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The chronicles of 42

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“When can we use 42 again?” Perry, a dachshund, asked, sprawled across the couch, her long torso taking up most of the couch but leaving enough room for her friends, Kate and Noah, to sit. “Well, we don’t know.” Kate, a collie, replied, looking up from her book to look at her friend. Just as she said that, a blinding light surrounded them and they were gone when the light died. When she came to, Lydia, a short hair cat, noticed that they were not in their home but rather, an alleyway. “Great what dimension are we in this time.” Lydia grumbled. “What do you mean ‘what dimension are you in?’” A voice asked. Lydia whipped her head around to see for ducklings, one wearing a red hat and shirt, one wearing a blue shirt, one wearing a green hoodie, and one wearing a lilac shirt under a blue vest and a purple skirt. “Who activated 42?” Lenny asked, irritation in his tone. “I did.” Nina sheepishly said, slightly raising her paw.