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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands

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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
The 20 Bonus Contestants!

Archive of Our Own guys, you guys are getting a treat from this already overstuffed fic! More contestants to make more drama, more funny moments and more of that Total Drama...thing.

If there wasn't a recent Disney princess, the guy from Vinland Saga, a Puyo-popping lady, a hyena office worker, a dopey cook, a restaurant-owning princess, a bumbling old pirate, a young demon slayer, a constantly tired villainous sidekick and a crusader with...problems, this wouldn't be complete you know?

Not gonna tell you their names anyways, but there's now 20 bonus contestants, up from the original 96 to make the 116 contestants in this super crossover fanfiction.


Connor was an android created by Cyberlife to stop crime and through that journey, he helped Hank out in various weird ways and did attempt to stop crime and learned the all-important skill of empathy.

His life was as complicated as any human's, but it was now getting a whole lot more complicated than any normal human's.

Now that he was in the past, except it was really different from his perspective.

"I don't think there should be any roosters, let alone any talking ones on any Total Drama." Connor remarked, holding his head.

"Yeah, uh, things are different here." Panchito said.

Panchito was a very Mexican rooster, as his red-ish clothes were clearly from a mariachi band and his two pistols were there.

"Why do you have two pistols?" Connor asked.

"Because I do."

Panchito brings the nachos onto the isles!

Connor wasn't even sure, pulling his best confused face.

Connor stops the crime on the island.

"I do not really understand this universe's laws, but I will learn them." Connor declared.

On another side of the yacht, the two husbands were just sitting together and having a good time drinking some good drinks together...even if they couldn't understand how they both lived.

"What, you cook fires on some moveable thing called a barbeque? Heh, we just kinda put it down on a fire and watch it cook!" Fred Flintstone looked impressed.

Fred Flintstone takes it very old-school on the isles!

"Yeah, you have no idea how propane does until you see it! Why are you a caveman, if you're darn tooting about this thing?" Hank asked.

Fred Flintstone and Hank Hill were hanging out together, as these two were figuring that they kinda didn't like each other.

"Because I like being a caveman and plus, where I'm from, I can't stop being a caveman." Fred remarked. "What's your problem?"

"You're missing out on propane."

Hank Hill's got the best beef on these isles!

"I think you're starting to turn into a real pro-pain in my butt." Fred grumbled, as Hank definitely noticed the pun.

"Yeah, you just don't understand." Hank Hill wasn't angry.

And inside the yacht, four ladies were hanging out together and doing entirely different things for no apparent reason than because TD was happening again.

Two of them were used it and felt their comeback again, as Leshawna was just doing her own dancing thing.

Leshawna's bring the 'tude back for real!

"Okay, how are you back in this show?" Leshawna asked. "I ain't seeing any people that liked you, even wherever you're from!"

"Because I wanted to get back on this show and prove that I'm not a bad person!" Sugar shouted.

"Good luck with that." Leshawna said, probably remembering Gwen and Courtney's very inconsistent relationship.

"I've got a good luck charm anyways!" Sugar declared.

Sugar swings down back into Total Drama!

And the other two were practically clashing off each other as a certain 13-year old girl in a sports outfit was just throwing a football and the other definitely adult black-haired girl with a peace necklace...just caught it sitting down.

The 13-year old was Lynn Loud, by the way.

"Hey, what's up with you? You got to go on one of the craziest reality shows out there and deal with some weird people, so why aren't you excited?" Lynn asked at light speed.

Lynn Loud has readied herself for the drama.

Hayley Smith was the adult, dealing with some random stuff.

"Honestly, even if this one isn't fake, I don't think it's ethical to take people from their words to compete for the sake of an audience." Hayley said. "Besides, I just wanted to go away from my dad and deal with this mess."

Hayley Smith deals with the reality of Total Drama?!

"Wow, you're a buzzkill." Lynn just snatched the football.

"This is just going to end abrupt-" Hayley stated, before it cut to four more people.


The last two contestants were more than determined to show up for the show, no matter and Chris probably liked that about them, as one of them was a Viking with a smile and the other had a look of determination.

The other guy was a brown adult spotted hyena that was kinda tall and wore a leather jacket, a black t-shirt with red stripes, leather pants and brown leather shoes.

The Viking guy was named Askeladd and looked like the peak of humanity with abs and muscles all over, short blonde hair and a small beard and he was 5'6''.

He wore what a warrior would've wore, being some chest armour, a long brown jacket, a beige leg cover thing, a whole grey undershirt and underpants and brown boots.

And these two were...hitting it off somehow.

"Seriously, I can't believe you just killed guys to bring king guy!" Haida shouted.

"Yeah, you should've been there to see it. Apparently, it's been over a 1000 years." Askeladd stated. "Where's the fighting and stealing?"

"We kinda got over that a while ago, sorry." Haida remarked.

"That's not my problem. I was a born warrior!" Askeladd proclaimed.

"...You sure are." Haida stated, still unsure of that. "Anyways, do you think the girl I love will like this sword?"

Haida tried raising the sword.

"Trust me, you need that warrior training really badly."

Askeladd brings the Viking raid to Total Drama and...

Haida brings the office stuff into TD, but there's still two more ladies!

One of them was trying to finish up a puzzle inside something and the other was just watching in awe.

"Hey, Rapunzel, I'm just trying to focus here." Arle said, popping some beans.

Arle was an 16-year old magician of sorts that had the powers to clear out Puyos like nothing and she was a red-head with chin-length hair with a ponytail.
She wore blue boots, a blue cape and a blue and white dress and blue and white guantlets.

"Yeah, but I've never seen something so awesome before!" Rapunzel shouted.

Rapunzel was 18 and clearly was a princess from her lilac and pink dress...lack of shoes and absurdly long blonde hair that she carried...and a pan for protection.

"To be fair that's understandable, Puyos can look cool to a lot of people." Arle remarked.

"Glad to know that they appreciate it too!" Rapunzel shouted, noticing Arle's serious face. "But what's with the look."

"It's not like they're harmful or anything, but you should probably be careful with them." Arle went back to smiling. "Besides, I'm happy to spread the game of Puyo around."

"...Does that mean?"


Arle pops the drama on the isles...

and Rapunzel brings the hair and the pa(i)n on these isles!

A red-haired teen cook with spiky hair that was wearing his headband, a teenager with a green checkboarded haori and a sword, a tall blonde crusader with yellow armour and a weird face and...Shego was on board.

"Ready to show them what's what?" Shego asked.

Said cook was named Soma, the teenager with the green haori was named Tanjiro and the tall blonde crusader was Darkness.

"Yeah, I'll bring this one with my cooking!" Soma declared.

"Okay, this isn't a cooking competition. It's a competition about doing your best to ensure that you survive until the merge." Darkness said.

"Oh...I'll make it to the merge!" Soma shouted.

"Wait, why are you so confident? You forgot that." Tanjiro noticed Soma forgetting something.

"Because I'm going to get a good team behind me!"

Darkness and Tanjiro were sure that this guy had no reason to be so confident.

Darkness takes the pain as an crusader!

Tanjiro brings the demon slaying prowess into the isles!

Shego adds some villainy into the show!

And finally, Soma cooks up some more heat into Total Drama!

And they were all on some random boat with a guy that was driving them towards the isles of Total Drama.

"These 112 contestants will be fighting for the biggest Total Drama prize on the island with adults now in the mix, so expect some of the hottest drama on TV! On Total Drama...Crossed Islands!" Chris announced, being in the studio on one of the islands.

"Chris, ya did good." Chef complimented him.

"Thanks." Chris stated with a wink and a smile.

And finally, there's four more people and I'm not going to actually write anything out, because it's too damn early for Daylight Savings to kick in and I have to go to church.

(Posted on 28th March, 4:05 am, UK time, tired as hell, napping a lot)

Dawn and Owen are both back!

One's a fat guy that made it all of the way to the final two on Total Drama Island with his fun antics, friendliness and sheer luck.

And has appeared in a lot of reality shows (in his world anyways)

And the other is a nature-loving girl who uses chi and only appears on Revenge of The Island, but still has a lot of fans.

And a lot of friends coming from the same season.

These two may be very different, but they're not here to make enemies at all.

They're here to get the million for their own reasons and heck, they could both find love here.

Tiana cooks up the competition!

Being the only black Disney princess means something, but it doesn't mean anything to her when she comes in to compete for a crazy vacation away from her restaurant.

She may have been a frog, she may have learned some skills and she may have had to learn how to have fun.

But she hasn't learned how to deal with Reality TV.

Mr. Smee does some serious pirating...without Captain Hook?

That's right, it's just him.

If you want to know how far the bumbling sidekick will go, I don't really know either, I don't exactly have a plan for this thing.

However, though he may be bumbling and dumb, he would be one heck of a good teammate with his friendliness, his old man words and...being weirdly fast.

No, seriously, he's actually pretty fast.

And with these four, there will be no more contestants to come, no matter what!

That's right, the roster is now officially complete, as we've got 116 contestants that was in the description and this show is finally stopping the prologue thing.

I'm gonna let myself rest because it's 4am, bruh!

The mandem aren't going to be pleased about sleeping habits anyways, so...

Intially announced in the first part:

1. Miko, The Hyperactive Gamer (Glitch Techs)

2. Kipo Oak, The Peace-Loving Half-Mute (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)

3. Azula, The Fiery Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

4. Mikasa Ackerman, The Fierce Scout (Attack on Titan)

5. Harley Quinn, The Wild Card Villain (her self-titled show)

6. Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)

7. Ochako Uraraka, The Shy Floaty Girl (My Hero Academia)

8. Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)

9. Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)

10. Yuri, The Spunky Fighter (Art of Fighting)

11. Sokka, The Boomerang Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

12. Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)

13. Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)

14. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

15. Khun, The Case-Carrying Strategist (Tower of God)

16. Pinstripe Potoroo, The Mobster-ish Potoroo (Crash Bandicoot)

17. Tooru Oikawa, The Trashy Setter (Haikyuu!)

18. JFK, The Flirtatous Clone (Clone High)

19. Genos, The Demon Cyborg (One Punch Man)

20. Shulk, The Engineer Swordsman (Xenoblade)

21. Tron Bonne, The Young Pirate Captain (Megaman Legends)

22. The Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

23. Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug)

24. Tails, The Young Genius (Sonic The Hedgehog)

25. Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth (Marvel)

26. Julia Chang, The Nature-Loving Streamer (Tekken)

There's now the 24 more that were announced in the teaser:

27. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Police Office (Zootopia)

28. Carmelita Fox, The Interpol Agent (Sly Cooper)

29. Tobio Kageyama, The Tense Setter (Haikyuu!)

30. Yumeko Jabami, The Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)

31. Eva, The Temperative Athlete (Total Drama Island)

32. Kristoff, The Ice Cutting Guy (Frozen)

33. Falco Lombardi, The Space Pilot (Star Fox)

34. Joey Wheeler, The Third-Rate Duellist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

35. Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter (Metroid)

36. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

37. Kate Alen, The Popstar Racer (F-Zero)

38. Squigly/Sienna Conticello, The Zombie Aristocrat (Skullgirls)

39. Sakura Kusagano, The Ordinary Warrior (Street Fighter)

40. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

41. Iori Yagami, The Angry Bassist (King of Fighters)

42. Kyo Kusanagi, The Confident Fire-Wielder (King of Fighters)

43. Haohmaru, The Fight-Hungry Samurai (Samurai Shodown)

44. Heavy Weapons Guy, The Heavy-Set Weapons Expert (Team Fortress 2)

45. Cassie Cage, The Military Millenial (Mortal Kombat)

46. Penny Proud, The Typical High-Schooler (The Proud Family)

47. Johnny Bravo, The Flirty Momma's Boy (Johnny Bravo)

48. Princess Daisy, The Loud Princess (Super Mario)

49. Sandy Cheeks, The Texan Squirrel (Spongebob)

50. Luigi, The Corwardly Plumber (Super Mario)

The characters that have arrived in the second part:

51. Aisling, The Forest Spirit (Secret of Kells)

52. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

53. Gintoki Sakata, The Odd Job Man (Gintama)

54. Riku, The Dark-Ish Keyblade Warrior (Kingdom Hearts)

55. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

56. Donkey Kong, The Cool Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

57. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

58. Piccolo, The Heroic Uncle (Dragon Ball Z)

59. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

60. Papyrus, The Excitable Skeleton (Undertale)

61. Sir Daniel, The Skeleton Knight (Medievil)

62. Spike, The Young Dragon (My Little Pony)

63. Gloria, The Proud Hippo (Madagascar)

64. Raven, The Goth-ish Hero (Teen Titans)

65. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

66. Tiny Tina, The Explosive Experts (Borderlands)

67. Squirrel Girl, The...Squirrel Lady (Marvel)

68. Min Min, The Ramen Server (ARMS)

69. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

70. Lowain, The Bro Cook (Granblue Fantasy)

71. Giovanni Potage, The Wannabe Villain (Ephihet Erased)

72. B, The Silent Genius (Revenge of The Island)

73. Pit, The Gamer Angel (Kid Icarus)

74. Albedo, The Comitted Succbus (Overlord)

75. Sol Badguy, The Gruff Hero (Guilty Gear)

And finally in this update, the last few contestants on the island:

76. Kitty, The Preppy Girl (Ridonculous Race)

77. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

78. Tomo Takino, The Hyperactive Student (Azumanga Daioh)

79. Clover, The Valley Girl (Totally Spies)

80. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldier (Youjo Senki)

81. Riley Freeman, The Young Guy (Boondocks)

82. Hsien-Ko, The Altruist Vampire (Darkstalkers)

83. Basil of Baker Street, The Prideful Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

84. Samurai Jack, The Lone Samurai (Samurai Jack)

85. Pepper Ann, The Ordinary Middle-Schooler (Pepper Ann)

86. Lord Hater, The Loud Villain (Wander Over Yander)

87. Seiya, The Cautious Hero (Cautious Hero)

88. Scott Pilgrim, The Dick-ish Boyfriend (Scott Pilgrim)

89. Wario, The Fat Entrepreneur (WarioWare)

90. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

91. Storm Shadow, The Proud Ninja (G.I. Joe)

92. Captain Amelia, The Spaceship Captain (Treasure Planet)

93. Robyn, The Wolfwalker (Wolfwalkers)

94. Noel Vermilion, The Nervous Soldier (Blazblue)

95. Muscle Man, The Groundskeeper (Regular Show)

96. Gum, The Graffiti Skater (Jet Set Radio)

And now for the bonus additions (that got added in after the fact and are in this part of the prologue):

97. Hank Hill, The Propane Salesman (King of The Hill)

98. Hayley Smith, The Liberal Gal (American Dad)

99. Fred Flintstone, The Caveman Husband (The Flintstones)

100. Connor, The Android Cop (Detroit: Become Human)

101. Sugar, The Pageant Star (TD: Pahkitew Island)

102. Panchito, The Mexican Rooster (The Three Caballeros)

103. Lynn Loud, The Sports Fanatic (The Loud House)

104. Leshawna, The Girl With 'Tude (Total Drama)

105. Askeladd, The Tricky Viking (Vinland Saga)

106. Haida, The Shy Coworker (Aggretsuko)

107. Rapunzel, The Princess With A Pan (Tangled)

108. Arle, The Puzzle Magician (Puyo Puyo)

109. Soma Yukihira, The Confident Cook (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma)

110. Shego, The Teenage Villain (Kim Possible)

111. Tanjiro Kamado, The Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer)

112. Darkness, The Pain-Loving Crusader (Konosuba)

113. Mr. Smee, The Loyal Right-Hand Pirate (Peter Pan)

114. Tiana, The Hard-Working Restaurant Owner (Princess & The Frog)

115. Owen, The Big Fun Guy (Total Drama World Tour)

116. Dawn, The Moon Girl (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

I know that the roster is very excessive and stuffed with somewhat random characters, but I'll work with it as much as I can with this story!

Besides that, Episode 1 is going to progress once again!