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Beacon Pines Drabble Collection

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"Morning Luka."
"Morning Rolo," Luka replied, before shaking his head a little, "Why are you wearing all those pins?"
"It's Pride Day! I wanted to support all the flags!" Rolo spun around a little as if to show off the sheer number of pins that had been added to his overalls.
Luka tilted his head a little, "You do know most people just wear the flag that represents them?"
Rolo seemed to deflate at that, "Oh. But what if I don't have one? Can I just be all of them?"
Luka couldn't help but laugh, "I think some of the flags contradict each other but there certainly isn't anyone stopping you from trying."
"Alright!" Rolo bounced, "Now I just gotta figure out what they all mean."