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Tales of Fantasia

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The world of Fantasia was wide and expansive. There were many countries and nations, most of them harboring creatures that existed only in myth. There were elves, halflings, dwarves, dark elves, gods and goddesses, and even demons.

There was the Lindegard Empire and its western neighbors of Elfinrine and Keltula. To the east of Keltula was Eostia, which was west of Serenus. There are also other countries within this world of pure fantasy.

And you were born a dragon. A species thought to be the apex predators before they began to fall into extinction due to their primal instincts turning them against one another. In order to preserve their sanity, they had to seal a majority of their power through stones.

You, being the last surviving dragon, wander about, helping people and trying to live your life to the fullest, doing what's right.