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Majo Taisen: Witch Hunter

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Chapter 1: Walpurgisnacht “John….John,” Abigail whispered as she lay on her death bed. She missed him so very much, he made her a real woman, Abigail loved John with every fiber of her being, and he loved her back, and that love was true. They could have had started a family, she could have lived happily ever after, but then the witches stole him away from her, with their lustful, demonic charms. And so John left Abigail, and yet Abigail refused to give up, pushing herself to the limits, to hunt the witches down one by one, and yet when she was so very close to defeating the evil seductress, Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail had defeated her, and yet Elizabeth’s charms had instead used John as a scapegoat, and instead John was hanged, and Elizabeth was free, and for that Abigail would not forgive her. Abigail then spent the rest of her life studying the teachings of gods, and hunting down every witch she came across, every seductress of the beast himself would find a cold silver knife across her throat, for Abigail was the best of the best. And yet she still held that one regret. “I am so sorry, John, it was supposed to be her instead, I wish I could have killed her, I wish to kill them all, but at least we will be reunited, my John.” Abigail sighed Somberly knowing her time had come. But it has not, not just yet at least. As the entire room suddenly froze, and Abigail waited and waited for her end. “It is so nice to meet you,” two voices echoed before two strange girls appeared. “Hi, I am Lilim,” the girl with short hair exclaimed. “And, I am Lilith,” the girl with long hair followed. “And we are demons,” they both announced. “Wha...What...demons God my lord and savior protect me from these hellspawn,” Abigail shouted as she scrambled away from the two. “Hmmph…. How rude, we do not wish you any harm, Abigail,” Lilim stated as she opened and read from a book. “How….How do you know my name,” Abigail interrogated. “ Abigail Williams,” Lilim read as she ignored Abigail’s question. “The child responsible for the fall of Salem, and the prosecutions from the Salem Trials, is a hundred people were asked, a hundred people would know you,” Lilith continued. “We want to ask you,” the pair said in unison as they closed their book. “What is your desire,” they both questioned. Abigail was shocked by the sudden question. Her desire, what did they mean, what was her desire, her wish, was its wealth, power, youth, no it was something much more sinister than all those things. “I desire an end to all witches,” Abigail stated “Well lucky for you, Miss Williams, you have been chosen,” the pair stated. “Chosen for what,” Abigail inquired. “ fight for your desire, of course,” the pair happily answered. “Fight...what do you mean by fighting for your desire,” Abigail was still confused. “All will be revealed in due time, but for now would you wish for a chance to have your wish,” the pair interrogated. “All right then, let us go,” Abigail cheerily exclaimed. “That’s the spirit, let us make a contact, open the door,” Lilim and Lilith stated as they opened their book again, “No words or signatures required, wishes from your heart will suffice.” Abigail felt a rush of power through her, as she stood up and looked into a glowing space that used to be the corner of her room. “Contract completed, welcome final chosen witch,” Lilim and Lilith greeted. Abigail found herself in an entirely new room, with a wide area, a checkered floor, and tables and chairs everywhere where hooded people were seated upon, obscuring their faces. Just as Abigail was getting her bearings and investigating her surroundings, she heard a powerful voice. “Welcome witches, I am Agrat Bat Mahlat, Queen of the demons,” Agrat proclaimed as she sat on a floating throne high above everyone else, “I am glad, all 32 of you witches have accepted my invitation.” “What...32, 32 witches,” Abigail was panicking she was surrounded by 32 hedonistic witches, she would not last for long, she only had experience killing off 2 witches at most at a time. “Let me ask, What do you desire, Immortality, Wealth, Sex, Bringing back the deceased, changing fate, world peace,” Agrat proposed, “Any desire will do, we will make it come true, only a single desire though.” A murmur broke out among the hooded people in the crowd, seated on their table, jittering with excitement. Abigail was thrilled to have a chance, no matter how small to wipe those witches of the face of the Earth, so she could avenge John, she would win no matter what. “Those who have performed great deeds in their lifetime, are special humans, and all special humans have unusual desires, and desire at its core is the source a witch’s power,” Agrat put forth, “Desire creates witches, and becomes their power, what I wish for is for the desires of others to consume and expose one another, devouring each other and growing even larger, witches slaughter each other, the one survivor will be granted a wish, this fight is to satisfy my greed, now let the Thousand Night Bloodbath Walpurgisnacht Begin!” The moment after the speech was defined by a deafening silence, before it was promptly pierced by an uproar of excitement from the witches, grateful for the opportunity, with bloodlust defining the atmosphere. Abigail reached into her pocket, touching a silver knife, ready to slash the throat of the nearest witch. “Allow us to explain,” Lilim and Lilith interrupted, “ Walpurgis is a series of one on one death matches between a pair of witches, only one witch may survive and proceed on into the tournament, this is simply to root out the strongest desire, in a Sudden Elimination Death Match Tournament, and as the strongest witch wins the tournament the queen herself, Lady Agrat shall grant any desire with her power, however, there is a risk, normally your souls would be placed into the reincarnation cycle to be reborn, however, the losers of the tournament will have their souls removed from the cycle to disappear, in other words, the defeated shall undergo permanent death, now then that is all and we ask that you merrily kill each other.” “.I am sorry, but may I please ask something,” a stray voice in the crowd of women spoke. “Huh, What is the meaning of this, we don’t take questions, comments, or advice,” the pair yelled. “It is just that I did listen attentively it is just that, I would like to speak for the majority of women here when I state if it is an option to decline the offer,” a young woman inquired as she took off her hood. It was none other than Alice Liddell the “Wonder” Witch, as she twiddled her thumbs and stared at the floor. “I beg your pardon,” the two demons exclaimed. “It is just that most of us here, have never had any experience fighting, not to mention killing, and yet we are told that we must participate in a gladiatorial fight to win, it just seems so unfair,” Alice pouted as she avoided the gazes of everyone around her glancing only at Agrat, “I suppose most demons, don’t have to worry about such a human matter.” “How dare you, you disrespectful brat, how disrespectful, if you want a demonstration of magic, we will show you, for disrespecting the queen, Mare Sha,” the pair chanted as they summoned a giant demon like lion that crashed into the floor splintering it with a pair of broken ram horns, a snake tail, and a ferocious smile ready to tear anyone apart. Alice was shocked but standing still in curiosity staring at the thing with big eyes, as the crowd and Abigail looked on in horror, this was their first time seeing a demon of this caliber, and they were powerless against it. “Learn your lesson, human, never disrespect Lady Agrat,” the two demons scolded as they directed the demon straight towards a still Alice. “Hmph… standing in front of a demon in wonder and curiosity instead of fear, just as expected, Alice Liddell,” Agrat observed, “A witch’s empower easily surpasses that of a demon’s, then use your power.” “Huh…, this symbol,” Alice thought as she felt a symbol of a diamond suit on her cheek, “I see, so this is what it is, my desire.” “I desire to wonder,” Alice exclaimed as she tapped her cheek with her right index finger while staring down the gaping jaws of the demon beast, “So you will become no more than a docile kitten to me.” The lion became trapped in a bug like jar, before being surrounded with fantastical colored mushrooms, that proceeded to shower the demon in spores, after a split second the jar disappeared, and the spore cloud dispersed outwards, leaving a red tabby like cat, with a huge grin that disappeared and reappeared near Alice, purring near her leg as it suddenly disappeared. The other witches were shocked and confused, what kind of nonsensical, law-defying event just occurred before them. Alice giggled a bit to herself before laughing in a fit, every witch in that room was now imbued with the ability to slaughter hundreds of men, with a thought, no hesitation remained everyone would kill for their desire, especially Abigail. “Oh….hello there, ma’am,” Alice said as she saw Abigail immediately taking interest in a girl her age, in this place, “May I ask for your name?” “Ummm...Abigail, Abigail Williams,” Abigail answered still in shock over what just happened. “I beg your pardon, the same girl, who caused the Salem Witch Trials,” Alice inquired. “Unless there are any other Abigail Williams in Salem,” Abigail dryly answered. “Hahaha, I like you, let us be friends,” Alice started dancing around like a hyper child. “What, but we have barely met,” Abigail argued. “Who cares, to wonder is to take chances and risk everything for something new and exciting, so what do you say, Abby, would you like to be my friend,” Alice asked. “I guess so,” Abigail barely got the answer out of her mouth, before she was embraced by Alice. “Yay, we are going to be the best of friends,” Alice shouted, “What is your desire?” “Ummm...I wish to be with my lover,” Abigail lied. “Now, now let us not be so hasty with our friendships, you must see each other die, or even have to kill each other, now if you may kindly look above you,” the pair of demons informed. “Above us,” Abby questioned before she was shocked to see a tournament bracket, filled with 32 names including hers. “Now then witches, for the sake of your desires, you must kill each other,” Agrat demanded. Lilim and Lilith appeared on Agrat’s floating throne, extremely concerned. “Lady Agrat, that Williams woman, she worries me, she has such a radical desire, why was she brought here,” the two asked. “It will be exhilarating to see that little girl face off against the more righteous of her kind,” Agrat answered.