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50 First Dates

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June 14th

Narcissa couldn’t help but smile back when Hermione looked over her shoulder and beamed at her in such delight, you’d think she had just proposed to the younger witch. The ring around her finger was proof that such a request was rather impossible for they had just celebrated their wedding anniversary last week. No, Narcissa had agreed to something else entirely and it was making her so nervous, her smile faltered the second Hermione turned around again.

The sounds of the theme park grew louder as they approached Disneyworld and Narcissa couldn’t help but stare at the enormous iron constructions that were a lot further from the ground than she’d like. Just like her wife, she wasn’t too fond of flying but judging by the speed with which she saw a bunch of muggles pass by, those funny looking contraptions were rather similar to a broomstick. The blonde gulped. Why had she agreed to this?

‘Cissy, are you alright?’

Two amber eyes looked at her worriedly before she managed the earlier smile back on her face. She had agreed because she loved Hermione with all her heart and despite the struggles they faced at the beginning of their relationship, the girl had stuck with her. Hermione Granger, Brightest-Witch-of-her-Age, brains of the Golden Trio and notoriously famous for hating attention and big crowds, had manoeuvred herself through every interview and every party to prove to even the biggest doubters how serious she was about this relationship. Narcissa had often felt like Hermione was managing the impossible.

She had faced Draco and Lucius after the divorce. She had faced Andy who approved wholeheartedly but reminded the younger woman so much of the witch who tortured her that she needed extra therapy to cope. She had faced Rita Skeeter who wrote sceptical article after sceptical article about them in the Daily Prophet. She had faced her own friends who were very worried about her and she had faced her own parents who handled their daughter coming home with a woman almost twice her age rather well.

And now, after a few years of blissful happiness, Hermione had asked the impossible of Narcissa. She had asked her to go on a muggle date once a month until the muggleworld held no more secrets for her pureblood-wife. The question came as a surprise, but Narcissa suspected she’d waited for their lives to settle down before suggesting such a thing. Because when Narcissa saw someone vomiting the second he stepped out of a rolling coaster, she just knew she would not have been able to handle it so gracefully a few years ago as she did now.

‘And that,’ Hermione said while giggling at Cissy’s look of disgust, ‘Is why I told you to eat a light breakfast. We’ll eat greasy stuff when we’ve tried all the rollercoasters and move on to the calmer attractions.’

‘The things I do for love,’ Narcissa muttered before desperately avoiding to be hugged by a giant mouse in a pink dress.

Before she knew it, Hermione was dragging her towards the biggest and highest iron contraption that could be seen in the entire park and she felt her stomach protest already. When Hermione asked her if she was alright, she lifted her chin into the air. She’d be damned if a member of the Noble House of Black puked her guts out in the midst of hundreds of poorly dressed muggles.

Despite agreeing to keep the use of magic to a minimum, Hermione had allowed Narcissa to charm them so that they always managed to end up at the front of the waiting queues without someone noticing. The brunette kept insisting that the waiting was part of the experience, but had to relent when Narcissa pointed out how fragile her patience was. It was either that or having Narcissa buy the theme park so they could have it all to themselves…

Hermione was pulled back to reality when the operator gestured them over and pointed towards the next incoming train. The brunette chuckled when she saw her wife step into the car almost regally before underestimating how low the seat was and collapsing on her backside. Narcissa didn’t get a chance to glare at Hermione because the operator pushed the restraint over the blonde’s head and into her lap. She squeaked but relaxed when she felt Hermione squeeze her hand reassuringly.

‘I finally understand why you forced me to change my attire.’

‘A ballgown isn’t exactly suited for a theme park,’ Hermione snickered.

‘If someone told me I’d be wearing Jeans in the future, I’d have laughed in their face.’

‘You look fantastic in them.’

Just when Narcissa was going to joke about her ass being the only thing looking fantastic in Jeans, the train jerked into motion, startling the blonde. Hermione looked at her awed expression at the clack clack clack of the car being pulled into the air. When they reached the top of the rollercoaster, Narcissa breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Now, this isn’t so ba-‘

The car toppled over the edge and Narcissa screamed while Hermione laughed her ass off. It was only when the high pitched shrieks next to her died and there was nothing but silence, that Hermione glanced over at her wife in worry. Narcissa’s usually pale complexion was nothing compared to what she looked like when they went into the third looping. Hermione felt relieved when the car came to a stuttering halt and the operator loosened the restraints.

‘Are you okay?’

‘That… was…’

‘I’m sorry, Cissy. We’ll skip the other rollercoasters if you don’t like it. There’s enough other fun stuff for us to do.’


Hermione blinked. What?

‘Can we do that again?’


Both witches sauntered towards the exit of the theme park, arms linked and plucking bits and pieces from their shared candyfloss. They were still snickering about the girly screams from one particularly rude man who had tried to hit on both witches in the queue at the haunted house. He’d been boasting about his bravery and promised to protect them from the monsters when Cissy had Apparated right behind him, whispering boo in his ear.

Hermione offered the last of the candyfloss to Narcissa and smiled. The fact that her wife liked theme parks just made her love her more. She’d even agreed to having their picture taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and that alone, could be considered a success.


August 23rd

‘I’m not wearing Jeans again!’

‘But you can’t go to the movie theatre wearing a cocktail dress and stiletto’s Cissy!’

The blonde witch rolled her eyes, but relented, trusting that her wife had more knowledge about appropriate muggle-attire than her.

‘I’ll settle for Jeans and my stiletto’s. I’m not wearing sneakers, darling.’

Hermione shook her head but smiled. She knew Narcissa could run a marathon in heels. She’d managed to saunter through Disneyworld in them after all. But they’d be sitting down all evening so it really didn’t matter what kind of shoes she wore. Normally they had planned another date but there was a brilliant movie in theatre now that Hermione really wanted to see. She took Narcissa’s outstretched hand and she Disapparated them just around the corner of the cinema.

‘Two tickets for The Hours, please.’

Hermione accepted the tickets, ignoring Narcissa’s hissing remark about the uselessness of being the richest witch alive if she didn’t have any muggle money and guided the blonde inside. She laughed at her wife’s confused frown when she asked her if she wanted popcorn or nachos and bought some of both. After pressing a Sprite and a Coke in Narcissa’s hands, she nodded towards the toilets with a questioning look in her eyes.

‘You know my opinion about public toilets, darling.’

The brunette snorted before walking to their seats and settling down. She smiled when Narcissa tasted both the popcorn and the nachos and immediately claimed the latter for herself, shoving the popcorn in her wife’s hands. She was indecisive about whether she liked Coke or Sprite better and let Hermione decide, who opted for the Coke. A calm contentment washed over them but it didn’t last long as a muggle couple interrupted them, asking Narcissa to remove her coat so they could sit in their seats.

‘I told you we had to buy the seats next to ours as well,’ Narcissa said matter-of-factly but Hermione shrugged.

‘It’s part of the experience.’

‘Is being kicked in the back also part of the experience?’


Narcissa didn’t answer her wife but twirled around in her seat at such speed, Hermione thought she’d used magic to do it. The blonde witch opened her mouth to insult the person seated behind her, but faltered momentarily when she saw how young the muggle boy was.



‘Is that person old enough to be aware that his actions are impolite and unacceptable?’

Hermione glanced at the teenage boy who seemed to be about sixteen or seventeen years old and scoffed when he flipped her off.

‘He definitely is.’

Narcissa nodded before directing her icy, blue eyes on the boy who immediately started shuffling in his seat.

‘If you kick my seat one more time, I’ll kick your balls so far up your throat, you’ll talk like a girl for the rest of your life.’

The boy paled and nodded causing Cissy to turn around in her seat again, satisfied with the outcome. Hermione snorted next to her and patted her knee.

‘You’re getting better at threatening muggles.’

‘How could I know they wouldn’t understand the danger of a Dementor’s kiss?’

Hermione actually laughed this time, ‘Well I still pity that man who was convinced you were going to kiss him.’

Suddenly, the commercials started and Narcissa practically jumped from her seat. Luckily Hermione had anticipated this moment for she grabbed the blonde’s arm and pulled her down again. The older witch smiled apologetically before making herself comfortable again. When a chicken pranced across the movie screen, she scowled.

‘Is this the movie?’

‘No, these are commercials. They force you to watch them to make a profit.’

‘I don’t understand.’

Hermione leaned closer to her wife to explain but someone shushed them and she rolled her eyes. The younger woman mouthed later to Narcissa who nodded before realizing she had already eaten all her nachos. Hermione would never forget the moment that Narcissa Black, formerly Malfoy, Pureblood-elitist and heir of the Noble House of Black, pouted. The brunette shook her head and muttered something under her breath, refilling the nachos with wandless magic.


‘Did you like the movie?’

Narcissa nodded, carrying her third portion of nachos. She had thoroughly enjoyed the story despite having a headache from the absurdly loud volume. But she didn’t get Hermione’s enthusiasm about this actress, Meryl something? While the younger woman had repeatedly reassured her not to be jealous, she still couldn’t help but squint her eyes each time the name of the actress was mentioned.

‘I think I like nachos better than movies, though.’

Hermione snickered, ‘Next time, you can pick the movie.’

‘Next time? Are you asking me out on a second date?’

‘That’s right, I am. What do you say?’


The younger witch beamed and leaned in for a kiss but Narcissa gently shoved her aside, ‘I don’t kiss on a first date.’


September 20th

‘Come one, Cissy! It’s the rules.’

Narcissa glared in disgust at the bowling shoes Hermione was dangling in front of her. The brunette had almost convinced her to wear the hideous footwear before it had dawned on Narcissa that the shoes had been worn by countless muggles before her.

‘I will not wear those shoes.’

‘But you’re in heels! You’ll break an ankle if you go bowling in them.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘At least switch shoes with me.’

The blonde witch laughed, ‘I already told you, I’ll wear Jeans but I draw my line at sneakers.’

Hermione groaned in frustration and got noticed by one of the employees who sauntered over to them with an annoying, fake smile.

‘Can I help you, ladies?’

‘My wife is refusing to wear the required shoes.’

The fake smile faltered for a second when the employee looked into Narcissa’s icy, blue eyes but he didn’t relent and Hermione couldn’t help but admire his bravery.

‘I’m afraid I can’t allow you on the bowling alleys if you’re not wearing the shoes, ma’am.’

Narcissa tutted her lips at the man and leaned closer to him, ‘You’ll allow me to wear any shoes I want.’

The man blinked stupidly before nodding, ‘You can wear any shoes you want.’

‘Excellent,’ Narcissa said before magicking sparkling, black shoes on her feet that looked suspiciously like the bowling shoes.

‘Did you just cast an imperio on that poor man?’ Hermione practically shrieked.

‘Of course not, darling. That’s an Unforgivable curse. I did a Gedi mind trick on him.’

‘It’s Jedi and I so regret introducing you to StarWars! Why didn’t you transfigure your shoes sooner?’

Narcissa smirked and kissed Hermione on the cheek before walking to bowling alley number three they had rented for the upcoming hour. Harry and Ginny were already waiting for them with rather amused expressions on their face, but Hermione’s glare made sure they didn’t say a word. Harry ordered cocktails and crisps while Ginny set-up the game and Hermione explained the rules to her wife for the third time that evening.

‘Okay, Hermione,’ Ginny called, ‘You go first.’

Hermione felt her wife’s eyes burn in her back, intently watching her every move. She lifted a few bowling balls to determine which one she could swing without pulling a muscle and opted for the pink one.

‘Pink, darling? How girly.’

The brunette ignored the jab and lifted the ball in front of her face, closing one eye so she could aim properly. Hermione exhaled, took three large steps whilst swinging the ball backwards before releasing it with all her strength towards the pins. She remained standing in her awkwardly bent position, muttering c’mon c’mon c’mon at the ball that slowly diverted from its trajectory before rolling in the gutter, leaving all the pins standing.

Harry laughed. Ginny laughed. Hermione pouted and Narcissa couldn’t resist a chuckle.

‘Thanks for demonstrating how not to do it, darling.’

‘Laugh all you want. I just need to get into it again. It’s been years since I went bowling.’

Hermione’s second attempt was more successful and she managed to knock half the pins over. Ginny was next and almost casually threw a strike. When she raised her eyebrow at Narcissa in a silent challenge, the blonde merely hummed while rising from her seat when the computer indicated that she was next.

‘You’ll probably want to look for a ball you can easily carry. It’s trial and error until you find the right one,’ Hermione offered.

Narcissa’s eyes shimmered with approval when she spotted a dark, emerald, green bowling ball and lifted it without effort despite it being almost the heaviest ball in the rack. When Hermione saw her frown at the three holes, she put her drink aside and walked towards her.

‘Those are the holes you put your fingers in. You might want to shorten your nails or you’ll ruin them.’

The blonde shuddered, ‘Normally I don’t have any objections in putting my fingers in tight holes, but this is simply disgusting, darling.’

When Hermione heard Ginny splutter, she slapped Narcissa with the back of her hand, feeling a crimson blush creep up her neck. Before she had a chance to offer a solution, however, Narcissa cast a scourgify on the ball and shortened her nails with a sharp snap of her fingers. The older witch still looked extremely uncomfortable when she inserted her fingers in the bowling ball but started imitating Hermione’s earlier position nevertheless.

Narcissa released the ball and in contrast to Hermione, rose to her full height while watching nine out of ten pins fall. She slowly turned around to see three shocked faces and smirked.

‘I believe, miss Weasley, that the expression the game is on applies here.’


‘Merlin’s beard, I still can’t believe you won!’

‘I still can’t believe you accused me of cheating,’ Narcissa replied drily but the expression in her eyes betrayed her amusement.

‘Like that would be so impossible.’

Narcissa laughed out loud and Hermione couldn’t help but be in awe at the sound of her voice. She loved it when her wife allowed herself to let go once and a while.

‘I want to wash my hands, though. Urgently.’

Leaving no room for discussion, Narcissa wrapped her arm around Hermione’s waist and Apparated them home.


October 11th

‘What’s this called again?’ Narcissa asked while Hermione strapped her harness on.

‘Laser tag.’

‘And what do I have to do?’

‘You, Draco and Harry are a team and Ginny, Astoria and me are a team. You just have to try and shoot as many members of the opposite team as possible without getting hit too much yourself. When your harness flickers, you know you’ve been shot. Your laser gun tells you how many hits you’ve scored yourself. When you encounter a ghost along the way, you’re put in time-out and can’t shoot for a whole minute. It’s best to find shelter if that happens.’

‘So it’s like a duel?’

‘Sort of! Our first round is just for practice so we can all get used to the maze. It’ll be much clearer when you’ve played the game for a first time. After that, we have a real battle.’

Draco joined his mother and scoffed, but he wasn’t nearly as convincing anymore. Everybody knew he was a big softie underneath who secretly enjoyed himself during these outings. An encouraging smile from Astoria usually sufficed to have him on his best behaviour and Narcissa couldn’t help but be happy that her son found actual love since her first marriage had been a political arrangement.

‘Before the game begins and we become mortal enemies,’ Hermione suddenly whispered into her wife’s ear, ‘I just wanted to say you look lovely.’

‘You know I’m only wearing these sneakers because there will be running and jumping and I’m not going to ruin my Louboutin’s!’

‘Still, Nike suits you.’

Hermione disappeared into the darkness of the maze with her team before Narcissa had a chance to roll her eyes at her. She was never going to admit to the brunette that her new shoes were actually extremely comfortable. The Gryffindor had already teased her relentlessly when she’d purchased two new Jeans and couldn’t resist laughing at the ancient corsets she used to wear, each time Narcissa appeared in front of her in her lacy, muggle-made, bra.

Suddenly, Harry tapped her on the shoulder, indicating that their waiting time was over and they were allowed to enter the maze as well. They had quickly discussed tactics, deciding that they’d all go their separate ways in order to get used to the game and explore the maze. They could always change plans for the actual game later that evening. Draco took the first turn to the right, while Harry took the second on the left, leaving Cissy to go straight.

Suddenly she was alone and she could hear her own heart thrumming in her chest. A ghost appeared into her vision, but she quickly swirled around a corner to avoid it. Before she had a chance to be smug about it, her harness blared and flickered indicating that she’d been shot. She saw the brown curls of her wife disappear into the darkness and cursed. This meant war!


Narcissa gritted her teeth. The game was almost at an end and she’d been shot so many times, the blaring of her harness had given her a headache. Her own laser gun was still at zero hits. It was unbelievable. She was either too slow when she encountered a member of the opposite team, struggled with her laser gun or was put in time-out by a ghost, making her an easy target. The blonde started to feel frustrated. If this would have been a duel with wands, she’d have the upper hand without a doubt.

Suddenly an idea popped into her head. The harnesses responded to the red beam of the laser. What if she recreated that beam using a spell? It would elevate her chances of actually hitting someone and save her ego from being mortally wounded. With a twist of her wrist, Narcissa unsheathed her wand and hooked the gun on the harness. She wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

A flash of brown drew her attention and the witch smirked. Her wife had appeared just in time, it would seem. She sprinted through the corridor and ducked right before rounding the corner, knowing that Hermione’s own aim would be too high to hit her. When she saw the brunette, she aimed her wand and whispered expelliarmus.

The spell had barely left her wand or Narcissa realized the mistake she’d made. The flare hit Hermione straight in the chest, flinging the woman several feet backwards and onto her back. A pained yelp escaped her throat before she hit the ground with a thud. Narcissa gasped and ran towards the younger woman, dropping onto her knees when she arrived.

‘Oh, darling! Are you alright?’

‘Did you just cast a spell at me?’

‘I’m so sorry, darling! It turns out I’m horrible at laser tag and my frustrations got the best of me. I thought I could trick the game by aiming a red beam with my wand at your harness.’

Hermione looked at her wife, too stunned to reply before bursting into a fit of giggles.

‘Did you pull the safety pall from your gun?’

‘The what?’

‘It’s to prevent you from accidentally pointing it at someone’s eyes when you’re not playing,’ Hermione explained while pulling the lever on the laser gun backwards, ‘You can’t shoot otherwise.’

‘You knew,’ Narcissa said upon seeing Hermione’s feigned innocent expression.

‘I have no idea what you are talking about, Cissy.’

‘Don’t Cissy me! You knew!’

‘Fine,’ Hermione laughed, ‘I guess this makes us even.’

‘Mmmmm,’ Narcissa hummed while leaning closer to her wife who was still sprawled out on the floor, ‘Kiss me.’

Hermione happily obliged, pressing her lips on Narcissa’s while humming in delight. She never grew tired of kissing her wife. But before either of them could deepen the kiss, both their harnesses blared. They looked up to see the rest of their teams shaking their heads in disbelief and pointing their guns at the kissing couple. Game over.

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November 22th

Hermione said nothing when she saw Narcissa hoist herself in her skinniest jeans and pulling on a dark, green sweater. They were going on their next muggle-date together and despite earlier arguments, Narcissa now eagerly slipped into her sneakers before putting her coat on.

‘You’re being smug.’

‘I’m not!’ Hermione exclaimed but she couldn’t keep the smile of her face.

‘You’re being smug and its very unbecoming in a witch.’

The words held no bite and Narcissa softly pecked Hermione on the lips before slipping her purse over her shoulder. They were going to the zoo and would be taking a picnic with them to eat in the botanical gardens. It was autumn but temperatures had been dropping so it was probably their last chance to eat outside. Hermione grabbed her scarf and frowned when Narcissa refused hers.

‘What if you get cold?’

‘The cold never bothered me, darling. Shall we go?’

‘Spoken like a true ice queen,’ Hermione snorted.

Her wife squinted, ‘You know I hate that nickname.’

The brunette merely rolled her eyes before apparating within walking distance of the zoo. They landed in a quiet alley and walked onto the main street without being noticed by muggles. Hermione supressed a chuckle when she saw her wife struggle with muggle money while buying the tickets, but she had insisted on exchanging some Galleons for pounds so she could pay for some of their dates. Eventually the blonde witch managed and they entered the zoo.

‘Which animal do you want to see first,’ Hermione asked while scanning the map they had received at the register.

Narcissa looked flabbergasted, ‘I have no idea. Perhaps the rarest of creatures first?’

‘Excellent. I’ll take you to the elephants, polar bears, lions and tigers first. They are threatened with extinction.’

‘Oh. Ordinary animals are being hunted and poached as well?’

Hermione gave a sad shrug, ‘I’m afraid that animals will always be the victim of human cruelty. Magic or no magic.’

‘We don’t keep our animals in cages, though,’ Narcissa muttered while gazing at a nearby habitat.

‘Ha! That would be the only reason I’d introduce magic to the common world. So we could use it to enlarge their habitats exactly like they’re in the wild, but still protected from hunters.’

Narcissa chuckled at this, ‘I assume the muggles try the best they can to keep their own animals safe. Let’s just enjoy this, shall we?’

‘Enjoy this? Madame Granger Black, this is not a fun outing. This is meant to be educational.’

This time the blonde actually laughed at Hermione’s feigned offence. She linked her arm with Hermione’s and let the brunette guide them to the first ordinary animals she would see.


‘I liked the elephaunts best,’ Narcissa said while chewing on her sandwich.

‘It’s elephants and you have jam on your nose.’

Hermione wiped the jam of Narcissa’s nose before licking it from her finger. The older woman’s eyes darkened but her wife shook her head.

‘Don’t get any ideas. We still have to see the monkeys and the penguins.’

A bit reluctantly, Narcissa let herself be hoisted to her feet so they could leave the botanical gardens and resume their visit to the zoo. Hermione couldn’t stop but smile at her wife’s awed expression when she saw all the animals. The giraffes had her giggling while the foxes almost had her whip out her Patronus to compare them. When they reached the monkeys, she was a bit nervous.

‘They remind me of Pixies but bigger. So mischievous.’

‘And without the wings,’ Hermione laughed.

Suddenly a monkey landed on Narcissa’s shoulder and yanked the necklace from her neck before bolting the scene. There had been a warning before they entered the area where the monkeys roamed free, about them being prone to theft, but they hadn’t paid it much attention. An employee from the zoo tried to chase the monkey but to no avail. He muttered an apology to the witches before sauntering off again, obviously not too bothered as this happened frequently. Narcissa however was devastated.

‘Cissy? Cissy, love, what’s wrong?’

‘My necklace…’ she whispered.

Hermione frowned, ‘I know it’s not fun, but you have so much jewellery? Or you can just buy something else instead?’

But Narcissa shook her head and couldn’t keep the tears from escaping her eyes. Hermione was shocked to see her usually composed wife like this. She never cared for materialistic things as she could easily buy everything she ever wanted. Carefully, Hermione guided her out of the monkey-paradise and behind a board of information to give them some privacy.


‘That was the first necklace you ever gave me. It was my favourite.’

And suddenly it clicked for Hermione who enveloped her wife into a comforting hug, ‘Do you want to go home?’

‘We haven’t seen the penguins yet.’

‘We can visit them some other time.’

Cissy nodded, ‘Then yes, please.’

Hermione cast a quick spell to shield them from muggle eyes before disapparating home. It took her a lot of kisses and cuddles, but eventually Cissy calmed down a little bit. She fell asleep in Hermione’s arms listening to the brunette describing what exactly a penguin looked like.


December 13th

‘Are you seriously going to try and get me to wear borrowed shoes again?’ Cissy asked with so much disbelief, Hermione relented immediately.

‘Fine, do you have your own ice skates then?’

Narcissa suddenly looked terribly smug, ‘Oh I do, darling. We always went ice skating on the lake near Black cottage during the winter.’

The blonde twirled her finger and suddenly a pair of extremely stylish, black ice skates were on her feet. Hermione looked at her own pink, borrowed skates and grumbled.

‘Of course yours sparkle…’

The pureblood-witch merely laughed and pulled her wife onto the ice. They’d visited a muggle Christmas village for their date and when they saw it had a skating rink, Hermione had pleaded with Narcissa claiming that it would be extremely romantic. Now that she was wobbling on her legs like Bambi, the brunette definitely had second thoughts.

‘I’d forgotten how difficult it was to keep your balance,’ Hermione said nervously, but when she heard no response, she glanced aside, ‘Cissy?’

‘Yes darling?’

Narcissa had already skated to the midst of the ring, ridiculously elegant and with rather high speed. She’d clasped her gloved hands behind her back and was spinning around her axis before skating back towards Hermione and coming to a skidding halt.

‘You’re just showing off now,’ Hermione said accusingly, still clutching on to the sides of the arena for dear life.

The blonde turned around on the ice and passed Hermione skating backwards. She blew her a kiss before twirling in the right direction again and racing off. Hermione huffed before slowly letting go of the sides and trying to move forwards. The moment the younger witch lost her support, she immediately regretted her decision. Her arms flailed backwards as she desperately tried to stay upright. Luckily for her, Narcissa had already returned from her circle around the rink and grabbed her wife firmly by the waist to help her.

‘I’ve got you, darling.’

‘Merlin, I don’t remember being this bad at ice skating,’ Hermione laughed, but there was an edge to her voice that didn’t go unnoticed by her spouse.

‘You’re too tense. Just relax and lean forwards a bit instead of standing too straight.’

‘There’s nothing straight about me.’

The blonde chuckled at the joke and released her wife’s waist to grab her hand. It allowed both of them to move around a bit more easily and still being able to lean on each other. Hermione smiled but she was still nervous as Narcissa pulled her to the midst of the rink with her. It was only after the third lap that the brunette started to feel a bit more confident. Unfortunately that confidence was short-lived as a teenage boy barely avoided a collision with her and Hermione lost her balance.

‘Ouch!’ she exclaimed when she landed on her backside rather painfully.

Narcissa, very unlike her, cursed loudly before crouching down next to Hermione who clutched her hand to her chest. She had tried to break her fall but had twisted her wrist as a result. Before she could help the brunette up, the boy who caused the accident skated towards them.

‘I’m terribly sorry, ma’am. Are you okay?’

Before Narcissa could curse the boy into oblivion, Hermione managed a smile and assured the boy that there was no harm done if he promised to be more careful in the future. The teenager nodded solemnly and helped his victim to her feet. After a second apology, he skated off again.

‘You are far too good for this world. You do realize that, darling?’

Hermione shook her head, ‘He didn’t do it on purpose. Accidents happen.’

‘Then why the pout?’

‘I wanted to go ice skating with you because I’d hoped it would be romantic. But here I am, struggling to stay upright and getting injured in the process.’

The blonde kissed Hermione on the nose before pulling her back to the benches at the entrance of the skating rink, ‘Romance was never your strong suit, but I do love you so much for trying.’

‘Shall we forego the skates and head back to that stall that sold mulled wine?’

Narcissa almost grinned, ‘That’s the most sensible thing I’ve ever heard you say.’

The older woman sunk to her knees and started undoing Hermione’s skates, gently taking them off and putting her shoes on. Hermione almost melted at the gesture. When Narcissa returned from exchanging the pink skates for her wife’s ID, she transformed her own skates back into shoes when nobody was watching.

‘Allow me, darling,’ She purred as she took Hermione’s hand in her own and gently kissed the injured wrist.

Hermione felt the familiar, warm ripple of magic that was so unmistakable Cissy’s before the soreness in her wrist disappeared completely. Only a skilled witch such as her wife could perform wandless healing magic and Hermione knew it turned her on in a strange way. When Narcissa saw the eyes of her wife darkening, she tutted.

‘I don’t think so! You promised me mulled wine and not even sex is going to distract me from that promise.’

The brunette blushed but accepted the outstretched hand that pulled her to her feet again. The sun had started to set and the lights from the Christmas village all popped on at the same time. The music started playing a little louder while the smell of warm waffles greeted them. Both witches sighed contentedly.

‘I guess muggles celebrate Christmas rather similarly to witches and wizards,’ Narcissa remarked.

‘They do indeed.’

‘I never cared much for Christmas until I met you. The moment you made me wear that horrible sweater, was the moment I started enjoying the holidays.’

Hermione beamed and wanted to kiss her wife but she was already distracted by the vendor of mulled wine. The brunette shook her head. Cissy and her damn wine…

January 31st

They almost didn’t manage to go on their monthly date in January as they had so many parties to attend to. There had been family gatherings, parties at every friend’s house and receptions from work. By the time they finally had some time for themselves, neither of them had much energy left. So Hermione decided to introduce her wife to muggle board games. A date that did require some help, so she summoned Harry and Ginny for the occasion.

‘What’s this game we’re playing?’

Hermione smiled at her wife who was dressed in sweatpants and the softest sweater she owned, ‘Monopoly.’

Narcissa repeated the word with a frown, before shrugging and sipping her tea. She had immediately agreed to a date at home, still suffering from the many hangovers she’d endured during the holidays. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and her reading glasses were perched on the tip of her nose. She often wore them when she was a bit tired, but Hermione never minded it. In the brunette’s opinion, Cissy was the most gorgeous when she was dressed casually.

‘That’ll be Harry and Ginny,’ Hermione said when the doorbell rang, ‘I hope they didn’t forget to bring the pizza.’

Cissy merely raised an eyebrow. The Boy Who Lived could very easily end up the Boy Who Died After All if he’d forgotten her pizza. It was by far Cissy’s favourite muggle take-out, but she rarely indulged herself so she’d been looking forward to it all week. Luckily the smell of her pepperoni pizza greeted her, the moment their guests walked in.

‘Food’s here!’ Ginny announced and Narcissa rolled her eyes at the redhead stating the obvious.

They all settled around the coffee table, pizza boxes on their laps, so they could start their game of Monopoly. Hermione would also take the role of the bank as she was the only one who didn’t try to cheat. The blonde scrunched up her nose at Harry’s pizza Hawaii. Honestly how that boy had grown past the age of twelve was a mystery to the witch.

‘Okay, Cissy, do you remember the rules I explained you earlier?’

‘I think so,’ The older woman replied a bit hesitantly as it had been quite a lot to take in.

‘Don’t worry, Narcissa. For every mistake you make, we play another game of truth or dare.’

Narcissa squinted her eyes at the redhead, ‘Ginevra Weasley, I recall you promising never to mention my imitation of a chicken, ever again.’

Ginny had the audacity to grin, ‘Honestly, it was the highlight of my life.’

‘Really?’ Harry asked, ‘For me it was our wedding, but okay.’

They all laughed before rolling the dice to see who’d have the highest number of eyes. Narcissa won, but Hermione was convinced she’d seen the blonde wiggle her fingers right before the dice landed. She shook her head. Having a witch play muggle games without cheating was obviously mission impossible.


‘I want to purchase this city,’ Narcissa claimed after finally landing on the spot she’d been eyeing for four rounds.

‘I’m afraid that won’t be possible,’ Hermione pointed out, ‘You don’t have enough money.’

The blonde scoffed, ‘I assure you, money isn’t an issue.’

‘You’re nearly broke,’ Ginny laughed, remembering how Narcissa had constantly landed on her properties, having to pay fine after fine.

‘I am the most wealthy rich in the entire Wizarding Community of Great-Britain!’ Narcissa said with a raised voice.

Hermione barely managed to supress a laugh when she placed her hand on her wife’s arm reassuringly, ‘Yes you are. But in this game, we play with fake money. And you only have fifty pounds left while the property will cost you five hundred pounds.’

Narcissa blinked. Oh.

‘Do you declare bankruptcy or are you going to sell one of your properties?’

‘This game is giving me anxiety. Bankruptcy? Selling properties? How absurd.’

Ginny chuckled, ‘Let’s just declare me the obvious winner of this game, shall we? Harry and I should be getting back as it’s late after all.’

Hermione eyed the clock and startled at the hour, ‘Merlin’s beard, you’re right Gin. That’ll hurt when we need to get up for work tomorrow.’

Harry suppressed a yawn before collecting all the empty pizza boxes and bringing them to the kitchen. With a flick of Ginny’s wand, the board game organised itself back into its box and Hermione started rinsing the empty glasses. They said their goodbyes and shortly after, a welcome silence ascended upon the London house Hermione and Narcissa had been living in for many happy years now.

‘Shall we go to bed?’

Narcissa took off her glasses and put them on the coffee table before gesturing Hermione over, ‘No, darling. Let’s stay here a bit longer.’

Hermione eagerly let herself be pulled into Narcissa lap and melted in the arms that enveloped her slim frame. Her wife smelled like vanilla and Hermione couldn’t help but nuzzle her nose in those blonde and black tresses of hair. Oh how she loved her wife. The witch must have sensed her feelings for she pressed a kiss on those unruly, brown curls.

‘I love you too, darling.’

‘Are you snooping around in my head again?’

‘We both know you’ve managed to block me successfully since many years now. But I can still sense your emotions and I can read your body language like an open book.’

‘That’s not a bad thing,’ Hermione said with a little yawn of her own.

Narcissa hummed, ‘Not at all, darling. Not at all.’




February 14th

‘Where are you taking me?’

Narcissa didn’t reply but the twinkle in her eyes betrayed her. Hermione had always been an expert in reading her stoic expressions. The slightest twitch of an eyebrow, a shimmer in her eyes or a quirk of her lips. The brunette always noticed, much to Narcissa’s annoyance sometimes.

‘It’s some place nice, isn’t it? I can see it in your eyes.’

‘Darling, honestly! I’m not ruining my Valentine’s Day surprise. You’ll have to be patient.’

‘You do remember that I’m a Gryffindor?’

‘Oh, like I could ever forget that,’ the blonde replied slightly exasperated.

Hermione stuck out her tongue before putting on her shoes and jacket. Narcissa had been acting very strange lately, always arriving home late from work and being distracted as ever. She had only told Hermione she was working on a surprise for Valentine’s Day when the brunette had asked if she was cheating on her. And ever since Narcissa told her about said surprise, Hermione had been buzzing with excitement.

‘Allow me?’ Narcissa asked while offering her arm to her wife who took it with the biggest grin.

They apparated and when they landed again, Narcissa quickly covered Hermione’s eyes with her hands. The brunette whined but didn’t struggle.

‘Listen,’ Narcissa commanded.

Hermione focused and she could hear the low humming of magic. There was also soft mutterings to be heard, but she couldn’t pinpoint what those were from. Narcissa interrupted her thoughts however.

‘Now smell.’

The brunette obliged and soon, the familiar smells of parchment and ink greeted her. The slight muskiness of old tomes. The stained wood from oak bookcases. She smiled.

‘We’re in a library.’

‘Such a clever witch you are. Happy Valentine’s Day,’ Narcissa whispered in her ear while removing her hands from Hermione’s eyes.

The younger woman squealed at the sight before her. There were more books than she could ever dream of. All neatly stacked in oak book cases that reached all the way to the ceiling. Magical ladders moved around the place, making it possible to reach even the highest books while a golden chandelier lit the entire place. In the midst of it all was a spree laid out with a wicker basket, two plates with cutlery, and two wineglasses.

‘A picknick in a library? Will you please marry me again?’

‘Not just any library, darling. Welcome to the Black library.’

Hermione’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, ‘You finally managed to tear down the wards that prevented me from entering here?’

‘It took me years and I had some bad luck at the last moment as well. That’s why I’ve been so absent lately but I was adamant to make this deadline. There’s still books you probably shouldn’t touch, but starting today, you are very welcome here.’

Narcissa had barely finished her sentence before Hermione flung herself into her arms and kissed her senseless. They both weren’t very tall but in her heels, Narcissa beat Hermione by a few inches. Much to her credit, the blonde didn’t even stumble when a very excited Gryffindor added her weight onto her stilettos.

‘I’m assuming you like it?’

‘I love it! Although I’ll never beat you with this gift, no matter what I do.’

The older witch chuckled, ‘It’s not a competition, darling.’

‘True,’ Hermione shrugged, ‘But I do feel like a trip to Las Vegas comes close.’

‘That’s the place where I accidentally got that tattoo, right?’ Narcissa asked, thinking about the little otter that decorated her thigh.

‘Yes! I remember you were so disappointed you couldn’t try one of the Casino’s after we were called back to London for Scorpio’s birth.’

The blonde shook her head while she relived the memory. They had just arrived in Vegas late during the night and had stumbled into a fancy cocktail bar, where they emerged hours later absolutely shitfaced. The next morning, Cissy had woken up in their hotel bed with a suspiciously sore thigh. Upon closer inspection, it appeared she had acquired a tattoo. She could have removed it magically without much effort, but they both loved it so it stayed. When they emerged downstairs for breakfast and ready for a whole day of gambling, Harry stood waiting for them in the lobby.

‘We never went back.’

‘I guess life got in the way, but it gave me the perfect idea for a Valentine’s gift.’

Narcissa kissed her wife as a ‘thank you’ and gracefully perched herself on top of the spree to start filling their glasses with the best, red wine she owned while Hermione perused the first book cases of the library. She couldn’t help but let her finger caress the spines of the books while she passed them. It was only after a moment, that she remembered Narcissa’s warning.

‘These are safe to touch, right?’

‘Darling, you are incorrigible. But yes, those are safe to touch. The dangerous books are the farthest in the library. There are some even I won’t pick up without wearing dragon leather gloves.’

Hermione gulped but nodded, ‘And I can come here whenever I want? The wards will allow me in even if you’re not with me?’

‘Yes, my love. You can consider this library yours from now on.’

The only reason stopping Hermione from making love to her wife there and then on the spree, was the fact that she considered it a sacrilege towards the books. But she made a mental note to properly show Narcissa how happy she was later that day after they’d enjoyed the lovely picknick the blonde had provided for them.

Chapter Text

March 21th

‘I still don’t see the point of this whole escape room concept,’ Narcissa said the minute they apparated somewhere in a London street.

‘It’s just fun, Cissy. Consider it an intellectual challenge.’

The blonde snorted. She rarely considered things an intellectual challenge, let alone when it was some form of muggle entertainment. Hermione merely rolled her eyes as she pushed the door of the escape room open. There was a friendly muggle behind the counter, welcoming them. Andromeda and Teddy were already waiting for them, because according to the information on this ridiculous contraption Hermione had called a computer, this escape room needed to have at least four participants.

The six-year-old child beamed at his aunty who ruffled his blue hair affectionately. They all knew he’d be of little help solving the riddles, but he just loved hanging out with Narcissa and Hermione. When Hermione had suggested they’d invite a fifth person as back up, the blonde witch had merely scoffed. As if an heir of the Noble House of Black needed help solving muggle riddles?

‘There you are! Teddy’s been getting anxious that you wouldn’t show up,’ Andy said with a slightly accusing voice as she hugged Hermione.

‘Sorry, your sister and I had a rather heated discussion. Since phones aren’t allowed in the escape room to avoid cheating, I suggested we’d leave our wands at home instead.’

‘Oh dear.’

‘Indeed,’ Hermione muttered.

‘Well, you’re here now and I’ve only had to cast a confundus charm six times because Teddy accidentally kept changing his hair colour out of excitement.’

Hermione chuckled at Teddy who had grabbed Cissy’s hand and would probably refuse to let go for the remainder of their date. The muggle behind the counter cleared his throat and started to explain the rules. They’d have one hour to try and escape the room. Everything that was loose could be opened, but when something didn’t budge, they had to leave it like that. Apparently a lot of people accidentally wrecked stuff in their enthusiasm to find clues. He’d follow their progress via a camera and would help if they got stuck.

Hermione and Andy handed in their phones while Cissy read the leaflet that told about the escape room itself. Apparently they were detectives that had to solve a murder? Utterly ridiculous. But when the blonde entered the room, she had to admit it looked very believable. She’d expected them to receive a piece of paper with some riddles, but this room looked like they’d travelled back in time. Narcissa had acquired a decent amount of muggle knowledge during her marriage with Hermione, so she knew they were in the Victorian era where muggles travelled by chariot and not by car. She’d never admit it of course, but muggle history fascinated her beyond words.

‘This looks nice!’ Hermione exclaimed before turning to the employee of the escape room.

‘Good luck, ladies! The clock starts NOW,’ he said before closing the door and turning the lock.


With only fifteen minutes left on the clock, Narcissa was starting to feel anxious. So far she hadn’t solved a single riddle while Hermione and Andy seemed to be true detectives. Teddy had been charged with ransacking the room for clues but it looked like everything that could be found, had been discovered. They still needed to open a final box that held the key to the door, but that required solving four more riddles to receive the correct combination.

Hermione and Andy were currently bickering about which clues they had already used and which not. Narcissa had suggested to separate them the moment a puzzle got solved, but in a moment of carelessness Teddy had taken it upon himself to toss all the clues on one big pile, making it impossible to figure out which ones they didn’t need anymore. The blonde pursed her lips. That’s what you got when you bring a child along. She loved her nephew dearly, but he’d inherited his mother’s clumsiness for sure.

‘Tick tock, ladies. There’s five minutes left and I’m all out of tips!’

Three pairs of witches’ eyes glared at the camera in the corner of the escape room. After what felt like an eternity, Hermione threw her hands in the air and called it quits.

‘Unbelievable. I’m undeserving of my title as the Brightest-Witch-of-my-Age,’ she whined against Andy who smiled sympathetically at her.

But Narcissa wasn’t having any of it. This was meant to be a nice way for them to spend some time together. Hearing the disappointment in her wife’s voice and the fact that she doubted her own abilities made the blonde witch tut her lips. She sauntered over to the door and before Hermione could stop her, she muttered a quiet alohomora.


‘That was fun. We should do that again,’ Narcissa said with fake innocence as they all walked to the nearest apparition-point.

‘That poor boy has never been more confused in his life, Cissy!’

‘He was exaggerating.’

‘We just escaped a locked room while the key we needed for that was still hidden away in an iron box!’

The blonde chuckled at her wife’s exasperation when her sister voiced some complaints of her own, telling her that she now had to explain to Teddy that cheating is not okay even when his aunty did it anyway. Narcissa didn’t get a chance to respond however as Andy wrapped her hand around Teddy’s shoulders and disapparated home.

‘Admit it, Cissy love,’ Hermione said when they were alone in the alley, ‘You were scared that you would not succeed in solving a muggle riddle.’

The older witch quirked an eyebrow, ‘I’m a Black. I’m never scared.’

Hermione’s lecture about having an ego that’s far too big for Narcissa’s own good drowned in the swirling sound of their apparition as they headed home.


April 11th

Hermione smiled fondly as her wife emerged in the bedroom wearing one of the many muggle outfits she now owned aside from all her fancy dresses. She’d picked a short, leather skirt first but when Hermione had pointed out she would need to spread her legs for this date, the blonde had been far too excited about it.

‘It’s not for the reason you think it is, Cissy,’ Hermione had shouted at her before the blonde disappeared into her walk-in dressing again.

Narcissa hadn’t listened to her of course and Hermione decided that the best way to show Cissy what she meant, was to just go on their next date and let her find out for herself.

‘Did you take off all your jewellery like I said?’

Narcissa nodded, ‘everything but my wedding ring, because that one’s stuck. It’s almost like someone put a permanent sticking charm on it.’

The brunette grinned, ‘I swear it wasn’t me.’

They disapparated to their next destination and Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at Narcissa’s perplexed expression when they landed in front of a farm.

‘Darling… why, pray tell, am I going to have to spread my legs on a farm?’

‘You’ll see.’

Hermione rapped her knuckles against the front door, ignoring the frown that marred her wife’s features, and smiled politely when the door opened.

‘Good afternoon! We’re Hermione and Narcissa. I made a reservation?’

‘Ah yes,’ the old farmer’s wife said while stepping aside to let both women in, ‘You’re here for that pottery class!’

Narcissa mouthed pottery class to Hermione in such disbelief, Hermione nearly snorted. The old lady guided them through the living room to her studio where two pottery wheels were already waiting for them. The woman, who introduced herself as Celeste, took place in front of one of the wheels and grabbed some clay.

‘I shall demonstrate the workings of the pottery wheel,’ she explained with a croaky voice, ‘and then it’s up to you. I’ll be around to help if you need it.’

Celeste let her knees fall apart and shuffled closer so that the pottery wheel was between them and her foot could reach the pedal that made it spin. She placed the clay in the middle of the wheel and wetted her hands in a nearby bowl of water. While both witches listened to her instructions, Narcissa subtly leant a little closer to Hermione.

‘I need to spread my legs for the pottery wheel? That’s a bit of an anti-climax.’

‘Behave yourself,’ Hermione hissed, ‘I’ve always wanted to do this.’

Narcissa hummed, ‘Very well. But tonight we’re doing the kind of leg-spreading I like.’

Hermione’s blush luckily got unnoticed by Celeste who had trouble seeing even with her glasses. The woman rose from her stool and gestured at both women to sit down. Narcissa accepted the clay from the farmer’s wife and smashed it onto her pottery wheel.

‘Okay darling, I shall make you a vase and buy you flowers to put in it.’

‘Excellent idea. I think I’ll try my luck at a nice, large fruit bowl.’

Narcissa beamed at Hermione because she distinctly remembered her little rant about their fruit bowl being too small and Cissy not being able to put all the fruit she bought in it. The blonde loved her morning yoghurt with an apple or a pear after all. They both wetted their hands and got to work.


‘This isn’t working,’ Narcissa huffed.

Her usually immaculate hair was in complete disarray, the black and blonde streaks clinging to her cheeks. She glared at the piece of clay in her hands that resembled a dick more than a vase while Celeste and Hermione tried their very best not to laugh at her. Hermione who had already managed a somewhat acceptable fruit bowl, rose from her stool and leaned over Narcissa to place her hands on top of the blonde’s. Celeste, nearly blind as she was, did notice the change in atmosphere and made herself scarce with the announcement of grabbing them all a cup of tea.

‘Allow me to help you, madame Black.’

Narcissa tried to focus on Hermione adding and releasing pressure to shape her clay into a vase but the brunette’s proximity made her brain short-circuit a little. Even after years of marriage, Hermione’s smell stirred something in the pit of Narcissa’s stomach. The younger woman’s warm breath caressed her neck as she leaned closer to focus on the last bit of the pottery, but Narcissa was too far gone and pushed her foot down on the pedal violently.

‘Cissy, stop! It’s going too fast!’ Hermione shrieked as she desperately tried to get a hold of the slippery clay underneath their fingers.

The entire sculpture collapsed and got flung from the pottery wheel covering both witches in a beige, muddy substance. Narcissa looked a bit sheepishly at her wife who tried to fathom what in Merlin’s beard just happened when Celeste entered the room again. She gave both her guests one scathing look before pushing a cup of tea in their hands.

‘We’re sorry about the mess. We’ll clean it up of course,’ Hermione said but the farmer’s wife merely shook her head.

‘Most of the clay landed on you so don’t worry about it. You can freshen up at the pump outside before you leave. At least you have your fruit bowl as a reminder of this pottery class.’

Narcissa pouted, ‘I’ll still buy you those flowers, darling.’

Hermione looked at her wife, covered in clay and with such a sulky expression on her face that she couldn’t help but laugh. The realization that the so-called Slytherin Ice Queen got so flustered from having Hermione pressed against her back that she wrecked her attempt at pottery, send a jolt of excitement down Hermione’s spine. She quickly gulped her tea back so they could head home and practise the leg-spreading Narcissa was so fond of. By the way the blonde’s blue eyes darkened a few shades, Hermione knew she was thinking the exact same thing.


May 9th

‘And that’s the Andromeda galaxy!’ Narcissa excitedly pointed out to Hermione who squeezed her hand in response.

For their next date, Hermione had given her wife a few options and the blonde had immediately chosen to visit the planetarium. Apart from potion brewing, reading and gardening, Narcissa Black had a weakness for the stars. Hermione couldn’t count the nights they’d spent curled up next to each other on the patio to gaze at the nightly sky on one hand anymore. She marvelled at Narcissa’s enthusiasm and listened to her in awe.

‘We were all named after a star or a star constellation, you know, like my father Cygnus for example. His name comes from a northern constellation somewhere near the Milky Way. It’s also known as the Northern Cross.’

Narcissa typed the name of her father in the computer at such a speed, Hermione suspected this was not the first time she visited the Planetarium. The moment the telescope had adjusted, Hermione could see the star constellation, but her wife who already rambled on didn’t give her much time to admire it.

‘Mother married into the Black family, so she isn’t named after star of course, but she continued the tradition. Andromeda is named after one of the largest constellations in the sky,’ Narcissa said while claiming the keyboard again and typing it in to adjust the telescope.

‘Ruler of Men,’ Hermione read out loud as soon as the information about the constellation appeared on the screen, ‘that doesn’t really sound like our Andy.’

Narcissa chuckled, ‘No, I guess she has a stronger link with the Greek mythology where princess Andromeda married the man who saved her from her mother’s evilness. They lived happily ever after…’

The blonde’s expression soured and Hermione gently nudged her, ‘she loved Ted and while they may not have had the years they deserved, she’s happy now.’

Hermione smiled at her wife who slowly nodded in return. She had made amends with her sister many years ago but she’d seen her cry on special occasions. Nymphadora’s birthday, her wedding anniversary with Ted, a snowy Christmas without the family she fought so hard for to create. It always broke Cissy’s heart and while the tears had become lesser and the sobs not as violent, her sister still mourned her losses. Every year anew.

‘Tell me about Bellatrix,’ Hermione said in an attempt to distract Narcissa from her worries.

‘You want to know about her?’

‘Sure, I know you don’t miss the madwoman she became, but the loving sister she was. So you can tell me about Bellatrix anytime.

Narcissa squeezed her wife’s hand, ‘Bella was named after the Amazon Star and her names translates to female warrior. I think it suits her perfectly.’

Hermione squeezed back, ‘it does!’

The blonde witch then skipped her own name and started to explain how Sirius was named after the Dog Star that was part of Canis Major, the Greater Dog Constellation. Both women chuckled at the memory of the giant, black, scruffy looking dog the wizard could turn into. It was also the brightest star in the whole galaxy and Hermione sighed in awe the moment Narcissa conjured up the image via the computer.

‘And then we have Regulus whom you never got to meet in person,’ Cissy concluded, ‘his name means Little King.’

‘Suitable for a member of the Noble House of Black, I suppose.’

Narcissa laughed and hooked her arm through Hermione’s to continue their tour at the Planetarium. Hermione allowed her wife a few minutes to breech the subject of her name herself, but when she didn’t, the brunette cleared her throat.

‘Why are you not named after a star or star constellation?’

‘I was the third daughter. The third Heir of the House of Black that wouldn’t be able to continue its name. A third dowry that had to be paid. I always assumed it was mother’s petty way of showing her discontentment. Of course the moment it became clear that I was the only one who was going to give her a grandchild she’d actually acknowledge, she suggested naming him after a star constellation.’

‘I’m so sorry,’ Hermione said.

‘It’s fine, darling. I agreed and named my son Draco, but she was barely present in his life and drank herself to death soon after he was born. Sometimes I regret not having named him Jimmy or anything, just to spite her.’

Now it was Hermione’s turn to laugh and she steered them both in the direction of the gift shop. She insisted on buying an orb with a little floating Draco constellation for her wife who didn’t succeed completely in hiding her enthusiasm. They’d timed their visit perfectly as it was almost time for their dinner reservation at the Golden Locket when they excited the Planetarium. Narcissa gallantly offered her arm to Hermione who smirked.

‘When were you going to tell me you were a frequent visitor of the Planetarium, Cissy?’

The blonde opened her mouth, but no sound came out. In her excitement to show her wife around, she had not realized how obvious it would be for Hermione that she knew her way around the place by heart now. Narcissa closed her mouth again, feeling busted, but her wife merely kissed her cheek.

‘It’s just unexpected, Cissy. That’s all.’

‘I feel close to my family here. I know it’s silly.’

Hermione looked her wife in the eyes and shook her head, ‘it isn’t. Maybe we should buy you a yearly membership?’

Narcissa beamed at Hermione who finally accepted the outstretched arm so they could apparate to the restaurant where they would conclude yet another wonderful date.


June 20th

‘What are those infernal contraptions?’

‘These are earplugs. They protect your hearing from the loud music.’

‘We could just cast a muffliato darling…’

Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘but I want you to have the muggle experience of a festival!’

Narcissa sighed and allowed her wife to insert the plugs into her ears. They weren’t too uncomfortable and when Hermione spoke, she could understand her perfectly.

‘You don’t sound muffled, at all,’ the blonde voiced her surprise.

‘No, they have filters that only hold back the harmful frequencies.’

The blonde’s expression shifted momentarily as she couldn’t help but admire the muggle technology behind the tiny earplugs. They were far more efficient than a muffliato charm, which would have drowned out the music too much. Narcissa quickly recovered as her familiar neutral expression shifted back into place, but she couldn’t fool Hermione who smirked.

‘If I’d known taking you to a festival would make you wear those delicious dragon leather pants again, I would have done it years ago,’ the Gryffindor witch teased.

Narcissa looked over her shoulder and batted her lashes at her wife who snorted before swatting her ass. The blonde knew the effect those pants had on her, but Hermione was determined to make it to the festival and introduce Narcissa to beer in cups and rock music. They apparated behind some portaloos and headed towards the waiting lines at the entrance.

‘What are those cubicles for?’

‘Those are toilets.’

The older woman’s nose scrunched up in disgust. Hermione had warned her that the facilities at a festival were rather primitive, but she’d sooner gauge out one of her eyes with a fork than use one of those cubicles to relieve herself. Hermione saw her expression and laughed.

‘Don’t worry, we can transform it into a real toilet once you’re inside one and then you can cast a few scourgifies.’

‘Or I just don’t eat or drink so that I won’t need to use it in the first place,’ the blonde witch replied dryly.

‘Oh no! None of that, madame Black! You’re having a beer.’

‘Don’t they have wine?’

‘They do, but not the quality you prefer so you better have beer instead.’

Narcissa huffed one last time before allowing her wife to guide her through the entrance and to the nearest stall that sold drinks. It took her yet another few minutes of convincing before Narcissa agreed to drink from a plastic cup, but they eventually managed to make their way to the main stage. Hermione had picked them as the first act they would see as the band had a nice mixture of rock music and slow songs. Glancing at her wife from the corner of her eye, Hermione watched how Narcissa responded to her first festival.


‘I really like these Fool Fighters!’ Narcissa practically screamed at Hermione who beamed at her wife’s happiness.

‘You mean Foo Fighters,’ Hermione shouted back before placing her hands on Cissy’s hips and moving along with the beats.

The curve of the woman’s body wrapped in dragon leather underneath her hands made Hermione a bit lightheaded. Or was it the numerous beers they’d both consumed? Narcissa claimed she was just thirsty, but the younger woman knew she was enjoying herself. Night was falling and the entire festival was lit with thousands and thousands of lights, turning the entire site into a scene from a fairy tale.

‘Is this something muggles often do?’ Narcissa muttered as Hermione leaned closer when a slower song started playing.

‘Summer is usually the season for festivals,’ the brunette replied, ‘and there’s lots of different kinds of festivals depending on the music.’

‘I’d like to do this again sometime.’

‘Say that again after you used the portaloo and tried the food here.’

Narcissa groaned, ‘now that you mention it, I drank way too many beers to last without a toilet until we’re home.’

They both sauntered over to the nearest corner with chemical toilets when Narcissa suddenly halted in her steps.

‘I’m sorry, darling. I just can’t. I think I rather apparate home and back again.’

‘In your condition? You’d get splinched, Cissy. Come on, don’t be scared.’

‘A member of the House of Black is never scared! I just don’t want to catch anything.’

Hermione pushed her wife inside one of the cubicles and quickly cast a spell to enlarge it a bit on the inside so they could both easily stand in it. Another flick of Hermione’s wand transfigured the plastic toilet in a real porcelain one and she flung a few cleaning spells at it as well.

‘Will that suffice or does milady require a golden seat?’

Narcissa gave her wife a haughty glare, but the brunette merely grinned and turned around so her back was directed at the toilet. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Hermione heard Narcissa sigh in exasperation.



‘I need help with my pants. They’re just so tight.’

Hermione gulped. Yes, she’d noticed that.

Chapter Text

Juli 18th

‘Cissy, are you coming?’ Hermione shouted at the bottom of the staircase.

‘I’m not dressed yet!’

Hermione rolled her eyes. Narcissa had gone upstairs almost twenty minutes ago to get dressed for their next date. How in Merlin’s name could she still be prancing around in her underwear? The brunette ascended the stairs and turned to their walk-in wardrobe.

‘What happened in here?’

If Hermione had to guess, she’d say every piece of clothing Narcissa owned was pulled from the shelves and tossed on a heap. She even recognized some of her own outfits between the pile. Hermione raised an accusing eyebrow at her wife who huffed in response.

‘Well you’re the one who told me to channel my inner Picasso. But I have failed at doing so and cannot find a suitable outfit.’

‘Cissy, we’re just going to a painting class. Wear something comfortable.’

The blonde smirked, ‘darling, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you waltzed through life wearing nothing but comfortable sweatpants and sneakers. But that’s not me.’

‘True,’ Hermione admitted, ‘but I doubt your ball gowns are suitable either. Let’s just go for a pair of jeans and a cardigan, all right? We’ll probably be wearing overalls anyway.’

‘Overalls? And here I thought I’d suffered through all of the horrible fashion inventions muggles had to offer.’

‘Not nearly! I haven’t showed you the monstrosities that are crocs yet,’ Hermione laughed while pushing a suitable outfit in her wife’s hands.

While Narcissa was getting dressed, Hermione quickly waved her wand to send all the discarded items of clothing back to the shelves. Seconds later, Narcissa gently tapped her elbow to indicate that she was ready and they disapparated to their next date for this month. They appeared behind a telephone box that was out of order and popped onto the streets after a quick glance to check if nobody had seen them.

After a short walk, Hermione stopped in front of an enormous, white building with tall windows. Big gold letter spelled “Palace of Crafts” on top of the roof. It was a place where you could follow all sorts of workshops and lessons going from cooking to knitting and painting. When they reached the door, Narcissa frowned.

‘It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone present.’

Hermione groaned when she saw the note on the glass door and read it out loud “Today’s painting class is cancelled due to illness.” She huffed and turned to her wife.

‘They didn’t even let me know beforehand. And they knew we were coming because I made a reservation. This is very unprofessional.’

The blonde nodded, ‘I know darling. Let’s go home again and then we can think of something else to do.’

Back at home, Hermione insisted she’d call the organization first to scold them for their lack of communication and to ask if it was possible to either reschedule their appointment or to get a full refund. Narcissa let her, knowing it was futile to argue with her wife when she was annoyed at something. She could hear the brunette pace upstairs and could tell that she was getting angrier, just by the sound of her footsteps.

Suddenly Narcissa had an idea and she quickly unsheathed her wand, waving it around to transfigure two chairs into easels, two napkins into canvasses and a bunch of pencils into paintbrushes and paint. By the time Hermione’d finished her call and came downstairs, an entire painting atelier had been installed in their house.

‘Cissy, what in Merlin’s name?’

‘I know you were looking forward to do this painting class, darling,’ Cissy said while beckoning her wife to come closer with a crooked finger, ‘so why not do our own painting?’

‘Might as well, because the next class won’t be for months probably,’ Hermione said disappointedly gesturing at her phone.

‘Hey, none of that pouting. The most important thing is that we’re spending some time together, isn’t it?’

Hermione’s face lit up, ‘you have a point. But what shall we paint? The fruit bowl?’

‘Let’s go for something a bit more challenging, shall we? How about you paint me like one of your French girls?’

The brunette full on laughed now, ‘I thought you hated that movie?’

‘There was room enough on the door for both of them. Jack didn’t need to die and I didn’t have to feel emotional about it,’ Narcissa huffed.

‘You’re cute.’

Hermione kissed her wife on the cheek, put on an apron and picked up a painter’s palette. She quickly tied her hair in a messy bun and indicated to Narcissa that she was ready.

‘Shall we do a portrait or?’

‘Or I could lie on the couch like in Titanic?’

‘Always a flair for drama,’ Hermione chuckled.

Narcissa walked to their leather Chesterfield and opened the robe she was wearing. The satin fabric fell off her body like it was made of butter, leaving the older witch completely naked. Hermione squeaked.


‘I thought this might be more interesting than the fruit bowl.’

Hermione snickered, ‘painting my wife naked is just a very posh version of having her nudes. Very well then, make yourself comfortable on the couch.’



August 8th

‘Hermione darling, have you seen my sandals?’

‘Just one! Crookshanks was playing with it earlier.’

Hermione heard her wife mutter a few curses in search of her sandals before she remembered she was a witch and cast a quick accio. The displeased meow told Hermione that her Kneazle cat was still firmly attached to the missing sandal when it flew into the hands of her slightly annoyed wife. The other sandal came from the other side of the house but also showed obvious signs of orange cat hair on it.

‘Honestly, he only does it with my shoes,’ Narcissa complained, ‘never with yours.’

‘Are you saying my feet smell?’

The blonde smirked, ‘no, but you just did. Shall we go?’

Hermione nodded and accepted her wife’s hand to be side-apparated to the beach. When she saw how pearly white the sand and how heavenly blue the water were, she frowned. At the sight of giant palm trees, she turned to Narcissa.

‘We’re not in Dorset?’

‘Darling, if you’re going to have me suffer sand between my toes, I’d prefer it to be Caribbean sand and not the polluted kind we have at home.’

Hermione snorted but couldn’t protest much when she noticed how deserted the beach was and how peaceful it felt. Narcissa gently nudged her.

‘There’s a cocktail bar not far from here.’

‘Fine,’ Hermione laughed, ‘let’s get settled. But I’m taking you to an English beach as well one day!’

‘I really don’t get this urge to be trampled by tourists,’ Narcissa muttered as she spread her towel on the sand and placed her bag on top of it. When she looked up again, Hermione was holding out a bottle of sunscreen at her.

‘Can you rub this in for me?’

Narcissa smirked when she saw Hermione pull her flowery dress over her head, leaving her in nothing but the smallest bikini she’d ever seen in her life.

‘You call that a bathing suit, darling?’

‘It’s to get a good tan!’ Hermione defended herself.

‘Good, because you’re not swimming in that. It looks like one extra salty wave could dissolve it on the spot.’

Narcissa squirted some sunscreen on her hands and started rubbing it all over Hermione’s back, making sure she spread it evenly and lifting the straps of her bikini. When she was finished, Hermione turned.

‘Now, I’ll do you.’

The blonde nodded and pulled her own dress over her head as well, revealing a black bathing suit with a lace pattern on its back and cleavage. Hermione gulped. Cissy always managed to render her speechless with her outfits. Ignoring how the fabric of the bathing suit enveloped her wife’s well-rounded backside, she opened the bottle of sunscreen again.

‘You better drop that to your waist for a minute so I can properly rub your back or that lacy pattern will surely burn into your skin.’

‘Are you calling me pale?’

Hermione snorted, ‘Cissy, there’s pale and there’s nearly transparent. You’re the latter.’

Narcissa smacked her wife on the arm before pulling the straps from her shoulders and pushing the bathing suit down to her waist, covering her chest with her arms. The beach was almost empty, but they weren’t the only ones enjoying some sun and she didn’t feel like flashing someone. Hermione took her time spreading the sunscreen over her wife’s body as she easily burned.

‘There, all set!’

‘Finally,’ Narcissa said with a wink, ‘I’m going to fetch us some cocktails first.’

‘If you decide to go swimming while drunk on Mojito’s, I swear by Merlin I will just let you drown.’

‘Darling, if there’s one of us who can’t hold her liquor, it’s you. But don’t worry, I’ll save you.’

Hermione shook her head in fond exasperation, ‘you’re unbelievable.’

‘No darling, the fact that the Slytherin is the one doing the saving and the Gryffindor the one doing the drowning… that is unbelievable.’

The older witch slipped back into her sandals and walked in the direction of the beach bar, her hips swaying extra hard as she had to muddle through the sand. Hermione couldn’t help but stare in awe at her wife. She sometimes still had a hard time believing how her life had ended up to be. Hermione was so ridiculously happy and felt so loved, she could practically conjure a Patronus with a twirl of her finger.

‘Galleon for your thoughts?’ Narcissa asked as she sat herself down and pushed an enormous cocktail in her wife’s hands.

‘Oh? Are you back already?’

Narcissa laughed and pulled the straw into her mouth with her tongue, ‘you were somewhere far away.’

‘Just reminiscing about good times,’ Hermione smiled as she pecked Narcissa on the cheek, ‘and it’s sickle for your thought. Not galleon.’

‘Sickles are for poor people,’ the blonde said only half-joking.

‘Care to go for a swim later?’

‘Mmmmm,’ Narcissa hummed, ‘I guess I better have the full torture of a beach day now that we’re finally here. Sand between my toes and salt water in my mouth. Perfect.’

‘I’ll buy you another cocktail in return,’ Hermione laughed.



September 12th

‘Cissy,’ Hermione muttered weakly, ‘please…stop.’

Their next muggle date had brought them to an arcade Hermione had frequented a lot with her father during her younger years. Only he had always made sure that Hermione stayed away from the coin pushers as he claimed those games could be very addictive and weren’t suitable for little girls. And that’s where Hermione found herself years later, watching how her wife turned into a maniac the moment they entered the arcade.

‘It’s only 2p, darling. Don’t fret!’

‘Yes, but you’ve spent thirty pounds in 2ps and all you’ve won so far is a snack bag of Haribos.’

Narcissa sighed, ‘fine, I’ll stop!’

She practically had to tear herself away from the coin pusher and gritted her teeth when someone else immediately took her place and only had to insert one coin to hit the jackpot.

‘That could have been me!’

‘Yes, but look at the little boy’s face. You made his day,’ Hermione said with a smile.

Narcissa didn’t return the smile, ‘so, what else do they have here?’

Hermione looked around with a furrowed brow until she noticed one of those strength machines where you had to punch a ball as hard as you could. She pointed at it and nudged her wife.

‘Look! There’s one available. You can get rid of your frustrations at the same time.’

‘I do not know what you are talking about, darling,’ Narcissa said, but she betrayed herself by glaring in the direction of the coin pushers for a third time in under a minute.

They walked to the machine and Hermione pushed in a coin to start it, ‘now you smack the ball with all the strength you have.’

Narcissa raised an eyebrow, ‘and what, pray tell, is the meaning of it?’

‘Fun, Cissy. It’s for fun.’

‘Very well, then,’ Narcissa sighed as she smacked the ball with the flat of her hand.

The loud slap resonated through the arcade and Hermione snickered. It sounded like she had just bitch slapped someone in the face and she couldn’t help but pity Lucius for a moment there. Cissy was boss and there was no way to deny it.

‘Impressive! My turn now!’

Hermione braced herself by spreading her legs a little further apart and digging her heels in the floor. She bended through her knees and made a fist with her right hand. The machine released the ball and Hermione struck. The muscles in her upper arm flexed and the machine shook upon impact. Narcissa’s jaw went slack.

‘Salazar’s Snake, I didn’t know you were so strong. Or so aggressive. Do I need to be afraid?’

‘Only when you dare to put one more penny in the coin pusher,’ Hermione joked as she kissed her wife and guided her to another game.

‘Now I finally believe Draco’s claims that you punched him.’

Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘he was a git and deserved it. He apologized for it later and so did I.’

‘I know, darling. But still, I always found it hard to believe you’d punch someone in the face.’

The brunette shrugged but couldn’t hide the wide grin that was revealing her amusement at the memory. Their next game had them throwing basketballs through a hoop from a distance. If you succeeded, you could win an enormous stuffed animal. Hermione pointed at the lion and laughed.

‘If you win one of those, you’ll always have a lion next to you in bed, even when I’m away for work.’

‘Darling, that thing will never see the inside of our bedroom,’ Narcissa said with a scrunched up nose, ‘but I’m sure Scorpio is going to love it!’

Narcissa paid the teenager who supervised the game and threw the basketball at a hoop. She missed it completely and the ball bounced back towards them, forcing both witches to duck if they didn’t want to end up with a broken nose. The teenage boy snickered and Hermione groaned. She knew her wife would take it personal.

‘Right,’ Narcissa hissed, ‘let’s teach that brat a lesson, shall we?’

Hermione muttered a quiet ‘Cissy…no,’ but to no avail because the blonde woman had already paid the boy a second time, and threw the ball right after muttering a wandless spell. It fell through the hoop smoothly, bounced back up and went through another hoop before stilling in front of the boy’s feet. Narcissa smirked.

‘I believe that’s two stuffed animals for us?’


An hour later, Hermione and Narcissa had made their way to the final game seeing as they’d both gotten hungry and the two giant lions weren’t exactly easy to manoeuvre around. The slot machines were the last thing they hadn’t tried yet, but when Hermione explained to Narcissa that there was no strategy to win and that it was entirely random, the blonde rebelled. She once again muttered a spell forcing the slot machines to always pay out for her.

‘Cissy, that’s cheating!’

‘How else will we fund my 2p addiction with the coin pushers?’

Hermione scoffed, ‘you are literally the richest witch in Britain.’

The blonde stopped muttering spells and turned to her wife who looked at her with a mixture of exasperation and amusement. She quickly squeezed the brunette’s hand and turned to the slot machine again.

‘Yes, darling. And I’d like it to stay that way.’





October 24th

‘I’m not wearing that,’ Narcissa said flatly to the man who held out a cap at her.

‘I’m afraid it’s obligatory to go on a horse ride, ma’am. For insurance and such.’

The blonde smiled her politest but also fakest smile at the man, ‘well, I guess it’s a good thing I brought my own.’

Narcissa suddenly held a cap in her hand that definitely hadn’t been there before, but as most muggles did when witnessing magic, the man blamed it on his own mind not paying attention. He eyed the black cap with black glitter and a silver emblem and nodded.

‘Very well. Then it’s only you who still needs one,’ the man offered the cap to Hermione who reluctantly accepted it.

‘Are you sure this will fit me? My hair is rather …’

‘Bushy,’ Narcissa finished for Hermione who glared at her wife in response.

Hermione shoved the cap over her hair and gasped for air when she tightened the strap. It fitted her, but barely. Going horse riding had been her idea, but she’d never expected Narcissa to out an excited shriek and tell her about her fascination with horses as a little girl. Her mother hadn’t allowed her to play Quidditch such as her elder sisters, but had agreed to buy her blonde princess a pony instead.

Of course Narcissa only had to fall off the horse one time before her mother decided that animals could not be trusted around her girl. She’d sold the pony and send Narcissa off to ballet lessons instead. The blonde witch had always missed riding and when she appeared in their living room with tight fitted, black breeches and leather boots, Hermione had nearly proposed to do some whole other kind of riding instead.

But her wife had really looked forward to it and Hermione had to admit that the thought of riding a horse had always appealed to her. That was until she stood in front of the animals and realized they were a lot bigger than anticipated.

‘These ponies are very big,’ she gulped.

The man laughed, ‘those aren’t ponies, but real horses. People often think a pony is a baby horse, but it’s a whole different breed entirely.’

‘Fascinating,’ Hermione said with as little conviction as she could muster.

The ranch-owner didn’t pick up on it and kept saddling the horses. It was just the two of them with the owner himself to guide them on their tour. He’d just finished tightening the girth of the final horse when he patted it on the neck and started to introduce the animals.

‘These are Clip and Clop and they will be your best buddies during the trip. I expect you to treat them with respect and kindness. Our trip will last about three hours with a small stop along the way for a snack and a little drink with a view.’

‘Clip and Clop?’ Narcissa sounded in Hermione’s head, ‘those must be the most ridiculous horse names I’ve ever heard.’

Hermione wanted to tell Nacissa to behave, but the blonde had already shoved one foot in the stirrup and swung her other leg over the horse’s back in such an elegant way, it looked almost effortless. She sat ramrod straight in the saddle and held the reins loosely between her fingers, clicking her tongue to order the horse to start walking. The ranch-owner tapped Hermione on the shoulder to pull her out of her reverie and offered her a little nudge to mount her own horse. When they were all seated, the cowboy took the lead.


Narcissa chuckled when she saw her wife dismount her horse rather clumsily. They’d stopped for lunch with coffee and a view while the horses grazed a bit during the short break. They hadn’t been going very fast, because Hermione had nearly slid out of the saddle during their first trot and had to be rescued by Narcissa who’d quickly grabbed her by her jacket and yanked her back in the saddle. Since then, they’d just walked for the most part.

They were in the Outer Hebrides and were currently looking out over the ocean and the landscape that slightly coloured red, yellow and orange since fall was upon them. Narcissa sipped her still hot coffee and smiled at Hermione who was looking a bit pale and nibbling on her turkey sandwich.

‘Are you enjoying yourself, darling?’

‘I’m not 100% comfortable, but it’s better than when I rode that Thestral,’ Hermione admitted, ‘I do feel bad that we’re going so slow.’

‘Your girlfriend can try some canter a bit up ahead in a large field,’ the cowboy suddenly interjected, ‘and we’ll wait for her on the road next to it.’

The blonde woman beamed, ‘I’d love that. It’s been years, but I’m sure I haven’t forgotten how it’s done.’

‘Once you’ve learned how to ride, you never unlearn it,’ the cowboy said while putting up his hand to indicate that they would be going again in five minutes.

This time Hermione managed to mount her horse without assistance and she had a rather hard time not looking too smug about it. Clip and Clop started walking obediently, clearly enjoying the stretching of their legs and the frisky breeze that came with the change of weather. After a short walk they arrived at the large field the owner of the ranch had spoken of.

‘It’s a plane field so Clop won’t trip when you spur him on,’ the man explained as Narcissa steered her horse onto the grass.

The blonde changed her posture from sitting ramrod straight to bracing herself as she commanded Clop to canter. She kept urging him to go faster and faster and eventually she was practically flying over the grass, standing in her stirrups as to not bother Clop during his race. Hermione watched in awe at the black and blonde hair that twisted and twirled in de wind underneath the cap. The muscles in her wife’s legs flexed as she kept her balance on the running horse while her upper body was relaxed, the reins softly in her hands.

And then, Narcissa shouted in delight and Hermione felt her eyes well up with tears. The fact that her Cissy the love of her life, finally felt free after years of being trapped in her luxurious but fake pureblood-life? The fact that she was finally happy and chose to be the best version of herself day after day? It made Hermione the luckiest witch alive.

Chapter Text

November 14th

‘So, there’s a muggleborn witch with a pureblood stepmother who treats her like a house-elf until one day the girl falls in love with a rich half-blood. The stepmother gets jealous and tries to kill the girl but she flees from the castle into the woods. There she meets seven goblins that offer her shelter until one day the stepmother finds her again and curses her muggleborn stepdaughter. She falls into an eternal slumber until the half-blood wizard finds her, lifts the curse and marries her?’

‘And they live happily ever after,’ Hermione agreed with a nod.

‘I find it all very absurd.’

‘Look, it’s the best way I can explain Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to you, okay. Just go to the musical with me. I’m sure you’ll like it.’

The blonde sighed, ‘well, I don’t think I have a choice, now do I? This is all part of your ploy to introduce me to the muggle world.’


Hermione pecked her wife on the cheek and double-checked whether she had put the tickets for the musical in her purse. ­When she’d heard Narcissa had never been to a theatre or a musical, Hermione had taken it upon herself to resolve said issue. Unfortunately she’d waited too long and her first choices had been sold out. So instead of going to Wicked or Mama Mia, they were now apparating in a dark alleyway close to the building where they were playing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Narcissa frowned when she saw the hordes of children running towards the entrance and turned to her wife, ‘is this a children’s play?’

‘It’s not the musical I wanted us to see. This one is indeed more suitable for children than the other ones I had in mind.’

‘I definitely fee overdressed now,’ the blond answered after one look at her glittery blazer.

‘You look marvellous. Let’s go inside.’

Hermione had their tickets checked at the entrance and bought them a soda and some snacks, trying to explain to Narcissa that they didn’t have the nachos she’d liked so much at the movies. With a grumbling blonde right behind her, Hermione made her way to their assigned seats. They were on the balcony and had an excellent view of the stage.

Suddenly the lights went out and apart from a few excited whispers, a silence descended over the music hall. The first few actors gathered on the stage and a blast of music that made Narcissa jump announced the start of the first act. When Snow White started singing, Narcissa squirmed in her seat uncomfortably.

‘You didn’t tell me they were going to sing!’


During the intermission, Hermione and Narcissa went to find the toilets and groaned when they saw the long queue. Seeing no other option Narcissa already got in line while Hermione went to fetch more soda for the second act.


‘Any progress?’ Hermione asked when she found her wife again.

‘Barely. Honestly darling, the queue at the lavatory-entrance to the Ministry goes faster than this!’

Hermione chuckled. Her wife had such a flair for drama, it was rather endearing really. Eventually they managed to go to the toilet and make it back to their seats in time for the second half of the musical. When the first actor began to sing, Hermione heard her wife curse.


‘Sooooo what did you think?’ Hermione sang to Narcissa as they walked towards a safe apparition-spot.

‘Stop. I can’t hear anymore singing!’

‘Come one, Cissy! How nice would it be if we all did it during our daily lives? I think everybody would be much happier.’

‘If someone sings to me before I’ve had my morning coffee, I’ll turn into an evil psychopath that makes even Voldemort look like a kitten.’

Hermione full on laughed knowing all to well how grumpy Narcissa could be in the morning, especially when it was busy at work. She nudged the blonde and pulled her into an alley where they disapparated home. The moment they landed, Hermione hugged her wife.

‘But what did you think of the story?’

Narcissa frowned, ‘I guess it was acceptable. However I still don’t understand why a girl would be pining for a prince. Surely muggles should teach their children to be independent?’

‘Cissy, it’s just a fairy tale. You shouldn’t take it too seriously.’

But the blonde ignored her wife, ‘and then this kissing without consent in the end? If I woke up to some bloke snogging me, I’d hex his balls off.’

Hermione looked at her wife for a minute, realizing that she was dead serious about her little rant and sighed, ‘perhaps you’re right. Perhaps we should teach our children to be more independent, but this particular fairy tale is one of the very first written down by the brothers Grimm in 1812. The fairy tales are evolving slowly but surely.’

‘Do they still sing in those?’

‘They sure do,’ Hermione snickered, ‘I take it you’re not a fan of musicals then?’

‘Not entirely, but if you want to go again, I’ll accompany you.’

‘Why?’ Hermione asked with a frown that Narcissa quickly kissed away.

‘Because I’m a fan of you.’




December 12th


The muggle granny nearly fell flat on her stomach when Hermione screamed at her. A split second later Narcissa’s golf ball whizzed above the elderly lady and knocked someone else’s ice cream to the ground before disappearing in a shrubbery. Hermione was relieved there wasn’t any more damage but raised her hand to the man who was staring at his empty ice cream cone nevertheless.

‘Sorry about that! I’ll buy you another one.’

Hermione turned to her wife and quickly snatched the golf club out of her hands before the blonde took another swing.

‘Cissy this isn’t real golf! It’s mini-golf. You have to be more careful or someone will end up hurt.’

The blonde pulled a face, ‘I can’t help it. I find it hard to guess how much force I have to use to kick the ball into the hole.’

‘A whole lot less, Cissy,’ Hermione replied before walking towards the muggle man and handing him some coins for a new ice cream.

‘Here, let me help you,’ the brunette offered the moment she returned to her wife.

Hermione placed herself right behind Narcissa and grabbed the club as well. Together they swayed from left to right while Hermione applied pressure to show her wife that a minimum amount of strength sufficed to get the golf ball rolling. Narcissa grinned.

‘This is such a silly game.’

‘At least it’s safer than Quidditch,’ Hermione replied, ‘at least when you’re not launching golf balls at the speed of bludgers.’

Narcissa feigned offence but Hermione could see the mirth shimmer in her eyes and her stomach did a somersault. They moved on to the next lot and this one was significantly more complicated than the previous one. There were three curves and a few obstacles they had to avoid to reach the hole. Hermione went first and Narcissa chuckled at the adorable frown that always appeared on her wife’s face when she was concentrating.

‘Yes! I did it in five! Try to beat that Ms Granger-Black.’

The blonde came forward and squinted her eyes at the track. With the aid of her club she calculated the trajectory her ball had to travel to reach the hole. When she wetted her fingers and pointed it upwards to decide which direction the wind came from, Hermione lost her patience.

‘Honestly Cissy, get on with it already.’

‘Is that losertalk I’m hearing?’ Narciss quipped before positioning her ball and practising her swing.

‘Not at all, but there’s already another group waiting for us to finish.’

Narcissa ignored her and flicked her hair over her shoulder with an almost nonchalant gesture of her hand before swinging her club and hitting the golf ball in the hole at her first try. She ostentatiously swung her club over her shoulder and sauntered over to the next lot.

‘Are you coming darling?’

Hermione scoffed, ‘beginners luck!’


Half an hour later both witches reached the final lot and they were currently tied. Hermione went first again and focused like she was aiming for a N.E.W.T instead of mini-golf. Narcissa tried to distract Hermione like she’d done before by shaking her hair loose and looking at the brunette over her glasses, but Hermione wasn’t going to fall for that again. She readied herself to swing her club and just at that moment, Narcissa softly blew on her ear causing Hermione to hit the ball too hard.

‘Damnit, cheater!’

‘Well it’s hardly my fault you get flustered so easily, darling,’ Narcissa said while batting her eyelashes.

She then proceeded to position her own golf ball and make it to the hole in three swings while Hermione had needed six after her little screw-up.

‘I win!’

‘You’re a bloody Slytherin, that’s what you are!’

Narcissa laughed at her wife’s pout and kissed her on the cheek, ‘don’t sulk darling, it’s very unbecoming in a witch. I’ll buy you a drink to celebrate my victory!’

They handed in their clubs and golf balls at the reception and settled at a small table on the terrace where they had a nice view of the mini-golf. Narcissa opened the menu and immediately frowned.

‘They only sell horrible wines here.’

‘What did you expect? It’s not exactly haute couture here,’ Hermione said while snatching the menu from her wife’s hands and perusing the options herself, ‘why don’t we have a milkshake instead?’

‘Why does it sound like you’re going to make me drink something hideously muggle again?’

‘There’s milkshakes in the Wizarding world too! You’re just too posh to try them.’

Hermione closed the menu and drew the attention of a nearby waiter, ‘can we have two milkshakes please? One vanilla and one strawberry.’

The waiter nodded while Hermione smiled sweetly at Narcissa who was glaring at her, ‘I wanted a glass of wine!’

‘You can have a glass at home from your very personal collection of expensive posh wines,’ Hermione joked, ‘but now you’re going to try a vanilla milkshake.’

Narcissa threw her hands in the air in exasperation nearly knocking the milkshake from the waiter’s hands who’d just arrived with their orders. Slightly red from embarrassment she apologized to the man and accepted her milkshake. She waited for the waiter to leave before drawing the straw into her mouth and sipping her drink. Hermione watched her with a smug expression.

‘You like it, don’t you?’

‘I hate you.’


January 16th

Seeing as it was snowing and the icy wind was cold enough to make teeth clatter and fingers freeze, Hermione opted for an indoor activity for their next date. They would be visiting the British Museum because Narcissa had often told Hermione how much muggle history fascinated her. The blonde was just arriving downstairs when Hermione was looking at the leaflet.

‘Are you ready?’

Hermione looked up, ‘oh yes! It would seem like we picked the right moment to visit the museum. There’s an exhibit of modern art as well. Might make for a nice change after all the historic artefacts.’

‘I love it when you’re being a nerd,’ Narcissa replied fondly.

‘Well well well, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle Black.’

Narcissa frowned, ‘I am a Black? I don’t get it?’

‘Nevermind,’ Hermione laughed, ‘let’s go! It’s a huge museum so we’ll need our time to visit every floor.’

They stepped outside and started shivering when the wintercold hit them in the face. Narcissa immediately snuggled deeper into her scarf and Hermione shoved her hands in her pockets. She’d always found it funny how much Narcissa hated the cold despite her unfortunate reputation as Ice Queen. They nodded at each other and disapparated on the spot only to land almost in front of the museum behind a pillar.

‘Ladies first,’ Hermione said as she opened the door.

Narcissa hurried inside and breathed a sigh of relief when the warmth of the museum greeted her. They paid for their entrance and accepted the audiotours to guide them through all the exhibits.

‘You like the Egyptian era, right?’ Hermione questioned, ‘that’s this way. I like the Roman Empire but that’s on another floor.’

Narcissa gladly let herself be dragged through the museum by her overly excited wife. She’d always loved that side of Hermione. It had surprised the blonde to see the many similarities between muggle history and magical history and Hermione was astounded to discover how many historic events had been influenced by the magical community without any muggles knowing about it.

‘Looks like our worlds are more entwined than we sometimes realize,’ the brunette whispered in awe as they stood in front of a replica of the Trojan horse of which Narcissa knew it was made with the help of a wizard.

‘Oh yes, I often find myself entwined with a muggleborn.’

‘Honestly Cissy, you can’t say things like that in the British Museum.’

The blonde quirked an eyebrow, ‘and why not? I’ve seen more nude women in two hours than in my entire life. Do they even have painting with fully clothed people on it? And the statues…. Don’t get me started on the statues. They all have their dicks out!’

Hermione laughed at Narcissa echo that bounced through the hallway. Dicks out…dicks ou… dicks….dick…

‘Let’s move to another floor before that security guard over there kicks us out.’


‘I don’t really know what to make of this,’ Narcissa said after having stared with Hermione in silence at an upside down wheelchair in the middle of an empty room for almost ten minutes.

‘That’s modern art, I guess?’

‘That is not art at all, darling! Previously we’ve encountered that blue canvas that apparently sold for millions? Honestly I had better art at the Manor.’

‘You mean those paintings of your lovely family members who started screaming every time someone of lesser blood entered their territory?’ Hermione asked drily.

‘Sometimes darling,’ Narcissa said while slowly turning to her wife, ‘sometimes I really struggle not to throw a jinx at you.’

‘It’s a good thing I’m very loveable then. Shall we find a less abstract exhibition?’


Narcissa accepted Hermione’s outstretched hand and together they walked through the medieval era. The blonde witch was amused with all the armour people used to wear to protect themselves. And when she saw the canons and the torture devices, she scrunched up her nose.

‘Muggles can be such brutes.’

‘Magic can be just as brutal,’ Hermione countered, ‘I think every type of power in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

The blonde hummed, ‘you’re right. Magic can be a bloody affair as well, and in the end our means of defence are just as futile as these iron costumes.’


‘Whatever,’ Narcissa chuckled, ‘shall we move on? We still have one floor to visit and I’m getting hungry.’

Hermione nodded, ‘let’s just hope we never experience a war again.’

‘Oh darling,’ Narcissa turned around and enveloped her wife in a hug, ‘I’m sorry if I was being insensitive. I didn’t mean it.’

‘I know. I love you Cissy. Let’s go admire the cavemen on the third floor, shall we?’

Narcissa caressed Hermione’s cheek and smiled. They ignored the elevator since Narcissa still wasn’t very comfortable in those and ascended the staircase to the third floor. There they were greeted by a jungle-like theme and humans that resembled monkeys more than modern mankind. When they stood in front of the first cavemen who was displayed mid hunt with his club held high, Narcissa noticed he wasn’t wearing any clothes and groaned.

‘Marvellous, more dicks.’




February 27th

‘Darling,’ Narcissa screamed above the roaring noise of the airplane’s engine, ‘remind me again why we’re doing this?’

‘Because Andy made fun of you for only doing boring muggle things and you felt the need to prove her wrong.’

‘Right… I regret that now!’

They were standing in front of a small, blue airplane that was warming up for take-off. Just last week Andy and Cissy had been in a heated discussion where Andromeda had revelled in riling her sister up. Narcissa had been proud of her muggle knowledge but when she’d started pointing out all the things they’d done so far, Andy had merely laughed. Hermione could do nothing but watch as her wife scratched their plans for a romantic boat trip and proclaimed she was going to skydive.

It was still fairly chilly, but the weather had been beautiful for this time of year. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and they were the first customers of the year. Both women were extremely nervous and the instructor’s jokes about hoping that the parachutes hadn’t gone mouldy during the winter break hadn’t exactly helped.

‘Ladies, I’m going to strap you in and then we’ll be on our way,’ the instructor announced cheerfully holding two harnesses.

‘That’s not the kind of harness I prefer to wear,’ Narcissa muttered looking rather pale.

The instructor didn’t hear her and indicated to the blonde that she should step into the harness. He yanked it up and tightened the straps making Narcissa squeak in surprise.

‘What in Salazar’s name is that for?’ she asked perplexed.

‘We wouldn’t want you to fall out of your harness once the parachute opens, ey,’ the instructor said with a far too cheerful smile, ‘it’s a rather brute transition from free-fall to soaring through the sky.’

‘Excellent,’ Hermione muttered unconvinced.

They had been forced to hand in their wands at the reception, explaining to the muggle that they were lucky sticks and that they needed them along the ride. But the receptionist had been adamant that they couldn’t have any hard objects on them such as glasses, phones, watches and apparently… lucky sticks.

‘I hate that we don’t have our wands to cast an arresto momentum in case something goes wrong,’ Narcissa hissed at her wife the moment the instructor got called away by a colleague.

‘You’re good at wandless magic? Couldn’t you perform it without one?’

‘Darling, wandless magic requires the utmost concentration. I fear I’d be too busy screaming when I fall to my death to focus on a spell. There’s also no guarantee I’ll be able to stop the both of us from plummeting to the earth.’

Hermione wanted to respond but the instructor had returned to strap her in as well. Her face contorted for a second when her straps were pulled tightly as well and the instructor asked them to board the plane. When they lifted off the ground, Narcissa nearly broke Hermione’s fingers from squeezing her hand so hard. The Slytherin had flown on an airplane before but it was a large commercial one that suffered little from turbulence. The smaller the airplane, the bigger the winds had an effect on it and the one they were currently seated in was swaying heavily through the sky.

‘Why do I feel like I’m in an iron coffin?’

‘Did you know,’ Hermione replied, ‘that one in a thousand parachutes don’t open?’

Narcissa’s eyes snapped open and she glared at her wife, ‘darling, you’re NOT helping!’

‘I’m sorry. I always state facts when I’m nervous.’

‘Ugh, who are we kidding? Wiping the smug grin of my sister’s face is not worth dying for!’

‘I agree but you two can get so competitive.’

‘Shall we go home darling?

‘Yes please!’

Narcissa nodded, turned around to the pilot and tapped on his shoulder, ‘sir, would you be so kind as to bring us back to solid ground?’

The pilot glanced at the blonde and shook his head, ‘no refunds, I’m afraid ma’am.’

‘Refunds?’ Narcissa scoffed, ‘I’ll pay you double the amount we paid for the skydive just to bring us back to the airport.’

‘Very well then,’ the pilot sighed as he began steering the plane back to where they came from.

After they landed both witches helped each other out of the harness and Narcissa batted the hands of the overly eager instructor away, ‘I have more than enough experience helping my wife out of a harness, thank you very much.’

Narcissa slipped the pilot his bribe and after they handed their helmets in and received their wands back, both women left the skydive centre. They were still a bit shaky from the adrenaline so when Hermione offered to have some lunch and a glass of wine at a nearby restaurant, Narcissa happily agreed.

‘You know, they have an indoor skydive as well. Perhaps we should have done that one. It’s much safer and we could have fooled Andy with it,’ Hermione giggled.

‘Or we just blatantly lie to her.’

Hermione blinked at her wife, ‘what do you mean?’

‘My favourite part of the skydive was the feeling of freedom. Yours?’ Narcissa asked with her most innocent expression.

Suddenly Hermione got the gist and she laughed, ‘I loved the view. You could see the whole country at one point.’

‘Oh yes! And the wind through my hair.’

‘You can’t say that, Cissy. We were wearing helmets.’

‘I refuse to acknowledge that I let that hideous yellow thing touch my hair.’

Hermione wheezed.

Chapter Text

March 13th

‘Ready to go, darling?’

Hermione grumbled upon hearing Narcissa’s sickly sweet voice. The blonde had picked their next date, completely against the rules, claiming that it was for the greater good. The Gryffindor witch scoffed at the memory and Narcissa heard her.

‘You’re not still angry with me?’

‘I really am not that bad a cook that we need a cooking class, Cissy!’

The older witch snorted, ‘you nearly gave me food poisoning last night.’

‘A slightly undercooked prawn won’t give you food poisoning and it’s certainly not an excuse to cancel our plans and make new ones all by yourself.’

Narcissa placed a long, pale finger on Hermione’s lips to shut her up, ‘darling, I have not suffered through the Ministry’s Reformation Program after surviving a war only to succumb by your cooking. And that’s final.’

Hermione pouted against the finger. She really despised cooking with every fiber of her being. Don’t get her wrong, she loved eating! As long as she didn’t have to prepare it. Not exactly looking forward to their next date, Hermione accepted Narcissa’s arm and they disapparated and landed on the other side of London in the blink of an eye.

They were standing in front of a tiny restaurant Narcissa had heard of via a colleague at the Ministry. It was owned by an elderly lady who held workshops on the days the restaurant wasn’t open for business. She herself didn’t work in it anymore but she had been a magnificent cook during her younger days and wanted to pass on some skills and knowledge.

‘Welcome, welcome. Please pick an apron and gather around the kitchen island,’ the lady said with a croaky voice.

Hermione indicated at Narcissa that she would fetch them two aprons and dove into the basket together with the other participants of the cooking glass while Narcissa guarded their places around the kitchen island. It was a silly quirk the blonde had. Everywhere they went she would spot the perfect place to sit or stand in and Merlin be damned, she would occupy it!

Narcissa’s almost regal expression faltered when Hermione handed her a bright pink apron with lace fringes and a Disney princess on the front, ‘didn’t they have any other aprons?’

‘They did, but this is my revenge for having to do this class.’

The older witch rolled her eyes and snatched the apron from Hermione’s hands who snickered the moment she put it on. Suddenly the elderly lady cleared her throat to draw their attention and the silly apron was forgotten.

‘Very well, now that we’re all properly equipped, let’s look at the menu.’


Hermione was sweating and her hair resembled a younger version of herself trying to brew Felix Felicis in her sixth year at Hogwarts. She was stirring her pot, but she wasn’t sure what was sizzling more. The soup or her frustrations. Narcissa glanced at her attempts and barely suppressed a chuckle.

‘I don’t think your soup is meant to be thicker than glue, darling.’

‘This is hopeless! The Brightest Witch of her Age can’t even make something as simple as soup!’

‘Well,’ Narcissa soothed her, ‘the Brightest Witch of her Age isn’t exactly the most patient witch of her age. Just add some water before it burns and stop stirring it like you’re brewing potions.’

The elderly lady saw Hermione struggling and came closer as well, ‘you focus so much on the instructions that you forget to pay attention to the food sweetie.’

Hermione scrunched up her nose, ‘but how does one cook without the instructions?’

‘By following your instincts, ‘the lady replied with a smile, ‘trust your eyes, your nose, your taste buds. You can’t cook without tasting the food.’

She left them at their table and while Hermione sighed in defeat, Narcissa dipped her spoon in the soup and held it out for her wife while holding a hand underneath the spoon to catch the drips. She softly blew on the soup and smiled.

‘Taste it, darling.’

Hermione obeyed and smacked her lips before frowning, ‘it tastes like nothing.’

‘Then you know it needs seasoning. Start with a little and taste again each time until you’re satisfied. But keep in mind that soup has a stronger taste the next day so go easy on the salt or it won’t be edible anymore tomorrow.’

Narcissa smiled fondly at the Gryffindor witch who got to work with renewed vigor. She knew that it was just a matter of pushing the right buttons with Hermione. She could always be motivated to try something new as long as you used the right motivation. Giving her the feeling it was a hopeless case was recipe for disaster, but if you could show her an alternative? Yes, that always worked.


Hermione stood proudly next to her grilled salmon with vegetable couscous and wasabi mayonnaise. It had taken her a while but she eventually started to enjoy the cooking class and had scribbled down every tip and trick down in the little notebook she’d brought with her. Narcissa winked at her when the elderly lady complimented Hermione on her progress. The blonde herself had opted for the pasta Carbonara and had executed it the way she handled everything in life. Gracefully.

‘Now for the final part of this cooking lesson, I’ve opted for a challenge,’ the lady informed her participants, ‘we’ll be making a chocolate mousse from scratch.’

A wave of excited mumblings erupted among the cooks, but Hermione threw her head backwards and groaned. She remembered her own disastrous attempt at making chocolate mousse a few months prior. But before she could open her mouth to voice her concerns, she felt Narcissa lean closer.

‘If you manage to make that chocolate mousse, I’ll let you eat it of my naked body later tonight.’

Narcissa had whispered it so nobody else could hear but everybody sure looked up at Hermione’s flustered splutters. None the wiser they eventually got to work, but nobody took the assignment as serious as Hermione herself who was already melting her chocolate. She got this!


April 17th

‘Don’t you remember last year’s fiasco when you tried to teach me how to ride a bike?’ Narcissa asked flabbergasted when Hermione informed her about their next date.

‘That’s totally different! Segways are really safe according to this leaflet.’

‘Aren’t these the same contraptions you showed me a funny video about a few days ago?’

Hermione suddenly blushed, ‘…no.’

But Narcissa didn’t believe her, ‘I remember it! You showed me on the YouTube. If memory serves correctly, it was a compilation of people having silly accidents on these things.’

The younger witch deflated and folded the leaflet in half, ‘I guess we can just go to a restaurant instead…’

‘Darling,’ Narcissa sighed, ‘I didn’t say we couldn’t try it.’


The blonde witch chuckled, ‘I almost made you skydive and you’re terrified of heights. It’s the least I can do.’

Hermione beamed and accepted Narcissa’s arm so they could head to their destination.


‘Lean forwards to move, backwards to brake and just pull the steer left or right to make a turn,’ the instructor explained, ‘it’s fairly simple, really.’

‘If it’s so simple, then why did we just have to sign an insurance-clause?’ Narcissa whispered to Hermione who responded by elbowing her wife in the side.

Eventually after a few minutes of convincing Narcissa that yes, she really had to wear that helmet, they were off onto the streets of London. Their guide started at a slow pace to let his group get used to the Segways and much to Hermione’s surprise Narcissa quickly got the hang of it.

‘It’s a little bit like a broomstick on wheels,’ she laughed, ‘and not as uncomfortable.’

‘I agree! I never understood how wizards can fly broomsticks without bruising their balls. I even have trouble sitting on one for too long.’

‘Cushioning charms, darling.’

Hermione’s mouth formed a surprised oh as she saw her wife whizzing off on her Segway. The blonde glanced at a French tourist who couldn’t manage to go straight and kept spinning in circles and Hermione swore she heard Narcissa mutter pathetic under her breath. With a snort she leaned forward ordering her Segway to follow the guide.

They rode through London for half an hour while listening to little facts and stories about London in her early days. Narcissa wasn’t very impressed with the tour guide however and kept asking him difficult question after difficult question while ignoring his pleading eyes begging her to shut up. After a while the man just gave up completely and Narcissa took over his job of informing the tourists of anecdotes.

Eventually they took a little break nearby a hotdog and soda stall and everybody managed to dismount their Segway without issues apart from the French tourist who forgot to turn his off and had to run after it to prevent it from going in the Thames. Narcissa watched him before shaking her head.

‘And to say the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black originates from France.’

‘Toujours pure, mais pas toujours sensible,’ Hermione joked earning her one of Narcissa’s rare giggles.

‘Right you are, darling.’

Suddenly the guide reappeared and handed everybody a ticket, ‘these are for a round on the London Eye, as promised on the leaflet. You better go now because we leave again in half an hour for the final part of the tour.’

Narcissa eyed the Ferris wheel and turned towards Hermione, ‘it’s rather high. Do you think you can manage?’

‘Cissy I nearly jumped out of a plane for you. Of course, I can manage.’

‘Just checking! Let’s go then.’

‘Can you hold my hand, though?’ Hermione quickly added when the giant Ferris wheel cast its shadow on her and Narcissa smiled.

‘Always, darling.’


Hermione could tell her wife was getting cold as she shivered for the third time in under a minute. The London Eye had suffered from technical difficulties just when their cabin had been at the top. The younger witch had been trying to ignore the light swaying caused by the wind for more than half an hour now and had been so absorbed with her fear that she hadn’t noticed Narcissa’s discomfort.

‘We could just disapparate and go home?’ she offered.

‘They’ll probably start a search thinking we’ve jumped into the Thames,’ Narcissa smiled, ‘and we can’t obliviate them all without getting into trouble with the Ministry.’

Hermione pondered on it for a bit before snapping her fingers, ‘I have an idea. Can you charm the cabin so it doesn’t sway when I return?’

Before Narcissa could ask what in Salazar’s name Hermione was on about, the brunette disapparated only to apparate again seconds later giving her wife very little time to draw her wand and immobilize the hinges of their cabin. She raised an eyebrow at Hermione.

‘You could have ended up in the Thames if the Ferris wheel had started moving again.’

‘I calculated how far it would’ve moved within the time I was gone and made sure to apparate a few inches more to the left,’ Hermione replied smugly while handing a warm coat to the blonde witch.

‘Show off.’

But Narcissa’s words held no bite as she gratefully put the jacket on and accepted the invitation of Hermione’s outstretched arms. Together they snuggled close and Hermione felt relieved when she noticed her wife had stopped shivering while they waited for the London Eye to start moving again. She silently cursed herself for not going to the toilet really quickly when she’d apparated home though.


May 22nd

‘Darling, be careful!’ Narcissa scolded, ‘I really don’t see the point in your insistence to do this the muggle way.’

Hermione merely laughed as she poked the fire a little bit more before turning towards her wife again. Narcissa winced when she saw a particularly high flame singe a bit of Hermione’s unruly hair. But the Gryffindor didn’t seem to mind and walked back towards their two camping chairs. She wrapped her fleece blanket around her again and clutched her hot chocolate.

It was a cold evening, but luckily the weather had decided to co-operate because they didn’t have a plan B in case their campfire couldn’t take place. After seeing Narcissa disapproving glare, Hermione sighed.

‘Because it’s not the same if I magic the fire.’

‘Rumor has it that you’re very skilled at portable BlueBells Flames…’

Hermione smiled, ‘I used to magic them to get warm at Hogwarts since there were only fireplaces in the common rooms and I always got so cold while studying.’

‘Apparently you used them to set Severus aflame.’

This cause the Gryffindor witch to blush, ‘who told you?’

‘The man himself. Severus frequented the Manor regularly seeing as he was Draco’s godfather. Not that they ever got along, unfortunately. Draco was far too arrogant and Severus too afraid to let anyone come close to him.’

‘It sounds like you knew him well.’

Narcissa nodded thoughtfully, ‘we were very good friends during our sixth year at Hogwarts. He was extremely skilled in potions and tutored me to help me achieve my ambition to become a potion’s mistress myself. He even thought about writing a book.’

‘Well, he kinda did,’ Hermione muttered but her wife didn’t hear her, ‘what changed?’

‘I got engaged and he got his heart broken. We drifted apart even after Lucius asked him to become Draco’s godfather. Our interactions always felt… stilted while I used to have such deep conversations with him.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that. I never knew he suspected me to be the culprit though.’

Narcissa snickered, ‘he’d seen you walk around with a jar of BlueBells Flames and had been impressed with your level of skill at such a young age. The fact that he was currently trying to save mister Potter didn’t make it hard to link the crime to the suspect.’

‘We thought he was trying to kill him.’

‘Yes,’ Narcissa mused, ‘he did always have this villain-vibe about him, didn’t he? Anyhow, we’re getting off topic. Why not use BlueBells Flames?’

‘Real flames are a lot cozier and don’t give your smores a funny taste,’ the brunette stated.


‘AHA,’ Hermione shouted, ‘the very reason we’re here tonight!’

She whipped out a plastic bag of what looked like giant cotton pads and handed Narcissa a stick. The older woman frowned as she placed her hot chocolate on the forest ground. Hermione had rolled her eyes when she’d spiked the drink with some rum, but it literally was the only way Narcissa managed to drink the stuff.

‘What in Salazar’s name am I to do with a stick, darling?’

‘You put a smore on the end and hold it above the fire so you can eat it.’

‘You know, for a dentist’s daughter, you really have a sweet tooth.’

Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘you can’t survive on salad and wine alone, Cissy. Just try it?’

Narcissa sighed in fond exasperation and did as instructed. Hermione laughed when she practically shoved the smore into the flames and lifted her wife’s hand a little bit.

‘You don’t want it to get burned. Just wait until it’s a soft brown and starting to melt a little bit.’

A few minutes passed in which they both turned their smore above the fire in comfortable silence. The only sounds were the cracklings of the flames and the pitter patter of nightly forest creatures that made their way around them. Just when Hermione was about to break the silence, her wife scoffed.

‘This is taking forever.’

‘I thought Slytherins were supposed to be patient and Gryffindors brash?’ Hermione quipped.

Narcissa merely hummed, ‘let’s play a game while we wait darling. If you had to choose between never reading a book again or never having sex again, what would you pick?’

Hermione laughed at that, ‘well seeing as I need books for work and considering that I can read about sex in books… I’ll have to go with never having sex again.’

‘It would seem I’d have to up my game,’ the blonde said with feigned offence, but her eyes twinkled with mirth, ‘now you ask me a question.’

The brunette pondered it for a moment before asking, ‘if you had to live your life without magic or without me, what would you choose?’

‘I’d pick you over magic any day, darling. Besides I’m already practically a muggle with all the things you force me to do.’

‘I don’t force you to do anything,’ Hermione protested but just at that moment Narcissa’s smore fell into the fire and the blonde cried in outrage.

‘Salazar’s Snake, I take it back. I could never live without magic!’

‘Don’t be so dramatic,’ Hermione replied as she gave her own smore to Narcissa and started roasting a new one for herself, ‘I’d pick you over magic as well by the way.’

‘You’d pick me over magic but not books?’ Narcissa asked with a raised eyebrow.

‘I’d pick books over sex, but I’d never pick them over you. There’s a difference. You will always be my first choice, Cissy.’

Narcissa sobbed a little before biting a chunk of her smore and frowning at it, ‘I don’t see the appeal of these things.’

Hermione snickered, ‘neither do I to be honest, but it’s part of the whole bonfire-experience.’


June 12th

‘What was it exactly we were going to do?’

‘Go-carting,’ Hermione replied, ‘like in the videogame Teddy likes so much?’

Narcissa scrunched up her nose at the memory. Her sister had nearly pissed herself laughing at Narcissa’s confusion about Mario not being a real person, but how in Salazar’s name was she supposed to have knowledge about dizital stuff? Hermione mistook her wife’s facial expression for disgust towards their next date and kissed her on the cheek.

‘It’ll be fun! Perhaps if you’re good at it, I could learn you how to drive a car,’ Hermione said with a wink.

‘I really don’t see the point in crashing to my death in one of those iron contraptions. Last time you drove, I nearly fainted.’

Hermione squinted her eyes, ‘are you saying I’m a bad driver?’

‘I’m not saying anything, darling. But it’s worth pointing out that I’m never afraid when we take a cab.’


The upside of going on so many muggle dates was that Narcissa didn’t even protest anymore when Hermione handed her the helmet she had to wear. The blonde merely rolled her eyes before zipping up her overall and binding her hair in a ponytail so she could put the helmet on. While shoving their hands in the leather gloves provided by the carting center, both women walked towards their instructor.

He explained them how the carts worked before they walked the trail where he pointed out the tricky curves and how they should handle them. Hermione nervously glanced at her wife who undoubtedly would be confused by the rather technical explanations about clutches, gears and brakes but the blonde gave no indication that she didn’t understand the jargon.

The first fifteen minutes of the activity they would do some practice laps and after that they’d race each other until there was a winner. Hermione was too busy frowning at the word ‘race’ to notice the competitive glimmer in her wife’s eyes. She thought carting was supposed to be safe? How could a bunch of amateurs racing be safe?

Hermione was pulled from her musings by the instructor who clapped his hands and asked all the participants to take place in their carts. Narcissa immediately walked over to the only black one while Hermione sat herself down in a blue cart. The instructor helped each and every driver to strap themselves securely in their seats before turning on the engines.

The hall filled itself with a loud roaring and one of the participants apparently had forgotten to press his clutch causing his cart to shoot forward. The muggle man crashed into a pile of tires and Hermione could practically see Narcissa roll her eyes just by the slight tilt of her helmet. The brunette smirked. Her wife always had had an intolerance for everybody’s incompetence but her own.

Once the crashed cart had been repositioned, the instructor signaled that they were allowed to depart and Hermione carefully released her clutch and accelerated a little bit. With her both hands firmly on the steering wheel she slowly maneuvered the cart through the trail, quickly ending up in the last position but she couldn’t care. Safety was of the utmost importance!

After her first two careful laps, Hermione suddenly got surpassed by a black cart that skidded past her on the inside of the trickiest curve of the entire lap. The Gryffindor witch started at the driver who’s black and blonde hair showed from underneath her helmet. Just when Hermione expected her wife to crash into the tires as well, the woman quickly turned her steering wheel around and sped off again flipping Hermione off in the process.

‘I wish I hadn’t taught her that gesture,’ Hermione muttered before she caught the instructor signaling that it was time for the second halve of the activity.


Hermione had been defeated before the competition had properly started, but she didn’t really care. Driving much like broomstick flying, just wasn’t her forte. Instead she opted to watch in awe as her wife defeated participant after participant on the track. Narcissa hadn’t always been the fastest of them all, but her technique and precision always ensured she took every curve without scraping the tires and being the first one to cross the finish line.

Hermione scooted closer to the edge of her seat as the two best drivers were lining up for the final race. What the muggle man lacked in elegance, he made up for in speed and recklessness so Narcissa would have to push her accelerator deeper than she’d ever dared before because technique alone wouldn’t be enough to win. While they waited for the instructor to wave the flag, the man started taunting Narcissa trying to distract her from the race.

While the man was busy blowing up his engine and indicating to his opponent that she was dead meat, Narcissa just focused on the track. Hermione gulped for she recognized the deadly determination in those azure eyes. After a few moments even the muggle driver started to become nervous from the lack of interest Narcissa showed in him. And then, mere seconds before the instructor dropped the flag, Narcissa glanced at him and winked before shooting off like a rocket.

She immediately had a head start but the man didn’t need long to recover and seemed even more determined to claim the victory. His cart swayed dangerously across the track as he stomped his gas pedal down as far as he could. But male testosterone proved to be no match for female stubbornness because he already fucked up in the first curve, going way too fast and losing control over his steering wheel. By the time he managed to free his cart from the pile of tires, Narcissa crossed the finish line breaking her own record in the process.

The witch turned her engine off and hoisted herself from the cart. She unclasped her helmet and shook her hair the moment it was free from its confinement. Hermione felt a twinge of jealousy as she watched how her wife held the helmet underneath one arm while peeling off her gloves to shake her opponent’s hand. The muggle man seemed mesmerized by the black and blonde locks that dangled halfway Narcissa’s back and Hermione definitely caught him staring at Narcissa’s ass the moment she turned around. Damn those tight overalls!

‘This was fun,’ the older witch said upon reaching her wife and kissing her on the lips.

Hermione laughed, especially when she saw the muggle man’s disappointed expression when he realized Narcissa was gay. She handed her wife a bottle of water so she could take a few sips and glanced at the black cart that was still smoking from being pushed to its very limits.

‘Remind me to never ever allow you to drive a car, Cissy.’

An eyebrow was raised, ‘why not? I think I’d be rather good at it.’

‘I don’t doubt it, but we’d go bankrupt by the amount of speeding tickets you’d collect.’

Chapter Text

July 17th

Narcissa rubbed her forehead while glaring at her wife who nearly pissed her pants laughing. How was she supposed to know the aquarium was made from double glass? She had merely bent forward to get a better look when Narcissa painfully collided with the water tank.

‘Honestly, darling. Aren’t you supposed to kiss it better instead of making fun of me?’

‘I’m so-sorry,’ Hermione hiccupped, ‘but you should have seen the fish’s face!’

‘I was just surprised to see the same fish as in the movie Teddy made me watch yesterday.’

Hermione frowned as they continued walking through the aquarium, ‘you saw a movie about a fish?’

‘A talking fish…,’ Narcissa muttered, ‘like one of those!’

She pointed at a small orange little fish with black framed white stripes and Hermione suddenly started laughing again, ‘let me guess, the fish lost his son and went looking for him together with one of those?’

Hermione pointed at a blue fish with yellow fins and Narcissa nodded, ‘indeed.’

‘Merlin’s beard, Teddy made you watch Finding Nemo.’

Narcissa scoffed, ‘well he made it sound like it would be a magical experience and who am I to say no to my little nephew?’

‘You have never said no to him, I’d be surprised if you started now. Shall we go look at the squids?’

‘Squids like the giant squid that lives in the Black Lake at Hogwarts?’ Narcissa said slightly paling at the thought of such a creature living in a fragile water tank.

‘No, these are only little ones. Besides isn’t the giant squid magical to begin with?’

The blonde nodded, ‘yes, but he wouldn’t be the first magical creature to accidentally end up in the muggle world. Even though it’s rare, it has happened before.’

‘Really? What does the Ministry do in that case?’

‘Usually the creatures find a way to escape themselves. I mean a Demiguise can become invisible and a Niffler squeezes itself through the smallest openings. Muggles often haven’t noticed the animal before it’s escaped already. And if they do, they usually think they imagined it.’

‘Huh,’ Hermione said, ‘I had no clue. I just always assumed both animal worlds were separated.’

‘Not at all. Magical creatures just dwell among normal ones just like we live among muggles. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a Ramora fish living in this aquarium. It’s a silver fish that originates from the Indian Ocean and is seen as the guardian of the seafarers. Legend claims it could hold entire ships into place.’

Hermione’s eyes became as big as saucers the way they always did when her wife told her something she didn’t know yet. The brunette often marveled at her wife’s extensive knowledge about the magical world. There was so much more to be discovered!

‘That’s amazing! But wouldn’t such a creature cause havoc in here?’

The blonde merely shrugged, ‘it can apparate from one point to another as long as there’s water. I guess it just leaves whenever it wants. But there’s safety and food here where they are hunted and poached in their own habitat.’

They both stared at the squids in silence, both thinking the exact same thing how the little ones looked rather boring compared to the giant species at Hogwarts. Both witches strolled to the next fish tank and Narcissa immediately snickered when she saw a few eels slithering around in the aquarium.

‘They somehow remind me of Lucius.’

‘Didn’t Voldemort call him “my slippery friend”?’ Hermione asked with barely contained amusement.

‘He did, but not for long. He quickly resorted to “worthless fool” and “spineless snob”,’ Narcissa sad with a tinge of remorse in her voice, ‘I’m glad he’s happier now though. Despite his shortcomings, he wasn’t the worst of the worst.’

Hermione blindly grasped for Narcissa’s hand and squeezed it when she grabbed it. The Malfoy’s divorce had been publicly discussed in the Daily Prophet and while it had been a mutual decision for Lucius and Narcissa, it had still been a rather dreadful affair. The fact that Lucius had been seen prancing around Italy with a fabulous young witch on his arm, hadn’t exactly helped matters.

‘I’m still petty about how they praised him for his virility with each new conquest while you were scandalized when our relationship became public,’ Hermione grumbled.

‘Ah, male superiority,’ Narcissa said with a wink while they approached the aquariums that housed the sharks.

Narcissa was decidedly unimpressed with the sharks especially after having binge-watched all Jaws-movies with Hermione and they quickly moved on towards the next fish tank. When they saw the colorful fish swimming around in it, Hermione erupted in a fit of giggles.

‘These remind me of Gilderoy Lockhart,’ the younger witch explained when her wife raised an eyebrow.

The blonde was still confused so Hermione pointed at a very ostentatious looking fish with lots of glittery colors and twirly fins. But Narcissa merely blinked until her wife started reading the description of said fish.

‘The SmallusDickus is a fish that looks impressive but doesn’t really have any skills to speak of. Due to its kitsch looks it’s one of the worst hunters in the amphibian realm. It thrives off the effort of other fish by distracting them with his excessively colored fins while stealing their prey.’

Now a smirk was starting to appear on Narcissa’s face. She remembered the story in the Daily Prophet about the scandalous crimes the famous author had committed to fake his own reputation. The tale of how he had obliviated himself and was confined to St. Mungo’s for the rest of his life while his victims were commemorated for their achievements had adorned many front covers.

Suddenly Hermione pointed towards a tiny azure blue fish, ‘I like that one!’

Narcissa squinted at the tiny creature. If Hermione hadn’t pointed it out, she might not have noticed it in the first place.


‘It matches your eyes.’


Augustus 21st

Narcissa eyed the rifle in her hands, ‘I still think it’s barbaric.’

‘It’s paintball. The bullets are literally little balls filled with paint!’

‘Yes, but you still shoot at each other.’

Hermione zipped up her overall and sighed, ‘does it help if you look at it as if it’s a duel? There’s two opposite teams, the bullets are like hexes and the one that can dodge the most is the winner.’

Narcissa pursed her lips for a moment before nodding, ‘yes, that helps actually.’

‘Excellent! We’re on the same team because I could never shoot a bullet at my own wife,’ Hermione said silkily earning her an eyeroll from the blonde witch, ‘but I don’t suppose you have any trouble shooting at your sister?’

‘None whatsoever.’

Hermione grinned and almost pitied Andromeda who just emerged from the dressing room together with Ginny. They would be their opponents for the day seeing as Teddy was too young to play with adults. It was against company policy. Luckily Harry had agreed to take his nephew out for the day.

‘Ready to get your arses kicked?’ Andy informed the moment she joined the group and Narcissa scoffed.

‘Don’t count on it dear sister. I remember you never being very subtle, let alone being able to dodge multiple bullets.’

Both sisters glared at each other before marching off to the opposite sides of the terrain, their partners in crime following them quickly. It would seem like the Battle of the Blacks had begun.


Hermione winced when she crouched down behind a car wreck for cover. She had been hit several times already and she could feel the bruises forming on her ribs. Nevertheless, she had treated Ginny with a well-aimed bullet against her backside. The brunette was panting slightly, her stamina obviously wasn’t what it used to be anymore.

Carefully Hermione glanced over the hood of the car to see if she could spot Narcissa somewhere. They had decided to go their separate ways when they couldn’t agree on a strategy to conquer Andy and Ginny’s flag. Suddenly a shot echoed through the air and Hermione ducked just in time to see a yellow paint ball whizzing past her helmet.

‘Shit,’ the brunette muttered as she spotted her wife stalking towards a shrubbery seemingly unaware of any danger.

Before Hermione could try to draw her wife’s attention, she saw Andy emerge from behind a tree in pursuit of her younger sister. Narcissa didn’t seem to notice as her eyes were firmly fixed on the opponent’s flag. She just had to cross the wasteland that didn’t have any objects to hide behind and victory would be hers.

Much to Hermione’s surprise both sisters’ overalls were almost entirely clean, meaning they hadn’t been hit that much yet. It had been an additional goal in the game. They weren’t just supposed to steal each other’s flag, but also had to try and avoid being hit as much as possible. If you conquered the flag but the other team had less stains on their overalls, the game would end at a draw.

Hermione bit her lip. Narcissa was already convinced of their victory, but if Andy would empty her gun at the blonde right now while her own overall was nearly spotless, it would all have been for nothing. Desperate to draw her wife’s attention, Hermione started hissing Narcissa’s name while throwing pebbles in the direction of the crawling witch.

But just when the blonde noticed Hermione, Andy jumped from behind her own hiding place screeching like a banshee. Narcissa’s reflexes were lightning fast but seeing as she had squinted at Hermione’s confusing hand gestures trying to tell her that she was in danger, she was too late to avoid the ambush.

‘Noooooooooo,’ Hermione screamed when Andy nudged Narcissa on her back and kicked the paint ball gun from her hands so she could point her own at her sister’s stomach.

Narcissa raised her arm to protect her neck which was the only body part not being protected by an overall or a helmet and seemed to accept her faith. No bullets came however and both sisters looked at Hermione with a startled expression. The brunette jumped over the hood of the car, rolled across the ground and sprinted towards Andy.

And that’s the moment Ginny Weasley struck. She mercilessly emptied her paintball gun at Hermione who stumbled when the bullets of paint splashed open against her body. She tried to keep running towards Andy who still stood flabbergasted with her sister at her feet but eventually gravity won and Hermione crashed in the sand.

The moment the Gryffindor witch came to a skidding halt mere inches from Narcissa, the blonde raised both her hands and sighed, ‘we yield.’


Hermione winced when Narcissa dabbed the ointment on her bruises, ‘ow.’

‘I know, darling. But you’ll be happy tomorrow when it’s all healed.’

‘It’s like being hit with several hexes.’

Narcissa laughed, ‘I can imagine. But honestly, who charges headfirst into a paintball fight?’

‘Andy was destroying you! And she was breaking the rules by shooting from a short distance.’

‘Always the brash Gryffindor,’ Narcissa said fondly before turning her attention towards another bruise, ‘and while your action may have been romantic, they were also foolish. Andy had almost no more bullets left.’

Hermione’s jaw went slack her mouth forming a rather surprised oh at the realization she had practically ran towards Ginny’s paintball gun to save her wife for nothing. Narcissa chuckled at Hermione’s expression.

‘You see, counting bullets and enticing the opponent to fire despite your strategic position making it nearly impossible for them to hit you, IS a good strategy. We could have easily won this game if your big gay heart hadn’t thwarted my plans.’

Hermione shook her head, ‘always the Slytherin.’


September 18th

‘I still don’t understand what’s wrong with my bathing suit,’ Narcissa said when Hermione insisted she should pack another one.

‘Bathing suit? Cissy it exists entirely of two strings and a few triangles of cloth! If you go down the slide with that, you’ll resurface wearing absolutely nothing.’

‘I intended to find myself a lounger and read a book.’

‘Absolutely not! We’re going to a waterpark, Cissy! The whole point of going to a waterpark is do go down the slides. Besides you burn faster than one can say incendio.’

Narcissa grumbled but removed her bikini from her bag nevertheless. Hermione handed her a black bathing suit and gave her a sympathetic smile.

‘You know what? How about I take you to a private spa for our next date and you can wear that bikini?’

Narcissa smirked, ‘you’d rather not have me naked then?’

The blonde watched her wife splutter before zipping her bag close and grabbing Hermione by the elbow to side-apparate to their destination.


‘Are you comfortable?’ Hermione asked Narcissa who was seated in her rubber boat in a rather awkward angle.

‘Just get it over with so I can find my way to the jacuzzis.’

Hermione rolled her eyes. How was she to know that Narcissa would topple over inside their very first slide and land in the water upside down? Granted it had been funny, mostly because it was the woman’s own fault for refusing to slide on her stomach, but now she was hesitant to try the other ones as well.

The Gryffindor settled behind her wife in the rubber boat mere seconds before the light turned green and the employee of the waterpark gave them a push. Hermione felt Narcissa stiffen during their descend and wrapped her arms securely around the older witch. When they arrived in the pool with a big splash, Narcissa flinched.

‘That wasn’t too bad, now was it Cissy?’

The blonde smiled a sad smile, ‘I think I’m a tad too old for shenanigans like these, I’m afraid.

Hermione chuckled, ‘that’s okay. You gave it a try. Shall we just swim some laps then?’

‘We’ll go on the big slide first. You’ve been eyeing that one from the moment we arrived,’ Narcissa said while pecking her wife on the cheek.

The younger woman beamed as she put the rubber boat on the conveyor belt and pulled her wife from the swimming pool. Together they shuffled over the wet tiles towards the biggest slide of the entire waterpark. When they were waiting in line, Narcissa spotted a few teenage boys whispering to each other and nudging their heads in Hermione’s direction.

‘Those boys are gawping at you,’ Narcissa whispered angrily in Hermione’s ear.

The brunette glanced over her shoulder, causing the boys to giggle before turning towards Narcissa again, ‘they’re probably just staring at my scar.’

The older witch scoffed, ‘unless your scar is on your ass, I highly doubt it.’

With a poisonous glare, Narcissa wrapped her arm around Hermione and pulled her close for a kiss. Hermione squeaked when she felt a brush of her wife’s tongue against her lips and playfully shoved her away.

‘Cissy, we’re in public!’

‘Just showing those boys you’re off limits.’

Hermione glanced over her shoulder again, ‘I think you made them even more excited.’

Narcissa looked as well and scrunched up her nose, ‘ugh, I forgot teenagers are mostly hormone driven. Let’s go, darling. It’s our turn.’

Hermione barely managed a squeak before Narcissa pulled her down the slide with her. In a tangled mess of limbs they whizzed through every curve, occasionally bumping their heads against each other before landing with a big splash. They swam towards the main pool and started on their laps, but Hermione found it was hard to stay focused. She always thought Narcissa with wet hair was a sight to behold.

‘Care to find ourselves a hot tub?’ Hermione whispered in Narcissa’s ear the moment the blonde paused to take a break.

‘Darling, if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to take a shower, go home and get drunk together on the couch.’

Hermione frowned, ‘what changed your mind about the jacuzzi?’

‘The fact that we’re going to a private spa next week,’ Narcissa replied, ‘and the fact that I just saw a grown woman pee in the pool.’


Hermione scrambled to get out of the water and shivered when she felt her wife cast a wandless scourgify on both of them. She nodded gratefully and followed the blonde woman who started to make her way towards the exit. Hermione suddenly felt her throat go dry as she saw those long pale legs and the black bathing suit that clung to every curve.

‘Must you sway your hips like that?’

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

Hermione playfully swatted Narcissa’s ass before dragging her into a changing cabin. She pressed the blonde against the door and the witch gasped from the sudden cold. Hermione gratefully pushed her tongue past those pale lips and hummed with pleasure. When her hands squeezed Narcissa’s hips, the woman broke the kiss.

‘If I’m too old for a waterpark, I’m definitely too old to be caught snogging like a teenager in a changing stall.’

‘Pffff,’ Hermione protested, ‘you’re only old when it suits you. Kissing me in front of a few teenage boys wasn’t a problem at all if I recall correctly.’

Narcissa merely huffed.

October 23rd

Narcissa nodded approvingly the moment they entered the private spa where Hermione had booked them three hours of peace and quiet with a luxury breakfast. They’d opted for this one not only because it had the highest rating on Yelp, a thing Narcissa had recently discovered and now based all her decision on, but also because it guaranteed a service where they would not see another living soul.

‘I like it,’ the blonde commented while Hermione scanned their booking receipt at the digital receptionist, ‘if I’d still live at Malfoy Manor, I’d install one of these myself.’

Hermione laughed, ‘an entire private spa?’

‘Yes, darling.’

The Gryffindor witch couldn’t resist shaking her head. Narcissa often talked about ridiculously expensive undertakings like she was just going to do the grocery shopping. Last week she casually mentioned about wanting to purchase a yacht and when Hermione asked her where she was going to sail with it the woman had merely shrugged and suggested buying a mansion in France at a harbor where they could moor the boat.

‘The computer says we should just go straight through,’ Hermione said after scanning the receipt, ‘there’s a changing room with lockers to store away our belongings.’

‘Muggles and their lockers. They use them everywhere!’

They both walked through the hallway and into the changing room where further instructions awaited them. After shedding their clothes they had to go through the next door and to the left. The private wellness had three zones but there was a time difference of fifteen minutes in between bookings so you didn’t have to share the changing room with anyone. When they entered their private spa, Narcissa moaned.

‘Oh yes! This I can get used to.’

‘Me too,’ Hermione said but she wasn’t looking at the swimming pool. Her eyes were firmly fixated on the miniscule bikini Narcissa hadn’t been allowed to wear at the waterpark.

‘My eyes are up here, darling.’

Hermione hummed and followed her wife into the water that had been heated to a pleasant twenty-eight degrees. They both swam a few laps, stretching their muscles and enjoying the weightlessness for a little while before turning their attention towards the jacuzzi. Narcissa didn’t hesitate and lowered herself into the forty-degrees water, but Hermione walked towards the touchscreen at the entrance first.


‘Of course, darling. It’s a jacuzzi.’

Hermione laughed, ‘no, I meant champagne!’

Narcissa opened one eye to see what her wife was talking about before nodding, ‘splendid.’

Hermione entered a few orders through the screen and mere seconds later the red light next to the hatchet turned green and Hermione opened it. The smell of freshly baked croissants, bacon and eggs and fruit greeted them. The younger witch carefully carried the platter towards the jacuzzi and placed it on the surface provided for it.

‘I think this beats breakfast in bed,’ Hermione joked.

Narcissa hummed.


Halfway their time at the spa, the entire breakfast had been eaten and a second bottle of champagne opened. Hermione giggled when she saw her wife shimmy out of her bikini and the blonde raised an eyebrow when the brunette stumbled.

‘I suggest we take a cab home. If you apparate like that, you’ll end up getting splinched.’

‘I can’t handle alcohol very well.’

Narcissa shook her head in fond exasperation before languidly stretching herself across the massage table. An array of different lotions was displayed next to a pile of pre-heated towels and after a moment of hesitation, Hermione reached for the lavender scent. She squirted a dollop of oil in her hands and started spreading it across Narcissa’s back.

‘Put some strength into it darling, you won’t break me,’ the older witch purred.

Hermione started kneading and rubbing the knots out of her wife’s muscles while relaxing music played in the background. She knew Narcissa’s neck had a tendency of tensing up when work was stressful and worked with vigor to try and get her upperbody to unclench. Judging by the blonde’s sighs her efforts were appreciated.

‘This is exactly what I needed after the chaotic month I just had at work,’ Narcissa sobbed before turning around.

More oil was being used and before Hermione knew what was happening, her gay brain short circuited at the sight of her naked wife’s skin shining from oil. Every muscle, every curve, it was all on display and Hermione felt her own body starting to respond. Her hands slithered across Narcissa’s muscular stomach and taut breasts before dropping to her thighs. The older witch’s eyes flew open and she grabbed Hermione’s wrist to stop her.


‘We have to stop doing this or else we’ll end up having sex in a private spa and that’s a boundary of propriety I’m not willing to cross.’

Hermione laughed and glanced at the clock on the wall, ‘that’s okay. We don’t have that much time left anyway. Let’s say we switch positions real quick before going home?’

‘Oh, you can bet all your Galleons that I’ll be putting you in a lot more positions today, darling.’

Hermione squeaked.

Chapter Text

July 17th

Hermione wheezed from laughing and clung to Narcissa’s arm while the blonde looked rather smug about her joke. Andy, who’d been the victim of her pun merely stuck out her tongue at her sister. Together with Astoria they were headed towards a karaoke bar after having hopped from pub to pub to get in the right singing mood.

‘Aaaah, Andy,’ Narcissa purred ‘don’t be angry. I’m just messing with you.’

‘I’ll have my revenge on stage,’ the middle Black sister shot back excited that she finally managed to convince Hermione and Narcissa to go on a karaoke night for their date. Their only condition had been that everybody should be thoroughly drunk to survive the embarrassment behind the mic.

‘Ooooohhhh,’ everybody replied in unison but Andy was undeterred. Little did they know she’d played Singstar with Teddy so many times she knew almost all the songs by heart.

They eventually made it to the bar and after a secret muggle repellant charm Andy managed to procure them a table close to the stage albeit under loud protests from Hermione.

‘I’m just saying we try to keep our dates as muggle as possible,’ the Gryffindor witch hissed, ‘so if you can’t keep your wand in your pocket, I’ll confiscate it.’

‘Did you hear that boys? Keep your wands in your pockets!’

There were a few hoots and whistles at Andromeda’s shoot-out, but soon there was a next contestant on the stage and the pub went a bit quieter again. With a snap of Narcissa’s fingers a waiter appeared next to their table and Hermione couldn’t help but wonder whether the woman secretly used magic or her beauty simply attracted people.

They ordered a round of cocktails having already agreed they would take the Knight bus home. When their drinks arrived, so did the list with songs they could choose from which Astoria immediately claimed for herself. She eyed the options and pouted.

‘These are muggle songs only. I don’t know any of them.’

Andy waved her away while practically inhaling her cocktail, ‘it’s more about passion than the actual words. Now who’s going first?’

Astoria and Hermione both suddenly seemed very occupied with their drinks leaving Narcissa as the only possible option for Andy to shove on the stage ignoring the blonde’s splutters about not having picked a song yet. Hermione immediately took pity on her wife who was staring at the crowd like a deer caught in the headlights. The brunette rushed towards the man behind the DJ booth and gave him a song suggestion.

Hermione sat down next to Andy who was grinning triumphantly at her revenge for the joke earlier that night. But the moment the song started playing, Narcissa’s eyes widened as she recognized the tunes. She winked at her wife before grabbing the microphone with both hands and flicking her hair from her face with just a bit too much sass.

I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain't it sad?
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That's too bad
In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball


Andy’s bewildered face at her sister flawless performance made Hermione slap the table from laughing, ‘oh Andy! Your sister loves ABBA! She plays their songs almost daily.’


Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world


Astoria snorted, ‘I love the choice of song. These lyrics sound very unlike Cissy.’

‘She thinks it’s hilarious seeing how filthy rich she is,’ Hermione agreed.

The song came to an end and the entire crowd roared causing Andy to grit her teeth. Hermione wanted to sing next, but the brunette shoved her back in her seat and stomped towards the stage.

‘Game on sister!’


The entire pub was dancing now while cheering for both women who were giving the performance of their lives on the small karaoke stage. Their skins were glistening with sweat as they were standing almost nose to nose singing their hearts out in the ultimate battle. The brunette’s curls were wild and unruly from head banging earlier while the blonde had ripped open her blouse, revealing a black corset underneath.

Nobody had had the chance to sing a song anymore, but there wasn’t a single soul complaining about that. Unfortunately when the hour approached midnight, the patron of the pub announced that it was time for the final song, as he would have to close soon. He indulged in the booing that ensued before switching to a more timid ballad, giving both women a chance to relax a little.

Both sisters looked at each other with a big smile before turning to their crowd for the final time. Narcissa didn’t miss the lovestruck expression on her wife’s face who was gently patting a shitfaced Astoria on the back and winked at her.

I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore
If I tell a joke, you've probably heard it before
But I have a talent, a wonderful thing
'Cause everyone listens when I start to sing
I'm so grateful and proud
All I want is to sing it out loud

So I say
Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance, what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

August 21st

While they’d normally agreed to go to a disco for their next date, Narcissa had needed almost three days to recover from their karaoke night and had asked to switch to something a bit calmer. So they’d decided to go on a hot air balloon trip, agreeing that it couldn’t possibly be worse than their attempt at skydiving. They were currently standing on the pick-up point where a bus would collect them and drive them at the field of departure.

Eventually a scrappy looking minivan stopped in front of them causing both witches to raise their eyebrows at each other. The driver itself was friendly enough though so they stepped inside nevertheless. It was a good thing the driver sped off immediately because the moment Hermione noticed there were no seatbelts, she wanted to get out again.

‘Just relax, darling. If anything happens, I’ll use a cushioning charm, alright?’

‘But Cissy we agreed no magic!’

The blonde raised a rather unimpressed eyebrow, ‘if that hot air balloon comes crashing down, I cast a spell. Or do you want to die?’

Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘fair enough. Perhaps keep your wand at the ready because I’m still not convinced we didn’t accidentally get kidnapped.’

Suddenly the driver pulled over and much to both women’s relief, there was a deflated hot air balloon splayed out on the grass field. They smiled at the pink canvas, happy that they’d not been scammed and joined the group of other participants. While listening to the safety procedures given by a very tiny woman with a very loud voice, the other members of the organization started inflating the balloons.

‘Darling,’ Narcissa suddenly muttered, ‘has my eyesight gotten worse or does our hot air balloon have a nipple?’

Hermione tore her gaze away from the emergency landing demonstration and squeaked when she saw the giant tit floating in the air with a whicker basket underneath it, ‘that explains why it was so cheap I guess.’

‘And that’s exactly the reason I don’t do cheap,’ Narcissa huffed while gesturing at the pink abomination, ‘now we’ll look like tits in a tit!’

Before Hermione could remark on the fact that Narcissa usually liked tits, they were ushered into the basket underneath the balloon and introduced to their captain. He tugged on his baseball cap and scratched his balls before smirking at his passengers.

‘Good afternoon, welcome! Balloon Bonanza wishes you a happy flight! Please note that we are not responsible for any personal belongings that get lost along the ride. Always obey the safety instructions you have received earlier. My name is Bob and I will be your guide.’

He then opened the gasket and shot hot flame after hot flame into the balloon causing it to slowly rise from the ground. They were guided by a team on the ground before they let go of the ropes and the flying tit soared above the treetops climbing and climbing until they were in the clouds.

‘I don’t mind the height at all now,’ Hermione sighed while enjoying the view.


Narcissa who hugged her wife from behind and rested her chin on the brunette’s shoulder hummed in agreement, ‘yes, this is nice.’

They flew in silence for a bit, almost forgetting there were other people with them in the basket while looking at the world below them. They soared over Big Ben and giggled at a few adventurous birds that came flying right next to the balloon. It was rather cold this high in the sky but both witches were wearing thick jackets and scarves and stood huddled close together.

‘I have to admit,’ Narcissa suddenly mumbled in Hermione’s ear to make sure nobody heard them, ‘muggles have the funniest ways to keep themselves entertained.’

‘I agree. Despite not possessing magic, muggle life is somewhat magical on its own.’

‘There’s similarities for sure. And yet Voldemort always insisted on our differences’

Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘and that’s why I’ve always been so adamant to improve on the muggle studies at Hogwarts. A lack of knowledge is humanity’s greatest enemy.’

Narcissa kissed the shell of Hermione’s ear and smirked when she felt the Gryffindor witch shudder in her arms. They had gone through such hardship at the beginning of their relationship, facing media scandals, gossip, and harassment but they muddled through. Together. The blonde leaned a bit closer and buried her nose in the brown curls in front of her, smiling when she smelled the soft waft of freshly pressed parchment. Hermione’s favorite shampoo.

They startled from the sounds of the flames Bob unleashed to gain in altitude again while he shouted at his passengers, ‘we’re going to make a turn now and fly a bit lower. If you look closely you should be able to recognize some famous London streets.’

Everybody immediately leaned over the edge, completely disregarding the safety instructions from earlier and started pointing out buildings or parks they recognized. Hermione and Narcissa stayed silent, enjoying the enthusiasm of the other passengers until Hermione suddenly gave her wife a nudge.

‘I see the Leaky Cauldron.’

The blonde smiled, ‘me too, darling. To think there’s an entire world hidden behind it. Magical shops with magical people and magical creatures.’

‘It will never cease to amaze me.’

Bob cleared his throat and opened the mini fridge he’d brought with him to provide his passengers with the glass of champagne they promised on the flyers. They all raised their glasses to their good health before sipping the drinks and Hermione snorted in her flute. She could just tell by Narcissa’s face that the blonde was everything but impressed with the quality of the alcohol.

‘Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse. This abysmal concoction they dare call champagne or the fact we have to drink it from a plastic flute.’

‘At least we’re in a flying tit and not a flying dick.’

Narcissa inclined her head, ‘I’ll drink to that.’


September 11th

‘Cissy, are you ready to go? We’ll miss happy hour like this!’

‘Just a second!’

Hermione rolled her eyes while tugging on her own skirt. She heard Narcissa ascend the staircase and turned around only to burst into laughter.

‘What in Merlin’s beard are you wearing?’

The woman was clad in a glitter and sequins jumpsuit while sporting a pair of monstrous boots Hermione had never seen before. Narcissa ignored Hermione’s perplexed expression and painted her lips a fiery red in the mirror that hung in the hallway.

‘You look like a walking disco ball!’

‘Well we are going to a disco, aren’t we?’ the older witch drawled.

‘Yes but a modern one! You look like you walked straight out of the seventies.’

They linked their arms together and disapparated straight from their home into a dark alleyway at the back of the disco. Apart from a raised eyebrow from the bouncer they encountered no difficulties to enter the building, but Narcissa sure got a lot of amused glances. The witch however couldn’t care less. She came here to dance!


‘Salazar’s snake this is so much more fun than those boring balls and galas!’ Narcissa shouted in Hermione’s ear while the brunette ordered them another round of cosmopolitans.

They hadn’t even bothered in trying to find a free table and had immediately stepped onto the dancefloor, moving on the rhythm of the music. The big discoball on the ceiling was enormous and enveloped the entire room in a glittering light that also reflected on Narcissa’s sequin outfit. Which was convenient because Hermione always knew where her wife was in case they lost each other.

Suddenly a girl walked over to the blonde witch and handed her a little note with a fiery blush on her cheeks before disappearing into the crowd again. Narcissa squinted at it before giving it to Hermione.

‘Can you read it? I’m not wearing my glasses.’

Hermione snorted, ‘hey, my friend Ian thinks you’re hot. If you’re interested in a date, call this number. And if you’re gay, here’s mine.’

‘His number?’ Narcissa looked dumbfounded.

‘For his phone. You know? The muggle device I sometimes use to call Andy.’

Realization hit Narcissa, ‘oh that’s what I’ve been receiving all evening? I thought it was some sort of game?’

‘What do you mean?’

The witch sipped her cosmopolitan and made a dismissive gesture with her hand, ‘I’ve been getting these notes with blurry numbers on them all evening.’

A tinge of jealousy shot through Hermione who narrowed her eyes, ‘you’ve been getting phone numbers all night? What did you do with them?’

‘I passed them on.’

Hermione full on laughed and kissed her wife on the cheek who was frowning at her in confusion, ‘what’s so funny?’

‘I just really really love you,’ Hermione said, ‘but honestly it’s not fair that you can score numbers dressed like that.’

A slower number started playing and they both gulped down their cocktails before shuffling towards the dancefloor. Hermione noticed some hungry looks from both men and women along the way and made sure to grab Narcissa’s ass instead of her hips this time. The blonde smirked, liking the little possessiveness Hermione displayed tonight.

‘Are you trying to send a message, darling?’

‘It’s not fun if the entire room is ogling your wife,’ Hermione huffed.

‘Let them watch. Only you are allowed to touch.’

Hermione hummed in Narcissa’s ear before leaning her head on the blonde’s shoulder. She felt Narcissa’s slender hands caress her back before gripping her neck and pulling her in for a kiss. Someone hooted but neither witch paid attention to it. It was only when the DJ started a more upbeat song again that the women broke apart.

‘One more round of drinks before we head home?’

Hermione nodded enthusiastically while wading a path through the dancing people towards the bar. The bartender laughed when he saw her approach and already started working on their cosmopolitans. He winked at them before sliding the drinks over to them and allowing Hermione to pay with her debit card.

‘This has been a lovely evening, but I think I prefer the music from the real disco era,’ Narcissa said close to Hermione’s ear so the witch would hear her.

Suddenly a man tapped Hermione on the shoulder, interrupting their conversation. He smiled at the brunette while fixing his tie that looked like it’d been through the wringer a few times already.

‘Can I buy you and your sister a drink?’

Before Hermione could open her mouth in outrage, Narcissa patted the man on the cheek, ‘you’re a real flatterer, but this grandma is going home to fuck her scandalously young girlfriend on the kitchen table.’

They left the rather speechless muggle behind while making their way towards the exit when Hermione looked over her shoulder, ‘the kitchen table?’

‘And ruin my back? Not a chance,’ Narcissa replied, ‘but I wanted to shock him.’

Hermione shook her head in fond exasperation. The bed it was…

October 30th

‘The hike starts in ten minutes,’ the mountain guide told the walkers in front of him, ‘you have four hours to reach the top and enjoy the sunrise and a cup of hot chocolate. After that you’ll come back with the cable lift and we’ll drop you off at the pick-up point again.’

Narcissa nodded while Hermione double over to check her shoelaces again. They’d both bought new boots for this mountain hike together with a pair of spandex pants and a waterproof jacket. Seeing as it was fall, the temperatures had dropped significantly and it was still very early in the morning, but they knew they’d be warm soon enough once they started the climb.

They’d mutually agreed that this would be their final muggle date while also promising they’d always make enough time for each other. But inspiration for new outings had run dry and it was time to start repeating some of the previous experiences.

The mountain guide gave all the walkers a headlight seeing as it was still dark and the paths were sometimes dangerously narrow. There were three people to make sure everything happened safely. On walked up front, one in the middle, and the other one at the back of the group. After a final check the group departed on their hike.


‘Ow!’ Hermione shouted when she twisted her ankle on a few loose stones before landing painfully on her ass.

Narcissa was with her in the blink of an eye, ‘are you hurt?’

‘My ankle. I don’t think I can stand on it.’

With gentle touches Narcissa pulled Hermione’s trouser leg up and sock down only to reveal a rather swollen patch of skin. She whistled softly while assessing the damage before a mountain guide caught up on them.

‘Need a hand here?’

‘It’s not too bad,’ Narcissa said while placing her palm on Hermione’s injury and releasing her familiarly warm healing magic upon it.

The guide frowned, ‘are you sure? That was quite a nasty stumble.’

Narcissa smiled while removing her hand, ‘quite sure.’

The muggle man checked Hermione’s unhurt ankle and nodded, ‘seems okay. But watch your step. You might not be so lucky next time.’

He helped both women to their feet before jogging to the rest of the group again seeing as there was a walker who’d scraped his hand on a sharp shrubbery. Hermione kissed her wife.

‘Wandless healing magic? I’m so impressed I might even forget to scold you for using magic in the first place.’

‘Darling, we’re almost at the top. If you think I’m going to watch that sunrise all by myself, you are sorely mistaken.’

‘Narcissa Granger Black, sometimes you are quite the romantic!’

The blonde hummed while they resumed their climb. They could already see the peak and were still on schedule despite their little delay. The remainder of the hike went without issues apart from the fact that Narcissa was starting to get blisters in her new shoes that hadn’t been broken in properly yet. But it was nothing another stream of healing magic couldn’t fix.

When they reached the top, there were folding chairs waiting for them together with blankets to watch the sunrise without cooling down too much after their physical exercise. The mountain guide that had been at the front of the group was already busy distributing hot chocolate and cereal bars. Narcissa and Hermione found themselves a nice place alongside the edge of the mountain and settled down with fifteen minutes to spare before the sun would appear.

‘Oooft,’ Narcissa complained when she wrapped the blanket around herself, ‘I’m exhausted. I think I’ll have a nap before we’re going to that party of your colleague.’

‘That’s not a bad idea,’ Hermione yawned.

‘What was her name again?’

‘Yana. She’s from the marketing department. Funny witch albeit a tad weird. I think she’s gay as well.’

They sat in silence for a bit before a shimmer of orange started to emerge at the horizon. With a surprising speed the son started to rise, looking as if she was crawling over the edge of the world. Hermione sighed.

‘So gorgeous. And the higher she climbs, the more yellow she becomes. Almost like she needs time to warm up.’

‘I don’t know what I like best. A sunrise or a sunset,’ Narcissa admitted, ‘but as long as you’re beside me, it doesn’t really matter.’

Hermione entwined her fingers with her wife’s and kissed their joint hands. She couldn’t help but feel grateful that they both persevered when their relationship encountered one obstacle after another the moment they became public. Narcissa was the love of her life and she was reminded by that every single day. She would do it all again in a heartbeat if it meant she could enjoy another sunrise on top of a mountain somewhere in France with the most beautiful witch in the world beside her.

What she didn’t know was that Narcissa was experiencing similar thoughts. She looked how the first rays of sunshine revealed the freckles on Hermione’s dark skin and smiled at the sunlight playing with the brunette’s curls. This witch had changed her life so much and continued to strive to make her happy every single day. Narcissa felt safe with her. Free and cared for. And most of all, Narcissa felt like she was Hermione’s equal and that was something she’d always wanted but never had before.



‘I love you. I… I don’t have the right words to express how much.’

Blue eyes locked onto amber ones while the sun kept climbing and climbing until the entire top of the mountain basked in the light. But not even the sun could beat Narcissa’s beaming smile that warmed Hermione’s heart.

‘I love you too, darling. Now and for an endless amount of sunrises to come.’