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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands

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Total Drama: Ultimate Islands!
Episode 17: Squads of Four
Part 2: Sending A Message Together

If you're wondering how I'm doing the eliminations, there's 'bout to be 64 people next time...and also, this challenge is already starting in its usual wild fashion!

With love stuck together, apparently destined enemies against each other and 17 teams trying to survive whatever Chef was thinking of when he was making the challenge!

So, they're not going to have a fun time and you guys will enjoy this chapter!

1602jaw: Honestly, it took me a few times to get the teams right and plus Luigi's practically going to turn his reputation around by existing in there! Glad you appreciated the first chapter!

Memeking: This part does have some shenanigans and honestly, I re-evaluated the numbers several times and yes, one time it was at the funny number...but alas it was not to be! I also like that you liked my choices for the squads!

Now, that's if you have read it.

"And man, we are back! With Squirrel Girl in the right team this time around!"

"Shut up, Chris! I'm on the right team!" Squirrel Girl yelled, as Tanjiro was doing it double time. "...You guys know how to row, right?"

"Not really." Tanjiro nervously said.

Of course, Chris McLean chuckled at the 17 groups of four (as Squirrel Girl was "forced" into Squad 11 trying to row their way out of falling into a waterfall and there was a lot of rowing.

Some weren't doing super well.

"Oh my god, do something, witch!" Catalina yelled.

"I am trying." Dawn said, calmly rowing with...surprising power. "But I'm not enough."

Soon, Squad 17 with all of the might of Leshawna and Catalina...went overboard and so did Squad 11, even with the very powerful set of members that would've catapulted them to safety.

"Why did you do that?!"

And also, Squad 2 with one extra member was still on the verge of losing and experiencing the drop.

"Come on, guys! We've got the numbers and we've got the experience!" Tifa encouraged the rest of the team.

"I hate saying it, but I do have BOTH!" Sammy really put it all into her row.

But since Tails and Reg couldn't exactly row with their short arms, it ended up bumping into another squad who didn't really like...a lot of the contestants.

"Move your butt out of the way!" Tiny Tina tried to swing with one oar.

"Hold up, you need to move out of the way." Tails aggressively suggested.

"Nope, you're moving." Eva stood up.

"Hold on, wait..." Tails tried to block Eva's kick.

And just like that Squad 2 was knocked out of the competition by Eva's aggressive kick that came all of the way from Squad 15, as Noah and everyone else was trying to double time it to compensate for Eva...essentially spinning it around.

Squad 15 was not having a good time, as they fell over the waterfall as well.

Squad 5 was also pretty close to the waterfall and they were trying to swing it as fast as they could.

"Goddamn, I hope that ain't us!" Riley just saw the drop seriously.

"Then don't look down, because villains don't do that!" Giovanni declared.

"Down where, it's just water."


Regardless of that conversation, they didn't stop rowing even when Squad 17 got blown over the waterfall quite easily and blown was really the emphasis on that part, because there was one thing.

"Uh, that ain't-" Riley saw Azula confidently smile.

"She's got enough villain cred! Save some for the rest of us!" Giovanni had to yell.

Shego and Nobara were basically rowing double time to make up for Riley's short arms and Giovanni practically making them a target for Squad 7 (unrelated to shonen anime) with Azula sending a fireball.

*Darkness' confessional*

She looked quite serious.

"In this kind of event, there are only a few ways to go out. Sabotage, getting sneak attacked or defeated and sure, I'd like one of those things to happen to me...but Azula's not me, so..."

*Confessional cut*

In typical fashion, Azula came down with a shot of fire towards one of the canoes in a dirty know, bringing some heat to the canoe in hilarious fashion.

"Thanks, Giovanni." Shego just let the fire hit.

"No problem." Giovanni tried a little something, but...

It still hit, sending the canoe backwards into Squad 14, who were all young, dumb and woke enough to realise that they had to do something...but couldn't exactly do that without leaving the canoe.

"What the actual fuck!" Ryuko's canoe practically got flambeed in the process.

"Uh...more than half the squads are out of this thing!" Chef shouted. "Azula's just playing the game."

"Why the hell can she do that?" Ryuko asked, still trying to recover the canoe.

"...Because it's funny to someone, APPARENTLY!" Michiru may have wanted to make a statement.

As Squad 14 went down and hilariously...Squad 12 was definitely seeing their competition literally fall off.

"My god, this challenge's...definitely a bit wild." Terry Bogard stated. "Put this pedal to the medal, you guys! Do it, dudes."

"I said it once during crisis time, so shut your mouth!" Iori's yelling somehow improved his rowing.

"...Well, it worked."

Iori was just silently pushing his squad forward, as Bayonetta still somehow carried the whole team in spite of the efforts and Basil was there, sure that he had nothing to do.

*Basil's confessional*

The mouse detective was quite contemplative.

"I have the evidence to put away that man for the rest of his life, even considering his super-natural nature, but...not exactly a way to actually show it. At the very least, my teammates are ridiculous."

*Confessional cut*

Terry Bogard, Iori and Bayonetta were really putting it all they had, as Basil was also contributing to the madness that was Squad 12.

Squad 7 was surprisingly, very close to the waterfall with Squad 6 not that far from falling down either.

"You know what, even if I lose at this challenge. I'll still have one victory." Azula said.

"Okay, you're still about to fall off." Sokka was still rowing.

"What?" Azula asked. "But you're about to do as well."

"Nah, you're about to fall off." Sokka stated, as Khun came in swinging.

And hilariously enough, Squad 7, who consisted of strong members that didn't row that much, were gone and Sokka's squad was trying to double down on the momentum of knocking out Azula's team.

"New plan, let's not fall down." Khun remarked, going back to rowing.


Squad 6 was practically panicking to not be in third place, as the bottom half of the leaderboard was filled with powerful teams that would knock anyone out in one single hit.

Squads 2, 5, 7, 11, 14, 15 and 17 were out and there were three that fell down at the same time.

"Oh no!" Rock yelled.

"What do you meannnn..." Pit screamed.

And Squad 16 were goners and so was Squads 3 and 4 at the exact same time, mostly because they bumped into each other and never came back from that.

"Fuck you!" Yuri shouted.

"And thank you too!" Tiana exclaimed.

"No problem." Yuri was at the bottom of the waterfall.


There was Squads 1 (acing it in hilarious fashion and fighting with Squad 13), 6 (still barely surviving), 8 (winning too much), 9 (Hey guys, Deadpool here, so we're in the middle of a crisis), 10 (was in the cave somehow), 12 (getting nearer to the waterfall) and 13 (also on the edge, due to a load of hubris kicking in) to do things.

And then Sokka's team got smashed by Coachman's punch.

"Dear god, that's not going to help us." Sol remarked.

"Yeah, he's right. Actually row yourself!" Nicole was straining to even say this.

"Honestly, no thank you. I did my job well enough." Coachman started with a grin. "You two should really start rowing."

"Get off your ass and start rowing!" Sol shouted. "Dante goes way too much of a shit about you."

"Oh, does he?"


And in what could only be considered comedy, JFK threw some ball of...something at Squad 13, which thanks to Coachman basically making the boat sink, got completely knocked out of the challenge.

*JFK's confessional*

He looked worried.

"For the record, that was a ball of totally not my materials! Er-uh, shut up!"

*Confessional cut*

While that was really funny, JFK apparently cursed his squad, as while Dante was doing his best, Satori Tendou looked back to the fall and also tipped over the canoe.

"Dang, no way we're losing this!" Satori shouted.

"Uh-" Dante saw Storm Shadow throw something.

"Uh, what, we're winning this easily!"

"For real, look!" Muscle Man, as the ninja star was cutting oars. "My oars!"

"Oh..." Satori's oars weren't cut. "...we're screwed aren't we?"

"Aw yeah, it's morbin' time-"

That old meme quite literally sent Squad 1 over the waterfall.

So, now it was down to Squads, 8, 9 and 12 all trying to be the last two teams to finish this challenge to its very end and because of Storm Shadow's cut...Squad 9 had to take a look at it.

"Wow...he really morbed himself out of this mini-challenge for a dead meme!" Deadpool shouted. "You guys, okay?"

"Brah...I can't...I can't...row no bro." Lowain just suddenly stopped rowing.

"Well, uh, my rowing technique is better than his!" Kyo was rowing...badly, as his oars were barely in the water.

"Deadpool, you better take a look at yourself, 'cause we're falling off!" Joseph shouted, desperately trying to Hamon his way out of elimination.

"Yeah, right, the writer would not-OH SHIT!" Deadpool hunkered down.

Squad 9 may have all been memes to some extent, but they weren't lasting much longer after Storm Shadow threw a ninja star at the canoe and caused it to fall off.

"Oh, there's one more spot-"

And just like that, the Meme House were goners aka Squad 9 was out and Deadpool decided to be a little weird with the prose.

"Challenge over! Squads 8 and 10 are worthy to be safe! The rest of y'all better get to my next challenge!" Chef yelled. "It's going to be wild!"

"Woo, let's go, ninja guy!" Luigi shouted. "Maybe you're not a super villain or something!"

"Hey, thank you for being pretty much solid for the thing. But are you going to watch this?" Legoshi asked.

"Yeah, support your old homies."

"...Be a...bit of...a team player."

Legoshi got hit with the stare from Storm Shadow, who just sighed.

"The only thing I care about is the money and the technology, so I do not need to be a team player!" Storm Shadow declared. "Farewell, I will watch from the shadows."

"Fare...well." Legoshi nervously said.

And just like Storm Shadow turned his back on his former squadmates.

*Tanya's confessional*

She was not surprised.

"I can't blame him, he came here to do a job and that happened to involve pulling the two of them to safety. Let him go, Luigi and Legoshi, your performances aren't...really worthy of his." Tanya stated...quickly. "Even if they are still decent."

*Confessional cut*

Squads 8 and 10 were standing, doing some very important stuff like not being squads for long or just watching the rest of the team comprehend what Chef wanted them to do.

"Wild is right. This is some total dooky!" Lowain stated. "And man, I'm excited for this!"

"It's not-" Joseph remarked.

"SHUUUUT UP!" Chef announced. "All you need to do is stack yourselves on top of each other and try to stand as long as you can! There's safety mats if you want to know!"

Lowain and Joseph were both high-fiving each other, as Deadpool and Kyo weren't even mad.

"If you can't stack, you ain't safe! Last two teams standing are safe, it's that simple!" Chef shouted. "Go!"

"Man, you sound real mad." Kyo remarked.

"Yeah, take a chill pill or something." Deadpool casually said.

"You gonna lose if you don't move."

The 15 remaining groups of four were just way ahead of the quip-making duo, who were scrambling into totem pole position and some of them were certainly creative.

"See ya, dudes!" Satori Tendo exclaimed. "We're 'bout to win-"

Muscle Man then literally crushed the volleyball player, as Dante was trying to figure something out and JFK was doing what he does best.

Squad 1 was definitely very organised and not the boys scrambled together into one team, as Muscle Man was now carrying Satori Tendou with his bad smell.

"Holy shit, this is working." Dante said. "Muscle Man, how the heck did you get that name?"

"I got it because I was a badass!" Muscle Man shouted.

Dante was dumbfounded, but decided to wait for JFK, who was in the middle of doing some tactical disruption towards Squad 14 aka the young, dumb and woke that actually formed the tower position.

"Er-uh, you all look hot enough!" JFK shouted. "Wanna quad date 'cause I'm too much for all of you!"

"No! Can you please help your team win?" Michiru shouted from the very top.

"No bueno...wait, is one of you 18?" JFK asked, as the horniness subsided slightly.

"No, we're all too young for you!" Michiru yelled, as Min Min looked like she wanted to say something.

"...No thanks, I don't put any underage pussy-" JFK was practically being shouted at by my team. "-Hold up. You know, my team wants to-"

The young, the dumb and the woke just pointed towards the team that was trying to wave him towards them.

*Dante's confessional*

"My guy JFK's about to be thrown towards the very top if he doesn't get over here! I can't believe he went for underaged ladies, that's actually really funny!" Dante wasn't in a bad mood, while he was saying this.

*Confessional cut*

The boys on the top were stacked up somehow, as Dante was definitely trying to balance four people with questionable accuracy and a few swings here and there.

Bayonetta's team worked surprisingly well, considering that the detective mouse had the fear of god up there.

"Bro, it's two will be somewhat fine!" Terry declared.

"...Do you...even have...that much upper body strength?" Basil was practically panicking mid-ask.

"Yeah, team up with me some time!" Terry casually carried.

And of course, in hilarious fashion, Iori was definitely far from the guy with upper arm strength.

The four of them fall, as they collapsed right on the there was going to be a bit more of that, even with Squad 17 doing surprisingly well.

"...I have a thousand questions. How the fuck are you doing that?" Eva asked.

"I have energy that requires no explanation." Dawn declared, as she and Aisling were both doing their best.

"Trust me, you shouldn't question these weirdos at all." Leshawna declared. "They're ridiculous."

"Okay, so, Squad 14's been like that for a whole minute and the rest of you are-"

"Been stacked up since the same time and we get nothing?" Yuri asked.

"That's what we're doing." Kasumi stated. "Fighting's a thankless job."

"-Squad 3's also been like that for a minute! Yes, I've been watching and yes, the challenge ain't over!"

Dante, Satori, Muscle Man and JFK were still struggling to stand up, as the clock was counting for twenty seconds on their end.

Bayonetta was practically carrying her squad, as the other three were terrible at balancing.

Tifa's squad was almost doing it successfully, especially Sammy being third in totem pole position...and Reg was part metal, part good boy, so it was more like a stack of three.

Squad 11 was doing the anime thing...which would have been good if they didn't start carrying half a minute ago and weren't wobbling half of the time.

Squad 16 were both loving and trying to figure out what they were doing, as Clover, Rock, Miko and Pit weren't...working super well together.

Squad 13...had the unlucky number and interaction, rather unsurprisingly, as they hadn't figured how to even do the stack, aside from Sol and Coachman being in that order.

And Chef...didn't care.

"The challenge is over! The fighting ladies and the ladies that are half-animal, half-something are safe." Chef announced. "We gotta move on!"

"Let's go!" Yuri shouted.

"Nah, you...let's go!" Min Min declared.

"...Let's just ignore that."

*Rock's confessional*

Rock looked like he had experienced something crazy.

"We fell 5 times, but it wasn't like a boomph, but it was more like a'll make sense if you get to see it."

*Reg's confessional*

The robot kid looked worried about his squad.

"Probably would have been fine to carry Sammy, 'cause I might be eliminated this way!" Reg complained. "...That sucks."

*Tanjiro's confessional*

The demon slayer looked shocked.

"But our technique was great! And their technique was even I do learn from them!" Tanjiro declared.

*Confessional cut*

So far, four of the seventeen squads were done with the challenge and were in the middle of owning some burritos that may or may not have been stolen from Chris' heads.

And the other thirteen were waiting for whatever Chef wanted them to go through, especially since some of the teams had those same canoes that were thrown over the waterfall.

And they were about to get through on the hilly section of Pahkitew, as there was hills, trees and what not in the area that easily could hide the finish line, as the thirteen squads were stacked up to talk a lot about...something, probably.

"No way, we were so close, man!" Rock shouted. ", we need to win."

"Yeah, no duh, I definitely knew that! Anyways, let's do that!" Pit declared. "Let's go!"

"Burn it hot!" Rock stated. "...the challenge."

"We're burning the challenge!" Pit said.

"Did I hear y'all talking?!" Chef yelled, as everyone was rather quiet. "Good, all you need to do is to keep up with me!"

Chef just lifted up a boat like it was not a big deal, as he started to get moving when everyone was carrying a boat and some of them were struggling more than others.

"Aw okay, it's going to be like that, huh?" Eva asked. "I'm the only one with real strength!"

"Come on, Noah's got..." Tiny Tina took one look at the schemer. "...and I made bombs for years, so we're cool, right!"



The now last place squad then tried to carry with the rest of 'em and they weren't doing too the moment, as there were squads less equipped for them.

And Squad 15 passed them at the moment, as Squad 4 aka the Short Girls were taking it a bit slow.

"My god, how do you girls do this all day?" Tiana asked.

"It does take a lot of training." Uraraka explained. "And you're a cook, so you probably have the strength."

"Not that kind of strength." Tiana said, sweating like a fool.

Noah and Soma were just looking at the four short-ish girls.

*Soma's confessional*

The red-haired cook had a dumb smile.

"Okay, you girls were awesome in the challenge! But we've gotta win, so I'm sorry to pass you four!" Soma shouted. "See ya next time!"

*Confessional cut*

Back in the front of the pack, as Bayonetta and Tanjiro's two squads were currently right behind Chef and were still on top of the game...unlike Sol and JFK's squads, who were having some issues.

"Look, you're clearly on some undeserved high, but get off your bullshit and speed up!" Sol shouted.

"Quiet, you, Dante's team clearly behind me and your efforts to carry me along!" Coachman had to brag, as Dante raised an eyebrow. "Now then, how do we win?"

"...We do not lose."

"Useful answers, please."

While Squad 13 was weighed down by the fattest contestant, Squad 1 was weighed down by the arms...and the fact that they were all very different heights.

"Bro, lower it down!" Muscle Man told JFK.

"Why don't you get up here, short stuff!" JFK declared.

"Because I can't and 'cause you're dumb."

"Oh, okay, I don't care about you saying that I'm dumb."

Dante and Satori were smirking, as the other two were still carrying and arguing with style.

And unsurprisingly, actually in third place, was a squad that both had no arguments and an surprising amount of interesting things to say and Squad 6 saw Squads 1 and 13 have a moment and didn't care.

"No way, you actually rescued a bunch of guys from your enemy nation?" Khun asked. "That's some good stuff!"

"Of course it is, they were innocent people fed with the Fire Nation's old...fake words!" Sokka said. "They weren't soldiers or anything."

"Cool." Khun remarked. "You teamed up with the guy who wanted to do that?"

"Yeah, it was just us four and his pretty good squad! And now, they ain't good!"

Cassie and Heavy were carrying with passion, as they kept silent.

*Cassie's confessional*

The blonde soldier was feeling a bit satisfied.

"Being in the top 5 in the previous challenge means that my game's finally on point! Whatever that point is, I've got a team that can help me reach it." Cassie stated. "...Am I going to feud with some random person?"

*Confessional cut*

Squads 11 and 12 were acing it, as Chef was the only one that could see them carry it close and they were real close to the finish line, which was visible.

"Oh my god, are we going to do it?" Scott asked.

"YES!" Chef still had the time to yell at the gamer.

Luigi kept on carrying in fear, as Scott was in there.

And there was one massive hill that was ahead of the finish line, but both squads finally pushed through one more time, as Chef casually arrived at the finish line...with both mini-teams arriving a second later.

"Eh, you eight are safe! And the rest of y'all should get your butts to the finish line, boat or no boat!" Chef announced through the megaphone.

"Damn, you really had to do that?" Iori asked.

"Yeah, obviously! I bet that there was a team that got stuck in the middle!" Terry told Iori with a smirk.

"...No way, we didn't even travel that far, it was like a mile."

"Apparently, it's two and a half miles."

Terry and Iori looked down at the start line, which looked to be a fair distance away, as they were in a decent mood.

The rest of two squads were having a decent time...minus Luigi, as Squirrel Girl looked at the drooped down arms that he had.

"Whoa, are you okay? What's with your arms?" Squirrel Girl asked.

"Yeah, they're fine enough! I can move them..." Scott lifted up his arms. "...good-"

Scott's arms then made some windmills on their own.

"Are they good?"

"Good enough to beat this challenge!"


The guy just sat down on the toilet, breathed a sigh of relief and then his arms flopped forward enough for his weight to be shifted forward onto the ground.

"It would be bad if I used a lot more of my power, 'cause my arms aren't strong enough to handle what I've got!" Scott had to brag. "The rest of me...thinks this is easy!"

*Basil's confessional*

Basil put his tweed hat on.

"As much as my team had carried me on, I did my fair share of effort to make it this far! And since there's no rules on wherever the safe people have to go, I have got an investigation to do." Basil said. "With a potential friend."

*Confessional cut*

11 of the 13 squads had arrived by now and some of them were not in the best of states, mostly emotional and the other two had finally arrived and were muddy.

Squads 4 and 16 were the last and the muddies to arrive.

"We got tracked down by a squad and we got lost in mud, so like, you better-" Clover complained.

"Guys, it's Chef! I don't know what you are expecting." Tiana exclaimed.

"I don't care if y'all got mud or not! You ain't safe, yet!" Chef yelled at the two of them. "We got another challenge for you people!"

"Told you." Tiana said.

"Like, it was worth something." Clover said.

"No, it ain't. I got another challenge and you sorry bunch of teams better get to this island's Junkyard Jetty!" Chef yelled. "Follow or get eliminated, I could care less!"

Tiana and Penny looked like they could drop at any moment, but kept on with their fellow heroes towards the next challenge.

The squad of couples also kept on mudding together with each other.

Speaking of the squad of couples, they also shared a moment.

"Look, Pit, you and I are doing pretty good! So, what are you so worried about?" Miko asked. "We're gaming, we could save the world and most importantly, we...urgh-"

"We kissed, know...I don't really know what to do now." Pit said. "I've beat Hades up and you're pretty cool. Clover, have you got advice?"

"Actually, they are good. They're like Mario and Peach!"

"No way..." Pit saw Rock carry Clover for some reason. "...yeah way!"

Rock and Clover just froze up for a second.

"Dudes, it's not that serious yet! Once we're out of the competition, we're going to be a real couple! The real deal!" Rock exclaimed.

"You're cute when you say that kind of stuff!" Clover brung the compliment, as she just got down. "Gotta wash!"

"We can't, though, gotta follow Chef!" Rock shouted. "Urgh, man...this is kinda weird."

"No, it's not! Like, give me a reason why this is weird."

"...Uh...maybe I should stop thinking at midnight! Things get weird." Rock's smile came back. "Let's do it, dudes!"

"Let's do this, you guys! We have gaming, we have rock, we have...more gaming and we have California, so we're going to be the team of all time!" Pit yelled, his mouth coming up with new sentences on the fly. "It's not Morbin' time, it's winning time!"

"Yeah, we're going to morb all over everyone!" Miko shouted.

Rock and Clover weren't even sure what to make of that, as they had no knowledges of memes on the outside...or what the fuck a morb was, but there was one thing for certain.

"Maybe the next round is our round!" Clover suggested. "If I think what I think it means, please don't morb."

"Oh, you said it!" Miko said. "Some movie bombed or something, I don't know."

"But from what I know, it's from a movie called Morbius that bombed like nothing bombed. Maybe it's not, but morb sounds like something good to say!"

"...Uh, doesn't sound so good, right now." Miko realised that making fun of a terrible movie was depressing.

"Wow, that was lame!"

And just like that, Chris McLean took a break from his very important session about Total Drama with his very same, very new look with his gelled up hair.

"Man, so far, we've got six squads safe and the other eleven fearing for their spot in the game, so you know, stay tuned for which one of the eleven squads will suck the most!" Chris had to come in for the last go.

To be continued in the third part of the team-fighting challenge, where the thing may be a bit misleading and the fighting is definitely metaphorical...with some more groups making it out of Chef's self-made hell of challenges!

Low key, I think I need to find a counting guy or something because I don't exactly

And also, a little bit of love is spread around this time around!

Still, though, a reminder of the squads of four that ended up making it work!

Squad 1/Boys of the Town: Dante, Muscle Man, Satori Tendou & JFK

Squad 2/Double Up: Tifa, Sammy, Tails & Reg

Squad 3/Queen of Fighters: Yuri, Sakura, Mai & Kasumi

Squad 4/Short Girl Squad: Uraraka, Tiana, Penny & Mystique Sonia

Squad 5/Paper Stackers United: Giovanni, Riley, Shego & Nobara

Squad 6/Revived Swordfishes: Sokka, Heavy, Khun & Cassie

Squad 7/Antagonistic Friends: Azula, Mikasa, Yumeko & Darkness

Squad 8/The Soft & Strong: Storm Shadow, Luigi, Legoshi & Tanya

Squad 9/Meme House: Deadpool, Lowain, Joseph & Kyo

Squad 10/Comeback Machine: Snake, Samus, Hsien-Ko & Rapunzel

Squad 11/Swordmeisters: Samurai Jack, Tanjiro, Squirrel Girl & Scott Pilgrim

Squad 12/Team Bogard: Terry Bogard, Iori, Bayonetta & Basil

Squad 13/Bad-ish Blood: Coachman, Pinstripe Potoroo, Sol Badguy & Nicole

Squad 14/Young, Dumb & Woke: Kipo Oak, Ryuko, Min Min & Michiru Tamegori

Squad 15/Leftover Squad: Noah , Eva, Tiny Tina & Soma

Squad 16/Love's Weapon: Clover, Rock, Miko Kubota & Pit

Squad 17/Passionate Punchers: Dawn, Catalina, Aisling & Leshawna