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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands

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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 18: Double Down Dodgeball
Part 4: Ballin' and Weavin'

We've got balling, we've got weaving and much more important, we've got a bit of the world/universe that this places takes place in and I'm keeping it real with you, the way that my universe works with certain characters is completely different to...a few others.

It's a little bit, but it's some lore!

On an unrelated note, we've got a couple of eliminations, a couple of couples and a couple of that secret sauce that I kinda want to keep in the background for now.

Memeking: I promise what I want to promise and honestly, there's one couple that I want to work on and honestly, this episode's end is the start of something good!

1602jaw: Not going to lie, you're 'bouta see Storm Shadow's thing and trust me, they're about to use some weapons and stuff in this final wild round! Besides that, this Chris is 'bout the spectacle this around...doesn't exactly mean he cares much about the contestants, but he ain't about torture...probably.

Anyways, RIP Muscle Man in Round 2...hope you enjoy the dodgeball chicanery with ALL 24k views! I'm surprise that a lot of you guys checked this out, even if it was to balk at the 120-strong cast!

"Welcome back to the final game of this challenge AKA dodgeball but everyone participates and gets right in the middle of...the significantly improved court!" Chris just shouted, the campers not pleased with his words. "It's a bit bigger and you guys can use whatever doesn't slice the dodgeballs in half...might speed things up!"

"Thanks, I guess?!" Cassie passive-aggressively said.

"Alright, final round!"

The 66 campers were back into their two teams and their first six players were more than ready to avoid any obstacles.

And there was one thing going on.

"Storm Shadow, what the heck were you up to? You just up and disappeared on us like a dishonourable soldier." Snake asked. "And also, I'm half sure that I've got a feeling on what it is."

"It is my mission...whatever mission you're on has nothing to do with me." The ninja answered dismissively.

"That's fine by me, 'cause I really don't care that much about you. My mission's to help the team."

"Still have better things to do." Storm Shadow just up and left the place.

Snake just sighed, as Samus shook her head at the secret agent, as the ninja left the game for his secret mission that wasn't much of a secret to some...and the game still started in its usual paces.

While on the court, Sokka, Luigi, Yuri, Tiana, Smee and...Nicole were representing the Chill Capybaras with their newfound enlightenment and on the fiery team of heroes and villains, Leshawna, Clover, Rock, Pit, Miko and Basil were making sure that the Foxes' momentum wasn't being left out.

There was going to be one hell of a dodgeball game, even with the first throw being done by sword slap and by a serious kick...and somehow, the main focus wasn't any of that.

Dante and Bayonetta may have had a rivalry that spanned only a week...

...hell, Coachman's undeserved hatred of Basil lasted nearly a month and a half...

...and there were even some rivalries that had their start from much further than that, coming up to years at this point and honestly, there might be rivalries that have lasted longer than these two have had with some of the competitors and their enemies outside of TD:UI.

But Snake Eyes still didn't get off the case of his brother-in-arms and his still raw, yet stale hatred for being a silent ninja, even if he had admitted his wrongs at his point...and Snake Eyes still had much better things to do.

Nevertheless, Storm Shadow showed when he didn't need to and on Pahkitew Island of all places, something incredibly valuable was there...if Snake Eyes raising his sword against his unimpressed brother was anything to go by.

"Finally, I've found what you've been protecting for...I have been thinking about my sins and how you caused them-"

Storm Shadow got stopped by someone that was not pleased to see him and didn't go on the offence.

"I thought you had better things to do." G.I. Joe Scarlett popped up like it was nothing. "I know what you came here to do."

"It's better for everyone if he doesn't live to see what I'm doing." Storm Shadow said.

So, what were Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Scarlett even doing here and what the fuck were they even doing in this location, specifically?

"Yo, let's put this thing into italics!" Deadpool proclaims, disrupting the flow of the story.

In G.I. Joe Renegades, Storm Shadow may have shown up only a few times, but at some point he left Cobra out of "atoning" of his own sins of the clan and leaving the Snake Eyes and Jinx to run the clan essentially

(This is my bullshit from this sentence on) Cobra did give him an pretty impressive resume and weapons (probably from some guy named Adam) for the many jobs that he did in the future, sometimes slicing in plain sight and killing everyone to be discovered, other times taking a single life to help his probably important client and more than a few times, taking an artifact to help some villain out.

Storm Shadow somehow got forced to get onto the show through slightly unethical means that just subsumed him to the reality show grindset.

Surprisingly, it led to him and yeah, understandably he was not pleased to see Snake Eyes work for Fresh TV's Multiverse Division...but that wasn't really it, so through sheer payback from his own betrayal, he got forced onto Total Drama by some old "friends".

He didn't really come on to kill, but to get Ramlethal alone and get an important artifact.

"Well, we unitalic'd this thing together! Honestly wholesome." Deadpool interrupted the flow again.

So a fully Japanese ninja, a silent American guy, a redhead military lady was up in the woods, actually protecting someone strangely important to how Fresh TV was doing the Multiverse thing.

And she was full in the ready-to-murder mood to all of them if she was messed up eating her burgers, literally walking in from dropping out of the trees with her black skin and massive white military hat that had a Clover on top.

"Oh, god, I cannot do anything without you guys mucking it. I was just having lunch and talking about...massive matters." The short black-skinned girl with the giant hat and giant white cape walked carefully. "Still, you two have been a massive help."

"No problems there, Commander Ramethal...still don't know what we are doing specifically, but protecting others doesn't get old." Scarlett stated, still trying to figure out what an old enemy was doing here.

"Not surprised that it slipped through, not sane, but not really insane. Just stupid-ish." Ramlethal then had her floating pet thing turn into two swords. "Whatever it is you want to steal, I don't have it."

"...The way you're holding it says otherwise."

It was true, she was holding a part of the portal that essentially made this entire season and a whole lot of the multiverse's connections work.

"Can't believe a whole contestant's just gone! 'Cause the Capybaras are getting sweeped!"

In unrelated news, the Fiery Foxes were winning by a fair(er) amount than the previous game, as Pit was really overpowered and so was Miko, as they were literally flipping some good balls and literally kicking them in the face.

"Imagine not being on Pit's team!"

"I get it, we suck, can we move on already!" Ryuko shouted.

The Fiery Foxes had 29 left and the Chill Capybaras had 21 remaining, which was a...definitely a gulf between the previous game and this game.

"Seriously, we're just getting stomped on for nothing." Tails crossed his arms. "But we've also got insane powers as well."

"Maybe if you sent me out there, those guys would be-"

"-Wrecked, I know, but we've gotta keep it measured."

Tails and Ryuko looked at each other, as even their resident ass-kicker of the men, Samurai Jack couldn't handle the triple threat of a double fiery dodgeball and soon, the chill ones were down 9 members.

"Measured how? These guys are pulling off some stupid strategies." Snake remarked, as Tails struggled to come up with a single word. "We need our own stupid strategy."

"..Which kind of stupid strategy?" Tails remarked, as though he had one already set for the court. "I've got two tails."

"How do you know they're not going to throw towards our teammates?!" Muscle Man freaked out.

"He can control his tails..." Snake explained, right before Tails' tails picked up two more balls. "...He really can do it."

"Nah, screw this, we're gonna win this!" Riley went into the court.

"Yeah, we may not be we...but we're on this team!"

Muscle Man and Riley were doing some dirty look towards each other, as they proceeded to make some moves towards the other members that didn't exactly have powers.

Noah got embarrassed for the second time in a row.

Crimson didn't look like she got spooked...but she did and she got eliminated from the game and for Riley, it was mostly an tired Leshawna, but any eliminated player was better than nothing for him.

Riley quite literally managed to pull off an elimination on Miko, mostly because she was not prepared for the 3-point shot fail that he did.

"Ayo, I don't think I'm gonna last much longer." Riley remarked.

"Then last long, bro-" Muscle Man got eliminated by the next hot-shot.

While Crimson, Leshawna, Noah and Miko eliminated, Tails now had a lot of momentum to use his two tails for some good action and now some more good action on the Capybaras' end was happening.

The tail spinning fox was plainly swinging his balls around in the second most hilarious and most appropriate way, as the two-tailed ball throws were as speedy as they were stupid.

Pit's ass got kicked at stupid speed and Satori Tendou, probably the closest to catch it, almost got smashed with said balls.

"Okay, that's 22 to 18, honestly, that's a massive improvement for Tails...who's having his stomach turn up basically!" Chris noticed Tails' stupid strategy, who got him in vomit. "And the Foxes are ready to make them regret!"

Tails, Riley and Muscle Man definitely did their best, because even if the rest of them were powerful, they weren't able to not get their butts kicked sideways.

Snake got...snaked purely by the fact that Azula and Dante decided to be total assholes about dodgeball and combine their techniques.

So did Samurai Jack through sheer power of the two of them plus Sol coming out of nowhere to ruin his day.

And so did Tanjiro, who sneaked through four balls being shot at once, but couldn't deal with the fifth.

Legoshi didn't even comparatively stand a chance...

"You know what, this is much better." Chris announced. "...Anyways, it's 22 to 14...goddamn, 13! The Foxes are doing whatever they're doing right now!"

For the record, Kasumi and Lowain got wrecked as Chris just kept on saying some things, as the Capybaras were nine members down now thanks to some players being very skilled.

"Oh my gosh, how are we losing that much?!" Kasumi shouted.

"Storm Shadow's doing a thing..." Lowain got a lot of looks. "...and the team spirit is being fucked up by the lack of the ninja vibe in here. I assume, because that makes better sense than our butts being kicked!"

"I know, right...wait, what did you say?"

"Crazy stuff."

*Pinstripe's confessional*

He was not as excited as the next guy.

"Damn, first day in the team and I'm responsible for a free win? much as I like the old man and why he does what he does, I've gotta get some other connections otherwise I'll probably be his fall guy!"

*Deadpool's confessional*

He was excited.

"Come on, man. All of the other mes have important roles in the two of the other fics, meanwhile I'm just sitting here waiting for my turn to stomp on the blue team. No hate towards them, but I'm down bad!"

(Honestly, I kinda had no idea what to do with you other than the funny man in Lowain's crew of two.)

"...So, I've gotta swap with my new homies is what I'm saying?"

(...Probably not, but you do you.)

*Confessional cut*

Storm Shadow and Ramlethal.

The target, one who had to gain her humanity through a burger and the killer, a ninja who had betrayed his rival and his clan through jealousy and they were fighting pretty good right now.

Scarlett knew better than to fuck with the two of them and Snake Eyes was also fighting with Ramlethal Valentine, who didn't really need the help.

But two sword fighters is always better than one, as Storm Shadow's condition was a little more shaken than they usually would have been.

"State your reasons, Storm Shadow, for doing this." Ramlethal asked, while blocking the white ninja's attacks with her two swords.


As soon as the question was answered, Snake Eyes broke it up and made sure to go on the offensive towards his former brother in blades, who immediately stopped that and then went on his own long-ranged offensive.

Between the two ninjas and the artificial swords lady, it was looking like a long-ranged situation...and much more importantly, Scarlett was definitely talking with some other people.

"This is not exactly a great situation. Your commander's out here fighting her assassin and you're just back on your world eating meat that might poison you, Sin." Scarlett basically dressed down some military dude.

Said dude literally fell out of a tree at the perfect time and slammed Storm Shadow with his own spear thing and he could have not looked more like a dudebro if he tried.

"...Did I, Scarlett! Just needed some lunch." Sin said, being a muscular teen dude with an eyepatch on his right eye and very rough blonde hair.

Sin Kiske wore a black tank top, jeans and a white jacket with two bags where the belt should be and white shoes and generally, got the jump on Storm Shadow somehow.

"This is not an appropriate lunch time, Sin." Scarlett said seriously.

Sin got literally swung off by the villainous ninja in white back into the forest, as Scarlett realised that she could've called much better people that only knew how to work with trucks.

But Sin, Snake Eyes and Ramlethal were working really well for seemingly no reason at all, even if they were sometimes swinging at each other and soon enough, Storm Shadow had to find a way to retreat out of the trios' sights...mostly because the force of the trio broke his weapon.

Sin Kiske mostly came from the right.

Snake Eyes knew his every technique.

And Ramlethal Valentine was just swinging her sword around.

*Ramlethal's confessional*

"I only came here to ask Sol how is this competition treating him and how he managed to get his power I have to deal with an assassin that could barely assassinate." She said, surprisingly unimpressed.

*Confessional cut*

The combined force of his worst enemy and two Gears who age...weirdly to say the least, forced him to retreat somewhere and due to one obvious reason, had to get back to his team.

"I'm going to be real with you, Chef! There are a lot of awesome moments in here, but I can't believe that the Foxes are stomping those Capybaras, especially since after that close first game." Chris said to Chef, who was seeing the carnage on full display.

Deadpool, Satori Tendou and Dante made a deadly combo, what a surprise.

"I believe it. It's 15 to 5 now and it ain't getting any closer!"

Samus, Aisling, Tiana and Catalina may have been the last four survivors of the Foxes' attack, but they weren't really in the mood to stay on either...especially since the other two of the Foxes, Penny and Mai, weren't slouching either.

"So, do you guys want to drop something good on me? Help me, you know, do it a little bit-" Samus was very bothered.

"I have wolves!" Aisling shouted. "That's more than her gun thing will ever do."

"The better question is will they break the balls? They're wolves." Tiana said, clearly not in the mood for this kind of move.

"Not if I tell them to."

"Samus, this is crazy!" Tiana exclaimed.

"And this is a crazy situation, we need to survive or else we'll have to vote off some people." Samus remarked, as Tiana looked like she arrived in the asylum. "We got beaten by volleyball strategies that look absurd, what do you think?"

Tiana was silent and grimacing at the prospect of wolves happening upon the field.

"Hold up, wolves? Sounds awesome!" Chris announced. "And the Chill Capybaras are chill no more as they're getting some animal helpers, as the Fiery Foxes...are chill!"

Dante and Deadpool did do some strong stretches to just set the mood, as Aisling was genuinely preparing to bring some animals into this business and Tiana was questioning her life decisions.

Samus and Catalina was...trying to figure things out.

*Catalina's confessional*

"Fuck this, I'm going to vote that ninja off and then I'm gonna do something about being in this team of of stupid pendejos!" Catalina yelled louder than usual. "This alliance's here to kick shit and screw CJ!"

*Confessional cut*

Aisling had her wolves and it was...definitely doing something, as the wolves were plainly smashing things around and the balls didn't even travel that far, as she wondered what Storm Shadow was up to.

And then didn't, as her wolves were smashed with some of Deadpool's powerful balls.

"You're going to regret this!" Aisling shouted. "Because I can do what I can best!"

"Uh, you do it." Samus managed to eliminate Penny Proud, who just accepted the loss. "Now it's time for some moves."

"Okay-" Aisling got her last wolf hit by the dodgeball. "-Who hit my wolves of the forest?!"

She regret asking that question and Samus regret taking a second to take in that kind of question, as there was two balls that shot off at speed to answer that question.

"Sugma." Deadpool remarked.

"Who's Sugma!" Aisling yelled, not ready to get back to the stands.

"Sugma dodgeballs!"

With that, Aisling and Catalina was off the court and Samus and Tiana really tried their best to survive the onslaught of speedy dodgeballs...especially the latter as she knew of the teams' craziness.

*Tiana's confessional*

"Look if I'm going to be eliminated, someone's gotta do something about those two other people." Tiana said matter-of-factly with a hint of frustration.

*Confessional cut*

Tiana, out of all people, finally managed to make a serious catch on Dante and Deadpool, who were clearly not playing at their best...but it was still a great feat.

Samus had to finish it off, as she had one red-haired obstacle to overcome and he was still nailing the shots towards her teammates, managed to make Tiana miss a catch and get sent off the court.

"Looks like it's down to Samus and Storm Shadow, wherever he is, to not have to send off 2 players! Will the Foxes choke-there's the ninja!" Chris announced. "Seriously, wherever you have been, make your team be loss stomped...on!"

"Silence yourself, Chris." Storm Shadow was...definitely a beaten up. "I had better things to do."

Storm Shadow arrived on the court, as just Iori, Min Min and Michiru had a 'make the ninja regret it' strategy set up for him and Samus to get wrecked with.

Too bad that was not happening, as the best bounty hunter and the morally bad ninja was definitely making the best of that with an borderline impressive set of plays.

First, Storm Shadow distracted Iori with a few weapons that did almost nothing but create some smoke and catch the main flame wielder off-guard.

Second, Mai Shiranui also managed to get caught up in the smoke and get eliminated to the cheers of the Chill Capybaras that Samus had earned.

And thirdly, Min Min with her accidentally stretchy arms got caught out by trying to pull them back and as a result, getting swung at by Storm Shadow in a honest fashion.

So what was Michiru doing?

Nothing, apparently, as she stood there with a confident smirk.

"I will wipe that smirk off your face." Storm Shadow just said, right after doing a superfast throw that would have helped his team to take down someone. "Why-"

"Because my name's Michiru and I like this freaky body!"

"Storm Shadow's 9 Foxes remain to beat up Samus, the only Capybara trying to be chill!"

Michiru actually had the ninja's ball in her head, as Storm Shadow got a lot of boos from his team and the cheers of so many were coming towards her.

"ONE MORE STOCK! ONE MORE STOCK! ONE MORE STOCK!" Rock and Pit both accident, but nevertheless it worked.

Samus Aran was the last stand...even doing trying to pull off a service ace of sorts with the run up throw.

The jump.

And the ball smash that had a particular angle to it and a incredible amount of power packed into one throw.

Michiru wasn't the only one that had transforming limbs on the court, as Kipo Oak essentially sped towards the ball and still ended up with an impressive looking smash to the wall.

Kipo actually looked like she had gotten hurt so seriously, slumping down against the wall and even...taking a breath to make this moment dramatic.

She had gotten the last ball.

"And just like, the Fiery Foxes actually embarrass the Chill Capybaras easily! Storm Shadow is gonna need a miracle to survive the next elimination ceremony!"

Storm Shadow curtly sat down on the bleachers, where his unimpressed teammates actually noticed some amount of blood on him and his ninja garb being a bit worn.

"Thanks for nothing! You just showed up outta nowhere three times in a row...and that's just this challenge...fuck you and your 'better things' business! Because you were up to some ridiculous-ness." Bayonetta shouted at the ninja. "Dante would be a better teammate than you."

"Plus you've got blood from whatever thing you're doing which is no bueno on our side!" Nobara had to shout. "Do whatever it is you're doing without taking up a spot on our team."

"There are several useless players on our side and you think me doing my mission is bigger problem than our team have useless players?" Storm Shadow quitely easily argued, not giving a single care.

"...Yes, it is because I suspect you're up to some bad business." Snake answered, as Nobara and Bayonetta had left at this point. "There's no way that much blood was spilled for no reason."

"You'd still vote me off even if someone was trying to kill me?"

"Yeah, you're a liability in your case. And something tells me it's the other way around."

And just like David Snake, Samus Aran and Mr. Smee left the ninja to just sit here and figure how he was going to complete the mission by keeping Ramlethal on this island.

Because it wasn't about killing.

"Oh, you're not long for this season!" Chris had to milk.

*Storm Shadow's confessional*

He didn't have to explain, but he made it anyways with an impressive amount of confidence.

"I doubt that Snake even knows of half of the mission that I'm doing for my cilent and once this episode's over, I will have finished it and my public presence...will be nothing."

*Confessional cut*

Now it was time for some couple action...mostly down to the newest of them with their odd situation in the winning team, that being Rock and Clover chilling together awkward mood.

"Uh, so what do you wanna do?" Clover asked. "Because I don't exactly have a good song, but it's something."

"Yeah, it's pretty good." Rock said. "I like the way you do your acrobatic...stuff, so what's happening, babe?"

"...Uh...gymnastics...and acrobat class...something like that?" Clover was clearly sweating.

"Weird, I didn't know that gymanstics taught fighting like that. Guess I don't know that much."

"Yeah...that is weird...uhhhh...I know a bit of...karate." Clover said.

"Awesome! So, you wanna make out?"

"Heck yeah!"

With the awkward moment over, the duo made out in sight of a few contestants that were still associated with the Big Coach Beaters (Incredible name, Deadpool, I know.) and they were talking about some business.

"Man, it feels good to take a win. Even if some of us are mad about the loss." Squirrel Girl just flexed her muscles, as Monkey Joe and Tippy Toes were mad. "Honestly, this alliance is a bit awesome."

"I know you're not talking to me because I'm not mad. I'm not mad that Iori's dumbass just won because of our team started to turn into shit. No, I'm not mad." Kyo kept his angry very well hidden, as Squirrel Girl and Basil looked at each other.

"Yeah, that is rather impressive." Basil just sarcastically dropped some words. "So, we really need to do one single thing."

"That's easy!" Squirrel Girl proclaimed. "Just tell me what it is."

"Uh, what is it, man?" Kyo asked, ready to take the win.

"Attempt to systematically prove that Coachman isn't worth winning this show through eliminating his allies and finding out who hates him." Basil answered, as he didn't really look happy about thtis. "...I know it doesn't feel right, but it will be worth."

Kyo and Squirrel Girl missed the obvious, as they looked confused at what was said.

"Nah, bro, I didn't know what you just said...sounds like the old guy's a real piece of shit." Kyo remarked. "...I don't think there's really anyone who likes him."

"Wait, you didn't understand me. Try to eliminate his allies and then eliminate him, simple as that because he steals Chris Heads." Basil explained, as Kyo and Squirrel Girl looked to do the business.

"Yeah, he's an incredible piece of it!" Kyo smirked. "Let's do this thing!"

"Okay, let's do it!" Squirrel Girl shouted.

The two dumber fighters were just dumbfounded by Basil's lack of happiness of beating up the old man.

"...Why are you two so gung ho about this thing?" Basil just asked. "Keep it quiet until we do get an opportunity to even use it."

"Because he sucks all of the fun out of this show!" Squirrel Girl shouted, as Kyo smirked.

Basil just sighed.

*Basil's confessional*

The mouse looked like he could have cared less, but he did not care much regardless.

"...These two are definitely not thinking about the situation that they're in. I get the feeling that if they're found out, someone they will both get eliminated through some hilarious measure...that's funny to only him." Basil stated. "Besides I came here to have a vacation of sorts."

*Rock's confessional*

He was confused.

"So, it was like a huh out of 10, 'cause I didn't really hear what they said. But I love their energy...probably ready to kick some guy's ass!" Rock shouted, sure of the future.

*Confessional cut*

Out of the 33 or so Capybaras that were sat on the elimination stand, four was set to be called out by Chris McLean, as the other twenty-nine were standing up and either enjoy their marshmallow or watching it melt oddly.

Riley Freeman, who flunked the first game with his bad basketball shots.

Muscle Man, who got mad and subsequently, owned the second round with some of his moves.

Storm Shadow, the most obvious elimination with one thing that allowed him to survive in this game...but didn't use.

And finally, Khun Aguero Agnes, who was a little suspicious of how he managed to get more than the three votes that Kyo and Scott both shared with their follies.

"There might have been surprising eliminations in prior episodes, but not this time around, as Storm Shadow got the vast majority of the 16 out of the 33 potential votes!" Chris announced, as there was only two marshmallows on the plate. "He had the power, but he didn't use it for some reason."

Storm Shadow plain scoffed at the hosts' jibe at his lack of team spirit, as there was only Riley, Muscle Man and Khun Aguero Agnes.

Khun definitely was a little shaken by the sudden elimination.

"Oh my god, one of you three are joining him and it does not fit them."

"Come on, do it!" Ryuko yelled, tired of Chris' delaying the elimination.




It didn't really work.




"The second player to be eliminated in this episode is..."

Riley looked calm as all hell, as did Muscle Man...which meant one thing for the suspense of this thing for everyone else, but not for Chris.



















"...Khun! Yeah, what's with your six votes?"

"Someone had it out for me, that's all. Ryuko, hope you're happy with whatever it is you're trying to do." Khun remarked with a displeased frown. "Because you organised this thing-"

"What thing! I literally voted for one of those two, 'cause they sucked in the dodgeball challenge!" Ryuko stepped up to Khun's own face.

"Come on, this is a game about alliances and friendships, I see what you did here." Khun then had a small grin, the white-haired guy apparently knowing Ryuko's deal.

"Look I'm over that, because you prove you're a team player. Besides how did you even get six votes."

"The same reason why you got some of your friends backing you up...strategy." Khun answered. "You know I'm a threat."

"Shut up, those two had something to do with it, I know it!" Ryuko yelled, as Chris broke up the duo. "Wait, I swear I had nothing to do with it."

"Good game, Ryuko!" Khun shouted, his anger getting the better of him. "Glad you got the better of us two!"

Ryuko then got pulled back by Bayonetta, who had something to say towards her.

"It's not worth it, Ryuko! There's probably an alliance on our team." Bayonetta just told him, just as surprised at the elimination. "Besides those two don't exactly have the mind to do strategy like that."

"Yeah, why were they smiling? They were on the chopping block!" Lowain had to say, as Ryuko was trying to figure something out. "...Anyways, let's just get back to figuring what we've gotta do next."

"...I hope so." Ryuko was plain mad.

At the new Dock of Shame, one was a white-haired guy that wore some business casual and the other was an all-white ninja that had one more trick up his sleeve.

"Hey, you two, got any words to say before you get sling-yachted?" Chris asked. "Storm Shadow, especially."

"I played the game and the game played shit, but it's understandable." Khun calmly protested his elimination. "Ryuko played me."

"...Ninja guy?"

Khun was on the sling-yachted, as the impressive amount of smoke that came from Storm Shadow covered the entire Dock of Shame and easily got the Sling-Yacht shot off.

Storm Shadow looked to be sent with Khun, who was enjoying the speed of the yacht and the sudden fog that inhabited the speeding yacht itself.

"Storm Shadow entered the game dramatically and left the game dramatically...who's going to leave like that next time, 'cause these ratings are startin' good! Anyways, next time, we've got another episode of..."

Chris had to do the intro at this point.


To be continued in the 19th episode, Smash Bros is happening and so is some other stuff and like with any episode with Smash Brothers, things go insane!

Like the TD:UI trademark insane, a little bit of TG, a little bit of the worst jokes you've ever seen and a massive bit of action between two strange teams, so many conflicts that couple up to some dumb shit!

So, obviously, Master Hand is going to need some aspirin through for the 64 remaining campers that have unbalanced the teams by two members and hilariously, the Smash Brothers challenge is going to be...

...similarly complicated compared to this simple old one!

Cosplay, fighting doubles, SDs and wavedashing all combine to get one of the wildest episodes to date and this one had teams form and the first move of Tanya's alliance was made.

Tanya, Catalina, Riley, Muscle Man and Heavy are in there and ready to be counterpart towards the Pseudo-Truce and the Big Coach Beaters (the name of Kyo's mega alliance thing) for the forseeable future of the rest of the season!





Hold up, why was Storm Shadow trying to steal a portal power shard?

Why is Ramlethal visiting Pahkitew Island?

Who the fuck is Sin Kiske and can someone tell him how babies are actually made?

And more importantly...what is happening with Snake Eyes and Scarlett that isn't just protecting the portal from any villain who wants whatever convertible money that Chris held?

You might not get answers for a good while, 'cause this is still mostly about the competition...or will you?






Episode 19 comes out soon and it's back to the normal "four people leave the game" type elimination!