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Where is Park Jimin?

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"16 year old Park Jimin was reported missing by his parents around seven last night when he didn't return home from school last night. Park is about 5'6, short blonde hair, petite, hazel eyes last seen wearing blue skinny jeans with a white sweater. If you have any information please immediately report it to the Seoul Police Department, thank you" The officer said before leaving the briefing podium.


Jimin woke up to darkness it took him a minute to figure out he was blindfolded. He could see a little light through his blindfolded but not a lot. His hands were tied behind his back but his legs weren't. His shoes were gone but he was glad he still had his socks. He could hear what seemed to be a woman's voice and a man's voice.

"What are we going to do to him?" A woman's voice asked while looking over at the boy struggling boy.

"A lot"

"he's a special boy, I've been watching him for a whole year, he's 16 years old, name's Jimin" The man loud so Jimin could hear while walking over to the teen on the mattress.

"Jimin's such a pretty boy" The older woman said in a sort of cooing manner.

Jimin muffled out cries into the homemade gag. He couldn't move nor could he see what was going on and it was making him even more scared than before after listening to what they're were going to do to him. The smaller had been kidnapped when he was on his way home from school. The boy didn't know what day it was or what time it was or whether it was daytime or nighttime.

"Jimin we're going to have so much fun today with that pretty little body of yours, had to wake up bright and early for this" The man said walking around Jimin laying on the bare mattress.

The man squatted down and removed Jimin's blindfold and the gag. The boy's face was flushed and he had tears running down his soft delicate face.

The man had never seen such a pretty boy before in his life. god, he looked so beautiful when he cried, face all flushed with puffy eyes. And oh those sinful lips.

"P-Please just let me go I-I w-won't tell anyone I swear" Jimin cried looking at the two. The man only chuckled and held Jimin's chin.

"I can't do that sweetheart you're already here, you're in for a lot of fun"

"First let's warm him up" Sana said walking over in the corner to retrieve something. While she went away the man turned Jimin on his back and reached down to unbutton his jeans and Jimin thrashed and sobbed loudly.

Chan was quick to slap the boy and grip his face."If you scream and shout I will kill you and bury you so no one can ever find you.. do you want that" He asked angrily irritated by the young boy's screaming. Jimin shook his head no and the man let go. The teen just sobbed quietly letting the man take off his pants and underwear.

Jimin was bare on his bottom still sobbing quietly, the man had left and he was alone by himself. He looked around for an exit and assumed more than likely they were in a basement. He yanked at the chains but they where tied to the metal pole. His legs weren't but he couldn't go anywhere.

By then the woman had come back with a big bottle of clear substance and a big suitcase probably filled with stuff he wouldn't like. The man came down the stairs with a dog and a cat before closing the door.

The woman opened the suitcase and Jimin's eyes widened. There had to be at least thirty different sex toys and lube. Jimin was scared he never had sex before or for that much played with himself. Poor boy didn't even know If he liked boys or girls.

The man flipped the crying boy so he was sitting on his knees and pushed him forward amazed by how thick and jiggly the teen's ass was. Chan squirted the lube all over his hand and pulled apart Jimin's globes before circling the rim with his index finger. Not wasting any time he quickly slipped the long digit inside. Jimin cried as the man begin to pump his digit in and out not soon after He slipped in another digit not caring how Jimin was sobbing. The teen didn't like it one bit, he felt so violated. The man placed the blindfold over his eyes.

Jimin's cock unwillingly wept precum, the clear liquid sliding down the red tip and shaft. The man was quick to force his head down and his knees up. Jimin could hear the collar rattling and he panicked. "Come on Jet claim your bitch"

The dog sniffed around Jimin's swollen anus before having a taste of the apple-flavored lube. The smaller moaned into the bare mattress feeling so ashamed of his body was enjoying this. He never felt this humiliated in his life, the cameras filmed him from different angles, the back, front, and both his left and right. The dog's long tongue slipped past his swollen ring of muscle forcing Jimin to cry out.

"Good job Jet treating your slut so good" The man praised watching the dog's drool drip onto the mattress and all over Jimin's legs. Jimin hands yanked at the chain connected handcuffs doing his best to handle the pleasure. The dog's tongue was gone and Jimin whined forcing his face into the mattress. Suddenly the dog's paws dug into his shoulders pushing him down even more. Jimin felt something hard rubbing between his ass cheeks. Eventually The dog's long and thick sheath caught on his hole and forced its way inside in one go. Jimin sobbed out at the sudden intrusion.

The dog didn't waste any time fucking in and out the teen. Jimin's drool fell on the mattress below as the dog rammed into the virgin at an animalistic pace no concern whatsoever for Jimin. The teen moaned into the mattress in a hiccup like manner. The dog's cock was reaching places Jimin didn't even know off.

The lube being forced out Jimin's hole by Jet's dick created squelching and queefing like sounds causing Chan to palm at his dick from behind the camera. Jimin never knew getting fucked by a dog would feel so good. His poor cock was red and untouched bobbing uncontrollably at every thrust Jet made.

"F-Fuck" Jimin moaned into the mattress arching his back like he was made to take the dog's cock. The dog's panted got louder and the couple knew what that meant.

"Come on Jet breed your bitch, fuck your knot into him"

Jet sped up while Jimin cried into the mattress his body completely taken over by the pleasure. His blonde locks messy over his blindfold, eyes rolling into his skull underneath. Before Jimin knew it Jet's knot swelled inside him. The teen let out a cry as he squirted his cum on the mattress below. The stretch was painful but it was a good painful. Chan ran his head up Jimin's arched back.

"Say thank you Jet for filling you up with his doggy cum"

"T-Thank you Jet for filling me up with your doggy cum" Jimin spoke. His voice raw and strained from all the moaning and crying. After a minute or so Jet's knot popped and his hot cum spilled inside Jimin. Jimin groaned as Jet slipped out of him.

"Such a good little slut" Chan said gripping Jimin's ass watching him moving back on him.

"Jimin has such a cute boy pussy" She coed slapping over his pink puffy hole harshly."You got what you want now please let me go" Jimin sobbed yanking at the chains he was handcuffed to.

"Shut the hell up Jimin" The man warned and Jimin zipped his lips.

"Bell come here" The man instructed cooing her over.

The tan cat stretched her limbs before coming over to her owners. Rubbing against the man's leg. Sana walked over to Jimin's sore and gaping hole to rub something on the puckering leaking hole. Jimin body jolted as she slipped her finger in.

The feline walked over to the mattress and hoped up before going over to Jimin's still spread ass. She sniffed around his ass before eating up the cat food and dog cum Jet had left in Jimin. The teen mewled as he pulled at the handcuffs above his head. Bell accidentally bit the sensitive skin causing Jimin to gasp, she nipped it again and Jimin bit his lip trying to hold the moans threatening to slip from his mouth. He was exhausted at this point.

"That's good, Bell go sit over there "

Bell immediately ran off and went to sit by Jet who was licking at his sheath, not soon after did she join in.

"Lay on your back Jimin"

The woman took her lubed hand and began to stroke Jimin's cock making him cry out since he was finally being relieved. She sped up twisting her hand roughly as Jimin's eyes rolled back into his head. Then suddenly that feeling was gone. Jimin looked down and saw the woman taking off her pants.

Jimin figured the quicker he got this over with the quicker he could get out here. Jimin groaned when something warm engulfed his dick. He looked down through the blindfold to see Sana sinking down on his cock. Jimin was overtaken by the sudden warmness of her pussy.

He choked on his breath as he pulled at the handcuffs crying out at the heat on his dick. Jimin's toes curled as the woman kept forcing lubed pussy up and down his cock. "Fuck your cock is so amazing"

Jimin came inside the Sana and Chan continued watching while his cum spilled from his cock. Jimin could hear Chan fucking his wife from behind and the sound of his cum being forced in and out brought disgust to him.

That night the couple sent that video to Jimin's parents saying they wanted two million dollars by next week. Little did Jimin know this was only the beginning of a twisted and dark adventure.

Jimin's mom rubbed her tired eyes as she read the text message" I want two million or the boy stays"

Her eyes widened at the video, Jimin was blindfolded and he was being videotaped getting fucked by a black Lab.

Once the video ended Jimin's mother sobbed in her husband's arms not knowing what to do. Mr. Park just kissed her forehead as they cried together. Who could be so cruel and disgusting to hurt their son like this? Jimin was so innocent and sweet, why him?