a certain part of the challenge, as they had two tokens...

... and were in jail that Izzy guarded, who was still wearing the bear costume and they were all inside of a random hut, of which there was a lot of.

"Why is there a talking bear?" Sugar asked.

"I'm not a talking bear!" Izzy shouted from the inside. "I'm a real person."

"Man, come on. You're a talking bear and that's fine!" Panchito remarked, smiling at Izzy.

And then she took off the bear costume and she was looking dashing with her green dress and unfitting red buttoned-up shirt.

"Not going to lie, I'm kinda disappointed." Sugar told Izzy, who just sighed and smiled. "And I'm stealing that bear costume!"

"Give me your best shot!" Izzy shouted, ready to bring her best stare. "From prison!"

"You try me!" Sugar declared.

Panchito's shock finally wore off, as he wasn't that surprised at the two of them fighting on both sides of the metal cage with their arms that couldn't really go that far.

And the rooster saw something that probably wasn't meant to be in the cage, but he hid it from the two fighting gals and moved slowly.

"You want my bear costume that badly?"

"You want mah bear costume that bad?" Sugar mocked Izzy. "Yeah, I want it!"

Panchito was basically crawling under Sugar's big body to get to the door, as the two ladies were just giving each other some weird glares and he definitely managed to get the door open.

With the key opening it.

"Hey, Sugar, we can go now." Panchito whispered to her. "We're safe from elimination!"

"That's my bear costume please!" Sugar shouted at Izzy.

"Chris owns this costume, so I can't just give it out. He really likes scaring people." Izzy remarked, as the bear costume...disappeared. "Also, it's not here."

"You know, Chris is bad!" Sugar shouted, walking towards the exit of the cave.

"Let's go and maybe we can find the bear costume!" Panchito exclaimed, getting tired of not being safe.

Izzy, the classic redhead, was just waving goodbye to Sugar, who was still giving a dirty look, as the two contestants left the former contestant to...her bear costume that was there.

*Panchito's confessional*

The bird looked tired.

"Man, I just want to stay in the competition a bit longer than one single day, but Sugar wants the bear...thing and we might be out of the competition!" Panchito shouted.

*Confessional cut*

"Whoa, these four are going deep into the forest, where they're going to meet some old animals!"

Sir Daniel and Papyrus were a duo that they were practically inseperable, as they were both skeletons, probably knew what chivalry is, lanky as all hell and had the conviction to come in with words.

Rapunzel was also there and she was carrying a pan for some serious protection in the deep forest and Lord Hater was practically bragging about his...non-existent achievements.

"Wow, the grass is so tall here! Do you think there could be monsters here?!" Papyrus shouted. "Monsters that actually talk?"

"Hopefully, they are not foul beasts." Sir Daniel remarked, still with no lower jaw.

"Okay...they're not foul beasts, they're also living...talking monsters."

"I wasn't talking about you nice people."

Rapunzel was still holding the pan like she was about to swing on them and Lord Hater looked smug.

"I'm the best villain around here!" Lord Hater boasted. "You've ever seen my army?"

"No, I don't care about that. We could be in some crazy territory." Rapunzel said, just excited to use her pan. "And it's going to feel it."

"Have you even seen my fire powers?" Lord Hater just showed his hands.

"...I have now and they're so cool. But, please, don't burn down the forest." Rapunzel said, still holding the pan out.

"I do what I want, when I want and no forest is going to stop me." Lord Hater remarked.

As the duos that were practically stapled together in the same tall grass to be a quartet...were walking towards the next location that had four tokens for their team.

And the token box was immediately out in the open grass, an almost suspicious patch of grass that they were all seeing.

"Uh-" Sir Daniel said.

"The Great Papyrus will help out another skeleton!" Papyrus declared, as he ran out there with Lord Hater doing his thing. "Lord Hater, we will take this box!"

"No, I'm going to take this box!" Lord Hater shouted, ready to do the evil laugh. "That's right, it's me!"

"You take the box-"

While the two skeletons were doing the thing of standing and celebrating in the center, Rapunzel was just checking her hair and she noticed that part of it was being eaten by some skinless squirrel.

And she was practically cringing, as Sir Daniel noticed that his sword was being bit on the same kind of squirrel.

*Rapunzel's confessional*

The princess was just sitting with her feet on the toilet seat.

"What the heck happened to the squirrels and what did we do to make them chase us? I'm still really scared that they're going to bite me!" Rapunzel said, practically hiding in the outhouse.

*Confessional cut*

The squirrels came up to everyone that was in the general area, as though someone had co-ordinated and they...started to bite on their skin and/or bones hard as they could.

Papyrus was just trying to ensure that they weren't biting on his bones, screaming in pain with every bite and there was definitely a lot of bites.

Lord Hater was throwing fire all around like it was going out of style, as there was squirrels making him jump in pain.

Regardless of that, they were practically moving as a team and these two were plain old Sir Daniel was randomly swinging the sword around and Rapunzel...

...did the thing.

"Wait, is the host some kind of monster or something?" Rapunzel asked, still having a lot of bites.

The squirrels were just talking to her.

"Alright, alright, I'm not going to go on an avenging quest!" Rapunzel said. "Can you please free my friends?"

The squirrels just left her, basically touching her golden hair on the way out and getting the golden energy.

"...How did I understand you guys?"

She did the thing, the squirrels retreated and the skeletons were actually mostly fine, even if it did hurt a bit for the three of them...and Rapunzel was struggling to stay awake from all of the bites.

"Human princess, wake up!" Papyrus yelled, trying to carry Rapunzel. "Seriously, are you fine? The Great Papyrus is here to bring you home!"

"I'm going to assume that Lord Hater or whatever that scoundrel's name is gone." Sir Daniel remarked, helping in the carrying princess.

"Oh no, he is gone!" Papyrus didn't properly hear Sir Daniel.

"Well, that settles that." Sir Daniel mumbled.

*Lord Hater's confessional*

"Yeah, let's go, those tokens were mine and I'm not going to give them to the princess!" The skeleton yelled. "It's my right to be very cool and to help out my skeleton friends who think I am a cool villain!"

*Confessional cut*

"Guys, there is only four more spots in either the Deer or the Seabass! And all of the contestants on the other two teams have their tokens!"

It was pretty obvious that Piccolo managed to find Aisling.

Or rather, Aisling managed to get a bite out of Piccolo and she looked very angry for an obvious reason and Piccolo was clearly less angry, but he was still calmly being angry.

Nevertheless, they were both really flying in the air.

"I don't have a token and why are you flying?!" Aisling shouted, feeling the wind in her hair.

"Because I haven't found any tokens that were not taken yet." Piccolo shouted at Aisling, considering the crazy wind.

"Yeah, I don't need to be carried by an ogre!"

"I'm not an ogre!"

While those two were just random, there was a certain duo that also heard that with four tokens and they were both pretty damn tired because of a massive wall that they climbed up and down.

"...I think I both loosened up and stiffened up some limbs." Julia was stretching herself to get back to normal.

"Wow, that was an experience!" Hayley exclaimed. "Too bad, one of us might be out because of us being in the bottom four."

"Yeah and I appreciate us sharing the same cause! So, who else is left?" Julia asked, trying to look towards the sky. "The flying green alien, that's for sure."

"Are you sure that's all?" Hayley remarked.

"No, but I'm not sure who else would be left." Julia looked upwards to the sky.

"Maybe..." Hayley thought for a second. "...they can find it for themselves."

The duo were happy to leave it to whoever was coming down and they weren't that surprised to see who was coming down, but was surprised when they did something else.

Aisling just dropping down and then hid in one of the trees, as the two enviromentalists were just suspecting nothing.

"...Well, that was weird-" Julia finished saying it, as Aisling came out of nowhere...

The fae came out of nowhere, took the token bag, and then left herself hidden.

"-I think it's getting a little too weird!" Hayley looked at the area suspiciously, as Julia was stunned at how it disappeared.

These two were sure that they were stolen by someone that was another team, as they were following an trail that lead to...a whole bunch of wolves that were in the middle of woods.


Piccolo just went back down to the ground, a considerable distance from the wolves that were gathering where what looked like his teammates were struggling with.

The Namekian sighed, as he knew who exactly did that and she came up with the four tokens.

"Why are we stealing?" Piccolo asked.

" I found it from our own teammates or whoever they were." Aisling answered with a smile. "The longer we're out here, the more we lose."

"Why are we stealing from our own teammates?" Piccolo was trying to not facepalming, as he pinched his fingers on his forehead. "Just forget it."

"Oh, they'll come." Aisling said, before doing a ridiculously strong howl.

"See, they're going away. This is my forest...right now."

"Just forget it." Piccolo remarked, tired of the light-skinned child's antics.

*Julia's confessional*

She had some scratched on her face, having the brown hair and headband.

"I'm glad that we talked to the wolves, because they left us alone after some time." Julia said. "Must have been a coincidence."

*Confessional cut*

"And here are the final contestants from the Rhinos and the Crows! Or some of them, because you guys like wasting my time!"

Chris was a bit angry about having some time-wasters, but the four Crows that were awake and three of them being able to stand practically meant that one person was going to have to be eliminated.

Sugar and Panchito were the first ones out of the rest of the Rhinos to arrive, as these two were happy to be in here.

Squirrel Girl and Kristoff came in and actually moved out of Sugar's place, as these three managed to do one thing by slamming their tokens down.

"Squirrel Girl, Sugar and Kristoff are safe...for the Rhinos!"

Gintoki and Panchito just crashed into each other, as the former managed to trip and the latter fell down, as the last token was flipping in the air.

"It's down to the white-haired guy and the Mexican rooster to not be eliminated!"

Gintoki reached out his own hand, Panchito just did a jump that got further boosted by the fact he was crouching.

"Ay caramba!" Panchito shouted, he tried to grab it. "Seriously, man!"

Gintoki actually grabbed the token, just as Panchito's other wing managed to almost nudge it out of the white-haired guy's hand...into the red Mexican rooster's wing.

But it was too entranched in Gintoki's hand for Panchito to even try to slide his hands to get it.

And Panchito tried to slide his wing under the slamming mind, but...

"Gintoki's the final one safe! Sorry, Panchito, you did some crazy moves in the first challenge!"

"No, he didn't. Did he wear this?" Gintoki asked, putting out a picture of an off-brand Kame House gi. "Nope."

"Seriously, how did that guy not get sued?" Panchito looked at the off-brand Dragon Ball-esque picture.

"Parody, baby."

"It sure is."

"And here comes the last members of the Crows!"

The next quartet that was pretty alive in getting their tokens, was Rapunzel, Lord Hater, Sir Daniel and Papyrus, the second of which held the tokens and had some bias.

Scratch that, as he had some serious bias.

Rapunzel got basically put down, but Lord Hater slammed his down and he gave two to Sir Daniel and Papyrus...making sure that Rapunzel knew what was up.

Sir Daniel then gave it to Rapunzel.

"You know, you probably could put it down and have some fun times with your friends." Rapunzel said. "I've got a good prince and some good friends to have some adventures. You're...dead,'s cool."

"No, my lady, you deserve it more." Sir Daniel mumbled, as he tried to help. "But-"

"What, I was joking!" Rapunzel shouted, as Lord Hater threw a rock at her face. "I said I was joking."

And all three were set.

"Rapunzel, sorry, but you're eliminated from the show!"

"Well, at least, it was cool to be here with you two skeletons." Rapunzel was just pointed at Papyrus. "And the third should calm down a bit...or else, he might go home super early."

"Yes, you have been eliminated by me!" Lord Hater yelled, feeling a little bit too angry.

"Why did you tell them? These bites are hitting me differently!" Rapunzel shouted. "I doubt that I move my arms properly."

"Don't question me, my methods are cool!" Lord Hater proclaimed.

"See ya, super long-haired princess!" Soma exclaimed.

"I'm going to miss you." Kipo said.

"I hope your adventures are fun and full of learning experiences." Darkness told the princess, actually hugging her hair.

"Uh, thanks." Rapunzel remarked.

The third gigantic team in the game were finally looking like they were about to finish, as a whole load of them were anticipating the duo had some powers.

"Well, here they come." Scott Pilgrim said. "I'm hoping that they're-"

Despite the fact that they originally didn't have tokens, Piccolo and Aisling came in...with the former opening the door and the latter looked tired of this challenge.

Either way...

"Piccolo and Aisling are safe!"

The green alien and the white fae child were looking confused and satisfied, respectively.

"And for the Deer, it's down to Hayley and Julia!"

These two came in as one of them just stepped back.

"Well, one of us has to go. And I don't think it's my time to go...sorry about this, Hayley." Julia said, as Hayley just gave her a thumbs up. "What?"

"No, it's fine. You've got more of a chance to win this than me, you've got a personal connection to the Amazon and I bet you could easily make friends in here." Hayley explained. "I don't want to waste this one chance."

"But that's just planting a few trees." Julia said sadly. "Even if it's two million dollars' worth."

"I know. Seriously, don't waste your opportunity, I'm ready to punch something right now." Hayley proclaimed. "Where's that white-haired girl?"

"...Not here, that's for sure." Piccolo remarked, feeling like he had to be a dad for one team.

"And Julia Chang is safe...with Hayley Smith eliminated!"

The Deer were sure of something,

"Now it's down to one more team with four more people out there...and they should be here by now! The Seabass should get their butts here!"

Reigen & Johnny Bravo were just running their butts towards the mess hall, as the two guys with yellow hair weren't willing to be eliminated...and so were Hsien-Ko and Albedo, two people that were definitely very humanoid, but clearly weren't human either.

The former duo weren't expected to both go through.

The latter duo weren't stable enough to both go through either.

"Hey, I'm better than that Ainz guy!" Johnny Bravo shouting, not helping the situation. "Because I'm not just bones and ash...I've got muscles and hash!"

"Not the time for that!" Reigen told him. "We could die right now!"

"Listen, the guy is dead." Johnny Bravo said. "I'm pretty sure she wouldn't kill us beautiful people."

"Stop!" Reigen yelled. "Are you like that all of the time?"

*Hsien-Ko's confessional*

The blue-haired vampire was nervous.

"I can't believe he just insulted Albedo's mentor is complicated, but he definitely is alive and she is very much going to wail on Johnny Bravo!" Hsien-Ko shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Hsien-Ko was trying to pull Albedo out of the fighting Johnny Bravo mood, as the two ladies were sure of something.

"I can't believe that he thinks he can get away with insulting Ainz like that!" Albedo yelled. "I'll make him pay in blood!"

"You can't kill people!" Hsien-Ko shouted. "That's a terrible thing to do for something so small."

"He thinks he can woo me by insulting my master and not even properly talking to me! I'm not sure if I can respect your wishes." Albedo said. "Lord Ainz, help us both!"

"Johnny, you can't just do that to people." Hsien-Ko said.

Being ahead of the non-human ladies, Johnny Bravo and Reigen were both ready to speed on ahead.

"Wait, I know that guy ain't dead!" Johnny Bravo shouted. "He's just ugly."

"I don't know if he isn't dead, but still..." Reigen remarked.

And Chris saw the final four contestants arrive at exactly at the same time, all of them tired from doing their bit for the competition and one of them was angrier than usual.

"And here comes our final four contestants! Guys, it's getting late!"

While Chris McLean said that, there was one person who definitively managed to make their token hit one of the table's hidden spots first.

"Johnny Bravo is safe!"

"I just couldn't say no the pretty ladies!" Johnny Bravo exclaimed.


"And so is Reigen!"

"'re seeing things that are not there. I can give out advice for free!" Reigen said.

"And finally, Hsien-Ko is safe!"

"Sorry." Hsien-Ko said, not feeling the mood.

"No, I'm sorry, I failed Lord Ainz!" Albedo shouted, having the mission on her mind. "It was because of an blonde idiot!"

"Hey, babe." Johnny Bravo got met with an axe. "Let's start over!"

"Ainz-sama!" Albedo yelled all throughout the hall. "Your mission will not be forgotten!"

"Albedo, you're eliminated from the competition."

Johnny Bravo getting a few weird looks wasn't new for him, but the one thing that was said was.

"You really were fine with an axe with your face? You're a real weird one." Ryuko remarked.

"She was a real beautiful one and she can swing an axe like it's no tomorrow!" Johnny Bravo said. "No matter where she's swinging, my heart's taken by her beauty."

"Wait, isn't she a succubus?" Ryuko was still very pissed off.

"I bet I could swing that axe like it's no problem." Johnny Bravo proclaimed, as Ryuko just slapped him on the head. "...wait, she's young."

And just as that happened, there was a microphone screech that got the whole hall's attention.

*Ryuko's confessional*

"What's up with that big dumbass? It's like when he sees a kind of attractive woman, he becomes blind to danger or even rejection!" Ryuko complained.

*Confessional cut*

"I've got an announcement to make about our winning or losing teams!"

Chris managed to perk up the ears of everyone that was in the building, minus the down-on-their-luck eliminated contestants that were last.

"Well, we've got our four eliminated contestants! Panchito, Rapunzel, Hayley Smith and Albedo from their respective teams!"

"Uh, that's good?" Daisy asked.

"But figuring who's the top two and the bottom two teams is also going to make two more contestants be...kicked off!"

There was a whole bunch of shocked reactions in the mostly wooden building.

"We've got points and a whole lot of them from the first 32 players to arrive! The two teams with the least points will have another player voted off...and the two teams with the most points will get another player."

"Again, there's more people now? Who else is coming on?" Kageyama asked. "It better not be another moron!"

"That doesn't even make sense. Considering that these two were saved for last, they're more than likely smarter than a moron." Giovanni Potage. "Like me."

"You're a moron."

Either way, it was time for the third and final set of additional contestants that were in it to win it and they were still behind the curtain.

"Rhinos, though you may be lacking teamwork, you've got a lot of points under your name!

The whole team was paying attention, as Muscle Man and Owen were looking excited for the extra player.

"196 points to be exact, thanks to Azula's crew and Storm Shadow taking home the full 100!"

"Nice, we've got this in the bag!" Harley Quinn shouted.

"Don't be so sure. The Crows are up next." Storm Shadow remarked.

"Why not? We did good!" Owen added to the conversation.

"Crows, though you had a team of mostly young people, you guys didn't come up short at all!"

Tobio Kageyama was immediately...looking a lot more interested in Oikawa's playful smile, as the latter probably wanted to remind him of...something.

"Sandy, Sakura and Mikasa all finished within the top 10, contributing the majority of the two hundred..."

Oikawa looked ready to do a clap.

"...and six points you have, making the Crows be in the lead!"

"Great job, Tobio-chan. You've really got this team working well...I guess your time at Karasuno really has changed you!" Oikawa said with a honest smirk. "So, I'm going to bring my strong team even higher."

"Bring it, Oikawa! None of your team are total dumbasses, so I'm here to do that!" Kageyama shouted at Oikawa.

"Come on, that's just rude to your teammates. Most of them have very powerful skills that would probably beat you into the ground." Oikawa said.

"It's only a few-"


The green table was perked up to hear some kind of news, even if it wasn't good.

"You guys probably have the strongest team in terms of everything...but points!"

Most of the teammates could recognise the bad news from a mile away.

"What does that mean?" Tanjiro asked.

"While Tanjiro, Tiana and Bugs Bunny finished within the top ten, you've only got 169 points, which is crazy! Also, you're in last."

"That's some bullshit." Riley Freeman remarked. "I wanna see that!"

"Not yet." Snake remarked.

"And finally, the Seabass with some of the strongest players from Total Drama and other worlds!"

"Finally, I get some acknowledgement!" Eva shouted, as Leshawna was looking at her. "It took how many years?"

"Did you get enough points to not have a double elimination for your team or are you going to eliminate someone else?"

Arle and Daphne were both looking at each other

"Despite a flying fox, a old pirate and a robot kid making up the top ten with strong moves, your team has only 190 points, giving you third place!"

"Oh no, this could only mean..." Min Min whispered to the two that were looking at each other.

"Seabass, you're in third! Deers, you're in last! You two teams are getting someone else eliminated and Seabass...the second-to-last contestant is Hsien-Ko!"

The whole team had open jaws or the equilvalent of an open jaw, as the Chinese vampire knew when the time was up for her.

"I can't believe that I got eliminated like this." Hsien-Ko said. "It's been a fun two days that I managed to spend with you people."

"Same thing here." Sokka said. "Most of you guys are pretty cool and you're pretty cool."

"Thank you for having me on my team."

"You're welcome. I'm going to own Azula for you."

Hsien-Ko wasn't sure what to make of that, but she was definitely missing them already.

"Deers, anyone within the bottom ten could be eliminated and it is-"

"Hold up, are you serious! We all managed to survive this crazy challenge and it is unfair that we could be sent home at any time!" Haohmaru shouted. "If you're going to choose...choose me!"

"What's up with you?" Kate Alen asked. "It could be any one of us!"

"-Haohmaru! You said it, not me."

Haohmaru looked pretty pissed off.

"Oh no, what did I do?!" Haohmaru asked.

"You just put yourself up to be eliminated." Tanjiro said, nervously. "So, I guess this means goodbye."

"Ah, I could come back here when Chris allows me too!" Haohmaru shouted.

"I don't think you can." Bugs Bunny said, getting bored of waiting.

" could."

The six eliminated contestants were either really sad at missing their new teammate or really angry at losing and the host was there to introduce this season's unique method.

"Welcome to the Slingshot of Shame! You guys are in a sail yacht...and there's a slingshot and said slingshot is going to push the yacht along!"

"How is that a good way of getting eliminated?" Rapunzel asked.

"At least, my bag's down there." Haohmaru said. "I can't believe that I only spent two days in this thing."

"Uh, me too!"

"Yeah, I wanted to do some more exciting challenges!"

"Me three!" Panchito shouted. "Chris always brings the crazy stuff to this show!"

The boat immediately slinged off.

"This is a really good method, human!" Albedo shouted, literally complimenting the host angrily. "I won't be back!"

These six were off, as Panchito, Albedo, Rapunzel, Hsien-Ko, Hayley Smith and Haohmaru were out of the show and having the dubious honour of the first ones to be eliminated.

"The winning teams are about to get some returning faces...right now!"

The top two teams were still in...the mess hall, eating their own dinner and wondering who the contestants would be and they were all confused as night.

"Rugged Rhinos and Crafty awesome teams have earned two fan-favourite contestants and an intern!"

"Nice, who could they be?" Mai asked. "Hopefully, it's someone that is very cool!"

"Maybe it's a strong player!" Azula shouted.

"Maybe it's someone that hasn't got the spotlight or haven't shown their full potential." Carmelita remarked. "All of the returning Total Drama contestants do have that in common."

"Oh...I was just hoping for another Pahkitew player!" Sugar complained.

"Fret not, you've got Sammy, the nicer twin who is nothing compared to-"

"Okay, Chris, we get it!" Sammy shouted, looking nearing the same as she did in Pahkitew Island...minus the more obvious red hairband. "Hi, I'm so excited to meet you all!"

"Well, well, my dear, you'll be in for quite a treat." Coachman said with an normal smile. "This team will sure to be something."

"Listen, from one person on that island to another, that guy isn't trustworthy." Sugar shouted, practically unwilling to sit up.

"Uh, you're not that either." Coachman remarked. "You're quite the trust breaker."

"...I don't think she was. She was just probably playing the game." Sammy then sat down next to Sugar, who immediately burped.

"Thanks for that! Now, we're together, country style!" Sugar exclaimed, seeing that Sammy smelled a bit worse.


"Crows, you've made yourself the leading team and you're going to get a serious contender! The genius...back from touring the world twice!" Chris announced with passion. "Noah!"

"Hey...Owen!" Noah shouted. "How did you end up on that team?"

"Most of the guys seem like cool people. Not sure about the rest of them, but they're okay!" Owen exclaimed. "But I can't be away from you."

"Trust me, you can!" Noah told his friend. "I've got a good bunch of players here and you've got your good bunch as well."

"Yeah, but it's not the same!" Owen shouted. "Guys, are you okay with me swapping?"

The three other "dudes" were silent in shock.

"No, dude!" Muscle Man shouted. "You can't."

"It's fine, Owen!" Noah exclaimed, before he got...the bear hug. "Wait, wait, you've already got some friends on your old team!"

*JFK's confessional*

"I mean, er uh, it's good! I still have a no fatty policy, so he's not my friend!" JFK exclaimed.

*Muscle Man's confessional*

"Owen was cool and had some serious eating powers and girth! Who else is going to replace him?" Muscle Man shouted.

*Confessional cut*

"And because of Owen's move to the Crows, Rhinos, you've got a middle blocker with some killer guessing games!" Chris announced. "And an intern!"

"What? That middle blocker?" Kageyama asked. "Don't tell me, he's that Shiratorizawa guy!"

He’s gonna introduce himself.” Chris was sad.

It’s ya boy...”

The spiky red-haired guy that was 6’3’’ and had weird eyes and a weird smile was in the game and he was wearing a whole different t-shirt...which was pretty much burgundy and a black unzipped hoodie.

...Satori Tendou in the house! The red house, too!”

Dammit, they got this guy? Couldn’t they get anyone else?” Kageyama was seething in anger, as Satori just walked to his team.

Okay, they can’t just get someone. They have to be got!” Tendou remarked.

Bro, speak your language!” Tendou remarked.

And with that, Satori and Sammy are on the Rhinos and Owen and Noah are on the Crows! What will the new members make of their team? What kind of mad plays are going to happen? And how I am going to look for the next episode of...”

Chris McLean did his thing of ignoring the contestants that were very much confused and were still sitting on the table.

Total Drama:...”

The zoom out showed the mess hall, the camp grounds and the whole bunch of gigantic islands.

...Ultimate Islands!”

And that was the end of a very lengthy and very wordy episode.

To be continued in the third episode, where the real super power of teamwork comes in handy for their own team...with headbands and points.

What could be the next challenge?

And more importantly, what's up with the early game strategies?

Who the heck nows, when Episode 3-1 comes out in May, because A Really Ridonculous Race deserves its spotlight.

Will the additional contestants get proper introductions in that part? Pretty much, so expect some of that!

(The final safe contestants will be put into brackets on their own)

The Rugged Rhinos' members moving onto the second challenge:

Storm Shadow (1st), Azula (11th), Yumeko (12th), Harley Quinn (13th), Tron Bonne (14th), Muscle Man (29th), Legoshi (30th), Owen (31st, officially on the crows), JFK (32nd), Lynn Loud, Pepper Ann, Sol Badguy, Dante, Rock, Hank Hill, Basil, Mai Shiranui, Tifa Lockhart, Shulk, Pinstripe Potoroo, Coachman, Iori Yagami, Carmelita Fox, Fred Flintstone & Clover (Gintoki, Sugar, Squirrel Girl & Kristoff)

The Crafty Crows' members moving onto the second challenge:

Sandy (2nd), Sakura (5th), Dawn (15th, returning contestant), Mikasa Ackerman (10th), Tomo Takino (19th), Miko Kubota (20th), Soma Yukihira (21st), Tobio Kageyama (26th), Haida (27th), Wario, Giovanni Potage, Shego, Riku, Kipo Oak, Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Michiru & Darkness or Lalatina, Chloe Bourgeois, Genos, Gloria, Judy H., Tiny Tina & Gum (Sir Daniel, Papyrus & Lord Hater)

The Daring Deers members moving onto the second challenge:

Tanjiro Kamado (6th), Bugs Bunny (7th), Tiana (8th), Snufkin (16th), B or Beverley (17th, returning contestant), Riley Freeman (25th), Scott Pilgrim (28th), Spike (18th), Ochako Uraraka, Sonja, Robyn, Penny, Mystique Sonia, Luigi, Ram, Tanya Degurechaff, Samus, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Solid Snake, Yuri Sakazaki, Jude Lizowski, Soos, Samurai Jack & Kate Alen (Aisling, Piccolo & Julia Chang)

The Striking Swordfishes members moving onto the second challenge:

Mr. Smee (9th), Tails (3rd), Connor (22nd), Joey Wheeler (23rd), The Heavy (24th), Reg (4th), Captain Amelia, Sokka, Cassie Cage, Daphne, Arle, Leshawna, Eva, Noel, Kasumi Todoh, Raven, Tooru Oikawa, Falco, Ryuko Matoi, Lowain, Khun Aguero Agnes, Min Min, Nicole Watterson Bayonetta & Askeladd (Reigen & Johnny Bravo)

And to make sure that everyone eliminated AND added is here:

Added: Satori Tendou (Rhinos), Noah & Sammy (Crows)

Swapped: Owen (new to the Crows) & Terry Bogard (Rhinos)

Panchito Pistoles (Rhinos), Rapunzel (Tangled), Hayley Smith (American Dad), Albedo (Overlord), Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) & Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 2: Free For Teams
Bonus Part: And There's Two More!

Kugisaki Nobara resonates with the competition (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Joseph Joestar puts some Hamon in here (JoJo: Battle Tendency, specfically or JoJo Part 2)

And Dawns swaps to the Deer for some reason. (Updated now.)

That's really about it for this chapter, as I'm adding these two are the final last contestants and I hope that I can stick to my own promise!

What's the different between a normal part and this kind of part? It's way shorter, that's it.

There was two more people standing in the dock, as they were here for the same competition...but they couldn't be more different if they tried to be.

Kugisaki Nobara was 16, 5'3'', ginger-haired jujutsu sorcerer and she looked pretty attractive with her chin-length orange hair, considering the fact that she had her appearance as her pride.

She wore a white shirt, a black skirt and some black trainers...and leggings of course, because she was here to kick ass and look good at the same time.

Joseph Joestar was a 6 and a half feet tall, muscle-bound 20-year old British dude with unkempt brown hair with a thin triangle-covered headband and he had a goofy smile.

And he wore a tank top, studded gloves, fitting pants and leather boots.

"Sorry for accidentally slapping your face. There was a bunch of flies on it." Joseph remarked (or JoJo for the fourth-wall breakers.) "Besides, what's this Total Drama thing?"

"It's some crappy Canadian reality show that I'm going to win." Kugisaki Nobara said. "Also, thanks for the apology."

"No problem." Joesph said. "So, what's your-"

"Never mind." Nobara ignored him. "I'm going to talk to the grinning guy who's standing here."

"Wow, that's really rude!" Joesph remarked. "I came back from the dead!"

"I got a friend who came back from the dead too. Metaphorically." Nobara remarked. "Why am I telling your dumb ass this?"

"I heard from an anomoyous source that you two are also contestants, but some guy lost your invitations. Not cool, dude!" Chris announced, "Anyways, Joe Joestar and Kugisaki Nobara, welcome to Total Drama!"

"My name's Joesph, but I'm fine with Joe!" Joesph shouted. "What's up, man?"

"Seriously, you're going to cozy up to this dumb dude?" Nobara said.

Besides those two, the dumbfounded members of the Crows and the Seabass were just watching these two came in, as they all came in at the two of them being introduced to Total Drama.

"Crows and Swordfishes, you two have Nobara and Joesph Joestar respectively! Please take care of them."

The Swordfishes had the most...appropriate introduction when it came to the dude with a headband in their cabin, as they were happy to see that there was a new guy to replace one of their teammates.

Even if he wasn't eliminated.

"Call me Jojo, because it's cool." Joseph remarked.

"Bro, Jojo, Chris just keeps on adding on contestants to these teams. So, I doubt it's going to be finished." Lowain told him, as the host got offended.

"What kind of...powers have you got?" Sokka asked.

"Check this out!" Joseph boasted, ready to show off his Harmon.

And he put it into a random piece of rope that Lowain just threw him and the other end of the rope was attached to Reg...and he put in his Harmon, making Reg feel things...that were real weird for a moment.

The Hamon barely got conducted through, but Reg felt something.

"Why do I feel so good?" Reg asked.

"That's my power! It's Hamon, a power that I have and I'm not sure how it works. But it does work pretty good!" Joseph explained.

"Thanks for the Hamon, I feel like I could go for another challenge!" Reg exclaimed, as Tails sighed.

"...I might have messed up." Joseph said. "But you all are pretty cool people!"

Tails and Reg were looking at the dude like he had something to hide, as Eva and Leshawna were both sure that this guy was...kind of dumb.

"Okay, you've got my vote! Man, this guy's got...whatever he's got!" Sokka proclaimed, as he was getting a bunch of looks.

There was a whole bunch of celebrations for their new guy with a headband, as most of the guys and a few of the girls were happy to see this goofy big fella in here.

*Eva's confessional*

The tough girl looked impressed.

"As much as I'm setting myself up for some serious fights, I bet I could beat this guy in a normal fight, no powers, limbs only!" Eva shouted. "I'm just hoping he's a good teammate."

*Leshawna's confessional*

Leshawna didn't look too impressed.

"I don't know, he could just be Alejandro with powers or something. But then again, he looks really attractive!" Leshawna said. "And then he looked like a dumbass on the way out, so I doubt he could play games."

*Confessional cut*

Nobara wasn't received as warmly for most of the guys in the Crafty Crows, as they were looking at her like she was rare player and probably a future strong competitor.

And the ladies were actually all right with her, as she had that kind of attitude that would get through the competition.

"What's with the judging looks?" Soma asked.

"Yeah, we're very normal people!" Pit exclaimed.

"Goddamn, normal people don't say that they are normal people. Geez." Haida told the two of them, a little worried about the jujutsu sorcerer's looks.

"Man, most of the guys suck in here." Nobara remarked, as a good chunk of them got a bit offended. "I bet the ladies aren't that much better, though."

"What the hell, you can't just say that to people and expect to get away with it!" Kipo shouted. "I don't really know who you are, Nobara, but that's kind of rude."

"I mean, I just met you, so things could absolutely be different. I'm definitely going to be a kick-ass teammate." Nobara said, ready to show her skills.

"That's pretty cool. Anyways, let's just go back to our cabins to sleep for the next challenge." Sandy said, still a little bit pissed off.

"Some of the guys are actual dumbasses, so you're not wrong." Kyo remarked.

"Geez, you two you'd get along." Sandy said, a little tired of the sass.

*Kageyama's confessional*

The volleyball setter had the weird smirk.

"As much as she kinda pisses me off, she is definitely a competitive player and we need some more of that in this team. Uh, she's also beautiful, but that didn't need to be said." Kageyama said, trying to keep it together.

*Kyo's confessional*

The heir to the Kusanagi clan looked a little bit pissed off.

"I don't know what's with her, but honestly, if she's going to be on our team, she doesn't need to change a thing. I swear it's like half of the guys on the team just...suck to be around, nevermind that Wario dude."

*Confessional cut*

"Also, Dawn arrives onto the Deer, because she wants to!"

Dawn just ready to hang out with all of the mostly depressed teammates, as Julia, Tiana and Yuri were there to greet her into the team.

"Welcome, moon girl!" Tiana shouted. "Or whatever you call yourself."

"Hold on, she can call herself whatever she wants!" Yuri shouted.

"I am definitely a moon girl. I appreciate the. introduction." Dawn told the two of them, as they were looking at each other. "I don't think I'm sensing good energy."

"Yuri, what is your problem?" Tiana asked.

"My problem is that I'm right." Yuri boasted.

"Does it really matter, it is very late at night and you two are not in the mood to be fighting because two of your teammates have been eliminated." Dawn said, which got Tiana and Yuri up into a different kind of mood. "You know, I could read your auras-"

"I'm not ready to be read!" Tiana exclaimed, as she went back inside the cabin.

"...What's up with her?" Yuri asked, as Dawn shrugged. "Probably some kind of grudge."

"To be fair, when no-one believes you turned into a frog by a dark voodoo magician, you don't tend to trust people who try to read your souls." Dawn said. "Besides that, this team has someone who wants to heal the Amazon."

"And you want to do that, too?" Julia asked, having a good ol' smile. "I guess you all of the allies you can get."

"Considering your many attempts to win the King of Iron Fist Tournament haven't worked, I think it's best to get some friends." Dawn told her, making the Native American fighter feel her hair stand up.

" really need to be careful about reading people." Julia said, a little shocked and stunned.

"That makes a lot of sense here." Dawn said.

*Tiana's confessional*

"The last time someone I know got read like that, they were a talking frog and the other one got arrested. I ain't trusting her until she can prove she's trustworthy." Tiana said, very sure of it.

*Confessional cut*

"Now, we've introduced we've got a new challenge coming tomorrow for these contestants! And the audience too!"

To be continued in Episode 3, which is still coming out soon with the fashion-loving jujutsu sorcerer and that one British guy with Hamon.

And the challenge that is very much based on a certain anime's second season and considering what I teased in the last chapter, I probably gave it away.

Anyways, considering that these two are pretty cool characters and wouldn't bloat the already bloated roster by too much, I think it's cool to add these two!

Besides, there's going to be two teams with double elimination in the next challenge anyways.

So things are about to get spicy.

Either way, here's the final teams and the six eliminated contestants too:

The Rugged Rhinos (Red Team):
Azula, Pinstripe Potoroo, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa...
Shulk, Harley Quinn, Yumeko, Lynn Loud, Storm Shadow, Iori...
Pepper Ann, Kristoff, Carmelita, Tron Bonne, Sol...
Muscle Man, Sugar, Clover, Fred, JFK...
Rock, Gintoki, Hank, Dante, Coachman & Basil!
(Sammy, Satori Tendou & Legoshi)

The Crafty Crows (Yellow/Gold Team):
Wario, Giovanni, Tomo, Sandy, Tobio Kageyama, Riku...
Kyo K., Terry Bogard, Darkness, Pit, Gloria, Judy...
Deadpool, Soma, Genos, Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Gum...
Miko, Kipo, Sakura, Shego, Mikasa...
Chloe, Lord Hater, Tiny Tina & Haida!
(Kugisaki Nobara, Owen, Noah & Michiru)

The Daring Deer (Green Team):
Sonja, Ram, Samus, Uraraka, Robyn, Kate...
Penny Proud, Riley, Scott P., Jude, Soos, Snufkin...
Yuri, Mystique Sonia, Piccolo, B, Aisling, Donkey Kong...
Daisy, Luigi, Spike, Julia Chang...
Tanya, Tanjiro, Samurai Jack & Snake!
(Dawn, Tiana & Bugs Bunny)

The Striking Swordfish (Blue Team):
Sokka, Tails, Lowain, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi Todoh...
Cassie, Raven, Daphne and Arle...
Johnny Bravo, Bayonetta, Reg, Reigen Arataka, Joey Wheeler, Min Min...
Noel, Eva, Falco, Askeladd, Connor...
Amelia, Leshawna, The Heavy, Squigly & Khun!
(Mr. Smee, Joseph Joestar & Ryuko Matoi)

Eliminated from the competition:

Panchito (Rugged Rhinos)

Rapunzel (Crafty Crows)

Hayley Smith & Haohmaru (Daring Deer)

Hsien-Ko & Albedo (Striking Swordfishes)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 3: Capture The Headbands
Part 1: Getting The Squads Together

Noah's on the same team as Owen, and so is Tendou and Sammy, though the former duo was on the energetic Crows and the latter duo was on the tumultuous Rhinos.

Joseph Joestar is on the Seabass, Nobara's also on the Crows and Dawn switched to the Deers, so that's it on what happened after the first challenge.

The second challenge of the season, as these 119 remaining and new contestants are going to have to deal with a challenge at least every other day (for filming reasons obviously)

And this time, we've got another inspired challenge for you, as there's going to be headbands!

A lot of them, in fact, to counterbalance the amount of drama on these islands, so expect a real challenge!

Either way, you guys should read it and review it and I’m going to keep my promise of shorter chapters!

Last time on Total Drama...”

The camera showed the introduction of the challenge to the original 120-strong cast.

...We’ve got our massive teams of 30 to individually get their team’s tokens or else they were auto-eliminated from this show...”

There was a whole load of people running from the mess hall, some of them getting a bit messed up from the trampling.

...there was some dumb moments...”

Mr. Smee coming up from the ground with a token in his hand was shown.

...some funny moments...”

Jude and Soos trying to relate to the bear were shown, complete without any audio to make it goofier.

...and even a few big moments!”

Samus and Donkey Kong were shown walking away from the deadly mediocre quartet of the Rhinos that involved Basil.

But in the end, there was six people eliminated with Hsien-Ko and Albedo from the Seabass, Hayley and Haohmaru from the Deer, Rapunzel from the Crows and Panchito from the Rhinos!”

The people that were riding the slingshot yacht were shown in seperate boxes.

And Noah and Sammy came back from World Tour and Pahkitew Island respectively! With Satori Tendou, Kugasaki Nobara and Joseph Joestar making up the final three new comers!"

And the five new people to the camp players bringing on their personalities were shown in their own different vertical slices.

"Also, Dawn's completely switched to the Deer, the greenest of the teams!"

The very light-skinned and light-haired moon girl just waving to the two spunkier girls of the Deers, that being Yuri Sakazaki and Tiana, in the massive cabin.

Who’s going to choke? Who’s going to wear the biggest headband around their head? And who’s going to keep it at the end? Find out right here on...”

Chris did the usual zoom out, as the host knew what was coming up next.

...Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!”

Big ups to the opening theme, which I'm not going to write...because there's already enough words in here. It's 'bout the characters!

And it was back to right after the last challenge had truly finished and Tendou and Sammy were all on the same team, getting used to the...strange quirks of being on the Rhinos.

Sammy was pretty getting only good things, though, as the girls' side of the cabin was warmer and didn't have a bucket load of tension on any side.

"Hey, welcome to the team!" Squirrel Girl shouted. "You're Sammy, right?"

"Pretty much!" Sammy remarked, a little bit scared of the meaner girls. "What's with everyone?"

"This is a team that does strategy and skills." Squirrel Girl said. "Or so Azula says."

"I she wrong? This is Total Drama after all." Sammy told her, not that scared of being on the girls' side. "I just hope that-"

"-You look exactly like that Samey girl!" Sugar came up to the other Pahkitew Island contestant. "Oh, you're that Samey lady...but with a different name."

"Wow, you're still very country!" Sammy remarked, unsure about the intentions of Sugar. "Where's the rest of the ladies?"

"They're mostly inside the area, probably doing their own thing...minus Azula, because of reasons." Squirrel Girl answered. "Fire reasons."

"Wait, what?!" Sugar shouted.

The camera cut to the three of them reacting to the random mark on the wall that was very much burnt and the eleven others just feeling the Azula and Mai were looking at each other.

"So, did you both-" Squirrel Girl said.

"Yes, they both did and because one of them said that they were more adept with fire than others." Tifa answered, a little bit scared of the two ladies. "What's wrong with you?"

"What is wrong with you?!" Mai shouted. "You think you're more beautiful than me?"

"Not really, but you just put yourself more out there than I ever could." Azula threw a good insult at Mai. "So, I am more beautiful."

"To be fair, you both are...equal, I think?" Tifa said, trying to ensure that the two of them wouldn't burn more stuff. "Basically, on the same level."

"Fine, I guess we are." Mai huffed, as Azula just conceded the dispute.

"Okay, that's good, because we'd like to keep our winning streak." Tifa said. "And our beds."

Tifa then noticed the new lady and the country trash girl from Pahkitew and she didn't look too surprised to see that they were here.

"Oh, don't worry, this doesn't happen a lot. Just sometimes." Tifa told the two of them, as the duo were sure of something.

"Yeah, I was worried." Sammy remarked, just happy to not have her twin interrupt.

"Good, because I'm not about to show my beautiful face without anyone else stepping in the way! Let me show how we do it out here!" Sugar boasted, as Sammy was just seeing...something.

Sugar threw the mud...pellet and of course, Azula and Mai dodged it in the massive cabin, which meant that someone had to catch it and catch it they did, getting it on their shirt.

"...That's so stupid...and awesome!" Lynn Loud shouted, having a dirty t-shirt. "Besides, you're that girl that came third?"

"Yeah! Finally someone recognises mah skills!" Sugar said.

"I respect your competitive skills." Lynn crossed her arms, being impressed.

"You know what's happening-"

While there may have been 16 sets of bunk beds, no-one was able to question that there was going to be only two people bunking together in that one bed.

"Who would throw mud at someone? That seems like...a worst of all time moment." Pepper Ann asked. "I'm not going to sleep near her."

"Well, Lynn's taking one for the team apparently. I don't think it's that serious, just disgusting." Carmelita said, not looking that surprised.

"That's a little strong for a mud throw. But that's definitely an ew moment." Pepper Ann remarked.

"...That would be more befitting of the situation." Carmelita said.

*Sammy's confessional*

The nicer twin had some thoughts.

"I'm starting to think that this is Pahkitew Island 2, if only because there's a few crazy people leading the team. I don't know, maybe the burning on the wall didn't help." Sammy remarked.

*Confessional cut*

The guys were...definitely being guys, as Satori Tendou instinctively caught a rock that was being thrown from a certain JFK looked happy to be sitting in his set of bunk beds with an asleep Legoshi and Muscle Man looking impressed and sitting.

"Hey, guy who threw a rock?" Tendo asked, as JFK looked shocked.

"Er uh, Japanese guy who I forgot the name of! What's up?" JFK remarked.

"Wondering when I'm meeting the leader of the team." Tendo said.

"Technically, no-one is, but the old man's real creepy. So, you're looking at the deputy!" JFK remarked. "I'm finding chicks!"

"Eh, not me, but there's a lot of good ones there." Tendou said, as Legoshi looked shocked and Muscle Man looked happy. "And you guys are cool with me, right?"

"Hell yeah! You look like a real monster!" Muscle Man shouted. "Wolf man!"

"...I guess." Legoshi said, basically half-asleep at his point. "Just let me sleep."

Somehow away from the new guy, the technically not a truce was doing their thing of having some serious Shulk and Pinstripe were feeling it.

And Tendou walked up to him.

"Is the team leader one of you guys? Because I don't have a good feeling." Tendou said, feeling nervous.

"The team leader's one of the ladies who shoots fire! The old guy's just very scary to deal with!" Pinstripe Potoroo said, very tired of the Coachman.

"Really, I'm not. Just someone who does do a lot of things for the team, even if it's...unsavoury." Coachman chuckled. "Besides, this is a show where the worst of people have won before, so I'm only scary to our enemies."

"Are you always like that?" Satori Tendo just felt some weird energy. "Do you always try to be scary as you can be?"

"Only for our team to do well." Coachman said. "And the others will suffer."

"Oh, good." Tendo looked disappointed, still trying to smile.

*Tendou's confessional*

The red-haired middle blocker looked like he saw some disgusting

"I'm sorry, it's either the fire girl who burned a wall or some guy who's clearly losing his mind. As much as I respect their goals, those two are not great!" Tendo explained. "The ladies are both beautiful and badass, though."

*Confessional cut*

And for Noah, Nobara and Owen, they were not expecting the mostly childish team to have the older people be the more immature of the members and the Crows weren't...really making an introduction.

It didn't help that they first met Tiny Tina and Deadpool, probably the least stable out of the Crows in the place.

"Hey, uh, is this the team with the bird logo on it?" Owen asked.

"Yeah! You're the one who won Total Drama Island, right?" Deadpool remarked. "Nice to have you here."

"Congrats? So, what do you need?" Owen said, having a good time with the mercenary.

"I need some tips on how to win this show." Deadpool asked, as Owen was just happy to open his mouth.

"Uh, no thanks, we're-" Noah rebutted him, as there was a certain someone coming up to him.

Tiny Tina just wanted to show him something.

"Hello, Tiny Tina. I see that you've got a partially complete explosive." Noah remarked, trying to move slightly backwards.

"Oh nice, you know my name. Wassup, smart guy!" Tiny Tina exclaimed. "You want to check it out?"

"No, I just want to know you." Noah stated, pushing away the unfinished bomb.

"Cool. I make bombs and I live on a planet where if someone steals your stuff, you blow 'em up good!" Tina shouted. "And there's always a lot of a-holes stealing your stuff and I help blow their bases up or whatever."

"So, you're a soldier from an alien planet. Good to know." Noah didn't look interested.

"Seriously, look at these crazy parts from the junkyard? I'm going to blow something up now!" Tina remarked, as she was just carrying the stuff.

"That's cool, I’ll just be somewhere else.” Noah said.

“Shit, be somewhere else! I’m testing my explosives anyway.” Tiny Tina before leaving the situation to a Noah that wrote something down.

Pit, Deadpool, Owen and Soma were all having a good time with each other, as Noah looked on...not sure what he was going to contribute to the food conversation, as Soma cooked up something good.

“Yeah, woo hoo! Look at these burgers!” Soma shouted, which could definitely be heard by Noah. “You want to taste some, new guy?”

“Sure.” Noah just shrugged. “It’s not like being here is good for my tongue.”

Noah took a bite of the burger that Soma cooked and he felt...something that was new to him, as the total joy rose up to him and he had a smug grin on his face.

“Yeah, I just cooked these up pretty quickly.” Soma said with a nonchalant smile.

“Honestly, your food is going to help all of us get through this long and tourturous season. And also strategize.” Noah said.

In a different part of the cabin, the Crows' final newcomer, Nobara had to deal with the unbearably outgoing trio of Tomo, Giovanni and Wario and she felt the cringe from a short distance.

“Yo, we’re the Busters of the Crafty Crows, the leaders of this awesome team that do awesome things!” Giovanni Potage exclaimed.

“And don’t question him because he’s responsible for some awesome things.” Tomo exclaimed.

“...What?” Nobara asked.

“That’s right, Giovanni Potage is here to lead this team to victory and some of us are going to be bad guys!” Giovanni boasted, showing his pink hair proudly. “But we’re all owning this.”

“Bro, you just won one challenge, knock it off.” Wario mumbled, very much in the process of sleeping.

“And we’re going to continue with my leadership.” Giovanni heard Wario loud and clear.

“Okay...what do you want me to do?” Nobara asked. “Say that you’re a good leader or something?”

“Nah, I just want you to have my back.” Giovanni remarked. “As I make the big moves.”

“Yeah, I can do that.” Nobara replied. “If you mess up, I’ll vote you off.”

“Well, okay, but I will also have his back!” Tomo butted into the conversation, as Nobara looked at her weird.

“Great, I don’t care.”

*Noah’s confessional*

Noah looked generally happy.

I’m surprised to say that this team is actually good, even if there’s a lot of the crazy people backed up onto one team. It’s mostly because of the teammates with one impressive skill, though.” Noah said, reviewing his teammates.

*Nobara’s confessional*

The red-haired jujutsu sorcerer looked like she wanted to stop being in the competition.

These leaders are a bit of a joke. One challenge happened to those two, they got second and they now think they’re super cool. I’m pretty cool, but you don’t see me telling everyone about it.” Nobara said, very much not impressed.

*Confessional cut*

The next morning, the good majority of contestants were about to get their second rude all of the new arrivals were also getting their first rude awakening in all of the teams' two-story cabins for 30 or more people.

And the Deer were the most rudely awakened in their two-story cabin, as there was a certain feature that was there...that they didn't need.

"GOOD MORNING CAMPERS! I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT CHALLENGE YESTERDAY AND I BET YOU'RE RARING TO GO FOR TODAY'S CHALLENGE!" Chris practically shouted into the microphone and you can guess how the Deers reacted.

"Shut the fuck up, I'm tired of your bullshit already!" Riley shouted.

"Whoa, language." Donkey Kong said, half-awake. "It's too early to be swearing."

"...Yeah, you right. I ain't getting used to this, though." Riley remarked, too tired of the shouts.

"Me too." Donkey Kong said. "Tanjiro's probably the only one that is awake."

"That is very much true. I saw him training his water breathing technique." Samurai Jack answered, very much awake. "He was running all around the place, ensuring that he was in good condition."

"...That's great for him. I'm not doing that.” Donkey Kong was kind of groggy.

"Dude, I'm just plain tired right now. Let me catch some Zs, man." Jude said, a little bit too tired for comfort.

"I'm not in the mood for catching sleep, but at least, everyone's awake." Snufkin remarked, actually opening the door from the big patio. "Hey, you know what we can all do?"

"Chill with B?" Jude asked, as Beverley woke up.

The small guy fistbumped the big guy.

"Honestly, I don't mind it, because we don't know what's he talking about." Luigi asked, nervous. "He could be a bad guy or something."

"He's not a bad guy. The last time he got eliminated, Scott the farmer basically played on their fears to get out!" Dawn shouted from outside, as the guys that were asleep. "Sorry, I just came up here to say that."

"Oh...I remember, dude." Jude clicked his finger towards the big black guy, as these two were vibing.

"Uh, I'm back in this place." Soos said, also half-awake.

"Oh, okay...that's cool." Luigi said, sure that he got fed some lies. "Anyways, I wonder what the girls are up to...and Snake too! I bet he's out running."

"And Snake and some other people...wait, they're missing too?" Donkey Kong noticed there was two other empty beds. "Wow, we're pretty awake, though."

"That's awesome, actually." Luigi remarked. "Because I don't know how to be that awake."

"Damn, maybe y'all just built different, because I'm too young to be awake at 7:30 at no fucking reason!" Riley complained, basically under the covers at this point.

"I mean, he is very much right, but it's too early right." Donkey Kong said, finally getting up from his bed. "This ape has to get ready!"

*Spike's confessional*

The small dragon had a confident smile.

"This is probably the weirdest team I've been in and I think that's pretty cool!" Spike exclaimed. "Who would wake up people like that, though?"

*Confessional cut*

On the girls' floor on the Deers' hostel-cabin hybrid, things were a bit different, as there were more people outside of the cabin and there was one person that got beaten to punch by someone.

Tanya had a megaphone and she looked disappointed.

"I was going to wake you up with my cute voice, in order for all of you to be motivated for the next challenge. I can't believe the host beat me to the punch." Tanya explained with a cute smile. "Anyways, we should try to not be last."

"I can't believe you're 13." Robyn glared at the child soldier. "I was dreaming about this weird Chris head."

"And she accidentally found the Chris head in the dream too. Do you even know what you did?!" Daisy shouted.

"Yes, we all need to strategize and waking up early is a strategic move only."

"Can you calm your butts down? I think waking up in the morning is a good thing." Yuri asked, sitting up...ready to do the challenge. "Being woken up by this guy though hits differently."

"I really doubt it. It was either that or Tanya with a megaphone." Samus told her, also coming back from the morning run.

"Yeah, but at least she would’ve cared about us.” Ram argued. “Even in the most vague sense, since you all should wake up early.”

“But why? It’s not like there’s going to be something for waking up early.” Samus argued, as the maid had a stern face.

“You will feel better for avoiding waking up to the host’s horrible voice.” Ram told her, as the whole cabin had...a feeling.

“And I bet we could strategize to make the other teams regret dealing with us, which should go without saying.” Tanya added onto the pink-haired maid’s argument. “It was either him or me.”

“Hello, Robyn is psychic or has weird vision!” Daisy shouted, trying to get some said teammate just sighed.

Uraraka, though, was definitely still asleep through all of that and just only woke up.

*Uraraka’s confessional*

What just happened? It’s like everybody woke up at the same time and is talking about a bunch of stuff, which must be important!” The floaty girl said, before floating upwards.

*Confessional cut*

The Swordfishes were a team that was down 2 members and got one additional member and they were trying to keep themselves motivated after the challenge, but they were in the midst of the second challenge.

And they didn't want to be woken up randomly, but alas, Total Drama was made by a cruel man and they were pretty awake after that and sitting on the random outside.

"Oh no!" Joseph shouted. "He woke us up!"

"Yeah, what else is new in here? He's been doing since forever." Eva gruffed.

"Is he some kind of weird guy?" Joseph asked. "Must be for him to do that."

"You have no idea how weird he is. Look at all of the past challenges.” Eva remarked.

“Those Pahkitew people deserve to get a vacation for all of the BS that happened in that season. Even if I don’t care ‘bout them.” Leshawna stated, a bit tired of the hosts’ seasonal shenanigans.

“Aw, must be some kind of...thing.” Joseph remarked, very unsure of what the ladies were about.

“But we’re still all in this to win the two million, so he must be doing something right. Besides, I’d still like to hear all of your life stories!” Squigly was much happier than the TD veterans.

“Honestly, I grew to be real tough, fighting for myself and bringing the pain to any opponent and I lost in the second challenge. So, I’m not losing this challenge.” Eva explained, very much ready to hit. “Chris is going to get hit.”

“Maybe, Chris doesn’t have to get it. These challenges could be not dangerous and awesome.” Min Min said, stretching her arm to catch something.

“Good idea, we’re not fighting with the host.” Joseph said, flexing his arms. “I’m going to train my Hamon...because we could be fighting next time.”

Min Min and Eva were looking more than confident at the suggestion.

“Then let’s go!” Ryuko yelled, as she saw the brown-haired guy. “You want to fight?”

“Sure, it’s not like we’re hurting each other too seriously.” Joseph prepared his gloves.

“You never know when you need to fight.” Min Min said. “Can I join you two?”

“Yeah and so can Eva.” Ryuko remarked. “You’re an MMA fighter.”

“I bet I could take you.” Eva cracked her muscles.

“Wait, but…”

The four of them went out to do some preparing for the next challenge, as Squigly was just alone by herself, waiting for someone else to come.

“...doesn’t Ryuko have apparently immense strength?” Squigly asked. “Eva could really get hurt and not be in the challenge or show.”

“Clearly, she hasn’t researched any of the contestants.” Leviathan said.

“That being said, we do need all of the teammates that we could get.” Squigly stated, her purple skin being fine.

“Why are you up so early, zombie!” Kasumi shouted, pretty much being half-awake. “Oh, it’s you.”

*Kasumi’s confessional*

The black-haired aikido practitioner was a bit surprised.

I still can’t believe he managed to get over a hundred contestants in this show and to be honest, I can’t remember a lot of them, let alone some of my new teammates. Seriously, a zombie arrived?!”

*Confessional cut*

Sokka, Lowain and Khun were the three guys that were doing the very important business of taking a look at Azula, who was just discussing the least surprising strategic moves.

“Er, why are we looking at a bunch of cute ladies?” Lowain asked.

“I don’t know, but I bet there’s a good strategy reason for this. You know, like you said.” Khun said, as Sokka was just trying to look at things.

“There very much is. There’s no way that Azula wouldn’t come here without a plan.” Sokka stated. “I bet she’s got a lot of plans to win this thing.”

“You might be wrong, but on this show, who knows what craziness happens.” Khun remarked.

“Nah, they’re all pretty cute!” Lowain remarked, as the other two were looking at him like he wasn’t serious. “Come on, I bet they’ve got-”

The surfer dude with the furry arms just got slapped by Khun, still with a smug Azula was up to something that was not all that unusual with her bunch of ladies.

In the middle of the woods, there was only thing that this could mean.

“So, we’re going to be in alliance?” Tron Bonne asked.

“Yes and it will be a strong alliance, strong enough to contend with any team!” Azula explained. “This alliance will only be for the loyal ladies amongst you, because we'll eliminate lacking teammate without hesitation and make our team as strong as any warship”

"I'm a lady that is very much loyal!" Yumeko exclaimed.

"Honestly, I'm down to be in it." Tron Bonne stated.

"If there's something about kicking heads, I'm in." Harley Quinn cracked her knuckles. "I just want to kick the other team's ass."

"You know what...this is the alliance for me! What can we do?" Squirrel Girl asked, ready to prove herself.

Azula's alliance was former and Sokka looked really shocked, along with his crew of two other people.

"Crush the competition with your skills and rule over the whole game? And when we lose, find the least competent teammates and send them home by votes." Azula explained. "I don't think it that's complicated."

"Whoo! Sounds easy enough." Squirrel Girl said. "And I assume we're a secret?"

"Uh, yeah, who needed to tell you that?!" Tron Bonne exclaimed, as Azula just nodded.

"That would go without saying, all of your skills are needed to make this alliance and team work." Azula stated with an confident smile. "Meeting over."

"Thank fuck, because I thought this was going to go on longer." Harley Quinn remarked. "Let's win this challenge!"

*Azula's confessional*

"As much as I'm not here to make friends, I'm also here to not make enemies of our own team either. So, this alliance will increase my chances of winning, by keeping the team together." Azula stated. "And I'll prove that I AM powerful!"

*Confessional cut*

Sokka, Lowain and Khun were determined to do something about this potential alliance, as these three had a very smug grin and so did someone who came up to them.

"Listen up, guy, we're making our own alliance with guys in it." Sokka exclaimed.

"Yeah, I don't think it's a he." Khun remarked, as Sokka took a look at the women. "Cassie Cage, I'm not surprised to see you here."

"What? I'm going to make my own alliance and it's going to go up against Azula!" Sokka exclaimed.

"Bro, we don't need to do that." Lowain said. "We're a team that kinda gets each other and we're all swordfish."

"Azula's crew could take all of us down with the right moves, she's got some good people in there." Sokka argued.

"And making an alliance solely to counter that wouldn't help. If we all strike against the Rhinos, we could be playing some serious games!" Cassie Cage shouted. "And with enough people, we could expose her and make them enemies of their own team."

"Yeah. But if things get a little too Azula-y, I'm making an alliance." Sokka proclaimed.

"Hey, you've got a teammate in me when that happens." Khun just put his arm around Sokka awkwardly.

"Alright, suit yourself." Cassie and the other three went back to camp.

*Cassie's confessional*

The Special Forces lady had an insquistive look.

"As much we're still a fun team, we could also be a team of strategy against our enemies that are within the other teams. The people who think those two are exclusive haven't seen us yet!"

*Confessional cut*

The food was happening and the teams were set up in there and the obvious thing was happening once against between a certain pair of people.

"Hey, this ain't good food for anyone, not even animals." Hank said, eating his food.

"It ain't going to change, so quit complainin'!" Chef yelled, ready to throw a knife at someone.

"Yeah, you're right." Hank said, just trying to keep the peace before whispering.

"Damn chef."

"Who else wants to complain?!" Chef asked.

The room was generally silent, as the 119 non-eliminated contestants were just eating their sub-standard food, some of them probably trying to hold in vomit or forcing it down to avoid starvation.

Chef just took it as a sign as the contestants accepted it, as he crossed his arms to look at his band of cooks that were a little bit mad and of course, anyone would recognise DJ if he was seen.

"I don't know, Chef. I don't think I can feel good about serving these mostly nice people this stuff." DJ remarked.

"Yeah, but it's Total Drama tradition at this point. I don't know what you expected!" Chef told him.

"...Uh, better food?" DJ quietly said.

"That don't mean much." Chef remarked.

DJ and Chef did share a moment, though, as the other two cooks were very much tired...because they saw one man just saw his words...and DJ just stepped away from him.

"Well, I guess your position as Chef should be taken away."

Chef Hatchet calmly walked back to the plating window and saw one old man look innocent as can be and his smile did portray that.

"Heh, you better shut up!" Chef shouted. "You want to get the pin?"

The Coachman was that old man and he kept that same "innocent" smile through the whole conversation.

"Yes." He asked.

"Oh no, he's going to get hit!" Joseph Joestar shouted, basically narrating the situation.

Joseph did keep his butt seated, as he didn't want to get in the middle of a situation between two tough old men and the pin was thrown swiftly and was spinning around at speed.

And the pin got caught...with one hand, as Chef got shocked and look plain surprised and so did a good majority of the contestants.

"Wha?!" Joseph exclaimed, the young dude not expecting the catch.

"Wait, you're just going throw pins at someone with some criticism?" Coachman's trademark suspicious smile came back.

"...What the hell, you just told me to get fired! Jesus Christ..." Chef got irked.

Chef went back to inside the kitchen, as the rolling pin got thrown back, DJ caught it and his team were...having some opinions on that intimidating moment.

*Hank's confessional*

"I better not get on the wrong side of that old man. I just get the feeling that I'm not going to have a fun time if that happens." Hank honestly said. "At least, we're on the same team."

*Confessional cut*

"Oh my fucking god! Why?" Harley Quinn asked.

"Because it was awesome?" Muscle Man suggested, as he got a bunch of dirty looks. "That was a nice prank."

"No, if he can't serve decent food, then he doesn't deserve to have his job." Coachman said with that smug grin eyes?

After that incident, no-one had the heart to tell him that it was practically part and parcel of the show...and the host came in with some swagger and saw the shock on everyone's faces.

"Are you guys happy for your host?!" Chris exclaimed.

"No." Noah instantly rebutted.

"How do I know you're not going to add more people?" Riku added to that, as Noah looked at him with a smile.

"...Anyways, are you guys excited for your next challenge?" Chris asked, getting a good majority of the contestants in an uproar. "Good, 'cause I heard your words loud and clear!"

"I just saw the old man do a-" Pinstripe asked.

"He won't listen." Coachman said, with a firm hand on his shoulder.

"The second challenge is just outside the mess hall...again."

Every single one of the contestants went outside.

The challenge involved four big enclosed baskets that had a slot on the top and the front that showed the total amount of points each team had and...headbands that had points on them inside said baskets.

"Your second challenge is also all new!"

Chris then wrapped a headband on the top with the number 45 on it.

"Today, your teams has to gather headbands with my face and points on them!"

The host explained, as a good majority of the contestants were getting it.

"These headbands can be found all over the place and unlike the tokens, they can be taken or stolen by any contestant!"

There was a whole bunch of dirty looks that were looking towards Mai Shiranui, who went into her stance.

"That's not the only difference! The headbands are practically everywhere!"

The absolute mess of headbands with a random bunch of points weren't contained to one spot, as it was all over

"And these headbands' points can range from a single point to a million points...even two million! If you put them into this thing, then the headbands can't be stolen anymore!"

The coloured baskets that were more like tubs of emptiness were still there.

"First place gets some good food, second place team is safe from elimination and third and fourth have to eliminate...two people each!"

The many contestants were more than prepared to either not lose this time or continue their winning streak or keep on being safe from eliminating someone else.

"You have three hours to find as many headbands as possible! Go, dudes!"

The contestants went on their way, as they were ready to pick up headbands like it was nothing.

"Thanks to this being an hour-long show, we've got action, headband-grabbing and steals all around after the break...on Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

The host was happy for the newly extended run-time, as this part was over.

To be continued with some of MHA Sports Festival familiarity, where all of these teams are really getting into the swing of proving themselves and finding random headbands in random places!

Total amount of points gathered, so far:

The Rugged Rhinos: 0 points
The Crafty Crows: 0 points
The Daring Deer: 0 points
The Striking Seabass: 0 points

That’s right, there’s more points in play and this time, it’s not coming out of nowhere!

Either way, here's the final teams for the second time and the six eliminated contestants too:

The Rugged Rhinos (Red Team):
Azula, Pinstripe Potoroo, Squirrel Girl, Mai, Tifa...
Shulk, Harley Quinn, Yumeko, Lynn Loud, Storm Shadow, Iori...
Pepper Ann, Kristoff, Carmelita, Tron Bonne, Sol...
Muscle Man, Sugar, Clover, Fred, JFK...
Rock, Gintoki, Hank, Dante, Coachman & Basil!
(Sammy, Satori Tendou & Legoshi)

The Crafty Crows (Yellow/Gold Team):
Wario, Giovanni, Tomo, Sandy, Tobio Kageyama, Riku...
Kyo K., Terry Bogard, Darkness, Pit, Gloria, Judy...
Deadpool, Soma, Genos, Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Gum...
Miko, Kipo, Sakura, Shego, Mikasa...
Chloe, Lord Hater, Tiny Tina & Haida!
(Kugasaki Nobara, Owen, Noah & Michiru)

The Daring Deer (Green Team):
Sonja, Ram, Samus, Uraraka, Robyn, Kate...
Penny Proud, Riley, Scott P., Jude, Soos, Snufkin...
Yuri, Mystique Sonia, Piccolo, B, Aisling, Donkey Kong...
Daisy, Luigi, Spike, Julia Chang...
Tanya, Tanjiro, Samurai Jack & Snake!
(Dawn, Tiana & Bugs Bunny)

The Striking Swordfish (Blue Team):
Sokka, Tails, Lowain, Oikawa, Nicole, Kasumi Todoh...
Cassie, Raven, Daphne and Arle...
Johnny Bravo, Bayonetta, Reg, Reigen Arataka, Joey Wheeler, Min Min...
Noel, Eva, Falco, Askeladd, Connor...
Amelia, Leshawna, The Heavy, Squigly & Khun!
(Mr. Smee, Joseph Joestar & Ryuko Matoi)

Eliminated from the competition:

Panchito (Rugged Rhinos)

Rapunzel (Crafty Crows)

Hayley Smith & Haohmaru (Daring Deer)

Hsien-Ko & Albedo (Striking Swordfishes)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 3: Capture The Headbands
Part 2: Steals, Deals and Squeals

With all of the team changes, the action has changed surprisingly little, as the 114 remaining and 5 new contestants are in a battle for points supremacy!

Courtesy of a challenge that was inspired UA's cavalry battle, except a little bit more strategic, dirty and way way longer!

So, expect some of that madness and some of that planning to start coming into action here...and with Azula having an alliance and the Swordfishes bunkering against her, there's going to be a bit of that here.

Guys, I'm trying to make the chapters shorter and simulteanously, more packed with please read and review it!

Azula had an alliance and that was pretty much news to the Swordfishes, who weren't that surprised, but the more observants were shocked at the they were gathering behind the two-story cabin.

Eva and Leshawna, most of all, as the other 27 contestants weren't scared of the alliance or the others.

"Hold on, every time I see an alliance, they always end up nearly winning and I doubt things are going to change this time around!" Eva shouted. "And luckily, my fist is a solution!"

"Hold on, guys, we need to find some other way of doing it. Just because we can punch them, doesn't mean we'll get them. The other three teams probably have their own ways of dealing with us and not to mention, the cutest alliance in Total Drama!" Oikawa told all of them. "So, everyone's going to get their own headbands!"

"Honestly, that's a really good plan! Everyone, get your own headbands!" Captain Amelia shouted. "We won't be up for elimination!"

"Got it, two headbands!" Joseph Joestar exclaimed.

"Uh, this is just the first challenge, but with headbands." Leshawna shouted. "Headbands that everyone ain't gonna catch from me!"

"Well, that's the spirit." Amelia said. "Getting second would be commendable, but commendable doesn't mean much here!"

"Okay, so let's get this plan rolling and of course, we won't lose." Oikawa added, prompting Amelia just raise an eyebrow.

"Trust me, we know." Amelia stated.

*Reg's confessional*

The robot kid looked optimistic.

"If there's anything that the last episode showed is that Tails and I could be a great team with enough work!" Reg said. "Though, we just started being teammates."

*Kasumi's confessional*

She looked a bit nervous.

"I should have done much better last time, so this time, it's going to be different! Even though, it's kind of the same challenge." Kasumi stated.

*Confessional cut*

The challenge that was two days ago and introduced the 120-strong cast to the world of weird Total Drama crossovers were fresh in the minds of many of them.

Some of them recognised that this new challenge was kinda similar, while others were practically showing an example of the differences in the camp grounds' there was a big number on it.

"I'm ready to get 100,000 for my team!" Kasumi got into action.

"Same thing here!" Ryuko was running with her.

The two teammates were joined by a whole bunch of people that were ready to get onto the top of a high roof.

"You're not going to mess with me!" Sakura yelled.

"We're going to be messing with you!" Shego declared.

The two duos were just ready to try and climb up the building with their raw strength and teamwork, as Kasumi raised her hands and Ryuko stepped on them.

Sakura couldn't really do much either than help Shego get up the thing, as she tried to do something.

While the other two were probably gathering a bunch of low-pointer headbands, these two were practically climbing up the walls and swinging at each other with punches that loosened their grip on the top.

And then Mikasa used her gear to both come out of nowhere, make Ryuko...completely lose her grip on the cladding with a good whiffed swing and throw Shego up to the top.

The top...where there was the big pointer headband and also, two of the Rhino's top teammates, as Storm Shadow and Tifa were up there to do the deal.

"Your moves are too slow." Storm Shadow said, as he came in for Mikasa, who dodged it to let Shego just run in.

Shego then tried to put the hurt on Tifa, as she basically blocked the the headband was lying there ready to be picked up by anyone, as Mikasa was leaping and Storm Shadow ran towards it with intent.

Tifa easily countered it with a strong punch, though as Shego basically dodged it to bring a good sweep...and the other two were about to grab it...before someone backflipped to snatch it.

An unexpected face literally climbed out of nowhere to snatch the six-figure headband, as he wore a green haori and looked confidently at his new found headband.

"I did it, Nezuko!" Tanjiro yelled, as he jumped off the roof like it wasn't a problem.

"Don't jump off roofs." Snufkin remarked. "Everyone could be up there."

The four that were up a stunned Kasumi and Ryuko were all angered by Snufkin's nonchalant remark...even if the latter duo were gathering low pointer headbands.

Storm Shadow practically carried Tifa down the roof, as the other two from the Crows just re-focused on the other cabins' roofs to search for more big pointers.

Tanjiro tied it around his arm...hiding it under the haori, making sure that his team really got the points.

*Tanjiro's confessional*

The guy with slightly dirty red hair looked confident.

"I may not have wanted to be here, but if I'm stuck here, the least I can do is help my team out!" Tanjiro shouted. "We're just hoping to not be last!"

*Confessional cut*

Mikasa, Shego and Sakura were all back together, as they were a trio that were more than running for points only...despite the fact that Shego was seething in anger from Tanjiro being way too far for her to reach.

These three were finding a lot of fact too many headbands to count, as Shego practically swung on off of...Luigi's hat.

"Seriously, there must be some thing just dropping down headbands or whatever, because they weren't here this morning!" Sakura shouted.

"Wow, who cares...I like winning this challenge." Shego shouted, picking up another bunch of headbands.

"I know! But we should care about each other!" Sakura yelled, as she threw a strong Hadouken at...some contestant.

"Yeah, no duh." Shego then met a certain duo.

Mikasa readied her blades, Sakura raised her fists and Shego lit her hands up, as the three of them weren't about to the two thousand points that they've gathered up.

"You're about to lose a little bit of points!" Muscle Man shouted, shirt off.

"Wait, why is your shirt off?" Tendou asked. "You're...out there!"

The volleyball player with killer instinct and the very manly groundskeeper were just seeing that they were up against three ladies that were mad...and Shego just slapped Muscle Man with he spun his shirt.

"...Yeah, I'm keeping these!" Tendou had a bunch of points in his pocket, as he ran away from the three ladies.

"No, you're not-" Sakura shouted.

"That's a lot of points on his head..." Mikasa said, looking at a certain someone running slowly. "...we should go after him!"

Legoshi was actually awkwardly running with a seventy thousand point headband and it was definitely not fitting his head, so he held it with both hands.

"Hold on, I don't think it's a good idea!" Legoshi shouted, trying to run as fast as he could.

"Can't go out there, I got another big number!" JFK yelled from the forest.

The wolf knew what was up when Sakura basically jumped him from the front and Shego grabbed him on the heck...leading to him being unable to escape and Shego stealing the headband.

"Come on, there's a bunch of other headbands, I'm sure you can find some other one." Sakura said, still on the back of Legoshi.

"Yeah, that's fine. Just get off me, please." Legoshi said, as Sakura did.

*Legoshi's confessional*

"To be honest, that actually didn't hurt that much...just a lot." Legoshi said, as he was shaking his own head. "What was that?!"

*Confessional cut*

The two of them with Mikasa in tow managed to gather some points and they put them into their basket of points...and they managed to get...

"85,000 for two minutes. Easy points and I bet the other teams have none." Shego remarked.

"Yeah...they don't." Miko added an extra 1,500 to the Crows' total. "The Deers have 120,000 out of nowhere!"

"I don't know what the difference is between first and second, but it's probably not much." Shego said.

"The matter is that we're winning this one because of reasons!" Miko yelled. "Kageyama said so."

"Yeah, you're acting like I'm not doing the win." Shego said, not even bothered by the comment. "Besides, they've got 130,000 now."

There were three different things happening on the Rhinos' side of the situation aside from Legoshi, JFK, Muscle Man and Satori Tendou being on the wrong end of some great moves.

One of the things was that Azula had an alliance and that they were doing the expected of getting headbands from some places that were unexpected...and the second thing was Carmelita, Tifa, Clover and Mai were a crew that were doing things.

The third thing, though, was a little bit different, as there were three specific people that were doing something odd and dumb...very much near the campgrounds and even hidden behind a cabin.

There was a whole hole...right besides one of them.

"How the hell did we dig that so quickly?!" Pinstripe exclaimed.

"...You better owe me something." Sol remarked. "That hole just doesn't come easily."

"Well, well, I think the reward will come in about...two hours, give or take, so be patient! Great things happen slowly." Coachman smugly remarked, as Sol wasn't getting it.

"Yeah, sure, what the hell is digging some partially obscured hole going to do?" Sol just dumped down an random table.

"Trust me, I don't know either, but it's something different than beating someone up." Pinstripe whispered to Sol, who just went off to do what he does. "...Seriously, what is this?"

"A hole under a table. When people look under it, they'll just try to see what's under there, get their headband taken and regret seeing it." Coachman explained with a smug smile. "That could work."

"Still don't get it!" Pinstripe shouted, basically hiding in the hole with the donkey trader.

*Sol's confessional*

"Jesus, what kind of high-level games is he up to? I'm just here to swing my sword and look stupid helping the team." Sol remarked, having a big 10,000 point headband. "I'm gonna look stupid again."

*Confessional cut*

With that wildcard move set up, Sol and Dante were back to being a two-man team of the they were running towards the guy with the 200,000 point headband, Pit and Deadpool, who carried 20,000 points and was just pulling out the katanas.

Pit was actually flying up with the headband and preparing his arrows and Deadpool was there, holding his katanas.

"Listen up, I have it and you can't have it!" Pit shouted.

"Honestly, I'm just here to back my wall-breaking angel up! Also, try and catch me!" Deadpool declared, as he rested on the ground. "I don't have that many points."

Pit basically flew away, as Sol and Dante decided one thing.

"Wow, you're real funny." Sol wasn't impressed.

"Damn, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do." Dante said, ready to get his sword on.

"Anyways, so what's happening..."

Pit may have been able to use his wings to fly fast, but he was surprisingly obvious despite the two most powerful guys on the Rhinos being completely distracted.

Mostly because that there was a someone looking at him with intent.

"Oh no, Snake!"

Snake wasn't about to let Tanjiro's efforts be the end of his team's point-gathering streak, rocket launcher in hand aimed at Pit.

"We're friends, right?" Pit asked loudly, as he saw a rocket coming...and dodging it.

Pit did managed to fly into the basket/no-stealing area, quickly taking off the headband and putting into the total count and he had an estatic smile on his face.

"Pit scores the big points for the Crows, with them having 285,000 points! I bet they're going to have a problem!" Chris announced, as the angel got blown up by a mini Nikita. "Er, he's okay."

Pit was lying on the ground, as Snake came up to him.

"Damn, he already put his in." Snake remarked. "At least he's alive!"

"AM I?!" Pit yelled. "Oh yeah, I am."

"...What did I just witness. Is this what Total Drama is now?" Noah asked. "Also, you're fine!"

"I AM?!" Pit got up, as Noah just felt the force of the shout. "Nice, I'm going to fly some more."

Snake did add 32,000 to the 107,200 points that the Deers added and he looked like he could go for much more than that, as he ran back towards where the headbands weren't being gathered.

*Pit's confessional*

The angel looked pretty nervous.

"Honestly, I thought that this was the same as yesterday's challenge, but everyone's going buck wild on each other, so it's not the same!" Pit shouted. "Yeah!"

*Confessional cut*

Joseph Joestar was doing a whole lot of work with Ryuko and Kasumi on the same the three of them may not the best at doing things, but they were using their skills to so some absurd things.

Joseph basically managed to use Hamon to climb really fast, really quickly to just take off the rooftop headbands and stacking it on his dead friend's headband.

Ryuko basically used the Scissor Blade to pull some crazy things off, as some of the people that tried to come up to she basically threatened them with it.

Kasumi countered both Giovanni and Tomo and took their headbands with some serious confidence.

"Back it up, Joseph!" Kasumi shouted. "We came here to finalise points!"

"Whatever that means, let's go!" Joseph proclaimed with smile. "Yeah!"

"Don't worry about me, I'm just protecting my teammates." Connor was running with them. "I do not have much aside from this high-value headband."

"Atta, man!" Ryuko exclaimed, swinging the blade once again. "You've got a 50,000 point headband."

"Yes, I do." Connor said. "Though I can't see it."


The four of them managed to get inside the multi-team safe zone that was where around the baskets that held the headbands and all of them dumped the amount that they've managed to go.

"The Swordfishes' have 72,520 points...they may be losers, but they're not going to be losers forever!"

The four of them were just happy to get so many points, as they all felt a different feeling.

"Well, Chris is right. We can't just stand there or else, we'll lose." Connor remarked.

"Er, that's really obvious." Kasumi said. "Let's get some more."

They were quickly joined by Tails just crashing into Ryuko and Reg...basically crashed into the window...with an high score count, as Joseph had to say something.

"Well, whoever that is, he throws damn good!" Joseph remarked. "Alright, you ain't ready for this!"

Reg was practically on the ground after bouncing off the window, as Tails picked him up and Connor and Kasumi just...ran for some more, as these two were gathering tokens.

Reg and Tails did managed to add 8,600 more points to their teams' total, even if they were in some kind of pain.

"And they're third...because they've got a few thousand more than the Rhinos."

Kasumi and Connor were doing the thing, Reg and Tails were determined to snatch second place from the Deers and Ryuko and Joseph...were basically up against Genos flying in with a bunch of headbands.

"Alright, we'll be taking those." Joseph proclaimed.

Genos was literally flying in with the headbands and then landed to ensure that they were still there.

"Yeah, I bet you heard that and I'm sorry." Joseph said, honestly and fairly.

"Apologies, I have these and I won't let you take these." Genos showed his set of headbands. "Anyways, I came here to dispense of them from my hand."

"Alright, that's cool. So you're an S-class kind of guy?" Joseph asked.

"Yes." Genos answered, as he ran towards his basket. "So, what do you want?"

"Eh, I just wanted to talk." Joseph remarked. "See you on the flip side!"

Genos just put it in, as Ryuko just threw a thumbs up to his team's score count went up by 2,000, which wasn't a lot and Joseph added 5,000 more with the stolen headbands.

"Your team is third, so I will not bug you about it." Genos said, starting to fly quick.

"We won't be third for long!" Ryuko yelled. "Just you wait, Joseph and I will kick some ass, take points and get stronger!"

Genos was practically gone by the time that Ryuko finished her declaration, as Joseph looked ready to kick the teamwork into high gear.

*Tails' confessional*

The yellow fox was in a pretty good mood.

"Genos can definitely throw things into orbit quite easily, so I'm just lucky to get away with just some foot pain. The fact that these two are just doing dumb tricks probably means that the other members should be okay, strategy-wise." Tails remarked.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of Genos, he went into the forest to find some more headbands...making sure that he was looking at every corner and crevice from a random part of the forest.

To a place where there was three people trying to earn their rights on their team, which now had 151,000 points to their name.

"Yeah, we're showing those other teams, what's what!" Yuri shouted. "That Tanjiro guy started our lead and we're going to keep that up!"

"If that is so, then why don't you try and help our team by making a notable contribution?" Ram asked, looking for a big-point headband.

"Because getting the small ones also count and I'm tired of you saying that I'm not contributing." Yuri said.

"I said that you were not contributing much, since you haven't put any back." Ram remarked.

"Okay, okay, we've got bigger things to do than argue with each other. Like staying safe from elimination!" Mystique Sonia shouted, her hat snatching a good headband. "And we can do that!"

"Then let's go!" Yuri exclaimed, carrying her bunch of headbands. "How that's for contributions!"

"Not much." Ram remarked.

The three of them were running as fast as they could, ensuring that they weren't intercepted by a bunch of random people from other teams...which happened with another trio that were doing their headband-gathering business.

"Goddamn it, we're tired of people showing up and just fucking being there!" Harley Quinn shouted.

"I wouldn't put it in sweary terms, but I agree!" Tron Bonne had a giant Servbot.

"Same thing here, so can you please let us pass...or else, you're going to get yourself in a fight." Ram remarked.

"We're in a fighting mood and you're in a fighting mood, but we're trying to get points, so pass." Mystique Sonia told the two Rhino members.

"You want some of this?!" Yuri threw some good punches at Harley.

"I'm ready for some of this!" Harley shouted, swing her bat around.

Those two were just going at it, as Yuri even threw a few Haoh-Kens around and Harley Quinn just slammed the projectile out of existence with the bat and Ram and Sonia were dealing with a giant thing in a forest that wasn't really that adapted to it.

The Servbot did managed to get the arms stuck in a tree, so the other two were speeding out of there.

"I shouldn't be surprised. Sorry, Servbot number 92." Tron Bonne remarked. "Harley, keep knocked her out?!"

"Yeah! She couldn't throw fire forever against my bat!" Harley Quinn looked pissed, as Yuri was just basically lying on the ground. "And you know, she's hurting!"

"Alright, let's get those ladies!" Tron Bonne shouted. "Servbots, let's get 'em."

"Miss Tron, we have the headbands that you need!" The many servbots that she had gathered around her and running in.

The two teams of ladies were running towards the basket, and Yuri got picked up by a certain samurai, who ran towards the teams' the middle of the forest.

With that being said, the Deers managed to get 12,600 more points to their name, which meant that they had 163,600 points to solidify their second place thing.

And the Rhinos earned a solid 17,000 points...shifting them back into 3rd place in front of the Harley and Tron Bonne were smiling, as Muscle Man put his 500 poins did Tendou, though he had 1,500 instead.

"Dang, I guess the Rhinos are out of the bottom with 94,050 points, but they should go for second if they don't want to be losers eliminating two people!" Chris announced, as the four of them were looking at each other in the sunny campgrounds. "Also, when time's up, any headbands you still have will count!"

"Hell yeah, we're gonna win this soon!" Muscle Man shouted.

"How, though? Legoshi got pounded into the ground!" Tendou yelled.

"Literally everyone else." Muscle Man said. "Heh, I bet we could prank those other teams."

"...Okay sounds cool." Tendou remarked.


Speaking of new faces, Noah and Owen were back as a duo and they had to bring along Nobara and Sandy for the ride and all four of them were doing their thing of being in the middle of the trees.

"Hey, what's shaking?" Sandy asked. "Other than the trees."

"Just thinking about how those two have some weird dynamic." Nobara remarked. "Kinda reminds me of my classmates."

"Okay, you know they're going to be watching you say that." Sandy remarked.

"And they're going to have to deal with it." Nobara said with a smile. "They're actually pretty cool, though."

Sandy just shut up for a bit, as did Nobara, as the Ridonculous Race team had a moment together in the forest.

"Woo, Noah! Hey, what's up, man?!" Owen shouted. "You been good?"

" were there for most of it! Besides, you were in the first was it?" Noah asked.

"Ah, you know, it was pretty fun! I hung out with some guys, one of them was a jock and he looked pretty good." Owen remarked. "They were all about their ladies and Izzy's still my lady."

"...She's in jail." Noah said, unsure.

"I know. She's doing good in jail with her skills!" Owen said, still unaware the two ladies were listening.

The four of them didn't manage to find anything interesting...aside from one guy that was definitely on their team, but didn't look interested in giving up his headbands.

And they managed to find themselves up against a random rock climbing wall that had a bunch of points the higher they were.

"Hey, guys. Get your own headbands!" Kyo remarked. "There's a whole bunch just lying here!"

"On this wall?!" Noah shouted. "I think I'm just going to get the low ones."

"Yeah...but the high pointers are up there. We may be on the same team, but you can't just go for the low blows." Kyo had a smirk on his face, as Noah didn't look too surprised.

"I think those two are going to beat me to the punch." Noah looked up at the two ladies taking all of the headbands.

Nobara was basically using her experience dealing with cursed spirits to get up that well with speed and Sandy used her pure skills and they were both snatching up the top tokens like it wasn't a problem.

And Owen basically was there, annoying Kyo like it wasn't a big deal and Noah just slapped both of them.

"Alright, I'm tired of not winning, so let's win some more." Nobara remarked. "I'll get myself down."

"Well, that's good, because we're going to put 'em in there!" Owen shouted.

"Shut up, Owen." Nobara told the fat guy, who just frowned.

The four of them left and they all had impressions of each other.

*Sandy's confessional*

The squirrel looked disappointed.

"I mean, he is actually kind of annoying and big, but I don't care what country you're from, you're not going to get away with saying that type of stuff to people!" Sandy said.

*Owen's confessional*

Owen had some feelings.

"I did say that Izzy was still my lady, so I bet she's going to get out of jail."

*Confessional cut*

The last of the new faces...or rather, contestants being on another team, Dawn, B, Kate and Tiana were definitely part of the same team and three of them surely had one thing in common.

They had dark skin, were definitely going up a hill and each had some headbands on them...that were tied pretty good.

"I'm pretty sure we're with the palest person on the team." Kate said. "That ain't because she's some kind of witch."

"That's what I've been saying...still don't know if she's trustworthy." Tiana stated, carrying a whole bunch of low-point headbands.

"She is, you're just not trusting her for a dumb reason." Kate said.

"I don't want to turn into a frog again, though!" Tiana said.

"But I cannot do that and I probably don't want to do that." Dawn remarked, as B nodded to that. "That kind of power wouldn't help anyone, but only hurt."

B raised his thumb up, as Tiana was still shaking her the other two were sure of something that was up the trees were hiding a river that went down to an entirely different place.

Said river was both too big to jump across and too small to be a massive obstacles, considering it was shallow.

"Rivers...don't agree with me." Kate said with gritted teeth.

"Huh, what a suprise." Tiana said with a side-eye. "Me too!"

Dawn and B were both looking unsure as to do they weren't exactly alone on the other side of the river, as Azula and Yumeko were now standing there with intimidation.

"Also, those two are going to be in our business." Tiana said. "So, there's only one thing we can do."

B had a decent though, as he was definitely writing down something small to alleivate the Rhino situation...and they were all looking at the words 'One of you goes on the bridge, while the rest just waits inside the trees."

"...Not a bad idea, though I doubt that Azula is the type of person to be shaken." Dawn said, as B high-fived her. "Kate, you should distract her."

"Not sure if it's worth risking my hair, but I can work with it." Kate Alen was just went along the river.

As the popstar went up the river, so did Azula to block her...leaving Yumeko to deal with the trio that was about to be carried across the stream by B, who looked confident in himself.

Yumeko was alone.

"Azula did say that I had to block them, but how do you deal with-" Yumeko talked to herself, before B basically ran. "-Yeah, I'll take my chances."

Yumeko had a lot of big-point headbands on her and she...attempted to do the stance, as the black-haired gambler...basically got some of them stolen by Tiana.

"Azula, we're down a few thousand and they're in the forest!" Yumeko shouted. "The two ladies were standing on top of the big guy."

"I can't believe I went after a popstar with bushy hair!" Azula shouted back. "Sorry, but your hairstyle is not good!"

Kate was finally noticed.

"Thanks, I tried doing it myself. Your hair's not looking too good we can both share hair tips." Kate shouted from the other side.

"I don't take tips from the enemy!" Azula yelled, her hair still not in a great state.

*Azula's confessional*

Azula was just doing her hair in the confessional.

"She think that she's just going to get away with insulting my hair, considering that I lost a war, am a jail and have to do this hair myself! I have ways of paying her back."

*Confessional cut*


The three of them...minus Kate Alen were finally back at camp, as there was some kind of pandemonium going on with everybody...but they safely ignored it and dispensed their 20,000 points in the safe basket zone.

They were pretty happy, taking a small celebration.

"The Deers are still in second, if anyone wanted to know!"

"Shit, they're about to be onto us!" Riley shouted, literally coming off the roof. "More onto us or some other shit like that."

"Where the heck did you came from? Talking like that?" Tiana said, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm repping Woodcrest in here and I came from the roof. I've seen some good shit up there!" Riley exclaimed, as he added 2,000 more for his team.

"...Seriously, why are you swearing so much?" Tiana asked. "And more importantly, what's up with the table?"

B and Dawn were going back for more at this point, considering that they both really cared for each other.

"Long story short, you look under it and two of the Rhinos take your headband or something!" Uraraka explained. "Or you get taken in there and your headband gets stolen!"

"I bet you're just saying some bullshit. Bitch, you can't even keep your story straight!" Riley shouted, as Tiana picked him up.

"Riley...if that's true, not sure what else we can do." Tiana told Uraraka, who was a little bit she had an unsure face.

While these five may have been discussing things, it was back to the now somewhat notorious table action, as Reigen carried a big-point headband...and suspected that there was something under one of the tables.

And he walked slowly up to it, ensuring that no-one was going to grab his 100,000 point headband.

"Hello?" Reigen asked. "What's with this hole?"

"Seriously, it's like some kinda-" Daphne remarked, before being pulled in.

And these two were carrying some notable point headbands, so it wasn't that surprising to see that they were captured, for lack of a better word.

"-What kind of weird scheme is this?!" Daphne exclaimed. "Say something, old man?"

"Yeah, you don't want that." Reigen assured her, sure of the energy in the hole.

The energy? Pinstripe and Coachman were about to steal some more headbands and they did that with a honest smile.

"Honestly, we're simple people with simple demands and we'd simply like to get your headband or you're simply going to get your face destroyed." Pinstripe remarked with a smile of a true gangsta. "For real."

"For real...really?" Daphne then actually got picked up by Pinstripe, fist in her face. "Is that it?"

"Seriously, you better hope that he's-"

Reigen then saw his teammate just drop her two high value headbands and her just trying to get his headband untied...or gone off.

"-He could be joking!"

Reigen then got a weak punch to nose, to essentially allow his headband to be taken by the most intimidating duo from the Daphne just backed up.

"Well, that wasn't so hard, wasn't it? I'm sure that my team will appreciate what I did here!" Coachman laughed. "But your team may live to regret it."

"You're going to regret going up against a bunch of swordfishes!" Reigen shouted, as Daphne stood behind him.

*Daphne's confessional*

The redhead was in a slump.

"Sorry, guys, I can't just go up against a gangster weasel and the creepy old man. But I can't believe that they had so many headbands with them!" Daphne said, observed. "I'm guessing that they're willing to punch a lot of people."

*Confessional cut*

"Oof, the Rhinos are doing some secret crazy moves...literally at their cabins! Will things go good for them...after the break? Maybe!" Chris announced.

To be continued in Part 3, with a whole lot more of that headband battles on the way with some of the contestants that were in here from the start!

The newcomers may have gotten their part of the spotlight and so has some of the weirder strategies, but the rest of them will show up later and yes, I may have forgotten some people.

Raven, specifically, so she deserves her own the next part, but other than that, that's for it for me!

The total amount of points for these teams:

Rugged Rhinos: 94,050 points (3rd)
Crafty Crows: 287,200 points (1st)
Daring Deers: 173,000 points (2nd)
Striking Swordfish: 77,020 points (4th)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 3: Capture The Headbands
Part 3: No Formation? No Problem!

What's up with Snake and Samus? What about Daisy, Luigi and some other people and more importantly, how are the Crows doing?

All of that is going to be answered in this chapter without the newcomers showing up a ridiculous amount besides Joseph Joestar, because what else do I do?

Sammy and Sugar minding their business, so expect all of the above and that in this third part of the third episode!

And why is there so many people? Because I don't know, but I'm dealing with it!

"And we're back with the Crows still ridiculously far in the lead, the Deers doing awesome in second place! The Rhinos and The Swordfishes should step up their game." Chris announced, as there was some kind of happening towards some of the Deers.

Snake, Samus, Luigi, Daisy and Donkey Kong were a crew of five that wasn't to be messed with...considering their combined power, as they just had managed to get together.

"Hey, Samus! We haven't got much luck." Daisy showed the 200-point headband she had.

"Our luck is just as bad, so don't get too cocky." Samus joked, even if he didn't come across. "We've only got 400."

"Oh no! What are we going to do?" Luigi asked.

"We do what we need to do." Samus exclaimed.

"...Wait, what is that?" Luigi said.

"Honestly...going all out." Samus remarked, as she released her electric whip.

"Ohhhh, makes sense." Luigi was preparing his still nervous fists.

Donkey Kong knew what he had to do with the other four, as they were bunkering down to do some strategy...or rather, Snake and Samus were doing all of the strategy and the rest were watching, ready to ensnare a lot of headbands.

And in other news, Gintoki, Clover and Squirrel Girl were a trio that barely survived the first challenge, as is, so the universe must have been looking up for them.

Because they just managed to find a big one...on the ground, no less.

"Whoa! That's just a straight million!" Clover shouted.

"Of course it is. That's the number." Gintoki remarked.

"Listen up, we're going to guard this with our life!" Squirrel Girl yelled, as Clover was backing her up.

"Our life here depends on it and we're going to look cute with our share of a million each!" Clover declared.

"Yeah, we're not going to die if we leave here." Gintoki told the two of them, who got offended. "I think."

These three weren't about to let an opportunity slide, as they were bunching up against each other...trying to find the campgrounds that were only slightly downhill from where they were.

And they were in the sticks equilvalent of the multi-isle campgrounds, random huts only.

Both groups had a determination to make some serious effort and that was going to start with the super-group that was within the super-team of the Crows.

"Damn it, we're going to open this lead and then close this challenge like it's!" Kipo yelled, ready to work things out.

"And we're going to take victory, I'm assuming?" Shego asked like it wasn't a big deal.

"Yes, obviously." Kipo said. "And we couldn't have done without our old pal."

"I think we did." Shego said.

"No, we couldn't have done without my distraction skills!" Tiny Tina exclaimed, as Kipo and Shego were both raising their eyebrows...before they realised what she did.

"You just blew something up." Shego remarked.

"And if she didn't blow something up, we wouldn't have been able to do the thing." Kipo said. "I hope he's okay."

"I doubt he's okay." Shego said.

Riku was actually the one that felt the bomb damage, as he was walking carefully and barely saw the million point trio before they disappeared.

"...It's kind of impressive that those ladies acts like you're not alive." Gum remarked, walking in her skates.

"It's not, I'm pretty sure that I saw a ridiculous amount of points and they've already noticed it." Riku stated. "But we've got each other and that's what matters."

"Still can't believe that the host is just dropping people in willy-nilly." Gum said, as she followed the leading trio. "Who knows what's going to happen."

"He's going to stop...and there's more people now?!" Riku said quietly, as Gum shushed him...and Papyrus was standing there.

"Yep." Gum said, not even listening.

While those six were just hanging out and trying to get the download on the running trio with the massive point headband, said trio were joined by Sammy and Sugar literally crashing into them.

"Listen the fuck up...I'm tired." Gintoki said. "So, let's run."

"We were already running!" Sammy shouted. "From Sugar just getting beat up!"

"...Good on you."

The five that made up the million-point Rhinos were just sprinting like it was no-one's business, as they weren't about to lose to two different bunches of people.

"Sugar, we need to get away from the other people!" Sammy shouted.

"How, I'm just being mah beautiful self!" Sugar exclaimed.

"I dunno!"

"No duh."

"We don't need this, so let's go." Clover said, as she didn't look too impressed with the Pahkitew blondes.

The five of them weren't the best runners and had to deal with the forest make their path more indirect, as the trees were numerous and so were the detours.

And it didn't help when another bunch of people managed to see them from far away.

"Well, there's our chance!" Donkey Kong put his hands like binoculars.

"Let's take that chance, then." Samus said coldly.

A group of six Crows and five Deers saw the million and were running after the headband, trying to ensure that they weren't blocked by the forest's winding paths and that said team didn't get an open way to the campgrounds.

*Sammy's confessional*

The blonde cheerleader looked nervous.

"Still don't know why I wasn't in the first challenge, but I'm sure as heck that I'm happy for skipping that, because I didn't want to be running with basically a target on my head." Sammy said, a little bit scared.

*Riku's confessional*

The guy looked nervous.

"I still don't know why I was the bait, but it had to be someone and I don't think having Gum take the hit would be fine. I don't like seeing darkness after all." Riku remarked.

*Daisy's confessional*

Daisy had a wide smile and the shoes to boot.

"If you think I'm going to take your headband lying down...I think you're right." Daisy shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Back at camp, Pinstripe and Coachman were both chuckling to themselves at the impressive amount of points that they both hid and the fear factor that they've both generated.

And some others managed to gather some points and finally put them down, as they were chased by a duo.

"Well, I did it." Legoshi said, running away from Min Min. "I put it in."

"And you're not going to get away!" Nicole yelled, practically stopping him with a near miss of a punch.

But it was one hell of a near miss punch, as it made Legoshi freeze up and Min Min react in shock.

"Doing it for the team, remember?"

While Nicole said that, Chris had a special announcement.

"The Rhinos may have more than a hundred thousand points, but they're still up to lose two people from being third!"

Legoshi just laid on the ground in fear, as Nicole and Min Min were running back into the forest and...saw something weird and it came from the new guy.

Joseph Joestar was feeling pretty down and looked like he had seen a cruse.

"What up with you?" Nicole asked, in shock.

"Strange old guy. Took me under a table and stole my headbands. Besides this one." Joseph remarked, very serious.

"You haven't even been in the last challenge, it's fine if you lose sometimes." Nicole said, more unimpressed than anything.

"I just looked in there, saw this jolly old guy and then he threatened me and took my point headbands! It's definitely an experience." Joseph Joestar said, was all smiles at the end.

"...I still don't get you, but that's probably true." Nicole said, a little bit confused.

"We're still trying to take down Azula, so we're in this together!" Min Min shouted, very un-confused.

The three of them decided to do one thing...and that one thing involved Tanjiro and Yuri doing their thing, as the duo had some smiles from practicing what knows what.

But they did have an notable amount of points and Joseph Joestar and Min Min had some range.

"Alright, let's settle this!" Min Min shouted.

And for some reason, Snufkin, Robyn and Jude jumped out of nowhere from the bushes and also ran with the two ladies...just 'cause they wanted to.

"Heh, heh, watch this?" Joestar asked "nervously", as he swung the clackers around like an expert. "Nice trick, eh?"

"There's no way you've defeated whatever the Pillar Men you talked about with that-"

Nicole was in the middle of saying, when the clackers literally fired themselves at Yuri, who...basically slowed it down massively with Haoh-ken...and it still hit Tanjiro with impressive strength.

And Tanjiro basically got knocked down for a bit.

"-As I was saying, you probably had a ton of moves, but that was definitely one of them!"

The whole balance of the Deers got swung by two clackers, as Yuri was still running as fast as she could...while the rest were looking at Tanjiro with shocked eyes.

Yuri dodged's Nicole still average strikes and Min Min's mis-aimed stretchy arms, as Tanjiro got back up and restored his team's balance in record time.

Yuri got into the safe zone with 22,000 points and Tanjiro added on an extra 9,500 points onto that, so...

"The Deers have got over two hundred thousand points, so the Rhinos still have a long way to go!" Chris announced. "Also, The Swordfishes are way in last!"

"Thanks for telling me!" Min Min shouted, somehow grabbing a massive 100,000 point headband from Snufkin. "Joseph?"

"Working on it!" Joseph exclaimed with a smirk, getting the clackers to snatch a 20,000 point headband from Jude's hat. "Got 'em!"

And they put it in, as Cassie Cage and Raven came back with some points to tip it over the edge...blasting Tanjiro and Yuri on the way there.

Tanjiro and Yuri may have not gotten any damage, but what they managed to lose was the chance to take the Swordfishes' two heroes down with any moves.

And Raven just threw back the arrow from Robyn's crossbow like it was nothing.

"Sorry, I don't intend to lose either. Besides, you three aren't looking...super good." Raven said, not too surprised.

And Cassie put in another 36,600 points from both her teammate and herself, as the two other members.

"Never mind, The Swordfishes are in second now and not losing anyone today! I guessing losing made them stronger!" Chris announced, as Cassie Cage had a nervous look.

"Considering that we just jumped up to second, we could lose it for no reason at all. So, keep on your toes." Cassie told the whole team, as Raven was basically floating behind her.

"Okay?" Min Min asked...before getting the Haoh Shoukouken to her face, knocking her down.

Cassie and Raven were just looking at each other, as they were going somewhere else, with Nicole in tow.

*Raven's confessional*

She didn't look too interested in making an confessional.

"There's not much to say other than some of our teammates are very not smart." Raven said. "That being said, it's not like the other guys are dumb."

*Confessional cut*

Clover, Gintoki, Sammy, Sugar and Doreen (Squirrel Girl) were the five that could change up the game at any time...if they could get into the camp.

Unfortunately, their enemies include the forest and Aisling, who was very angry and very tired of people stepping into her personal space.

And was still happening with these five and Piccolo.

"Do you want to help out with the challenge?" Piccolo asked.

"I'm protecting the spot where I sleep! So, yes!" Aisling shouted.

And the group just happened to meet eyes with the whitest girl on reality TV, (and movies, but Deadpool only knows that.) as she came up to them.

"Gimme some of those headthings!" she shouted with missing a beat.

"That's right, we're stealing." Piccolo stated, stretching his arm out.

And his hand immediately managed get hit by a heel, as Clover wasn't about to let an amount that big get stolen and Squirrel Girl slapped Aisling with impressive strength.

Though, Piccolo and Aisling were far from the former fired off some ki like it wasn't a big deal and the latter...managed to get a wolf or two on Squirrel Girl.

And Sammy and Sugar what was up, as they weren't being hit and Gintoki was standing by and giving them the seven-digit headband...and Sammy took on it and ran into the forest...with Sugar following close behind.

"Wow, I can't believe he thought of that." Sugar said. "What a smart old guy."

"He's young and he didn't even think of that." Sammy told her. "But we've gotta get back to camp, right?"

"Right! And I bet it's that away!" Sugar could barely see the mess hall.

"I think we can see it!"

These two weren't running that fast, courtesy of Sugar.

*Aisling's confessional*

She looked angry.

"I just want to rest in my forest, see the living creatures in there and do my thing of hanging up in the trees and not doing the challenge." Aisling said. "Guess that's over."

*Confessional cut*


With all of that said, Snake's crew were doing business on the beach side, as Daisy led them in directions that were a bit inaccurate and they weren't scared.

"Aw, the beach. Good times to find those million-point headbands." Daisy remarked.

"I bet that we're not even close to them." Samus said.

"Hold up, they could actually be here." Daisy exclaimed, as she wasn't seeing them.

"...I think you're wrong."

The other three were just trying to find some other big number ones, as Snake and Donkey Kong weren't messing around and Luigi found a 20,000 point headband and just held onto it.

"Man, these rare headbands are like finding-" Donkey Kong said, after he dug up a whole bunch of sand.

"-a needle in a haystack, but it's not like they're elusive either." Snake was judging the sand that was definitely dug up.

"I was going to say bananas in the desert, but that's good too." Donkey Kong was still trying to dig with his massive hands.

"That's definitely a first, though." Snake remarked...before finding his one high-value headband. "Looks like, we've got something on our hands."

"It's 800,000, man! Gonna put it on your head...because you already have a headband!" Donkey Kong shouted. "I've seen Mario Party!"

"Weird reference point, but it's okay." Luigi said, was a little bit shook. "I've got a few more headbands!"

"Well, that's good. We've just got to sneak past...Riku and his people." Snake saw the white-haired Keyblade wielder like he was a problem. "Be careful, this guy moves around you like it's no big deal."

Daisy ran on ahead with Samus doing the deal, as well, as Snake managed to hid his six-digit headband under his fabric headband and Donkey Kong and Luigi were rready to get slapped by Shego and Gum running on the beach.

And the battle sort of started, as while Snake definitely managed to sneak past the people that were bringing their hurt.

Gum got slapped by Donkey Kong into oblivion, as the big ape didn't his team to lose two more people...and Shego jumped over the second slap and kicked him in the head.

Riku couldn't exactly use his Keyblade's most spicy powers, but he could definitely swing it like it was nothing and just cut through Daisy's golf club, but got stunned by Samus...charging up her paralyser.

"Nothing personal." Samus said, shooting off the paralyser

Riku just took the point blank hit, being stuck in place for a bit.

"You're right." Riku told her, as Samus paired back up with Snake.

And yet, the fight was raging on with six people just going at it for the potenitla to have the two that would've counted for the most have escaped.

*Riku's confessional*

The white-haired Keyblade wielder had a tired smile.

"I would've healed myself, but I didn't have enough magic." Riku said. "But I brought some light to my team."

*Confessional cut*

And of course, Snake met Sammy and Samus met Sugar, as the duos with a massive amount of points on the lines met up and just ran to avoid it getting taken.

"...I bet you've got a big number." Snake stated.

"Just 'cause I'm big, doesn't mean I ain't beautiful! Also, I bet you got a big number there!" Sugar shouted with misunderstanding.

"I was talking about headbands." Snake said.

"We ain't got a big one then!" Sugar shouted, as Sammy just nervously nodded.

Samus and Snake were looking at them with suspicion, as both duos were running to the safe zone with speed...and they were leaving each other alone for obvious reasons.

And also...Dante and Ram were joining them, wondering what they were doing...before sneaking a peek at the yellow headbands and understanding.

"What are you looking at?" Dante asked with a smirk.

"Your very questionable face." Ram stated.

These teams of three weren't the only ones that were doing their business of running towards the safe zone near the mess Joey Wheeler, Heavy, Lowain and Khun were running together with their own 50,000 point headbands and Khun...actually had some strategies.

"The Swordfishes are still ahead of the Deers and it looks like they're going to go for more!"

"Yeah, we're not out here playing games!" Joey Wheeler shouted. "We're out here, taking names...and playing games!"

"Shut up, you not smart." Heavy said. "People are coming."

"Heh, then it's time to-" Joey basically got his duel wielder grabbed. "-duel."

"You lose." Heavy said, as Joey just about managed to get stomped on. "Ow, that hurt."

Joey just yelled, as Lowain and Khun were running ahead with their headbands and the former had a pained he saw that Joey got stomped on by Darkness, of all people.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Darkness said in panic. "I didn't mean to step on you!"

"Yeah, well watch where you're going next time!" Joey shouted, partially from pain.

"Oh, sorry..." Darkness innocently said with a weird smile.

"Why are you smiling for?!" Joey yelled, as Darkness got caught off guard. "Who raised ya!"

Darkness just...had a moment of ecstasy and it didn't help when Kageyama and Kipo for the her team and Sokka and Oikawa for Joey's team managed to somehow witness the entire thing.

And then Heavy pushed her.

*Kageyama's confessional*

The black-haired setter was lacking in words.

"...What's up with her? I don't care what they're doing, but her mind should be in the game." Kageyama finally said.

*Sokka's confessional*

Sokka was very confused.

"If I got a lady, I wouldn't want my first time to be stepped on and she just acting like that." Sokka said. "For sure."

*Confessional cut*

"Uh, the Swordfishes have got over 260,000 points, so they're clear in second!" Chris announced. "Also, The Crows have got 50,000 more than that now."

"That lady is a little crazy. But I'm still Heavy and I'm still taking!" Heavy actually stole Darkness's headbands.

"This challenge is making me feel something good!" Darkness had a dirty smile. "But I also have to help out, because Kazuma wants a thing!"

And in true Kazuma's party member fashion, she a country mile and almost hit Kipo.

"Whoa, are you okay?!" Kipo shouted, as Darkness fell down.

Sokka and Oikawa were smugly looking at each other, like they were about to drop something crazy...which wasn't too far off from what the other two teams were about to do.

"Yeah, we're just putting bands in there!" Sokka exclaimed.

"I think that's enough to put us in the lead...Tobio-chan, we're pretty close now." Oikawa told him, clapping his hands together. "And I bet you might end up being last."

Sokka saw two duos that were running their hardest to ensure that they weren't losing this one and he got punched by one of them.

"What do you mean, volleyball boy?" He asked.

"I meant what I meant, you know." Oikawa remarked.

Snake and Sammy ran in, having a whole bunch of injuries from a bunch of people that were getting hit...but they were definitely coming in with the biggest headband of the day.

...Or a million-point headband each, as Sammy was nervous.

"Please, don't kill me!" Sammy shouted. "My sister will make fun of me!"

"What the hell kind of sister do you have?" Sol asked. "Sounds like a bitch."

"Hey, don't judge. It could be some weird thing." Bugs Bunny remarked. "Wait, what happened to the sexy lady?"

"She left to help the team out." Snake said, pulling the rubber headband from under the normal headband.

"Of course she did! And I don't get any thanks?!" Bugs complained with Snake listening in, adding an extra 150,000 to the total.

"The Rhinos and The Deers have more than a million and the Deers are leading with 1.35 million points, so the other teams are going to have pull something out of their butts!"

The Swordfishes were plain stunned at how fast the tables got turned around on them, as they were now down to third and Sokka, Oikawa and Heavy were ready to get back into action.

Joey was practically down for the count, as he barely got up and sat on a cardboard box with his Duel Disk intact.

"At least, this thing's okay." Joey said.

"If we lose, then we're voting you off." Sokka remarked, as he and Oikawa went.

"You're not the one carrying a bunch of headbands!" Joey shouted.

"Yeah, my dude right here ran from some far away part of the island...just to come here." Lowain backed up the duel wielder. "And then he got stomped by a weird knight!"

Sokka, Heavy and Oikawa were practically gone, ready to find their random million-point headband.

"...Literally everyone else besides Johnny Bravo managed to get some headbands without getting destroyed in the chest." Khun came out of nowhere with some headbands. "But I won't blame you."

"Right, white-haired dude who came outta bush!" Lowain shouted.

"And you were just standing there like an idiot." Khun said with a calm smile.

"Yeah, we've both had our bruh moments. Now let's not lose two more people." Lowain just fist-bumping Khun. "Why the suitcase, bro?"

"It's the reason why I'm pretty good at surviving." Khun remarked. "Besides, I've got a plan."

The blonde bro cook and the genius survivor were just running together to get...something.

"Seriously, Swordfishes dudes, you're going to have to eliminate two people if you don't pull something out!"

Johnny Bravo was mentioned and currently, Mai Shiranui and Tifa were trying to get him off his trail, somehow ending up with headbands that were given to him for some challenge.

Neither of the ladies were sure what it was, but they were lucky.

"Come on, ladies, you're up for a double date?" Johnny asked, running behind them.

"Not really, have a boyfriend!" Mai remarked.

"Yeah, ninja babe, I wonder what's happening with him." Johnny said.

"Hey, we're going to get married sometime this year!" Mai shouted. "Get off my business, you dumbass!"

"'re gonna help out?" Johnny asked, as he managed to get a flaming fan to his face. "Tifa or whatever your name is, you up for a date?"

"If this is an alliance, I don't want any part of it." Tifa stated, open and honest. "Besides I've already got someone on my mind."

"Hey, baby, we're gonna be here on the same island for a good while, so I'm gonna compete like no-one you've ever seen before!" Johnny Bravo was just clicking his fingers towards her. "Gotta go back to my team."

"Okay, you can do that by going to your team." Tifa said.

Johnny Bravo was just running forward back to his teammate, who was both confused and angry at him and it just so happened to the one person who clearly was tired of shenanigans.

"Amelia, I think I've got myself set up for a date." Johnny said, clicking his fingers with his 20,000 point headband.

"I can't believe you just gave a headband to someone who wasn't even that willing to have it...just so you could have a good time with them." Amelia said, very disappointed.. "I don't know what your thought process even is."

"They are both hot babes. That's all I really need." Johnny said, being very smooth with the angry cat lady. "I mean, you're a tall drink of water, but you're also a cat."

"...I get the feeling that your mouth just goes on its own, beause you just said you'd follow a attractive person no matter the team." Amelia told him, as she had something inside her.

"Though the Swordfishes have 369,690 points, they're still losing pretty dang hard and we're only an hour in!" Chris announced.

"Whoa, mama, we're losing?" Johnny Bravo just realised.

"Yeah, but we can make a comeback! You somehow have 500,000 points in your pocket." Amelia said. "Not sure how it got there, but you have to run back!"

"Okay!" Johnny Bravo shouted. "Min Min, this time, you're gonna tell me the secret of your ramen."

"She doesn't..."

Cassie Cage just walked onto the scene.

" know what, he has good morale." Amelia said, as Cassie just sighed.

*Cassie's confessional*

The Special Forces Agent was looking up to the sky.

"I don't think they were really thinking that hard about who would be in, just that they'd be their unique character within the show. Hell, I bet there wasn't even meant to be this many people...because there was no way that Johnny would make it otherwise." Cassie said, struggling to not facepalm.

*Confessional cut*

The Deers may had done crazy things, but what about the rest of them that have not done crazy things and were in the middle of just bringing the points in to further their lead.

And there were some very happy people seeing that there score was going up for the Deers at the halfway mark and a lot of help was going around.

"I think we've done enough stuff for this challenge." Snufkin said, raising his hat.

"No way! We suddenly got a million points out of nowhere, so it's possible that we just could that." Spike said, flying with quite a few headbands.

"I'm not the one carrying a bunch of headbands." Snufkin actually had something good under his hat.

"Plus, there's a whole bunch of people just out there stealing the headbands for their own team." Spike said. "That Storm Shadow guy, especially."

"Yeah, so we should all contribute to the cause of winning." Scott Pilgrim said, lying down on the ground face-up. "Because winning's pretty good."

"Cool, because we need all the help that we can get." Spike remarked.

"Can't. Every time I go, it's like Storm Shadow and some other guy knows where I am and I get pinned down on the ground! Happened five times already!" Scott Pilgrim complained, as Spike looked worried.

"I said cool, you can rest...and it's fine!" Spike basically flew away at speed.

Snufkin, Scott Pilgrim and now Sonja were sitting in the same area, as Sonja managed to come back with a few medium headbands and saw the two of them.

"What are you two relaxing for? We could lose the challenge without anyone noticing." Sonja said, not too pleased with the two dudes relaxing.

"I've got a million point headband. Also, if Chris says that it counts after the time limit, then it counts." Snufkin justified himself.

"How did you get past the ninja?" Scott asked, still lying on the ground.

"...Storm Shadow did manage to catch some of our teammates." Sonja said. "I just happened to be lucky enough to take all of the headbands because he was monologuing."

"Wow...they must be slow." Snufkin just got a scoff from Sonja. "I bet he's not that fast."

Julia Chang ran in with some news from the campgrounds, ready to score some more.

"We might not have this challenge in the bag!" Julia shouted, shocking Sonja and Scott Pilgrim.

The people with the S in their names were doing a whole bunch of work for the Deers and Chris McLean had to come in to say his words to interrupt the shock of these teammates.

"Damn, I bet there's going to be more of this episode of Total Drama after the break!" Chris announced. "That's right, there's more!"

To be continued in Part 4, which isn't really the end of the challenge, but is the last chapter with the challenge taking up the entire chapter with the stronger members doing their business!

The total amount of points for these teams for the third time in the episode:

Rugged Rhinos: 1,150,050 points (2nd)
Crafty Crows: 322,300 points (4th)
Daring Deers: 1,551,000 points (1st)
Striking Swordfish: 373,690 points (3rd)

Honestly, I think I'm just going go all-in on this fanfic, no matter how big it really is and no matter how hard it's going to be, because there's going to be a few surprises in the next chapter.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 3: Capture The Headbands
Part 4: The Heads of Battle!

Once again, this is all about the people that haven't got a proper spotlight yet, as they're also doing some crazy moves that kinda makes its their game.

Sometimes, it's their skills and other times, it's their agility and maybe, it's their unique things 'bout them! But they're all ready to grab some points and action!

And since the challenge is only an hour and a half in, there's plenty of time for some underused characters to show off too! Read and review, if you want to.

"And we're back with a ninja that takes names it's nothing!"

Storm Shadow wasn't really having a good time, as he wasn't sure why he was here...other than to get to the island and also because, his colleagues talked about the inter-dimensional machine.

He couldn't care less, as Jude, Soos and Penny were pinned together and he had the points to ensure that his team survived an episode without elimination...while the others were panicking.

"Hold up, bro! Your ninja costume's quality, dude!" Jude shouted.

"I dunno, it's looking boring and white." Penny said. "What are you going to hide from?"

"Don't try to make conversation, because it doesn't matter what I wear. What matters is that you're not going to win." Storm Shadow told the three of them in the most intimidating tone he could muster.

"Oh yeah?" Penny asked. "Say it to 'em, Jude!"

"We've got a soldier with a big butt and a bounty hunter with a butt!" Jude shouted, practically going auto-pilot. "You're down for real, dude."

Penny was just looking at him weirdly, as Soos wasn't even sure what to say.

"If the best thing you can come up isn't their skills, they will go down easily." Storm Shadow boasted, as he left the three of them to be pinned to the wall.

The ninja ran like he had a job to do and then disappeared, as his job to was to win as many challenges as he could and survive as long as possible...and the other three were just hanging out.

"Seriously, I can't believe you said that." Penny laughed.

"Come on, man! They were doing soldier stuff and being awesome before!" Soos exclaimed.

*Storm Shadow's confessional*

The ninja looked uninterested.

"Snake Eyes may be on this island and there may be a gun that allows for instant travel, but I'm only interested in the traitourous ninja that forced my hand." He said with his intensity.

*Confessional cut*

Sokka, Oikawa and Heavy weren't here to lose any more people, let alone two more to boot and it was bad enough of a situation to have Askeladd and Bayonetta actually helped.

Since the latter two were too busy flexing on people with their strength and absurd amount of racked up points.

And they just so happened to meet up in the same place.

"Where have you been?!" Sokka shouted. "You can't just go off, get a ton of headbands and just stay in the middle of the forest."

"And look at us now. I'm pretty sure that we've gathered more points in the last five minutes than you have since the challenge started!" Bayonetta bragged.

"Okay, then why not put them in the safe zone or something?" Sokka asked.

"I often surprise people for just showing people. That's not changing here." Bayonetta answered, as Sokka's jaw got dropped.

"I think I get what our beautiful tall lady's saying. If we can hide the points that we can get, then we could come out of nowhere to just take the lead from whoever's in the lead." Oikawa figured something out with a quirky smile. "Okay, tough guys, let's get collecting."

"I'm pretty sure that's not what she's saying." Sokka remarked, as the other guys were running off to prove Oikawa's plan right. "She's also hot!"

"...Good job, team leader!" Bayonetta remarked, as Sokka was getting steamed from getting ignored.

*Bayonetta's confessional*

The black-haired Umbra witch...just about managed to fit in the first outhouse confessional.

"You know what no-one says. I bet that demon hunter is out there being cool and doing whatever he does." Bayonetta said. "And still contributing less than I did."

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of other people, Uraraka, Tanjiro and Tanya were a trio that contestants weren't exactly going to see doing teamwork, but they did it anyways in the high trees.

Uraraka may have been out of the spotlight, but she was definitely making Tanya fly like it was no-one's business and she managed to grab quite a few for her team.

"Well, thank you for making me fly." Tanya said. "You're useful to have around!"

"But I can't just abuse..." Uraraka hurled all over where Tanjiro was. "...that happens."

"You have been up in the air for quite a while." Tanya said, as Uraraka floated down to the ground.

"...Wait, how do you know?" Uraraka said. "Oh yeah, they just put up a bunch of stuff on the site."

"The what?" Tanjiro asked, as the two ladies just shut up. "Come on, I think we all can make a great team, if we try!"

Uraraka and Tanya looked at each other with skepticism and a glare respectively and Tanjiro knew that these two weren't going to fix their issues any time soon.

*Uraraka's confessional*

The hero-in-training looked nervous.

"Do I have to work with a war criminal? Almost everyone else seems like a good person, but Tanya's got the villain vibe." She said, sure of something.

*Confessional cut*

Heavy and Askeladd were just vibing with each other, being two very strong guys...even if Smee and Squigly were both behind the both of them to finding some more with their unique strengths.

Oikawa managed to join up with Eva, Leshawna and Falco to make some kind of group and these four...were doing things for sure.

"Hey, ladies and bird, we didn't come here to lose. We came here to have some good times, win and probably play some volleyball!" Oikawa said. "These headbands might as well be infinite."

"One, I'm not going to play volleyball and two, pretty sure they're finite." Falco remarked, as the blue bird was running ahead.

"Alright, then let's grab some more!" Oikawa shouted.

"We've been grabbing some more all day and it ain't helping that much!" Leshawna complained. "I don't know how, I don't care why, but some guy on our team just ain't helping that much."

"Nah, everybody's doing their thing, it's just we're not getting any big things!" Falco yelled. "The highest number...four digits."

"Look, I ain't complaining much, because we're doing work!" Leshawna shouted.

"Yeah, the only reason we're losing is because we're not going for the dangerous stuff. And to win, you always go for the dangerous stuff." Eva declared, too angry to not go for what they saw.

"That's the kind of spirit that I want to see! It's time to do something about this bear!" Oikawa proclaimed.

The two 150,000 headbands were in front of them, but it was guarded by the bear that got some of the Deers up in a weird situation two days ago and said bear was less willing to give both of them up with its sharpened claws.

"Now, we're talking!" Falco proclaimed, doing a running start to use his wings.

"...We're fighting bears now?" Oikawa asked. "This is just a bit too crazy, if you ask me."

Falco then jumped up as high as he could, while Eva was still planted firmly on the ground, bringing in a strong fist to the bear's own face.

"Stop asking and starting fighting." Eva proclaimed, as she managed to make the brown bear feel the impact of said punch.

Falco then started to do a backflip to ensure that he was able to grab the headbands, despite being upside down with wings that didn't double as grabby hands and Oikawa...threw an fast volleyball at it.

"Oh, I get it." Oikawa said. "This bear's not on our side of the court."

"I swear this show is making people do crazy thangs." Leshawna sighed, as she managed to grab quite a few random headbands with a few thousand points each. "Shit never changes sometimes."

Leshawna was the only one that wasn't fighting against the bear, as Falco was definitely catching one of the two headbands...Eva basically dodged backwards and Oikawa was watching...not sure what the volleyball did, but it was definitely back in his hands.

The three of them and Leshawna weren't about to go without a massive points boost, and so as Falco got the first one...Eva ran to get the second one, as they were goners.

"Let's stay alive, guys!" Oikawa shouted in panic.

*Eva's confessional*

Eva had an angry grin.

"We just showed the winners' mindset right there. Make sure that you take every opportunity to win and it's not like it would change if I was alone. That bear would've felt the hurt either way." Eva stated, not surprised.

*Falco's confessional*

The blue bird didn't too look interested.

"Did it deserve to get knocked down by that killer strategy? No, 'cause whatever else was in the would've gotten taken down." Falco remarked.

*Confessional cut*

"Deers, you've brung back 220,000 points now!" Chris announced, as Kate and her crew managed to slip on through to the safe zone. "Scratch that, 260,000 now!"

Riley was having an adventure with basically the rest of the Deers, as Snufkin got off his butt and Dawn and B were not out of the competition, as the four of them were making some serious efforts.

On the hidden beach.

"Man, this shit is 'bout to be the find of the team!" Riley boasted. "If we find that six-digit shit...because soon I'm about to have paper stacked to the ceiling."

"Yeah, what if it falls down?" Snufkin asked, a bit bored. "It could happen."

"I'm gonna spend that paper on some shit, maybe a few bitches, I dunno." Riley said.

"I don't know if your grandad would like you saying that. Your swearing would be-" Dawn answered, as she just wanted to help.

"Yeah, you've got info...but you look like a snitch!" Riley shouted, as Snufkin bumped him on the chest. "I dunno, my hunch ain't playing games here."

"And your hunch was wrong twice." Snufkin remarked, as Dawn just nervously laughed. "So, we've got each other and we're here to put some headbands on your heads."

"Wear the bands, get the bands and I'm tired of getting none of those! Don't let her snitch on ya!" Riley proclaimed, as the two short people were just standing together.

"I just read your aura, nothing more." Dawn said, a bit nervous.

B was just walking confidently, doing a weird shrug, as Dawn looked attentive, Snufkin was just hiding under his hat and Riley came in packing with...his fake guns, the cliff enclave hiding points.

They rolled in, ready to climb all of the way up to find a 100,000 point headband and the four of them were sure of the fact that there was half a ladder and one of them didn't care about that.

B looked confident about his idea, as Dawn looked more than interested in hearing it...and Riley looked interested in what they were doing.

"I bet they're going to make something stupid." Snufkin said, carrying a seesaw.

"Man, if this shit gets up there, I ain't complainin'." Riley remarked, not even carrying some wood.

Weirdly enough, the three of them weren't excited to do the it was done pretty quickly, but there was definitely a trampoline and a see saw there now, as B wiped the sweat of his forehead.

"Damn, you crazy! How the fuck are we gonna get up there?" Riley asked, as B just gestured to the rush job.

"B wants one of you to get on the trampoline, someone else to be on one side of the seesaw...and then he's going to jump on it." Dawn explained the plan, as B just made his TTS thing say "Yes."

Riley just raising an eyebrow, as he saw the definitely silent guy do a vocode.

"Damn, nigga, you're not so quiet now!" Riley exclaimed.

B just shrugged, as Riley still didn't get his silent the three of them and Snufkin were ready to enact the plan, the latter of the four looking up to ensure that bones weren't broken on the cliff side.

Riley just went on the seesaw...just 'cause, as B was ready to jump and Dawn was ready to bounce, the kid standing tall.

And then B did his best jump that he could do, Dawn started bouncing on the trampoline and Riley looked ready to get carried by the momentum...what wasn't expected was how high Riley went flying from B...doing an good jump and Dawn not being needed.

Riley hung onto the wooden Dawn was flying to the top to grab the headband, as the kid was climbing up.

"We managed to do some teamwork!" Dawn exclaimed. "Your aura is healthy."

Riley had a suspicious look, as he just went back down the ladder to get bounced on the trampoline, Dawn floating down to the bottom and the other two just happy to extend their team's lead.

*Riley Freeman's confessional*

He was definitely the youngest and very bold, but not the boldest.

"Listen, man, as long as I've got the chance to get racks on racks, I'm a team player and team haters can't fuck with me, because I don't fuck with 'em." Riley said with a smile.

*Confessional cut*

The many contestants were going around the main island in very different there were prowlers that taking their headbands in the dark, speedsters just rushing around to catch a lot of headbands, battlers that were practically making this a usual crossover challenge...and the rest.

One of the rest was the still weird duo of Basil and Shulk, the two's weird abilties somehow working together, as Shulk used Monado Speed to do an perfectly angled jump.

Said well-angled jump got figured out by Basil.

"Well, we made it across! The hard part's been done." Shulk shouted.

"I doubt it has...there's still a lot that needs to be done." Basil said. "Catching the ever elusive two-tailed fox would help a lot."

"Oh yeah, Tails pushes up the Swordfishes up to about 580,000 points just by flying and he's going back for more..." Chris announced, as the two of them realised the gravity of the situation.

Iori being there didn't help.

"Yeah, what do you need?" Iori asked.

"We need you to catch Tails, who can move very fast." Shulk explained.

"Aren't we supposed to be catching points, not some fox who's way faster than all three of us combined." Iori remarked, carrying a bunch of headbands. "Besides, Kyo's not going to get the better of me."

"Well, thanks." Shulk said. "As long we're not in third."

"Are you serious? There's a very high chance that the two-tailed fox is likely carrying a lot of points, more than likely double the amount that the Swordfishes and you're just going to follow your rival!" Basil shouted at Iori, who didn't look too impressed with the rant.

"Yeah. If it's so hard, then do it yourself."

Iori just got up as he said that.


Basil and Shulk looked at each other, as they weren't even sure who was going to help...and then Sol and Dante just showed up out of nowhere.

"...And where were you two? You have contributed not that much to the challenge." Basil said.

"Eatin' pizza we found. Did you know that it's good too?" Dante asked.

"Better question: Is it possible for you to get on top of Tails from the ground?" Basil asked, as Dante had a serious smirk on his face. "I assume that's a yes!"

"Get ready for the fox jump!" Shulk shouted with a smile, as Dante was.

Sol and Basil were looking at each other like they were about to see something go...very, very wrong, as they were seeing that the two guys with swords were going up.

"They can't just guess where he is, that'd be dumb as hell." Sol said, actually seeing the view of these two...from running on the ground.

"Not exactly, Tails is flying at the moment." Basil remarked.

Shulk managed to get Dante a bit of height with his Monado Arts, as the demon hunter just sprung up like it wasn't a big deal and then he tried to get Tails with an impressive axe kick.

Problem was...Tails was being carried by momentum and...he managed to slam into Dante, sending the demon hunter back down into the ground.

"Talk about a no-budget flight. At least, I went down how I started it!" Dante stood back up. "Besides, we've still got a million and some more!"

Basil just sighed, as Sol was just getting into action...trying to catch some big points to further the lead.

*Basil's confessional*

The detective didn't look too surprised.

"Honestly, as much as most of my teammates are either decent people or the bottom of society, I don't think I could have been on a better the moment, because it could change literally tomorrow." Basil remarked.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of Askeladd and Bayonetta, the latter met up with the former's group to have a crazy time...or whatever it was they were about to do with each other, as the end of the challenge was approaching.

With a giant safe, what else could happen?

"Reg and Tails are carrying the Swordfishes to the 750,000 mark! Seriously, stop being losers!"

The six of them, since Reigen just came out of the bush, were about to open it up with wheels and steals and a whole bunch of salt too.

"You know, being losers taught us something!" Reigen shouted.

"That we can look good while we're going down?" Bayonetta said.

"Yes and when everybody puts their butts together, good things happen!" Reigen shouted, as he was randomly trying to open the safe.

"Aye aye...sir?" Smee asked, carrying a random bunch of headbands again. "How are you going to steal the headbands?"

"It's not stealing, if Chris wrote open it up on the side." Bayonetta exclaimed, reading the massive sentence. "Besides this door needs a fist through it."

Bayonetta then summoned one of her main demon's right hand, as Reigen was trying to open the safe...and Smee was there, ready to get into the safe and the rest of them saw it.

"What the hell-" Reigen was looking at the big fist.

"What do you think it is?" Bayonetta with a smirk.

The massive fist was about to smash things open with a right hook that could've easily squashed anyone in its way and the safe was no different, as Squigly just stepped back to avoid...the crushed safe.

The other five were backing off from the gigantic right hook, as it managed to punch the safe and then crushed the door on the safe quite easily to make it stuck open.

"That was rather excessive, but it did work." Squigly said, peeking out of the safe. "Well, I think we've got..."

And the safe was almost empty, as there was a few headbands that were in there and some of them were barely sticking on the door's side.

"...not nearly enough points to not be third."

"I doubt that's it. There's no way that these headbands that are sticking out for no reason!" Reigen noticed, looking into the safe. "I think we've got enough strength to pull the door."

"But it still on its hinge, so..." Squigly stated, as someone managed to pull off the door... accident, as Smee accidentally pulled the door into an angle.

"Damn, that was convenient." Reigen said, as Squigly ran into the safe to try and get something on the other side of the wedged safe door...and so did the rest, as Askeladd was doing his own thing.

Bayonetta and the rest weren't about to lose, as the witch managed to grab most of the headbands inside the safe and the rest managed to take...the rest of the headbands, as they were running as hard as they could.

And of course, she had time to make some cool quips.

"You're just going to hang up there." Bayonetta said.

"I don't intend to come down until I can find a thing. That's how we took out the king!" Askeladd shouted from the top of a tree, finding five-digit headband on top of it. "And that's worth it."

The viking just went down the tree without any problems...asides seriously falling on his face and feeling the full force of it.

"Oh, are you okay?" Sienna asked. "You must have some kind of injury."

Askeladd got up like it wasn't a big deal.

"Yes and there's a lot more where that comes from!" Askeladd shouted. "I still don't know what we're doing!"

"Then what are you doing-" Leviathan got interrupted, being sticking out of Squigly's head.

"-Getting the money, obviously, but then what?" Askeladd said.

The zombie and her bone parasite didn't really have much of an answer to that question, as the two of them were following the rest of the Swordfishes out of the location.

*Askeladd's confessional*

The Viking guy looked bored.

"Is this what I have to do to get money? Eh, then I'm taking the money out of Vinland!" Askeladd proclaimed with a headband. "It's definitely Vinland, so this is a pretty cool treasure."

*Confessional cut*

As the six of them were just running all of the way back, the time was counting there wasn't a lot of time left on the challenge and ridiculous things were being pulled.

Hell, the original ridiculous move managed to get an absurd amount of points with a table to hide the amount.

"Imagine the kinda moves we could make if this was money." Pinstripe remarked, looking at the five million or so points.

"What moves? You gangsters and your moves." Coachman said with a smug grin. "I'd just retire to teach people a lesson."

"Damn, what kind of guy are ya?" Pinstripe asked.

"A man that teaches people, what do you think I am?!" Coachman replied, very angrily. "What did I you think I was."

"...The boss?"

The two of them contemplated on that answer, sitting down with their absurd amount of they were sure of their points being there.

"20 minutes left, the Swordfishes are...definitely trying, but the Crows are the biggest losers now!" Chris announced, as the gold team was struggling to get some more points...only getting 110,000 points during the time with the crazy points.

"Yeah, you could say that." Coachman shrugged, as the two of them were just talking to each other.

And two people from the Crows literally smashed through the table, not even caring about how it would pay to open Michiru and Judy were just coming down to take something.

"I'll be taking-"

Michiru took a 500,000 point headband and Judy took another 150,000 point headband.


"Guess what, it's going to be open season for you!" Judy shouted, before getting slapped in the eye with the whip.

But they did take some of their points, as Pinstripe looked shocked and The Coachman was shaken by what was a power move, but Harley Quinn came to say this.

"...Holy shit, what a stash!" Harley shouted, as her and a few others from the Rhinos came in. "We've gotta protect this!"

"This is our idea and I'm pretty sure I'm not signing off on this." Pinstripe remarked, as literally everyone in his vincinity was glaring at him. "I ain't giving it to a bunch of people."

"Imagine not wanting to win." Coachman's glare the strongest, as he said that.

Pinstripe just grumbled.

The camera cut to the convoy of dudes, ladies and animals that were protecting the absurd amount of points that they were about to get for the Rhinos...who were already in second.

Though the distance was short, the amount of people that were willing to take in was long, as Pinstripe just groaned.

"Seriously, do all of you need to be here?" Pinstripe remarked.

"No, but I'd get a nosebleed in a bad way otherwise." Satori Tendo explained, as he was just there...being a player. "Also, what's with everybody?"

"There's 3 million points on the line!" Pinstripe said, seeing Sol punch an person to oblivion. "Hell, 3 million of anything would get people coming."

"I wouldn't go for 3 million volleyballs!" Satori Tendo exclaimed.

Coachman, Pinstripe, Carmelita, Tendo, Sol, Clover, Muscle Man and JFK were the crew that were about to get 3 million across and they were definitely trying their best...special emphasis was on trying, as Muscle Man was just trying to get someone off his back.


"Man, what are you doing?!" Muscle Man shouted.

"I'm just hanging on for no reason, my guy." Soma remarked. "I don't know what else to do."

"Then get off me." Muscle Man said, as he walked normally. "It ain't working."

"Nah, I'm staying here because we've got ya!" Soma yelled.

Soma, despite trying to do something, was just hanging and Muscle Man was trying to shake him off with speed.

*Giovanni's confessional*

The pink-haired guy had a smirk on his face.

"Once we take all of those headbands, we'll be able to not lose and those Rhino guys will be down for the count! Or second, but not Giovanni Potage would!" Giovanni exclaimed.

*Confessional cut*

"The Crows finally have over a million points, so the Swordfishes are back to being last!" Chris announced to everyone on the island. "Also, the Rhinos are in it to win it with like three million points being carried. Good luck!"

The group of eight that were guarding Pinstripe started to move quite a bit faster, as there was going to be people literally flying in to take them was demonstrated by Ryuko and Dante going hard at it.

And Joseph and Kasumi were flying, courtesy of The Heavy that came back to do that and to dispense his teams' Bayonetta's mini-crew and Falco's mini-crew were both standing proud.

Though, first...

"Wow, it really is like some scissors!" Dante remarked.

"I don't know, wouldn't you like to know?" Ryuko threw a remark back.

"Never mind, the Swordfishes finally managed to be in second! Seriously, there's 15 minutes and these teams are doing awesome moves!"

Chris' additional announcement didn't deter Dante and Ryuko from doing some crazy battles, as they were putting some space between them for the cool moves.

However, it wasn't like the rest of the many-headband Rhinos weren't fighting their own battle, as there was a few people that were blocking their business.

"Serious question, why are we not splitting up the headbands?" Clover asked. "I don't know, we could just get it stolen or something."

"Because I'm pretty sure that it would be way easier to steal if it were on all of our heads." Carmelita remarked.

"I know-"

Clover managed to get cleanly hit in the face by clackers that crackled with a certain energy, as Carmelita saw the obvious.

"-Ow!" Clover yelled. "Who was that!"

"That was me!" Joseph Joestar was back in business. "And I bet you're going to say that I literally flew in from nowhere!"

"...You just did!" Clover shouted, as she was standing there. "You flew in from nowhere!"

"I didn't really do that. I got thrown!" Joseph shouted in the most self-impressed way he could. "By The Heavy!"

Clover wasn't even watching him swing the clackers at speed, as she looked at the abs and stuff that made his attractive-ness apparent and Carmelita slapped him...and her partner out of nowhere.

"...Hold on, we've already got-" Carmelita got interrupted with confidence.

"2 and a half million more for the Rhinos! With like, 15 minutes to go and a lead that's insane, I think those guys are going to win again!" Chris announced, as Clover and Carmelita silently pumped their fists in celebration. "Anyways, the Swordfishes could not lose two more people."

Kasumi finally reached Joseph Joestar, slightly dirtied akido outfit and all, as she didn't look happy.

"What happened to taking on the others and stealing their headbands!" Kasumi shouted.

"I just predicted someone else's line and threw two clackers, I didn't know it'd happen that fast!" Joseph Joestar shouted. "Sorry for that."

"It's okay. We're not losing, at the very least." Kasumi declared. "...Wait, we are!"

"I know!"

Barker was a very happy donkey trader, being that had that smile again and Pinstripe Potoroo looked away from the cameras like he just made a power move...and JFK was there.

*Coachman's confessional*

The old guy with a bad case of an evil smile had some words to say.

"I'm honestly more surprised that the move didn't get countered...considering that everyone has seen it." Coachman shouted, having a good time. "Then they'd realised that they would get an whip in the eye. So, it's a wise move!"

*JFK's confessional*

The brown-haired guy looked impressed.

"Damn...the British people are making moves. Why can't I make moves?!" JFK shouted. "...The only moves that I have are in bed...where I do things that I can't say here!"

*Confessional cut*

The Crows simulteanously had no time and very lacking chance, as there was 12 minutes, they only had over a million points and some of them were definitely not helping.

Despite that, there was three skeletons that were in the business of getting some more for their team and they weren't scared of the time limit.

"Unless the Crows and the Swordfishes pull some points out of their butts, the Deers aren't going to lose any more people today!" Chris announced, as the rest of the teams were battling hard.

Including these three and of course, Tomo Takino.

"Hahaha, taste my fire!" Lord Hater shouted. "The fire of my villainy!"

"We're not villain, but he's definitely a villain!" Papyrus shouted. "But he's also my teammate!"

"No way, I am a one man team!"

"Then The Great Papyrus has your back!"

Lord Hater and Papyrus were randomly attacking some other guys with big point headbands, as Sir Daniel was going head-to-head with Piccolo, who could fly like it was no-one's business.

But the skeleton knight was doing some crazy distraction of an alien, as these two weren't willing to lose either.

"Wow, your jaw is actually not okay!" Piccolo shouted. "How the hell are you going to fix that up?"

"I don't really know." Sir Daniel said. "But I go on regardless, because my jaw does not define me."

Piccolo couldn't really make out the words, as he tried to hit the skeleton with the stretchy arms.

"You're pretty noble, I get that." Piccolo remarked.

The knight and the Namekian uncle were just giving each other a hand shake in respect, both sharing an 10,000 point headband.

"Also-Wait, why are the trees on fire?!"

"Give me a break, I can't go anywhere without evil happening." Sir Daniel mumbled, as Piccolo was just looking at the burning tree.

Lord Hater was just laughing his butt off, as a tree was burning, as Papyrus was...confused at the burning of the tree.

"Uh, we didn't do anything..." Papyrus remarked, as Piccolo crunched his eyebrows.

"There's ten minutes left on the clock, a tree burning and two teams obviously winning! Who's going to make the comeback after the break!" Chris announced, as the tree was still burning in the background like it wasn't that big of a problem.

To be continued at the real end of the challenge, where last minutes really matter to these contestants!

Rugged Rhinos: 3,650,050 points (1st)
Crafty Crows: 1,032,300 points (4th)
Daring Deers: 2,010,000 points (2nd)
Striking Swordfish: 1,323,800 points (3rd)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 3: Capture The Headbands
Part 5: Votes, Eliminations and Headbands!

That's right, no more newcomers, no more arrivals, only elimination votes!

You know, the whole shebang and of course, the challenge and by extension, the episode finishes!

To be honest, while it may take a while for a chapter to come out...that doesn't mean some of the eliminations aren't going to be well thought-out.

"Welcome back to Total Drama, where the last place team has burnt a tree!" Chris announced with a ridiculous amount of glee, despite the obvious fact that Lord Hater didn't look too interested in dousing the tree.

To be fair, it was mostly a few bunch of leaves and some branches, but none of them were dumb enough to not realise the danger...though Papyrus had been in the underground for too long.

"Oh, why is there fire?!" Papyrus shouted. "It looks kind of very cool!"

"Is there anyone who can put this out?" Piccolo asked.

"Wait, is it bad if it goes on trees?" Papyrus asked, scared of the spreading fire. "Ow, hot!"

"I think you figured it out." Piccolo remarked.

Papyrus wasn't even sure what to do, pretty sure that he couldn't do that and Lord Hater didn't look too interested in stopping the fire...Sir Daniel was definitely trying his hardest to splash something on it.

Though he didn't even have that much water.

"Hahaha, watch this!" Lord Hater then just put them out, making the tree...still burnt, but not burning. "That's right."

"Wow...that is very stupid." Piccolo commented on the fire situation, as the other two were shocked. "Besides, you burnt a 50,000 point headband!"

"Oh no, you can't make a fool out of me, tree!" Lord Hater yelled, as his teammates were just trying to pull him away from the marked tree. "Wander made a fool out of me!"

"...Your shoes are good and so is your hood, but why are you so bad?" Papyrus asked, worried about his fellow skeleton.

"Because my villainy is going to win. It wins all of the time in these shows!" Lord Hater shouted, still being carried by Sir Daniel and Papyrus. "I came to win."

While the trio were leaving the location, Piccolo was joined by a familiar face and she was small and angry...being a Irish child and all.

"I found these things. Where are the dead ruining this forest?!" Aisling yelled, coming with 200,000 combined points to boot.

"Actually, it was one guy and the other two pulled him outta there. You know, nothing too serious." Piccolo answered.

"They're about to meet my three wolves!" Aisling proclaimed, before she looked at the Namekian. "Why is your skin so green?"

"Because it is." Piccolo answered, grabbing the headbands. "Go find some more in the forest, Aisling."

"Wait, those are..."

Piccolo just flew off, more into helping his teammates out.


*Sir Daniel's confessional*

He had subtitles.

"Though he was a friend, he was also a real knave. I told him this and he tried to burn my armour off, but it didn't work." Sir Daniel told the confessional...with a serious mumbled.

*Confessional cut*

"Five minutes left until the end! Whatever headbands you guys had, insert them now!" Chris announced, as the time for some serious action was needed and these three were trying their best to get back to the grounds.

"Ewww...why is there so much mud?" Chloe complained, as she managed to put some on her shoes.

"I don't really know the answer." Haida said. "Must have been an untouched island until now."

"Then get this thing off me!" Chloe shouted.

"With what?" Haida just showed his hands. "Sorry, I can't help you there."

"Fine...just so you know, I got the most points ahead of these three." Chloe easily managed to stoke a fire inside Gloria and Judy.

"Hold on, you were complaining the whole time about a small bug on your shoulder while you got the thing!" Gloria exclaimed.

"But she isn't wrong. Just kind of annoying." Judy said, trying to calm down the tension.

"Yeah and I still got more than you two combined!" Chloe shouted at the both of them. "What's your problem, I'm just too beautiful for you?"

"Your problem is that you're uncooperative with your own team." Judy just told her, not really angry. "What's your problem?"

"I'm here to tell that I'm a team player and you know, I came here to win as a team player. So, please...give it a rest already." Chloe said, getting really Judy was shaking her head. "My dad's the mayor of Paris."

"And I'm from the New York zoo, I don't care about your dad!" Gloria shouted back.

Haida and Judy were looking at each other with acceptance, as they couldn't calm down a proud hippo and a bratty teenager in the middle of the woods...but they did find something big.

Chloe and Gloria did notice what it was, a six-digit headband tripped in between a bunch of random ropes that made it tight.

"Anyways, you wanna get a hundred thousand? I was a superhero, so I know what to do." Chloe remarked with a smug smile.

"Lady, I'm twice your height. We all need to get over ourselves and to do the thang!" Gloria shouted, as Judy got right into action.

The three of them were actually untying ropes in weird ways, as Chloe was practically trying to keep her hands perfect, Haida and Judy were trying to tie against the time limit.

And Gloria looked at the ropes, not sure what she was going to do with her big hands and general size that made Chloe groan.

*Gloria's confessional*

The hippo looked determined to do something.

"I get the feeling that I haven't got any screen time last challenge, but this time, I ain't messing around and I still can't fit in these things! So, you know what I'm going to do?!"

*Confessional cut*

"One minute left, campers! Get your butts moving, dudes and dudettes!" Chris just added to the panic of Judy and Haida, who were messing up the untying.

"My butt's going to help us get ahead in the game!" Gloria shouted, as she went for the headband itself.

Though the thing was tied under a whole bunch of ropes, Gloria was an angry, angry hippo...putting her arm under the ropes to try and get it.

"...What are you doing?" Judy asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Making us not lose." Gloria said, finally getting the strand of a headband through. "Hold up, this thing is-"

The headband...barely slipped, as it now looked like it was pretty close to ripping, but these four were definitely booking.

"Finally! Now we can get outta here!" Haida shouted. "Wish we could get more, but I think we're good."

"Have you heard-" Judy told them.

Of course, the loudest horn that Chris could buy to be used in the mega speakers sounded its klaxxon and well...

"Guys, you can stop collecting headbands now!"

These two were near each other and going in completely different directions, but they were definitely carrying some headbands and were in a good they were near the camp.

"You know who else who can't stop collecting headbands?" Muscle Man asked. "My mom!"

"Ew, what kind of joke is that?" Clover asked.

"We won, can't we have a little joke?" Muscle Man remarked.

"Yeah, that's funny!" Clover yelled with sarcasm.

"Wait, did we win or something?" Fred Flintstone came from nowhere, as he slid from the forest. "Still fighting this ninja guy that doesn't speak."

"...Cool, that's like every ninja, though." Muscle Man said.

The three of them and the other 116 remaining contestants that carried their headbands that were there very much in their hands, heads or even legs were back and they were here to see what they've got for their teams.

"Okay, campers, you've put in so many headbands for your own teams and those headbands are the line between losing two people and not losing two people!" Chris announced. "And you've still got a ton more!"

The contestants that were separated into their teams were paying attention to their extra headbands.

"Will the winning team stay winning or are they going to go down to the bottom? Campers, our fastest intern is going to collect them."

In some of the contestants' hands, the headbands were being put in incredibly quickly by one of the interns and they had their brown hair cut like a bowl...and incredibly fast for no reason.

Their name? Mako Mankanshoku.

"Mako, how are you an intern?" Ryuko asked.

"I wanted to be an intern!" Mako yelled. "And I'm collecting headbands!"

"...Thanks, I guess." Ryuko wasn't sure what to say.

Of course, they were in the right baskets and then Mako just ran off, leading to the host looking at her weirdly.

"Okay, now we've got the real points and of course, the Crows are going first!"

Sandy looked worried, not being in this episode after putting it work in the last episode.

"You guys have got 1,300,600 points...which is pretty good for the winners!"

"It is?" Sandy asked.

"No interrupting, please! Rhinos, you've got second last time and it looks like you've stepped up a lot!"

"Wait..." Sandy realised the obvious.

"Dudes, you got 3,700,000. No matter how split, that's some insane collecting, Rhinos."

Sandy didn't look too happy, as Harley Quinn and Tifa did an high-five and then looked like they didn't want to do that again.

"What the heck did we do?" Hank Hill asked. "Probably some team work."

"To beat the Rhinos and to be confirmed safe, you have to get more than that! Deers, you had lost the last challenge and it could turn into a losing streak!"

Snufkin looked confident in his fellow teammate, Sonja, who had a serious face.

"Deers, you guys have got 2,350,000 points...meaning that the Crows are confirmed losers and you guys are potentially safe!"

Yuri and Ram were eagerly anticipating the results of the final team to be revealed, as they weren't about to lose someone.

"Though, last but not least, The Striking Swordfish, the team that got third and lost two people...but it ain't impossible to beat the Deers here!"

Sokka and Oikawa were looking at each other like they were about to deal with the elimination.

"Unfortunately, though the team struck a lot, they've only got 1,600,000 points. Though the Crows are the biggest losers, this team's on a third place streak!"

The Water Tribe swordsman and the high-school volleyball setter were both shocked at how the contest ended up again and Reigen looked frustrated.

"This means that the Daring Deer and Rugged Rhinos are safe! And of course, the Striking Swordfish and Crafty Crows will have to vote off two people...each!"

"Damn, what else is there?" Noah asked.

"The safe teams also get decent food, by the way."

The Crows definitely had a fallout.

"Oh no, it's really bad, guys! We went from first to last in one day!" Owen complained.

"Calm down, Owen, it's not like we can't reverse that in the next challenge." Noah said, trying to stop people from looking at Owen.

"And what the hell is he going to do, then?" Nobara asked. "I don't think he brought a lot of points here."

"Noah!" Owen shouted defensively.

The big fun guy just wanted Noah to reassure him, but...

"...She's got a point there." Noah said that. "Though it's not like we're short of useless people."

"Yeah!" Nobara pointed at Chloe. "What the hell were you doing?"

"Guys, I ain't interested in what y'all are arguing about! We've got to vote off some people and some of them are absolutely hiding their business!" Sandy Cheeks exclaimed. "Besides, what are we doing here arguing?"

"I think we're wasting time standing here...because we need to eat." Mikasa stated, as the black-haired slayer didn't look scared. "And some of us need more food than others."

*Kageyama's confessional*

The black-haired volleyball player was very angry and unsure about what to do.

"I dunno who sucked hard enough to not get enough points, but I'm going to help vote them out and then I'm going to skills!" He exclaimed. "You moron!"

*Confessional cut*

Two different teams that were not having a good time also had a hard time picking a person to vote for, as they were sitting in the cafeteria having a good talk.

Or a talk that involved a whole lot of shouting.

"Hey, you're not exactly the best of the best yourself!" Sokka yelled. "You basically dipped for the whole challenge and contributed nothing!"

"What do you mean, you messed up hard enough to lose us a hundred thousand points or something!" Arle shouted.

"You weren't even in the episode. You probably got a few thousand points or something!" Sokka shouted back.

"I have, but you suck at getting them!" Arle yelled.

"Guys, seriously, Johnny Bravo messed up harder than you two would have ever done." Bayonetta remarked, not really surprised. "He went chasing after a lady on another team...after giving them a headband."

"How is that not a lie?!" Arle said, a lot too loudly.

The Umbra Witch just groaned, seeing a lack of logic on display.

"Can you two wait for a second? There's an obvious vote here." Reigen said, as Johnny Bravo looked confident. "Because I witnessed some questionable stuff."

"I guess you have." Bayonetta said, Johnny Bravo was slowly going up to her seat. “I was wondering when you’d scoot up.”

“You know, I have a thing for tall ladies and you look like a tall drink of water!” Johnny Bravo said with a flirty tone..

“That’s funny, because I’m sure that you lost the challenge because of Mai.” Bayonetta remarked back. “I don’t even know why you were chasing her, though.”

“Seriously, what did you do?” Cassie Cage had an eyebrow raised.

“That’s funny, because I’m sure that you lost the challenge because of Mai.” Bayonetta remarked back. “I don’t even know why you were chasing her, though.”

“Seriously, what did you do?” Cassie Cage had an eyebrow raised.

“The lady gave me her headband and she got mine. And then I realised it wasn’t that big, so I wanted to get her number...because baby, she’s got some good tricks.” Johnny Bravo explained with confidence. “And ninja skills, almost forgot that.”

“Damn. I can’t believe that I’m not surprised.” Cassie just sighed.

“I mean, she was a real looker, couldn’t say no to her!” Johnny Bravo tried to justify himself.

“I’m going to be real with you, you’re probably going to be eliminated tonight.” Sokka told the big buff guy, who was just going to the confessional.

“Dang, I’ve gotta try something! Where’s the other guy?!” Johnny tried to justify himself, as he got a few headshakes. “Man, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

“Wait, who else contributed nothing of value to the team?” Eva asked, flexing her arms. “Because I want to get this elimination over and to lift some weights.”

“That’s...actually a pretty question. We’ll figure it out later, but first...we’re thinking about it.” Cassie stated, as Amelia was struggling to eat the food that was in front of her.

*Amelia’s confessional*

The ship captain didn’t look too impressed.

I’ve already figured out who to send home...but the better question is how did the food get worse? It’s like the ingredients are left out in the sunshine!” Amelia, still having the taste.

*Chef's confessional*

And Chef Hatchet himself had a response.

"It was only the vegetables, that's it." Chef said, not missing a beat.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of, The Crows were having their own moments with each other, as the good majority weren’t sure and others were very sure of who they were going to pick.

“Uh, you know who I’m going to vote for?” Sakura asked. “...I guess the guy who caused that forest fire.”

“It was a tree fire and it was awesome to do some villainy!” Lord Hater shouted.

“But it had a bunch of headbands on it, so we could’ve had the chance for everyone to be safe.” Sakura said.

“I bet it you thought it was very cool." Mikasa told Lord Hater, who just laughed at her.

"It was!" Lord Hater justified himself. "I collected some headbands too!"

"Well, it looks like we've found our first vote! I guess then we're picking Judy then!" Chloe was practically relaxing in her seat. "You know, because she think she's all of that."

"You know you're pretty much that and not so good too." Gloria told her, not looking too surprised.


Chloe was very smug when Mikasa asked her this question, as the blonde Parisian girl was very sure of the vote.

"...what skills do you bring to the team?"

"Looking beautiful first of all...and secondly, I don't know why you're asking this question. You didn't even put in that much effort." Chloe fired back, as Haida just looked confused at what she was saying.

"Okay, okay, what are you doing? You know, you don't have to say everything." Haida asked, getting a little bit panicky for a good reason.

"Why not? I did some work!" Chloe exclaimed, as the whole rest of the team weren't in a good mood.

*Tobio Kageyama's confessional*

The black-haired setter didn't look too impressed.

"I can't believe we have so many dumb people on the team! Well, two of them, really, but they're not smart!" Kageyama said. "I think this vote's going to be easy."

*Confessional cut*

The Swordfishes didn't really have anyone else to eliminate aside from the not-so-smart womanizer and a good majority of them were stumped on who to pick...besides a few people.

Askeladd, Bayonetta, Sokka and Khun were hanging out together, somehow not out of place despite the former being two very tall adults and the other two being teens.

"Listen, I'm not really interested in voting for anyone other than that Casanova wannabe." Bayonetta said.

"Yeah, I don't want to vote for anyone, but that card game boy seems...really weak." Askeladd remarked, as Bayonetta raised an eyebrow.

"Let's be honest, despite having a niche skill...I doubt that he's going to be much more useful than even the low tiers of the team." Khun told Bayonetta.

"Why? It's not like he's hurting anyone by existing, besides there's the redhead that let some coachman take her headband." Bayonetta remarked. "Still not changing my vote."

"Yeah, we're still voting for Joey, sorry." Sokka said, doing the decisions. "Me and the boys here."

"You? You're definitely the big boy." Askeladd remarked, ready to get some votes on.

"Okay, okay, call me when you saved the world." Sokka looked up to the tall Viking.

"I killed the king, what have you got?" Askeladd grinned.

"We're voting for Joey, there's nothing you can really do about it." Khun said. "Bayonetta, make your own vote."

"I already made it, you three came up for no reason." Bayonetta told the trio...

As three people were leaving, Joey came up to her with some cool words.

"Er. What do I do about my girlfriend? You know, because she's mad that I went on without asking." Joey asked with some serious confidence.

"...Sorry, I can't help you there. You should've told her." Bayonetta walked away from the situation. "Also, I need to get into the bath."

"Damn...I've gotta do something." Joey said, not sure what he was going to do.

*Joey's confessional*

The blonde Duellist looked relaxed.

"I don't know what's everyone deal with Daphne is. She must have messed up hard in the challenge to get talked about a lot, but I'm super safe for now." He said.

*Confessional cut*

The 60 contestants that were just hanging out at the massive campfire that who two different sides for two teams to eliminated one or two different people.

"Alright, campers on The Crows and The Swordfishes, you guys may or may not have seen the famous Total Drama elimination ceremony!"

Chris showed the two massive plates that had marshmallows for all but two of the contestants on the two losing teams.

"Every single contestant here has one vote and those who not enough votes to be eliminated gets the good marshmallow. A survival of sweetness."

A good chunk of the contestants were just eye-ing Chris, as he was talking.

"There's 26 or 28 marshmellows for the Swordfishes and Crows, respectively and those who don't get the marshmellow will get sent home through the Sling-yacht Of Shame!"

"What's with you and weird elimination methods? Can't it just be a boat or something?" Noel asked.

"You ain't getting an answer outta him." Leshawna told her, having experience.

Chris finally turned towards the third place team, all of them feeling confident about something.

"Striking Swordfishes, you guys have gotten third place and you guys have two people to vote off, but the votes aren't as clear cut as you expected."

The 29 or so contestants that made up the team (that was named after a sharp fish) were really paying attention to the thing.

"Eva, Leshawna, Noel, Amelia, Tails, Reg, Sokka, Squigly, Khun, Kasumi, Connor, Askeladd, Oikawa, Ryuko, Heavy, Lowain, Cassie, Raven, Arle, Reigen, Min Min, Connor and Falco, all of you have got no votes to your name!"

All of them were just enjoying their tacos in completely different ways, as the no-vote crowd.

"Only five of you have any votes. Connor and Smee, you've got one vote each!"

"Wait, why? Is it because I am a robot?" Connor asked.

"Could be." Nicole answered.

Daphne, Johnny Bravo, Joey and Joseph were all looking at each other like they weren't sure what was about to happen next.

"Joseph, I don't know how you got two..but you've got two of the 26 votes!"

"I don't even know why I got them, but at least I'm staying on!" Joseph exclaimed...getting some Hamon to...blow up the marshmellow. "Oh no!"

And Chris got some of that marshmellow.

"Okay...only one of you will be staying on to do another challenge. Johnny Bravo, you blew the challenge because of Mai, my dude."

Johnny was just looking to the left and to the right.

"Daphne, you gave Barker your six-digit headband because his energy. Understable, but some people don't think so."

Daphne was just giving a look of what-the-hell towards several teammates, some of which were just giving a weird look.

"Joey...I guess people don't like playing card games, but you apparently didn't do enough in the challenge."

Joey just shrugged, as he just took it in his stride.

"Geez, what's with that strategy talk?" Joey asked.

"The last one safe is..."

Daphne was just shaking from the potential of being eliminated.











Johnny Bravo was just combing his blonde pompadour, taking a look at his team.














Joey had a smile, sure that he'd get through this.













"...Daphne! Joey and Johnny, you've gotta go!"

"Thanks, you guys have listened to sense!" Daphne exclaimed.

"Man, this sucks." Joey said. "Imagine getting voted off for things that haven't happened yet."

"Hey...I don't even know what to say. I deserve to be voted off more than him and I don't really deserve it at all!" Daphne said.

"Yeah!" Joey shouted.

"You're just the card games guy. What are you going to bring to the team?" Sokka asked.

"Something to do? What's with that?" Oikawa answered, a little bit angry.

"Sorry, no time!"

Joey and Johnny were out of there, as the big Casanova was just getting a lot of waves.

"Well, cya, guys." Johnny Bravo stated. "Had a fun time and I saw a lot of beautiful babes! Stay beautiful!"

Joey didn't even take the words of the big guy seriously.

The 32 contestants that made up the massive team were just baring this elimination.

"Crows...there's clearly two people with way more votes than anyone else and I'm not joking!"

Chloe and Lord Hater were looking at each other, willing to do some mocking of their teammates.

"I'm going to throw to the people without any votes? You ready?!"

All of the contestants were actually putting their hand out and there was a lot of marshmallows to get...30 of them to be exact.

As Chris said the names of the many contestants, there were a lot of expected names in there, Mikasa, Shego, Giovanni and Terry Bogard being some of them.

Some of them were a little surprising, as Kageyama wasn't the most comfortable leader, Tomo looked surprise and Kyo just smugly got his.

All but Sir Daniel, Papyrus, Chloe, Lord Hater and Soma managed to get their marshmallows and these five weren't sure what they were going to do with each other.

"The 27 of you with no votes have got marshmallows..."

Soma looked confident.

" has Soma and Sir Daniel, with a single vote each!"

"Up top, Riku!" Soma exclaimed.

"Your marshmallow's..." Riku saw the cook's marshmallow land on the ground. "...dirty."

"Which of you three won't be slingshot out of the island?" Chris asked. "The votes say all..."

Papyrus was really sweating out of his bone pores, as Chloe looked angry and Lord Hater was very angry.






















"...they say that Papyrus is the last one safe!"

"Thank you, humans and monsters! I'm so happy to be on this show!" Papyrus shouted. "I'm going to cook some spaghetti!"

"Me too!" Soma exclaimed, ready to cook it up.

"Why I do keep losing so much?!" Lord Hater shouted. "I will beat Wander!"

"Do it, then!" Soma cheered him on.

"Ew, I don't want to be this dirty island for any longer." Chloe complained.

Lord Hater and Chloe were sent to the Dock of Shame.


"You four have got words before you guys step onto the Slingyacht of Shame?" Chris announced. "Keep it short."

"Why am I among these three freaks? I'm beautiful!" Chloe yelled.

"Hey, just 'cause you're beautiful, doesn't mean your teammates like you." Joey remarked. "I respect the people who didn't vote for me."

"Same thing here! Respect for my villainy!" Lord Hater shouted. "Why won't you consider that?!"

"I got eliminated because I saw a ninja beauty and wanted to challenge her! We're kinda just challenging each other on this island!" Johnny Bravo exclaimed.

The four of them were stepping onto the yacht with their luggage already on the yacht itself with some good protection for said luggage...and then they got shot off with the slingshot itself.

"Okay, no-one has arrived and four people have left! Now, the show's really getting rolling! What's with Barker? What's with that Khun guy? And more importantly, where's the old challenges? Find out all of that more on..."

Of course, the zoom out happened quite slowly on every word.

"...Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

And the third episode and the first episode without any additions was over.

Let's be real, Johnny Bravo wasn't going to be in for a long time, but he had a good time in the two episodes that he had and plus, he ain't plot relevant!

Joey Wheeler...isn't exactly a character that I know super well, so that's reason enough and his skillset for this kind of show? Not great enough to survive the second challenge...for those votes anyways.

Lord Hater's a fitting early elimination, 'cause as much as he could make a great villain or a powerful ally, it'd be much funnier if he was an early elimination. Also, he's perfect cannon fodder material.

Chloe Bourgeois really has the potential to make it decently far and have some kind of redemption arc...but like it or not, she is very bratty in Miraculous Ladybug and that didn't change here.

The show's to be continued in the fourth episode, where the first of several throwback challenges appear and cause some problems for the water-avoidant contestants.

Not that they care that much, because that's just half the challenge and the other half is what they're going to shine at.

Next time, we're diving and doing something else on...

...Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!!
Episode 4: Diving Yourself Out!
Part 1: Downward Waves!

The 115 remaining contestants are kind of ready to get wet, besides a few.

An old challenge shows up like it was nobody's business and it is going to be the real first challenge of teamwork that's typical Total Drama madness.

I hope you have all got accquainted with these faces, as while there has been two additions in the previous part, these faces are going on for however long they survive in these isles.

Which if the man-eating sharks had their way, maybe not forever.


"Last time on Total Drama: Ultimate Islands, every contestant that wasn't eliminated in the first challenge and arrived after that participated in an USJ-inspired challenge!"

The footage was shown for the many contestants, including the new arrivals doing their thing in the second challenge.

"Everybody was collecting headbands, wherever they were owning the competition, losing their marbles or even giving the other teams theirs!"

Coachman and Pinstripe basically exploiting the challenge was shown, as was Mai and Johnny's pro gamer move and Darkness getting pushed by Heavy was shown.

"In the end, the Rugged Rhinos finally got first place and the Daring Deers finally got no-one sent home!"

Tanjiro doing his thing and Storm Shadow crossing over with him were also shown (despite it not even being written)

"However, the Striking Swordfishes and Crafty Crows lost pretty hard and four people got booted for not being super cool!"

Sokka's devstation was shown and the argument within the Crows were also there.

"We had to say goodbye to Joey, Johnny Bravo, Chloe Bourgeois and Lord Hater...and there's still a lot more episodes to deal with!"

The four faces that were on a boat that got launched off the campground island were shown seperately, being sad and all of that.

"Today's a new day and this day is where the dives come back to haunt the 115 remaining contestants! The zones are ready, but these contestants aren't!"

Chris was ready to do the business again.

"Find out all of that on Total Drama..."

The camera zoomed out to show the whole archipelago.

"...Ultimate Islands!"

Chris and Chef were toasting a drink to the 10th season of Total Drama, as the Rhinos' logo showed up on the board right besides the title of this weird 'ol season.

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine...

And right after the camera basically swung off them, the camera goes through the flat grounds and passes slowly by Hank Hill and Fred Flintstone, cooking the meats in two very different grillslike they were in a competition. guys are on my mind...

Sammy was seen trying to chase a rat before Fred brung out the club to hat a rat and Tifa just stopped him from making the hit, probably for defense.

Sammy just dodged out of the way, as Tifa just sighed. asked what I wanted to be...

Besides that the camera crept up to the top of the team's cabins, where there was two people standing with mean smiles and weapons of their own.

..And I think the answer is plain to see.

Azula held her fire and Harley Quinn readied her own bat, just as Mai climbed up for the cool factor and to swing her own fire with the fan and leaped in between them, leading to Azula and Harley just groan silently.

Mai had a genuine smile, though.

I wanna be famous!

Yumeko and Tron Bonne (with her Servbots watching, of course) were doing a RPS match on a outside table on a cliff, just as the former got her tenth win with a smug smile and the latter was angrily pouting, Servbots also comforting her.

I wanna live close to the sun...

And the camera went deep into the forest, who had Storm Shadow just running far ahead of the plucky Kristoff, who had a nervous smile on his face.

Weirdly enough, up in the trees, Squirrel Girl was there in the trees hanging out with her tail, but so was Clover, who was trying to hang onto a branch...but was pretty scared of falling.

...pack your bags, 'cause I've already won...

And the camera moved to the stage, where an uncoordinated quarter of people who could do musical stuff.

Iori was just angrily playing his bass silently, Rock was getting tripped on where to even play the guitar and Sol was just yelling it out on stage, right into the microphone, just happy to be there.

...everything to prove, nothing in my way...

Legoshi had headphones and heard the mess that the audience couldn't hear and he felt it down to his core and Muscle Man was swinging his white shirt around for the noise, Satori Tendou trying to make a sarcastic comment as Legoshi wasn't even what to say.

And in the mess hall, Sugar was just wolfing down her own food, as Carmelita was slowly eating hers...and Sugar took some without thinking, leading the Interpol officer to be miffed.

JFK was just talking about sexual exploits to an uninterested Gintoki, who was just looking at magazine that had a different kind of sexual exploit.

...I'll get there one day.

Just outside of the cabin hall, Lynn Loud threw the football long and this time, Pepper Ann was just outside the window trying to catch it...and it was a bit too long, hit Satori Tendou's stomach and broke the window

Everyone in there was looking at Pepper Ann, Tendou, the baseball and the broken window.

'Cause I wanna be famous!

Basil just found a quiet place to read some random books...under the dock, as the mouse got to quietly reading the doorstopper of a thing...and concidentally, The Coachman/Barker just happened to come back with a calm donkey and a evil smile.


All of a sudden, it was like tension's flared and then Shulk just sped on with his Monado art in to...look, as the two argued "calmly."


Shulk was just watching things calmly like it wasn't that big of a deal, as the two were starting to throw glares at each other.

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be

Of course, there was some night time madness with Dante and Pinstripe, as the former just laid down the wood with backflips for extra style and the latter brang down the lighter with a smile.

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be

Shulk and the two British men were just astounded at how badly that went at the two of them, even if the fire-starting duo were smiling with the teeth open.

Coachman just angrily laughed at Dante, who had a weird look on his face from a long-distance and...

...Shulk and Pinstripe was just shaking their heads in confusion.


And uh, the now red-orange title reappeared over the fire that just kinda blew up in their faces, as Dante and Pinstripe were girnning a job that was done.

Even if the whole team just thought that they were dumb and the theme song finished.

The Crows...after going from winning to completely losing weren't exactly in the celebrating mood, eating their questionable breakfast and they were trying to get into a mood that wasn't down.

Or the good majority of them were there, as three of them were missing back at the cabin...doing something cool.

"Okay, two dumbasses are gone. We need some make sure that everyone's useful the next time around." Kageyama said.

"Damn, that's rude to the skeleton guy. He was just having some fun." Owen argued.

"He was burning down a tree. What kind of guy has fun burning down a tree?" Kipo asked, seriously not in the mood.

"I don't know!" Kageyama shouted.

"There's a gal who'd find that kind of fun." Shego said. "You didn't hear it from me, though."

"Hey, if you want to keep it private...leave it in the confessional." Owen told her the obvious, with Shego just shaking her head.

"I know, so I don't care." Shego remarked, rather bored of being mad. "Besides, what did you even do last challenge?"

"I carried a whole bunch of headbands that you didn't even know about!" Owen yelled, as Shego was just shaking her head and Noah was trying to cut his words on. "Yeah, you don't believe me!"

"Okay, Owen, we don't exactly have a plan to win." Noah said. "We need to do some co-operation."

"That...I'm good at." Nobara bumped Noah's shoulder.

"Good, we need quite a bit more people being good at things. Dumbass." Kageyama said, practically struggling through that sentence.

"I'm not a dumbass for existing." Nobara told Kageyama, being offended and all.

"Okay, okay, we may not be sure what to say, but we've got each other's skills and abilities and whatever it is you have!" Sandy shouted. "And I'm sorry that I didn't say much last challenge, but this challenge is going to be different and we should consider everybody in it."

"I wasn't even in the last episode apparently!" Sakura shouted. "But I did some business."

" got punched off the roof." Pit said. "I saw it in the sky."

"And I was there...hanging out, having fun times!" Soma exclaimed, as the two of them were chuckling with each other. "Kageyama, you didn't look too good."

"Shut up, you're a real dumb guy!"

The rest of the team that was still there, besides Mikasa and Tomo, were just looking at the two of them have a moment and Pit, Soma and Deadpool were just chuckling at Kageyama.

"Would you quit doing that. We lost because one of you guys likes to be annoying!" Kageyama shouted at Soma.

"Sorry, man." Soma remarked. "Don't worry about it, we'll figure out the teamwork."

*Giovanni Potage's confessional*

The pink-haired upcoming villain looked smug.

"Okay, this is a team where both bad guys and good guys are here to have some fun and we're not buckling down to anyone who wants to ruin our close crew!" Giovanni shouted. "That's right, we're tight!"

*Wario's confessional*

He was doing his business, almost oblivious to the camera.

"Oh yeah, Wario's confessional! Uh...Giovanni actually has the power of making soup, which is good...because Wario's looking for good food." Wario remarked.

*Confessional cut*


Sokka and Oikawa were both frazzled at the elimination, as Khun was just sitting there...doing some strategy talk and the rest were also hanging out in the giant mess hall.

"Damn it, we're not losing another bunch of people!" Sokka shouted. "Joey didn't deserve to get voted out like that."

"Honestly, this is a show where the people who least deserve to stay in consistently stay in." Khun said with a calm smile. "Why are you surprised?"

"Because neither card guy or Daphne deserve to be voted off, but..." Sokka sighed, not in a good mood.

"...someone has to go." Khun said, not really happy.

"Damn it, this competition has us thinking differently and not in a good way." Daphne said. "Like any of us could go at any time."

"Let's be honest, a lot of you could actually go..."

Askeladd had some words to say, as Bayonetta didn't really care.

"...unlike me, because as much as I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the money, I'm a warrior that can do things with a small bunch of people."

"What are you really doing, tough guy?" Oikawa asked Askeladd with a coy smile. "As much as I probably couldn't carry a sword, you probably never did things on your own."

"Yes. Man, what is your smile?" Askeladd asked.

"It's probably a cool smile, that's the real deal!" Lowain butted in with a smug grin. "Unlike this food, which is-"

Chef threw a glare at the fellow chef, who was actually struggling to eat and Oikawa, who just smiled with an empty mouth.

"-not doing a stomach wreck, no way."

"Like this blonde furry said, a real one." Oikawa remarked, as he got a look from a good chunk of the team.

"On what universe, does someone have to clarify a genuine smile?" Askeladd asked, as Oikawa got thrown off. "Besides that, I came here to win and this team isn't doing any winning."

"I think we're just getting used to each other. I doubt that the other teams are perfect, so all we can really do is some classic team adaptation...because we're a team of people that have one amazing skill that can work together to do things." Reigen told all of them, trying to bring some insight.

"Exactly, I didn't come to be on a team of losers!" Askeladd shouted.

"...I feel like the real problem is that you're...really egotistical." Reigen said, taken aback as an guy.

"I feel like we're just going off the rails. We're winning for Joey, okay!" Sokka exclaimed, as a good majority of the team were raising their hands. "Good, because in the Water Tribe...we do things."

"Not gonna lie, y'all just saying bangers, while I'm sitting here getting the glare." Lowain remarked, as the whole team was just chilling and hanging out with some more motivation.

*Amelia's confessional*

"I don't know what is with that Reigen man, but I don't think he's trustworthy." Amelia said, being very serious about things.

*Cassie Cage's confessional*

"As much as he's a wannabe psychic, he said some pretty good words and honestly, probably needed to say that for the team!" Cassie said, feeling pretty relaxed.

*Confessional cut*

Besides the two losing teams, the winning team was feeling pretty good about the next did the two alliances that were housed within it that were doing their own things in the house.

Or a reward in the case of the first alliance.

"We're not fucking around! We're gonna make these other teams find out!" Harley shouted, feeling the power of a hot bath.

"I still don't have an idea what you're talking about-" Azula said with authority.

"It means that they mess around and we're going to show them what's up with our team!" Harley said with a smug smile.

"Yeah, I'm not going to say that." Azula said, her hair looking clean. "Though you can say it, though."

"Come on, that's how I run things." Tron Bonne remarked, basically chilling in the bath. "You mess around and they find out."

"Now, that's how I would put it. Being a team player hurts only when you're losing." Azula said.

"Hey, uh, there's going to be a new challenge today, so Rhinos, you're going to have to give up your reward today."

"Damn it, it's back to Chef's bad food." Mai grumbled, eating the good food. "Why can he cook so good?"

"It's the Total Drama experience, which sucks, but you can't change it." Yumeko said, not in a good mood.

"Well, we'll make it last." Azula remarked.

*Mai's confessional*

"I guess you could say that we're going to live in...normal life around these islands! Thank god, because the food from Chef is terrible." Mai said, with a confident smile.

The kunoichi looked around for anyone to be around her.

"At least I could say it.

*Confessional cut*

The other alliance was basically a truce, but someone knew what it the leader of it was smugly sitting on a chair and the other person was smoking a pipe with not-so-trustful eyes.

Dante just walked in all casually.

"Hey, hey, calm down. I'm just here to stop you from being team wreckers." Dante said. "Though, it looks like it has stopped."

"Well, this is a truce and I think we're doing good for a truce!" Pinstripe exclaimed, combing his own hair.

"That's good to hear. You wanna make this thing an alliance?" Dante asked.

"'s your idea." Pinstripe remarked.

"Hey, why not? I think we've got a great set of people here to do some strategy!" Coachman asked, casually sitting on a chair. "The addition of this young man here would really set us apart in more ways that you'd think...for my plan."

"Is he always this onimous?" Dante asked casually.

"Yes, but he is not wrong. We'd be a great alliance...even if I don't think we're going to be friends." Basil was still reading a random book.

"Yeah, I can see that." Dante said. "Well, I'm joining this thing, wherever you like it or not."

"Considering everything about you, I think it would be a mistake to not have you here...besides, we do need more social people." Basil told Dante, as Shulk raised his thumbs up.

"Hey, this food is great!" Shulk shouted. "Sugar, can you please get your own?"

The blonde pageant star just shrugged, as she kept on eating her share of Shulk's small plate.

"Ah, the wonders of life." Coachman quipped, as Pinstripe just groaned.

*Dante's confessional*

"Aw yeah, new me, new alliance!" Dante was just flipping a coin. "Looks like wherever this coin points, it's going to be pretty fun on Total Drama!"

The coin landed in the toilet.

"Looks like this show's always full of surprises."

*Confessional cut*

All four teams had gotten done with their meal and the Deers were feeling pretty good about themselves, after not losing two more members to the slingshot yacht of elimination.

They may not have some good food, but they were sure safe.

"Man, Tanjiro was on some shit!" Riley shouted.

"...Is that a good thing?" Tanjiro asked, trying to understand the slang.

"Yeah, my nigga! You starting to breathe different and it's like you ain't even the same person who was repping your sister!" Riley said.

"Uh, thank you?"

Tanjiro just finished his food, not displeased, as Riley fistbumped him.

"Let's be honest, he doesn't have a clue what you're saying. But you did good these past few challenges!" Bugs butted in, finally saying something. "Eh, I wish I could've been way more useful."

"I think you were, though, it's just no-one would've seen you." Yuri complimented the rabbit that wasn't short on compliments.

"Thanks...I still don't know what you're doing, Dawn." Bugs said.

"The person that you share the house with is making you feel as though as your contribution." Dawn answered, a little bit sleepy. "I'm sorry for doing that."

"Yeah, you better be!" Bugs complained, as the rabbit was just eating an carrot.

"Man, don't get in his business, you witch." Tiana said, still suspicious of Dawn.

"I didn't mean to!" Dawn apologised. "I wouldn't even be able to turn you into any animal, even if I wanted to...which would hurt a lot."

"I know, but you're always doing something crazy weird." Tiana said, still feeling weird about the moon girl.

B just put his hand on Dawn, the silent guy looking a bit differently at her and Daisy was whispering to Luigi...who blushed as well.

"Don't worry about it, Luigi, I could be super wrong." Daisy just slapped Luigi on the back.

"Oh, I guess that's right." Luigi said, nervously laughing after that. "Hey, I think we can win this one!"

"I mean it's not impossible, we are incredibly capable of great things. Even in the first challenge, some of you had skills that would bring all of us further in this weird it's best to show them off in this round." Tanya remarked, drinking some tea like it was nothing. "I have some of my own, too."

"Hey, keep it down..."

Tanya, Daisy and Luigi was looking at the wolfwalker (Irish version of werewolves, if you didn't know.)

"...I'm trying to think about last challenge." Robyn said, somehow carrying an immunity idol. "Also, I picked this thing up."

"Can I have it?" Tanya immediately asked.

"Sure, I don't want to get cursed!" Robyn gave the child soldier the idol.

"It's not-"

Tanya smiled evilly, though Robyn couldn't really tell.

"-oh, forget it, no-one's even listening to me." Penny Proud said. "At least I'm still here without any votes!"

*Tanya's confessional*

The blonde child soldier was still doing that smile.

"It's not really a curse. Letting someone else be voted off in my place is a very powerful thing." Tanya said.

*Ram's confessional*

The pink-haired maid had some choice words on Robyn's move.

"If I'm right, she just gave someone immunity from whatever mistakes that they did in the future. That is not really much of a good move." Ram stated.

*Confessional cut*

"Hey, campers, you guys ready for your first throwback challenge! Meet me up on the cliff in an hour with your swim clothes ready!"

Chris said that from his booth of announcement, Chef being there too.

"Man, some of these guys are going to be real excited about this one." Chris said.

"I dunno, some of them can't swim." Chef remarked. "Too bad for them, I guess."

"Yeah, too bad for them!" Chris chuckled.

While the hosts were just getting themselves up there with ease, the rest of the contestants were doing some good ol' speculating while walking up the hill.

"Hey, where were you two hanging out?!" Kageyama shouted.

"We were playing Smash Bros with my main, Shulk in the cabin!" Miko declared. "But this angel managed to beat me with Saki, who's too strong!"

"You should've dodged my awesome projectiles and lightning fast aerials! But you were awesome enough to almost beat four-to-five." Pit said.

"You know what to see what else I've got?" Miko asked.

"It's on!" Pit screamed. "on the cliff!"

"Just so you know, if you screw up, I'm gonna vote the both of you off." Kageyama said, as Sandy was trying to cut that talk out...with hand motions.

*Sandy's confessional*

"As much as I know what challenge this is, I think those two are going to be in the same basket...if you know what I mean." Sandy said, the squirrel looking more than ready.

*Confessional cut*

As for the winning team, four of the Rhinos were somehow way further up than they really should and they were both suspicious of each other...especially since some of them weren't the physical type.

"How did you get up here?" Azula asked Barker, who was sweating. "Looks like-"

"Oh, you know, when you're out searching for these things, you tend to find faster paths." Barker remarked smugly. "I'm guessing you don't have any."

"Honestly, I don't need any when I've got the whole team." Azula stated.

"Well, that's nice of you. I don't need the whole team anyways." Barker also stated.

"Okay, okay, can we just get along for a second?" Tron Bonne asked, also pretty tired.

"Yeah, I'm not looking to get eliminated!" Shulk said, finally turning off Monado Speed. "I hope you two were having a good talk."

Shulk and Tron Bonne saw the their respective alliance leaders' smug grin and decided the obvious...but luckily one of them actually backed down.

"Well, looks like we're going to get all of our acts together." Barker just readied his gloves. "Don't forget that I've got ways of sending you home if you don't do that."

Shulk just didn't say anything seeing the tension in the air, as Tron Bonne thought those words over in her head.

*Shulk's confessional*

"I don't think they had a good talk...maybe they even had a bad talk." Shulk said. "Like he said, this is for the whole team."

*Tron Bonne's confessional*

"Hold up, who is that old guy? He can't just say something like that every episode and get away with it like it's no big deal." Tron Bonne said. "What's he planning?"

*Confessional cut*

The cliff had a lot of grass on it and on the side of it, there was actually quite a few ledges to land on painfully, the sky was clear, the ocean water had a ring next to the cliff and there was an escalator for the cowards, of course.

"Welcome to the first of quite a few throwback challenges! The classic 100-foot dive down a cliff!" Chris announced. "I feel this is a pretty simple challenge..."

"Hah, you're wrong!" Deadpool whispered to Joseph. "Give me some dough."

"I'm a man of my word." Joseph, giving him some old dollars quietly.

" guys have to dive down this cliff and hit the safe zone ring! If you don't do that, you're going to meet these man-eating sharks!"

These sharks were just showing, though they were not numerous.

"Or if you're a chicken, you get to wear this hat that shows your shame! And of course, in the second part of the will reduce your point count by the numbers of chickens that your team has!"

Most of the teams were actually paying attention

"Basically, get two chickens, you lose two points, 1 chicken, you lose a point and no chickens means you get the full fifty!" Chris announced. "Also, the Crafty Crows go first because they had the least points."

"So that means that the teams go in order of how many points they got in the last challenge. Interesting." Kipo said, quite loudly.

"I was going to say that! So, you get the honours of diving first." Chris said with quite a bit of annoyance, as Kipo was put on the spot with her swimsuit.

"Oh, okay." Kipo she looked down at the cliff with the ring and sharks. "Looks good..."

Kipo may have been sweating, but she stepped back quite a few and then did a running dive off the cliff.

She was going down, down into the water and...she didn't miss the ring.

"Guys! The water's clean down here...for some reason!" Kipo shouted, swimming in the ring.

"The boat will come if you dive..."

Kipo saw the boat driven by someone that was defintiely seen on TV before, though he was wearing a red shirt.

"Hold up, does Brody have a boat lience thing?" Rock asked, considering that the surfer bro.

"...our guest Brody will drive you onto the beach! That's it for the explaination!"

"Yah, thanks, Chris!" Brody exclaimed with a megaphone, Kipo just stepping on. "I'm an intern apparently."

"...Hope he's gonna be okay." Rock said, knowing what the interns go through.

The thirty or so Crafty Crows were stepping up to the cliff, more than ready to take on many of the dives that were going to have to be required for them to win.

"Will these Crows finally find their inner winner or will their chickens count too much for them to make a comeback? Find out after the break!" Chris announced, as the camera cut to black.

To be continued in Part 2, where there's a lot of downward dives from the other teams and these contestants show off their unique skills in order to own the competition!

Or not, because this is a simple challenge and I'm so glad that the chapters are still content-packed and also shorter than any of the last episode's parts as of now!

Thanks 1602jaw and Memeking, I appreciate the reviews.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 4: One Mad Dive
Part 2: Cliff Diving Clashes

Well, no-one said that people trying to cliff dive was easy at all...aside from Kipo, but she may have been the first one down for the Crows.

It's not going to get any easier for the rest of the Crows and the other three teams, especially the ones that weren't super cool with being in the water!

But wherever they were clashing or not, any kind of comeback is possible in this find out what's diving in this part of the fourth episode!

BTW, potential minor spoilers might be here for Attack on Titan and of course, read and review this part!

The sky was mostly clear, the waters were clean and the host was smiling with his clean Kipo was already at the bottom.

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Ultimate Islands, where these 115 or so people will dive down to victory!" Chris announced. "And it looks like the Crows are ready to get themselves down there!"

"No! Some of us are pretty scared of the water, which isn't good for any of us." Mikasa said, taking the leadership role. "So, every one of us should dive."

"Then what about you? I'm going to dive with my hands open!" Giovanni shouted.

"Er, Wario's going to have the best dive of all time!" Wario exclaimed, as Giovanni was high-fiving him. "Glad to see, that you see it Wario's way."

"Not if I try first!" Tomo was preparing her run, swimsuit ready. "These sharks can't catch me!"

Tomo then looked down at the cliff before...actually running off it, causing her to get through many backflips before she landed well inside the ring back up.

"Oh, is she good?" Terry Bogard asked. "She looks..."

Tomo just threw her thumbs up, which made Terry wipe the sweat off his brow.

"Well, it's time to get some time in the sea!" Terry declared, ready to get some screen time...with a serious dive. "Wish me luck!"

"I ain't wishing you luck, we're gonna be winners!" Gum exclaimed, as Terry managed to land in the safe zone. "Time to-"

"-get this thing diving down!" Haida said. "Please don't me eat me, sharks!"

These two were just diving like it wasn't a big deal, as they weren't super okay with the shark bitings, but they landed in the safe zone...not missing a beat.

"Woohoo, five out of probably twenty-nine or something. Eh, you guys should really step up to my game." Kyo remarked, as Terry was just looking at him with confusion.

Kyo just jumped off with a smirk into the ocean beside the cliff...and he barely got in, raising his arms at landing in the safe zone.

"Wow, that's some guts." Kyo said, seeing that Gum was hanging onto Terry Bogard.

"Okay, we're here to do a montage of divers! Because most of us are not scared of the water or the sharks!" Deadpool exclaimed, as Pit was just bumping his own fist. "As you know, my record with sharks? Unbeatable."

"Uh, cool?" Pit asked. "I've got water arrows or something!"

"What the hell are you two talking about?!" Nobara asked. "We're not messing up sharks."

"My record against sharks, which could bite most of us."

These three were just the start of the additional dives, as Pit was just flying down into the water, Deadpool was just doing a massive amount of sideflips, Sakura basically did a cannonball, Riku diving head-first with a scream and Nobara was doing a pretty cool dive.

Sandy was going to do just Sakura noticed that she was outside of the ring, as she looked shocked.

"Sandy, get out of the shark water!" Sakura shouted. "This isn't Bikini Bottom."

"Then I'll show 'em how we do it there!" Sandy was just raring up a punch to a shark that was coming up to her.

But the shark just avoided her for obvious reasons, as Sandy swam into the safe zone.

"What was with that?" Sandy asked, finally getting into the safe zone.

"I think it could sense your fighting spirit." Sakura remarked, as the rest of the divers were picked up along with her.

*Sandy's confessional*

"I think it just doesn't eat squirrel, which was it's lucky day, because I was about to make some sushi outta it!" Sandy declared.

*Confessional cut*

"That's right, Giovanni Potage is willing to take one for his minions! Let's get 'em!" Giovanni exclaimed, still on the way to becoming a real villain.

"Uh, I can dive myself." Shego remarked, as Wario stopped her. "I don't have to waite for this thing!"

"Watch me for I do big villain things!" Giovanni went for his dive.

"Okay, then." Shego said, as the pink-haired villain got down into action.

His action was just doing a weird bellyflop backflip hybrid thing, yet he made it almost cool to do before hitting the edge of the safe zone hard enough to slide down it quickly.

"Damn, he went down like a man. Wario's gonna go down like a man!" Wario followed that up, as he ran off the cliff with a smug grin.

Wario was actually doing a lot of backflips and frontflips...only for style points, but he was definitely in the safe zone and met Giovanni, who was still invigorated.

"Wow, what a dive!" Shego shouted, though Giovanni couldn't tell that it was sarcastic.

She just went for a normal dive, getting outside of the safe zone without much of a care.

"Hey, what the hell?!" Kageyama shouted.

"Please survive." Mikasa said.

Shego was well aware of the sharks and of course, she just slapped the hell out of them...the powered-up pimp slap working its magic.

"Hey, hey, these guys are rare!" Chris said, as Shego jumped into the safe zone. "Anyways, you people aren't going to switch teams, right?"

"I'm good on the team!" Kageyama shouted.

"Alright, geez." Chris stated, as the volleyball player was just looking down and then just diving with a care. "Also, you Crows have 16 divers!"

Though the team leader...sort of made it into the safe zone, things weren't looking great for Mikasa...even after reaching the sea for a good two years and doing some stuff.

"I don't know if I will be able to do this challenge. I can't swim that well." Mikasa stated, thinking back

"I can't swim, yet I don't let that hurt!" Tiny Tina replied, as she got the chicken hat. "Not going to lie, it's a good hat."

"But I won't stand down." Mikasa ready to do some things, starting her confident dive.

"Wait, it looks like you kinda can't swim!" Tiny Tina shouted.

Mikasa dove without that much Shego was still there, practically chilling in the water with Mikasa now landing in it...and floating like it wasn't a big deal.

"Not gonna lie, thought you weren't gonna jump considering the...craziness that's your life and whatever." Brody said, as Mikasa and Shego hopped on. "Damn, one chicken too."

"Ah, whatever. Let's just do it for our homies." Owen said. "To them!"

"To where?!" Noah shouted, as he saw that Owen was doing the jump. "Wait a second!"

"What? I'm just taking one for the team...oh yeah, there was a big wave!" Owen remembered the first challenge from the first season. "Noah and the rest of people, let's do it!"

Noah just jumped down with some introspection, Gloria just dived down with a smug smile, Michiru was using her arms that turned into wings and Miko was just yelling all of the way down with a cheer...

And landed on top of Michiru, as the move was happening.

"What the heck was that? That was pretty insane pain..." Judy was just thrown off by the now stunned Michiru. "...glad, she's alive."

Miko just got back up.

"Hey, what the hell? You couldn't have just waited?" Michiru asked.

"Come on, diving into shark-infested water down a massive cliff?! You don't do that everyday." Miko proclaimed, as she was just feeling herself in the water.

"Geez, calm down for a second." Michiru said. "I nearly got dunked into the water."

"Yeah, oh, sorry."

"Wow, that's twenty two out of twenty nine and if we all dive, we should have no more chickens in this business." Judy said, being a rabbit. "...But I kind of can't because I'm a rabbit."

"Uh, I can! This dive sounds like fun!" Papyrus exclaimed. "Uh, my bones are connected good!"

"If this is for the team, that I can do!" Darkness also exclaimed, slapping Papyrus on the back. "Slap me off the cliff!"

"No, human, that would be messed up!" Papyrus shouted...considering the obvious. "Robot man, how are you doing?"

"My hydro protective parts have been well prepared and your friend's attractive-ness has been noted." Genos remarked, as Papyrus looked shocked. "Us three should go."

Darkness...aimed for the safe zone and she managed to hit one of the buoys, as Genos didn't do that and saw the hurt on the way down...and Papyrus just did a weird cannonball and landed on the water.

Darkness felt the pain...which she had some more of that feeling about, as Judy saw.

"I am more than okay, I could smash all day into these buoys!" Darkness shouted.

"...Urgh, is she good?" Judy asked. "She's having a good time about it."

"Damn, she really is perverse. Which I'm all about!" Tiny Tina shouted, as Judy was mulling it over sadly in her mind. "Achieve your dreams of pain!"

"I will take it!" Darkness shouted. "I will be the crusader than I can be!"

"Ew!" Judy said, seeing that only her, Tina and Daniel was left. "Knight of bones or something, dive please. Still a rabbit and these sharks probably like rabbit!"

The sharks then snapped up to Sir Daniel stuck out his sword to defend his lady from Judy took the chicken hat.

"Besides, I don't think any of these teams are going to do it perfectly. You apparently saved your land being dad, so...uh..." Judy didn't really anything to say.

"I will do it!" Sir Daniel shouted, running in with his sword. "What are these animals?!"

Sir Daniel actually ended up running off the Judy just took on the hat, as Sir Daniel literally fell into the water...and got picked up by Darkness.

"Crows, you did pretty good! 27 out of 29 contestants...though you may lose two points in the next round." Chris announced, getting into the business. "Swordfishes, you get third, but it's your turn now!"

"You actually can swim, you got arms and are good looking!" Tiny Tina encouraged Judy.

"I think I'll learn it and put that into my skillset. You could learn it too." Judy bumping Tiny Tina on the shoulder.

*Riku's confessional*

"Looks like I'm going to have to get used to having a new bunch of friends for the third time, though it doesn't look like they're dealing with hearts. Trust me, you don't want to know what I'm talking about." Riku said, feeling exasperated from the Nobody shenanigans.

*Pit's confessional*

"Wow, Miko can dive, absolutely go on the attack and 2-0 me? She sounds like a pretty cool teammate and a uh...good friend material." Pit proclaimed. "I bet she can't shoot an bow and arrow."

*Confessional cut*

The twenty-eight Swordfishes and they were more than ready to be the best of the contestants...despite one of the contestants saying the obviious up on the cliff.

"I was not designed to be diving down cliffs, so I can't do it." Connor stated. "Potentially, the rest of you can do it so that our team can have some kind of advantage...even if it's over last place."

"Hopefully, this doesn't mean I'll get stuck in the water." Reg said. "Though the last time I was in water...more dangerous things came up."

"I have no data on you and water, so hopefully you can do it." Connor stated without much confidence. "...I think."

"Thanks for the words." Reg stated.

The other teammates were about to put their plan into action and their plan was just one thing.

"Winning is for badasses and I think we're generally badass! Man, I'm cooking up some bars over here!" Lowain tried to motivate all of them, as Reigen was looking at him with confusion. "Brah, sometimes my language hits different depending on what I'm feeling."

"I know, it just doesn't make sense." Reigen remarked, letting the statement slide.

However it mattered, these guys were here to do one Sokka accidentally demonstrated...while doing the best of stretches.

"And Sokka's about to get you all started with some-" Chris announced, as Sokka tripped over the cliff. "-of the craziest dives on Total Drama to date!"

Sokka was flipping, of course, sideways and he looked pretty dang he was the first of the divers and he flopped on hitting the water.

"That was not crazy, that was pretty lame." Sokka stated from the safe zone. "I dunno, the rest of guys better make it up to this cyborg dude."

"Okay, for the cyborg dude!" Oikawa said. "Our half-robot comrade needs us to win, so we need to-"

"-Then let's get it!" Ryuko ran off the cliff to do an seriously motivated dive.

Ryuko definitely nailed it with the punch for some reason, but the others weren't Smee just went down with a smile and then so did Eva did with some serious anger.

They all landed in the safe zone, as did Nicole....doing a foot-first dive with some punch and Eva looked at all of them.

"Even the old guy's tough, what a story." Eva said.

"Well, I have to thank my captain!" Smee remarked.

"Yeah, thank yourself." Eva stated angrily.

"Hey...we all have someone to thank for being kind of badass!" Ryuko said with a smile, as Eva just rolled her eyes.

"Wow, six for the Swordfishes already!" Chris announced, as Bayonetta was just diving down in her own self-made swimsuit. "Make that seven!"

"Hey, there's no reservations, so it's best to keep on diving!" Bayonetta told the to the teammates that were up there. "Also, beware of Joseph."

"Wait, why, he's a good..." Ryuko said from the boat.

"My man's built like a monster truck!" Brody complimented the tall muscular guy. "He's...the chaddiest."

The guy with Hamon was stretching to unstiffen his muscles and the camera accidentally, as a few members were gazing at his great build.

"It's time to get swimming!" Joseph said. "Wow...I'm married."

"Cool, cool." Daphne stated, a little bit Joseph just dove down. "How is he so chill about it?"

"Like he said, he's married." Cassie Cage her teammate was blushing strongly. "...You have a boyfriend, right?"

Joseph was the eight to dive into the safe waters and then the two who talked ran off to follow the half-British guy up with their own dive to the zone...along with Tails who landed on top of him.

"Yeah...who's under me?" Tails asked, Joseph quickly swimming to get out of his way. "Sorry about it."

"Eh, it's not a massive deal. Not too shabby, though." Joseph remarked.

The 11 contestants were on the boat, as others their own thing, as Falco dove down with sheer speed to ride the wind,...Reigen was shrieking all of the way down, Kasumi dove down hands-first, Lowain doing the devil horn hands while looking at the camera, Min Min bringing her long arms back, Arle basically using a spell to slow down and Heavy shouting something.

"Diving cowards suck." Heavy said...before he landed outside of the zone. "Sharks scared of me."

"Uh, they're not." Oikawa remarked. "They're coming in."

"No, you better watch!" Heavy exclaimed, readying a punch.

The 17 other successful divers were watching him...punch a shark in the nose with such force that it got flown back like it wasn't a problem.

"No problem." Heavy remarked, as the shark had landed in the water. "Shark has problem."

*Cassie's confessional*

"As apparently badass as it was, I'm more concerned on how these sharks get to be man-eaters. Definitely not Hollywood apparently." Cassie said, very much scared of the animal experimentation.

*Confessional cut*

Now it was 18 and quite a few more were ready to get down into the business.

"Hold on, you can swim, so I don't see why you get to be outta this thing!" Leshawna shouted with motivation.

"Because I'm not exactly super willing to go down with the sharks? But I will go last." Khun remarked.

"You've seen these things, they ain't caring about last jump." Leshawna said. "Also, why do you have your briefcase?"

"You'll see why." Khun just saw Leshawna do the dive. "There's actually fish in this thing."

The next few went without a hitch, as Tails was just diving down with a drill dive and a smile, Reg was just going down with a scream, Askeladd dived with a fearless smile and then Raven casually went down for the point.

"That's twenty-four out of twenty-eight!" Chris announced. "Which is worse than the Crows now."

Connor couldn't dive (signified by the chicken hat), Khun was actually waiting for his turn, Amelia just took the chicken hat with a serious sigh and Oikawa...was there.

"Why aren't you diving? I don't know how to swim and I'm pretty sure that Connor might end up six leagues under." Amelia said. "I'm not proud of that fact."

"Well, uh, wouldn't you like to not be bitten by sharks?" Oikawa asked, sweating a bit. "These things nearly snapped up the biggest guy on our team."

"You can swim and he sure can swim...what is he doing?" Amelia asked. "Where did you get the fish?"

"Doesn't matter. What matters is that Oikawa will dive." Khun just put down the briefcase and then did a simple dive. "Volleyball captain, do your worst."

"Oh, I'll do my worst." Oikawa remarked, as he stepped back to get prepared.

He readied himself, as the swordfish finally reached the sharks and they were just booking it out of the general area and then the brown-haired setter jumped off, falling at speed until...

He hit the edge of the safe zone...but not the buoys.

"Well, Tobio-chan, I guess we're pretty even now!" Oikawa told his rival on the Crows, as Squigly awkwardly dived into the safe zone. "More than even!"

"We can't force them to dive unless they drown or die." Raven told him seriously, as the boat picked up the last of the divers...including Squigly.

"And the Crows and the Swordfishes both have two chickens...let's see if the new second place team finally takes first!" Chris announced, as Joseph and Oikawa just looking at each other on the beach.

The half-British, half-American hero and the Japanese pretty boy volleyball captain were gazing each other some of the ladies were looking respectfully.

"Wow, they're both so attractive. Why do they share so much animosity?" Squigly asked. "It's not like they share a lot of things in common."

"When you're trying to get ladies, egos tend to clash for no reason." Nicole said. "Knock it off."

Daphne was just sitting down on the ground, trying to think of things.

*Daphne's confessional*

"Fred, I was looking at those two respectfully! Their muscles were just there and they happened to be wet for the challenge!" Daphne huffed, trying to figure something out. "...Never mind, Fred."

*Reg's confessional*

"I don't think I've had so much water get into me in my life. I still feel fine, it's just that my arms aren't really made for swimming." Reg said, as a starfish was taking residence in his head.

*Confessional cut*

" may or may not have people that can't dive, but you guys showed up last time! So, it'd suck for you to lose, but it'd be awesome for me!"

Chris chuckled, as the green coloured collective were standing on the cliffside with a very confident collective smile that showed that they were in it to win it.

"Remember, it doesn't matter if 29 of you dive! The score to beat is really two chickens!" Chris announced, as the vast majority of the teams weren't looking scared of the water...or the angrier sharks.

"Well, you heard the man. The score to beat is two chickens." Tanya said. "I'd suggest that all but one of you get going."

"Well, can you swim? That is very much important to the challenge." Sonja asked, as all but four of them put their hand up. "But out of the ones that can't swim...who'd like a ride?"

"I wish I could but I-"

Robyn couldn't finish her sentence before Donkey Kong picked him up.

"-I didn't asked to be picked up!"

The two of them dived as Donkey Kong took the initiative with Robyn being carried to boot...but Donkey Kong went into the safe zone...with Robyn struggling out of the hand being fine.

"Hold on...that worked?! Despite the obvious facts?" Tanya asked, just taking off the hat with anger.

"I mean, that's what I wanted to tell them to do, but DK's apparently quick on the uptake." Sonja Tanya saw an opportunity and Sonja just put the thumbs up.

"Team, we need to save the strongest members to a dual dive or we'll have more chickens than the rest." Tanya answered smugly, as Snake looked suspiciously at her. "It's not like we have anything else."

"Sure..." Samus grumbled for the obvious.

"This shit ain't obvious!" Riley declared. "Sharks 'bout to find out!"

Despite being nine, Riley dove solo and he went down like a rock and hit the safe zone and floated.

"Listen, we ain't fucking around this time!" Riley shouted.

*Donkey Kong's confessional*

"I just mean I just wanted the wolf lady to get into the safe zone, but I didn't know that I would help my team by doing that. We're golden, right?" Donkey Kong asked, ready to drop some beats on time.

*Confessional cut*

And golden was the opportunity, because there was many divers.

"Well, it's my turn now!" Tanjiro declared, running back...and then diving down with a speed.

Tanjiro just swam back up.

"Okay, there's no chickens so far! Despite one of the divers being unable to swim." Chris some of the Rhinos were putting their thinking caps on for this one.

For the next group of divers, it was pretty simple.

B was just doing a hardcore cannonball with a wave rippling upon his landing, Dawn dove to the safe zone and stood on it...before Luigi did a scaredy bellyflop that made her sink...and Daisy just dove to pick them both up.

Ram casually just dove down without much suprise, Mystique Sonia was squealing in happiness in her dive, Yuri was ready to fight the sharks on the dive down and Jude went down with an appreciation of the ocean.

And Julia went out of the safe zone with her dive.

"Look out, these sharks aren't messing around!" Tiana exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, sharks." Julia said, ready to adapt her fighting style to the waters...before Dawn came up to the sharks. "How are you standing on water?"

"Be free, sharks, you don't have to follow the host's whims." Dawn calmed down the sharks...before answering Julia's question. "I used up some of my energy to help out a fellow enviromentalist."

"Cool...I guess I talk about the Amazon a lot." Julia remarked. "I just don't want more destruction happening to it."

"Same thing here. I guess we're a bit alike." Dawn Snufkin just landed out of the safe zone with unsurprised look.

"We should really get to not losing!" Snufkin shouted. "I wouldn't like to be voted off."

"Fourteen divers, still no chickens. These deers really are daring." Chris announced, as the next diver was just doing a feint slap. "Whoa, it's actually funny!"

"Shut up, Chris. It's not." Bugs Bunny stated...putting his swimming goggles and hat on. "Viewers, you know what to do?"

"What the hell is he talking about?" Penny the bunny just dove off air.

"Yeah...what is he talking about? Also, did he just float?" Uraraka asked.

"Could be camera tricks!" Penny said.

"...You could be right." Uraraka Bugs landed in the safe zone.

So did these two, as Penny, Uraraka and also, Scott Pilgrim landed in the safe zone...though the latter was struggling, so Soos...landed on the side of him.

"Oh, good, you're alive!" Soos told Scott, genuinely happy. "Imagine dying."

"I'm glad that my hair's still staying strong!" Kate shouted from the top. "Imagine my hair being ruined."

Kate basically dodged Sonja's run, as the formative team leader dove off the cliffside into the safe zone and so did the 22nd century popstar...though her hair looked a little...

"Even two centuries ahead, my hair doesn't hold super good in water." Kate said, complaining a bit.

"We have to make some sacrifices for the challenge." Sonja told Kate looked offended.

*Kate Alen's confessional*

The F-Zero driver and popstar was just trying to fix her now awkward afro.

"Geez, you'd think that with super fast flying cars and galactic hair care, water wouldn't mess up my style. But I guess this is going to take everyone out of their comfort zone." Kate Alen stated.

*Confessional cut*

"21 divers, still no chickens for the Deers!" Chris there was more solo divers.

Tiana went down into the water, ending up swimming like a frog and Samurai Jack did a simple dive down into it...and so did Piccolo, who swam and floated above the water.

"I don't mind ya showing off. It's just why?" Tiana asked.

"I just wanted to do some of that." Piccolo remarked with a smile, as Tiana raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that isn't wrong. But we are doing pretty good." Samurai Jack said.

"You could say that." Piccolo basically fist-bumped Samurai Jack...who just kinda took it. "Oh no, you really don't know what a fist bump is..."

Spike dove down into the water and used his wings to get back onto the boat, as Brody looking at him weird.

"Bro, you're a small dragon. That's awesome, my dude!" Brody exclaimed at Spike, who was just scratching his head.

"Yeah, my fire isn't small!" Spike then breathed in and spat out smoke. "...I guess that water was stronger than I thought."

Now it was down to Tanya and Snake being kinda paired up and Samus and Aisling definitely being paired up and the latter not liking.

"I bet I could touch the water and have my wolves eat those shark things!" Aisling tried to bragged. "Or those sharks could."

"Trust me, it's not how it works. Wolves can't swim as fast!"

"But they can swim." Aisling rebutted quickly, as Samus did a face palm.

Snake did a pretty casual dive into the water...and the bounty hunter and fae child did a duo dive and they...messed up the execution of it.

Samus landed fine and Aisling was just flailing her arms in the water, as Samus held her.

"Well, that's the end of our team's attempt. You don't have to dive for all of us!" Samus declared. "We should be fine."

"But..." Tanya just looked at the lack of teammates around and her lack of a jewel. "...I can't believe I have to wear this hat."

"Atta girl. Who knew that a 13-year old major would wear the one chicken hat for the deers. I'm sure that your friends back at the Empire would-" Chris practically riled up the child soldier.

"I'm sure that you'd like your head to stay on your head." Tanya had her malicious smile, as Chris backed off. "Carry on being a mediocre host."

All of the Deers, including an very angry Tanya, a dizzied Robyn, a nervous Luigi, a smug Yuri Sakazaki and an unsure Donkey Kong, were actually on the beach near the safe ring and the cliff.

"Anyways. The Rhinos are last and they've been looking at you!"

"Well, well, it's not like they can copy it for one for one. These guys don't even remotely have the teamwork to do the double dive." Sonja said, looking pleased.

"Trust me, you don't even know the half of the team. They're kinda insane." Yuri said.

"That is right and the Rhinos survived the last two challenges intact!"

Most of the Deers were just silent towards Chris, as B was just shaking his head.

"Thank you for the unecessary comment." Ram said, not appreciating the host butting in.

"Will the Rhinos dive to win or will they whine to lose? Find out after the break!" Chris just transitioned to the break.

To be continued in Part 3, where the teams finish their diving, start their other challenge that the diving will contribute to and do some work on it!

Also, the spoiler was incredibly minor...since Mikasa still isn't good at swimming, but there's definitely a strategy that's about to be copied!

Part 3 should be coming soon with the end of the dives, the transitions and the second mostly new challenge.


The Red Rhinos: Chickens to be counted
The Crafty Crows: Two chickens (-2, tied for second)
The Daring Deers: One chicken (-1, currently first)
The Striking Swordfishes: Two chickens (-2, tied for second)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 4: One Mad Dive
Part 3: Diving Into DIY

Well, no-one said that people trying to cliff dive was easy at one more team does it and shows something about them that everyone has expected!

And the four teams carry their mystery items into the second part of the challenge, where it takes a lot of DIY efforts to ensure that they're not eliminating someone.

Though, most of the contestants' expertise...was rough, so find out what they're working on in this part!

The 30 contestants of the Rhinos were standing with attitude on top of the cliff, as there was one more team to dive.

"Hey, though you guys have the most teammates in the game, that doesn't matter if you have three or more chickens in this challenge!" Chris announced. "Trust me, you Rugged Rhinos wouldn't like to go down like the Swordfishes do!"

"Oh, we won't. We've got a plan that's practically inspired." Azula bragged, as her alliance was just giving the thumbs up. "Sokka's team couldn't step it up."

"Who really knows. These guys could be cowards for all we know!" Lynn added in.

"Nobody asked you." Azula put a hand to Lynn's face.

The women, the men and the animals were ready to go down and go down hard they Lynn ran off the cliff.

"Let's gooo-"

Lynn got bumped off by the cliff itself and then she landed in the safe zone.

"Jeez, imagine getting hit by a cliff!" Tron Bonne shouted. "...Uh, not me."

"That's one."

"Wait, do you want to get hit by a cliff?" Muscle Man asked.

"No, it's just that it would be pretty embarrassing!" Tron Bonne yelled, as she was just going all in in excues.

"Okay..." Muscle Man said, as his skin was flappin in the run. "...Hah, get owned!"

Muscle Man was going down hard with a JFK was just leaping off with a diagonal arms and Azula dove with a confident smile that showed her teammates her pride.

"These so-called man-eating animals are nothing but talk." Azula stated, as JFK was just reaching for she came back with a kick.

"That's four divers, but not everyone can dive down. Most of us can easily do that, so it's nothing to worry about." Tifa stated, before looking over at some of her teammates. "Though some of us are going to have to toughen up."

"Then why are we diving down with sharks?" Clover asked.

"Because Total Drama's kinda wild in a good way!" Rock was ready to do the deed. "And most of us are tough."

"I was going down there anyways...but why sharks?" Clover asked in her bikini.

"No-one has the answer, let's just win this challenge." Azula shouted from the bottom, as Tron Bonne came down to dive decently.

"Okay." Rock and Clover both said.

These two then did their excited dives, though Clover was a little bit scared during hers and then Fred dove with the caveman strength and Tifa's was just doing quite a few backflips.

"When you've been up against gods, sharks and water don't scare me. Come on, let's go for another win!" Dante shouted, as Sugar and Sammy were just nervously looking at each other. "Besides, who else is doing the motivation?"

"Stop bragging." Sol remarked, as Storm Shadow did a speedy dive into the safe zone.

Dante, of course, did a few backflips for style before diving down with his sword and caused a big wave in the water and Sol just did a single backflip before diving down.

"Yeah, it's just one of those days for me." Sol said...before Sugar just dove down on top of him.

"Hey, you were in my way?!" Sugar shouted. "Also, your headband is kinda ugly!"

"Does it matter?" Sol asked, as he and Sugar were picked up.

Back at the top, there was something happening up there.

"Damn, these sharks are definitely existing and I definitely don't want to be eaten!" Yumeko said. "I like the odds of that."

"I feel we're both kinda insane about finding this fun!" Squirrel Girl shouted. "But some of us are scared."

"No duh, we're diving into a man-eating shark zone." Mai said nervously.

"So, it's just the usual day for me." Squirrel Girl said, as Yumeko had a wide smile.

"...Never mind. You two are crazy." Mai remarked, willing to do things.

Yumeko dove like a normal person, Mai was spicing things up with a few backflips and then Squirrel Girl looked down and saw the sharks.

She shrugged it off and then did a killer dive, tail practically ready to be bitten and then she landed in the safe zone.

"Let's fucking go-" Squirrel Girl exclaimed, before a shark tried to bite. "-No, don't mess up the food chain."

Tendou was looking down at the shark bite attempt and as did Hank and Pinstripe and they stopped their dive attempts.

"Whoa, that's one nasty that what we're doing?" Tendou asked.

"Yeah, what do you think it was? What the hell is Chris trying to do?" Hank said, as the sharks returned to being ready to bite again.

"Listen up, I've been threatened with my life too many times to care about this! If you guys can swim, then just drop it!" Pinstripe yelled, as the father and the middle blocker stopped.

Hank just he did a pretty normal zone and hit the top of a shark into the safe zone, which just made Pinstripe scared during his dive.

Though Pinstripe went into the safe zone.

"At least we're not chickens." Hank stated, as Gintoki was about to join them.

"Hey, I'm not a chicken either." Gintoki said, before he did the dive with some toilet paper. "Sharks, I don't apologise."

The sharks somehow went after the toilet paper, looking for an enemy.

"Hey, I barely got these sharks approved!" Chris announced, as Gintoki wanted to say something from the safe zone. "Urgh..."

"Yeah, but why?" Gintoki asked, somehow back at the top. "These sharks are a national treasure!"

"They ain't anywhere, I can say that!" Pinstripe shouted from the someone else was just making their own decision on wherever to dive. "There ain't any sharks here."

"I don't know, these sharks are weird and they're not slow either." Tendou shouted from the top, as Sammy just tapped his shoulder. "Yo, pretty lady."

"If you can swim, then you can dive. Those sharks probably won’t come back for a while." Sammy said. "As for me..."

Sammy just did the dive for her team doing a safe zone.

"Yeah, these sharks are weird, but I'm not messing with them!"

Tendou did the dive after he said that and he managed to get into the safe hitting a buoy's side.

*Rock's confessional*

The guy still had his clothes off and was all smiles.

"Man, I don't know what was with the sharks. They were all like..." he imitated the shark bites "...that's for sure. This show's a bit insane in a good way!"

*Confessional cut*

"Man, there's 20 divers...but there's a bunch more to do some diving!" Chris announced, as Harley Quinn did a serious cannonball. "Make that 21."

"Yeah, shut up, host guy. I'm trying to beat Kusanagi." Iori said with a whole lot of spite.

"Well, we should aim to win for the entire team!" Shulk shouted at Iori. "Which we can do!"

"I'm doing it, shut the hell up!" Iori Yagami shouted.

These two also managed to do their dive, though they did it at the same time...and then they both hit the safe zone and each the next diver cringed.

"Man...those are sharks?! I'm not willing to-" Legoshi the sharks were back and jumped up to get him. "-I'm not really risking my life for this!"

"Come on, it's safe down here!" Shulk shouted.

"Yeah, it's not that damn hard or dangerous!" Iori basically chastised Legoshi.

"I don't know, I'm not willing to bet!" Legoshi took the chicken hat, which got some looks from the remaining contestants up here. "Sorry..."

"If we lose because of you, you'll be sorry!" Coachman remarked, before chuckling. "The rest of us should get down there and finish this challenge easily."

"Wait, what do you mean the rest of us?" Carmelita asked, basically doing an interrogation. "Are you saying you're not going to dive?!"

"Whoa, whoa, we're all on the same team here." Legoshi said. "He didn't say that he wasn't going to dive."

"Wha-" Carmelita saw the old man smile knowingly. "-If you can swim, then we're finishing this!"

"Well, I am not a bad swimmer..." Coachman stated smugly, as Carmelita rolled her eyes.

Kristoff and Basil had already both done the dive, though it wasn't too crazy.

"I don't think I will get used to this heat." Kristoff said. "But I'm gonna get used to helping out."

"Right you are. But first, who else is up there?" Basil asked, also feeling the sweat.

"I dunno, but there were definitely three people. And one of them's scared." Kristoff said, seeing that Pepper Ann looked less than prepared to die down.

"Oh, well, that's a shame." Basil said, as his fellow alliance member landed in the safe zone's buoy. "He can survive."

"...Yeah." Kristoff noticed the old guy's fat.

Pepper Ann and Carmelita were looking down in the shark-filled the former was thinking about something.

"Do you think I'm gonna get eaten by a shark?" Pepper Ann asked. "Because they're back."

"I think they're only going to bite when you miss the safe zone." Carmelita told her. "Which I doubt you'll miss, because most of the contestants have dove into it."

"It's not like these sharks are normal."

"I doubt that they're intentionally going out for people."

"...Yeah, you're right!" Pepper Ann accidentally fell over the cliff, though she managed to get into the safe zone.

Carmelita was the last one to dive, but chickens only counted in this thing, as she landed outside of the safe waters...though the sharks just went away from her.

"And the Rhinos only have one chicken! Meaning that both the Rhinos and Swordfishes get an advantage in the second part of today's challenge!" Chris announced, as Brody came back to pick up people.

"Oh, whoa, you dudes and ladies okay?" Brody asked, seeing that Coachman was underwater, Carmelita and Kristoff were avoiding sharks and Pepper Ann was just there. "Nah, trick question, I know you're okay."

*Kristoff's confessional*

The guy didn't look too pleased.

"I expected someone to get bitten. I didn't want or expect to see an old guy naked!"

*Confessional cut*

Soon enough, every remaining contestant was there.

"Brody, thanks for picking these contestants up!" Chris announced, as the surfer dude waved...and got pushed out of view. "Once again, I'm only counting chickens, so the Rhinos and Swordfishes, with one chicken each get trolleys to carry their boxes to...some place. The other two teams don't, because they had 2 chickens."

"Aw!" Brody said.

"Get outta here, cameo!"

The surfer dude just ran far out of frame, probably to some other place.

"Thank you. Meet me up at my awesome resort!"

The many contestants got the message, but they weren't sure how to react to the surprise announcement to get to his hotel.

"I mean-" Legoshi said.

"Trust me, it's not going to be a fun time." Sammy remarked, as Legoshi just nodded.

Two people were definitely giving each other a hardcore glare.

*Sokka's confessional*

The guy was in a good mood with his trunks still on.

"Azula's going to see that we're a great team together and that her team is held together like...two swords, because they can't fit together!"

*Azula's confessional*

She looked very smug about something.

"Please you got carried all of the way by your bending friends, Sokka, I don't think your team's going to be safe, let alone beat mine."

"Is it yours, though?" Lynn asked. "Wait, this isn't the toilet."

"Wow, you're blind."

*Confessional cut*

The Swordfishes were mostly in a good mood, as Min Min and Nicole were definitely putting some work into pushing their trolley with a big box.

"What are we building?" Nicole asked. "I hope it's something else."

"What do you mean building, it could be anything." Min Min said.

"I've seen Total Drama before." Nicole said.

"...Oh, I've been working in the ramen stall all of my life, though we've travelled all over China! Spreading our ramen!" Min Min shouted.

"Please stop that-"


They were both still in a good mood like the rest of the team were...even if some of them weren’t excited to be carrying the boxes.

“This is too hard, where did he even find these anyways?” Daphne asked.

“Wherever these trolleys are at, I’ll be there to help you push them!” Oikawa bragged, as his trolley wasn’t moving much.

“Uh, thanks. So, what do you do?”

“I played volleyball for my high school team. And I’m trying to play some more volleyball now that I’m outta school.”

“Er, nice. Hope you achieve your dreams.” Daphne said, as the two of them were carrying a single box.

“I heard you do a little mystery solving. I’d like to hang in on one of your mysteries!” Oikawa was just casually doing some hand signs. “You know, just ‘cause.”

“...Okay.” Daphne answered, which got some of the guys oohing. “What’s going on?”

“My guy’s getting a lady.” Lowain remarked, which made Daphne narrow her eyes.

“Nah, we’re just teammates!” Oikawa shouted. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing, just seeing some moves being pulled.” Sokka said, as Daphne had a look of regret on her face.

“Wait, aren’t you from Japan?” Daphne asked, as Oikawa looked a little bit nervous. “How are you going to get well, my house?”

Oikawa said nothing, as Daphne just shrugged.

“He shouldn’t take your advice.” Daphne told Sokka and Lowain, who wasn’t silent and then someone else jumped out.

“Hey, we’re just guys that are doing the business of helping this guy out!” Tails told Daphne, as the fox surprised everyone.

“Yeah!” Sokka and Lowain yelled.

“Uh, I don’t need help dating ladies.” Oikawa confidently said, which got some quiet ire from Leshawna, actually. “Wait, it’s nothing big.”

“Can we just push these things, I’d like to see you guys catch up!” Askeladd shouted from an impressive distance.

A good chunk of the contestants on his team were just looking at him with confusion at how he even got with a few others.

“This isn’t our challenge, but we're losing with style, to boot.” Bayonetta remarked, as some of the ladies were whooping. “That is very sad, but apparently there’s a chance that we could do it.”

“What do you mean, could? We can do it!” Cassie exclaimed, helping Bayonetta out.

*Connor’s confessional*

I think that this has not been good for me so far. Though I am an android, unlike most of my teammates, I don’t have any special powers aside from being able to help investigate.” Connor said, slightly saddened. “So, I will help in any possible way.”

*Confessional cut*

There was another team that was really in a good mood and of course, they got second in the last challenge, as the Deers were feeling something.

“I don’t know what I said or what I did, but I’m glad we’re doing’s still okay.” Tiana said, as the restaurant princess was pushing.

“That’s great and all, but okay isn’t enough to consistently avoid elimination.” Tanya added to that. “We need to be doing good to do that.”

“I didn’t say any of that, though!” Tiana exclaimed.

“Yeah, you’re a real buzzkill!” Daisy shouted, as Luigi got back to looking at her respectfully. “Be like Luigi, who’s cool.”

“I like Luigi, but he’s pretty scared of man-eating sharks.” Tiana said, as Luigi was just breathing calmly.

“Who wouldn’t be? I’m sure that they don’t exist like this elsewhere.” Julia remarked, a little angry at the host. “We should make them not do that.”

“Yeah!” Daisy exclaimed, as Luigi got decked in the face. “Sorry about that.”

“That would be good, but we can’t do that at the moment. For now, we can figure whatever this next challenge is...because what are these for?” Tanya was still pushing the trolley with Tiana.

“I think we’re building stuff...which I’m cool with!” Luigi exclaimed, still feeling the arm hit.

“Well, then, let’s get serious.” Julia said.

*Snake’s confessional*

While it’s good that these other guys are talking about things other than this weird Total Drama season, we still need some strategy for the challenge.” Snake said, sure that something weird was in process.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of challenges, the four teams finally a field near the junkyard and Chris had a smirk on his face that suggested something.

“What kind of tortuous challenge do you have for us?” Noah asked.

“More importantly, how are us villains going to rule it?” Giovanni felt the need to butt in.

The second challenge is what I’d like to call building with wood! Though, it’s simple...yet crazy!” Chris announced, ignoring both Noah sighed. “Each team has a different contraption or thing to build up, no hot tubs this time! Though, some boxes have stuff and others don’t!”

“Why?” Noah asked.

“I think he’s going to answer us.” Kageyama said.

You’ve got three hours to build a wooden thing and that’s it!” Chris announced. “Also, the boxes have to be opened without your hands. Anything else is allowed, powers extending from your hands included!"

“Damn, that’s kinda crazy. We can just slice open these boxes?” Shego suggested

Yeah. Any questions?”

A few hands raise up as quickly as they could.

Cool! The challenge starts now!”

“What, we have questions!” Kageyama shouted.

"Yeah, I don't think they're going to get answered, though." Nobara answered, as the host was just going somewhere. "Let's open these bitches."

"How do you open them without hands?"

"Figure something out, that's all I'm saying."

These two weren't the only ones to be sure that there was some ridiculous things going on, as there was a certain trio on another team was confused.

"Don't worry, this thing is going to be figured out like nothing." Snufkin said. "We have feet, right?"

"I dunno, man, these feet weren't made for kicking." Jude shrugged it off. "Also, there's no handle thingy."

"Nah, it's gonna be too hard." Soos remarked, ready to demonstrate. "It's not like-"

The box somehow fell apart on its own, as the three of them were looking.

"-What kinda box is this?" Soos asked, still very confused.

"Does it really matter? We've got a blueprint!" Jude shouted. "Dudes, we've got the plan."

Somehow all of the Deers managed to come up to the blueprint with parts for one specific thing, as there was whole lot of wood and parts for a...

"Why are we making a gazebo? I swear the host is having a wild one." Penny Proud complained, as she was just carrying a pole of sorts.

"Chris has not changed much, really." Dawn sighed. "Though, all of us should get building."

"Let's go dudes, dudettes and ladies! We're about to make this gazebo too cool for Total Drama!" Jude exclaimed.

*Dawn's confessional*

"I sense a lot of villains in this season, but there are a lot of contestants in this season. But there's one aura that I know that could cause havoc to this island." Dawn said, having a butterfly sit on my hand. "And they're not on my team."

*Confessional cut*

The Swordfishes regained some serious momentum, as they were building something that was kinda easy compared to the gazebo...but also pretty tall as well.

"Whoa, why a skate ramp? Does Chris think he can beat us?!" Eva shouted.

"I don't think so, he ran out of ideas for challenges and tryna think of some more." Leshawna said, plain dissapointed with the host.

"Does it really matter. We came here to not lose, that's the least we can do." Eva said, ready to put her anger into building up the skate ramp.

"...How the heck are we gonna turn these things into different shapes?" Tails asked, as he saw Eva just punch a part of an open box. "Not really going to work."

"Sorry for problem solving!" Eva shouted sarcastically.

And the Crows were sure of something, as they got the plans to build a treehouse...somewhere near the junkyard.

"Listen up! We're making a treehouse and I'd like to see your butts get into action!" Sandy shouted. "Mikasa and I are gonna check this thing!"

"I'm just gonna do my thing and collect some more wood." Kyo remarked, as Terry bumped his shoulder. "As long as I can put my mark on it, I'm good."

"You and Terry can pick up some wood." Sandy said.

"We're going to do...bad things for us bad guys, because we're a team of bad guys." Giovanni proclaimed, as Shego just rolled her eyes. "Come on, top minion."

"Giovanni and your crew of sidekicks? You help fight off the other teams!" Sandy declared.

"Finally something good." Shego stopped being disinterested.

"The rest of us are making this thing happen!"

And the Rhinos weren't too surprised at what they were building up.

"You know what? I think if we win, we're chilling good!" Harley shouted. "Now who wants to lose?"

"Well, I don't. Some of us should collect the parts to make sure that this sauna is enough to make us win again!" Azula shouted. "And the other teams will fear the name Rugged Rhinos."

"Not gonna lie, that is...pretty rugged." Basil added in, as the two ladies just backed off.

"Well, you didn't need to say that. But we're all kicking the same ass anyways." Harley just pulled out the bat without much trouble.

"Well, then, it's time to show what we're made of." Azula proclaimed.

"The Rugged Rhinos are building a mini-sauna, the Crafty Crows are making a treehouse, the Daring Deers are making a gazebo and the Swordfishes a skate ramp! Which team will ace it after the break?" Chris announced, ready to transition to another the story and on the television.

To be continued in Part 4, where the wooden structure building gets into high gear, as these four teams get into the swing of things.

Also sometimes, I’m trying to keep the content and the word count in balance, so that episode parts don’t get too long!

The Red Rhinos: One Chicken (-1, tied for first)
The Crafty Crows: Two chickens (-2, tied for second)
The Daring Deers: One chicken (-1, tied for first)
The Striking Swordfishes: Two chickens (-2, tied for second)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 4: One Mad Dive
Part 4: Doing It Ourselves

Shoddy craftsmanship may suck alone, but as part of a team, it's going to suck more for the losers, as there's more happening than just pure craftsmanship!

There's also traps, alliance stuff and a bit of Luigi and Daisy doing things that's what happening here, 'cause Chris ain't willing to let an contestant be happy (for some reason)

Anyways, let's get this going and with the reviews to boot, as the episode’s finally over!


"Welcome back to the second part of this challenge and trust me, these contestants aren't ready for the other stuff!" Chris announced, as the four massive teams were about to do some woodshop...near the junkyard.

And one of them was just getting started to build things up, as the Deers weren't out to get a second Daisy and Luigi were just having a moment together.

"Hey, do you think that ghosts are gonna reach us out here?" Luigi legitimately asked.

"The only thing is Chris is probably putting traps everywhere, which I'm gonna dodge!" Daisy shouted.

"...Uh, I don't know if I can do that." Luigi said.

"Relax, you totally can do that!"

The two didn't even finish the conversation, before they got hit by a mine.

"Ow." Luigi got hurt by said mine.

*Daisy's confessional*

Daisy definitely had a case of soot.

"Listen, I kinda binged the whole Total Drama series 'cause it looked fun and I watched with the other princesses...and Luigi. He got scared badly, but he braved through it!" Daisy exclaimed.

*Confessional cut*

These two just got back she ran into Ram, who just threw away a spike from her hand.

"What's up with you?" Daisy asked. "You're looking real spiky."

"Somehow, I found a spike trap...while I was carrying the pipe." Ram said., somehow casually carrying the pipe. "Clearly this host doesn't like our existence."

"I found this!" Daisy yelled, as she also picked up a piece of wood. "Let's put this on our gazebo thing."

"Yeah, I got nothing." Luigi got a bit more burnt than the two ladies.

But there was a whole lot more happening besides these two traps, as Riley, Penny and Yuri were just hoping to avoid mines in a minefield.

"Stop the cap, my nigga Chris said it wasn't dangerous!" Riley out of the way of another mine.

"Do you call everybody friendly that word?" Yuri asked. "Because he is very much not that."

"Nuh-huh, this guy's a billionaire now!" Riley got blown up into the air, as Penny caught him. "Man, you a hoe."

"No, you're a hoe. We've got bigger problems and these problems are still-" Penny stopped Riley from going crazy.

Yuri blocked some debris with her Saiha, which was basically a pink chi barrier.

"These problems are literally getting thrown at us!" Penny stated.

" did he even do this?" Yuri asked.

"Don't even know, but he did it." Penny said.

"He got his homies to put some traps, no bullshit." Riley said, which got some looks from the two ladies. "You know what I'm saying?"

*Penny's confessional*

"I just don't get some of these traps. There's some war things going on and I don't like 'em and they're bull." Penny said.

*Confessional cut*


"Looks like every team is getting themselves started on building whatever the blueprints say in these first 15 minutes!" Chris announced. "And some of them are avoiding traps!"

The most consistent team in the game were not the most united of teams either, as Dante just demonstrated a stylish scratch on the door with his sword.

"Woo, looks like we're getting started." Dante said. "And it's already looking pretty!"

"Honestly, that's a thing that I don't want going anywhere, but different strokes, though." Pinstripe remarked, as Dante just scoffed.

"At least I'm contributing...what's with the rock?" Dante said.

"You heat 'em up, doofus!" Pinstripe said with a big rock drop.

They both waited a moment, before realising something.

"I think we both look dumb." Pinstripe remarked, before the truce-alliance leader stepped into the situation rather smugly. "Where were you?"

"Well, we've got a good bunch of time to kill. So, why did you join this alliance, Dante?" Coachman asked. "Seems rather sudden."

"Okay, I came here for the kinda insane team strategies that you guys are gonna pull off. That's it." Dante answered, as the Coachman looked rather interested in his...weapons.

"That's very good. My strategy to stop the others from actually getting materials through these." Coachman held up a mine, suggesting that they've been moved.

"Wait, you found those?" Dante said, a bit unsure. "Sounds...kinda insane."

"Hahahah, is this good enough for you?" Coachman asked, as Dante did a thumbs up. "Good..."

The truce that was between two people was now a weird alliance of five, as Basil and Shulk were trying their hardest to find something, Dante was...there somehow and Pinstripe was just assisting the donkey trader.

*Pinstripe's confessional*

"Man, where the hell was the detective when we were cooking this stuff up? This is gonna get us in the big game!" Pinstripe boasted, practically relaxing in the seat

*Confessional cut*

While Dante looked uneasy and Pinstripe was relaxing, there were two people that were in on the business of fucking around and finding things out...behind some big piece of wood.

"What kind of crazy plan is that?" Samus asked, dumbfounded.

"A plan that comes from the crazy man." Snake stated. "Honestly, that doesn't even seem that crazy."

"For this show, it very much is." Samus said. "For now, let's just get this up and standing."

"Good idea...we've got to figure something out together." Snake said with a sly smile.

The Deers were actually making some decent progress on it, as they had managed to build a base for their gazebo...even with some lacking tools.

"To be honest, it's looking pretty good." Snake remarked, someone came in...blown up. "I think the plan's in action."

"I don't get it, since when are there mines here?!" Donkey Kong felt a fur burn. "Is Chris crazy?"

"I mean, yeah, but this is something different." Snake said, as there was someone that had a suspicion.

"The host definitely did not plant this." Samurai Jack came back. "Also, there aren't that many."

"Well, this sucks." Donkey Kong shrugged. "But sucking is for guys that don't like bananas! And you guys like bananas, right?"

The other three looked at him with confusion, as the monkey didn't even realise what he said.

"So, let's eat 'em with full force and your mouth!" Donkey Kong ended the statement, as Tanjiro cheered it on.

*Tanjiro's confessional*

"I may not know how to do the gazebo, but I can really carry wood and help out the guys that I'm stuck with!" Tanjiro exclaimed. "Nezuko, I don't know how we're gonna get out of here, but I can help!"

*Confessional cut*


Speaking of helping, Lowain was a whole different mood in the skate ramp building, as the hands were on and the butts were...there, as he and some of the team were picking up stuff.

"Hold on, man! We're kicking butts like its no tomorrow!" Lowain shouted, as he was picking a few nuts and bolts. "It's not lit, though."

"Why not, these things aren't strong enough to stop us. You know, we're doing good right now." Cassie said, pretty much dodging a mine or two.

"I swear it's like there's a billion of them in here. And there's probably a lot more." Raven said, seeing that there were explosions all around.

"You said what I was gonna say except more sarcastic and all." Lowain said, as he had a smirk.

"I doubt it." Raven doubted it, as the blue skinned hero saw some other explosions. "This is a Total Drama original."

"Well, you can't doubt one thing, this is-AAAHH!"

Oikawa was the one who got blown up, as he was practically flying in the air from the explosion and he got caught by Lowain.

"-Oh wow, *cough* he really got us there!" Oikawa shouted, still in some serious pain.

"Yeah, he sure did." Raven didn't look too happy.

The four of them were definitely in the middle of trying to dodge some debris and other things that were definitely being shot out at them...along with Connor carrying some things as well.

Raven was floating, so she passed through easily, but the rest of them and Connor were still stuck running in an exploding minefield.

And they stopped, taking a breather to notice what...just happened, as Connor figured something out.

"I don't think that Chris was entirely honest." Connor noticed, as the rest of them looked at him. "Besides that, we should get these back."

These guys were still running.

"You're a android police detective from future Detroit...what made you think he was trustworthy?" Cassie crossed her arms, as Connor didn't take it seriously.

*Connor's confessional*

"I don't think I did that good in this challenge." Connor stated sadly. "I can really help

*Confessional cut*


The Crows were actually struggling to deal with making a treehouse, even if Sandy had the most exprience...mostly because some of them weren't interested in being friendly.

"Hey, get your butt out here. I'm gonna do things." Shego said, as Riku was raising an eyebrow.

"What things?" Riku asked skeptically.

"Things that are pretty secret." Shego just dropped a hammer.

"...Are you going to stop people from stealing our stuff? Because that's cool with me." Riku said, as Shego just nodded with the white-haired hero saw her just slip away.

The real unfriendliness was started in the shades of the treehouse.

"Hey, I think you hammer" Kageyama said, still not willing to compliment.

"Whoa, whoa, take your pride down a bit, you're just a volleyball guy." Kyo remarked with a smirk.

"And you just put on fires, what do you care?" Kageyama asked.

"I care about not being sent home, my guy." Kyo remarked.

The two guys were currently hammering down some nails...which got a plank leaning in a weird direction and people noticed...the honestly bizarre state of the treehouse.

"...We shouldn't be just going along with this." Sandy just realised, as Kipo was looking real worried. "We can't unhammer this thing!"

"Yeah, I'm hoping we get points for style." Kipo said, trying to find a silver lining.

The two of them were looking at a treehouse that the rest of the team didn't look too jazzed with, Judy in particular gritting her teeth and Soma was just passing by with tools.

*Soma's confessional*

"I'm not going to lie, being here is kinda the best thing and the worst thing at the same time." Soma explained, being way too relaxed. "I'm not sure what it is, but I think getting money helps a lot."

*Confessional cut*


"Alright, you guys are halfway done and-"

Through what could only be considering the rule of cool, Snake, Samus and Sonja were just trying to avoid some bombs.

"-Looks like you guys are going through an interesting situation!" Chris told these three, who were just a little bit mad at the placed traps.

Though, they couldn't avoid it to get to the clearly dark green gazebo with lime green accents, which was surprisingly normal...besides one thing that was in the middle.

"Is there supposed to be a pole in the middle?" Soos asked.

"I dunno, but we're going for unique style." Jude said, being all chill about it. "And look at that green style."

"Wait, why is it there?" Snufkin said. "I know what this thing is."

"Listen, we're going for the unique thing. Whatever that is." Soos said, as the three team leaders were still getting bombed. "Also, what's that sounds."

"Like a bajillion bombs!" Jude shouted. "Dunno how we can help, but we-"

And Jude stepped on one as well, as the three team leaders had quite a lot of the other two were calm and the third was just rushing to catch their third exploded contestant in a hot minute.

And Tanya was just seeing something.

"...What the hell else are we going to pick?" Tanya asked. "The thing is finished!"

"No, it's not!" Spike shouted, as he came down with a saw. "We can cut this thing down, right?"

"It's not even close to being finished." Tanya said...with the gazebo missing the support stuff.

And of course, the gazebo had a pole hole and the two of them were just seeing why the three team leaders were just doing something else.

*Spike's confessional*

"I think everybody's hoping that the pole makes it cooler...and I'm one of them, because it is cooler!" Spike shouted.

*Confessional cut*


"Alright, it's going down to the wire and of course, there's a lot of pain..."

Scott Pilgrim wasn't about to let the time limit define him, he was just running back...for style points only and also because, the gazebo was practically done.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down." Ram stated. "You look like less of an idiot that way."

"Shut up, pink-haired maid, I gotta-" Scott Pilgrim quite literally got flown forward by a mine...and he was still flying in.

"I did warn him." Ram told someone, who just stepped out of the bush to help her catch the maid.

"Yeah and you told him that he was an idiot!" Mystique Sonia told her, a little mad.

Scott was still flying far ahead of them, as the two of them were running towards the guy and the momentum was somehow enough to make him slide on the ground and carrying a whole bunch of dirt on his hair.

Uraraka was already there, as the other two ladies had arrived in time to see Scott have some dirty hair.

"Damn, I'm surrounded by hot girls." Scott Pilgrim said, smiling slyly. "It's not all bad."

"Isn't there anyone that can do medicine? Heal this guy or help?" Uraraka asked, practically freaking the other two didn't understand.

*Mystique Sonia's confessional*

"I'm not going to lie, this gazebo looks a little bit messed a few ways that I don't want to go to right now, because I don't care that much.”

*Confessional cut*

"Times up, teams! If you're unfinished, you had three hours and man, it's gonna be awesome to see!" Chris announced, as the Swordfishes were all looking proud of their creation.

"Nice ramp? But what does it do?" Joseph asked.

“It’s going to win us the challenge if you wouldn’t understand.” Bayonetta remarked, as Joseph had a sneaky grin. “I bet your wife would love you-”

“Okay, okay, let’s just do this!” Joseph proclaimed.

All four teams had their wooden thing finished, as the host and the co-host were back in the patch of ground that had its mine disabled and the still ridiculous amount of contestants were just watching the both of them with anticipation.

Okay, there’s going to be four people judging you guys from 1 to 10 in craftsmanship and remember the chickens? Yeah, they still dock hope you didn’t suck.” Chris said, as there was two more people hanging out. “Me, Chef...Brody and someone else are going to judge!”

“Sup, dudes. What’s hanging?” Brody asked, as the contestants were just silent. “Chris dude, it’s crazy quiet.”

They’re also from the Ridonculous Race, potential Total Drama contestant and one of the fashion bloggers, Jen.!”

“Okay, okay, why am I here?” Jen sassily asked. “I thought you had fashion stuff to judge.”

“Hey...uh...oh yeah, you’re famous.” Brody said.

Brody and Jen were sitting next to each other, as the two hosts were sat in their own desk right next to them...seeing some of the wooden creations of the four team.

First, a rugged sauna from the Rugged Rhinos!” Chris announced, as Chef was just taking a look inside said sauna and one thing was definitely missing there.

“What’s with this small bench! Is this a sauna for one?!” Chef shouted.

“I guess so? No-one made the bench, so I did!” Kristoff piped up...before getting the classic Hatchet glare.

And the judging began, as there was quite a few crossed fingers and smug grins that were coming from the Rhinos...and the judges had their scores up and boards up.

“Man, it looks like kinda Swedish and very cool! Nine, my dude.” Brody said.

“Uh, it’s a sauna for one obviously and it’s Swedish in, like, a small way!” Jen put up the eight number.

“Not gonna lie, it’s a killer chill spot. That’s a ten for me.” Chris said, as he looked to Chef.

“It looks pretty cool, but the bench ain’t fitting me.” Chef grunted, as he held up the six thing.

You got a chicken, so you get 32 points! And the Crows need to beat that...somehow.” Chris announced from the judging desk, as the still wonky treehouse had some teammates hang around in it. “Man, what a treehouse!”

The treehouse got fixed to the best of the teams’ ability, which were both lacking and somehow made it look even wonkier, thanks to the somewhat misshapen planks all over and botched paint job.

“Bro, this ain’t legal. Come on, dudes, this is messed up.” Brody was on the verge of tears, putting up a 2.

“...What. Is that treehouse doing here?” Chef also raised an two. “How do you even make it look like this.”

“Sheer will, determination and painting!” Tomo yelled, as she was just carrying an empty paint can.

“What is this? It’s almost an art piece!” Jen raised up a five. “Almost, though.”

Tomo got a look from a lot of her own teammates, as Chris put a three for obvious reasons, the host’s displeased face just doing most of the work.

...You get ten points. Looks like you’re off to the chopping block, but the Deers have an odd gazebo to show!” Chris announced, as the greenest of the four super-teams were just ready to show off what they’ve got.

“We call it...a pipe gazebo...thingy.” Uraraka said, as Sonja some sweat go down her confident face. “We didn’t have a name, but we did our best!”

The four judges were just looking at the gazebo with a long pipe and a all-around bench and they all had thoughts on it.

“Not going to lie, it’s actually gonna be underrated.” Jen said. “I give it a nine for style.”

“I don’t know what she’s saying, but it deserves a three because it’s stupid!” Chef shouted, as Sonja was about to open her mouth.

“If this was on surfing beach, this would be cool!” Brody exclaimed, giving this gazebo an eight.

Eh, doesn’t look super interesting...besides the I’m feeling generous.” Chris stated, still giving it a six. “Deers, you got 26 points, but with one chicken, you get 25 points...but will the Swordfishes beat you with their killer skate ramp!”

The skate ramp, though, was long, looked generally awesome with the flames, the wood and the extra space under it for...something, as the team looked more than happy.

“You can put your boards or whatever under it. ‘Cause it’s good shelter for stuff!” Tails exclaimed, as he already got a ten. “But why?”

“Man, you’re thinking good.” Brody remarked with a smile. “You can put your boards inside and then skate with them outside.”

“Damn, you left me speechless.” Chef said, putting up a whole ten. “Where the hell did you learn that?”

“That’s a thing that I would put in my house...because it’s stupid and cool.” Chris said, putting up a ten. “I think you guys have a shot at winning this.”

“...Uh, I don’t skate, But the skate aesthetic is happening on this thing!” Jen had a seven to give.

Which means that two chickens or not, the Swordfishes finally avoid elimination with a win and two hot tubs!” Chris announced, as the bluest team in the game had massive smiles. “The Rhinos will survive another challenge without any eliminations, but no hot tub!”

“Hah, Azula, get...owned!” Sokka shouted.

“I will make a comeback...because I haven’t lost anyone yet.” Azula boasted, as Sokka got the wind taken out of his sails.

“Yeah, but we’re starting off strong and not losing yet!” Sokka proclaimed, pointing the sword towards Azula, who just smiled with confidence.

Deers, you only have to vote off someone, while the Crows have to vote off two people!”

“...Well, we’re toast and not in a good way either.” Deadpool remarked.

“Yeah, who are we going to vote out?” Tiny Tina asked with a crazy smile. “Not this guy, ‘cause he’s liking toast.”

The Crows were just looking at each other, as they weren’t even sure what to do next for their the general amount of screw-ups were spread for the Deers, someone had to answer and they were looking at someone.

Jude was just shrugging, as Soos and Snufkin didn’t look too the three of them weren’t sure who would be voted out.

*Yuri’s confessional*

Can you force two people to get voted off at the same time?! Apparently, they’re both the reason why we lost again.” Yuri shouted. “They’re both got no reason to be here, but there’s only one elimination.”

*Confessional cut*


The Deers were in agreement on something...Snufking being safe, which was suggested by the smile he had on his face...but the duo getting some judgemental looks were still scared.

“Guys, guys, chill! I kinda messed up, but we can make a major comeback here if we can-” Jude explained, Soos looking surprised.

“Wait, that was you? Man...this elimination is going to kinda suck.” Soos said, having a few regrets.

“I dunno, some ladies gave me the thing and I had to put it in there. I thought it looked unique.” Jude said, somehow calm all about this. “...Dude, this is gonna be rough.”

“Wait, you really just put it in there?” Piccolo asked, as Jude nodded.

The whole team looked at him.

“It wasn’t a wise decision.” Yuri said, ready to gut punch Jude.

“I never claimed to be wise.” Jude was still sweating a lot. “Sorry, guys.”

*Robyn’s confessional*

Wait, there isn’t supposed to be a big metal thing going through it? Couldn’t have known.” Robyn said, a little bit nervous. “Oh well, got find this Chris head thing when I sleep.”

*Confessional cut*

As for the other team, Sandy, Kipo and Mikasa...were actually in the middle of an massive arguement about who to vote for, as these three wanted a decision to be opposed to one half of the Crows, who were in a very random and fitting arguementative mood.

And the other half wasn’t even sure what to do in the dinner cafeteria, which served more of that trademark unknown nutrition.

“Guys...guys! Guys?” Kipo tried to stop the heated talking.

“Oh yeah, you want some of this? I’ll give you some of this!” Kyo shouted at Michiru, who had reasons to vote him off.

“Come on, you were the one who started the whole Kageyama...thing!” Michiru shouted, not interesting in Kyo’s thing.

“Hey, hey, he started it! He went on about the most useless contestant on the team whatever that means.” Kyo snidely remarked, who got the volleyball player riled up.

“If you can’t hammer in nails, then it’s not my problem!” Kageyama shouted, as the shouting match continued to raise the blood pressure in everybody.

“Yeah, we have the same problem. I swear you’ve got a real crown because you’re a fuc-”

Kipo just roared loudly, almost out of instinct.

“Listen guys, I know that we have no idea on how to vote someone off, but shouting about it isn’t going to get people anywhere.” Kipo told all of them. “Pit and Miko, still don’t know what you’re doing.”

The two people who played games...were continuing to do that under the table.

“Okay, that sounds kinda cool. Some of our teammates aren’t here...but I think we should go for Gloria. Because she’s kinda big.” Kipo suggested, trying to calm down the tension.

“Is that really a good enough reason to vote someone off?” Judy asked, as Kipo was silent. “Exactly. Gum isn’t even here most of the time, so...”

“I could ask you the same question. We really need to vote two people off somehow, yet there’s no good answer.” Mikasa remarked, as Gum finally skated back into the hall. “...You’ve got anything to say?”

“Yeah, painted something on the side and Sir Daniel’s in a different kind of shit mood. What the hell were y’all up to?” Gum asked.

“Random shouting.” Mikasa said.

“...Yeah, checks out.” Gum said, as Papyrus was sure of something. “Speaking of...can’t we vote for that Sir guy?”

“I think so, too. He can’t speak and he isn’t doing too good here.” Mikasa added to the sentiment, as the rest of the teammates were just agreeing to that. “Sorry, Papyrus.”

“Someone has to take one for the team.” Sandy said, as Kipo...broke a window. “And I hope it’s not her.”

*Papyrus’ confessional*

Oh my god, Can’t believe they would vote off such a cool guy. Even if I can barely understand him, he’s the coolest guy that I want to be...because the great Papyrus can get even greater!” Papyrus confessed, almost crying and then shedding a tear. “If he’s voted off, I will be the coolest dude in here!”

*Confessional cut*


Deers, two teams are back at the elimination ceremony.”

“It’s not like I wanted to be here!” Nobara shouted.

You guys know that the marshmellows represents your survival, no marshmellows means you get the slingshot yacht of shame...took a while to get it back in there.”

“Wait, why do we care?” Noah asked.

“Come on, Noah, really?” Owen said, as Noah looked bored.

Deers...I’m gonna do ya first, because there’s only one person to eliminate and your votes were apparently unanimous.”

The many members of the Deers were actually sat in their proper stumps, as they were sitting carefully and ensuring that they were properly sat down.

I’m getting tired of saying a butt ton of names with no votes, so I’m going to call out people who have votes!”

The place was actually pretty silent.

Tanjiro, Soos, Jude, Luigi, Ram and Tanya, you six...are yet to have marshmallows!”

The six contestants were sure that they had votes...but not why they had votes, as Tanjiro and Ram were all looking at each other with utter confusion and the rest of them got marshmallows.

“Don’t worry, I think you’re going to get one.” Dawn said. “I can sense it.”

“Wha-” Tanjiro got cut off.

Tanjiro, Ram, Tanya and Soos, you guys have marshmellows and only one vote each!” Chris announced, as Tanjiro just took the marshmallows and Soos just ate it wholesale.

“Wait, who voted off for this gal?” Soos asked Ram, who just refused to answer her.

“I would not remember.” Ram stated.

Luigi...and Jude, two people who equally deserve to be eliminate, two people who screwed up the challenge. Luigi, I dunno why you’re here. Jude, you’re the reason that your team lost.” Chris said, as Daisy was just gritting her Luigi had an unsure smile.

The two of them with more than one vote were looking at each other.

The teammate staying is...”
















...Luigi, with only two votes, what a surprise.” Chris said, as Luigi just snatched a marshmallow.

“Oh, man, I wasn’t expecting it to be this short.” Jude stated.

“Hey, you did pretty alright before this one.” Luigi told him. “Stay...okay?”

“Wise words, my dude.” Jude said, ready to get onto the Sling-yacht of Shame. “See ya, dudes and dudettes.”

Crows, you guys had a bit of a heated moment and after winning one challenge, you guys are last again! Man, what happened?” Chris asked someone, who looked tired as all hell.

“Uh, we lost twice, obviously.” Nobara said.

“And we lost both times hard as well.” Terry Bogard remarked. “Which sucks, because most of you are cool.”

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Once again, if I don’t call out your name, you have no votes to your name...and guess what, most of don’t have any.” Chris said, as there was a lot of sweating in the general area. “Sir Daniel, Gum, Kyo, Tobio, Haida and Tomo, you guys don’t have marshmallows and have votes!”

The rest of them were actually catching their sweet treats, some of them even eating them Miko and Pit were looking at each other.

“Whoa, what’s up with you two?” Noah asked, a little interested in the situation.

“We’re having...a moment.” Miko said, trying to intimidate Noah.

Haida, Kyo and three only have a single vote.” Chris announced, as Kageyama knew what was up.

Sir Daniel looked a little bit surprised to see that he was voted for by more than one person, as the other two didn’t really look surprised, but spooked.

The last teammate safe is...”










...Tobio Kageyama! Just barely though, since you had three votes!”

The black-haired volleyball setter took his marshmallows, as Sir Daniel and Tomo were very shocked to see that they were eliminated and Kyo still glared at the guy.

“No way! You voted off one of my minions?!” Giovanni shouted.

“What is she going to do?” Kyo asked. “Run really, really fast?”

“She could be a really good minion for my team! ‘Cause she’s loyal!” Giovanni complained.

“Giovanni, I’m gonna miss your cool face and your dumb, but awesome power!” Tomo exclaimed. “Talk to you later...hopefully making a return.”

Sir Daniel and Tomo, you’re going on the Sling-Yacht of Shame, unlikely to return!” Chris announced, as the skeleton knight and hyperactive high schooler were just pushed to the dock.

The three eliminated contestants and their luggage were in there, as they were ready to get working.

Got any words?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, this elimination method is messed uuuuuu...” Jude said, actually being really calm about riding a speedy yacht from a slingshot.

Cool. Will there be more challenges in the sea? Is this episode long enough? And more importantly, what is up with these bad guys?! You’ll know in the next episode of...

The simple old zoomout was shown, as he dropped the title again.

...Total! Drama! Ultimate Islands!”

To be continued in Episode 5, where the boats are ready for these massive teams to sail from one island to another, with weapons, missiles, mines and each other as the main obstacles!

Of course, the mines back thanks to Chris and his...shenanigans.

However, while there might be some love going in the air, there's still a cargo ship's worth of drama on these islands, so see you until Episode 5 on...

...Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!

Newly Eliminated:

Jude (Daring Deers)
Sir Daniel & Tomo Takino (Crafty Crows)

Eliminated in Episode 3:

Joey Wheeler & Johnny Bravo (Striking Swordfishes)
Chloe Bourgeois & Lord Hater (Wonder Over Yonder)

Eliminated in Episode 2:

Panchito (Rugged Rhinos)
Rapunzel (Crafty Crows)
Hayley Smith & Haohmaru (Daring Deers)
Hsien-Ko & Albedo (Striking Swordfishes)

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 5: Boating The Average!
Part 1: Strategy on Land

The Striking Swordfishes are chilling in a hot tub.

The Rugged Rhinos are willing to take the win and their alliances are willing to do their own thing.

The Daring Deers aren’t exactly getting top billing anymore for their decent performances.

And The Crafty Crows need some shillings...I just wanted to the word-smithing thing for this fifth episode with a challenge upon the high seas and these four teams are going to do crazy things in order to survive the four-person elimination challenge!

Either way, it’s the standard TD:UI fare and you guys can review it.

Last time on Total Drama: Ultimate Islands, we had a bit of a throwback!”

The cliff dive was back with the 115 contestants, though only in a best of recap.

"These 115 contestants dived into the ocean...with sharks! Some of them were unlucky enough to deal with the sharks!"

The shark fighters were, of course, shown with their unique ways of dealing with the sharks.

"And then their teams tried to make cool wood things and some were terrible, some were rad."

The messy and shoddy treehouse and the green gazebo with a pipe were there.

"But in the end, The Deers and Crows made some lame things and had to vote! And Jude, Sir Daniel and Tomo got their votes and were sent off the island...never to return!"

The three people that were voted off the show were shown off on the Sling-yacht of Shame.

"Will these two teams lose again on the deck? Will the Striking Swordfishes get a hole in their sails? And will the Rhinos finally fall to the waves? Find all of that out in...Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

That's right, we've got an alternate intro!

Another day, another intro and this time, Chris was just standing out there...clicking his own fingers towards the camera, as Deadpool and Pit grabbed the camera from...somewhere and did their own poses.

Deadpool had his swords out, kneeling Pit did a fistbump in respect to his forth-wall breaking comrade, swords out for some guy and...Genos practically flew in to catch them both out of there.

The camera finally moved to another place and this place was the now open volleyball court, as Kageyama threw a random set to Michiru, who used her powers to slam down the ball onto the other side.

The setter and the tanuki beast(wo)man both celebrated until Gloria sat on the volleyball unknowingly and Kageyama got angry enough to throw Gloria, but it was definitely an the wet hippo just gave a sassy look.

Miko and Pit were actually gaming in the cabin, looking at each other and spacing out for a moment and then the angel just flew in the cabin to get swatted by Chloe, carrying her makeup.

And Kugisaki Nobara was looking at the French blonde, sparking up in a bit of rivalries in their own Kipo, plain angry, basically put a space in the middle of them with her pink Jaguar the camera turned around to Kipo, who looked sorry.

Mikasa was flying through the trees with her ODM gear, as Wario was attempting to fly up with her, as Genos threw him far enough to almost hit Mikasa...the scout of course dodged the entrepreneur and was carrying him now.

Mikasa landed on the ground with Genos, as Wario was flying through the get caught by Giovanni Potage, who then put down the smoke and Wario unloaded his own fart, making Tomo run into the confessional blindly with a weird smile.

Of course, Sir Daniel got bashed out of the toilet with his sword ready, before seeing his teammate down for the count and Papyrus being shocked by Tomo's downed state.

The skeletons were looking at a downed Japanese girl, as Darkness attempted to swing at the skeletons randomly...before making Rapunzel instinctively swing her frying pan at the crusader and the princess apologising immediately, as Darkness had a weird smile.

And then later, Soma was cooking up his own food with a smug smile, as Shego looked interested in the good food and Lord Hater burning the Soma put it down for the both of them, Lord Hater wincing at his and Shego just smiling with the food with an idea.

Shego just stuffed the bad food in Lord Hater, so he choked for a second and Owen was actually taken aback by the choking he grabbed the food from Lord Hater's throat.

Noah had a look of 'can't you believe I deal with this everyday', as he saw all of that on the table.

Transitioning to another location, Haida was just playing the guitar in his striped Tiny Tina blew it up with a confident smile and shoved herself in front of the camera, as the hyena looked saddened at his blown-up guitar...and then Gum was got done with a special graffiti project that impressed the both of them.

Sandy was doing some science experimentation in her yellow Kipo and Judy were both looking interested, the latter getting a bit too close for comfort and of course, it blew up.

And for the last of the daytime shots, Riku and Sakura were doing some training to each other, Keyblade to fists, the camera switch perspectives to show

And then in the night, Terry Bogard carried some firewood...wiping the sweat of his brow...with Kyo finally lighting it up with his hands and then waving away the fire...leading to the title to show up.

And we've got two more intros to boot!

And the winning team were all chilling in their segregated hot tubs, as the nighttime really giving the wooden hot tub rooms their whole different moods...which somehow made them in the area.

"...I think you should chill with the hot tub zoning. I can't believe I said this." Tails was facepalming in the hot tub.

"Let's be honest...this area of the hot tub is for cool people only." Sokka said, basically fistbumping Oikawa and Lowain on both sides. "Definitely."

"That's right, I'm pretty cool!" Oikawa proclaimed, as Sokka was chilling with him. "Though you should calm down about the hot tub."

"Nah, guys, we're just having fun being cool." Sokka stated, as Tails just shrugged.

"Eh, you're making too big of a deal around it." Tails accepted it, as Khun had a smug grin.

The guys that were able to chill in the hot tub were having a pretty decent time, as they were feeling themselves get relaxed in real time and the ladies were having the same kind of experience.

"You're a real life furry?!" Arle shouted.

"Yes, you're not the first person to say it here." Amelia said, being a whole cat lady. "We did win pretty clearly as well."

"Yeah, we aced it...'cause apparently the guys are totally skaters." Arle said.

"I don't think they are. Joseph didn't even know what a skateboard was and neither do I." Amelia said, still very confident. "But we won anyway."

"Pssh, he definitely looks like a skater!" Arle shouted.

"Ladies, we can talk about Joseph being good looking later. Right now, we've got a win to take advantage of." Cassie explained, ready to do some planning. "And skills that we can use."

"Can't we just have a good time for a moment?" Kasumi asked, Arle and Min Min nodding to that. "We're a pretty strong team skills-wise, so it's not that big of a deal."

"Yeah, was just thinking about us." Cassie said, taking in the grace of the hot tub.

*The Heavy's confessional*

"The hot tub feel different when you really go in it and talk with your comrades about weapon and powers." Heavy said, being very relaxed. "We are in good team with only two crybabies!"

*Confessional cut*

Though the first place team was sitting in the hot tub one night, then slept and then had a good time chilling with each other the next day and the third place team had the determination to deal with their loss.

The Rhinos were second and Azula's alliance had a whole different discussion on said day...all of them sitting together.

"What the actual fuck do those guys that we don't?" Harley Quinn asked. "Stuff to have? Balls?"

"No way, I don't think they have that much balls." Squirrel Girl answered with a smirk. "They've just got mad skills."

"Yeah, they're no joke." Harley Quinn said, not even remotely bothered. "We're on the same team, why are we talking about this?"

"Because they have the potential to divide the team into pieces and honestly, that we lessen our chances of winning the challenges. I don't need to say that a divided team wouldn't help in this stage of the game." Azula explained, taking things incredibly seriously. "Also, this other alliance isn't even united."

"I mean, what's up with that?" Harley Quinn asked. "Must be some kind of crazy shit."

"A few of the members don't exactly like being in that alliance and we could easily move them out of that alliance." Azula noticed with a smile. "And then eliminate the rest."

"Okay, now we're talking! But how, we're still all on the same team." Tron Bonne said.

"Hold up, let's do it old-school!" Harley Quinn plled out the bat, as Tron Bonne slapped her on the head. "You want some."

"If we do something that stupid, you and I are probably going to be eliminated." Tron Bonne stated, a little tired of dumb solutions. "Besides, what can we do?"

"Nothing really aside from watching the alliance." Yumeko said...while two guys were sneaking through in the background. "Did you see that?"

"I think we need someone that's outside of the alliance to figure that out. Someone who can listen and yet be silent." Azula said, ready to enact her thing. "Squirrel Girl, I bet you could hang on a tree."

"No doubt about it...I swear there's-" Squirrel Girl remarked.

"Well, you should listen in on their conversations to see what they're planning." Azula had a smile. "I won't let them win."

"Alright. Just letting you know."

A flour explosion came out of nowhere on the table from three different people that weren't interested in strategy or alliances, as the five ladies were angered.

"Hah, get pranked together!" Muscle Man proclaimed, as Tendou crouched down to do the high-five. "I bet you were talking about important stuff."

"No, we weren't." Yumeko immediately replied, which got Muscle Man and JFK laughing.

*JFK's confessional*

The guy was still laughing with the guy outside.

"Yeah, we er-uh, got 'em good!" JFK shouted, trying to hold back laughter. "Maybe I came here to get some tail...and those ladies aren't tail except the squirrel girl. Er-uh, I bet she's got...nut powers!"

*Confessional cut*

The other alliance of the Rhinos were definitely being seen by some other people and they weren't even on the same team in the forest, as Sandy and Mikasa were actually hanging out in the area.

"Wait, why are we here?" Sandy asked.

"Trust me, it's for a good reason." Mikasa told her.

The squirrel and the scout were definitely witnessing the meeting that Dante and Shulk weren't exactly excited about and the other three were...ambivalent about.

"Well, I'm glad that we can be friends of sorts." Basil said, still unimpressed. "Still though, why did you do that in the last challenge?"

"Because it would help our team...don't you care about the team?" Coachman stated with a grin.

"Don't pretend it's about anything other than testing the other teams." Basil said right back.

"Honestly, I did both at the same time. Detective, these other teams not as stupid as you think." Coachman said, as Basil just rolled his eyes.

"I know. So, why are we here?" Basil said, as Pinstripe just shrugged his shoulders.

"As you may know, there's another alliance in the game." Coachman said with a smirk. "I'd say making me the team leader would work pretty well through us continuously winning these challenges."

"Yeah, I'd like to be safe from elimination. But how the hell are you going to do that?" Pinstripe asked, as Basil nodded.

"Azula's such a stupid child with so much power...what if someone took those away, right?" Coachman explained with a suspicious smile. "Honestly, I think I would make her regret being here."

"...Uh, what about Tifa?" Pinstripe asked, a little more taken aback.

"Trust me, she'll fall." Coachman said. "Well, we had a good meeting, right?"

"Damn, you're...ambitious, but how the hell are you going to do that without getting noticed?" Pinstripe said, a little bit scared.

"Azula is still a fourteen year old girl, so I don't think it would be that hard." Basil said, being very stern. "But from what I know, she'd still make a better leader than you."

"Who really knows? You may not." Coachman remarked, practically revelling in a weird feeling. "Well, then, we should get ready for the next challenge then."

Dante and Shulk just gave a nervous thumbs up, as they were just going into the toilet and Pinstripe followed them 'cause he had to do number two...the three of them walking in.

"I think that's just insurrection! And he looks like a guy that you wouldn't want to insurrect with!" Dante remarked.

"Honestly, you should just give him a chance." Pinstripe groaned. "I'm gonna take a piss."

"Well, we're all going to the same toilet anyways. Might as well share our time together." Shulk remarked, trying to lighten the mood.

*Shulk's confessional*

"As much as this truce became a good alliance, some part of me is telling me that there's something really wrong about to happen." Shulk said. "At least, Dante's a pretty cool friend."

*Confessional cut*

The two alliances of the Rhinos were actually sitting in the cafeteria, the mood in it still being relatively positive...despite the fact that the Crows got last place once again and they weren't super jazzed about losing again.

It was also 9:30 am with some of them still resting their heads on the yellow table, others were just getting their time by arguing and the rest were thinking about random things.

Except for Pit and Miko were just looking at each other once again and Sandy and Mikasa had returned too, so the two team leaders noticed.

"Wait, what did I miss?" Sandy asked. "Are you two looking at each other?"

"Yes, what's wrong with that!" Miko shouted, as Pit was just waving his hands.

"Nothing's wrong with it...chill out." Sandy tried to calm the gamer down.

"Okay, you've got to respect our privacy!" Miko yelled, as Pit just did the hand sign for cutting it out. "We're cool, right?"

"Not really, but honestly, I've seen some things." Sandy remarked, as a good chunk of the team was looking at her.

"Man, whatever you've seen is nothing compared to this food. It's definitely something." Haida said, trying to avoid Chef's dirty eye. "Also, those two are doing something."

"Well, they sure are." Mikasa added her own two cents. "I know how it feels to love someone...though it could not be that."

"It's nothing like that, we're just gaming and chilling together." Pit answered. "Nothing too big."

"Sure is just chilling." Haida remarked, as Pit just made a noise.

"Don't worry, you two are incredibly cool. relationship or not!" Kipo said, attempting to put her arms around the two of them. "Also, two are a pretty strong duo."

"Nice!" Haida said, seeing Kyo and Kageyama shout at each other. "By the way, volleyball guy and fire guy are arguing with each other again."

"On it!" Kipo shouted, as she moved seats...allowing the two people who could game to be together again.

There was a whole bunch of awkward silence, as the potential relationship between the angel and the gamer stopped whatever conversation and it was up to someone to talk again on their questionable food.

"Didn't you have something to tell us?" Miko asked, practically mid-bite.

"Oh yeah...the Rhinos have got two alliances." Sandy said...making sure that the other teams didn't hear.

"...Kinda insane, but there's like 30 people on that team." Miko said, not taking it seriously. "So, what else do you have?"

"The old guy's leading one of them." Sandy said, as Miko was struggling to hold in laughter and someone piped in.

"Damn, for real?" Nobara just chuckled. "Can't wait to see how long that lasts."

"From what I heard...I doubt it." Sandy had a smile, as the squirrel and the jujutsu sorcerer was chuckling...with Miko in tow.

*Nobara's confessional*

"Some old-ass guy just shows up, makes an alliance and then just declares some stupid stuff. Now that's pretty funny!" Nobara exclaimed with a smile.

*Confessional cut*

The clock rang at 10am and literally as if the bell summoned a thing, Chris came out of nowhere to greet all of the teams once again in the mess hall...though this time, he looked a little bit different.

"Nigga, you look like you ride a paped-up yacht!" Riley attempted a good insult.

"Yeah...what he said!" Yuri declared, not understanding a single word.

Chris actually looked like a sailing soldier with the white hat, sailor's shirt and all of the general things that came with wearing a sailor’s uniform.

"Thanks for the compliment, young dude. I know you're wondering what today's challenge is...and yeah, you guys are going to be going out in boats!"

All of the contestants were silent, besides Owen and Rock were just cheering on the challenge...despite the potential Chris factor.

"But it ain't just an ordinary boat challenge! Oh guys are going to race and battle each other through a simple ol' course and trust me, it's going to be dangerous!"

And everybody was really silent, as the Chef was just doing his thing with his crew of cooks.

"Meet me at the docks at 11, alright?" Chris asked, as there was a lot of held-back laughter. "I'm not gonna change my clothes and my good looks."

"Uh, not true...I like your clothes!" Yuri shouted, as the host was going away.

The host went away, as the Deers were looking more than determined to ace this boat challenge and two people in particular were standing up tall.

"Listen, some of us may believe in God, some of you may not and some of you hate him...I'm not naming names, but we can clear this challenge if we have the right chances!" Tanya explained, as Snake raised an eyebrow.

"Who was talking about God? Anyways, let's just not lose this time...since most of you have been on a boat before...we should be good." Snake continued the sentiment, getting a lot of cheers from the deers. "What was that about-"

"Never mind, just a slip-up."

The short 13-year old blonde soldier and the gruff middle-aged super soldier were giving a look of clear confidence, as Samus stepped in.

"Hey, don't do anything stupid." Samus told Tanya.

"Would I do that?" Tanya Samus gave her a judgemental look. "You have my word, I guess."


The Deers were walking as a team that had been last, then second and then back to third, most of them not smiling about any challenge that they had.

“This is definitely not a good situation.” Samurai Jack said.

“I know...I’m stuck here and we’re losing a lot too.” Tanjiro stated, as he looked at the samurai. “I don’t think I’ve seen you’re like an old-school samurai.”

“You could say that. I got ripped from my time to the future...and I’ve been trying to get back to the past for a while.” Samurai Jack explained.

“...You must be a samurai from the future, I guess. I’m just slaying demons, trying to make sure that they don’t hurt people.” Tanjiro said with disbelief.

“Technically, you’re right.” Jack answered, willing to let Tanjiro not believe him.

“Well, let’s be friends. I don’t know if I’m right, but we might have a lot in common.” Tanjiro said, just shrugging off the story. “Come on, Samurai Jack.”

“Yes, we should.”

There was also someone else that was watching.

*Samus’ confessional*

The bounty hunter looked happy.

Seeing two people get together despite being an unlikely duo is pretty cool on my end. The last time I teamed didn’t go too well, but Snake’s definitely a reliable teammate and leader...never mind, I’m not saying anything else.” Samus said, keeping it matter-of-fact.

*Confessional cut*

The 112 contestants were actually at the same docks that most of them had arrived in, as the host and the co-host felt the ocean wind, the midday sun and the comfort of their sailor suit.

"Welcome to the fourth challenge! McLean's Battle Boat Race!" Chris announced. "This challenge named after yours truly requires to get only one boat to...that island over there!"

The buoy-marked course led to a smaller island, but it was no less green and also had a bunch of camp buildings, as there were four earmarked docks for each team with their respective flags.

"Each team gets a coloured speedboat to carry three people to said island...and they don't really have any weapons! But here's the fun part, because your team's striped boats have weapons to either assist their teammates or accidentally set off the sea mines!"

There were a fair amount of sea mines, typical in any well-respected Total Drama naval challenge.

"Additionally, anyone with powers can use them to shoot at the speedboats, but those with powers in the speedboat can only use them to defend yourselves from losing!"

There was even a picture of the rule of powers being demonstrated

"Whoever is the last one standing or the first to reach the island wins the hot tubs! And the bottom two teams, wherever they sink or lose the race, will have to vote off two people...again!"

"Oh no, again?!" Reg shouted, as he and Tails were looking at each other.

"Alright, campers, get to picking your speedboat guys..."

All four teams had dispersed to different locations, not willing to let their enemies know about what they'd picked for their teammates.

"...You got fifteen minutes! They're gonna go after the break!"

To be continued in the second part...with some actual boat action between the speedy ones and the cannon-carrying ones and of course, to all of the people that think I'm going to cancel it quickly...

...I've got a lot more story to write and a lot more challenges to deal with like this one!

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 5: Boating The Average!
Part 2: Beating Up Boats!

The three speedboat riders of each team were ready to take on the treacherous course and the rest of their rival they had strategies and powers to avoid the mines and Chef just not doing his job...yet.

This is the real start of the fourth challenge, so expect carnage, swimming and a whole bunch of bootleg-ish boats in this chapter and even some interesting character interactions.

"Welcome back to the fourth challenge of this Total Drama season, where these campers are trying to choose wisely!" Chris said...but only to the audience. (Fanfiction readers are included, too.)

There may have been 112 contestants that were doing their boat riding business, but there was definitely some choices that very easy to swallow...most of all, the Deers.

"I'm not really an expert on water combat." Tanya said. "But I'll shoot our enemies down into the water...hopefully alive!"

"Considering who the host is, that shouldn't be surprising." Sonja replied, ready to step onto the boat. "The speedboat needs some careful eyes and your eyes don't look careful."

"...Do you think-"

"Okay, it's me, Snake and Samus." Sonja told the whole team. "Does that sound good!"

"Uh, yeah. You're a team with the same letter in your name and you're pretty cool." Snufkin said, pretty casually. "Also, how does a speedboat work?"

The three of them weren't humouring the nomad's question, as the three soldiers were sitting confidently on the Daring Deers' speedboat and the rest were just watching them.

"What kind of question is that?!" Piccolo asked loudly.

"The question that needs to be answered." Snufkin said with a sly smile.

"Everyone knows it's a boat with a motor in it!"

"Thanks for that."

On the same side...the Swordfishes picked Sokka, Lowain and Cassie, considering that they'd probably brag about leading a bunch of beats...but the other teams weren't so smooth.

"Okay, that's two teams outta four. Rhinos, Crows, you guys got the speedboat players, right?" Chris announced, as the time limit was practically up. "Rhinos?"

"Dante, Sol and Azula...'cause it's pretty neutral." Tifa stated, gaining the ire of Pinstripe and Harley. "Hey, we've got a situation in our team now!"

"...Crows, you've got a better reason, right?"

Kyo and Kageyama looked like they had some Mikasa looked confident in their choices.

"Despite how annoying the volleyball guy is, we came here to win!" Kyo shouted, as the whole team cheered for the trio. "And win is what we're doing!"

"Nice...the rest of your teams, get into your battle boats!"

While three of each team were racing each other to the goal, the rest of their team were actually hanging in said battle boats with their weapons ready and their powers on standby...ready to attack or protect

The waves were actually relatively quiet and the mines were ready to make this race harder for the three trios that were about to ride the waves.

The Rugged Rhinos: Dante, Sol & Azula
The Crafty Crows: Kyo, Kageyama & Mikasa
The Daring Deers: Solid Snake, Samus & Sonja
The Striking Swordfishes: Lowain, Sokka & Cassie

"Speedboat experts, you guys are going through the McLean course, the best boat course of all time!" Chef yelled. "Remember, you can't attack any other boats with your powers, but only protect your own damn boat!"

"That's original. Chris didn't tell us that." Snake remarked.

"Well, he sort of said that...if you wanna go there." Kageyama said with a sneaky smile.

"Shut up, you came here to win! Ready..."

Sonja was looking far ahead.

Mikasa was doing the same thing.

Lowain had a dirty smirk on his face.

And Dante had a smug grin on his.


Chef made the starting shot, as the four teams revved up and they all sped off at wholly different speeds...ready to see their friends and enemies in striped battling boats.

The Swordfishes and the Rhinos' speedboat were speeding off together, ready to take on the advantage of speed or attempting to in Sokka's case.

The other two teams' speedboats didn't because Chris had a few tricks laid throughout the course...which included a lot of mines and the other boats.

"Let's friggin' go!" Sokka shouted.

"Okay, go where?" Cassie asked.

"To the end, obviously." Sokka remarked.

"There's just mines for the entire thing!" Cassie shouted, as Sokka actually looked ahead and saw a whole bunch of 'em. "Damn..."

"She told you, bro." Lowain was just letting his hair blow in the wind.

Cassie was on the controls with Lowain and Sokka riding shotgun, seeing passing by some mines and the other teams were having a decent time.

Dante and Azula were just grinning with confidence, as Sol was just taking in the waves and the absurd amount of the Rhinos still haven't lost anyone.

"Listen, guys, I don't care what you're doing, we came here to win...again, I guess." Sol said, borderline uninterested.

"Hell yeah, can't you be excited about getting the gold?!" Dante was letting the waves take him.

"The speed of this boat could take down any ship through pushing the waves...we just have the opportunity." Azula said, which got Sol driving as good as he could.

And the team that lost the most were looking confident, as Mikasa had her blades readied.

"I don't know how to drive this you do it." Kageyama told Kyo.

"Don't worry about it, I'm gonna." Kyo had a smirk on his face, blasting off at full force.

"Good, because they already started." Mikasa said, feeling the force of the speedboat.

Finally, the race got started with three soldiers, three warriors, three people that had black hair and three people that probably knew the sea well...besides Cassie Cage, but she knew how to drive.

All of the teams got some seperate kind of help and one of them was happy.

"Yeah, we shoot and we shoot good!" Heavy shouted.

"Er, is that all we're doing?" Amelia asked, practically trying to stop him from randomly shooting.

"Yes, it work 50% of the time...all of the time." Heavy boasted.

"I'm betting on that fifty percent." Amelia grumbled, as Reigen was just standing there. "Not sure what you're going to do."

"I'm going to keep up the mood and motivation...somehow." Reigen said with complete confidence, as the mines started to explode.

Their respective players in the speedboat were sure of one thing, as Cassie struggled to navigate smoothly around the after-waves of the mines and Lowain was just seatbelted in.

The bumps in the water basically made them fly for a moment before the boat.

"Whoa, this is enough fun for one furry guy!" Lowain shouted, a little bit nervous. "Uh, protection?"

"We're pretty much it." Amelia answered, though she couldn't be heard charging up her laser pistol and Heavy just unloaded into the water. "Also, what are you doing?"

"What you should be doing!" Heavy shouted with confidence, as he was shooting a few mines...actually blowing some of them up. "Stand back!"

Cassie stopped the boat before seeing an explosion straight out of a movie, as the other two were just excited to see some some of the other teams were just looking at it.

"Are you sure this isn't the stupidest challenge ever?" Muscle Man asked. "Because this is awesome."

"Er-uh, this is like an action movie!" JFK shouted, ready to lob a bunch of random grenades in the water.

JFK, Muscle Man and Satori Tendou were just hanging they were seeing some explosions behind them and a boat that was not their team, as the Deers were back on track...quickly.

"Wait, they're all soldiers...on a green boat?" Satori said.

"You know who else was on a green boat?" Muscle Man started up one of his jokes. "My mom!"

JFK just threw it randomly, as Satori groaned and Muscle Man threw a stink bomb into the water.

On the green boat, these soldiers were definitely observing the stink bomb get thrown and the grenades being lobbed at them and...Samus shot one of them with her paralyzer.

The explosion barely grazed her, but the boat was rode an grenade-caused wave...and said boat barely dodged a mine with a drift.

"Man, we almost had 'em!" JFK said. "Er-uh, we haven't got 'em!"

"Dang." Satori remarked with a goofy smile.

And the other team were just getting some kind of assistance from their teams' first battle boat the mines were even blowing up on their own with Kyo's boat in particular getting an awesome assist from the first boat.

Soma just threw...a rock at the mine, having a bit of a hunch about the mines and they exploded, allowing for his team's boat to ride across the now tumultous waves and Haida looked freaked out.

"Uh, that's not a wise idea." Haida said, a little bit nervous.

"Don't worry about it, they're dodging it alright." Soma remarked, as Haida looked at the boat which rode the waves.

The Crows' boat rode the waves in an epic way and The Rhinos' boat were actually handling pretty good with Dante drifting in cool ways and Sol cutting the fireballs and tennis balls of Luigi and Daisy.

"Luigi, let's get 'em!" Daisy shouted, as the red speedboat heard it.

Dante even saw some mines exploding on their own and he managed to ride those waves...before Piccolo threw some Ki out for fun...but Azula threw a fireball back.

"Wow, this show really gets into a fighting mood, huh?" Sol asked.

"What would you do for three million?" Azula asked right back.

The boat wasn't even out of the simple waters, as there was a blast that exploded in the water and it leapt up...with Dante whistling.

"Hang on tight!" Dante shouted, somehow angling the boat to ride the wave.

Their team's boat basically got a speed boost out of the Piccolo's battle boat range and those three were feeling pretty good about themselves, despite not stopping them.

*Piccolo's confessional*

"Yeah, we didn't stop them and we might have helped them, but we did go pretty crazy on that boat and those three must be pretty strong that." Piccolo said, still having good vibes.

*Confessional cut*

The next section that the boats were going to have to survive was a little bit different, as Pepper Ann, Lynn and Clover were already overlooked and they weren't going to be no more.

"Nah, this is easy! We just need a baseball and a good pitch!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Aren't we all supposed to pitch in, though?" Pepper Ann asked, as Lynn chuckled. "Didn't mean to do that."

"Hey, we've all got baseballs, so let's go!" Clover exclaimed.

The three of them were standing proudly on their boat, as the Crows' boat of dark-haired people was still going at a pretty cool speed and Mikasa had her blades ready.

Clover threw the first of many baseballs, having a whole basket inside the boat for the baseballs and her and her teammates just kept on chucking...Kageyama not knowing how to handle them.

"Damn it, there's so many!" Kageyama was attempting to swat the baseballs off him and Mikasa was practically batting them away. "Fire guy, how the heck are you doing?"

"Come on, I'm getting hit too!" Kyo complained.

Kyo got a bit distracted, his team almost hitting a mine...but he did trigger it, as the three of them were hanging onto the boat that was riding a big wave forward.

As for Clovers' trio...they fell into the water from their own Clover just checked her hair and the other two were a little bit scared.

*Pepper Ann's confessional*

"I really hope we didn't just cause our teammates to lose...because that would be terrible." She said, a little bit scared.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of their teammates...they were just getting Bayonetta and Askeladd basically throwing his sword out and it hitting the top of the speedboat.

"Hahaha, take that, white-haired guy." Askeladd Bayonetta was shooting her gun. "Wait, why are you posing like that, woman?"

Bayonetta was actually just shooting out of her foot, legs up, belly down and practically doing some yoga.

"Because I want to...besides, I didn't just give them a present." Bayonetta said, pointing to Azula taking Askeladd's sword.

"Eh, I've got a whole bunch of swords like that." Askeladd took it in his Reigen was just throwing some grenade. "What is that?"

"A grenade, duh." Reigen said, as Sol threw it right back. "Yeah-"

The grenade did blow up in their faces.

*Reigen's confessional*

He did still have soot on his face.

"I'm not going to lie...that was actually funny." Reigen remarked.

*Confessional cut*

The other two boats just had each other as the competition, as they clanked with each other for a second and Sokka was eyeing Samus...and then looked somewhere else.

"Yeah, what are you looking at?" Sokka asked.

"Your sword." Samus said.

The two boats were somehow close enough for them to have some words exchanged...and also, the two other battle boats were just basically hanging out...because of the situation.

"Let's be honest, would you want to hurt your teammate?" Snufkin asked.

"Exactly!" Soos said. "Wait, I mean, no."

"Damn, imagine that." Gloria was just looking at the green-striped battle boat. "I'm gonna do a cannonball."

"Wait, what-" Judy couldn't stop the big hippo from making waves all over. "-How are they this big?"

"Man, this race is starting to have less explosions. Let's fix that!"

Chris' glee could actually be heard over the speedboats' radios and of course, the explosions started to come in on their the mines were blowing up and underrated characters were getting their spotlight shown on them.

"Hold on, these things are blowing up on their own now?" Robyn asked.

"Yeah, the host is going buck wild with these mines." Uraraka said, a little bit nervous.

"That's fine."

"Wait, but it's not!"

Robyn, Uraraka and Aisling, stuck just being angry, were blown their speedboat went past and things got awkward.

"Well, Chris finally lives up to his reputation. But..." Sonja noticed the random explosiosn. "...we've can't just dodge these!"

"It's not impossible, we just have to see what wave's coming and what mine's flashing." Snake said, having his binoculars ready.

"Good idea!" Sonja remarked, seeing a few more explosions.

The three soldiers of the Deers weren't the only ones getting rocked by the mine explosions, as the confident trio of the Swordfishes were just struggling to deal with the waves.

"No, you gotta go left!" Sokka shouted.

"I'm going left, but this wave won't let me!" Cassie complained.

Indeed it was, as there was a massive wave on their left that was practically sending them in another mine's range and they were trying to ride in the opposite direction.

"Yo, let's go!" Lowain shouted. "We've gotta ride this thing!"

"I know, just give me a moment!" Cassie shouted...

...just before the boat got rocked by an mine explosion forwards, accidentally helping them.

*Lowain's confessional*

"I can't believe these waves were crashin' into each other! I think I might have seen our next battle boat too, dang." The dude with the furry ears exclaimed, as the guy looked determined.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of their battle boat, Arle and Mr. Smee were both somehow holding up good on their own...despite all reason.

"Wait, can't you put ice?" Smee asked Arle, who just shook her head. "But we're supposed to block them."

"Hold on, I'm putting in some freeze!" Arle said, focusing the ice into one specific area.

It was floating and of course, while Kyo and Kageyama were smugly drifting sideways...Mikasa just jumped and cut it in half, as Arle looked shocked at the cut ice.

"Well, they're already having enough trouble." Smee remarked, a little nervous.

"Really?!" Arle said, still stunned from the ice cut.

The Rhinos were having fun in contrast.

"Hell yeah, it's time to get serious 'round here." Sol boasted, just taking the challenge in his stride.

"Tell 'em that Dante's got this!" Dante basically drove this thing like he had infinite insurance, swerving around mines and all. "Azula, you're firing this thing up?"

"Why are you two taking this challenge so lightly?!" Azula shouted, the mines still exploding around them. "And that would only hurt us anyways."

Dante and Sol scoffed, considering that they were ridiculously strong in their own right compared to Azula, as their boat was swerving around the many explosions.

Thankfully, Chris ran out of mines in the next sections, though that was more out of mercy than anything, as two boats were actually ahead of the others and they both had members glaring at each other.

"The Rhinos and The Swordfishes' speedboats are kinda tied and they're not letting up. Just look at their faces!"

Azula and Sokka were giving each other some serious smiles, through sheer determination and probably good eyes too.

"The Deers are in third and the Crows are in last...but the race is just getting started!"

The soldiers and a bounty hunter were observing their enemy from a Joseph Joestar, Heavy and Kasumi Todoh weren't ready to be trifled with their powers.

Sokka even saw a goofy thumbs up from he pointed straight ahead, leaving the rest to deal with a Hamon user, a fighter and a big muscular Russian.

"Why you throwing toy? Gun is better solution." Heavy said, carrying an replica of Sasha. "Still doesn't compare."

"Well, watch this!"

Joseph just threw his clackers out there with an impressed expression, spinning in the air without any momentum.

"Nice power."

The clackers went directly to one of the boats, who was just speeding by with Samus unloading her electricified whip on the speeding they both traded...but Heavy had the gun on lock, shooting at both the Rhinos and Deers' speedboats with blanks.

And of course, Sonja didn't want any of that.

"How the-" Sonja couldn't even say a word before getting hit by a blank. "-This is serious!"

"I don't even know how we're going to dodge this. Sonja actually got hit." Snake shouted. "Never mind, he ran out of ammo."

Heavy just saw the effects of his shooting, as Joseph Joestar just got his clackers hitting on the Crows speedboat's windshield and it hit hard.

"Where did all this glass come from?!" Kyo asked, as he burnt some of the glass. "This show, damn..."

"I think we might be okay." Kageyama said, a little shocked. "Guys, you good?"

"Not exactly, got some glass on my arm." Mikasa just wiped it away, as Kyo got back on track.

*Joseph's confessional*

"What the hell, are they actually all okay? Must be, because they're still racing on through!" Joseph shouted, a little bit scared. "Anyways, I think that worked."

*Confessional cut*

"The Swordfishes are still in the lead, by the way..." Chris remarked. "Someone should take care of that."

Azula decided to take on the Swordfishes on...making a fireball to make some space between her speedboat and Sokka's speedboat and both boats look determined to improve their position.

As for the other battle boat that was in the position, as they were taken aback by Heavy's shooting...rather literally, though.

"Honest to god, I hope he gets some sleep." Tiana said, just guessing.

"How the heck do you know that he's tired?" Soos asked.

"I just don't know, I just said it." Tiana said.

"Real talk, that makes a lot of sense." Luigi was just peeping up from the side of the the other two looked at him.

*Luigi's confessional*

He did see some of his contestants go through it.

"Whew, imagine if I drove that...things wouldn't be good that I can tell you." Luigi said. "But they look alright."

*Confessional cut*

"Maybe the mines don't have to instantly explode, because these battle boats are going the hell off!" Chris shouted, chuckling after saying that.

The boats were still in a pretty tight race after that, as they were entering into some kind of weird chicane with only a few mines, but they contained some deadly players that were waiting to get the spotlight.

"You know what, I think we can get 'em close!" Harley Quinn spun her bat. "Because I've been waiting to use this thing forever!"

"I'm not going to lie...we're in boats." Tron Bonne remarked.

"I don't care that we're in a boat, I'm swinging!"

"Don't be surprised if we don't hit." Tron Bonne said.

"Hey, they're coming in..." Yumeko noticed the Swordfish's speedboat. "...Uh, we have to do something."

Lowain had a smirk on his face after surviving the first three sections, as Cassie was in the driving seat and the Sokka stuck his tongue for Harley Harley swung and literally got herself into the water and Tron Bonne missed with the rocket launcher.

But she didn't miss the mark with denting the thing and making the steering off for Cassie.

"Haha, suckers!" Harley shouted, as Cassie definitely noticed the oversteering. "Take that, fish guys!"

Deadpool, Pit and Miko were all hanging together and this time, they clearly managed to notice the next boat that came to them wasn't their team and heck, were practically enemies to them.

"Hey, whoa, whoa, what are you two doing?" Deadpool had his katanas out.

"We're firing our arrows at the Rhinos!" Pit exclaimed.

"That's right, I got some arrows too. Thanks to Pit!" Miko said, just basking in the good mood.

"Oh...I get it."

Pit and Miko actually looked at Deadpool for a second, before firing their arrows at the balanced trio of the Rhinos...who were just taking the outside of the chicane.

"Yeah, I'm not interested." Sol remarked, before pulling his mechanical sword out and just swinging at the arrows. "Look, we're just getting ahead."

The Rhinos were speeding off, as The Swordfishes actually got a speed boost from their friends, as Tails just threw his teammates' a speed booster and Reg gave them a thumbs up.

"Yo, let's goooo!" Lowain shouted, feeling the extra speed from the side.

And the Crows were just navigating the corners on their own, not helped by Donkey Kong throwing a barrel at them and it hitting them with a strong Kyo was sloppily steering.

"Mikasa, can you drive this?" Kyo asked.

"I mean I can't." Mikasa answered. "But I'm trying my best out here."

"Well, try some more!" Kyo just switched positions.

"Oooh, look at that...looks like the strongest girl on the team can't handle her speedboat despite being in the winning team! Cassie's definitely trying her speed for the Swordfishes in second and man, Sol's being cool in third...but he's still in the danger zone and Samus having problems being in last...but there's still a lot more in the race after the break!" Chris summarised all of the teams' situation at the moment in the words. "Total Drama: Ultimate Islands will be back after these messages!"

To be continued in the third part, where these teams of boat weapon players were ready to make things a bit more spicy...since they're more spicy characters.

By the way, I kinda cut this chapter short, but I hope it's well worth the wait.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 5: Boating The Average!
Part 3: Chef's On The Mines.

While the previous part was the start of the challenge, this part is the peak of the challenge considering the most...character of characters shows up in this challenge and Chef now does his job this time around!

Either way, there is going to be more boat racing, more strategy and even more boat damage, as the race hits its peak in this part and honestly, things get real here!

"And we're back with some more boat racing and Chef ready to do the business to these teams!"

Chris was just standing back on the dock with Chef Hatchet smiling to do the deal, as he was riding in a speedy jet ski for his own.

"Chris, I'm just gonna stop these boats!" Chef Hatchet shouted, ready to shoot some questionable food from a cannon.

"Yeah, he should be enough to scare these guys." Chris remarked with a smile, as Chef sped off. "I should warn them, but he's probably got a thing ready!"

The host was there, proud of his new and weird weapon and Chef was speeding off to mess with the 12 contestants in their speedboats...

...if the other contestants that were riding in their normal boats were not doing just that with their rival teams' speedboats.

"Chef's coming, but it looks like he's just going to scare these contestants a little bit more!" Chris shouted, as the deadly trio in the Deers were dealing with one of the oddest attacking strategies.

Judy had nothing to do, but Gloria and Michiru being able water animals or able to adapt to water very well...meant that the Deers' speedboats were having a bad time.

Michiru did a solid side jump, as she got thrown a C4 on her transformed legs...but it fell off in the water and Gloria just did a hard punch on Samus...the bounty hunter blocking it, but the boat went much slower.

"How the hell are we moving so slowly?" Samus asked.

"Because there's a mine that if we move quickly, we will hit it." Sonja said. "So to be careful."

"Cool, but you didn't need to tell them." Samus did a roundhouse to Gloria's stomach. "They'll take advantage of it."

"How did they get a underwater mine here?" Judy just looked surprised. "...Geez."

Through Sonja doing a slow turn and Michiru strongly kicking the bow of the speedboat away from the mine and Snake throwing a grenade in her face, the Deers were off at speed.

Samus an raised an eyebrow at grenade throw, as Sonja just gave a thumbs up.

"That wasn't really justified." Samus remarked, as Snake had a sigh.

"How else are we going to get someone like her off?" Snake asked, ready to take it Samus stayed silent.

"...Yeah, that's a fair point." Samus said, just conceding the point.

"Oh, looks like the Crows finally got into the lead!"

The Deers were not nervous at all, despite the Crows having some powerful people riding on the boat and being pretty casual.

"Hey, it wouldn't hurt to have someone else show up." Kyo remarked, as Kageyama still looked incredibly nervous.

"Come on. Now someone's gonna show up and flip us upside down!" Kageyama said, popping from under the seat.

"Are you okay? They're not gonna do that." Kyo said, having a fair ride around the corner.

"Uh, they might!"

These two were still arguing over the controls, while Mikasa was just trying to learn the steering wheel...but then there was someone that was about to show up and flip them upside down.

"There's a chef to our left!" Mikasa told them, which got them both groaning. "He has someone that looks like a thunder spear."

"That's a rocket launcher, lady." Kyo remarked, as Chef was just showing it off. "And I bet he's trying to stop us."

"And that's not happening." Mikasa stated, taking out the blades.

"Never mind, the Swordfishes are in the lead and in Chef's firing range!" Chris announced, as Sokka was just proudly standing up, Lowain pulled out his knives and Cassie looked interested. "And they're going head-to-head, too!"

The two teams were out of the chicane thankfully, but now Chef was in position to hit.

Chef was looking pretty smug about his rocket launcher, considering that there were two teams that were lined up to get hit by the distraction shots...which he started right away.

"Yo, it's gonna be in front of us...and to our right!" Lowain had a look. "We gotta-"

"Got it." Cassie moved to the left.

Meanwhile some guys on the next battle boat were a little scared of Chef, as the missile was heading right for them...especially Legoshi and Hank Hill, who just jumped from the boat with lifevests.

Hank just jumped out of it, still a little bit stunned.

"...Oh, how did I get here?" Legoshi asked with regrets.

"Then why did ya enter?" Hank Hill asked.

The two of them were floating in the Chef was still unloading rockets and the other two teams caught up to the leaders.

Cassie and Kyo were butting heads in the boats, while Chef was doing some pretty good aiming in front of them to stop them from reaching the finish the course was getting a little bit curvy.

Cassie just took the inside of each corner, as Sokka and Lowain was ready to chop the rockets up somehow.

"Oh, bro, let's frigging get 'em." Lowain shouted, seeing a missile. "I meant the other teams."

"That honestly makes a lot of sense." Sokka said, standing proud with his sword.

Within their speedboat, Dante and Sol weren't sure why Azula was able to drive this thing and why she managed to hop onto the driver's seat...though the missiles were still coming in from Chef's apparently infinite missile launcher.

Azula really did some dangerous driving, getting close to the missiles and then misdirecting them to the battle boats that were just shooting.

"Listen, we-" Deadpool said, somehow singing the two katanas.

"You know you can get off our boat, damn!" Sandy shouted, shooting marbles. "Also, there's a picture of you without your suit."

"Hey, whoa, whoa, someone's gotta pay for that picture!" Deadpool shouted. "And I'm not charging!"

Deadpool just shot a rocket out like it was nothing, as Sakura was trying to further her Hadoukens and Sandy was still shooting marbles at speed.

Those obstacles didn't stop the Rhinos from doing the business of being in third, but the marbles, Chef's rocket and Deadpool's rocket slowed them down seriously...with an explosion to boot.

And said explosion was not in their favour, as they got moved slightly backwards by the aftershock wave.

*Dante's confessional*

"I may not be able to stop all of the rockets, because I'm not wearing any swim trunks. But I'm still trying to move us all forward!" Dante exclaimed, having a few bits of seaweed in the front.

*Confessional cut*

"The Deers and The Rhinos aren't safe, yet, as they're in the danger zone for elimination and oh man, these new battle boats aren't helping anyone!"

"Well, Chris said it best." Snake said, riding the boat. "I think we're up against some deadly enemies."

"Storm Shadow would be a deadly enemy on his own, so we've got a situation!" Sonja said, a little nervous about the ninja, Squirrel Girl and Mai. "And I think it got worse."

"Then hold on tight." Snake remarked, slowing down slightly. "We've got a good distraction."

The Deers were still in third and waiting for the three of them to attack...and the Swordfishes were in first, with someone missing from their next battle boat that carried weapons.

"Robot cop guy probably would get the shock!" Lowain shouted, as Reg gave him...a mini cannon. "Thanks, robot kid, you're built different."

"Thank you?" Reg asked, as Tails gave a thumbs up. "If Chef's hitting ya, shoot in front of him."

"Bro, we're not catching an unwinnable case." Lowain said. "But thanks."

"No problem!" Tails exclaimed.

The first-place boat may have been first place nomore, but they had a killer weapon in their stead with Sokka having a goofy smile and Cassie driving off.

And the new first-place team, the Crows were about to get some of the hardest boat battle of the day...with Storm Shadow, Squirrel Girl and Mai Shiranui hopping on for disruption.

Kyo just jumped up with Mikasa, as Kageyama went inside the building with a nervous frown.

"Hey, ninja jerk, you're in my way." Kyo remarked, lighting up his fingers. "Best you don't get burned."

"Kyo Kusanagi, your race ends here." Storm Shadow stated without messing around. "I don't care what you do but do your job."

"My job? Fighting's like my job." Mai raised her fan, as Mikasa was just readying her blades. "Mikasa, bring it!"

The fight started, as though there was not a lot of space...the fight was still impressively spicy, as there was enough space for Kyo and Storm Shadow to do the fight and Mikasa and Mai did bring their handheld weapons down on each other.

Fan came against sword and Mai's strength somehow almost cancelled out Mikasa's strikes, as it was going Kyo and Storm Shadow was keeping things long-range with some speedy kicks and projectiles.

Hilariously though, this allowed the Swordfishes to scoot on in first, but not before having their own battle with the missiles were starting to hit in the right places.

Chef's aiming was pretty good, the rockets firing off with force and exploding in the water with disruptive waves...Cassie driving against the natural and missile-created waves and Lowain and Sokka were hanging on.

"Sokka, I've got my hands full...think you can test what that thing is for?" Cassie asked.

"Sure, leave it to me!" Sokka sarcastically shouted. "What does this do?"

He fired it right where Tails said it was needed and Chef got blown back off his jetpack, thanks to a massive, created wave that came from nowhere.

"Uh, Chef's gone, but we could be goners too!" Sokka could see the wave heading towards us.

"Not a problem, my guy, it's heading towards us." Lowain Sokka gave an incredulous look. "We're riding the wave, bro, we did that before!"

"Yeah, Sokka, goddamn..." Cassie said, as the speedboat basically rode a noticeable wave.

The Swordfishes were flying into first place, the Crows and the Deers were fighting for third place...thanks to the wave that shook them up, as Mai and Storm Shadow wisely jumped off the Crows' speedboat.

Mikasa jumped back into the steering thing...just trying to ride the wave out and the Deers were doing the same thing.

Unsurprisingly, the three other teams were able to make it through the wave...though they managed to get wet, besides Kageyama with Squirrel Girl and their boats were still shaky.

"Hey, furry, are you okay?" Kageyama asked, dead seriously.

" squirrels are going to be mad, if I don't swim back." Squirrel Girl stated. "Keep on serving that ball, okay."

*Cassie's confessional*

"One minute, we've got some wave generating gun and the next thing, we're flying through the rest of the course. Whoever made that, I appreciate the gun." Cassie remarked, as she felt a little bit sick. "Though you should've toned it down."

*Mikasa's confessional*

"As much as Mai was my enemy in this challenge, I do respect her fighting style and skills...but I couldn't let up in this thing. Sorry, Mai, I hope you're not seriously injured." Mikasa said.

*Mai's confessional*

Mai was just standing tall.

"Man, for someone who can't really swim, she really packs a punch!" Mai exclaimed with a smile with a pain.

*Confessional cut*

"Man, these contestants are really making each other hurt and of course, the most hurt is also the team that won the most!" Chris announced. "Chef's probably good!"

Chef was just floating in the water...getting back on his own jet ski to just avoid getting a lot more wet, so he had some grumbles.

"Damn super-whatevers, ruining my good clothes." Chef grumbled. "They're going to get something later."

"Besides, the Swordfishes are taking the lead, the Deers are in second, the Crows are in third and the Rhinos are in dead anything could happen now!"

Sokka's weapon just blew up in front of him some soot.

"Uh, guys, we've been given a serious opportunity." Sokka grinned.

"A buttload of opportunity in fact, because if we can keep this up, we're gold." Cassie said. "But there's no way that we're getting off easy."

" it's sword time." Sokka boasted.

The Swordfishes were now doing a hard corner to the right, as they could see the finish line to their left, but no proper path there and a butt load of mines and even a warning sign.

They had a confident smirk, some buoys and arrows and another trio ready to fight the leaders and they looked like they were fighting for real.

"Dudes and dudettes, we request to pass because-" Lowain asked.

"No, because we're not wimps or anything like that." Scott Pilgrim remarked. "We're fighters for real...with blasters."

"Uh, I have fire." Spike remarked, making Lowain a little dour. "I don't want to fight you guys, but we're probably against each other."

"I'm supposed to say something funny, but I can't." Snufkin had nothing.

The Swordfishes sans Lowain were ready to drop some fists, as Scott was raring to go and Spike spat some fire out, though it was weakened by the ocean...but it still hurt the furry-earred guy.

"OOOW!" Lowain screeched, as the three Swordfishes were going to have to deal with Spike. "Bro, we mean you no harm!"

"Sorry, just helping my team out!" Spike said, before breathing out some more fire.

The Swordfishes were definitely staying on course just as fast as Spike was flying towards the Deers were up against their best enemies, as Pinstripe, Sugar and Fred were just throwing rocks with surprising effiency.

Though they may have been rocks, they were hitting the green boat with a lot of strength and even made a few holes and Fred threw a club and it managed to make a serious hit with Snake shooting the launcher and only breaking it off.

Which was notable, when they slowed a bit.

"This is painful...imagine losing because they did their best." Sonja remarked. "That's a good way to go out."

"Honestly, it's not even close to being over!" Snake declared.

Their fan got somewhat dented by the pelted rocks, but they kept on moving, somehow catching up to the Swordfishes...if only because the Swordfishes still had a dragon on their hands.

Spike was doing well enough, as Cassie stopped the boat to join in the fight and the dragon...put on a brave face to get hit by the Cassie Cage's first hard-hitting punch.

Spike got knocked back by a lot and Cassie...looked at the Deers being quite a distance ahead.

*Cassie's confessional*

"Us losing isn't happening and honestly, I hope we don't lose...'cause there's a bunch of people that are probably going home...that shouldn't go home." Cassie said, a little bit dour.

*Confessional cut*

The Crows, though, were speeding on through and it didn't matter that Ryuko was just chasing them through water with an impressive jump...because Mikasa basically swatted her out of the air.

"Here we go, first place!" Kageyama exclaimed, as the volleyball player felt the speed. "Take that, Noel!"

"Don't give her too much of a hard time, she's panicking." Mikasa said, seeing Kyo speed on ahead.

"And the Crows boost their way into second and even first with the Deers eating their powerful waves!" Chris announced. "Are they going to win again?!"

The gold-yellow trio were just taking their speed and turning it up, as they were taking the smooth corners like they were nothing...with the Deers being kinda slow and the Swordfishes finally getting back on track.

"At this rate, something has to stop us." Mikasa could see...someone.

"What do you mean? You ain't confident in your boat driving guy?" Kyo asked.

"You don't have a license to drive a boat." Mikasa remarked seriously.

"Neither do you, but you're still being a badass out here." Kyo remarked right back with a smirk.

The guys were about get what Mikasa predicted, as there was some of the Rhinos and they weren't ready for Gintoki, Coachman and Basil...the oddest of the trios.

*Sugar's confessional*

"I don't get what the old guy meant, but I ain't ready to make them lose and neither is he apparently!" Sugar shouted. "I'm gonna beat ya, Ella!"

*Confessional cut*

"Looks like there's a few more mines to...spice things up again!" Chris said, happy to do the extra part of his job. "Who knows who could win?"

The mines were back to exploding in proximity, thanks to the host hitting the button off-camera and the Crows were back to dodging.

And what didn't help was that Gintoki had a bunch of random stuff packed on him, as Basil was just standing right by him.

"Whoa, you're a talking mouse? What's your problem?" Gintoki said, the white-haired swordsman ready.

"I don't know what my problem is, but I can see the Crows about to pass by." Basil remarked.

"Oh, nice." Gintoki said. "Let's open up some enemies."

Basil just sighed, as an gloved hand patted him on the back.

"Like he said, those three aren't going to get ahead." Coachman remarked, readying his whip. "They're just stupidly speeding."

Basil was analyising the situation, as the Crows' speedboat definitely noticed the trio...with his teammates ridiculously confident at stopping it.

"The boat is going at an notable speed, so what are you going to do about it?" Basil asked, seeing Mikasa ready to swing her blades. "And she's part of the Scouts, one of the-"

"You really don't need to doubt me." Coachman said with a very evil smile.

Somehow, Gintoki swung a massive wooden pole at the Crows'...and it hit the back of the boat, but not the fan. Coachman didn't look too surprised, rubbing his forehead.

"That is impressive, but it didn't help us at all." Basil told the two of them, as Gintoki just shouted something.

"Huh, what did you do?!" Gintoki shouted at Basil.

*Kageyama's confessional*

"Not going to lie, I thought that was going to hit the boat and break some of it. Oh my god, thank god it's lame." The volleyball player said, having some sweat and a smirk.

*Confessional cut*

While the trio failed to beat the Crows, The Deers and the Swordfishes were bashing their boats against each other and far avoiding the red battle boat...which got one of them heated.

What didn't help was Dante stopping for a second to check on them.

"Er, you're looking in a good mood." Sol said, trying to ease the tension.

"I can't help it, you're not even close to winning this thing! So, go win or you three will sink our whole team down!" Coachman said calmly...but with a threatening tone.

"Stopping here was a mistake." Sol remarked.

*Azula's confessional*

"Whatever his contribution is must be less than how important he thinks that he is to the team, since he didn't even stop any of the boats." Azula said, laying down some insults. "'s not like he still isn't very useful."

*Confessional cut*

"Man...this is getting kinda boring." Chris said. "But the race really changes here!"

There was a buttload of mines all around, no battle boats and it was on the east side of the island with some buildings and stuff on it and of course, every boat stopped for the mine-filled section.

Including the last-place team that wasn't so far away.

"Hey, whatcha you looking at?" Dante asked.

"The place that you're going to down at!" Sokka exclaimed. "Pretty huge, did I mention."

"Yeah, but we're going to safety for the fourth time." Dante remarked.

"Not happening, 'cause you got people that suck!" Sokka shouted, as Cassie just added to that with a jeer towards the Rhinos. "Like her."

"Trust me, you're going to need your sword to beat us here." Azula taunted perfectly, which got Dante chuckling. "Unlike you, we can be careful."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I got taught these things." Cassie said some words.

The Rhinos and The Swordfishes were clashing, as the other two teams also exchanged some good words with each they were looking at the amount of mines.

"I hope you've got a volleyball where you're going." Samus taunted Kageyama, who wasn't distracted.

"I guess to the finish line? Because that's where I'm going." Kageyama remarked. "Uh-"

"He's going to take that volleyball and put it in the finish line, 'cause we're winning!" Kyo boasted, ready to take it on.

"Trust me, it takes more than speed to get through here safely." Samus remarked.

And those two teams were off, though a little bit slower than usual.

*Sonja's confessional*

"Can I just say as much as I have been in the military, there's still so many mines that have no reason to be there...than because Total Drama." Sonja said, still feeling that unease.

*Confessional cut*

"Man, I sure hope we don't end up blowing ourselves." Lowain said, contemplating on the race before this. "Imagine that."

"Uh, please don't imagine it." Cassie Cage replied. "Damn, these are a lot of mines."

And then a few went off in front of the two teams that started first and the other two that were going second for common sense reasons.

"There ain't much more of the battle race, but these trios in these speedboats will go through mines, Chef again and some other people! Who's going to win this challenge...after the break on Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!" Chris announced, as the four teams were still racing their hardest on their way to the finish line and dodging explosions all of the way through.

To be continued in the fourth part, which is the end of this explosive boating challenge and more importantly, the end of the boat madness and if the writing goes well, the elimination of four more contestants!

But the elimination might need a fifth part to fully get it right and get it working, so if there is a fifth part...don't be surprised and it should really be called Ultimate Isles...but I don't really care.

The leader board, so far:

The Crafty Crows (Kyo Kusangai, Tobio Kageyama & Mikasa Ackermann): 1st
The Striking Swordfishes (Cassie Cage, Sokka & Lowain): 2nd
The Rugged Rhinos (Dante, Sol Badguy & Azula): 3rd
The Daring Deers (Sonja, Samus Aran & Solid Snake): 4th

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 5: Boating The Average!
Part 4: Buoying The Full Ring

The end of the episode, the end of the mine-filled, contestant-playing boat race that made all of the teams feel like they were either trying their hardest or not!

And besides that, one team finally gets a win, while another feels the comfort of being safe and a third finally has to eliminate two can guess which ones they are!

Regardless of that, there will be eliminations, there will be blown-up boats and Chris will be there to say this part that you can read and review!

By the way, Kakegurui's real interesting and real cool (random sentence of the chapter)

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Ultimate Islands, where the mines are happening and so are these contestants!"

Chris accurately described the situation that was near the finish line and there was a path there, but there was more mines than one man or even ten men really needs in the sea.

But these four teams had contestants with powers and strengths that would help and some of them didn't look too caring about potential explosions.

Like Dante, who steered his speedboat like a car.

"Hang onto your seats!" Dante shouted, just doing that. "We're speeding through a minefield!"

Azula was a little nervous, as Sol just yawned.

"What do you even get up to?" Sol asked

"Not this, that's for sure!" Azula said, surprised to see Sol Badguy being blase about it.

The three Rhinos weren't super careful about it, as they rode through the mine zone with some decent contrast to the Daring Deers, who dared to slow down for a bit.

"Yeah, you don't want to mess with these." Snake said.

"Please, these things don't activate easily." Samus remarked, as the bounty hunter shot a shot...and made a mine explode. "I shot a gun."

"...I don't know how he even goes these." Snake stated.

And the other two teams were working things out slowly,a as they weren't super excited about dealing with mines.

"Alright, we might lose, but we're not going to explode...I'm going to assume that explode means you lose." Kyo said, as Kageyama was giving a thumbs up. "Hey, it's not official."

"I mean, this guy would do something like that." Kageyama said.

"Yeah, you're right." Kyo said.

*Mikasa's confessional*

"The better question where the hell did he even get those? I don't think you can find things like that...anywhere." Mikasa said calmly. "Though, that won't get an answer."

*Confessional cut*

The four different teams were actually navigating around the mines, some of them slower than others and one of them was a little freaked about the mines.

"Damn it, we can't let Azula win!" Sokka shouted, as he was just hopping into the steering wheel. "If she wins...bad things are gonna happen."

"I'd just want to win easily." Lowain said. "We're speeding up anyways."

"I'm pretty sure we're not going to get blown up." Sokka said, as Cassie Cage had a smirk.

Somehow, it went back to the duality between Sokka's trio and Azula's trio, as they were really racing against each other and avoiding the auto-exploding mines that were going off all around them.

Cassie Cage was just keeping her hands on the steering wheel and avoiding explosions all around and fighting against the waves from the so was Azula, though doing it a bit more dangerously with the other two not looking too interested.

The top two were very close to the bottom two, if only because the Deers and the Crows somehow managed to find a somewhat clear path through...and the hands finally switched around.

"Hold up...those things aren't going off at all!" Dante shouted with a smirk.

"Don't just throw your sword out there." Azula said, while Dante was just shooting at the mines. "...Why?"

"Because they're not-"

Dante did manage to get some mines in front of them to blow up with the Sol tried to use his sword as an oar and Dante just did the same with his sword.

"Just hold on tight, dumbass." Sol said, the boat got flown backwards

The Rugged Rhinos got sent back to fourth thanks to the waves that hit them and only them...and Sokka was just looking at them.

"Did they really shoot a exploding thing? That's dumb." Lowain remarked, as the other two were just ready to mock them. "We're not dumb!"

"Heck yeah!" Sokka was just looking out for the mines, while doing a dismissive high five. "Mines over here!"

The new place first team was just observing, as Mikasa, Kyo and Kageyama were taking that path and meeting up with the Swordfishes with a smile.

"And competition right there!" Kyo shouted with a grin, as Sokka had a dirty grin. "Hey, man, what's happening!"

"Whoa, chill, we're not out of the minefield." Lowain said.

A bunch of mines exploded behind them and even the Deers, as the three teams were just in it to win it...with Snake sure that the race had one more thing and Samus...thinking things.

*Samus' confessional*

"Is it bad that I think Snake's odd turn from war hero to guy that stops wars is strange...because it kinda is and trust me, that's all I'm saying." Samus said with confidence.

*Confessional cut*

"Oh man, the most winning team on this island is way behind the rest of 'em and the final section is where the best of the rest are going to fight the speedboaters!" Chris announced, as the final set of battle boats were hanging out at the finish line...ready to do their own thing.

They were up against Squigly and Oikawa of the Swordfishes, Samurai Jack, Ram and Tanjiro of the Deers, Kugasaki Nobara and Owen of the Crows and finally, Kristoff, Fred and Carmelita of the Rhinos.

Either way, stuff wasn't about to change for any of the three teams that were caught up...and especially since all of them were ready to fight to the rest of them.

"You ain't getting past me, if you're not part of my team!" Oikawa exclaimed, holding a volleyball

"What he said...except cooler!" Ryuko had a smug smile.

Mikasa was just standing on top of the Crow's speedboats, swinging the blade to throw the volleyball back at Oikawa, making him fall off.

"Ooooh, that's right, Oikawa, get...lose!" Kageyama shouted, struggling to say words.

The Crows were actually getting closer and closer to first place, as Squigly was dropping a coffin...and it somehow missed, as Kyo was just smirking.

"Uh, nice coffin!"

Mikasa and Kyo just sped up to avoid Ryuko, who was just genuinely hanging on for dear life and the other two were shocked.

"Looks like the Crows are about to win again...but the Swordfishes are bringing their strikes to the next level!" Chris announced, as Cassie and Sokka were actually fighting Nobara (the only one who could fight), with some double-teaming moves.

"Trust me, the only thing you're feeling is gonna be elimination!" Nobara exclaimed, as Sokka just made a clean sword swing and she dodged it...before getting kicked by Cassie. "Yeah, I'm not tired of losing!"

Cassie and Sokka did a team attack, as Nobara fell out of the boat and Owen just shrieked.

"Alright, what do you want?" Owen asked, raising her hands up. "...Never mind."

The top two boats were just plain ol' racing to the finish line...even with a few mines exploding for aesthetic and for random danger, things were close between the three of them.

The finish line was close and one boat was definitely a little bit ahead of the other, basically putting the accleration full down to said line.

"And the Crafty Crows win once again! The Swordfishes are safe in second, though with Ryuko riding on the wrong boat."

Both boats slowed to a stop with Ryuko just going on top, as Kyo and Kageyama were just mocking Lowain and Sokka for a reason.

"Hey, imagine...not winning!" Kageyama shouted.

"Uh, yeah, watch out for not winning!" Kyo remarked. "That's right, we're back."

"We just won once, though." Kageyama said, as Kyo still had a shit-eating grin.

Sokka, Cassie and Lowain were just equally not laughing at the random insults, as Mikasa was just giving them a silent thumbs up, as the whole team was in a pretty good mood.

"Homies, we're ready to kick your butt tomorrow! Heck, you might lose!" Lowain exclaimed. "Don't be big-headed, brah man."

"...Congrats for whatever you said." Sokka was just pumping the fist.

"Crows, you guys got a hot tub and some good food made by Chef!"

*Ryuko's confessional*

She had a bunch of seaweed on her hair and a serious smile.

"Damn, I thought I was going to lose as hard as I was gonna lose, but it looks like we kicked enough ass to be safe. Apparently, the winners get good food...which is fine, too." Ryuko said.

*Eva's confessional*

"Fuck that, I want to have some good food and a hot tub, because I'm not weak and I'm ready to play the long game!" Eva shouted, letting her anger out. "At least we're all staying and Ryuko's fucking them up!"

*Nobara's confessional*

The brown-haired jujutsu sorcerer was just laughing happily.

"Listen up, I'm eating good tonight, you can't deny that and I can eat good with the cool people from the team!"

*Confessional cut*

"Who's going to be last and trust me, you don't want to be last!"

The Deers were actually getting battled by two teams' worth of battle boats at once...essentially getting jumped on in the water (which is a sentence that I would never thought to write until 1st July 2021) and having to escape the double-down vortex.

"Holy shit, maybe we shouldn't drop coffins on people!" Ryuko shouted, seeing the fact that Snake got directly hit just kicked out of it. "It's going to get wrecked."

"Well, it was the only move that I could do from a boat." Squigly said. "My apologies."

"...Never mind, I don't think they're going to move for a while."

The third place team was just attacked from all sorts of angles and despite Samus and Snake just knocking them down one by one...the Rhinos were finally coming in hot wasn't even a metaphor, as parts of it had been on fire.

"Azula, you didn't have to explode all of them!" Dante shouted, having his jackey partially burnt.

"Actually, they exploded themselves and it didn't burn these trees." Azula was completely fine.

"Yeah, it didn't. Now let's try to not be last!" Sol grumbled.

The Rhinos got moving at full speed, despite the fire damage, as the Deers were feeling the effects of a rotor that was spinning even more slowly...but in the end, fire does things to a boat.

Like the fact that the boat got a little bit overheated and Snake instantly knew it...but his eye injuries was making things a bit hard to judge things, at the same time, they moved away.

"Honestly, you should jump off...that thing is going to disappear soon." Sonja said. "And I get the feeling that an exploding boat will make you last."

"Hey, we're on the same team, so we don't care about your advice..."

Dante noticed that the heat was basically unbearable on the boat, as Sol had jumped off and Azula was about to jump off.

"...Jump outta this thing!"

The Rhinos were without a boat, as it exploded into several parts and a lot of bits of the former speedboat and Chris looked...not that surprised, though moreso scared than anything.

The Deers basically sped off from the explosions, as the three soldiers were speeding out of the vicinity of the fireball that covered the boat and...into the finish line.

"Okay, since the Daring Deers...still have a boat, they're in third and the Rugged Rhinos don't have one, so they're last and trust me, you Rhinos are up for something!"

Snake just wiped the sweat off his brow, as Sonja was hiding her fear, considering her notable amount of sweat and Samus didn't look too surprised.

*Sonja's confessional*

"Well, whatever they're going to get, they probably don't deserve it at all." Sonja stated, cleaning her glasses. "And I hope it's not an costume change."

*Confessional cut*

After the challenge and all of the contestants dried themselves from getting into the water/floating in the water for a good while, the top two teams were having a decent time eating the food.

Mostly because, Soma was doing his best for his team and the other chefs were keeping up pretty good.

"Listen up, better appreciate your teammate's and the chefs' cooking with Chef Hatchet! Swordfish people, you're just getting the usual okay food."

"Y'know, we could get way worse food...I ain't having what they're having for sure." Leshawna said, as there was...a maid costume coming in? "...What the hell's happening now?"

"Hopefully, I'm wearing it!" Sugar yelled, as Leshawna was facepalming.

"It ain't even gonna look that bad on you." Leshawna shouted at Sugar. "Because you got them curves."

"Finally someone gets my curves!" Sugar shouted.

"Deers and Rhinos, you two are going to vote off two people each...and Rhinos, one or more of you has to wear the costume!" Chris announced, as the red team was just nervously looking at each other.

"...Honestly, I thought it was going to be worse." Sammy said. "Sugar, you can wear it."

"Damn, right I am." Sugar said. "Chris, gimme it!"

"Anyone who wears this...also has to clean the smelliest bathrooms in Total Drama history!"

Sugar was just sitting back down angrily, as Sammy was just thrown off completely and Tron Bonne and Azula weren't willing to do Yumeko just stood up.

"Seriously, don't." Tron Bonne said.

"Fuck, we barely can understand her. She practically owned a school for the heck of it." Harley Quinn remarked. "I say go for it."

"Alright, I guess it has to be me." Yumeko said. "There could be anything in there."

"And it will reek." Tron Bonne was waving her arms.

"And you can vote for two that the extra vote! A penalty vote means you have one punishment vote against you...pretty cool, huh?!"

Coachman also stood up, if only because of the implications.

"You know-"

"Honestly, I will get that extra vote, even if I have to wear that costume!" Coachman shouted, as the rest of the team was...stunned to say the least.

"Goddamn, you're gonna embarrass yourself for strategy? Pretty bold, boss." Pinstripe said, trying to avoid picturing it.

"Alright, just stop wearing before everyone notices!" Shulk said, a little nervous about his alliance partner.

"Okay, uh, there's two, uh, have fun cleaning the bathroom! The rest of you...see ya at elimination!"

The host was completely thrown off by a young woman and an old man cleaning the bathroom and in maid robes, no less...but then again, Chef Hatchet wasn't scared.

"You heard him, you gotta clean the bathrooms with these freaky costumes on!" Chef Hatchet shouted, now looking at the old guy. "No matter what."

These two were out of there, as the rest of the team were looking at the two of them leaving the area.

"Damn, who the heck are we voting off?" Fred Flintstone remarked. "You know, a caveman like me has got to protect all of you."

"Didn't you screw up and not do anything? Yes." Lynn said. "This white-haired guy, too? He accidentally helped the other team?"

"Yeah, but he's a man!" Fred yelled. "And he used his strength."

"Hold up, you both messed up completely! I couldn't even do anything!" Lynn shouted. "Lemme show what I've got."

"Look, we may have done nothing, but this sword guy has range and can cook meat." Fred was just putting his around Gintoki casually.

"Shut up!" Gintoki shouted, eating the food. "I'm not done eating."

Fred was just plain stunned, as a good chunk of the team knew what he wanted to say and Gintoki was just getting some looks, shooting some dirty looks back.

"Geez, guys, I don't have time to pick anyone to eliminate...'cause most of you all seem like cool people." Gintoki remarked, which got a few ears perked up...especially Legoshi.

*Legoshi's confessional*

The 7-feet tall wolf was actually slouching down.

"Honestly, I don't really have anyone to vote, because most of them could be cool people in the future. Except for the caveman guy, because he should that gender doesn't matter...his friend kinda messed up a bit." Legoshi said quietly. "Anyways, this is my confessiona-"

*Fred's confessional*

"Please tell me that I'm not going to end up like that guy who turned into a zombie...because he's not okay." Fred said with some worry. "I stand by what I said."

*Confessional cut*

Some of the second-place team's boys was just hanging around the toilet and they were talking some serious strategy about said location.

"I propose that we hang out here if we're talking about private stuff." Khun suggested, which got Joseph snickered. "Hey, no guy's going to go in here."

"How are us dudes going to chill out in the toilet?" Lowain asked, as Oikawa was rolling his eyes.

"You know, we don't have to hang out in the toilet." Oikawa said. "I heard there's a guy in a maid costume coming out."

"Not gonna lie, was not expecting that, but the toilet is for the boys!" Sokka exclaimed, as he high-fived Lowain. "And hidden strategies, obviously."

"Uh, aren't we supposed to come up with team strats?" Lowain asked, as Oikawa nodded.

"Pretty much, but sometimes, you've gotta...oh no." Khun remarked, as his smile faded,

"I was joking! What are you doing here?!" Oikawa was ready to fight.

Coachman, very clearly hiding his anger with a smile, was in a maid outfit that somehow fit him and his general tall-ness and hat properly and the other five just wanted to get outta the general area.

"Hey, man, you know you don't have to-" Joseph holding back his laughter.

"I'm here for my punishment. If there's something here, I'll take it!" Coachman said, making the five guys scared. "Besides, I hate wearing this lowly outfit."

"Ahh, just get into the toilet." Joseph just kicked him into the toilet. "Man, I bet it worked as well as the time that I brought tequila in a-"

"Yeah...stop saying that." Sokka said, as the five guys were running out of the location.

*Oikawa's confessional*

The guy looked digusted.

"Man, if I can predict that, then I don't want to predict the future anymore!" Oikawa shouted, as his fingers were wiggling. "Yumeko did look cute, though."

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of Yumeko, she was just cleaning the bathrooms, getting a little tired of it...but she was content to do the ridiculous tasks done of her and she smelled some horrible smells.

Needless to say, when she was done, she was just wiping her sweat and had something important in her hand.

"Oh, an immunity idol." Yumeko said. "This could help my team out."

"Heya, you're looking good!" JFK exclaimed. "Your melons are good too..."

"Oh yeah, you're that clone that does things with girls? How nice to meet you!" Yumeko said, still in the maid costume.

"Uh...nice. Wanna do" JFK just showed some playing cards.

"Sure, you two can be gamble." Yumeko said, as JFK and Muscle Man were both confused. "Alright?"

"Sure, man, we're teaming up against ya!" Muscle Man declared, as JFK was just looking dumb. "I bet you're real tough."

"I do gamble pretty good." Yumeko remarked with a slightly different smile.

*Muscle Man's confessional*

He had a ton of sweat on his partner.

"JFK's lady broke up, so I was trying to get the guy some ladies with stealth! Uh, Yumeko gambled our butts off, though." Muscle Man said, being tough. "I guess, we're voting for someone."

*Confessional cut*

The Deers had a elimination happening and two people that had to be voted some people split off into groups to pick their vote.

"I don't know if we should vote for him, though." Samurai Jack said. "He isn't a bad person."

"Yeah, he's definitely trying his best to compete!" Tanjiro exclaimed.

"Yeah, but at the same time, who else would be voted for?" Tiana asked the both of them, trying to climb up the tree. "Scott's...probably gonna be voted today."

"What did she really do other than try her hardest?" Tanjiro asked, as Tiana was just thinking about something.

"I don't really know, Kate's just trying her best to be out here." Tiana said. "What else are we gonna say?"

"We have to vote for someone." Samurai Jack said. "I'm sorry that it has to be her."

The samurai was contemplating his thoughts, as Tanjiro and Tiana were both very unsure on what to do...other than to vote for her.

"Don't worry about it, that guy's going to be voted off!" Aisling came straight out of nowhere. "Because he's annoying."

The other three were just looking at her, like she had said something very dumb.

*Aisling's confessional*

"Yeah, he think he's very nice, but he wouldn't even survive in my woods!" Aisling shouted angrily.

*Confessional cut*

"Look, we've got like twenty-something people to vote for, Daring Deers, so this elimination ceremony is going to be pretty quick!" Chris announced. "You guys were just a bit too slow today."

The green team were all sitting down carefully, ready to listen to the votes.

"Once again, the people who are safe are getting marshmallows and the people who aren't safe will be sent on the Sling-Yacht of Shame!"

The group of contestants were just sitting down carefully on the stumps, as Bugs Bunny was just eating his carrot.

"We've received your votes and they're not super interesting. Once again, the people who have votes will be called out!"

Chris just waited for the right time to throw the many marshmallows.

"Kate, Scott Pilgrim, Yuri, Bugs, Aisling, Ram and all have votes and no marshmallows!"

"Yeah, I'm not surprised. I feel like no-one cares about me, which is cool." Bugs said, as Samurai Jack was just patting him on the back.

All of the rest got their marshmallows and they were contemplating who was going to be voted off, hoping that their friends weren't voted out.

"Who would really consider voting for me?" Ram asked, as Yuri was just complaining.

"That what I wanted to say!" Yuri said.

"Well, someone did vote for Yuri and Ram, so they're safe."

The karate girl with headband and pink-haired demon maid caught the marshmallows, as the others were also a little bit nervous.

" also have one vote." Chris just threw the rabbit his marshmallow and Yuri caught another one.

"Hey, I can eat that!" Bugs exclaimed, as Yuri just ate it in front of her. "Geez, chill out."

"Kate, Scott, Aisling and Daisy, you four have more than one vote against you...and two of you have two or three votes and the other two take up the rest!" Chris announced, as the fear of elimination was put into the team. "Speaking of votes..."

The tension could be felt in the air.

Aisling was just sitting down, very angry and very bored at the same time.

Daisy was just feeling real awkward, as was Scott Pilgrim, who had her mouth open.

Kate was just sweating quite a bit.

"...Daisy is safe with only two votes!"

"Yoo-hoo...hope you're safe, Aisling!" Daisy exclaimed, as Aisling scrunched up her face.

"Aisling, you're apparently really annoying. Scott, you didn't even try to stop the boat with some of your powers. Kate, I guess your fame apparently attracts votes! Out of the three of you, the one safe is..."







Kate's sweat turned up.








Scott was just whistling, as Aisling was just side-eyeing him.









"...Aisling. Sorry, Kate and Scott, but you've gotta go."

"This ain't my day. But I ain't surprised either." Kate said, taking it quite well. "I'm just happy to be here represent my universe and my fans and I'm happy that I made some friends here. You know, this place may not be cool, but the people are pretty cool."

"Damn, that's a whole speech." Scott remarked. "You wanna date?"

"Not really, I've got tours to do, songs to write and races to be in. Your friend's cheering for you, though." Kate told him, as Scott was just exasperated at knowing.

"What the heck, how do you know here?!"

"Yawn...we've got a team with their first voting elimination coming up, you two!" Chris told the two of them, as Kate and Scott were pushed off-screen.

"Rhinos, you guys have cast your votes...some of you had two and should not be wearing the maid costume." Chris told them. "For some of you, it's not the first time you voted."

Sammy and Sugar were just eye-ing The Coachman, who was boiling with rage and a smile and Muscle Man looked scared.

"Come on, guys, make spicier votes...anyways, people who are called out have votes!"

A lot of the contestants were just putting their hands out and some others were just crossing their own arms.

"Coachman, Fred, Gintoki, Mai, Azula, Dante, Yumeko and Lynn all have votes, so they don't get marshmallows!"

"Like I said, I didn't even do anything." Lynn said, in a dour mood...after the many marshmallows were thrown.

"Mai, Azula and Yumeko all have one vote!"

"Really, who would vote for someone who helped us?" Azula asked.

"So does, Coachman and Lynn...they've both got one vote!"

"...Okay?" Iori Yagami asked, as Coachman just caught his. "What's up with these weirdo votes?"

"Probably being a dumb person." Coachman scoffed. "Dante...why did you shoot at a mine?"

"Because I thought it wouldn't explode." Dante remarked, as Iori and Coachman were both dumbfounded. "Wasn't the best idea."

"Dante basically lost the game, Fred made a comment about Lynn that's very not cool and Gintoki...exists, I guess. Who's going to be safe, though?"

Dante was just casually spinning his sword around.

Fred was just trying to wipe the sweat off his brows.

Gintoki looked like he couldn't believe the state of his team.








"It is..."








"...Dante with three votes. You may have lost them the challenge, but I guess your skills are too much for you to be voted off!" Chris announced, as Dante just took his marshmallow standing up.

"Woo, let's go!" Dante yelled. "Sorry guys, just too happy to not be eliminated."

"Hey, I can't blame ya. Man, I hope that ghost doesn't end up messing up my toes." Gintoki said, as he got thrown an hammer. "It's a ghost!"

"It could work, my man." Dante said. "Fred, what the heck, man?"

"I thought he could do manly stuff. Like good 'ol BBQ!" Fred remarked. "Safe to say, that's over now."

"Yeah, it's your own fault. You don't make a bad BBQ." Hank said, as Fred just gave a thumbs up. "It ain't as good as propane, though."

Fred was just walking to the new Dock of Shame with Gintoki in hand, as the Coachman quite literally got dragged by Deadpool, who put a sign down there.

"sry for old man in maid costume, guys, i will promise to do less of that."

"That's messed up, writer." Deadpool remarked.


"You four eliminated contestants are riding the sling-yacht of shame! Kate, I guess you're riding in the seat." Chris announced, as Kate was just sitting in the seats. "Your luggage is in a safe compartment, bye-bye!"

"Wait, what the actual fuck?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, that's something insane!" Kate got herself tucked in.

"I don't know, it's an experience and it's probably cool." Gintoki remarked, as he stood with Fred shrugged.

The yacht just got shot off with some kind of momentum, as the four eliminated contestants were just getting some serious speed.

"Man, whoever's watching, how are you holding up? Because that's all for this episode, so keep watching for some more of Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!" Chris shouted, ending with the classic zoom out.

To be continued in the fifth challenge and sixth episode kinda soon...

....Where there might be super crowns, definitely normal crowns and clearly imaginary crowns and this time, they have to stay on the head of whoever wants to show off for their team in the next challenge!

Either way, it's inspired by Tower of God, an anime that should be well-paced and longer, but had a decent 13 episodes.

Gintoki may be from one of the longest running anime, but I don't have a super great grasp on him here. And also, even if I was a serious fan, he'd definitely be an early elimination...'cause he's kinda goofy.

Fred Flintstone may be a bit surprising, because as much as he should really stay for a few more episodes, he's also an early pick because he kinda had a crazy moment already and his comments were...dumb.

Kate Alen...wasn't really my first choice, as I had Aisling for a hot moment while writing this chapter, but she ain't got that much personality, powers or even skills compared to most of the Deers.

And finally, Scott Pilgrim, who I also don't have a super great grasp on and would definitely be the type of dude to have an early this cast.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 6: Sitting On The Chair
Part 1: Single Crown Action

Well, the winning team does get an advantage and since the Crows won last time, they get the crown first in this game.

The challenge inspired from the early episodes of the Tower of God, where one team has to stay with the crown as long as they could and how long they've got it for is also how many points they gain!

A simple challenge for a simple show with a complex cast by numbers alone and there isn't a Super Crown involved.

Don't worry, the contestants play with a normal crown, though and Deadpool's getting a bit more thanks for 5,000 views in about like 4 months and for the few reviewers that I have, find out what's up now!

"Last time on this season of Total Drama, we had a crazy boat race with mines, explosions and other people ruining the boat racing experience.
The other players had their own boats and the teams' speedboats had to deal with them, explosions, waves and Chef Hatchet, of course! Dante made an explosion, Mikasa just owned everybody, Cassie drove the boat like a pro and finally, Snake and Samus were getting together!"

Chris just chuckled in the middle of it.

"So, in the end, Mikasa, Kyo and Kageyama carried their team to a tasty victory and Sokka, Lowain and Cassie got themselves second place with bro energy!"

The two dudes with Cassie were celebrating like they would...after the end of the recap.

"The Deers and The Rhinos got third and last respectively, because the Deers were getting beat up by everybody and Dante blew up his teams' boat. Doesn't matter, though, 'cause Fred and Gintoki from the Rhinos are gone and Kate and Scott Pilgrim from the Deers are gone!"

The four of them weren't going to get any spotlight.

"Will Yumeko and Azula's strats get their alliance ahead? Will Pinstripe stop the Coachman from wearing bad things in their alliance? And will there be more couples than alliances? Find out today on Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!"

Real theme song daylight hours!

Chris and Chef were actually standing proud of their show with the show's sign...when all of a sudden, Haohmaru cut the sign down with his katana and he had a goofy grin, while the two hosts were just ignoring him.

It then transitioned to the forest, where Dawn was just slowly floating down from the Tanjiro just hung out in trees wondering how she did it.

Dawn floated down to the ground, as B was just clicking his fingers towards was Yuri, as Dawn was just going with B somewhere...with Yuri looking ready for a fight raising her fists.

Yuri and Uraraka were actually in the middle of duking it out though, the both of them using their powers to fight...with Uraraka blown up and Yuri floating and then dropping with Mystique Sonia just cheering them on and Ram crossed her arms with confidence.

In another place, being on top of the cabins, Daisy just climbed up onto the roof where Luigi was just sitting down pretty easily...and Daisy just jumped right next to Luigi, spooking Snufkin was just shrugging at seeing Luigi jumping up suddenly.

Jude and Soos were both seeing Snufkin and Luigi have a bit of a moment, as the two of them were just chilling on the side of a tree and Soos was just high-fiving a bear with Jude slowly walking backwards.

In the river, there was a certain samurai running across the water and Samurai Jack just jumped down on the other side, as Spike was just wowed by the move...but the samurai was more interested in the dragon, which got him moving backwards.

Near that same river, Snake was taking a peek outside of some tree to check for something...before going back around it to see Samus, who landed from a high jump in the trees.

The two of them shared a smile, before Tanya arrived in her uniform, bad coffee in hand, looking like she had a plan...which was to just get into the mess hall.

Speaking of the mess hall, Sonja was just showing off his military knowledge to Robyn, who went to sleep and then woke up as a wolf, as Sonja looked stunned and Piccolo just ate his food like a pro.

Piccolo threw his plate at someone and then flew off, ready to fight some guy, then Tiana just facepalmed at her broken plate, as Chef walked in and saw her face and filled the kitchen with face.

Tiana ran out of the location, as Aisling was just running around behind her with Robyn being in tow (as the wolf), as Chef slapped the three of them, Robyn turning back to normal as she woke up.

And of course, back on the deck...Bugs Bunny just dug out of the ground and then ran up to the camera...before Scott kicked him in the face and did a thumbs up.

And somewhere else, Donkey Kong flipping some bananas around to eat all of them, as Julia and Hayley were both protecting the banana tree that was there and Julia doing some martial arts against Donkey Kong, as Hayley was shaking her head.

The thing transitioned to night time, as Riley was just ready to light the fireworks up with Penny raising an eyebrow about just throwing an lighter in there.

Riley threw it in the middle, as the fire exploded and became normal, as Samus and Snake were having a fun time under the title of the show, Riley had a burnt face and Penny just shrugged it off with a smile.

And the intro's done!

New day, new clothes and a whole new set of...something?, as the last place team had been through an elimination for the first and the Rhinos weren't even talking about that.

Most of the time besides a few.

"I can't believe I did that. At least I got something for my troubles." Coachman said, back to his normal clothes.

"Really, because you were looking real interesting in that!" Kristoff remarked casually.

"I'm not interested in looking like that." Coachman said, pulling out an immunity idol. "Can't you believe they washed this?"

"Uh, they sure did." Kristoff was covering his nose, as was Hank. "Listen, just don't put that out there."

"What do you think I'm gonna do?" Coachman just slammed down the idol on the counter. "I'm going to clean this game-changing thing and then just forget yesterday!"

"Alrighty then, you do that." Hank stated, as the Texan dad saw the old villain leave. "I still don't know what that idol would've helped."

"If you use it, your votes just disappear. Nothing too crazy about it." Dante was just spinning some random stick, as Hank was getting tired of the island.

"Okay, what does that have to do with anything?" Kristoff asked, as Rock just got up from rocking the music.

"You can help your homies out, rock it out on your own and even do gnarly strategies, man. Don't you watch Total Drama?" Rock was just basically doing some air guitar

"The heck?" Kristoff asked, as the two young dudes were looking at him all weird. "You watch this thing?"

"Uh, it's a TV show, my guy." Dante said, as Rock looked confused.

"...Still don't know what that is." Kristoff told the two of them, confusing the hell out of the other two.

*Dantes confessional*

"I forgot about some other places not knowing what the heck a TV is!" Dante said. "I'm not gonna shoot mines, though."

*Confessional cut*

The few ladies that were still in the cabin were talking about the elimination, as Clover had an air freshening machine and there was an alliance.

"Man, this food sucks...not as much as our massive loss." Tron Bonne said, not in the mood to do some talking. "And who'd have thought that Azula would be there for it."

"I'll be honest, a lot!" Clover said, as Azula shot daggers at her.

"You didn't even do anything in the challenge, so you're not on my level." Azula said with a smile.

"Cool, just sayin'." Clover said, looking at the sexy guys out of the window.

"Anyways, we just need to win this challenge today...or we might lose more and more contestants in the team, nevermind the power of this alliance." Azula said.

"You know what, we need to pull some moves. If we lose today, we're voting for the guys who suck the most!" Tron Bonne remarked, as Clover was just sneaking outside.

"Well, obviously, but we don't need to pull any moves yet. Aside from...the ordinary moves." Azula said, as Tron Bonne nodded.

"Uh, that's pretty cool." Harley Quinn stated. "I'm just gonna do what I do. Pound the other teams, fuck some shit up and do whatever else!"

"Good for us. Yumeko, Squirrel Girl, you two figure out what you'll do within this alliance, because you two have great skills that go noticed." Azula told the both of them, who just knew what they were up to.

"Is it about gambling?" Yumeko asked, as Squirrel Girl rolled her eyes.

"I don't care to know what the next challenge is." Azula said, as the other four girls looked at her. "I'll make the plan regardless."

"Aw, it's not gambling? Just taking the other teams on a gamble would make me happy." Yumeko said, as Azula raised an eyebrow. "This is a show where people get pushed to the edges for someone else's entertainment."

"...Sure?" Squirrel Girl said, as Azula had a feeling. "Is she-"

"Trust me, she'd be a problem if we weren't friends." Azula said with confidence, as Yumeko gave a thumbs up.

*Squirrel Girl's confessional*

Her squirrels were just walking around doing their thing in the confessional.

"I swear every time Yumeko talks, it's like she's planning something very big and very dumb. Yeah, she definitely came from a academy of gamblers and being rich!" Squirrel Girl said, wanting to know what's up.

*Confessional cut*

The winning team was in a winning mood, as almost all of the team yesterday went into the hot tubs and they were really feeling themselves.

And some of them weren't just thinking about yesterday either, as there was going to be a ton more challenges and some of them...were just not thinking that much.

"You wanna chow down on my chow?" Soma asked.

"Chill, we just about won the last challenge." Noah said. "Also, I don't want to get a bad taste in my mouth."

"Eh, come on, it's not all bad tastes. Skeleton guy's feeling energised!" Soma exclaimed, as Papyrus had a confident grin.

"THE GREAT PAPYRUS DOES THINGS FOR THE TEAM AND I WON'T LET MY FRIENDS LOSE TO ANY RANDOM GUY!" Papyrus shouted, as Noah was just putting his head down.

"Yeah, he's in good spirits." Soma remarked, ignoring Noah's groan.

"Come on, Noah, let's a fun time with our friends! Pit and Miko were gaming like crazy!" Owen exclaimed, as Noah stood straight back up. "And that's about it."

"And they were snug-" Papyrus shouted, before Pit reeled back an arrow. "-snugly asleep seperately."

"Thanks for that. We're just friends, chilling and sharing speedrun stuff." Pit said. "Everyone's on this team's just as cool, though."

"Yeah, yeah, we're all cool and chilling. Heck, we're even gaming!" Miko shouted, as she just fistbumped Mikasa, who had her teeth gritted.

There was a lot of happenings in the Crows, the leading team, and it was mainly down to the food that was just plopped down by Chef, who didn't look too interested.

"Oh wow, it's time to eat..." Haida said, fearing the nondescript slop " it."

"Trust me, we're probably not going to get better." Shego remarked. "Soma should get extra!"

Haida didn't look too surprised at Shego looking at Giovanni and Wario being pretty bad guys.

"Man, those two are looking pretty friendly." Haida just ate the depressing slop.

"Nah, they're really friendly." Shego remarked, as Haida tried to keep on eating. "I heard that they were hanging together."

"Come on, it's probably not romantic." Haida said, as Shego looked bored as hell.

"As long as we're winning, I can talk however I want." Shego said, ignoring the plate.

*Riku's confessional*

The white-haired keyblade wielder was a little more sick than usual.

"Okay, so, we may have won twice, but we're not exactly doing great. At least most of us are friends with each other, so we bring our own light." Riku said, getting that feeling. "I'm pretty sure that there was a lot of darkness in the food."

*Confessional cut*

"Green Hand, Garlicster, we took this challenge and ate it up thanks to Titan Slayer over here!" Giovanni had a smirk. "Haha, I bet we're good for the next challenge, minions, whatever the heck it is."

"That's right, Wario's made some moves in winning the challenge!" Wario exclaimed. "Wario gotta do what I gotta do!"

"Uh, you did-" Sandy said, butting in confidently.

"Yeah, Wario did things!" Wario shouted. "What are we gonna do."

"...Uh, win the next challenge with our skills, obviously!" Giovanni said. "No matter what it is, I, Giovanni Potage, will take it by the horns!"

And then he vomited out some of the food, as Wario and Shego held back laughter and Mikasa sat down proudly, despite not being a minion of sorts.

"Talk some sense into him!" Sandy told Shego.

"Yeah, ask someone else." Shego remarked, as Sandy's anger swelled right up.

"He didn't even do anything!" Sandy complained.

"Yeah, but...he's kinda part of the quirky group that this team is. I'm not complaining if he's in a good mood." Kipo just rolled with eye, having a simple old smile.

"I'm just sayin', he ain't much of a crazy player." Sandy remarked, as Giovanni looked real interested in her.

*Kyo's confessional*

"I'm not going to lie, I like being in this crazy matter how dumb it is almost all of the time." Kyo said, as the fiery fighter looked smug. "Still don't know if we're safe or not."

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of other teams, there was a certain pair of teams that were just glaring at each other for one reason and one reason only.

Neither of the guys were sure what it was, but it definitely was some intense glares going in between the roofed tables that were still at the campground

"Whoa, whoa, what's with you today?" Reigen asked.

"Hey, this guy thinks he's so cool with his big hands, bananas and big claps!" Sokka shouted at Donkey Kong.

"DK, he didn't even diss anyone!" Daisy tried to calm the guy down.

"He said that bananas sucked and that I sucked!" Donkey Kong complained.

The vibe in the canteen area was a little bit too spicy for some people's liking, as there was more than a few members riled up for the next challenge.

"Yeah, that's a fact!" Sokka yelled.

"You're a fact. Because you can't even do water things!" Donkey Kong exclaimed. "Your sword skills are cool, though."

"Listen up, you can't just insult me and then say it's all okay." Sokka said. "This food is an better apology."

Sokka looked plain motivated, as Donkey Kong was raising an eyebrow.

"We didn't even get first, guy with a sword." Falco told Sokka. "We just got second."

"And...?" Sokka said.

"And if your head gets too big, you'll forget what made you get that second place." Reigen told Sokka, as Falco just pointed to him.

"The talking monkey is really annoying. That's all I've been saying." Sokka complained, as the other two were sighing.

"Alright, man. I'm just saying insulting a guy that could easily clap you into pieces isn't the smartest decision." Reigen said, as Sokka was just eating his food.

"...I know." Sokka said.

On the other side, most of the Deers were actually just chilling in random places and the Smash quartet of Luigi, Daisy, Bugs Bunny (he smashes stuff in a cartoony way) and Donkey Kong were basically in the forest and Bugs was the only one that wasn't hanging off a branch.

"He won a few days ago and got second yesterday, why he's acting like he's a big deal?" Donkey Kong asked. "He'd probably lose 'cause of my big hands!"

"Can't say that I disagree with ya there." Bugs Bunny said. "Hey, when am I finally gonna get screentime!"

"Whenever you want to do that. Been saving it up." Donkey Kong remarked.

"Guys, guys...we're gonna beat up the blue team, do some crazy things and probably mess up a few times, but not enough to lose any player in here!" Daisy declared, as she had a smile. "And then...the challenge is over."

"Oh okay." Luigi said, shaking in DK's presence. "So, what's...up?"

"Man, kicking it with you guys." Donkey Kong said. "And talking."

"Cool...I like talking." Luigi was clearly in a nervous state.

*Lowain's confessional*

Lowain looked really interested.

"I'm not going to lie. I wasn't expecting a whole beef between the big Kong and Sokka, but that's just the way that this thing goes." Lowain remarked. "Meanwhile, I'm just here wondering what fox dude and cyborg kid's up to!"

*Luigi's confessional*

The green plumber was a little bit scared.

"Oh man, I've got my friends to hang out with and heck, Donkey Kong's a friend, but I still can't believe he scares me." Luigi said, as he looked a little bit nervous.

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of Leshawna, Eva and Ryuko, they were doing some things in the green plains and the best area for that was...concidentally an area where stuff would usually happen.

"Why the heck are you here?" Eva asked.

"Because I want to be here, that's it!" Leshawna exclaimed.

"Damn, that's a good enough reason." Ryuko had a smirking grin. "You can keep up?"

"I'm keeping my butt up!" Leshawna was just looking motivated, as Eva had a nervous smile. "Eva, we're on the same team."

Ryuko was just running as hard as she could with Eva and Leshawna running behind the three were just going through the forest and keeping up with each other.

Hopping over stones, ducking under some fallen trees and actually punching...a rock, which Eva and Ryuko both did.

"How am I supposed to keep up with that?!" Leshawna exclaimed.

"Figure it out yourself, friend." Eva said with a ton of spite.

Ryuko then basically encroached on a meeting of the five guys...the five people of the truce-alliance hybrid and then Eva and Leshawna were looking.

"This is gonna be interesting." Ryuko said, listening in on the most interesting alliance in the game.

Well, most of the Rhino guys' alliance were just sitting down in a weird circle with a bunch of tree stumps, as Shulk looked nervous and Dante still looked piqued.

"How are ya, blokes? I wonder why some of us aren't super interested in doing this meeting." Coachman had a very smug grin. "Though we may have lost, we're forcing this team forward."

"Uh-huh. What do you exactly propose, because I haven't seen any kind of good strategy." Basil said, practically tired of the alliance. "Or even better, strategy that isn't just yelling to others."

"Huh, why would we do that? We're only four challenges in and there is, literally, a hundred people to eliminate." Coachman said, not too bothered. "We just need to win this any means necessary."

"Sabotage?" Basil asked, tired of the round-about words.

"Obviously!" Coachman remarked. "And also, Dante using his head."

"Thanks, old guy, I wasn't gonna do that anyways." Dante was just trying to high-five Basil. "Besides...what do we do if we lose?"

"...You should know this." Coachman said, very much bothered. "Vote them off obviously and if the others lose, me and Pinstripe will force a vote on someone!"

"Forgery, baby!" Pinstripe exclaimed, as Shulk look uneasy

"Wow, that sounds great." Shulk stated. "I've been researching some other technology and there's an alchemist ma with purple skin...I think he's cool."

"Aw yeah, I bet we're going to find some good things right there." Pinstripe remarked, as Coachman had a smug grin. "Where is he?"

"I heard of him, though!" Shulk said, as Dante gave a wink. "He's must be in a cave!"

"Thanks, blonde swordie!" Pinstripe exclaimed. "Alright, I'm tired of being here."

While the alliance was basically leaving the situation, the three that saw the odd strategy were a little bit scared of what said alliance of mostly good-ish guys...could do.

"Damn, they're crazy." Leshawna said.

"You're ain't wrong." Ryuko stated.

"Hey, guys, Chris here! We've got a killer challenge for you guys and trust me, it's going to be fun to watch...and do!"

The three of them were actually happy to hear that there was an interruption, but Chris being that interruption...dampened things a bit.

*Eva's confessional*

The black-haired angry athlete was just flexing her arms.

"I'm just going to beat 'em with raw skills and whatever else my teammates have...for obvious reasons. Whatever they're pulling, I'm gonna push 'em!"

*Confessional cut*

There was obviously an challenge.

What wasn't obvious was why there was a big crown there in the middle of a table and a metal fence that was seemingly way ahead of them.

"Welcome to the fifth challenge of this super-season!"

"Super-season?" Falco asked.

"There's 100 people, it definitely counts! That's not the point, we've got a crown right here and the challenge is actually kinda simple!"

Chris was actually rotating the crown around a little bit.

"Each team has to protect one guy that's literally sitting out of the challenge on a throne! If anyone can put the crown on the camper in the throne, their team gathers one point every half-minute...and if someone from another team takes the crown, no-one gets any points while they move to their team's throne!"

"That's not that simple." Falco remarked, as he scoffed.

"Camper with crown gets points for sitting on throne and if crown isn't on a thorne, no points are given! Come on, it's not that hard!" Chris announced. "In between the thrones, there's forest to get wild in...because when time's up, whoever camper has the crown outside of the thrones gains 30 points for their team!"

"Okay, okay, that's kinda insane." Falco said. "You just get points when the challenge is over?"

"Duh, you've gotta protect your homies." Riley just stated it.

"Never mind, then." Falco remarked. "Looks like you're going to have to protect your heads!"

"Nigga, I've been protecting my own head in these streets." Riley remarked.

"Oh yeah, there are fake crowns and you guys should get to your places...right now! The actual challenge starts in five minutes!"

The four coloured arrows also popped up from the trees, as the teams were sure of something obvious.

"Nice challenge. Must have been inspired by something!" Terry Bogard had a smile on his face.

"This is stupidly original, though. By that, I mean it's stupid and original." Noah remarked.

"Hey, don't do the host like that. He tried his best." Terry said. "...I hope."

Chris had an airhorn for the teams to disperse and for him to do the outro to this the host was just putting himself in the centre with the crown in his hands.

"Who's going to be crowned...after the break!" Chris finished up the first part of the episode.

To be continued in Part 2, where hopefully an old man gets stripped of his crown and swapped to another teammate within the same team.

However, things get a little messy and crown-taking gets a little bit crazy with the men trying to get the one crown to the women within their team.

Just because they didn't want to see a man become a woman through weird means.

Chapter Text

Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 6: Sitting On The Chair
Part 2: Not So Super Crown

It is a pun or it is an actual thing?

Does it really matter, though? The battle for the crown points really gets started, as the starting flag's dropped and so does some weird strategies from a guy that has been through it before.

Will Khun secure the time bonus? Will one team take the crown long enough to do some crazy defense? Will one team go on the offense and just throw out random attacks.

And more important, how does volleyballs and footballs play into it? Who knows, man? Who knows...except for me and thanks to the reviews for doing them reviews!

Anyways, let's make this!

Besides this, I've been somewhat reworking both Episodes 1 and the latter half of Episode 2 to be a bit less cumbersome and to also integrate certain things from the beginning. (I spent too long doing this, BTW)

Once again, let's get crowns!

"Okay, so, what we need to do is kinda easy. We need to ensure that we take the crown first, put it on Soos...who is on the throne and then just protect him." Snake told the whole team, who was on the vibe.

"I like sitting, but why I am sitting here?" Soos asked.

"Because you're a very cool guy who is very dumb." Snufkin said.

"...Come on, man." Soos said. "I don't have powers, but come on!"

"Honestly, it's because you never take that hat off!" Snufkin remarked, as Soos gave a thumbs up.

Snake was just a little confused at why the choice was made, but he just accepted it.

"All we can really do is protect him." Snake said. "So, is that what we're doing?"

"Yes, because we're a solid team that does solidly!" Tanya stated with confidence. "All of us can cover for each other's skills that much I can tell and if you're not, trust me, we will know."

"Damn, that's...just hilariously onimous." Snake just chuckled, as the whole team looked confident about guarding the guy. "Though, we should get some of us guarding the place and others...get to catching the crown."

Tanjiro, Samurai Jack, Uraraka, Yuri and Aisling were stepping on they were sharing their unsheathed weapons or powers that they Samurai Jack had a determined frown

"Looks like they stepped themselves up." Samus remarked, as Snake adjusted his headband. "Snake, let's finish this."

And in another team, things were a little bit different for yesterday's losing they were working their hardest to force anyone to get up there, since one of them was missing.

"Hey, Tifa can't just get up there!" Sammy exclaimed. "She didn't decide to get up there!"

"Dude, she can kick a lot of butt, that's a good reason!" Rock exclaimed.

"I'm not really a strong damsel. Isn't there like someone here that'd like to wear the crown?" Tifa asked, as Sammy was just nodding to that.

Rock looked nervous, as did Legoshi and Pinstripe just grumbled.

"Isn't Sugar here?" Sammy asked, as Sugar come from nowhere. "Sugar, can you-"

"I'm gonna wear that crown and sit on it like a queen!" Sugar declared, as Tifa did a sigh of relief.

"And she can't defend herself, dummy." Pinstripe remarked, as Sammy and Sugar looked tired of it.

"Oh, Tifa can't fight on the throne." Rock realised, as Pinstripe just pinched his nose. "She can't."

"Alright, you want Sugar, then you get Sugar!" Pinstripe complained, as he walked with an angered poise.

And of course, the Crows chose Gloria...for obvious reasons and Seabass chose Noel becaus she wasn't in a fighting mood, as the four teams had chosen their throne sitters.

The better question is...when was the challenge going to start?

"Okay, so each team has chosen their throne sitters! Alright, let's GO!"

The Crows weren't even close being ready for the sudden announcement of the challenge starting...besides a few people and Terry Bogard was just getting into action.

"Finally, where were you?" Riku asked.

"I dunno, just chilling within this team and doing alright." Terry Bogard said.

The two of them were doing their best to ensure that they weren't out of it anymore, Keyblade warrior and hungry wolf not mattering that much.

The first thing to do in this challenge? Try to establish where the crown is and why the heck walls just appeared on the path directly to them.

"Wow, Chris really doesn't want to make this challenge easy!" Terry Bogard remarked, as Pit ran into a wall. "Looks like we're going around this thing."

"I'm sure that wherever it matters someone will get there first." Riku said. "But we can take the crown easily."

"Yeah!" Terry exclaimed. "Let's get it!"

Riku, Pit, Terry and out of nowhere, Sakura were all trying their best to get to the crown point, as while there was no guarantee that it was real, it was...something to believe.

Besides that, Riku and Pit looked from above the wall and they were still in the trees...seeing a few people move around the forest to either find the shown crown or another crown and...they both jumped down to run towards the main crown.

"Geez, it's like everyone's taking the crown!" Pit said, as he looked over some crazy stuff.

"Well, to win, you'd have to do that." Riku was running towards the source of the brawling.

These two were ready to get in the crown brawl, weapons at the ready and Terry catching up pretty quickly to the brawl, Sakura stuck in some vines...with the brawl practically throwing up the crown every three seconds.

Terry, Riku and Pit were all running into the mess of punches, kicks and projectiles that went nowhere...and suprisingly, Pit jumped...Riku threw some fire out and Terry just jumped into the brawl for the crown.

"Goddamn, this sucks!" Terry said, before being punched by Yuri.

Unsurprisingly, the fight didn't get stopped by some Yuri, Terry, Daisy, Mai and Harley Quinn were in the same area swinging their punches around and all of that, but the crown got punched with utter force.

So much fire that it flied through the forest, which kinda caught all of them off-guard and the rest of them...were going to have to chase it again.

"Finally, you won't believe what I found." Sakura said, panting with a crown on her hand. "Nice, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is!" Terry exclaimed. "Gotta keep on your head, though!"

The four Crows that managed to get the crown for their team were just sprinting all of the way back, getting chased by Harley, Mai, Yuri and Daisy...who were also fighting each other.

Unsurprisingly the chase stopped because of the fighting and the four of them ran around the wall...while the others crashed into the wall.

"I bet that hurt like a fire truck..." Pit asked. "...and a arrow shot."

"What's up with everybody anyways?" Terry asked.

*Harley Quinn's confessional*

She had a bloodied bandage on her forehead.

"Damn it...we let her took the crown! I can't believe that Chris would put fake crowns here."

*Confessional cut*

The four of them were actually back at the Crows' hut, as they've managed to take the crown back to the person who was sitting down...or hippo, as Gloria picked it up and put it on her head.

"Yeah, they did it! Now the points should be pouring in." Gloria remarked.

"I don't think that's how it works." Noah said, carrying a wooden shield.

"None of us know how it works, that's the beauty of this challenge!" Gloria exclaimed, as there was now a timer that was still stopped. "Now we know..."

"Yeah, we got a fake one." Noah stated.

"Man, the real crown's still out there, so maybe if we can get it-" Terry Bogard was ready for some more, as was Sakura.

"Nah way, we're doing crazy things in this show!" Gloria shouted.

"That's right, check the timer to see it's a real crown!" Chris announced, just chuckling at his hidden surprise...the Crows hating the decision.

"Goddamn it, Chris does it again." Deadpool said, no malice. "I bet we're...not going to get it."

"Damn, that's sad...but I'm flying anyways!"

As Pit finished saying that, he got to finding the crown at they were speeding

Speaking of other teams, there was actually a small hidden cave that was suprisingly well lit and the three most observant people of the Swordfishes were just speeding through it.

They were trying to find a hidden crown, considering what Chris would do to hide it.

"Chris is one twisted that's what we're going with!" Tails had a good methodology, saying it with confidence.

"Man, really? You don't know the guy." Falco scoffed.

"Well, what else do you propose?" Tails asked.

"Find something within the sand, because if it's anything, it's like buried treasure!" Falco declared.

"You...could be wrong." Tails answered, as Reg was walking by with his mechanical arms.

"He could be right, we don't know this guy." Reg said, looking at the ground. "Besides, it could be forever."

"It ain't." Falco remarked...before Reg stepped on a hidden crown. "See!"

"Wait, it may not be-" Reg picked up the thing and in the light, it was a heavy crown. "-Well, we're part of the way there!"

"Hold up, can you do that spinny spin again?" Falco Tails was running backwards. "Where are you going?"

"To do the spin." Tails shouted in the cave, before firing up his Spindash to do some mad carrying. "Watch out!"

The three of them may have found a crown, but they weren't the only ones in the cave or rather, they weren't the only ones that had known about the cave entrance and it was still the same team.

"Man, when do you think they're going to come out?" Lowain asked, looking directly into the tunnel.

"They're coming out and you better move!" Sokka shouted, seeing some serious dust.

"Now?" Lowain asked...before he felt the full wind of Tails flying. "...My flying homie, man."

Sokka and Lowain were just nodding at Tails' speed, as the crown was flung by the sheer force of the trio that flew and said flying trio were running into a bunch of trees that blocked down.

And then the two of them were sprinting towards their home base.

*Sokka's confessional*

"I hope that they're alive or something like that." Sokka said, feeling real dour about the injury. "Because they're 100% alive!"

*Confessional cut*

Speaking of the crown, the three guys landed pretty alright and Noel was sitting there, ready to engage her guns and feeling weirdly uncomfortable.

"I swear I feel like a criminal!" Noel complained, before the crown landed on her hand. "Do I have to sit down all of the time?"

"I don't know, I'm just here to defend you." Raven remarked, as Noel put the crown on. "Besides the clock's going up."

"That sounds cool...whatever that is." Noel said, sure that she was going to get hit.

"Yeah, don't worry your little butt." Raven remarked, as the point counter went up. "We've got a single point."

"The Seabass are now counting the points they've got three now and already getting their lead going!" Chris announced, as there was some other people that was within the same cave system...though certain parts were boarded off to avoid getting people lost.

That being said, there was somehow speakers underground and a few of the members were hearing it loud and clear.

"Hey, soldier, you think they're going to notice us sneaking up on them?" Bugs whispered to Snake (of all people).

"Possibly, we're in a box." Snake said. "I think people know about me."

"No, they don''re a frigging super spy!" Bugs exclaimed.

"No, I mean my presence." Snake said.

Someone definitely noticed the moving box with a couple of legs coming out of it, but it was Sugar and JFK, two people who just got paired up by someone.

"What the heck...that box has legs?" Sugar