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Beacon Pines Drabble Collection

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"Mom!" Beck yelled down the hallway.
"Yes?" two voices yelled back, both giggling when they heard the other.
"Which one of us did you need?" Nelly asked from the couch where she'd been reading.
"Either one of you guys. I wanted to know if I could go out."
"Out where?" Ilona asked, leaning against the wall.
"Oh! Did you make some friends yesterday?" Nelly asked, now against the wall as well.
"I, uh, guess I did," Beck said, looking down at the wooden flooring.
Unbeknownst to her, her mom's shared a look. They'd been so worried about Beck during the move. It was hard enough to move, even harder to move somewhere they didn't know anyone. Beck wasn't the most social of people, and yet here she was, only a day in and she'd already made a friend.
"Just make sure you're home in time for dinner," Ilona told her, "It's my turn to cook. It'll be an adventure!"
"It would be less of an adventure if you looked at the end result before you started the recipe," Nelly sighed.
"It's no fun like that," Ilona teased.
Beck smiled, tying her shoes as her moms lovingly bickered. It was a new place, but it felt much the same as their old home. Books littered around everywhere along with crafts Beck had made when she was younger. And now she had made a friend. Maybe things wouldn't be as bad as she had originally thought.