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The Virgin of the Fox

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Tanjirou had experienced many dangerous life events in his young age: a falling brazier that could have crushed and burned his body but only scarred his forehead, a temperamental black bear that could have gobbled him up but was slayed effortlessly by his father. To name a few.

And yet, every time, he had come out relatively unscathed. Each experience had made him stronger, wiser, and better adapted to survive living in the cold mountains of the Kantō-sammyaku. 

And while every bit of his soul made every effort to return home, unpack and dry out the fresh firewood he had chopped down, and eat a warm meal in front of a hot fire with his family, a thought echoed in his head:

I can’t die here.

It was dreadfully cold. He hadn’t seen the blizzard coming, not even a shadow of a foretelling in the clouds of the violent rain of ice and snow that was to come so, so close to springtime. If he had, he certainly wouldn’t have gone out to collect wood today - or at least collect wood so far from home. But it was here now, and snowflakes were falling so thickly that his foot prints were being erased behind him almost immediately. 

“Keep moving, keep moving,” was Tanjiro’s mantra, but each step swallowed by the snow became harder and harder to push through. Focusing on moving his numbed feet distracted him from the stinging in his fingers from the wind. He gripped the straps of the tote behind his back and continued on. 

Was he even going the right way? Through cracked eyes, Tanjirou couldn’t see much but the harsh whiteness of snow that overtook the crooks and crannies of the land before him. The fierce and sporadic wind also left him without his prized sense of smell. In fact, inhaling the frigid air through his nose just burned his throat and lungs.

Truly, he felt like a blindman, stricken of his senses, like he was walking into nothing. He couldn’t even see the trees of the forest until they were just within arm’s reach. 

“I have to make it home!” Tanjiro yelled out to himself, shielding his face with an arm. 

The wind continued to howl its objurgations. His scarf nearly flew away in the fury. 

“They’re expecting me!”

His family’s faces raced through his mind. His mother, Nezuko, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, little Rokuta. They need him to make it home, they need this wood. He had to make it home. 

I have to make it home!


Tanjiro took a step, but his foot went deeper into the ground than expected - some kind of hole or fracture in the rocky ground. He pulled and pulled his foot to free himself, trying to take care to not pull off his shoe and expose even more of his skin to the deadly wind. 

He could already feel the snow break through his clothing and seep into his toes.

With one final hoist backwards, Tanjiro’s foot and shoe popped out - but his body kept going. Already unsteady from the constant force of wind, coupled with the weight of the wood strapped to his back, Tanjiro’s fatigued body fell backwards into the snow. The wood against his back cracked against his spine, and a shooting pain shot through him. 

The breath was knocked out of him.

Back to the ground and eyes to the sky, Tanjirou gasped to breathe. He felt the heat leave his body into the snow around him. Everything hurt.

Despite this, the cold, the pain, his rapid heart beat, it was almost peaceful on the ground. Up above, the sky was white. White, just white, all around him. 

I can’t die here, Tanjirou thought to himself. He tried to shift his weight, but his body ached.

Suddenly, a pressure on his chest. The air he had so greedily inhaled was pushed out. 

And his vision, once stained with deadly white, was then filled with two other colors.

 The sight of two blazen red and yellow eyes. 

“A -“ Tanjirou jerked back in surprise and let out a yelp. His body spasmed from his movement. But the holder of the eyes jumped off of him into the snow, giving Tanjirou the chance to look at it.

“...A fox?” Tanjirou choked out. For a moment, it seemed the wind had died down. 

It had to be - it was large for a fox, but not a wolf, definitely not. It was striking against the snow. A beautiful yellow and red colored pelt, rather unusual. 

Further unusual still was its number of tails - three times the normal amount.

Tanjirou blinked his eyes in disbelief. The fox continued to stare back at him. 

The wind picked back up. 

Faster, harder than before, the wind pushed. Tanjirou shut his eyes and shielded his face. His clothes rapidly waved around his body, the flapping nearly silenced by the overwhelming sound of wind. He cracked an eye open, and the beast before him had vanished. 

His body already hurt - but the snapping of teeth around his right leg quickly snapped Tanjirou’s attention from his back to below his waist. 


The grip on his leg tightened and suddenly, Tanjirou’s back met the cold ground. He felt himself begin to be yanked through the snow. 

“Get off!” Tanjirou yelled. Panicking, he kicked the fox with his foot, trying to loosen the hold. The bright fox continued to pull Tanjirou through the snow, picking up speed even as it peddled backwards. 

What amazing strength!

Tanjirou grasped at the ground for weeds, for grass, something to hold through the snow - but there was nothing around him, nothing that hadn’t long been dead since the fall. 

Tanjirou was grateful he was wearing thick pants, but he could still feel the teeth of this beast and see the light drops of his blood that trailed behind him.

The pace continued to quicken although he still kicked at the animal. It hurt , everything hurt! It’s eyes were still strained on him, and the dark markings above it’s eyes looked furrowed, almost like thick angry eyebrows.

A rock went under Tanjirou’s body, and a clinking at his side reminded him of the weapon on his person - his axe.

Yes, each near death experience had indeed made him stronger, wiser, better adapted to survive, he was sure of it. Sure he would survive, sure he would make it home. 

Tanjirou gripped the axe and held it steady through the fast movement of earth and snow flying around around him, through the pain shooting up his back and in his leg, through the unforgiving wind that blew against him. He flexed his body, willing himself to sit up, and raised his arm, ready to come down hard at the fox dragging him away. 

Tanjirou did not see what hit his hand - a rock, perhaps - but he certainly had seen one of the tails that threw it. 

One of the tails that threw it!

The axe dropped from his hand - and as the three-tailed fox dragged Tanjirou away, he watched the axe disappear behind him on the snowy forest floor. The speed of their travel was quite astonishing, perhaps helped along by the wind. But as the shiny metal faded into the white sheet on the land, a sense of hopelessness crept through him. 

The thought of never seeing his family again flashed in his mind, but such a craven thought vanished. This was not the time to give up. With a heavy yell, pulled from the depths of his gut, Tanjirou trashed violently, racking his body against land and beast. 

For a moment, they had stopped. Tanjirou wasted no time, lifting his body with the force of his resolve to stand, still trying to shake off the fox, which now growled and loosened its grip. 

Freedom was in sight. 

Then, confusingly, it was ground again. Tanjirou toppled over and caught himself with his sore hands. With a moment of might, he pushed his arms forward to propel himself forward, but with a sharp bite at his calf he was caught once again. They moved again, but this time not straight - no, with horror he felt the fox sink into a hidden hole, his foot and then leg now with it.

Tanjirou screamed. He gripped the frozen, rocky ground around him, frantically trying with all his might to not slip into the hole. But his hands, blistered and numb, could not hold on. His grip lost, Tanjirou was pulled through the tunnel into darkness. 

The tunnel was short, and after a small drop to the ground, the fox let Tanjirou go. He sat up on the ground, gathering his bearings. 

His body still hurt, and he had some new scraps from the tunnel, but he was intact, and at least out of the snow storm.

The panic was far from over, however. Although his eyes could not see, his sense of smell was usable again, and he identified immediately that this beast hadn’t just left . And now, as he took in the scents around him, he was sure this wasn’t a mere animal - the three tails he had seen had not been a trick of the light. No, there was something much more to the scent of this fox: divinity. Although Tanjirou wasn’t sure if this could be considered a good-natured kami or an evil yokai. 

The moment those words crossed his mind, as if on cue, there was light around him. Two small lanterns on opposite sides on the ground walls lit up by themselves.  

Tanjirou breathed heavily, taking in the den around him. It was small, certainly not tall enough for him to stand up. The floor was softer than he expected it to be underground, cushioned with dried grass and moss and scraps of linen that were found or possibly stolen from someone’s laundry line. 

Before him now no animal, but a man with bright hair the color of fire, passionate eyes, thick eyebrows, and white robes. Fox ears came out of his head and three tails laid behind him.

The fox spirit sat with his legs tucked underneath him, very formal. His posture was perfect, and his large arms were folded in front of his chest.

He glowed like a god - not physically, but but the energy around him was bright. He looked handsome and unworldly from the luminescence of the lanterns amongst the room. 

At the sight of the spirit, Tanjirou kneeled so that he would not meet his eyes and bowed his head. He did not wish to be rude, but he found he could not break eye contact. The red and yellow orbs seemed to warm up his body like an open flame. He couldn’t look away. 

“Are you alright, human?” His voice boomed suddenly, startling Tanjirou. His arms were still crossed over his chest, proudly looking on with the intensity of a thousand suns. “My intention wasn’t to harm you - only to spare you from the frigid snow!” 

Tanjirou took a couple shaky breaths. He didn’t seem to be lying… but one cannot be too careful with spirits.

“T-thank you!” Tanjirou sputtered out. “Your kindness likely saved my life, I would've frozen out there...” 

“That’s obvious!”

Such a forward thing, this beast. 

“But I’m not one to leave one on the brink of depth, even a human! It is not my way. I can tell there’s a fire in your heart, even if here’s a chill in your bones.” 

The fox spirit leaned forward from his sitting position, and began to slowly crawl to Tanjirou. 

“Now,” Tanjirou nervously flinching away did not go unnoticed, but the spirit did not falter. “Let me heal that wound I gave you.” 

He carefully pulled up the cloth of his guest’s pants and ran his large, callused hand over the bite mark he inflicted. Tanjirou winced at the pressure. Once it was covered, there was suddenly a radiance of heat. 

As Tanjirou watched, flickering his eyes between the spirit’s hand and his eyes, he racked his brain for everything he could remember from his father’s old tales of fox spirits. Some were nice and dutiful, bringing rice to the goddess Inari, others were notorious trickiesters. They were famous for illusions, making things that were not there. 

Tanjirou let out a soft noise at the pain, but didn’t dare move away or complain. Above all, he didn’t want to insult him.

It was like the man’s hand was on fire. Just as Tanjirou was thinking it was too much to bear, the hand was removed, leaving spotless unmarried skin behind. 

“I-it’s healed! Tanjirou gasped, bewildered. His fingers danced on his skin. It was no trick - it was really gone. No more pain, no holes…

Suddenly, the spirit wrapped his strong arms around Tanjirou. Tanjirou gasped in shock, but as those healing hands ran over his back and the heat came in, alleviating the pain, he relaxed into the embrace.

Perhaps this was not a maleficent yokai after all. 

And as soon as he was there, he was gone; Rengoku had returned to the other side of the den.

“It certainly is! I’ve trained my magic to be at its peak!” His face shined with determination. It felt like there was glitter in the air. 

Tanjirou flexed his back and shoulders, then bowed his head. “Thank you,” he gushed. “Thank you again, Kami!” 


Tanjirou looked up, and blinked questionably. 

“You may call me Kami if you’d like, but Rengoku is my family name.” 

Tanjirou knoded affirmably with the smallest hint of a smile on his face. This was truly amazing.

“Oh! Please, Rengoku,” Tanjirou’s face lit up as he frantically searched his pockets and sleeves. He grasped a hold of his wallet, pleased it hadn’t fallen out during the ruckus above ground. 

“I don’t have much on me, as I wasn’t going to town…” he opened his coin purse and started to take out its contents. “But please, take this! An offering for all your help!” He stuck out an arm passionately with zero intentions of being refused. 

Rengoku looked on, amused at his guest’s fisted hand in the air. He then threw his head back and let out a deep, boisterous laugh.

Tanjirou let out a determined puff of air at the condescending laughter, but did not lower his arm. Finally, after nearly a minute, Rengoku settled down. His smile still shone bright. 

“I am a fox, human! I have no need for human money!” 

“Oh, of course…” Tanjirou blushed. Of course he wouldn’t , he thought. How obvious. He began to lower his arm. “There must be something, though..? 

Rengoku cracked one eye open at the boy then closed it again. 

“A dutiful fox needs no reward! But perhaps I might ask for a favor later, if your offer will still stand.”

“Yes, of course. Please, just let me know.” 

Tanjirou racked his mind at what he could possibly help with, but he would be delighted to be able to pay back this debt. As terrifying as the experience had been between the blizzard and being dragged underground, he was now safe and sound. 

Well, as much as he could be. The cuts on his back still stung a little, but he wouldn’t dream of asking for those to be healed too. And as much kindness as he had been offered, this was still a spirit. Tanjirou’s guard remained up and his body still tense.

It was quiet for a moment. The heavy wind above echoed down the tunnel as a light hum. Rengoku clapped his hands together, making Tanjirou jump. It was then perfectfully quiet. Tanjirou glanced above him and saw a wooden latch now exiting from thin air, firmly in place to close the hole up.

Rengoku shifted again, getting into a more comfortable position. “So, human,” he began, “we might be here for a while until the snow dies down.” Could I offer you something to eat? Or some tea, perhaps?”

“My name is Kamado Tanjirou,” he offered the fox spirit. Tanjirou was indeed hungry, but still weary - something in his gut told him taking non-human food would be dangerous. He declined politely, insisting he would be alright for the time being. Hopefully, the blizzard would let up enough for him to travel home soon.

“So then, Kamado,” Rengoku began. “We should chat while we pass the time. There’s no need to sit so reserved in the corner.” He thought for a moment. “So what brought you out into this storm?” 

Tanjirou moved to get a little more comfortable on the floor. He was already starting to warm up a little.

“I was chopping wood when the storm came out of nowhere - there wasn’t even a cloud in the sky when I left home!” Tanjirou rubbed the back of his neck. “I would never have been so careless if I had known…” 

Rengoku softly hummed at his answer.

“That explains your axe!”

Tanjirou flushed, and bowed again. His forehead nearly cracked the ground from the force.

“I’m so sorry! I was just frightened - ”

Rengku’s heavy voice interrupted him. “I hold no ill-will!” the blonde stated loudly. “I respect your valiant effort. And no need to be so modest!”

Tanjirou lifted up to sit even more upright. He tucked his legs beneath him and kept his hands on his lap. He was excused from being modest, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have to be polite.

“And you, Rengoku?” 

“Hmm?” Rengoku stared at him.

“May I ask what brought you out into such weather?”

“Ah - I was on my way north to the Aokigahara forest beneath Mt. Fuji. My kind gather there in late winter to find a mate. Perhaps I won’t make it in time this year, though.” Rengoku answered. Tanjirou nodded, intrigued but a little nonplussed by such a blunt answer. “I am also meeting up with the rest of my family.”

Tanjirou smiled, fondly thinking of his own family, but his loving thoughts soon turned to worry. He hoped the ceiling was holding up with the amount of snow coming down, but he shook away his frets. There was nothing he could do right now.

“I’m sure it will be wonderful to see them then. Do you have a large family, Renogku?” Tanjirou asked.

“I have only a brother and father.” The fox spirit grinned widely, and Tanjioru could smell a sense of pride coming off of him. He smelled like a big brother, and that made Tanjirou smile. 

“In fact, this is my little brother’s first gathering since he grew his second tail! He’s growing up so quickly.” 

Tanjirou nodded along like he had any idea about fox tails. But Rengoku picked up on the boy’s subtle ignorance.

“Do you know much about foxes, Kamado?”

“Ah,” Tanjirou looked to the ground, feeling called out. “Only that they may appear human…” 

Rengoku smiled a foxy grin and winked. “And that you must keep your diligence up!” He finished for Tanjirou, who did not dare say what they were both thinking. “We are famously tricky, afterall.”

 Tanjioru let out an awkward laugh.

“But worry not, Kamado! I would say I don’t bite, but you know that wouldn’t be the truth, now would it!”

Rengoku threw his head back again to laugh. Tanjirou nervously gripped his pants and forced a chuckle. His belly rumbled, and Rengoku’s ears flexed forward at the sound. Tanjirou blushed. 

“Are you certain you want nothing to eat or drink?


Tanjirou vacillated between his options, hoping his hesitance wasn’t rude. He felt like this was the moral of a bedtime story his father had once told him once: do not take food from spirits. On the other hand, he was starving, and it seemed like the blizzard would go through the night. Rengoku also didn’t seem malicious; he had saved his life, after all. And while the human-shaped fox starred on with an unchanging smile, Tanjirou could begin to smell traces of impatience at his dely. He didn’t want to be rude to his hallowed host. 

“Some tea would be wonderful… I appreciate it,” Tanjirou finally said. Some tea would likely help him sleep and didn’t feel as intrusive (or dangerous) as eating Rengoku’s food.

Rengoku nodded his head and clapped his hands together. It was loud, like thunder. Materialized between them now were two cups and a teapot. Rengoku grabbed the teapot and let it sit in his hands.

“This is a special type of green tea. It’s farmed near a sacred fox hole near Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto.” 

The comforting smell of green tea reached Tanjirou’s nostrils. It seemed like Rengoku was heating up the teapot with just his hands.

“That’s amazing,” Tanjirou gushed. “Thank you for sharing such a treat with me!”

Rengoku simply smiled and placed the teapot down. He then gestured to Tanjirou to pour a drink for him.

Tanjirou nodded, understanding. Where were his manners! He carefully poured Rengoku a cup. When he was finished, Rengoku reached out, took the pot, and poured Tanjirou’s drink. When he had finished, Rengoku snapped his fingers, and a small blue vile appeared in his hands.

“Honey?” Rengoku offered. “I’m afraid I’m not not the tea maker of my family - it might help the taste.”

Tanjirou bowed his head and lifted his cup. Rengoku opened the small container and out slid the golden honey, slow and shiny. Tanjirou noted a different smell too - something that tingled his nose - but that was probably expected from what was probably sacred honey. 

“Thank you.” 

Both men took a drink.

“So where was I?” Rengoku pondered out-loud. “Ah, yes, I was asking what you knew about us fox spirits!” 




Tanjirou didn’t think Rengoku was malodorous by any means, but he did smell a little like an animal, which on his inential entrance into the fox hole wasn’t entirely to his liking. But he also smelled like the smoke of incense, which is where that spiritual scent came from. As the night went on, however, this scent was becoming a lot more pleasant and even stronger, if that was possible. As Rengoku went on about the different classifications of fox sprits (of which he hailed from the flame kin), it made his head a tad dizzy. 

Rengoku had stayed on his side of the den, but not even being a stone’s throw away, it made sense that his order would circulate so quickly around his hole. 

The fox spirit was on his side, head propped up by one hand. His robes had loosened around his chest, revealing the strong muscles beneath. As Tanjirou analyzed him, the level of detail was phenomenal - small eyebrow hairs out of place, an occasional freckle on his neck. Hands large and cracked like a man who worked his entire life. Perhaps the only thing that would really give him away would be his smell - and the tails and ears, of course, but that would’ve just been a waste of energy to hide since Tanjirou already knew what he was. 

But as Rengoku scratched and adjusted his manhood beneath his clothes, talking about fur colors now, Tanjirou was certain: Rengoku made an exceptional-looking human. 

Why was Tanjirou even looking there? Don’t worry about why he was looking. 

“So every hundred years, we grow another tail. After our second tail, we gain the ability to shapeshift. My brother has just begun learning - he’s been making great strides in just a short time - “ 

It was hard to listen. Along with his head starting to swirl, Tanjirou’s body started feeling warm - torrid, even. The ends of his fingers tingled. Desperate for some relief to the constriction he was feeling around his body, Tanjirou started rapidly pulling to loosen his scarf. 

“Hmm? Are you alright, Kamado, my boy?”

“I’m not really sure,” Tanjirou admitted. He could feel his heart rate increase. “I just suddenly got incredibly hot.” 

One of Rengoku’s tails flicked.

“Come, come,” Rengoku beckoned, patting the mossy floor next to him. He remained lounged out with his head propped up on his hand. “Let me see. I have good senses about these things.”

Tanjirou sat up to crawl next to him, but the tingling sensation had already made its way up towards his chest. His arms failed him, and Tanjirou fell flat on his stomach. 

“Oof!” Tanjirou took in a breath, spitting out small bits of dried grass that stuck to his lips. “I-I’m a little stiff…”

Rengoku crawled to Tanjirou instead.

“Let’s see.” Rengoku cupped Tanjirou’s flushed face and lightly pulled open his eyes, noting their dilation.

“In order for me to properly see, I’ll need you to remove a few items.” Tanjirou nodded weakly, so Rengoku continued. “Remove your top,” he ordered.

This was easier said than done given the weakness of his arms, but after a few small wiggles, Tanjirou had managed to flip himself over onto his back. As his hands finished tugging at his scarf, Rengoku pulled off the checkered haori and began to unfasten the robes beneath it. 

His large, hot hand trailed down Tanjirou’s open chest as Tanjirou breathed heavily. His hand came to a still over the human’s heartbeat. 

“Elevated heartbeat…”

His hand then spread out wider, taking Tanjirou's left nipple - clearly hard - into his fingers and giving it a pull. Tanjirou gasped, body jerking up involuntarily. 

“I see, I see…” Rengoku played a few moments longer with Tanjirou’s nipple, taking in the small dribbles around his mouth and the half-hooded gaze of his red eyes. His hand trailed further down, towards Tanjirou’s waist.

“W-wait - “

“Now, allow me to check one more thing, boy -” Rengoku’s fingers gripped his trousers, ignoring the boy, and before Tanjirou could even process it, his pants were to his knees. 

Tanjirou wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but peeking down his own sweaty body he got a good look at his erection in his undergarments. His fundoshi was tight, and very little was left to the imagination. His legs had gotten so tingly he hadn't even noticed the blood running to his - 

“Ah, now I am certain!” Rengoku passionately declared. “You’re in heat!”

“Humans don’t…” Tanjirou began to mutter out, but the words vanished, erased with a soft exhale as soon as Rengoku ran his strong hands down his chest again. 

“No wonder you’re so sweaty!” 

“I’m sorry -” Tanjirou began, flustered, mortified, scared, excited, aroused. 

“Nonsense, this is likely my fault. My pheromones are going wild you see, on account of the time of year - I would’ve never expected them to affect a human in such a way! You must have a great sense of smell for it to affect you so.”

Tanjirou didn’t get the chance to respond. Rengoku moved to cover the small human’s body with his own, and arms blocking in his head, forced him to look into aflamed, dilated eyes.

They were the eyes of a wild animal.

The fear from earlier came creeping back into Tanjirou. In this form, Rengoku was nearly twice his size. But this didn’t seem like the same kind spirit from before... 

The fox-spirit leaned down, flicking a tongue against a nipple this time, and Tanjirou mewed - the most pathetic sound he’d maybe ever made. Tanjirou’s hips bucked up again, and despite the lack of control that fueled his panic, his barely clothed erection making contact with Rengoku’s lower hips drove him crazy , shooting pleasure through his entire body. 

“What a feisty vexan you would’ve made in another life, Kamado.”

Rengoku sunk his hips down and grinded into Tanjirou. The poor boy raised his hips as much he could, becoming more and more desperate for touch. Logic began to fail him, and pure, animalistic instincts started to take over.

“Tell me, why don’t we entertain ourselves once more? Perhap this is how you can pay me back, since I won’t get to mate, afterall.”

Rengoku moved his head back up to Tanjirou’s face, slowly licking and biting the nook of the human’s sweaty neck. Tanjirou breathed in shakily. 

“I’ll let you off the hook for your debt if you let me play with you.” 

“P-please…!” Tanjirou’s near-limp hands found their way to Rengoku’s robes, letting the weight of his arms dishevel them. Rengoku waited to hear more. 

“Please, Kami, more .” 

Yes ,” Rengoku growled into his ear, nippling the lope and pulling it down. “Say that again.”

“K-kami,” Tanjirou breathed out. It was the last complete thought he could think before his mind slept out of reach, fully into the fox-spirit’s will. 

Rengoku swallowed Tanjirou’s mouth in a kiss, enjoying the soft westling of their tongues, savoring his taste. He palmed at Tanjirou’s fundoshi, feeling his dick.

“You’re so hard, Kamado. What an impact I’ve had on you.”

With a light flick of the fundoshi’s linen, Tanjirou’s cock sprung up from it’s restraints, coming into full contact with the man above with a soft slap. Rengoku took hold of it, stroking it up and down gently. He ran a finger over the tip, using the beginning of Tanjirou’s precum to further moisten the throbbing dick. 

“Mmmahh,” Tanjirou moaned out. It was such a wonderful sight, Rengoku decided. The human’s eyes foggy and wet from stimulation, his mouth open and ready for anything he would want to thrust inside it. Tanjirou could only lightly thrust in Rengoku’s hand, trying to keep some kind of rhythm going. With this, the pit of his stomach felt tighter, tighter, and tighter still until the flood gates opened. He came, semen shooting up to nearly his neck.

Tanjirou took labored breaths in his recovery.

“What a load, sweet thing,” Renkgoku whispered as he wiped a stray tear from Tanjirou’s face.

 “But you’re not off the hook yet.”

Tanjirou lets his numb body be rearranged like a limp doll inside the tiny little fox hole. He was placed on his stomach, ass pulled high into the air. 

There was the faint noise of Rengoku’s robe sliding off and hitting the soft ground, but all Tanjirou could focus on was the sight of the rocky wall in front of him and the ashy musk of the body above him. 

Rengoku’s finger lazily ran around the rim of Tanjirou’s anus. Once he finished admiring it, he fit two fingers in, wiggling them in as far in as he could. Tanjirou moaned beneath him as the sinsation turned into scissoring, stretching out his hole. Perhaps it wouldn’t have felt so pleasant in a straighter sense of mind, but the rubbing against his prostate had him lightly sobbing, begging Rengoku for more.

Another finger was pushed inside. 

Tanjirou’s cock had already begun hardening again, but just as he felt like he would burst one more time from this fox’s sweet, sweet hands, suddenly all stimulation vanished. Rengoku’s warm breath ran over Tanjirou’s ear. 

“I’m going to knot you up so good.”

Tanjirou lets out a heavy breath, trying to get the gears in his brain to start working again. “K-kn…?”

 He couldn’t even finish. Like there is no time to lose, Rengoku quickly thrust himself inside Tanjirou, pace fast, almost sloppy. The slapping of Rengoku’s testicles against Tanjirou’s ass made him whine, but it’s the fullness that made him fully lose his breath. 

In fact, Tanjirou started to feel fuller and fuller - like he was being stretched out from the inside - no, he was getting stretched out from the inside. 

“Just one knot… shouldn’t hurt... a human,” Rengoku grunted out to himself more than Tanjirou, whose face was shiny with sweat and tears. 

Rengoku’s abrasive thrusting at an end, he stayed bent over Tanjirou, huffing. 

Knot locked firmly and deep in place, Rengoku released his seed into his vixen, grunting and moaning into Tanjirou’s back. 

The fox-spirit fell on top of Tanjirou, and kissed and licked at any stray scratches that were not healed from before until his knot deflated and their bodies separated.

“I knew you’d breed good for me, Kamado.”

Rengoku then heaved Tanjirou over to his back and softly pet his mate’s cheek. Still so close, Rengoku then ran a hand delicately over Tanjirou’s belly. There’s a softer expression on his face, softer than when he ravished him earlier. 

“Perhaps next time I’ll give you a womb,” he mumbled to himself. “Then I can properly breed you.”

His words fell on deaf ears as Tanjirou slipped into a heavy slumber.

Rengoku moved to mount the boy again.




When Tanjirou awoke the next morning, it was from the chill on his body. As his eyes gently parted, it wasn’t the dim-lit fox den that surrounded him, but a snowless open field. His memory was a little hazy but -

Tanjirou sat up suddenly and patted his body. He was fully clothed, his father’s old scarf snuggly folded around his neck. He moved his hands to the ground around him, looking for any sign of a hole just to confirm what happened wasn’t a dream. 

There was nothing but cold dirt around him, though.

In confusion, he rose up, only to clench his waist at the striking pain that passed through him.

His rump hurt like hell. 

It wasn’t a dream.

A little ways off in the distance, Tanjirou could see the path home; he hadn’t been so far off originally afterall. In the air he can smell his siblings, and a couple minutes into the forest, he heard voices yelling his name.

“Hello..?” Tanjirou called out. 

From the bushes, Nezuko and Hana popped out. 

“Tanjirou! Brother!” his sisters called out sycomoniously. They rushed to his side, nearly toppling him over in an embrace. 

“Where have you been , Tanjirou?” Hana cried into his waist. 

“We were so worried!” Nezuko said. Soft tears started forming in her eyes.

“I-I’m alright! I’m so sorry I made you all worry. I got caught up in the snow storm… and then there was this fox...”

Nezuko’s gentle features morphed in confusion and worry. She placed a hand on her elder brother’s forehead, checking for heat.

 “Tanjirou, are you sure you’re alright? There... was no snow storm last night.”

“W-wha…” Tanjirou was at a loss for words. He patted his body, and began to crouch to his leg to look for his wound for any kind of evidence of his story, but his skin was crystal clear, even from the smaller scratches.

“Hana,” Nezuko began, lightly tapping her sister’s shoulder, “You’re fast - please go tell the others to stop searching.” 

Hana gave her sister a confident head nod and sprinted off down the path, yelling for her brothers and mother.

“Let’s get you back home, Tanjirou,” his sister pulled him along. She handled him like glass. “You’re worrying me. I’ll heat up some soup…” 

As their home came into view, Tanjirou heard the cheers of his family coming to greet him. They swarmed him with questions, but his mind felt blank in a state of confusion. 

Tanjirou spared one last glance to the forest as the door swung shut behind him. He shivered.  

He could’ve sworn he saw two flame colored eyes leering from a distance.