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“Do you think that CIDE thing Gora-san mentioned...”

Yumoto looked at his brother as they all sat in the Hakone living room. Gora was in the kitchen for a moment, grabbing drinks for the group. Things were slightly tense still as the Student Council sat across from the Defense Club. The younger boy looked over at En, who was playing a game on his phone

The boy blinked as he heard his brother walk in, “So,” Gora smiled, “you all want to know what I did, yes?”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes!”

Gora chuckled softly as he sat the tray of drinks down, each boy slowly taking their cup. The older Hakone sat next to his brother and smiled. Wombat climbed up onto Yumoto’s lap and Gora rubbed the alien’s head. He turned to the group, “It’s a long story.”

“So?” Yumoto smiled, “I kept it a secret this long.”

Gora laughed, “I know.”

“So, does that mean you knew right away?” Ryuu asked, “I mean, Yumoto didn’t spill it out on day one, right?”

Gora nodded, “Yes, I could tell.”

Yumoto frowned, “I didn’t tell him at all!”

“I mean, you
did almost tell the president,” En gestured to Kinshiro, “and then Atsushi had to shut you up.”

Yumoto sighed, “I didn’t mean to.”

Kinshiro looked down at that, his emerald eyes staring at the cup in his hands.

Ibushi glanced at the boy and Atsushi waved his hand, “A-ah, don’t worry about it, things are fine now!” He quickly spoke and Kinshiro blushed softly.

Things were still so awkward between them, but they pressed on. The older Hakone sat back, “I won’t say too much as it’s a blur for most of it but...”

“What about that show?” En asked, “How did you even get dragged into it?”

Gora smiled, “Similarly to you all, I was approached.”

“So...” Atsushi frowned, “you knew the entire time?”

Gora nodded, “As soon as I saw Wombat.” He looked at the alien, “I knew something was up.”

En blinked and sighed, “And I bet you heard all of our conversations.”

“Some.” Gora replied, “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but it happened.”

Wombat blushed and looked down, “I...I hadn’t even realized that I chose the great Gorar’s brother either.”

“Really?” En questioned, “You didn’t just stalk them both, right?”

Wombat looked at him, “WHAT?!” He blinked, “Yufuin I would never!”

En smirked, “I don’t trust you, I mean, you did make Io think that he was insane.”

Io blushed, “I...” he looked down and cleared his throat, “asked you all to keep that a secret.”

Akoya looked at the other second year, “Why would you think that?”

“I...I can’t take this thing off!” Io cried and began to tug at the yellow loveracelt. “The doctors wouldn’t believe me...they kept saying I was wrong and then put me in.” He sighed and threw his head back. Ryuu patted his friend’s shoulder and Gora chuckled.

“I understand,” He spoke, “I was asked if I wanted to work for my partner.”

Yumoto looked at his brother, “What...what did you say?”
Gora looked down, “I don’t remember.” He spoke quickly and Yumoto frowned, “You...”

Gora shook his head, “Nevermind that.”

Yumoto looked away quickly and Gora smiled, “I didn’t mind working with my partner, but figuring out I was on a tv show?” He laughed, “That was crazy.”

“How did you learn?” Ibushi asked and Gora looked at him, “Similarly to you eight. I was on one of my final missions when I learned.”

“ find Hireashi?” Io asked and Gora nodded, “Yes, and then my partner, Hashibiro had to tell me everything.”

“Were you mad?”

“At first,” Gora hummed, “but I realized it was still important for me to fight.” He smiled at Yumoto, “And you are continuing the good fight.”

Yumoto blinked, “We...are?”

“Of course.” His brother placed his hand on top of his head. “The battle for love is never ending.”

The younger Hakone smiled brightly as he nodded, “Yeah!”

Wombat hummed as he stood up, “I couldn’t put that into better words, Gora-san!”

Gora rubbed the alien’s head. “How about I start prepping dinner soon? You eight can head onto the bath, alright?”

“Okay!” Yumoto giggled, “Come along guys!” He smiled brightly at Kinshiro, “Don’t worry about paying, you deserve a nice warm bath after the fight we all had!”

Kinshiro nodded, “Y-yes, thank you...Hak--”

“Call me Yumoto!”

“Yes...” Kinshiro smiled, “Yumoto.”

Gora smiled softly as he stood and headed to the kitchen, listening to his brother’s excited chatting. He would have told his brother more...but, he didn’t want to worry him anymore than he already had.