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Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto: Falling in Love/My Other Half

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坂本ですが? | Sakamoto desu ga? | Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto
Chapter 3

*Dinner is Ready*

Making his way back into his bedroom he could see her still asleep, coming to sit next to her he gently nudged her awake. Sitting up she made eye contact with Sakamoto, he had her clothes neatly folded, they were ironed too. “Dinner is ready, brought your clothes as well,” setting them next to her he took her hand and left. 

Smiling from behind she felt the fabric, it was so smooth, her uniform and everything, she was thankful. Walking out after a few she went to sit on one of the cushions and began to eat, Sakamoto joined her a few moments later with his plate. Starting with small talk and sharing more about themselves they talked about all sorts of things, Sakiya even cuddled the cat.

It was perfect, She loved how he looked at her, the way she moves as she carried their dishes with ease, the swaying of her hips and elegance. He loved observing her, nice long hair as she looked towards the sunset watching the Cherry Blossoms fall. The breeze came in blowing her long strands like waves, turning slowly she was now gazing at him.

For a second he felt like he was hypnotized by her beauty, walking towards her he watched as she fixed her glasses. “What is it?” She asked him with a smile, only to feel warm and loving lips as they were filled with passion. She moved her arms around his neck and laid into his chest, feeling his arms go around her lower back.

Feeling her hair get pulled together gently, he tied it as he made eye contact again saying “now I can see your beautiful face completely.” Melting with happiness she kissed him wrapping her arms around his neck. Now moving his arms around her waist she could feel how strong he was, holding her closely she kissed with more passion.

Sakamoto picked her up in an instant and felt her wrap her legs around him, he moved his hands to her hips holding her up moving lower. Carrying her he saw the curious look in her eyes, she was seductive and tempting, carrying her to his room they continued kissing and laughing. Laying her down on the black silk sheets he got on top of her, watching her take her hair down and unbutton her shirt. 

He kissed her neck leaving a mark, as he moved his hands slowly up and down her body, both taking off their glasses and setting them to the side she pulled him in more. Feeling Sakamoto move his arms completely around her, she moved her hands to his abs kissing him more heatedly. Feeling his hard and long length in between her thighs.

Enjoying the pleasures she felt, she started crying out as Sakamoto kept going, which fueled him even more, and through her laughs she spoke teasing words. Gripping the sheets she moved her hands digging her nails into his back, Hair laid sprawled out behind her as he continued kissing her neck. Enjoying this they didn’t realize until after he finished inside her, she reached for her phone to see the time.

He could read her like a book, “want to stay over for the night?” He asked her and she thought it over, “yes, thank you.” Smiling she got up walking towards the bathroom, eyeing Sakamoto collecting their clothes making her smile, after a few he brought in some of his clothes for her to wear for the night. “You can wear these tonight, I’ll prepare our uniforms for tomorrow.” Leaving her to freshen up.

*Time Skip*

After a good while she walked out wearing these long black pants and loose button up black shirt, it was comfortable, and she loved the way they smelled. Making her way to the main room she noticed their clothes hanging up and Sakamoto was ironing her now clean uniform. Walking over she kissed him on the cheek and then the lips, “good night, feel free to join me.” Watching her walk back to his room he continued ironing.

*Time Skip*

After cleaning up and finishing everything he shut off the lights and made his way to his room where Sakiya was laying on his bed so comfortably. Sliding under the covers he pulled her into him, smiling in her sleep she could feel his toned body against her. Turning over she laid into his chest and they held each other through the night, it was beautiful.

*Time Skip, Morning Comes Around*

Waking up they both slipped out of the sheets and went to get their uniform and clothes, getting dressed both now back to back a good distance they got ready. After Sakiya was done she went to grab her bag and started preparing it for the day followed by Sakamoto. As she reached for her house key she dropped it on accident, feeling Sakamoto wrap his arms around her waist from behind and pick her up.

Setting her down she turned to face him and they shared a passionate kiss, seeing as they got some time they cuddled and relaxed. Both were now known as God and Goddess of the 1st years, with just one day of walking together everyone was talking. As they studied and shared note for a bit, Sakamoto checked the time, “shall we go?” He asked her and she just said “after you.” With a smile she followed him out, once they left she took his hand holding it.

As they walked down the steps she almost fell but Sakamoto caught her in his arms, holding her he continued walking. “Seems you want to be in my arms, you could just ask,” he said earning a laugh “maybe I do,” after a few though she felt him moving his hand around her waist holding her hip and carrying her with one arm. As they walked some students took notice on their way to school.

After a good few though he set her down and they walked casually, she hasn’t felt this happy in a long time, there was finally someone who was the most perfect guy ever. She felt special, and lucky, even for Sakamoto he was actually impressed that there was someone who can be good for him. After all he never showed interest in girls, waste of time, friends was a good few but he wasn’t social. 

With Sakiya though he is an open book, talking more was also her affect on him, he was happy that this last two years would be full of excitement. After all it was instinctive for the pair to do what they did the previous night, and no one knew, just them and no one else. Almost to the gate she felt someone push her intentionally, but before she tumbled there were a pair of arms holding her. 

“Are you alright?” He asked her and she nodded fixing her bag, Sakamoto turned to the three girls and they were instantly shut down. Seeing their defeated looks amused him, as they left though he paused “the only girl for me is Sakiya.” Pulling her to him again with one arm around her they continued walking, everyone overall was supportive of her, the females admired her and the males alike.

It was just those three though, she could tell they had an obsession with them, but that doesn’t matter, Sakamoto is her boyfriend and that’s all she needs. Now entering the gate they greeted the teacher as usual and went in, making their way down the hall after trading shoes out. Everyone continued to fangirl over the two, it was like creating an open aisle for their King and Queen.

*To Be Continued*