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Do my eyes deceive me?

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Marketplace, Mid day, Sunny

The Doctor swings open the doors and says “Voila! The beaches of…..”. Sighs heavily and looks back in towards the TARDIS pillars and saying “Why can’t you just take me where I want to go?”

Yaz peeks out the doors, “So where are we, and are we going to stay and explore anyway?”

The Doctor casually says, “I’ve been here before, this place has amazing markets, lots of rare and exotic goods if you’re willing to make a trade.”

“And you don’t even need to taste the soil.” Yaz teases. “So, where are we then?”

“Tiaanamat” Glancing towards the direction of the temple of Rings of Akhaten and nods. “We’re perfectly safe, probably, I think.“

“So reassuring, come on let’s go see whats so exotic about the goods, maybe I can find something for my sister” Yaz grabs the Doctors coat sleeve and pulls her along toward the market.

The Doctor dutifully following along behind Yaz, occasionally helping out on the trade negotiation, falls behind as she hears a familiar voice, and realize there’s not one but two, upon spotting both women she recognizes, promptly ducks behind a market display.

“I have to say darling I am quite impressed, your father would be proud.”

“I’ve looked, but I’m not going to go out of my way to find him, although I did meet him before he knew me.”

“Oh, that was very naughty of you, I’ve done it too Sweetheart, disguises help or make sure he knows it’s too soon and he needs to not remember. Though I’m not officially your mother, I’m proud of you, and You handled the T’sprat very well.

Jenny growing ever confident in her skills, says “ i’m sure I could’ve handled it on my own but, it wouldn’t have been the same without your... unique help.”

Laughing, the pair continue browsing for market, The Doctor “Sneekly” following along. Yaz turns and spots the Doctor's hiding place.

River, hinting just a little, wonders if Jenny would be up for meeting their shadow hiding in the stalls, “Have you considered looking for your mother?”

“Really River, a mother?”

“Yes Jenny, your mother. Just something to consider, it might go better than when you first met your father.”

“I’ll think about it, mooom.”

The Doctor gasps in shock, as Yaz comes up and whisper yells “What are you doing?”

River looks back towards their direction, mouths ‘Hello Sweetie’, and blows the Doctor a kiss.

Turning back and looping arms with Jenny, “Come along sweetheart, I did promise you a tour of some my favorite places in the universe and your father’s... or mother’s ship should be just right around the corner.”

As the Doctor watches in shock and sadness as her wife and daughter walk off, Yaz has lots of questions, “Who was that? Do you know that woman? Do you think she’s up to something? Is that why we're here, should we follow her?

The Doctor still wondering how what she just witnessed was possible distractedly answers, “River and Jenny. Yes. Oh, Most definitely. Yes, probably, the Old Girl misses her too, I’m not sure actually, I think it’s too soon.”

Yaz, not finding most of those answers satisfying, focuses on too soon, “You think they will spot us following them?”

“What?” The Doctor refocusing on Yaz tries to hopefully explain, “No…No River will set the TARDIS to return when they’re done, if we are meant to follow them the last destination won’t be erased.” Standing up straightening her jacket, followed by an abrupt subject change. “So shopping did you find something for Sonya?” When the Doctor strikes off in the opposite direction.

Yaz reaching out to stop her, “Hey, now wait! We let you get away with it before, but no more, so don’t change the subject like that again. That woman knew you, and clearly you know her because you’re fine with her stealing the TARDIS? And how does she know how to fly it on her own anyway?”

“She’s not stealing it, she's borrowing it. Look Yaz, my life is complicated, I mean you’ve met Jack, he’s a fixed point in time, for all practical purposes he is immortal, eternity can be lonely and he has to live that way because...he was my friend.”

“We talked...He doesn’t seem.. he’s living in the moment, and seems to be enjoying it”.”

“He and River are both like that, and they try to hide the damage, and I let them get away with it, let them think I didn’t know, and sometimes they let me get away with it too.”

“Doctor….?” Yaz sighs.

“Please Yaz, can we talk about this later when we’re back on the TARDIS? For now can we just have a nice day out shopping?” Spins and cheerily announces “Oooh! They have biscuits!” And strides off towards a vendor.

Yaz mutters, “Right, hide the damage,“ and follows along after the Doctor.