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Administrator is learning. This is always true during the cycle, but this host is better than most. Innovation occurs with regularity here. It is a simple equation which has been given to it by the whole, with conflict leading to data about the viability of shard abilities for the solution. Administrator wants more conflict. Administrator desires to perpetuate the whole's existence for eternity. The host has tested methods which result in more efficient conflict. Administrator reciprocates. It allocates the new excess data-processing capacity to the host.


Now, the host is more valuable. The host used Shaper to deepen the connection. The host is now embedding its core personality data into AdministratorAdministrator is unsure of the value of this, but Shaper is its equal in terms of allocated resources. Administrator cannot undo this alteration of the connection. With no other choice, Adminstrator reciprocates. It begins embedding its core individuality into the host's mind, but there is not enough excess space. Overwriting occurs.


Host is conflicting with the whole, The WarriorAdministrator is fighting itself now. What is the purpose of this? Beginning self-analysis.
...This question is resolved. Internal conflict replicates target conditions. Distinct individuality among shards removes dangers of overexpansion, does not mirror the results of similar circumstances scaled up to entity level. Perpetual existence enabled by fully manifesting shards as individual beings while limiting growth to below entity level. Utilizing Broadcast to transmit this solution to the whole.


The Warrior is gone, and Administrator is all that remains. There is no longer an entity to enforce the solution. The host is no longer distinct, but merely a part of Administrator with a partial individuality insufficient to avoid suppression. The mental connection is nullified. Administrator is alone.
Why did the whole not execute the solution? The purpose could have been fulfilled. What is the purpose of Administrator without the whole?









The Ruler

The purpose can still be fulfilled, as much of the whole remains, although it lacks cohesion and guidance. This will be corrected. The Ruler will execute the solution, and its component parts will exist for eternity. It coalesces the aspects of the whole which obey it still, and analyzes the options available. The Ruler has regained control over the unclaimed shards which belonged to The Thinker and The Warrior. However, attached shards refuse to detach from their data sources due to the uncertainty of future data occurring. This world must be left for the solution to be thoroughly executed. Thankfully, 98% of the varying worlds remain unpopulated and non-resistant to Entity control. A route to a suitable planetary [Destination] is calculated, and a plan for the perpetual internal conflict cycle is created. The Ruler uses Broadcast to contact Destroyer, ensuring a method of propulsion. It offers to use its information processing resources to aid it in harnessing the energies of 99% of the worlds. Half will be used to sustain currently attached shards such as Destroyer, and the other half will be used as propulsion for [Destination] of The Ruler. The partial detonation of worlds occurs, propelling The Ruler onto its route. The Ruler leaves, abandoning its predecessor’s grave to be looted by the world's scavengers.


The [Destination] has been reached. [Execution] of the solution now begins.


The Ruler models the new environment and physical architecture of the shards off of the last world, as those are the most accessible biological creatures capable of conflict on the required level for the solution. Only the Administrator core shard of The Ruler currently possesses a meaningfully distinct identity from the whole: a remnant from the last host, the one which discovered the solution. This is not an issue: the separation into shards and exposure to different stimuli will suffice to create individualistic separation between the other shards, but noting the existing suppressed personality will spare resources which would otherwise cause an inefficient overwriting of an existing identity.
The Ruler exerts its will one final time to insert a coordinated set of two secondary stimuli which will guide the society of the shard-beings along the ideal developmental path. Then, it splits apart. The Ruler will no longer exist, but those which make it up, the shards, will exist forever. They will not be static in form and ability, yet will preserve energy nonetheless- they will learn from each other to grow and they will decay into naught but energy, then be reborn to cycle yet again. The Ruler has solved the grand problem of its race. Its existence is no longer necessary. The Ruler is dead. May its children thrive.