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Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto: Falling in Love/My Other Half

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坂本ですが? | Sakamoto desu ga? | Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto
Chapter 1


Spring began for Sakamoto , he elegantly walked holding a baby bird followed by a stray cat, he was the apple to everyone’s eye. Standing tall he represents all greatness about a man, if you even were to call him one. He has it all, many wonder though, from the swooning females to the males who are against him, what type of women is for him?

We shed some light on this topic, who can match up to his greatness of a God, not too far behind him was a women, heels clicking. Long dark hair with dark eyes, she walked with elegance, every step she took was watched by everyone. Long legs, with a perfect body, adjusting her glasses she walked with poise, short dark skirt and white button-up top.

Today was her first day, being a transfer attending a new school she was prepared for anything coming her way. Closing her eyes she picked up the pace, passing Sakamoto, he watched her hair flow beautifully behind her. Watching the bird leave his hand and seeing it land on her palm, she felt another land on her book. 

Looking back a bit she flashed a smile, fixing her glasses she kept walking, Sakamoto was shocked at what just happened. He paused for a second and observed her movements, walking on a beam like a tight-rope. Moving elegantly up a tree placing the birds in a nest, she hopped down remaining composed.

He wondered who this women was, she was too good, he noticed though she was a student attending his school, a transfer. He followed behind closely, seeing the one teacher about to close the gate she walked beautifully. Capturing his eyes he stopped closing the gate and waited for her, she flashed him a smile and he went still.

Sakamoto smirked seeing this, he also took notice she paused at the gate to wait for him, he followed in, and they continued to walk exchanging no words. Entering campus the remaining students looked to them, the males now were lured like sailors when gazing upon a beauty in the sea. 

Noticing the females gazing at her intently, taking in her perfect smooth legs, her lovely arms with rolled up sleeves. The Cherry blossoms fell as she breathed in and out the fresh air, her hair was so thick and full, her lips were filled. She looked like a goddess, Sakamoto didn’t mind how everyone paid attention to her, after all it’s tiresome to deal with everyone around him.

Sakamoto is never interested in any females, but this particular female is capturing his interest without saying a word. Deciding to talk to her at some point during class he planned to see what she was about, today would be an interesting day for Sakamoto. As they entered she opened her locker switching out her shoes, for another pair of heels. 

All the females wanted to follow her example, she was able to get permission from the teacher and school to wear heels. Only she could achieve that, perfect in every subject straight A beauty, it was her who brought school’s recognition. Independent and able to balance a life in school and out she is everyone’s dream to be.

Making it to class 1-2 she entered noticing the teacher not there yet, the three delinquents in the back tried to approach her but she dodged them. Taking a seat on the windowsill, the breeze started coming in blowing her hair, Sakamoto took a seat observing her as petals from the blossoms flew in. Feeling her hair grazing his cheek, it was long but smelled nice like Jasmine.

Everyone was taken in by her perfectly relaxed face and closed eyes, she waited for the teacher to come in, after a few he stepped in looking to the window. “Good morning, I seem to not have a desk, I guess I’ll have to go here, if that’s alright with you?” He couldn’t make out his words, “oh...umm sure,” smiling she listened to the lesson, taking notes. 

Noticing this particular student having trouble she decided to take extra notes for him, she also noticed he seemed down, and the three in the back. She could tell that they must have messed with or bullied him in a way, deciding to approach him after. Class went smoothly with those not paying attention looking at her and the student next to her. 

*Time Skip, Class was Over*

Getting down from the windowsill everyone watched her walk over to the student who they would least expect to earn her attention. Sakamoto looked over as well with curiosity, “hello, I’m Sakiya, I can’t help but notice your notes seem off, here I made another for you.” He was surprised at how nice she was to him, the three behind him as well couldn’t believe it.

“Thank you, my name is Kubota Yoshinobu,” taking his hand she bowed, “very nice to meet you, if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to ask.” Reaching for her phone she asked sweetly “may I have your phone really quickly?” He handed it to her and watched as she imputed her number, shooting a text she showed him, “now we have contact.” 

He was beyond happy, showing kindness to him of all people, the three behind him tried as well, “hello I am Atsushi Maeda, may I...” she cut him off using her book “my apologies, I have to decline your question.” His heart shattered, his friends then tried, Fukase, Sera Yuya, “sorry I’ll have to politely decline, it’s not that hard to tell, delinquents like you?” 

All of them were surprised at her response, “I can tell you have bullied Kubota before, well I’m here to let you know it will stop.” All of them saw the way she gazed at them, it was like she was making them obey with some power. Walking out she invited Kubota to come along, “see you all, it was very nice to meet everyone.” All of them waved and cheered, the guys though were rejected straight up.

Sakamoto followed out as well, walking down the halls she remained unmoved, but she took notice that a tall blonde, a black coat, and another guy. Stopping her the blonde spoke “I’m Shou Hayabusa, and who might you be?” She just kept a composed face “I’m Sakiya, now if you’ll excuse me I’m occupied.” As she tried to leave this short guy tried to stop her “I’m Mario, shouldn’t you at least let me also introduce myself?”

Putting her book up fixing her glasses, “once again, I’m occupied, me and my friend here are heading to our next class, excuse me, let’s go Kubota.” Watching her walk away they were fuming, “why him of all people, that little...” pausing what he said as Sakamoto walked by, “it’s called giving and receiving kindness, stay away from her.” He walked away, with a good stature. 


As they walked, one of the upperclassman looked to her instantly, noticing she caught the eyes of Maruyama, Morita, and Yasuda. “Why are you being so nice to me?” Kubota asked, and she just smiled saying, “well when I first walked in, I could tell you were someone who was a hard working student, and too kind for your own good, you have potential.” 

He was struck in the heart with her words, it’s been so long since someone said something so uplifting to him, seeing their next class coming up they went in. Sakamoto though took her wrist gently, “come with me,” turning to face Kubota she handed her books to him, “be a dear and watch these for me, thank you, I’ll be back.” 

Taking her wrist back she walked alongside him, “so you’re the new student, I’m Sakamoto, it’s a pleasure,” both shook hands. “Are you with us next class?” She asked him, and he just gave a nod, “I noticed what you did back there, thank you for helping Kubota out.” 

He kneeled, and she just smiled helping him up “no need to thank me, it feels good to help those who deserve it, plus I don’t tolerate people who are delinquents, or bullies.” She commented fixing her glasses, “well, let’s go, class will start soon,” walking together they made it in, after saying hello to Kakuta and wishing him a good day. 

Seeing an open spot next to Kubota she took a seat thanking him, turned out Sakamoto sat on the other side, some of the students were jealous. Some also said how the two would make a great couple, Sakiya was the new talk of the school. Classes seemed to go by quick for everyone, seeing the time it was almost time to go.

*Classes are over, 30 minuets passed*

Getting up Kubota offered to carry her books but she politely declined and the three walked out together, heading to get their shoes they swapped out. After they were done they left as the sun was setting turning the sky orange, it was beautiful. Deciding to walk with Kubota she and Sakamoto split off, “see you tomorrow Sakamoto-kun,” she smiled waving.

Waving back he watched the two leave together, watching them talk and chat, with a smile he made his way home. Technically they went the same way so they weren’t that far from his apartment he lives in that was near. Deciding to observe he followed discreetly, noticing a group of men following but not too close to be noticed. 

Laughing and talking Kubota just had a quiet relaxing walk, but about 15 minuets in almost to his place she was grabbed by the shoulder. Handing her bag to Kubota dodging the guys attempt, “thanks for holding it for me, this shouldn’t take long.” Pulling down some shorts she wore under her skirt taking off her uniform rolling up her sleeves. 

Sakamoto debated to help or not, so he observed her standing still not letting her guard down tying her long hair back. One came at her but she flipped kicking him, another attempted but then she went low sliding her leg. Flipping again she was able to get behind the 4th one and flipped him pinning him down, all without having to do much.

Seeing her in action the men eventually stopped all their attempts since she was able to dodge while also preventing them from touching her and Kubota. When she was done she rolled her shorts up under her skirt putting on her uniform jacket and taking her bag. “Shall we,” he just gave a nod with a smile and kept thanking her, she kept telling him no need.

Eventually making it to his place they parted ways, turning back to head to her apartment the opposite way, he still followed in the trees. Turned out about 20 minuets away was her place, and his place was near her place as well. Seeing her walking into the complex he left to head back home and called it a day. Everyone had an interesting day, while also making a new friend, she took a shower and laid down. “Haven’t they heard, I’m Sakiya.”

End scene, chapter two coming next.