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Tales of Fantasia

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You came to visit Elfinrine to see Princess Laura Elfinrine. You wanted to see her badly after the conflict was over to check up on her.

When you came to see her, you couldn't help but notice that the Princess was acting strangely lately. Whenever you were in her presence, she would try her best to make prolonged eye contact with you. Whenever you touched her, she would glance at you after yelping from your touch. Whenever you smiled at her, she would look red in the face.

You had no idea what was going on with her. Her behavior became more strange as the day went by. She was breathing much harder than usual, she clutched her chest as if her heart was in pain or her lungs were searing. She would pant a lot whenever you were in proximity of her.

Then, out of nowhere, she asks you to come to her bed chamber and what does she do to you after you went through with her request?

She just kissed you. Completely out of the blue mind you.

When she broke the kiss, you figured it all out.

She was no longer herself.

"I'm sorry (Y/N), it's just that... I... I... I couldn't stop thinking about you when we first met and my boyfriend just isn't helping me with all this stress and loneliness I've had just thinking about you..."

"And you want me to help?"


You didn't know what to do, but you felt your cock straining against your clothes. You went to the bed with her and fiddled with your pants until your erection came out.

"Your cock..." Laura said. "I... I must have a taste of you..."


She was quick into taking it into her mouth. She pressed her lips tightly as she licked the shaft. You moaned as you felt her lips, tongue, and her warm mouth caressing your length.


She ignored your yelp and continued to blow you off. Your breath began to pick up as your heartbeat sped up. You stifled your moans as to not attract too much attention to this room. She kept licking and pressing her lips along your cock as she moved her head back and forth, sucking the head when she pulled back before pushing down. Her mouth felt incredible you thought. You never thought she would be really into this. She must have really been in heat.

You felt your cock throbbing in her throat.

You grabbed her head and forced it down onto the base of your cock as you let out a cry. Your penis started to shoot ropes of hot semen down her throat. You watched as she swallowed your cum, drop for drop.

You let her lift her head off your cock. She coughed a bit before looking at you.

"I-I'm sorry Princess, I didn't mean to—"

"N-No... that's fine." Laura said.

She kissed you and got you on the bed with her. She began to remove her dress. You began to remove your armor. Soon enough, the both of you had stripped down. You got on top of her and she had her pussy lips stretched open.

"Please... put it inside me..."

You pressed the tip of your cock against her flower before you pushed it in. She cried as you filled her pussy with your cock.

"Oh! Oh Gods! It's inside me!" Laura said.


You felt her tightness squeezing you.

"G-Gods... Laura... you feel so tight..."

"And you, my prince, are so big inside me!"

You began to thrust your hips, making her moan and her breasts moved up and down from your thrusting. You kept fucking her at a gentle pace before she demanded that you go faster.

You upped your pace and found it hard to hold your voice in. She kissed you as you fucked her. She felt really tight. You wanted to make her feel good, so you began to go a little rougher with her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Laura said. "Right there! Oh! More! More! Fuck me harder!"

"Laura... you're being naughty..." You said. "Oh you feel so good..."

You kept fucking her the way you were up until she began to cling to you harder as you fucked her as hard as possible. You felt your end coming clear. You were about to cum. Your penis was throbbing.

"Laura! I'm cumming!" You said.

"Inside me! Please cum inside me! I want you to fill me up!" Laura said as she pulled you into a leg lock.

"L-Laura!" You said as you began to lose it.

Your breath quickened just before you let out a loud moan as you came inside Laura. She cried out, cumming on your cock as you pumped your wet, hot, sticky cum inside her womb with your cock pressed up against it.

You stayed like that with her until you both came down from your orgasms.

She suddenly got on all fours and looked back to you.

"Please... fuck me more! Get me pregnant! My body wants more of your seed in my womb!" Laura said.

At this point, you followed your instincts and fucked her roughly. She was practically screaming as you fucked her hard. You pulled her arms to the back, pushing yourself deeper inside her.

"Yes! More! Treat me like an object! Just fuck my pussy until I can't feel my legs!"

You kept fucking her even more. She was in total ecstasy as you fucked her wildly.

You growled as you pumped another load into her pussy as she cried out in pleasure.

"F-Fuck!" You cursed.

You both collapsed onto each other and she turned her head to look at you.

"So much cum inside me... oh... (Y/N)... I'm so glad you came..."

"M-Me too..."

You both stayed like that and slept until the next morning. Now you would at times planned a visit to Elfinrine to have a 'date' with the Princess.