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Tales of Fantasia

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The world of Fantasia was wide and expansive. There were many countries and nations, most of them harboring creatures that existed only in myth. There were elves, halflings, dwarves, dark elves, gods and goddesses, and even demons.

There was the Lindegard Empire and its western neighbors of Elfinrine and Keltula. To the east of Keltula was Eostia, which was west of Serenus. There are also other countries within this world of pure fantasy.

And you were born a dragon. A species thought to be the apex predators before they began to fall into extinction due to their primal instincts turning them against one another. In order to preserve their sanity, they had to seal a majority of their power through stones.

You, being the last surviving dragon, wander about, helping people and trying to live your life to the fullest, doing what's right.

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You are a dragon, one of the most powerful creatures to roam the world. Your kind were once the apex predators of the world, known for possessing longevity, hard scales, magic, great physical strength, and known to breed in two separate ways with one being through sexual reproduction and the other being asexual reproduction.

Your kind held dominion over the world before their primitive instincts rose up and drove them to attack each other. They nearly drove themselves to extinction until it was decided to that they had to seal away their powers in order to survive. They adopted a more humanoid form in order to survive. Though this was done when they were so few in number.

Over time, your kind began to live with species your kind previously considered to be primitive. They watched as civilization was built and would occasionally blend in their society, hoping to start a new life.

And it was at that point, you, a dragon with human blood, was born.

Ever since then, you had been unaware of your dragon heritage until you had gone berserk once and slaughtered a band of orcs. Your mother had to calm you down using a stone that allowed you to control your powers and ensure that you wouldn't lose your humanity if you turned into a dragon.

In order to accommodate your body so your clothes don't get destroyed, a special regalia was constructed.

You left home, hoping to find a place you can settle down in while doing the right thing for the people in this world.


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You became quite a war hero when you had killed Cecil in combat. Keltula, having lost one of its brightest and facing a possible stalemate, was forced to the negotiating table in which Keltula, Lindegard, and Elfinrine signed a peace treaty, unifying the three countries in peace. You kept thinking about Olivia Lindegard, the woman that you began to harbor feelings for.

If not for your efforts she would have been forced into a terrible fate. Thankfully, your words and surprising tactical prowess gave her the chance to turn things around. The decisive battle on the beach left Keltula practically defenseless thanks to some persuasion on your part to convince Elfinrine to aid Lindegard and turn against Keltula. With one final blow, Cecil was put down and you basically ended a war.

You could not help but admire her courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Of course, she made sure your efforts did not go unnoticed. She named you her Knight and she spread word of your achievements.

But there were times where her body leaves you flustered. Yes, she had trained herself to become the best Knight in all of the land and she had the perfect proportions. Her breasts were D cups if not DD cups. She had a nicely slender waist. Little to no fat on her butt.

And seeing her naked when she accidentally walked in on you, she had you hooked.

She asked you to come to her royal bed chamber. You went to her bed chamber to see her smiling at you.

"You know, I've been thinking about a lot of things, (Y/N), mostly, about you and the future." Olivia said.

"Y-You have?" You asked, scratching your head a little.


She advanced toward you. She got really close to where she held your face. Despite being an adult, you were smaller than her.

And being smaller than a woman is some times unintentionally rewarding.

Of course, you tilted your head up to face her. Your cheeks were blushing. You were always shy when it came to girls, especially when they start to show interest in you. You could still remember how often the hot girls in your high school would tease you.

You were also a virgin.

You've never had sex before.

You felt desire rising in your chest. You felt something straining against your pants and your armor. It began to poke at something.

"Y-You're highness," You let out with a shaky voice. "My body feels strange."

"Y-Yes... and I think you're poking me..."


You looked down to see that a bulge was poking at her pubic mound. You looked just as embarrassed as she did.

"Why is my body like this?" You asked like a prepubescent boy that you were acting like despite being in your late teens.

"Allow me to show you." Olivia said.

She led you to the bed and got you to sit down on it. You watched as she touched the bulge in your pants and put a hand through the fly in your pants. She pulled out what looked like—!

"M-My penis! H-How—?!"

"Gods..." Olivia said. "This is... quite the sword you have there."


You two had an awkward moment to yourselves.

"You know, I was told about sex since I was young." Olivia said. "I guess we're doing it, aren't we?"


She stroked your cock gently, unsure what to do. You grunted as she did so.

"Does this make you feel weird?"

"Y-Yeah... but it doesn't hurt too much..."

"Don't worry, I'll try to make you feel better..." Olivia said.

She could feel herself getting wet.

'Gods... was this the same for mother when I was conceived?' Olivia thought.

You both notice some kind of viscous fluid coming from the head of your cock.

"So that's what smegma is..." Olivia said before she cringed. "It looks so gross..."

She scooped it off the tip.


She stuck her finger in her mouth. She pulled it out in surprise.

"It tastes sweet?" She said to herself.

She licked the head, hoping to lick some more off. You let out a moan as you felt her tongue licking your sensitive thing.

"What is it now?" She asked as she licked it.

"Y-Your tongue feels warm and strange around it..." You said. "It feels so strange... and it doesn't hurt a lot..."


She kissed the tip, you him gasp. She pushed her head forward. As she did, you felt something warm enveloping you. Soon enough, it slipped inside her mouth with her lips pressing against the shaft. You moaned loudly as you spasmed for a bit. You threw your head back with a cry.

"I-It feels warm! My head is feeling hot!" You cry out.

You looked down to see Olivia trying to fit it inside her mouth. She gagged as it was approaching what you think might be her throat. She stopped at the entrance of her throat, not wanting to chock on your cock.

"Olivia... it feels so warm in your mouth..."

She pulled it out, and coughed a bit, before breathing air into her lungs.

"It did?" Olivia asked. "Then I wonder..."

She puts it back in her mouth and you groaned. She began to move her head slowly back and forth just to where your head was at her lips. She pressed your cock with her lips, applying suction on it like she were an octopus.

"G-Gods!" You gasped. "Your highness!"

She looked at you with her eyes as she kept servicing you with her mouth.

'Gods... her mouth feels so warm... is this what a princess is like?' You thought.

'I can't believe I'm doing something a whore in a brothel would do... so vulgar...' She thought. 'And my body is enjoying this? Don't tell me my mother did all these things the night I was conceived...'

You ran through her drilled shape green hair and held the back of her head.

"K-Keep going, I... I'm ok with this..." You told her.

She kept moving her head in a steady pace with a faint smile, taking your words as a compliment.

The heat in your chest was building up and you felt something building up in your balls.

"P-Princess..." You moaned. "P-Princess..."

Just then, something snapped in you and you thrusted your cock. Your cock found itself being pushed into Olivia's throat. She looked surprised and looked at you.

"P-Princess... I... I'm sorry... but..."

You grabbed her head and began to fuck her face, making her take your cock down her throat with each thrust, gagging as you kept going. You began to speed up as your cock began to feel strange around her throat. Your moans could be heard from across the room. You looked down at Olivia and pulled your cock out, allowing her to breathe. She coughed. She shot a glare.

"Gods! What happened?! Did I—?!"

"I'm sorry, it was feeling so good I—!"

"Did my mouth feel so good that you had to ram that thing of yours down my throat?" Olivia asked.

There was a pause.

"Yes..." You said.

She took off her chest plate immediately and pulled up her shirt, revealing and unbinding her large breasts. You looked flustered as you saw that her nipples were hard.

"Then perhaps my breasts will make it so you won't have to force you thing down my throat!" Olivia said.


"Be silent!" Olivia said, "Now do as your Princess commands and stay where you are! I shall tame that beast of yours!"


She pressed her mounds against your cock, enveloping you in the warmth of her chest. She began to move her upper body up and down, moving her breasts in the process. You couldn't help but moan as she did this. She was moaning too as your cock was rubbing against her chest.

"Such a beast this is..." Olivia said as your cock went in and out of her cleavage, "Gods, how can a woman love something like this?!"

"P-Princess, you're being rough... something's happening... it feels so strange!" You said.

"G-Good! I'll be just as rough as I want to be since you had no reservations about shoving this down my throat!" Olivia said as she moved faster, "And to make sure that you're properly punished..."

She engulfed the tip with her lips, making you feel dizzy and hot. You couldn't stop moaning loudly as she kept this up. You felt your cock twitching as though something was happening inside it. The knots began to grow bigger as you moaned even louder.

"P-Princess—! I—! I—!" You tried to say something in between moans before you felt something bursting inside of you, throwing your entire nervous system into a cascade of pure pleasure that melted your mind.

Your tossed your head back and cried out loudly. You felt something warm shooting out of your cock. The Princess looked surprised as she felt the warm fluid being shot into her mouth. Her cheeks began to puff up as some began to spill out. She swallowed the first load as another load filled her mouth. She swallowed that one and the next one before pulling her head off your cock. A white fluid erupted from your cock and coated her face and her breasts.

You let out a gasp as more of it shot out in ropes. Some of it got in her hair. She put her mouth on it, taking it into her mouth. She coaxed the last drop out of you before you had finally come down from it. She took her mouth off it and swallowed one last time.

"So that's what semen is... Gods..." Olivia said.

Your cock was still hard. She wiped your cum off and licked it off her hands. She pulled her shirt down, covering her breasts and putting her chest plate back on. You had never felt anything like that in your life.

"Princess... I..."

"Move." Olivia said.

She stood up and pulled her dress up so you could see her panties.

And they were soaking wet.

"My body... it longs for you..." Olivia said.

You lied down on the bed as she moved her panties off to the side, her vagina dripping wet.

"So that's a girl's..."

"Yes..." Olivia said, "I wish to be on the bed with you on top of me."

You got off as she got in the bed, laying on her back. You got on top of her and positioned your cock against her slit.


"Just call me Olivia, (Y/N)." She said. "Now then... take your sword and put it in my sheathe."

You stuck it inside her and you two connected with each other, making you cry out to each other. You look at her vagina and saw blood coming out in a ring. You felt her insides grip you like a warm vice, enveloping you in her volcanic heat. Never before was this a feeling you experienced before. She looked to you with tears in her eyes.

"Olivia... I... I'm sorry!"

You felt her legs lock you in, pushing you further inside, making her grunt in pain.

"Do not pull out of me! Stay inside me till the very end!" She ordered. "I care not for the risks! If pain be the price for happiness, then so be it!"

She looked smiled.

"I'm so glad it's with you, (Y/N)." Olivia said. "Ever since we met on that day, I've always wanted to express my feelings to you."

"Olivia..." You said in amazement.

She had feelings for you. She wanted to express them to you. You felt the same way for her. She was the first woman you laid eyes on and she was beautiful.

"It's ok for you to move, so please... move..." Olivia said.


You began to move your hips back and forth. She moaned as you moved in and out of her. You could feel her insides gripping you tightly as you stretch her out. You pressed your hands onto the bed, flanking her head, supporting yourself as you rutted her.

"Oh Gods! I never thought it could be like this..." Olivia said. "Oh (Y/N)! I'm so glad that we met!"

"Me too!" You said. "You feel so tight! It feels so good!"

You took the opportunity to start taking off her armor. You took her chest plate and pulled down on her front, exposing her perfect breasts. You took the rest of her armor off, leaving her in nothing but her clothes. You watched as her boobs jiggled with each thrust.

"I want more from you... so please..."


You began to go faster, making Olivia moaned louder. You fell into her breasts and grabbed them. You squeezed them as you looked up at Olivia who was moaning even more.

"Your boobs feel so soft..." You said before a groan came out of you. "Wait..."

You got up and pushed yourself deeper inside of her. Your hands turned into dragon shaped mouths that clamped around her breasts. She moaned as your hand mouths sucked on off her breasts.

"There! This way..."

"Ah! (Y/N)! Your dragon mouths are sucking on them tightly!" Olivia said.

"And you're getting tighter around me..." You said as you ravaged her.

You two kissed one another. She held you in her arms as you continued moving inside of her. You could feel your cock touching the entrance of her womb. You broke the kiss and looked at her.

"Olivia... can you feel me touching your womb?" You asked.

"Yes... I can feel your cock touching it..." Olivia said. "I want to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"I... I want a baby." Olivia said. "I want you to put a baby inside me. Make me pregnant. Impregnate me with your dragon seed..."

"O-Olivia..." You said.

She wanted you to get her pregnant. But...


"Because even if you're gone, I want to have some thing to remind me of you whenever you're somewhere else." Olivia said. "And if it's your child, then I'll happily have it..."

"Olivia... I..."

You began to thrust wildly, making her moan a lot more.

"I'll do it! I'll make you pregnant! Anything for you, Olivia!" You said.


You kept rutting her on the bed as you felt your end coming closer. You could tell she was getting close too. You cried her name as you feel like you're about to cum. She cries out to you just as she was getting close as well.

You and Olivia cried out in ecstasy as you both came. Her pussy gripped you tightly as you made three strong thrusts before your seed erupted and began filling her womb. Her hands were on her belly as you were cumming inside her.

"I can feel your cum inside me... It feels so warm... it's making me melt..."


You collapsed on top of her, your head resting below her neck. She held your head before giving you a peck on the head.

"Thank you, (Y/N). I really hope I become pregnant with your child..." Olivia said.

"Me too... Olivia..."

You and Olivia basked in the afterglow before you two tired out and fell to sleep.

The very next day...

"P-Please... Please give us your seed!" Clarice said to you as she entered your room.

"H-Huh?!" You exclaimed.

"A-As my husband is dead, we never got the chance to have a child and well... the Princess did say that if we happily bear your children, we'd not only have the privilege to—"

She looked incredibly flustered.


"H-Hell no! This is—!"

"Then in that case, I may as well be on top of you!" Clarice said. "Off with your clothes!"

"H-Hey! Cut it out! Stop it!"

You looked to see Olivia looking embarrassed.

"O-Olivia! What is the meaning of this?!"

"W-Well... consider this uh... as helping us recover from the war... I mean... who in their right mind wouldn't jump at the chance of carrying the child of a war hero?"


"I'm sorry, (Y/N). I hope you can forgive me for what I've done..." Olivia said.

Chapter Text

You and Alicia had a lot to work ahead of you after driving the Black Dogs back from Feoh. You had just uncovered a conspiracy, outed a traitor to the Alliance, and you defeated an entire army of mercenaries and demons and saving as many lives as you could in the process.

She looked from up high on the wall as you were directing rebuilding efforts. You looked up to her. You could still remember how well she was in battle.

A skilled knight and a natural born commander. It's no wonder she was known as a Princess Knight. She was elegant in battle and is a compassionate leader.

You decided to go up to her. You sprouted your wings and flew up to her. You landed on the top of the wall.

"The rebuilding efforts are going as well as we'd hope." You told her.

"Yes... I can see that." Alicia said. "I haven't had the chance to thank you in full for... everything you've done to save my people... Prim... I think you deserve more than just a mere mention in my letter."

"Huh? Really?" You asked.

"Need I repeat myself?" Alicia asked.

"N-No." You hastily said.

"Good. Come to my bedroom at once." Alicia said. "We have lots of... private matters to discuss."

She turned and left. You followed her as you were ordered to. You wonder what she wanted to talk to you about. Was it about Prim? Was it about you? You couldn't help but wonder what is on her mind. You kept following her until you stopped at her estate. She turned to face you.

"What are you waiting for?" She asked you.


You followed her into her estate and she leads you up the stairs and down a few halls before stopping at a door.

"This is my room. It's beyond this door."

"I see..." You said. "So—"

Before she even let you finish, she dragged you inside the room and swiftly closed the door. You looked at Alicia with confusion towards her actions. She had a slight blush on her cheeks.

"You're wondering why I did all of that just now." Alicia said. "And the answer is that I... I have a confession to make."

A confession?! What confession?! No! She can't mean you obviously! You may be a dragon, but now you're just a commoner! How could she ever possibly—!

"I'm... sorry for how I mistreated you earlier." Alicia said.

Oh... never mind, I guess she was hung over about how you were escorting a dark elf queen and her servant to a place where the two would have some refuge.

"I should have believed you the first time you said that Vult had betrayed us." Alicia said. "When I received a letter demanding my surrender, I... I didn't immediately come to you, especially when they attacked us."

You looked a bit saddened when she brought that up with a regretful look in her eyes.

"Despite all of that, you came to my people's aid when I could do only what I could do..." Alicia said. "You... you saved those poor nuns when I could not. You made the enemy scatter, and crushed their forces with the help of Queen Discordia and her half-elf knight."


"Please... call me Alicia." She said to you. "I... I wish I had listened to you earlier. I almost let Prim fall into their disgusting hands and... and you protected her."

She gripped her arms beneath her bust. She closed her eyes and looked away.

"I feel so ashamed of myself..."

"Alicia..." You said to her softly.

You held her chin and wiped a tear off her face and turned her face so she is looking into your eyes.

"I wish to give you a bigger reward." Alicia said. "Namely... my virginity."

You paused for all of ten seconds trying to process what she just said.

Oh god, she wants you to be the first man to make her into a woman.

And she wasn't lying from that look in her eyes.

"I want you to give me the pleasure that only a woman would want from you." Alicia said. "Please... it's all I ask."

"A-Alicia... I... I'm not sure if I deserve THAT kind of reward."

"And I believe you've well earned it." Alicia said.

She kissed you with her lips upon yours. You felt her tongue upon yours. You could smell her aroma from her hair. The perfume went into your nostrils as you wrapped your hands around her lower back. You gripped her lower back greatly. You broke the kiss with her.

"You lie on the bed, you've worked hard today." Alicia said as her cheeks looked red.

You did as she asked and she later joined you. She looked into your eyes as she looked at you with desire and longing. She began fumble into your pants. She saw you erection standing tall, making her face adopt a thicker shade of red.

"Oh my... I never expected a man's penis to be like this..." Alicia said. "Do you find my appearance to be um... arousing in your eyes?"

"Y-Yes... princess..." You said.

"Um... good... that's good." She said.

She began to touch it with her hands and began to stroke it gently. It made you moan and she looked at you with concern.

"W-What's wrong? Does it hurt?" She asked out of concern.

"N-No... you can keep going—ha—if you want..."

She continued to stroke your cock, making you moan even more. You noticed that she had been staring at your cock for half a minute as she jerked you off. Your precum was seeping from the head.

She looked curious at first, but then decided to lick it out of curiosity, making you shiver and moan. She looked shocked upon licking it up and tasting it.

"By the Goddess... what is with this taste?" She asked out loud. "Does that always taste sweet despite looking so slimy and... gross?"

"A-Actually, I was eating a sweet fruit... that probably has something to do with it..." you spoke.

"R-Really?" Alicia asked. "Then..."

She pressed her lips against it. He instinctively grabbed her head and forced it down onto his cock. Her mouth and its warmth engulfed him. He moaned as he arched. He laid down on the bed as she licked the shaft and pressed her lips against it. She pulled herself off your cock.

"By the Goddess, I never knew something like this could fit into a person's mouth..." Alicia said.

"Be careful with your teeth... I don't want you to bite it off..." You tell her.

"That would be terrible, wouldn't it?"

"Y-Yes... very terrible..."

"Oh... okay..."

She began to blow you, bobbing her head back and forth and licking every inch of your cock and pressing her lips tightly. You moaned as she blows you. You never thought that Alicia would be this good despite this being her first time. This was her first time, and yet she is a natural at it. You pondered how she could be good at giving a blowjob when she doesn't know a thing about oral sex or any kind of sex for that matter.

You felt your cock twitching as a heat began build up in your balls. You felt them churning and your breath became hasty.

"Oh god... oh god... ALICIA!" You cry out in response to your orgasm.

You blew your load right into her mouth. Her cheeks began to swell up with your seed as you pumped it into her. She pulled her mouth of your cock and you jerked yourself off, spraying the rest of your seed on her face. Your breath became rapid and hard as you were still cumming. Your breath became harder and less rapid as your orgasm began to die out.

You saw Alicia swallow the cum in her mouth and began wiping the load on her face off.

"By the goddess, what was that? Is this semen?" Alicia asked. "Was there a reason you—"

"F-Forgive me your highness, it felt so good that I couldn't hold out anymore and—"

She licked all of your cum off her hands. She noticed you were still hard.

"By the Goddess..." Alicia said. "Your body is begging for more..."

"Yes... it does..."

"Then... in that case..."

She climbed on top of you and moved her waist skirt and the loin cloth all together to expose her panties, which were soiled.

She moved her panties to expose her wet pussy that was dripping with her juices.

"Alright now... I'm going to do it..." Alicia said. "I wanted to wait until I am married, but as gratitude for saving my people and Prim from certain doom, I will gladly sacrifice my maidenhood to taste the true form of the forbidden fruit that is pleasure."

She aligned herself with your cock and guided it to her pussy.

"Princess... one more thing..." You said. "Why me of all people?"


"Why give your virginity to me?" You asked. "What made you think I should be the one to be the first man you make love to?"

She contemplated the answer before looking into your eyes.

"I love you." Alicia said. "From the very second I saw your compassion, I knew that without a shred of doubt in my mind, you were the first man to make my heart race. I tried to ignore that feeling, but now I can no longer contain them, so..."

"Princess..." You said.

"Now then my love, let us derive pleasure off of ourselves and feel love for one another in this very moment." She said before she pushed her hips down on your cock.

She yelped as your cock entered her, pushing through her hymen. She dropped her hips completely, sheathing you entirely inside her wet and hot cavern. She moaned as she felt your length fill her body. You moaned as she squeezed and heated you up. She fell on top of you with tears in her eyes.

"With this... it is done..." Alicia said, choking a few sobs as she felt pain in her pelvis.

"Princess! Are you hurt—?"

"If pain be the price of love, then I'll pay it gladly!" Alicia yelled out.

She wiped her tears.


"You need not move, my love, let me do everything for you..." she said as she sat up and moved her ass slightly up before bringing it down.

She moaned as the pain had been slowly turning into pleasure. She rode you with affection and desire in her eyes which had adorned hearts within them.

"By the Goddess... you feel so good..." Alicia said. "If Prim were to lay with you, she would no doubt love this..."


She lifted her hips up a little and dropped down as she rode you. She grind herself onto you, making her moan more. You began to moan and groan as the pleasure you felt was making you feel hot. She looked at you with happiness in her eyes.

"Oh (Y/N) I'm so glad that I'm doing this with you instead of that traitorous Beasley..." Alicia said. "I had no interest in men who were older than me anyways..."


"Do you love the way my body feels for you?"

"Yes! Wholeheartedly!"

"Good! I love the way your thing feels inside me!" Alicia said. "I'm going to move faster now, bear with me."

She began to up her pace as you writhed beneath her.

"Oh Alicia!" You cried out. "Just like that! More!"

"Don't worry my love... I'll make sure your tool gets to fill every nook and cranny!" She said.

She moaned more and more as she moved faster and harder, making sure your cock goes deeper inside her. Your emotions were swelling, your body was heating up even more.

"Princess..." you said. "Use me more..."

"That I shall my love!" Alicia said. "Fuck! You feel so good inside me!"

"As do you, Princess..." You said.

She began riding you harder and faster. It made you groan and moan louder than you were before. Her moans were getting louder as well as the sound of wet slaps between your hips and hers became frequent and loud.

"Oh yes! This feeling is incredible!" Alicia said. "I... I think my body will want more of this when we're done!"

"Oh Princess!"

You held hands with her as her breasts heaved beneath her clothing. You felt something building up inside your balls. Your shaft was twitching.

"Princess! I'm getting close!"

"Me too! I can feel it inside me!" Alicia said. "I want you to finish inside me..."

"Inside?! But what if I impregnate you?!"

"Then I'll gladly be bred by you, my love." Alicia said. "Whatever child you give me, I will cherish it like I cherish you, Prim, and my friendship with the other Princess Knights."

"Alicia... Alicia!"

You began to move beneath her, matching her pace.

"Oh my love! I can feel you battering my cervix! You're so deep inside me that my womb feels it as well!"

"Oh Princess! It's coming!"

"Me too! I feel it coming as well!" Alicia said. "Let's climax together! I want to feel you as we climax!"

Your moans became just as loud as hers.

"It feels so good!"

"My love, you feel just as good inside me!"

"Alicia... I want to give you as many children as you desire!"

"Yes, my love! I'll take them all!"

"Oh... it's coming! I feel like I'm about to explode!"

"Explode inside me! Let me feel your cum invade my womb! Fill me with your seed as I cum over your cock!" Alicia said. "I want to feel your draconian semen inside me! Get me pregnant! Impregnate me! Breed me, my love!"



You moaned together as both came at the same time. She gripped your cock tightly as you exploded through her cervix and into her womb. You both held hands with one another as your voices became loud. You felt her cum filling her womb up to the brim. Her once flat belly began to look rounded as your cum began to seep out of her. You held her ass tightly as she pushed onto you for support. Your voices began to lower as you two panted. She fell on top of you.

"Oh my goodness... (Y/N), that was incredible..." Alicia said.

"You felt just as great as I did..."

"Oh my love..."

She lifted her ass up until your cock was free from her pussy. Your cock shrank and softened as your cum leaked out of her used up hole.


"Yes, Princess?"

"You wouldn't mind if I have you set up for Prim? I don't want her to feel left out." Alicia said. "If she is to grow into a woman, I want you to make into one."

"Princess..." You said.

You two made out on the bed.

Unbeknownst to you or Alicia, Prim had been watching you two going at it together, which made her wet and made her masturbate until she came, imagining that you were making love to her.

She looked at you with desire in her eyes.

"Oh (Y/N), I wish you could do that to me someday..." She spoke softly. "I wish you were on top of me..."

Chapter Text

Requested by Omega4041 on AO3.

Warning: contains rape, mind break, and dubious consent. Reader discretion is advised.

You had come to Alfheim, the realm of the Elves that were said to have been the place of origin of the Elves. You heard that the elves migrated to the mortal realm before the gate linking both realms suddenly closed.

At least until you found a way to access it yourself.

You had managed to get the gate to work again, and thanks to the special key, you passed into Alfheim easily.

The reason you came here is because you felt that there was a connection between your ancestors and the elves. You explored for a while up until you were attacked and captured by dark elves. Apparently, you had no idea that you were intruding upon their land.

You had been put into a prison cell for over a few hours after your items and sword were confiscated. You were hoping that they would at least put you through a trial so you could explain to them why you were even in their lands to begin with.

Then, after several minutes of silence, you heard footsteps and turned to see a dark elf approaching you.

They informed you that you were to be taken to the General. You were escorted out of your cell and you were taken straight to the General.

By the time you were brought in, you spotted three dark elves in a bedroom, all of them happened to look at you.




They were all incredibly sexy as hell as far as you were concerned, but you didn't have time to think that when they revealed what they were going to do to you.

They were going to make you their breeding sex slave so that you could get them all pregnant and to deal with their mating season.

They had stripped and peppered you with kisses before they got you on the bed. The dark elves joined you and looked at your erection with awe.

"Man... he's got a nice dick..." Elda said. "I can't wait to taste all that cum of his~"

"We are checking for how virile he is. Don't forget about that." Delva said.

Evelyn just looked at it with a blush.

Elda gave it a lick, making you moan and shiver.

"God... the taste of his cock... it makes me want to shove it into my throat~" Elda said.

Delva massaged your balls, making you moan and shudder.

"And his testicles must have lots of semen in them." Delva said. "Well Evelyn, taste his precum."

She saw a little bit of precum and licked it. She shivered.

"It tastes so sweet and salty..." Evelyn said.

"Oh trust me that his cum will be delicious and think when we get him to pop!" Elda said.

The girls began to suck and lick on your cock with Elda taking the head inside her mouth while the other girls fondled your balls, kissed and licked the shaft with their mouths. You moaned as all of this was happening to you all at once.

"Mistresses... this is too much..." You said. "I won't last if you ahh do this..."

The girls ignored you as they kept toying with you. You felt immense pleasure from all of this. Your balls throbbed and occasionally bucked your hips in response. They all looked at you with predatory looks on their faces.

"P-Please... no..." You begged.

Elda got on top of you and sat on your cock, making you scream. She began to fuck you vigorously. You cried and moaned as she fucked you against your will.

"Stop it! No! Please! Stop it!"

"Shut up, you damn slut! You're gonna take this pussy and let me use that fat cock of yours to make you breed me!" Elda said. "We're gonna milk every last drop out of your cock!"

She rode you aggressively, bucking her hips against yours as she took your legs and had them on her shoulder. You moaned and whimpered as she raped you roughly.

"S-Stop it! It hurts! It hurts!"

"I said shut up!"

She slapped you across the face. She rode you harder.

"You're gonna breed me, slut! You're going to give me all of your cum and get me pregnant!" Elda said. "You're gonna give us as many babies as we want until you're completely dry! I'm gonna have so much fun raising your children!"

She went faster, grinding her hips against yours.

"No! No! No! NooooOoooh!"

"Fuck! I love it when you whimper! Whimper some more! I'm gonna make you cum deep inside of me!"

"N-No! No! No!"

Your penis was twitching inside her.

"You're twitching! Oh I'm gonna make you cum lots inside me!"

"N-NO! Not inside! Let me pull out! I don't want to cum inside you!"

"You're cumming inside me! Just fucking do it already!"

She rode you even harder. Your breathing was going even faster.

"I'm cumming! I'm gonna cum! Cum inside me you slut! Do it! Cum!"

You cried out in agony as you released inside of her, making her scream in pleasure. You felt her draining out all of your cum.

"Yes! Fuck! He's cumming deep inside me! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

She moved a little more until the boy couldn't cum anymore. You shed tears as you spurted the last of your cum inside her. She got off your cock and spread her pussy lips to show how much cum was leaking out of it.

"Man... he was quite the stud! I'm probably going to get pregnant from this." She said.

Evelyn soon got on top of you and rolled you over and used her legs to hold you in as she took your cock inside her. You moaned as she forced you in.

"H-He's inside me!" Evelyn said.

"Good," Delva said. "Now then, slave, fuck a baby into my sister before I get a strap on and fuck toy in the ass with it."

You pushed yourself inside her and began to fuck her sister in missionary position. Evelyn looked at him with such hungry and lustful eyes.

"It's ok, you beautiful boy. I won't be as rough as Elda was." Evelyn said. "You're going to love my body such a great deal."

You continued to fuck her as she still had your legs locked.

"That's it... now fuck her faster." Delva ordered.

You moved faster, sobbing as you moaned and shedding tears as her sisters moans could be heard.

"Don't feel sad." Evelyn said. "You're making me feel good. Whatever Delva or Elda do to you, I'll make it all go away, slave. You can trust me."

You weren't sure if you wanted to even believe her words or not.

"Fuck her harder, slave. Harder. Before I decide to take a strap-on and fuck you in the ass with it."

You moved even faster as you fucked her even faster. Evelyn was moaning loudly as you fucked her ravenously. You felt yourself getting close to cumming.

"I—I'm going to cum..." You sobbed as you fucked her.

"That's right, you're cumming inside my sister and you're giving her a baby, got it? She better be pregnant from your cum or I'll fuck you myself."

'S-Somebody... somebody find me and get me out of here... I... I...'


You exploded inside Evelyn. She screamed in pleasure as your cum flooded her womb.

"I feel him cumming deep inside me! Oh fuck! Im going to be pregnant! Im going to be pregnant!" Eveyln said.

"Good sister, you did well." Delva said. "Now then..."

She pulled him off Evelyn and turned around so her but was facing him.

"Take me from behind and fuck me like the animal you are." Delva said.

Your mind was broken. You did as she asked. You shoved yourself inside of here and fucked her like an animal. She moaned as you fucked her.

"Yes! That's a good boy! Fuck me like that! Fuck me harder slave! Fuck me until my pussy is leaking with cum!"

"Y-Yes..." you said dejectedly as you fucked her.

You kept fucking your mistress, pounding her ass with your hips. You went faster as she commanded it and you were on the edge. She was close to cumming. She had cat ears and a cat tail come out of her body.

"Cum inside this pussy! Fill me up to the brim!"

"C-C-Cumming..." you said before moaning as you filled her pussy full of jizz.

You kept cumming inside her up until you couldn't shoot anymore out. Delva then forced a drug down your throat.

"Now who said we were done?" Delva asked. "Now you're gonna fuck us in the ass."

You fucked them in ass, starting with Delva. You were fucking her incredibly hard, going crazy as the drug amped your lust. You fucked her very hard until you both moaned and came. You filled her ass up with cum.

Then you fucked Eveyln next, filling her asshole and mating her like crazy. You kept fucking her like that up until you came inside her.

Elda rode you in reverse cowgirl, letting you grab her tits and fuck her at the same time. You fucked her hard and fast up until you came inside her.

The girls finally woke up back to normal and shook their heads.

"Ugh... what happened? It felt like I was in a hangover..." Elda said.

"No kidding..."

"My head feels fuzzy..."

They all looked to see you, tears flowing out of your eyes.

"Oh dear..." Delva said. "I guess that explains a few things concerning my pelvis..."

"Holy shit... how much sex did we have with him?" Elda asked.

"And he looks so hurt..." Evelyn said. "Was it mating season again?"

"Yup, that was probably it." Elda said. "I'm surprised the guy took all of that..."

"Girls, I think we broke this human." Delva said. "I think we should let Misery handle this."

"I second that. I ain't having sex with a man who looks broken." Elda said. "There ain't nothing worth fucking someone who's broken."

"Im surprised that you have standards." Delva said.


Chapter Text

Requested by Omega4041 on AO3.

Warning: contains rape, mind break, and dubious consent. Reader discretion is advised.

You were captured by the dark elves after infiltrating Garan, the Black Citadel, hoping to put an end to the terrible war that had been started by the dark elves. When they captured you, they placed you inside a cell. They took all of your items and weapons and left you here until one elf came in and dragged you to the royal bedchambers of their Queen, Olga Discordia.

Beside her, was her knight, Chloe.

It was decreed by Olga that you were her new sex slave for both her and her knight to use. Today was their mating season and they were going to use the shit out of you.

Chloe and Olga had your clothes taken off while they slipped their thongs off.

They got you on the bed and joined you. They were kissing the shaft of your penis, making you shudder and moan.

"Making him our pet was a wise decision, Lady Olga." Chloe said. "Our pet seems to agree, isn't that right, pet?"

"Y-Yes..." You said.

"Good boy." Chloe said. "You'll get rewarded for that."

Olga and Chloe licked your cock with their tongues, making it wet and covered in saliva. You moaned and shivered to the feeling of being licked.

"Do our tongues make you feel good, pet?" Chloe asked. "Aren't we better than some lowly human whore?"

"Y-Yes, mistress..." You replied.

You had no choice but to do what they want you to do, and that was to be their boy toy for them to use and abuse however they want. They took all of your gear and now they'll make you give up everything for them.

Chloe stopped licking your cock and began to massage your balls. You moaned as she fondled them.

"These must be filled with his dirty human seed." Chloe said. "I wish we didn't have to resort to this, but at least his useless human seed will serve us."

She began to press her lips on one of your balls and started to suck on them. You moaned as she did this while Olga was stroking you. She smiled at you as she saw your aroused face and your own tears.

"Don't cry, little one, you will not be harmed." Olga said. "You will love every second of this. We'll shower you in love as we take you every morning, noon, and night. No human woman will ever please you like we will. You will sire children with me and my knight and you will breed my best soldiers as well."

"L-Lady Olga..." You said.

She stopped stroking you and pushed her head onto your cock, forcing it into her mouth. She enveloped your cock in warmth and wetness. Her tongue licked the head as she got it to swirl around the shaft. You moaned as she sucked on it before bobbing her head back and forth. Chloe massaged your balls. Olga smothered your cock into her breasts and moved them up and down, making you buck her hips against her breasts, pushing your cock into her throat, she gagged on it and looked at you lustfully.

"Lady Olga! Lady Olga!"

She moved in sync with you, doubling her efforts. Chloe kept sucking and massaging your balls, making them throb. Your mind melted under the steamy pleasure.

Olga bobbed her head faster and moved her breasts more quickly. You were moaning louder as she kept going. They were were going to make you cum.

You threw your head back as you felt your hot cum rising and building in your cock and balls.


She pushed it all the way into her throat and squeezed her breasts tightly around your cock as began to shoot rope after rope of cum into her throat. She moved her head backed and sucked on the head, coaxing more out of your cock. Chloe got off your balls and rose her head. Olga opened her mouth and let Chloe suck your cum out. You were moaning a lot as the two elves milked your cum out.

Your cock stopped shooting cum and the girls both had swallowed your evenly split load. They let go of your cock to see that it was still hard.

"Well pet, you taste wonderful." Olga said. "Now it is time that you fill our wombs with your cum."

Olga got on top of you and changed a spell. The inner circle of her crest went away.

"Normally, it keeps men from ejaculating into my womb, but I could never do that to you since you are willing to be such a good boy." Olga said. "And now, I'll let you have my virginity."

She lined your cock up with her dripping wet pussy and pushed it in. A magical barrier was stopping it from going inside.

But then the circle broke and she took your cock balls deep inside her. She threw her head back and cried out as you cried out as well. You saw blood coming out of her pussy.

"L-Lady Olga..." You muttered, lost in pleasure.

She began to move up and down on on your cock, seemingly ignoring the pain as best as possible. She rode you, even as she grunted in pain.

"I may have forsaken my virginity, but that does not mean I will forsake these pleasures that you willingly give to me, my pet." Olga said between grunts.

Chloe went to your head and shoved your face into her pussy.

"Lick me clean so when it's my turn, I'll be slick as possible." Chloe said. "Lick me until my pussy is sparkling clean."

You did as she asked and started to eat her out while your hands were on Olga's ass, forcing her down quicker. Chloe and Olga moaned as all of this went on.

"That's it you little slut... lick me..." Chloe moaned.

"If you want me to spoil you... ugh... so much [moan], I'll spoil you as much as you want!" Olga said.

Chloe grind her hips on your face as Olga grind her hips on your pelvis. You just kept licking while Olga and Chloe used you.

"This dragon feels amazing! Better than any man will ever be!" Olga said.

It was too good. You couldn't resist. The pleasure was swallowing you up. You couldn't think straight. All you could think about was impregnating her and filling her up with cum.

Olga continued to fuck you while Chloe rode your face.

"Yes! That's it, slut! Keep licking my pussy! Keep licking it!" Chloe said.

"So obedient! Such a good boy! Let your Queen take your dick like she's supposed to!" Olga said. "You belong to us now! Any man or woman who touches you without my permission will be punished severely!"

She picked up the pace, fucking him faster than he can keep up with. Chloe stopped riding his face and got off him, masturbating on her own. The boy cried as Olga continued to fuck him.

"P-Please... i-it hurts..."

Be silent, pet! Now cum inside me and fill your Queen!"

She slammed her hips down, making the boy cum inside her. She felt his load filling her womb. The warmth made her cum. He whimpered as she coaxed more of his seed out. She let off a satisfied sighed with a chuckle.

"Oh, you're just perfect for us, my pet." Olga said. "Come on Chloe, we're not finished with him yet~"

"Yes, Lady Olga~"

Olga had you in a missionary position, fucking her hard to please her. You moaned as you kept fucking her. She looked at you with her lust filled eyes as you continued to fuck her.

"That's it my pet, more... please your mistress more..."

You sped up your pace as you felt your end approaching.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" You said.

"Then cum, pet!"

You came inside her. She came as well. She felt you pump your semen deep inside her womb. You fell on top of her.

Chloe rode you reverse cowgirl style. You two were moaning like animals in heat. She loved every second of you slowly submitting to her and the Queen. She loved watching you becoming a slut as she rode you. She rode you faster and faster and faster.

"Oh I'm cumming!"

"O-ooooh~!" You groaned as you came inside her, filling her womb.

You were fucking Chloe in the ass doggy style. You were fucking her ass like a wild dog, fucking her so fast that she was moaning like a bitch in heat.

"More! More! Come on you slut! Fuck me harder!"

"Y-Yes mistress..." You said as a tear rolled off your eyes.

You kept fucking her roughly like she demanded you would until you exploded inside her, driving her to an orgasm.

Olga took your cock in her asshole and prone-bone fucked her like a wild animal, just as she demanded. You kept fucking her in the ass up until you exploded inside her.

"Yes my pet! Cum as deep as you can! I want that cum to fill my intestines!" Olga said.

You were lying on the bed, completely exhausted, naked, and broken by the two women sleeping beside you.

You were their new sex slave for the rest of your life.

Chloe was slowly coming to terms for her fuzzy memories as Olga was focusing on wiping your memories of that day and healing you.

"I can't believe I let myself get pregnant with a human child..."

"Half-human half-dragon." Olga corrected.

"That doesn't change the fact that I ended up getting impregnated by a human!" Chloe said.

'I'm surprised that I'm pregnant with the child of a dragon myself...' Olga thought. 'I wonder what I should name Luka's new half-sibling...'

Chapter Text

It was just you, Janne, and her mother alone in a room.


Janne Grenoble was a princess of her kingdom where her mother ruled as queen.

She was unlike most women you had met before because she had angel wings that she could sprout and retract at will.

Celine was Janne's mother. She was a caring and kind soul.

The two would have been raped by an Orc named Gidoo if you hadn't come in and savagely tore the orc apart before devouring the orc, starting with its internal organs. Janne was scared of you at first because of how savage you became when you killed the orc. She was afraid you would simply pick off where the orc left off, but after you killed the other orcs in the castle and the town it looked over, she was convinced you were not terrible.

Celine brought you two together so that she could teach Janne all about sex while leaving you to bang her daughter as a token of thanks for helping her and her daughter.

Janne was not okay with this as she thought it was too soon. You too didn't seem onboard with the idea because this was the mother of a girl that you had feelings for upon meeting her. But Celine insisted that the two of you have sex.

"Mother, this is utterly ridiculous!" Janne voiced her objections. "I'm not ready for that sort of thing!"

"B-Besides, don't you think this is a bit—"

"You stay out of this!" Janne yelled at you.

"Eeep! I'm sorry!" You said before dropping to your knees.

"Mother, I know you care for me a lot, but this is absolutely ridiculous! I mean, you could have... I don't know, maybe... uh..."

Janne was obviously trying to find the right words to say to her mother while not coming of as blunt or vulgar. Her cheeks were red from the embarrassment of the situation.

"Now Janne, I know this is a lot on your part, but one day, you will inherit my throne and search for one who is to be your king and lover." Celine said. "And well... that young man over that looks like a suitable and trustworthy man fitting to becoming your co-ruler and lover."

"Can't you just give him gold or jewels or something?!" Janne asked.

"I'm afraid those won't do for him." Celine said. "I can tell that he has feelings for you."

"Wha—?! Feelings?" Janne asked. "Y-You mean he—?"

She looked at you for a quick second and then turned back to her mother, Celine.

"And I can tell that you have feelings for him as well." Celine said with a smile.

"Wait, seriously?!" You spoke up.

"S-S-Shut up! You're only making things more complicated!" Janne said, turning to you with anger.

"See? It's just as I thought." Celine said. "You weren't that accepting of another man back when you were young."

"Mother!" Janne said as she turned to her mother.

"Janne, there's no shame in falling for a boy who saved your life." Celine said. "Besides..."

She walked over to you and cupped your cheeks before she pulled you in for a kiss. Janne let out an audible gasp. Celine broke the kiss and smiled at you.

"Mother! Why would you do that?! Have you forgotten about your marriage to father?!" Janne said.

"Y-Yeah, I really doubt your husband would approve of what you're doing and—"

"Forgive me, it's just it's been so long since I've ever done it with my husband and I... I just wanted to feel young again..." Celine said before turning to a flustered Janne. "Janne, back when I was younger, me and your father... well... we always wanted a child and so we... had sex on a daily basis until I got pregnant and... well... it made me feel so alive whenever me and your father done it in bed."


"Don't you want to have a child with this young man?" Celine asked.

"C-Children?! I mean—! Of course I would want to have children when I'm older, but this is too soon! I'm not ready for such things and—!"

"Of course, you could just seek him out in pleasure if that is what you want."

"Mother..." Janne said. "I..."

She looked at you in the eyes and blushed bright red.

"Tell me, (Y/N), are you... in love with me?" Janne asked. "And for the Gods sake, tell me the truth."

"Princess... I... I have no reason to lie to you on that, Janne." You spoke. "I've... I've always had these feelings of love and affection toward you and when I found out about what the orcs were about to do to you... I... I went feral at the thought and..."


All you could think about was murdering every single Orc in side, regardless of whether they choose to surrender or not. You would not care for their pleads of mercy.

All you wanted was to kill every single one of them on sight.

Janne was yours. Not theirs. Yours.

You'll kill just to make sure she remains your woman. Should any male lay a hand on her, you would tear them apart and eat them alive before crushing their heads, snapping their necks, and tearing out their hearts like the beast you were now. You instincts were in control. No amount of rational thought existed in your head now.

You had been killing orcs left and right as you were in complete dragon form. But by the time you made it to the bed chambers of the Queen, you were greeted with the sight of that damned orc about to violate Janne.

"(Y-Y/N)..." Janne said with tears in her eyes. "Gods, what has happened to you?"

"A dragon?! Impossible! Your kind died out!" Gidoo said. "You bitch, what the hell have you done?!"

He had slapped Janne and knocked her on the ground which was enough to send you on a even wilder rampage.

You howled in anger and reverted to your more humanoid form and rushed at the orc before your hand turned into some lance-drill and shoved it into the orc's chest. The orc howled in pain and looked at you dead in eyes in fear as you proceeded to chop off his erection.

The orc screamed while you eviscerated him.

"Janne is mine!" You roared. "She is my mate! Not yours!"

While you were not aware, everyone, including Janne, watched as you butchered the Orc like it was a piece of meat sent to a slaughterhouse.

You devoured the orc entirely, ripping out internal organs with your two dragon hand mouths and consuming its flesh. The other orcs in the room were so afraid of you as you butchered their leader that they ran out and left Celine untainted before you knew they were there.


You turned to Janne, this time with desire in your eyes.

You immediately lunged at Janne, pinning her to the ground.

"No! (Y/N)! Stop! What are you—?!"

"You... mine... Mark you... so no male... can take you... from me..." You spoke in broken English.

"(Y/N) stop! Return to your senses!"

You grabbed her by the neck and held her down. Her angel wings sprouted forth and pressed you down towards her. She cupped your cheeks as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Please... (Y/N) it's alright. I'm fine. No other male will touch me... just please... please... come back to your senses..." Janne said. "I... I... I love you..."

That was enough to make your rational thoughts come back, just as you began to lose consciousness and black out.


"Wait, you heard that?!" Janne said.

"I was there as well, my daughter." Celine said.

"Y-Yes... I heard that before I blacked out..." You said. "Janne... I... I love you too..."

You saw tears in her eyes before she looked away from you.

"You f-fool... not while my mother is present..." Janne said. "Gods... why did I confess to you like that..."

"To snap him out of his primitive instincts." Celine said. "And to get that weight off your chest."

Janne turned to you with a pouting face.

"This is all your fault!" Janne said.

"My fault?!"

"If you hadn't forced a confession out of me, I wouldn't be hearing it from my mother!"

"But you—!"

She had a sword at your neck. She was dead serious about you owning up to your previous transgressions.

"You caused this and you're going to own up to it." Janne threatened.


"Good!" Celine said. "Now then..."

She pulled your pants down and got Janne on her knees. Your erection was sticking out.

"M-Mother! No! I'm not mentally ready for this! I need time!" Janne said. "Time to adjust! Time to consider and reconsider! Time to—"

"Time to give him a nice blowjob." Celine said. "I mean, the thing must have gotten itself dirty and smelly from all the sweat and such. A lady must properly clean it while making her partner feel good!"

"By the gods... how is it so big?" Janne asked. "Mother, please, I—!"

Her mother got Janne on her knees. You pressed your tip at her lips.

"And look, he's so eager to feel your mouth." Celine said. "Go on Janne, give him a nice taste?"

She seemed very reluctant about this, but then she opened her mouth and had your cock slid into her mouth, her tongue wrapping around the head as she pressed her lips around your shaft. You moaned as your cock entered into her mouth. You shuddered are the feeling. She looked at you with flushed cheeks.

She promptly pulled out with a pop from her mouth.

"D-Don't get the wrong idea!" Janne said. "I'm only doing it because of... um... look, the faster we get through this, the less embarrassing this is for me!"

You could hear her mumbling to herself.

"Can't believe I'm doing such a thing in front of my own mother of all people..." Janne muttered. "All of this better be worth it in the end..."

She went back to sucking your cock, licking the shaft and locking her lips against it. You moaned as she moved her head slowly back and forth.

"J-Janne..." You said. "Oh Gods... this feels..."

"I'm so glad that you're enjoying my daughter." Celine said. "I'm so glad that she wasn't forced into this by that Orc. At least she's doing it on her own free will."

'And what the hell would you call this?! Thanks to you I felt even hornier than I was earlier!' You wished you could tell Celine but couldn't.

Celine walked over to where Janne was held her hand.

"Now now, your mouth won't be enough to make him feel good." Celine said, "Go on, use your hands to touch it, and maybe you can touch his jewels. He might love it."

'Why do I feel like I'm just being used for her to practice having sex?!' You thought at that very instance.

Janne reluctantly went through with the suggestion. She had one hand stroking you while another hand touched your tense scrotum and began to fondle your balls. You shuddered and moaned at the feeling. The stimulation was making you melt from her mouth. You could feel your nervous system getting loaded with stimulation along with dopamine.

"That's it... just like that. Keep that up." Celine said.

You looked at Janne as she looked up at you with a question in her eyes.

"Does this make you feel good or am I making you uncomfortable?"

"I-It's fine, Janne [grunts] I just [moan] never thought you'd be so good at... oh gods, yes... at this..." You said.

You ran your fingers on her head. You could tell you were nearing the edge. Your cock was twitching. You thrusted your hips into her head, surprising her and pushing your cock down her throat. You heard her gag on it. Her mouth felt warmer and you swore that you were about to go into her throat.

"Oh Gods!" You exclaimed. "I'm sorry Janne! It feels so good! I'm going crazy!"

"See, Janne? He's so tense that he just wants to put it in your throat, practically begging for more ecstasy." Celine said. "Go on, take as much of it in."

She saw your scrotum getting more tightly packed.

"And look, I think you got him on the edge. Any more and he'll explode."

You grabbed her head and forced your cock deep into Janne's throat and humped her repeatedly as you moaned. Celine began to finger Janne as you face-fucked the Princess.

"Yes, that's it. Give her all your love and devotion." Celine said.

"Oh Gods! Janne! Janne! It feels so good!" You panted. "Oh Gods! I think I'm about to cum!"

You thrusted faster and faster until you felt your shaft quivering as you went deep into her throat.

"OH JANNE!" You cry out as you came in her throat.

She looked wide eyed as she took your load down your throat. She wanted to pull it out, but her mother wouldn't let her as she made Janne cum from her pussy. Her eyes rolled into her head as the pleasure overwhelmed her. She swallows every drop you make into her throat as you moaned. Your breathe felt hoarse and you panted.

"Oh Janne... Oh Gods..." You said before you pulled out of her mouth, your orgasm teetering off.

She coughed a bit to which her mouth was covered as she didn't want to spill it anywhere. She swallowed it and looked at you with red cheeks and a pout.

"Now just what was that for?!" Janne said.

"J-Janne! I can explain!" You said

"Here I was thinking you were different from the damned orcs and then you just—!"

"He was simply feeling too good from feeling your mouth as well as your hands." Celine said. "It's... uh... natural."

"Natural?!" Janne exclaimed as she turned to her mother. "And mother, mind explaining why you touched me like that?!"

"Well, he can't be the only one feeling good." Celine said. "Besides, that was only an inkling of what he could do to pleasure a lady."

You could sense the anger in Janne.

"Now the next part might be a bit of a stretch for you, but just as a preview..."

Celine took your hand and led you to her bed where she began to strip herself naked. Your erection stood steadfast as it was semi-erect.

"Tell me, have you ever had sex before?" She asked.

"Well... um... this isn't the first time..." You admitted, twiddling your thumbs.

"Oh! You're not a virgin? I thought for sure you were!" Celine said.

You noticed Janne looked at her chest for a brief moment and then looked at you.

"Well, even if you aren't a virgin, at least both of us will enjoy this." Celine said.

She pressed herself down on top of you, moaning as your cock went inside her. You moaned as well, feeling her walls coil around you.

"Oh Gods!" Celine said as she hilted herself onto you. "Gods, I missed this feeling!"

She began to ride you without further delay. She moaned as she grinned on top of you, smiling as she moved her hips up and down. You looked to Janne to see her watch with slight envy in her eyes as well as a sense of longing in her eyes. Her wings spread forth and she covered her whole body with her wings to hide her hand going into her pants beneath her skirt.

"Oh Janne! Look as your mother rides your beloved!" Celine moaned. "This could be you, casting aside your celibacy to fulfill your desires as well as his... offering all of yourself to him in lust and love! Oh Gods, yes yes yes! Oh (Y/N), you'd be the perfect lover for my lovely daughter!"

"Y-Your highness..." You grunted. "I still feel sensitive after I... Gah! After I filled her gullet with my seed..."

"Then this shall be quick for you and I!" Celine said.

She rode incredibly hard on you, making you moan as she moaned like a bitch in heat. You were moaning a lot as she rode you.

"Oh Gods! I feel so young again! It feels so good!" Celine said. "I want my daughter to make you feel like this too!"

"Ms Celine! I—!"

She pulled herself off you as you were at the edge, leaving you on edge.

"I want my daughter to have your seed." Celine said.

"Your Highness..."

Janne joined you on the bed with her wings stretched out. She had taken her clothes off while Celine had been riding you.

"(Y/N)... I... My body can't take it anymore..." Janne said.

You spread your wings out for her. Just as she wrapped her wings around you, you did the same for her.

"Then take me... claim me as yours... my... mate..." You spoke.

"Indeed I shall."

She dropped into you, your penis impaling her and making her cry out in pain as it went inside her. Your cock was hilted in her in one swift moment. You looked down to see her pussy dripping with blood. She had tears in her eyes.

She smiled and looked at you as she put her hands on your stomach.

"Gods... now I know how it must have been for a virgin to sleep with you..." Janne said.

"Y-Yeah, it's always been like that with some of the girls who lost their virginity to me..." You said. "Gods Janne, you're so tight..."

"And you're big inside me..." Janne said, "... and yet my body is such a good fit for yours..."

She began to ride you slowly. She moaned and winced in pain as her blood dripped out.

"Does it hurt?" You asked. "Should I—"

"No need..." Janne said. "I have fought many battles, and this is just one of them..."

She said so with pride in her breast. She wasn't going to let pain stop her. She grunted said her body began to get used to you. You had your hands on her ass. You brought her down as you also thrusted inside of her.

"Oh gods yes... this feels so good..." Janne said. "If this is what sex feels like, then I might just consider calling you back here more often—Ah!"

She moaned in pleasure. She began to ride you harder. You caught Celine masturbating as she watched. You and Janne enveloped one another with your wings. The two of you passionately kissed one another as your heated session continued. You feel her love for you through the kiss and the sex you were both having together.

"Ahh~ Janne, you're going to make me a proud grandmother if you bear his child~ though in case you're not ready—Ohhh~ I could use a contraceptive spell and—"

"T-Today is probably a safe day!" Janne said.

"A-Ahh~! Janne! You're squeezing me harder..." You said.

You two began to pick up the pace, feeling more heated from the love making. The both of you sat up and you instinctively bit her neck. You bit down long enough to leave a mark on her neck. Now she belonged to you. Your scent was on that mark and any living creature would know it.

You nibble onto her nipples, making her moan more.

"(Y-Y/N)! F-Fuck!" Janne cursed. "N-Not there! You're going to make me go crazy!"

You picked up the pace, knowing you were going to cum inside her.

"I'm... Im going to cum! I'm going to cum in you, Janne!"

"Yes! Cum! Cum inside me! I want to feel you cum deep inside me!" Janne said.

You held her tightly as you came deep inside her, moaning along with her as you climaxed with her. You pumped knots of your seed into her womb, painting it white with your cum. She felt intense warmth in her belly as your hot dragon cum filled her womb up. You two held onto each other tightly as your orgasm kept going.

You kept cumming and cumming until you felt the last of your cum leaving you. You pulled out as cum started to drip down onto her leg and onto the bed sheets.

You two were panting, lying in the bed. Celine could only giggle.

"Maybe I oughta give him a go sometime~"

Chapter Text

You came to visit Elfinrine to see Princess Laura Elfinrine. You wanted to see her badly after the conflict was over to check up on her.

When you came to see her, you couldn't help but notice that the Princess was acting strangely lately. Whenever you were in her presence, she would try her best to make prolonged eye contact with you. Whenever you touched her, she would glance at you after yelping from your touch. Whenever you smiled at her, she would look red in the face.

You had no idea what was going on with her. Her behavior became more strange as the day went by. She was breathing much harder than usual, she clutched her chest as if her heart was in pain or her lungs were searing. She would pant a lot whenever you were in proximity of her.

Then, out of nowhere, she asks you to come to her bed chamber and what does she do to you after you went through with her request?

She just kissed you. Completely out of the blue mind you.

When she broke the kiss, you figured it all out.

She was no longer herself.

"I'm sorry (Y/N), it's just that... I... I... I couldn't stop thinking about you when we first met and my boyfriend just isn't helping me with all this stress and loneliness I've had just thinking about you..."

"And you want me to help?"


You didn't know what to do, but you felt your cock straining against your clothes. You went to the bed with her and fiddled with your pants until your erection came out.

"Your cock..." Laura said. "I... I must have a taste of you..."


She was quick into taking it into her mouth. She pressed her lips tightly as she licked the shaft. You moaned as you felt her lips, tongue, and her warm mouth caressing your length.


She ignored your yelp and continued to blow you off. Your breath began to pick up as your heartbeat sped up. You stifled your moans as to not attract too much attention to this room. She kept licking and pressing her lips along your cock as she moved her head back and forth, sucking the head when she pulled back before pushing down. Her mouth felt incredible you thought. You never thought she would be really into this. She must have really been in heat.

You felt your cock throbbing in her throat.

You grabbed her head and forced it down onto the base of your cock as you let out a cry. Your penis started to shoot ropes of hot semen down her throat. You watched as she swallowed your cum, drop for drop.

You let her lift her head off your cock. She coughed a bit before looking at you.

"I-I'm sorry Princess, I didn't mean to—"

"N-No... that's fine." Laura said.

She kissed you and got you on the bed with her. She began to remove her dress. You began to remove your armor. Soon enough, the both of you had stripped down. You got on top of her and she had her pussy lips stretched open.

"Please... put it inside me..."

You pressed the tip of your cock against her flower before you pushed it in. She cried as you filled her pussy with your cock.

"Oh! Oh Gods! It's inside me!" Laura said.


You felt her tightness squeezing you.

"G-Gods... Laura... you feel so tight..."

"And you, my prince, are so big inside me!"

You began to thrust your hips, making her moan and her breasts moved up and down from your thrusting. You kept fucking her at a gentle pace before she demanded that you go faster.

You upped your pace and found it hard to hold your voice in. She kissed you as you fucked her. She felt really tight. You wanted to make her feel good, so you began to go a little rougher with her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Laura said. "Right there! Oh! More! More! Fuck me harder!"

"Laura... you're being naughty..." You said. "Oh you feel so good..."

You kept fucking her the way you were up until she began to cling to you harder as you fucked her as hard as possible. You felt your end coming clear. You were about to cum. Your penis was throbbing.

"Laura! I'm cumming!" You said.

"Inside me! Please cum inside me! I want you to fill me up!" Laura said as she pulled you into a leg lock.

"L-Laura!" You said as you began to lose it.

Your breath quickened just before you let out a loud moan as you came inside Laura. She cried out, cumming on your cock as you pumped your wet, hot, sticky cum inside her womb with your cock pressed up against it.

You stayed like that with her until you both came down from your orgasms.

She suddenly got on all fours and looked back to you.

"Please... fuck me more! Get me pregnant! My body wants more of your seed in my womb!" Laura said.

At this point, you followed your instincts and fucked her roughly. She was practically screaming as you fucked her hard. You pulled her arms to the back, pushing yourself deeper inside her.

"Yes! More! Treat me like an object! Just fuck my pussy until I can't feel my legs!"

You kept fucking her even more. She was in total ecstasy as you fucked her wildly.

You growled as you pumped another load into her pussy as she cried out in pleasure.

"F-Fuck!" You cursed.

You both collapsed onto each other and she turned her head to look at you.

"So much cum inside me... oh... (Y/N)... I'm so glad you came..."

"M-Me too..."

You both stayed like that and slept until the next morning. Now you would at times planned a visit to Elfinrine to have a 'date' with the Princess.