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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands

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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
The Prologue
Everyone's Here For Some Reason!

Yeah, there's 96 contestants announced and know now, this was originally posted on Fanfiction.Net.

So expect some shenanigans from old FFN habits, but a whole lot of good writing from this...

...borderline impossible project, but I'm working on it as hard as I can!

Four (or more) isles of multi-dimensional drama...
Two million reasons to fight through all of that...
116 contestants that are ready to battle...
Six teams of empty spots to be used...
...and two hosts with the knowledge needed to make this work.

Chris and Chef are back...with some other people doing their business as well.

Either way, there's a lot of characters and a lot of fandoms, so you can kinda tell that this was an Fanfiction.Net exclusive for a while.

I'll deal with it, by the way.

These two were somehow back on top after a normal season and a crossover season (that I'm not going to make, but let's just say that it was like some other TD fanfics with 30 contestants.)

Making safe portals between dimensions proved to be one of the most killer attractions that Chris and Chef made and they were raking in money and breaking copyright like it was no-one's business.

Or rather, somehow getting the impossible to be possible, as most of the executives were plain impressed with him doing just that and the rest were confused, but didn't see nothing wrong raking in money.

They got the time to chill and then suddenly...a mysterious group of people managed to convince the executives of Fresh TV to do something very stupid.

And then Chris got this call from Terry Gillis, one of the top guys behind Total Drama, sick of his antics:

"Yo, Terry? What have you got for me?" Chris asked, probably relaxing too hard.

"We're going big on your show. 40 or more contestants or bust, because you'll be allowed to do all of the things you like." Terry said, nervously, as though someone was forcing him to saying it.

"Good, because I've got something big planned and it's the awesome kind of big!" Chris shouted.

"Oh, great? What is it?" Terry then sounded unimpressed. "The thing I said?"

"Yes, it is! I promise, this season is going to go out with a bang...with the most contestants ever!" Chris shouted. "Maybe 50, 60, 80, heck I could go for 100."

"I get the feeling that you don't get the reality of what you're saying. How are you going to film it, let alone cut it down for time?" Terry asked.

"It's on streaming, duh. I've got my ways of making things work for everybody." Chris added.

"...How hard did prison and the multi-dimensional tech mess with your mind?" Terry suggested, not in the mood to deal with it. "Because 50 or even 60 barely sounds reasonable, let alone 100."

"Do you know how many people from other dimensions want to go on this show? Trust me, it's a ridiculous amount." Chris told him over the phone.

Terry Gillis then heard a window cracking.

"Yeah, thanks for that." Terry stated. "Honestly, I can't really do anything. It's already approved, even your insane plan to get 100 people or whatever it is you're doing, so it."

"Good, because we've got a lot of budget to spend and I've got thank some people for doing that." Chris stated with a smug smile.

"Man, those guys are going to be the end of me." Terry stated, still happy with the money. "After that, a normal-sized season please?"

"I guess so." Chris said. "The biggest season sounds awesome, but I'm gonna rest for a while after that."

"Please do, but you're going to pull some good contestants-" Terry got cut off by Chris ending the call to talk with his co-host Chef.

Chef was just looking at the long-list of candidates that weren't approved to be on this show and these list was practically filled with contestants.

"Chris, these guys that you picked are looking really good." Chef stated with a smile. "They won't what's gonna hit them."

"Yeah, I bet they won't." Chris chuckled.

Of course, the 25 or so that were selected were out of the loop on what they were going to get hit by, but that's Total Drama for you.

The Initial 26?

For the female newcomers we've got:
Miko, The Hyperactive Gamer (Glitch Techs)
Kipo Oak, The Peace-Loving Half-Mute (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)
Azula, The Fiery Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Mikasa Ackerman, The Fierce Scout (Attack on Titan)

For the female oldies from TD:CT...
Harley Quinn, The Wild Card Villain (her self-titled show)
Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)
Ochako Uraraka, The Shy Floaty Girl (My Hero Academia)
Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)
Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)
Yuri, The Spunky Fighter (Art of Fighting)

For the male newcomers, we've got:
Sokka, The Boomerang Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)
Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)
Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

For the male oldies from TD:CT...
Khun, The Case-Carrying Strategist (Tower of God)
Pinstripe Potoroo, The Mobster-ish Potoroo (Crash Bandicoot)
Tooru Oikawa, The Trashy Setter (Haikyuu)
JFK, The Flirtatous Clone (Clone High)
Genos, The Demon Cyborg (One Punch Man)
Shulk, The Engineer Swordsman (Xenoblade)

And to complete things:
Tron Bonne, The Tsundere Pirate (Megaman Legends, does it fit?)
The Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinochio, trust me he's interesting)
Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug, new)
Tails, The Young Genius (Sonic The Hedgehog, flying high for Sonic)
Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth (Listen, I'm practically in every TD fanfic, there's not going to be any surprises)
Julia Chang, The Nature-Loving Streamer (Tekken, well she's definitely a fighter for sure

There's definitely a few villains, but they aren't the only villains in this show, as there's definitely a few more in the building.

Besides that, those 26 are far from the only ones that are going to enter this competition, as while the roster is still impressively balanced at this stage...

...there's a need for some more coming from me and you guys and so, I'm going to introduce the next 24 in a pretty unqiue way.

A written teaser of sorts, as there's now 24 more contestants that are more than ready to show themselves and bring some more action.

Coming soon to streaming and TV...

Eva was punching her best against a certain orange-haired princess that was floating down with a shoe stomp and Eva managed to nudge a trainer...and then got kicked in the face.

By Princess Daisy wearing her sports outfit.

...Total Drama's back on a bunch of islands...

Judy Hopps and Carmelita Fox were both on each other's backs, carrying some good paintball guns to shoot at someone, though they didn't know what they were going to shoot at.

...Total Drama comes back with the biggest season...

Yumeko was smiling like she was about to eat someone and some other guy that was scared.

"Wow, you creep me out." Kageyama said, being a volleyball player with short black hair attitude that disappeared.

"What do you mean? I'm just saying hello." Yumeko stated with one heck of an uneasy smile, having her long black hair.

"...Sure you are."

...that no-one asked for...

Yuri and Sakura were just hanging together, just readying themselves for be fighting the battle for whatever team they were on.

"Man, your style of karate is kinda ridiculous." Yuri told Sakura angrily.

"Thanks, but it's not like karate's a big thing." Sakura told her, not too mad.

...and everyone kinda needs...

Falco was just looking someone in eye, but that someone was also holding a card with confidence.

"Eh, you wanna learn how to play the game?" Joey asked, his massive yellow-haired bangs making it obvious.

"No, dude." Falco grumbled.

...but the drama never stays dead!

Sandy was just looking down towards the cliff.

"Come on, Luigi. Put your butt into high gear." Sandy stated, ready to push the plumber.

"...Uh, my butt can't move, though." Luigi wasn't sitting.

Anyways, we've got more contestants than you can rock the grass at.

Kyo and Iori were just casually glaring at each other, besides two different people that were not looking too interested at being angry.

"Save the angry noises for the battle!" Haohmaru shouted.

"Or the challenge, which is happening." Terry Bogard remarked.

"Seriously, I think you can fight in this one." Haohmaru just pulled out his sword.

"Cool, just hoping that it's not too crazy." Terry said.

And there's a whole bunch of people dealing with a boat.

Their boat was slowly rocking from the weighted-thing that was happening with the waves and the third dock.

"Man, it looks good! We can probably ride on it." Mystique Sonia said.

"To be honest, I'm not much of an boat expert. But I can drive." Samus stated, sure of her opinion.

"I'm pretty sure the design of the boat isn't good, if that makes sense." Sonja told the two of them, matter-of-factly.

"You try fitting that many people on one boat!" Mystique Sonia stated.

"We've probably got no time, so we're trying." Samus stated.

Well, Total Drama: Chef's Islands are coming to a thing near you in-

"Hey Chris, we're not in this trailer yet." Deadpool just busted down the door to the recording studio.

"Deadpool, get out of here! I know you're in!" Chris shouted.

"Shut up, I'm doing things from here on out." Deadpool stated, holding up guns.

"Can't argue with guns, dude!" Chris said, nervously saying things. "Besides I've gotta make more challenges!"

And when Chris went out thanks to Deadpool, two different people came in with confused looks on their faces...considering that they were military.

"Why would you do that?" Cassie Cage asked. "There's no reason to do that."

"Hahahaha, dumb Canada man got what he needed to get!" Heavy exclaimed. "Anyways, what are you gonna say?"

"Before you two get arrested." Cassie Cage ready to bring some pain.

Yo, the DP's telling you that Penny Proud and Kristoff is coming to the island too!

Chris then walked back in, as he had a smug smile.

"Damn, we got tricked into doing his job!" Deadpool shouted.

"That's sick! This show is coming soon!" Chris just went back to doing the thing.

Cassie Cage just looked at Heavy and Deadpool like she was about to unload some things on them...aside from some knowledge of the law and Chris just smiled confidently.

Like I said, it was really a written teaser of sorts...a general feel for the writing.

That makes about 50 that have made it so far, but you can be sure that there's at least 18 more to come and some of them are definitely requests and new to the whole thing.

And some will be carryovers from Total Drama: Crossing Trunks (which is on, anyways), but there's still a whole sort of thing that I have to write for the first episode.

The roster's set, but the writing might not be.

Some of them may be old, while others are wholly new and this time, I'm going to put the new contestants in italics.

I'm kinda unsure about the size of the roster, but what I'm sure is these characters that are clearly confirmed for this story and that the introductions will be coming hard and fast.

Some of them may be old, while others are wholly new and this time, I'm going to put the new contestants in italics.

Since there was so many newcomers that I both wanted in and you guys picked out, the roster's still a little bit big and I'm not worried about that.

There's still going to be four massive teams of 24 contestants each, but there will be 28-contestants teams, because that's what happened.

Besides that, I'm hoping that the four teams means that it's easier for me to write the challenges around them...this time.

Besides, this is actually from Episode 1-1a!

"Listen up, we've got a lot of people coming in and you dudes and ladies on the TV and streaming this know how we do it on the isles!" Chris shouted, being aware of all of the viewing things.

"These docks are where these contestants are gonna drop-" Chris said, before the first contestant made themselves known through some good measure.

Also, they were mad.

"...I don't care why you're doing it, but you should stop doing it!" The first contestant stated, as the white-haired, white-skinned forest spirit looked incredibly angry.

And short like a ten-year old...wearing some white dress.

Well, that does sound like one of the new additions within this update.

This isn't really in one of my chapters, but more of a test of writing.

Kate and Sienna (or Squigly for some reason) were both two people that were walking around like they were very famous...which they were in their home worlds.

One of them was a purple-skinned zombie girl with a sewn-up mouth and a bone dragon inside her head and was also a sixteen-year old and the other was literally one of the 22nd century's most famous pop-stars.

"...I don't even know what we're going to say." Kate stated.

"Maybe, you should've checked your script." The bone dragon inside Squigly's head asked.

"We kinda don't have one." Kate noted the two of them.

"I think we don't neeed one, because we're just talking to people." Squigly just said with a smile.

"Well, I'm good at that." Kate remarked. "At the very least, we can-"

The door was open and the chaos was plainly seen by these two, as they weren't exactly good with what was happening in front of them...despite the obvious.

Yuri and Penny were both looking at each other with mean stares, being on the same green team.

"It's been only one day, though!"

It's not really an indication of anything other than a test for writing this fic, so until Episode 1, I'll leave you with the massive and much more balanced roster!

See ya, I guess...because there's now 96 contestants in the building.

Some of them are nice.

Some of them are not nice.

Some of them are horrible people.

All of them on the same show ran by Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet and a bunch of other people.

There's a shit ton of characters and fandoms in here, so sorry for messing your update lists.

But this is happening on and here, so I can't change fate or my massive list of characters.

And there's still more to come with this roster, as these 96 players aren't the only ones in the game.

There's still twenty to be introduced!

Intially announced in the first part:

1. Miko, The Hyperactive Gamer (Glitch Techs)

2. Kipo Oak, The Peace-Loving Half-Mute (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)

3. Azula, The Fiery Princess (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

4. Mikasa Ackerman, The Fierce Scout (Attack on Titan)

5. Harley Quinn, The Wild Card Villain (her self-titled show)

6. Nicole Watterson, The Angry Mom (The Amazing World of Gumball)

7. Ochako Uraraka, The Shy Floaty Girl (My Hero Academia)

8. Mystique Sonia, The Hero With A Hat (Hero 108)

9. Ram, The Witty Maid (Re:Zero)

10. Yuri, The Spunky Fighter (Art of Fighting)

11. Sokka, The Boomerang Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

12. Reigen Arataka, The Self-Proclaimed Psychic (Mob Psycho 100)

13. Snake, The Super Soldier (Metal Gear Solid)

14. Jude Lizowski, The Mall Skater (6teen)

15. Khun, The Case-Carrying Strategist (Tower of God)

16. Pinstripe Potoroo, The Mobster-ish Potoroo (Crash Bandicoot)

17. Tooru Oikawa, The Trashy Setter (Haikyuu!)

18. JFK, The Flirtatous Clone (Clone High)

19. Genos, The Demon Cyborg (One Punch Man)

20. Shulk, The Engineer Swordsman (Xenoblade)

21. Tron Bonne, The Young Pirate Captain (Megaman Legends)

22. The Coachman, The Shady Donkey Trader (Pinocchio)

23. Chloe Bourgeois, The Queen Bee (Miraculous Ladybug)

24. Tails, The Young Genius (Sonic The Hedgehog)

25. Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth (Marvel)

26. Julia Chang, The Nature-Loving Streamer (Tekken)

There's now the 24 more that were announced in the teaser:

27. Judy Hopps, The Bunny Police Office (Zootopia)

28. Carmelita Fox, The Interpol Agent (Sly Cooper)

29. Tobio Kageyama, The Tense Setter (Haikyuu!)

30. Yumeko Jabami, The Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)

31. Eva, The Passionate Athlete (Total Drama Island)

32. Kristoff, The Ice Cutting Guy (Frozen)

33. Falco Lombardi, The Space Pilot (Star Fox)

34. Joey Wheeler, The Third-Rate Duellist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

35. Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter (Metroid)

36. Sonja, The Young Strategist (Advance Wars)

37. Kate Alen, The Popstar Racer (F-Zero)

38. Squigly/Sienna Conticello, The Zombie Aristocrat (Skullgirls)

39. Sakura Kusagano, The Ordinary Warrior (Street Fighter)

40. Terry Bogard, The Street Fighter (Fatal Fury)

41. Iori Yagami, The Angry Bassist (King of Fighters)

42. Kyo Kusanagi, The Confident Fire-Wielder (King of Fighters)

43. Haohmaru, The Fight-Hungry Samurai (Samurai Shodown)

44. Heavy Weapons Guy, The Heavy-Set Weapons Expert (Team Fortress 2)

45. Cassie Cage, The Military Millenial (Mortal Kombat)

46. Penny Proud, The Typical High-Schooler (The Proud Family)

47. Johnny Bravo, The Flirty Momma's Boy (Johnny Bravo)

48. Princess Daisy, The Loud Princess (Super Mario)

49. Sandy Cheeks, The Texan Squirrel (Spongebob)

50. Luigi, The Corwardly Plumber (Super Mario)

The characters that have arrived in the third part:

51. Aisling, The Forest Spirit (Secret of Kells)

52. Bayonetta, The British Witch (Bayonetta)

53. Gintoki Sakata, The Odd Job Man (Gintama)

54. Riku, The Dark-Ish Keyblade Warrior (Kingdom Hearts)

55. Snufkin, The Laid-Back Nomad (Moomin Valley)

56. Donkey Kong, The Cool Gorilla (Donkey Kong)

57. Daphne Blake, The Fashionista Investigator (Scooby Doo)

58. Piccolo, The Heroic Uncle (Dragon Ball Z)

59. Soos, The Tourist Trap Clerk (Gravity Falls)

60. Papyrus, The Excitable Skeleton (Undertale)

61. Sir Daniel, The Skeleton Knight (Medievil)

62. Spike, The Young Dragon (My Little Pony)

63. Gloria, The Proud Hippo (Madagascar)

64. Raven, The Goth-ish Hero (Teen Titans)

65. Reg, The Robot Kid (Made in Abyss)

66. Tiny Tina, The Explosive Experts (Borderlands)

67. Squirrel Girl, The...Squirrel Lady (Marvel)

68. Min Min, The Ramen Server (ARMS)

69. Dante, The Demon Hunter (Devil May Cry)

70. Lowain, The Bro Cook (Granblue Fantasy)

71. Giovanni Potage, The Wannabe Villain (Ephihet Erased)

72. B, The Silent Genius (Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

73. Pit, The Gamer Angel (Kid Icarus)

74. Albedo, The Comitted Succbus (Overlord)

75. Sol Badguy, The Gruff Hero (Guilty Gear)

And finally in this update, the second-to-last contestants on the island:

76. Kitty, The Preppy Girl (Ridonculous Race) got replaced by Rock, The Teen Rocker (Ridonculous Race)

77. Kasumi Todoh, The Akido Expert (Art of Fighting)

78. Tomo Takino, The Hyperactive Student (Azumanga Daioh)

79. Clover, The Valley Girl (Totally Spies)

80. Tanya Degurechaff, The Child Soldier (Youjo Senki)

81. Riley Freeman, The Young Guy (Boondocks)

82. Hsien-Ko, The Altruist Vampire (Darkstalkers)

83. Basil of Baker Street, The Prideful Detective (The Great Mouse Detective)

84. Samurai Jack, The Lone Samurai (Samurai Jack)

85. Pepper Ann, The Ordinary Middle-Schooler (Pepper Ann)

86. Lord Hater, The Loud Villain (Wander Over Yander)

87. Tifa Lockhart, The Fighting Bartender (Final Fantasy)

88. Scott Pilgrim, The Dick-ish Boyfriend (Scott Pilgrim)

89. Wario, The Fat Entrepreneur (WarioWare)

90. Mai Shiranui, The Commited Ninja (Fatal Fury)

91. Storm Shadow, The Proud Ninja (G.I. Joe)

92. Captain Amelia, The Spaceship Captain (Treasure Planet)

93. Robyn, The Wolfwalker (Wolfwalkers)

94. Noel Vermilion, The Nervous Soldier (Blazblue)

95. Muscle Man, The Groundskeeper (Regular Show)

96. Gum, The Graffiti Skater (Jet Set Radio)

To be continued in the first actual episode...with still more contestants showing up for the first time again, as they're going to be part of the first part of the first episode.

50 contestants out of the gate, but you guys could come up with a few more and I'm going to bring a few more to this race...

...because there's at least 54 contestants and most of them are waiting to be revealed!