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Sun shone brightly into the room as Anakin blinked awake, a gentle smile coming over his face as he saw the scene in front of him. Obi-Wan had his back pressed against Anakin’s chest, his back arched just slightly, and his arm covering his face to block out the sun. Anakin reached down and very carefully moved Obi-Wan’s arm away from his face, setting it carefully against his side instead. He stayed still for a while after that, just looking at the other man's peaceful face in thought. His mind returned to last night. His vision filled with Vivid and recent memories of Obi-Wan and himself kissing passionately, touching each other in ways he had never believed they would. It was a dream and yet it was better than any dreams Anakin had ever had. He could hardly believe that it was real. He couldn't believe Obi-Wan could actually feel something in return for him after all Anakin had done. And now that something had happened between them all he could do was hope Obi-Wan wouldn’t change his mind. He needed Obi-Wan to know that they belonged together.  

Anakin’s eyes scanned over Obi-Wan’s body and he carefully pulled the other man against him. He couldn’t stop imagining the way Obi-Wan tried to keep that need and want out of his voice. All Anakin had to do was whisper to him and Obi-Wan would become flustered and red. It was odd how a man Anakin once knew as confident Obi-Wan was usually so confident became so much more hesitant last night. Anakin figured it was possible Obi-Wan was scared or apprehensive of something, although Anakin couldn’t determine what that was; possibly this new relationship itself. Anakin knew it was also possible that this was all just new for him, not just a relationship but sexual activity. Although Anakin was sure Obi-Wan had already slept with a lot of men and women over the years. The idea that Obi-Wan had not been sexually active before seemed almost out of the question. Obi-Wan used his appearance and charm in many negotiations, making it seem obvious that he got in bed with at least one senator. And if it wasn’t during negotiations then he at least slept with another Jedi, even if it was just once. He was so pretty, Anakin was sure there were Jedi lining up to do one of those one night, no strings attached, no emotions sex things some Jedi seemed to indulge in. Anakin was almost sure it was allowed for two Jedi to have casual sexual relations at least, as long as they weren’t devoting themselves to each other and getting overly attached. 

It made Anakin angry to think about, the idea someone else could have had Obi-Wan. It shouldn't make him mad at all, he was Anakin’s now and that was all there was to it. He wasn’t supposed to be worried that someone would come along and try to take Obi-Wan away from him. But Anakin wouldn’t let it happen, of course, even if sometime Anakin believed he didn’t deserve it. 

Obi-Wan was his. He was his in the way he spoke to him and gave him that smile he gave to no one else, and in the way he touched him and kissed him last night. Anakin rolled to lay further on top of Obi-Wan, his stiffening cock pressed against Obi-Wan’s bum. He tried to take a deep breath to calm himself down as he wondered what the civilized Jedi’s reaction would be if he woke up to Anakin not only sitting but rubbing his erection against his bum. He knew Obi-Wan would get red, probably stutter something out as Anakin rut against him. 

Biting his lip to prevent himself from making any noise he began to do just what he imagined, gently rocking himself against Obi-Wan’s bum as the other man slept. Obi-Wan squirmed slightly and he gave a quiet huff yet thankfully didn’t wake up. Anakin smirked, going a bit harder as he became more confident. He would dream about this some mornings, his thoughts so heated he had to run to the shower. He would imagine Obi-Wan waking up and begging him to continue. Begging wasn’t much like Obi-Wan, but it was Anakin’s fantasy so Obi-Wan would do whatever he wanted. After Obi-Wan begged him Anakin would then slowly pull Obi-Wan’s pants down before taking him. It would be a lot less complicated in the fantasy, they wouldn’t need to prepare each other and Obi-Wan would somehow already be ready for him. And once Anakin took him Obi-Wan would cry for him because Obi-Wan needed him. He was miserable without him, as miserable as Vader was without Obi-Wan. 

Anakin wouldn’t let Obi-Wan slip from his grasp again. And yet he still felt he did not deserve this. 

Finally, Obi-Wan opened his eyes just slightly, his facial expression turning to confusion for only a moment before his eyes widened and a gasp escaped his lips. 

Anakin groaned quietly, grinding himself harder against Obi-Wan. Once again Obi-wan gasped in surprise. “Anakin?” Obi-Wan questioned in that posh accent of his. “W-what are you doing?” 

Anakin chuckled deeply. “What am I doing? What does it feel like, Obi-Wan?” He whispered teasingly. 

Obi-Wan’s face heated up a shade. “Anakin,” he whispered again. “This is so…” 

“What?” Anakin questioned. “Uncivilized?” He guessed amusedly. “Do I need to stop Obi-Wan? Or do you like how… uncivilized this is?” Anakin teased. Obi-Wan quietly groaned and Anakin’s smirk just got wider. He then reached down and very gently began to rub Obi-wan’s cock through his pants. To Anakin’s surprise, Obi-Wan was already half hard. “So you do like it?” He whispered. 

Obi-Wan gave a quiet moan into his pillow before nodding. Anakin rubbed Obi-Wan’s cock faster, getting more moans out of Obi-Wan as he did so. Anakin decided to test Obi-Wan and reached into the other man's pants to stroke him. Once again Obi-Wan moaned into the pillow he had been hiding his red face in the entire time. 

He wondered why Obi-Wan hid all his moans in that pillow when Anakin had no shame. “Why do you hide those noises?” Anakin whispered to him. 

Obi-Wan shook his head, still groaning into his pillow. “They’re…they’re embarrassing,” Obi-Wan hissed. 

Anakin groaned. ‘But I like them.” Anakin did his best to pick up the speed of his strokes on Obi-Wan’s cock. As expected, Obi-Wan moaned loudly again, still hiding his face. Anakin was about to complain when his thoughts were put on hold by the feeling of an oncoming orgasm. His rutting had become faster and faster until Anakin could no longer take it. Finally, the build-up of pleasure hit him and he came in his pants and against Obi-Wan’s bum. Anakin’s body trapped Obi-Wan against the bed as he carefully thrusts out his orgasm. It only took a few more thrusts before Obi-Wan was cumming against the bed as well, moaning one final time into the pillow where the sound alone made Anakin want to get up and do all of this over again. 

They both lay down for a while processing what just happened. Once again Anakin felt he was dreaming. “Well, that was a unique way to wake up,” Obi-Wan eventually whispered into the silence. 

Anakin snorted and laid his head down against Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “Pretty uncivilized huh?” Anakin teased. 

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. “You are drawn to uncivilized things, Anakin.” 

“More like drawn to getting a reaction out of you,” Anakin said honestly, poking him in the cheek amusedly. 

Obi-Wan turned just enough to raise an eyebrow at him. Anakin laughed and pressed his nose against Obi-Wan’s cheek, happy that he was allowed to be this affectionate without overwhelming Obi-Wan. Once again they were silent for a while before Obi-Wan tried scooting away. “Where do you think you are going?” Anakin demanded. 

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes once again. “I’m getting up.” Anakin huffed, purposely sending his frustration at the thought through their bond. Obi-Wan turned around and gave him a slightly annoyed look. “Anakin, I’m all messy.” 

Anakin pulled Obi-Wan back under him and whispered. “You wouldn't be messy if you hadn’t tempted me; If you hadn’t looked so….” 

“Asleep, so asleep?” Obi-Wan questioned. 

“Sooo….enticing,” Anakin emphasized, making Obi-Wan get red again as he tried to scoot away. Yet Obi-Wan couldn’t get far as Anakin had a vice grip around his waist. “Stop trying to resist!” 

Obi-Wan groaned annoyedly. “Anakin Skywalker, my pants are soaked and it is your fault. So it is only fair that-” 

Anakin leaned forward and pulled Obi-Wan into a kiss, quickly getting him to be quiet for the time. He heard Obi-Wan sigh pleasantly against him, a warm feeling shooting down to Anakin's stomach over the sound. Once breaking the kiss he made sure to whisper against Obi-Wan’s lips. “Finally figured out how to get you to be quiet.” 

Obi-Wan gave him a glare Anakin could tell was forced before finally using all his strength to slip out of Anakin’s arms and off the bed. Sadly Obi-wan was right, the mess was mostly his fault and Obi-Wan was uncomfortable so he regrettably let the other man go. Obi-Wan stood up straight and Anakin smirked when he could see that wet spot on the back of Obi-Wan’s pants. Obi-Wan turned and spotted him looking before placing a hand over his bum in an embarrassed manner. Anakin laughed at him as Obi-Wan walked to the closet still covering his bum. “There is nothing to be ashamed of,” Anakin added. “I was the one that made the spot after all.” 

Obi-Wan hesitantly uncovered the spot but said nothing as he got out Jedi robes from the closet to wear. Anakin had no idea when Obi-Wan would decide to wear something besides plain, tan clothing but he supposed he would just bring up the topic another time. It didn’t matter at the time, especially since Anakin liked the idea of kissing Obi-Wan while he wore those Jedi robes of his. It made him feel like they had never died, or like things were how they used to be. 

He watched as Obi-Wan got changed into his Jedi robes. Obi-Wan was able to make all the dirt and cum that was on his body disappear just by closing his eyes. Anakin’s eyes followed the curve of Obi-Wan’s waist and the outline of his chest. He looked down as Obi-wan slipped his pants on, his eyes landing on Obi-Wan's bottom. He shifted slightly in bed as he became uncomfortable, an unwelcome bulge forming in his pants again. It was a very fast rebound, but it made sense in this heaven-like afterlife. 

He swore Obi-Wan knew what he was doing by changing in front of him. There wasn’t any way he didn’t realize Anakin would be staring at him. Obi-Wan finally finished changing and turned to Anakin with a small smile. “I’ll meet you in the kitchen then?” Obi-Wan asked. Anakin wanted to ask him to come back to bed but sadly a knock on the door interrupted him before he got the chance. 




Obi-Wan glanced at Anakin confusedly, both wondering who could be at the door. “I suppose that’s Qui-Gon,” Obi-Wan guessed as he walked over to the door. Obi-Wan walked out of his room and to the door confidently yet paused before his hand reached the button. An odd feeling of apprehension or what Obi-Wan might even describe as fear washed over him. For the first time he picked up a warning from the force, he felt something out of place in the calm forest that surrounded the cottage. He become more fearful as he looked back down at the button to open the door. He wondered if he should answer at all. Obi-Wan was sure he could get away with pretending to sleep. Yet if he did that he knew he would feel guilty. So instead of answering Obi-Wan simply reached out into the living force to try and sense the signature that lay behind that metal door. Immediately he picked up on the signature outside, a signature he had felt many times before. 

Obi-Wan quickly opened the door with a smile. “Master,” he said happily and stepped aside to let the other man in. 

Qui-Gon walked into the house, giving Obi-Wan a nod as the door shut behind him. “I came to check on you,” he informed. Obi-Wan’s memories of last night came flooding back to him. He had nearly forgotten that he had called Qui-Gon for advice. Obi-Wan supposed he owed his old Master a thanks. 

Obi-Wan smiled shyly as Qui-Gon leaned against the counter and stared at him. “Well,” Obi-Wan began. “Thank you.” 

Qui-Gon slowly smiled. “Is this you telling me things worked out?” He said in a teasing tone. Obi-Wan involuntarily blushed before hearing Qui-Gon laugh quietly a moment later. “Are you going to tell me what happened?” He questioned amusedly. 

Obi-Wan sighed and glanced down at his hands shyly. “It went well. I…I think at least. I am under the impression we are together. We hadn’t talked about what we would call this yet.” 

Qui-Gon lowered his voice down to a whisper. “You at least kissed him didn’t you?” 

Obi-Wan felt his face heat up another degree. “Yes…” He whispered.

Qui-Gon laughed again. “Good, I would be disappointed if you didn’t.” 

Obi-Wan sighed. “Yes master,” He said with slight fondness and amusement. 

“You have been fixated on Anakin for quite some time now. I had guessed you had fallen in love with him a long time ago. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before it all bubbled to the surface,” Qui-Gon admitted. 

“Qui-Gon,” Obi-Wan complained. “Just because I was fixated does not mean I had some kind of crush. I was…I was just worried and sad.” 

Qui-Gon nodded. “I know, yet you can be worried and sad without being fixated. 

But that is not the point, the point is you finally realized these feelings.” 

Obi-Wan sighed once again but nodded, knowing Qui-Gon was right. He hesitated before walking closer to Qui-Gon and leaning up against the counter next to him. “I am still concerned,” Obi-Wan added before quickly continuing in a whisper. “I am worried that Anakin is the one that is confused about feelings, not me. He seems certain now but I…. fear that might somehow change with time.” 

Qui-Gon looked sadly at him. “Why do you think that?” 

Obi-Wan motioned to himself. “Well, I am not exactly perfect. And what if he only believes he feels these things because I am one of the only people he has had a positive interaction with…in…well…a while.” 

Qui-Gon shook his head before putting a hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder. “Obi-Wan, Anakin is more than likely not confused. I highly doubt he will change his mind either. It may be true he has not had many positive interactions but I must admit you two liking each other in a romantic way makes more sense than you seem to believe. You both have an intense past with each other, you both crave to fix what was broken, and you both loved each other in the past, even if it was in a different kind of love then. I will admit it’s possible that you are both confused and are just turning to this kind of love as a comfort. And I know saying that is not very comforting but what I am trying to prove is that things will work themselves out. I am certain some form of love will always be between you both.” Qui-Gon paused. “Besides, if you are truly worried about Anakin changing his mind then maybe it is best you bring it up with him.” 

Obi-Wan shook his head, too embarrassed and ashamed to bring such a thing up with Anakin. He was worried Anakin would judge him or think that Obi-Wan didn’t take him seriously. “It’s harder than it sounds,” Obi-Wan responded simply. 

“I know, but being here in the afterlife so long has taught me that sometimes all it takes for problems to be resolved is to talk about them,” Qui-Gon reassured. 

Right then Anakin walked out of Obi-Wan’s room. He was now fully dressed in his usual black attire with his hair pulled back into a small ponytail. Obi-Wan’s eyes followed him closely, watching intently as Anakin walked to the counter and sat down. Anakin nodded to Qui-Gon. “Hello, Master Jinn.” 

“Hello Anakin, have you been doing okay?” Qui-Gon questioned and Anakin nodded, about to respond when there was a tapping on the window. Outside, Patience impatiently tapped her beak against it. 

Obi-Wan huffed. “Yes, little bird?” Patience kept tapping the glass annoyingly so Obi-Wan sighed. “I'll be right back.” Obi-Wan conveniently walked out of the house and to Patience outside. 




As soon as the door shut Anakin turned to Qui-Gon. “I’m fine.” He paused before quietly adding. “Obi-Wan asked you for advice yesterday…about me? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I just happened to overhear…” 

Qui-Gon simply nodded. “He did, he just needed to be set on the right path.” 

Anakin hesitated. “May I ask you for advice as well?” Anakin didn’t want to force Qui-Gon to give him advice, but to Anakin, Qui-Gon seemed so wise and open-minded. If Anakin was still a Jedi he was sure that Qui-Gon would have been someone he looked up to. But of course, Anakin was not a Jedi so Qui-Gon was simply someone he admired. 

“Of course you may ask me for advice Anakin. If you need guidance and you think I can offer it then I will,” Qui-Gon offered. 

Anakin smiled, still having no idea why Qui-Gon continued to be so kind to him after everything Anakin had done. His smile quickly faded as he thought about his question. “I assume you realize that… something is going on between Obi-Wan and I?” 

Qui-Gon gave a knowing smile. “Yes, I realize. I had been wondering for a while if there was something romantic going on between you two.” 

Anakin sighed, wishing that were true. “Sadly no, but…do you feel it is morally correct for me to be with Obi-Wan?” He paused for only a moment. “I am not usually concerned about the morally correct, but I am in the case because I care about Obi-Wan. I will appreciate him and care for him but I did so much in the past, and Obi-Wan could so easily be with someone who doesn’t bring back memories of pain. He could so easily be with someone who wasn’t once…a Sith.” Once again Anakin paused, having a hard time gathering his thoughts. He was hoping for reassurance, for Qui-Gon to tell him what he was doing was okay. He wasn’t certain why he wanted this reassurance but maybe deep down he knew any more guilt would be too much for him.

Qui-Gon just waited silently, the silence supposedly meant to encourage Anakin to talk more and fill it. Anakin decided to just say what had been on his mind. “I don’t deserve Obi-Wan, I feel like I am…somehow hindering him. Does he truly want Lord Vader? Does he want a former Sith Lord? He can do better. I know what I was yet I can’t help myself when it comes to him. I want him so bad that I can’t simply sit by and watch him go off and find that other person who won't cause him pain.” 

Qui-Gon examined him as Anakin defeatedly leaned his head against his mechanical hand. “Well to answer one of your questions, it is not Lord Vader Obi-Wan wants; Anakin is who he wants, and that's who you are. He loves Anakin, constantly worries about him and wants to be around him. At this point in your relationship, the safest option is also the option I believe would make the two of you the happiest would be to continue on the current path. It’s probably best you do not suddenly end things. Communicate you're feelings and worries and see what he has to say. And to answer your question on what is morally correct, I would say once again that staying close to one another is your best choice. After all, there was a reason Dai Bendu made Obi-Wan watch over you. He knew you two could help each other. I think this was, in a rather sappy way…meant to be.” 

Anakin smiled at Qui-Gon gently. Surprisingly, Qui-Gon’s advice seemed to genuinely quell some of his worries. He figured that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all, that he could truly voice some of his worries now. Besides, Obi-Wan must have known what he was getting into when he returned Anakin's kisses last night. “Thank you Master Jinn, I will keep your advice in mind.” 

Qui-Gon nodded. “You are welcome. And I may have said this before but you may call me Qui-Gon.”  

“Are you certain?” Anakin asked, not understanding how he somehow earned the right to call Qui-Gon by his first name. 

“Certain,” Qui-Gon reassured with a smile to match. He couldn’t tell if it was forced. 

It was only a short time later when Obi-Wan walked back in and a more light-hearted conversation began. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan began bickering about some old mission they went on, apparently disagreeing on a chain of events and when and how it took place. At least they seemed to be enjoying the bickering, unlike Anakin who had no idea what was going on. But the conversation was short-lived as Qui-Gon soon announced that Tahl and he had something planned and she didn’t want him gone too long. 

After Qui-Gon left Anakin became slightly bored as Obi-Wan declared he needed to meditate and went into the bedroom. In response to this, Anakin decided he would lay on the couch and take a nap to pass the time. He knew he could read or tinker but the times he got the dreamless sleep always made him more relaxed, and Anakin figured once he woke up he could finally talk to Obi-Wan about what he brought up to Qui-Gon. 




Obi-Wan had been in the kitchen when he heard Anakin gasp from where he was sleeping on the couch. Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes as he watched Anakin sit up and rub his hands over his face and through his hair. He looked oddly out of breath, his hands were shaking and pulling at his messy hair. 

Not wanting to make Anakin suffer alone from what was most likely a nightmare, Obi-Wan walked over to the couch. “Anakin, are you quite alright? Did you have a nightmare? Do you want to talk about it?” 

Anakin looked panicked as he shook his head. “N-No! No….” 

Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes once again as he sat down by Anakin’s feet. “ He’s hiding something,” Obi-Wan’s mind supplied. “Anakin, please let me help you.” Obi-Wan moved his hand gently over Anakin’s thigh. 

Anakin glanced down at Obi-Wan’s hand and gently put his own hand over it. “Obi…” he sighed and looked away. 

“Anakin, please tell me,” Obi-Wan whispered. 

“I don’t need you to hate me,” Anakin said as he looked Obi-Wan in the eyes. Anakin should have known it was nearly impossible to make Obi-Wan hate him. 

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan whispered. “What is it you need to tell me?” The way Anakin looked at him made Obi-Wan’s heart speed up. 

Anakin hesitated before slowly beginning. “Do you remember those dreams I was having about my mother dying?” 

Obi-Wan tensed. “Yes… Is that what you dreamt about?” Anakin nodded and Obi-Wan immediately moved his hand to squeeze Anakin’s. “Did you want to talk about that? Or we could comm your mother instead.” 

Anakin shook his head. “No, we should not comm. I believe the force wants me to talk to you. The dreams I have are usually trying to tell me something.” He paused before adding. “I hate them for it. Dreams haunt me until I say something.” 

Obi-Wan nodded. “Then please tell me about it.” 

There was a momentary hesitation before Anakin took a deep breath and slowly began telling Obi-Wan about his dream. He went over how his mother passed, and then how he couldn’t control his rage and sadness after. He went into only a small amount of detail when describing killing the tuskens, simply saying he killed them all, not just the men but the potentially innocent as well. “I didn’t tell you for obvious reasons…” 

“What do you mean obvious?” Obi-Wan suddenly stated. “Anakin…” Obi-Wan didn’t know how to feel. One part of him wanted to comfort Anakin and tell him that it was okay, he wanted to tell him it was all in the past. But another part of himself was writhing with guilt over never finding out and anger over not being told. For the first time in a long while, Obi-Wan genuinely felt like yelling angrily at Anakin. He couldn’t believe he wasn't told about what was more than likely Anakin's first step into the Darkside. Anakin was still a padawan, he was supposed to go to his Master when something went wrong, and yet Obi-Wan was somehow not trustworthy enough to hear about this act. “Why couldn’t you have told me?” Obi-Wan said a bit harsher than was needed. 

Anakin tensed up even further. “You would have told the council! I would have been expelled! I was suffering Obi-Wan, the last thing I needed was one of your lectures.” 

Obi-Wan now glared at Anakin. “One of my lectures!? Anakin if you had gone to me maybe you would have realized that I want to help you! I only ever wanted what was best for you!” 

Obi-Wan stood up and Anakin quickly followed. “You aren’t understanding!” Anakin yelled. “You wanting to help wouldn’t have prevented my explosion,” He said bitterly Obi-Wan glared. Anakin turned away before whispering. “Like I could stand disappointing you that badly at such an age,” Obi-Wan froze up as they both stared at each other, the tension in the room suffocating. 

A quiet knock sounded on the door, causing both Obi-Wan and Anakin to snap their heads in that direction. Obi-Wan had never seen such bad timing for a visitor. Plus the fact this visit was unplanned and he had not a clue who it could be. “Maybe it’s my mother,” Anakin whispered and Obi-Wan relaxed. 

“Do you sense her?” Obi-Wan questioned as he slowly began making his way to the door. 

A bad feeling began to build in Obi-Wan, and as he reached through the force he felt an oddly familiar signature, yet it was so different and new at the same time. Earlier when Obi-Wan went outside with Patience he had gotten a bad feeling well, yet it was dwelled slightly with the birds distracting him. “No,” Anakin suddenly said behind him. “That is not my mother,” Anakin cautiously moved to the counter and stood next to him, his body tensed up not only from their recent fight but from suspense. 

Obi-Wan took a deep breath. “I’m sure there is no reason to worry,” he told Anakin, trying to relieve some of his stress. It was odd how they were now looking to each other for comfort and protection after just getting into what could have been described as the beginning of a heated argument. “I’m sure it’s simply an old friend.” 

Obi-Wan could not have been more wrong. Opening the door a figure stood dressed in a black cloak, a hood covering his face and head as he glared at the ground. The man slowly peered up, his eyes piercing into Obi-Wan with an intensity very view carried. Yellow eyes met blue and Obi-Wan could do nothing but gasp. He backed away from the door but quickly regretted it when he realized he gave the man an opening to walk inside if he pleased. Yet the tattooed man stood perfectly still, hands behind his back and a passionate look in his eyes. “Hello…Kenobi.”