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He's just not my boss

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I growl and pinned Grim to the bed before ripping his clothes off, the man made me so angry today at gts today and now I had to correct his behavior. I wrapped my hand around his throat and squeezed it before stripping my clothes off, my hand went roughly down on his bare behind before I entered him roughly " Now are we going to behave or will daddy have to stop pleasuring you and correct your behavior " I asked as I leaned forward and softly bite down on his ear. " I...i...I'll behave daddy " Grim manged to squeak out. I chuckled and began to thrust my hips earning moans from the man under me, oh how I loved to hear him moan but I loved hearing him beg more. I stopped trusting and wrapped my hand in what little hair he had before roughly pulling his head back and capturing his lips in a rough but passionate kiss. Grim groaned and whines as soon as my lips left his " Daddy please " he whined. A smirk spreads across my face as he began to beg, " Please daddy what " I asked before pulling on his hair roughly hoping to get Grim to beg a little louder . No I want him to scream and beg for me to destroy his body, " DADDY PLEASE I WANT YOU TO DESTROY MY BODY, I WANT YOU TO MAKE IT HARD FOR ME TO WALK TOMORROW PLEASE DADDYB" Grim screamed with tears rolling down his face. I chuckled and shook my head before I started to roughly thrust my hips into him loving the way that he was moaning/screaming my name. Soon his seed was all over our white bedsheets and I couldnt hold it in anymore and m seed was soon flowing in him. " Lick our bedsheets clean I don't want to sleep in your sperm " I growled in his ear before I roughly shoved his face in his own sperm, a smirk spreads across my face as I watched him lick the sheets clean.