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Summoning the World Guardian

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Hadrian. Guardian of the Known Worlds. Demon Slayer. Monster destroyer. Adventurer God. Dungeon Master. Mage of the Forbidden Island. Guild’s Saviour. He was known by many names. Those just a few. When finishing a guest for a guild who he had decided to stop by he was suddenly pulled through a portal of unknown destination. Now he stands in a room full of children clutching the decapitated heads of a Hydra. 


He blinks behind his armor as he looks around. “This is not Alduriemine Mountain.” He looked around at everyone looking at him with fear and some awe. He flicked his wrist and the heads disappeared. Not even a speck of blood remained on the floor and his armor. “Where have you summoned me to? This is not one of the Known Worlds.” 


He stepped forward to look at the adults staring him down with sticks in their hands. He sniffed the air. Magic. They were mages. He didn’t even pay attention when one of the children stepped up to him and tugged on his cape. When he felt the tug he stiffened and looked down. It was a small child. He guessed no more than eleven or twelve at most. “Are… are you here to hurt us?” The little one asked, scared up at him with big blue eyes. 


Hadrian knelt down to eye level with the child. He gently lifted off his helmet letting his long black hair fall free. “I do not harm children. It is against my code of honor nor is it sanctioned in any of the Known Worlds.” He gently smiled and patted the child’s head. “You have nothing to fear from me, little one. I shall not harm you.” 


The boy gasped at seeing his face and how soft his voice was without the mask. Hadrian smirked. “Anyways, I can’t hurt a kid who is around the same age as my own welp. My son would throw a huge fit if I did so.” He stood back up holding his helmet. He looked back at the adults and sniffed the air again. Magic was building. 


He stiffened and turned to the doors. “Was I the only one you planned on summoning?” He clutched his sword tightly and got in a defensive pose. “Because if so you should have mentioned it or I'll take this as an invasion on your castle. We’re about to have guests.” 


Lightning started to flash outside and he growled darkly. The old man from the center table stepped forward, stick at the ready. “I am not sure how to answer but you were not a planned summon. The Goblet of Fire, a powerful magical object brought you here not us.”


He nodded. “Then I shall consider this an attack on your castle then.” He got a feral look. “I wonder what will come through. That Hydra barely wet my whistle with it’s death.” He headed forward to go outside. “Shall we greet what is coming?”

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Once they were outside he hummed. There were multiple portals. He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. He stiffened at the familiar scents assaulting his nose. He had barely opened his eyes when a near naked woman came flying out of one of the portals. “HADRIAN!” 


He sighed and ran forward to catch her. “Olivene.” He said catching her and walking back to stand with the mages. He gently set her on her feet. He helped the train of her scantily clad armor straighten out. He took her hand and turned to the mages. “Apparently the portals are not bringing enemies but my allies. May I introduce Lady Olivene the second Princess of the Pantherian Monarchy.”


Both bowed and they got bows back from those gathered. He helped straighten her hair and that was when her pure white cat ears and tail were visible to everyone. Her hair was snow white down to her waist and she was five foot four inches tall. She had a beautiful curved body that the male students took that moment to stare at rather unashamedly. 


She bowed her head and clasped her hands in front of her. “I thank you for being considerate to Hadrian and I being here.” She then pressed herself against Hadrain. “Now, my beloved, where is Diada hiding? Is the wench hiding inside your armor?”


Hadrian grimaced. “I have yet to see her or the others, Olivene. I was summoned to this world not long before you.” He turned back to the many portals. “I can smell them. The portals will send them soon enough. We just have to wait.” Looking down at her he sighed. “And please refrain from name calling. It is unbecoming of a lady.” He then narrowed his eyes. “Especially one of your stations, Princess.” 


She flinched away from him and crossed her arms. Her cat ears flattened and she looked at the ground. “I apologize for my rudeness, Guardian.” 


He nodded and sighed. “You must remember I own you. Your father sold you to me. I have no interest in you other than as a fellow adventuring companion.” He patted her head like one would a child. “I wouldn’t hurt you either unless we are training.”


He then stepped forward as another portal started shooting a group out. He groaned as he saw who fell out. He then chuckled at the fact that a small bag was dropped down after them. He burst into loud laughs as they untangled themselves. Once the group was standing he calmed himself down. “Before you ask and start attacking, don't. We’ve been summoned to another world for the time being. Come let me introduce you.”


The man in the front nodded and they followed in a group. They kept a tight formation as they did so. When they came to stand in front of the castle steps Hadrian moved to the side. “The brunette man in the center is Fulio. The woman with the white hair that sticks up on both sides is his wife, Risu. Risu is a former Demon King’s General who’s true name is Fenris. She’s a Fang Wolf.” Both bowed their heads politely. 


Hadrian moved onto the floating blonde woman to Fulio’s left. “This is Hiya. A powerful Demon with control of Light and Dark magic. Hiya serves under Fulio as his servant.”


Hiya bowed in greeting. Fulio touched Hadrian’s shoulder. “Hiya is not just a servant. She is a friend and family to us. Once you start living in my house with Risu and I you become family.” The gasps from the others were soft and the other girls smiled. “Risu is my wife and everyone else is part of our family.” He smiled back at them before looking at Hadrian. “That includes you.”


Hadrian gave a soft smile. “Thank you. As an orphan that means alot to me. To have family once more.” He then turned back to the others. He then moved on to the blonde woman in armor standing beside Risu. “This is the Lady Barirosa, an ex-knight of the Cryroad Kingdom. She is a monster hunter for Fulio.” She bowed. 


Hadrian moved to the taller girl with chocolate tanned skin. “This lady is Blossom, an ex-knight of the Cryroad Kingdom. She tends the farming of Fulio’s gardens and holds the tightly of Dragon Slayer.” She smiled and waved. 


Hadrian points to the shorter brunette girl next to her. “This is Birelli. She tends to the Monster horses that Fulio has. She also has skills in archery.” The girl shyly waves at them. Hadrian chuckled and ruffled her hair. Moving on he gestured to the smallest of them. The black haired girl in a witches outfit. “This is Belano. She’s a magic user and teaches magic at a school.”


Tapping the chest of the only other male in that group he chuckled. “And this big guy is the former Demon King, Gaeul. He goes by Gozaru though now.” He then moved on to the woman with cat features standing at the far end. “This is Iluminus, a Hell Cat. She works for him.” He pointed at the former Demon King. He then picked up the fuzzy bunny with a horn. “And the furball here is known as Sabea. It’s a monster known as a Frenzied Bear but so it can be carried around and spoiled rotten Fulio transformed it into a Horned Rabbit.”


Hadrian sniffed the air again. “Ah, seems another portal is ready to throw it’s charges out.” 

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They all turned to the portal that had started shining white light down to the ground. Instead of throwing it’s charges out like cannonballs this portal chose to set it’s cargo down preciously. A tall man with white hair and demon horns stood in the center of the circle. Standing beside him was a girl with black hair and similar features to Olivene, a busty blonde elf, a tiny white haired child with demon horns, a redhead with glasses, a blonde with tanned skin and a giant weapon, pointy ears, and fangs, a bunny woman with pink hair, and a blonde man in golden armor. 

The light and portal faded and Hadrian stepped forward to clap hands and smirk at the white haired man. “Diablo! Long time no see. I see you’ve obtained a few new companions.”

The man nodded. “Indeed Hadrian. I have. This is Klem.” He said pointing to the little demoness. “Alicia.” He pointed to the redhead. “And I don’t know if you are familiar with this one? Edelgard.” He said pointing to the blonde female. 

Hadrian stopped him before he could go further. “I know who those last two are. The only one I was not familiar with is the tiny child you called Klem.” He sniffed. “Keeping ties with another Demon Lord, Diablo?” He stood straight and directed them forward introducing the others again. 

Hadrian then looked to Diablo. “This is Diablo, a Demon Lord who has what’s known as conversation constipation.” At the raised brows he sighed. “He’s really bad at socializing with other people so he ends up being a dick ninety-nine percent of the time when he doesn’t mean to. His mouth moves before his brain catches up.”

Diablo glared. “Hey, I can talk just fine.” 

Hadrian rolled his eyes. “Yeah, to me you dork but stick you in front of anyone and you freeze up like a popsicle or go all Demon Lord and try to intimidate them. You’re socially constipated and you know it.”

The two glared at each other until finally the blonde male clapped them both on the shoulder and knocked their heads together. “There are women present. We must be at our best.”

Hadrian rubbed his red forehead. “Why’d you do that?” He pouted at the blonde giving big green puppy eyes. The other only laughed and smiled. 

Hadrian sighed. “Back to introductions then. The pantherian on his left is Rem Galeu.” Rem nodded, her tail swishing. “The blonde elf on Diablo’s right is Princess Shera L. Greenwood of the Greenwood Elves.” Shera waved and bounced a bit where she stood. “The one with bunny ears is Sylvie, the Guildmaster of Faltra's Adventurer Guild. She’s of the Grass-Walkers race.”

Sylvie bowed her head and clasped her hands behind her back. He pointed to the tanned sandy blonde female. “Edelgard, a demon who leads the Fallen. She works for the Demon Lord.” He gestured to the redhead wearing glasses. “Alicia Cristela. She is an Imperial Knight.”

The red head bowed before shaking her head. “Former Imperial Knight. I now am searching for a new purpose after my failed attempt to have the Demon Lord, Glebsklem fully awaken and turn all mortals to ash.” 

Everyone gave her a wide berth and disgusted looks. Hadrian sighed and pinched his nose. “Moving on from the psychopathic masochist who wants to be turned to ash.” He moved to stand beside the blonde male. “This is Emile Bichelberger, A human who is known as the strongest in the Adventurer's Guild. He’s also my husband.”

The blonde gave a big goofy smile and wrapped an arm around Hadrian’s waist. Hadrian blushed at the smiling blonde. Everyone else was gaping like idiots at that information. “Honestly, I started out as his slave.”

Hadrian sighed. “I was at Starfall Tower doing the summoning ritual for a familiar and this idiot comes rushing up to the platform. He starts screeching about protecting all women and then spouts his name and status before tripping into my ritual circle at the exact moment the ritual was to be finished.” 

Emile chuckled and scratched his cheek. “Eh…” 

Hadrian smacked him over the head. “He ended up stepping into the circle and becoming my familiar. The enslavement collar appeared on his neck when he tripped yet again and we kissed. The ritual was sealed and I am unable to reverse it because of my magic deciding it was a valid binding contract. The only way we found to ease the contract was that I tweaked the magic to think of him as my bonded life partner. Legally he’s my husband, familiar, and my slave.”

Emile moved to try nuzzling into Hadrian’s neck only to pout when he couldn’t reach it. “Take your armor off.” He said reaching for the belts. 

Hadrian snapped his teeth near Emile’s ear making him flinch away. “Be careful what you ask for.” He then started undoing the armor and it vanished as he did so. When he was just down to his boots he was much shorter than before. Once the armored boots were gone he was the shortest of them all. He then blushed at the looks he was getting. 

Diablo snorted and leaned down to look at him. “How tall are you exactly?” Fulio was looking at him in shock as well. They had never seen him without his armor on. 

He snarled. “Shut up.” He then used his bangs to cover his face. “I’m five foot three inches tall if you must know but I can still beat your asses to a pulp and then turn you to ashes.” He said snapping his teeth at them. 

Emile smiled and scooped him up. He flailed as he was lifted off the ground. “Put me down Emile or so help me you will sleep alone until you get blue balls.” His lover paled and quickly set him down on his feet. He brushed himself off and fixed his hair. “Diablo, introduce the little one eating cookies from your pouch would you? I need to put some clothing on.”

One of the students from the castle who was standing nearby looked at him confused. “But you are dressed?” Hadrian looked at him and realised he was a redhead with an identical twin standing at his side. 

Hadrian looked down at himself. “I don’t know what you people think is dressed properly but I am currently standing in my underwear in front of everyone.” He then moved his hand through the air and a set of folded clothes appeared in his arms. What he called undergarments were in actually a skintight black bodysuit meant to keep his armor from chaffing him. He pulled on a pair of pants and a white shirt that was similar to vampiric elegance. He slipped on a pair of leather boots and tied his hair at the end with a strip of leather. To the magicals of the castle he looked like a rich pureblood aristocrat.

Diablo stood behind the tiny girl and cleared his throat to catch everyone’s attention. “This is the Demon Lord, Glebsklem. She goes be Klem now though. She likes cookies.” He added that last part as an afterthought. She smiled up at him and nodded before eating another cookie.

Hadrian sweatdropped. “Diablo… why do you have one of the most powerful Demon Lords of the Known Worlds wearing a slave collar?” He pointed at the collar that matched the one around Rem and Shera’s necks. He was glad he’d made Emile’s invisible. It was embarrassing to see. 

Diablo narrowed his eyes. “Now see here. I gave her a choice. I never have nor will I ever order her around as a slave. She’s free to do as she wishes just like Rem and Shera.” He snarled at Hadrian who snarled back, snapping his teeth.

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The two snapped and snarled at each other until another portal let out a roar and both men suddenly had staffs in their hands. They looked at each other. “You heard that correct?”


Hadrian nodded. “Indeed.” Gozaru and Fulio both stepped forward as well, weapons at the ready. 


Fulio narrowed his eyes. “That sounded like a dragon.” 


Gozaru hummed. “It most certainly was. But not of a species I know.”


Emile readied his own sword. “Nor one i’ve heard.” 


Hadrian stood at the front and the other men flanked him in a V shape. As the portal opened wide and the giant black dragon stepped out blocking the moon from view. It let out an ear splitting roar that shook the land around them. Hadrian moved into stance only to freeze wide eyed. “Havedan?” 


The others all looked at him and then to the dragon. “Are you shitting me right now?” Diablo squacks in shock. “You better not be saying that’s your son?”


Hadrian’s eyes widen further. “No… that would be my son riding that monstrosity like it’s a puppy.” They all look up to the head of the dragon. Lo and behold a tiny figure was on it. The little black haired child waved down at them.


“Papa! Papa, look what I summoned!” The boy yelled down to them. 


Hadrian gaped before getting a worried look. “Havedan, please get down here right now!” He said shaking slightly at the sight of his twelve year old on the back of the biggest dragon he’d ever come across. 


“Okay! Be right down, Papa!” Havedan shouted before saying something to the dragon who leaned down to place it’s head on the ground in front of them. Havedan ran forward down it’s head and hopped into Hadrian’s waiting arms. Hadrian checked him over and nearly collapsed to his knees in relief. 


They all got a good look at the beaming child. He had ivory black hair and gleaming ruby red eyes. Hadrian groaned. “Want to explain to me young man why you summoned a dragon?” 


Havedan scratched his cheek like Emile does and looked to the side. “Um… well… I was reading some of your books in your office. I wanted to summon a familiar and make you proud of me. I wanna be an adventurer like you, Papa.”


Hadrian sighed. “You know my study is off limits. This is why.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. 


Havedan hung his head. “I’m sorry, Papa.”


Hadrian sighed through his nose. “Just, next time you want to learn something ask me or at the very least have a competent adult around who can reverse anything if the spells or other magic rebounds back at you when you get it wrong.” He places a kiss on his son’s hair. “I don’t want to lose you.”


Havedan nods and runs back to hug the dragon’s nose. He steps forward and places his own hand on the dragon’s snout. “Hurt my son and I'll obliterate you from existence. Hurt anyone I see as family and I'll turn you into potions and armor ingredients.” 


The dragon whimpered under the aura Hadrian was using against it. “Good dragon.” He clapped his hands together. “Now, you’re rather large. Largest dragon i’ve ever seen so far. We’ll have to either change your form like fulio did for the frenzied bear or we’ll have to shrink you somehow.”


Hadrian looked the dragon over before noticing something. “Diada?” 


A woman in all black clothing holding a basket sat atop the dragon. “Um, sir, help? I can’t get down.” Hadrian laughed as he climbed the dragon to help his other companion down. Once she was down she collapsed to the grass trembling. “He summoned the dragon and next I knew we were on its back and pulled through a portal.” She said shaking. 


Hadrian rubbed her back. “It’s over now. You’re okay.” Once she was calmed down he took the basket and her hand. He led her over to the others. “Everyone, this is Diada, daughter of the demon general Omun. She’s been with me since I was a teenager. She’s older than I am.” 


They gaped at the beautiful young woman. He then pushed Havedan forward. “This is my son Havedan. He’s twelve.” He then handed the basket to Diada before reaching into it and pulling out a wrapped bundle. The bundle gave a cry. He turned the bundle into view to show a blonde haired baby. “And this is Emilia. Emile and I’s daughter. She’s three months old.” 


Emile gaped. “Our daughter? What? When?” He flailed a bit as he looked at the baby that was his look alike. He gently reached out and ran his finger along her cheek. 


Hadrian smiled softly at how amazed his husband was. “I guess you were too in your head at the time and so was I to remember that I can get pregnant despite being male due to my magic. I didn’t realize I was pregnant till I'd already taken the two jobs from that guild. By then it was too late to come home and I wasn’t going to give up my quests that had a year time limit. After all, collecting herbs and plants was the easy one. I waited to hunt the hydra down till after Emilia was born. I waited two months before leaving her with Havedan and Diada to go hunt the hydra down.”


Emile looked between him and the baby in awe. “You gave birth to a baby… my baby.” His eyes then rolled back and he fainted. 


Hadrian blinked and looked down at his husband. “I guess I found out his fainting point.” He then placed Emilia back in the basket. “Now to shrink a dragon.” He walked around the dragon and hummed. “I might just be easier to minimize you to maybe cat sized.”


The dragon huffed but sat still as Hadrian stepped back and raised his arms. “Stay back while I work.” The others all nodded and stepped back. Emile was dragged to the side by Diablo. Hadrian closed his eyes and a magic circle appeared beneath the dragon. “I minimize thee by the gods’ decree!” They all watched as the giant dragon shrunk down to the size of a house cat.


Havedan raced forward to pick up his dragon. “He’s so tiny!” 


Hadrian nodded. “Now just because he’s small doesn’t mean you can treat him less like a familiar. He’s not a pet.” When Havedan nodded Hadrian sighed once again. “We own a dragon. Fuck, we own a dragon now.” Just as he was about to head back to the others a loud crash was heard and another portal started throwing people out. 

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Hadrain whirled around as this portal set it’s cargo down gently. He raised an eyebrow at who was dropped out. He then chuckled. It was his favorite slime enthusiast. He smiled before watching the portal above them vanish. Now this group he could get along with easily. He never felt a need to bite at them and wrestle. He did with Diablo though for some reason. He looked over at the child standing in the front with a smile. “Ryoma!” 


The little boy’s head turned to look at him and he smiled brightly. “Hadrian!” He hugged the boy when he was barreled into. With a smile he looked at the others. They all seemed fine. “What’s going on, Hadrian? I was headed to the mines with my slimes and suddenly I was falling.” 


Hadrian looked him over. The boy was fine. “We’ve somehow been summoned to a new world.” He led Ryoma back to his portal companions. “As I told Ryoma it seems we’ve been summoned to another world. I’d like to introduce you to my companions from other known worlds that have also been summoned here.”


He walked them over to the others. When everyone introduced themselves there he moved to introduce Ryoma’s group. “This group is from the world Sail Fall. I’ll start with the adults since there are quite a few of them. I’ll start with the Duke Jamil’s family. We have Reinbach Jamil, the previous Duke.” He gestured to the elderly man with long white hair. He then moved on to the blonde man beside him. “His son the current Duke, Reinhart Jamil.” He then moved on to the red headed woman beside the Duke. “The Duke’s lovely wife, Elise Jamil.” The three bowed in greeting. 


Hadrian moved on to the next ones in the group. “This is Sebas, the Jamil’s family butler.” He gestured to the elderly man in the butler uniform. He then moved onto the four men in blue uniforms matching the Duke’s uniform. “This is the Duke’s guards and friends. Camil.” He points to the orange haired male. “Jill.” He says while pointing to the white haired male. “Zeph.” He pointed to the black haired mail that had his hair back in a ponytail. “And Hughes.” He said, finally pointing to the last male who also had black hair but a beard and mustache instead of a clean shaven look like Zeph. 


He moved onto the next set of that group. “These people are from the Adventurer's guild. First we have the Guild Master himself, Worgan.” He pointed to the tall man in the red, black, and gold uniform. “Next we have Jeff Grange an adventurer.” He pointed to the tall male with grey hair, armor, and a long spear. “Beside him is Asagi, one of the Dragonewt people.” The male in green with brown hair bowed in greeting. “Then we have Leipin.” The older man in the chinese outfit and glasses nodded. 


Hadrian looked to the four women. “These lovely ladies are of the Beast-man races. Cilia of the Rabbitman Tribe.” He says and the woman with long white hair and rabbit features bows. “Miya of the Catman Tribe.” The woman with brown hair and cat ears and tail waves at them. “Mizelia of the Tigerman Tribe.” The woman with Tiger striped hair and tiger featured nodded. “And Welanna of the Dogman Tribe.” The magenta haired woman raised her hand and nodded from where she stood. 


Hadrian moved on to the last group of adults. “These wonderful people work at Bamboo Forest Laundry.” He blinked as he looked them over. “This is only four of the seven workers though but don’t underestimate them. You’ll regret it.” He gestured to the two that looked alike. “This is Callum Norad and his sister, Carla Norad.” He said, gesturing to the two almost twins. He moved onto the other two. “And this is Fei and his daughter, Li Ling.” He gestured to the two chinese dressed, brown haired standing beside the siblings. 


Hadrian smiled. “And lastly we have the children.” He smiled at the three he saw standing there. “The Brown haired boy is Ryoma Takebayashi, the owner and boss of Bamboo Forest Laundry, a Tamer, and an Adventurer.” He smiled as Ryoma waved shyly. “And the wonderful little lady is Eliaria Jamil, the Duke’s daughter and a Tamer.” He then raised an eyebrow at the third. “And the floating blonde brat is Kufo, the god of life for Sail Fall.”


There were gasps all around before Kufo puffed out his cheeks. “Must I remind you I am a god? I’m older than you and will smite you.” 


Hadrian rolled his eyes. “Might I remind you I was raised by the gods of all the worlds together including you? I think I can get away with sassing back at the gods.” He put his arms behind his head. “Plus, not a single god has reversed their blessings on me yet and I have sassed even the gods of war without getting myself smitted yet. I think I’m good to go. After all, you gods gave me immortality because you couldn’t bare to watch me grow old and die.” He looked at the blonde god floating beside him. “Just admit it. You’re fond of me and like that I sass you.” 


Kufo pouted before putting his own hands behind his head. “I like Ryoma better. He does call me Father. After all he is my son.” Kufo then went behind Ryoma and hugged him while looking over his head. “See, doesn’t he look just like me?” 


Hadrian wouldn’t deny there was a resemblance. “So what? You can’t parent him from the Heavens so I should get the rights to be his father.” The two glared at each other over Ryoma’s head. 


Ryoma groaned. “Not again.” He then shoved the two apart. “Okay, that’s enough. Kufo is my heavenly father but can’t I have both of you without the fighting over me?” He gave them puppy eyes. “I’d love to have a dad who won’t hurt me but Kufo is right but so is Ryoma. You can’t always be there for me Kufo. I know you are always watching over me but I think I need a human parent too. The Jamil family is great and they are my family as well but can’t I be selfish for once and have both of you and the Jamil as my family?”


Kufo and Hadrian smiled at him. Both engulfed him in a hug. “I’d love to be your dad and I am willing to share you with the Jamil Family at any time.” Hadrian said, smiling brightly. 


Kufo smiled as well. “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy.” He then looked at Hadrian. “I’ll concede to sharing him but he’s to come visit the church as much as possible so we can have chats together.”


Hadrian rolled his eyes. “I could just take him to the Forbidden Island and he wouldn’t need to go to the church to see you.”


Kufo hummed. “I will allow that but only for one day each year on the island. He’s not immortal like you. The Forbidden Island is for gods and those raised by the gods. Too long there and he’ll stop aging.”


Hadrian nodded. “Deal. I will not allow him to become immortalized as an eleven year old.”


Ryoma popped his head from between the two and gasped for air. “I’m turning twelve soon.” 


Hadrian laughed and let him go before smiling. “I guess you should get to know your siblings and my husband then.” He waved Havedan over. “This is my son Havedan, your new older brother, the blonde unconscious on the ground is my husband Emile, and this little girl is mine and Emile’s daughter, Emilia, your new baby sister. She’s three months old.” He said holding out the baby for Ryoma to see. 


Ryoma smiled and looked at her in awe. “She’s so tiny.” He reached out and poked her cheek and she wiggled her hand free to wrap it around his finger. At the startled look Ryoma had, he laughed. 


Hadrian looked at the Jamil Family. “Would you be willing to watch over Havedan and Emilia with Ryoma?” He then peeked over at Emile. “My husband is going to be of no help.” Havedan looked at Kufo who was eyeing Emilia. He walked up to Kufo and placed Emilia in his arms then when the god started freaking out he steadied him while moving his arms into the correct positions. “Keep her head steady and in the crook of your arm. With your free arm use it and your hand to place under her. There you go. That’s correct.”


Kufo floated down to stand on the ground. He just stared wide eyed at the baby in his arms. “I’m holding a baby…” He sniffled. “I’ve never actually held a baby before.” He started to cry and smile. “I’m a god of life and I've never held a baby.”


Hadrian chuckled. “Did you never hold me when I was little?”


Kufo looked up. “I did but you were a year old… you weren’t a tiny newborn baby.” He sniffled and looked at Emilia again. “This is a new life. A precious new life.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I bless you with long life and joy. The gods shall watch over you.” A golden light glowed around the two before fading. 


Hadrian smiled. “Thank you for blessing her, Kufo.” He then pushed Kufo over to the Jamil’s and his children. He watched them gush over Emilia before he turned back to the sky full of portals. “And so here we go again.”

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Lightning flashed and shot out of the portal striking the ground. Hadrian stepped forward and slammed his staff into the ground. He then raised his hand into the air. Lightning strike after lightning strike hit him directly. Finally a group fell out of the portal. He wobbled momentarily before Fulio caught him. “Why would you take all that lightning into yourself?”


Hadrian smiled weakly. “If I had not the lightning would have struck you and the children.” He leaned his head to the side to see the new group all passed out. “They would also have died as well. I couldn’t let any of you get hurt.”


There were groans from the newest group. All of them but one awoke. The male with short black hair that had two spots with different colors. Red and yellow. His eyes were golden with black sclera. He gasped and there was silence. “He’s dead… Master Rimuru is dead.”


Hadrian closed his eyes. “Help me to his side.” Fulio frowned but helped Hadrian forward. Once he was there he wrapped his arms around Diablo from behind. “Diablo, please calm down. He might be dead but he’s not gone yet.”


Diablo looked at him before taking in a huge gulp of air and trying to calm himself. “Not gone…”


Hadrian nodded and sat beside him. “Let go of his body so I can work.” It took a few moments for Diablo to pry his hands free from the grip he had on his master. Hadrian then placed his hands over Rimuru’s chest. Closing his eyes he started to glow. Wind swirled around him making his hair flow upwards into the air. When he opened his eyes again they were glowing. 


Hadrian’s head fell back as his hands glowed a golden color. Floating over the body was a shimmering Rimuru who merely smiled at Diablo and reached out to caress the demon’s cheek. After the caress he smiled brightly at his other companions. Hadrian’s mouth moved but no sound was heard before Rimuru’s soul shattered and then his body glowed. Rimuru’s body gasped and his eyes snapped open.


Those watching gasped in shock and Diablo was quick to catch Hadrian as he collapsed and all the magic around them dissipated. They all watched as Rimuru sat up and then looked at Hadrian who’s eyes were closed and breathing labored. As they watched Hadrian’s hair turned white from root to tip. “Hadrian…” Rimuru murmured. 


Hadrian’s eyes weakly opened to reveal they were his normal green once more. “Hey, Rimuru.” He reached out and flicked the other between the eyes. “Try not to go dying on me again. I’m tired now.” 


Rimuru picked up a strand of Hadrian’s hair. It was white as snow. “You’ve always been proud of your hair’s black as night coloring.” The hair was still silky smooth as it slipped through Rimuru’s fingers like water.


Hadrian smiled tiredly. “It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.” He then looked at those gathered around him. “Mmm. Guess I should introduce you to everyone. You can mingle afterwards.”


He yawned. “The one I resurrected is Rimuru Tempest, a Demon slime and a True Demon Lord, King of the Jura Tempest Federation.” The blue haired smile bowed slightly. “The one holding me is Diablo. He is an archdemon summoned by Rimuru as his servant.”


He pointed at the red haired male with two horns. “That’s Prince Benimaru. A Fair Oni. The pink haired one beside him is his younger sister, Princess Shuna. She is also a Fair Oni.” The two bowed slightly. 


The blue haired male stood next in line. “The blue haired one with the single horn is Souei, a Fair Oni. Beside him is Shion, a Wicked Oni.” Both bowed. The male student's eyes trailed from her lavender hair, single horn, to her busty chest, then to the giant sword on her back. 


Hadrian smiled at the next two in line. “The gentleman with the white hair and beard is Hakurou, another Fair Oni and his student Gobta, a hobgoblin.” He had to blink rapidly to keep his eyes open as the two bowed. “Then we have Rigure, the Hobgoblin Prince and Gabiru, a Dragonewt.” The goblin and dragonoid bowed in greeting.


Hadrian mumbled. They all looked to see that he had fallen asleep in Diablo’s lap and arms. Rimuru chuckled before moving to stand beside the last three. “Since Hadrian fell asleep I'll finish. The handsome wolf here is Ranga, a Tempest Star Wolf.”


The wolf wagged his tail. “Nice to meet you.” He said happily making those who weren’t used to talking animals jerk back in shock. 


Rimuru patted him on the head when he whimpered. “Rest in my shadow buddy.” The wolf  nodded and jumped into Rimuru’s shadow disappearing. He gestured to the glowing, green haired woman with flowing vines around her.  “This is the Dryad, Treyni.” She bowed and they all gaped in awe. He then was hugged by the last one, the tall blonde. “And this is Veldora Tempest, a True Dragon and my sworn brother.”


Veldora boomed with laughter. “Indeed! I am the Storm Dragon, Veldora Tempest. Harm Rimuru and you shall know why I'm Catastrophe-level!” He then glared and bared his teeth.


Rimuru sighed. “Veldora, do I need to cut off your manga supply?” The blonde dragon froze. 


“Please don't. I’ll behave.” The dragon pouted. Those watching sweat dropped at the Tsundere dragon. “Don’t take the manga away.” Hadrian was dead asleep even as Diablo stood and Emile awoke. He was quickly passed over to his husband who held him close.

Chapter Text

Hadrian awoke to lots of talking and a pop up tent surrounding him. He smiled. This tent was the one he’d gifted Emile. Stretching he wondered how long he’d been asleep. His back gave loud cracks and pops as he stood and slipped off the bed and out of the tent to see everyone was mingling amongst themselves. The children were all together with adult supervision so he need not worry. 


With a yawn he walked barefoot through the grass to stand beside his husband. “How long was I asleep?” 


Emile smiled. “About half an hour. Nothing has happened and the remaining portals seem to have calmed down. They are just silently there now.” Hadrian snuggled into his blonde hero's side as Emile ran his fingers through his now white hair. 


His head jerked up as a portal shot seventeen pillars of white light from the portal to the ground. He watched as the light faded and the newest arrivals were revealed. He chuckled at their confused looks. “Welcome, Those gathered here are the summoned. Most of us here have been summoned to this world and are making base camp here thanks to the castle’s caretaker’s acceptance until we know more.” 


Hadrian smiled as he listened to his husband speak. He was getting better at speeches. He knew the boy standing in the center of their group in passing but was never able to talk to him personally. Looking at the group he noticed one other he knew personally, Yusaratoya Bolenan. “Yusaratoya, my friend. It has been a while.” 


The green haired male stepped forward to shake Hadrian’s hand. “It has indeed been awhile. Last I saw you, you had been clearing the labyrinth that demon made in the town. I heard the Count hired you to clear all the floors so he could give an account of what monsters laid within.” 


Hadrian nodded. “Yes, it was an easy clear and I managed to gain new familiars out of it. I also collected a lot of cores and monster parts. I collected anything I could find and buried any bodies of the trapped who hadn’t survived the creation of the labyrinth.”


He then looked over the others. “Introduce me.”


Yusaratoya sighed but moved so he could point each of them out. He gestured to the lady with long blonde hair and her silver haired companion who looked to have angel wings coming out of her dress. “Priestess of the Tenion Temple, Ladr Sera.” The woman bowed. He then pointed to the blonde with ringlets. “Lady Karina Muno, of the City of Muno.” Ater the busty blonde had bowed he gestured to the black haired one he had seen in the labyrinth. “The young man in black is Satou, he survived the labyrinth dungeon when it was created.”


The boy bowed and stepped forward. “I’d like to introduce my companions.” He pointed to the red headed girl with scales beside him. “Lisa.” He then pointed to the two tiny children clinging to his legs. “Pochi.” He said patting the head of the dog-eared child. “Tama.” He patted the head of the cat-eared child. He then pointed at the blue haired elf child hiding behind him completely. “The elf princess behind me is , Mia.”


The next three were the young human girls at his sides. “Lulu is the shy one.” He pointed to the one with black hair and looking of Japanese descent. Then he placed his hand on the head of the purple haired girl. “Arisa, the more outgoing one.” Arisa let loose a lecherous grin at those words. He then gestured to the tall blonde. “This is Nana.” 


He pointed to the four women standing at his right in armor. The tall blonde stepped forward. “I am Iona of the Knights.” The shorter blonde bowed. “I am Zena Marientail of the Marientail noble family and a Knight.” The last two had similar hair coloring. The red-brown haired one smirked and showed her teeth. “I’m Lilio and i’m a Knight.” The taller brunette nodded. “I am Luu.”


The last two were blonde men. One was scowling and the other stood like a noble. The tall golden-blonde spoke first. “I am Viscount Jin Belton.” He bowed and Hadrian bowed back. He then scowled when the dirty-blonde beside him didn’t speak up. “This rude man is Somar. He’s training under me to be a better gentleman and less hateful to the demi-humans.”


Somar scowled but bowed in greeting. “Nice to meet you.”


Hadrian bowed back. “Greetings. I am Hadrian the Guardian of the Known Worlds. As my husband said all of us have been summoned to this world. I must admit that I bear the blame for this. You see the magical artifact inside the school called forth by birth name and summoned me. We have deduced that the artifact couldn’t pinpoint just myself so it grabbed those connected with my job. I can cross between worlds and I do so to protect and guide them should the need arise. This world we’ve been brought to is apparently my birth world. A world I was summoned away from as a very young child.”


He made eye contact with Satou. “Welcome back to Earth.”


Satou and Arisa’s eyes widened. “You mean this is Earth? My Earth? Arise and I’s home world? Our Earth…?” He collapsed to the ground in shock. 


Hadrian nodded. “Indeed. This is the Earth you were born in just as I was. Unlike Arisa who was reincarnated with her memories to your new world and unlike you who appeared without reincarnation or a summoning I was summoned from this world by the gods and raised by them.” He then sighed. “Another thing is this may not be the year in which you were born or taken from.”


Arisa clenched her fists into her dress. “What year is it?”


Hadrian takes a deep breath. “November, 1st, 1994.” The two’s eyes widened in further shock. “Fourteen years after I was born.” He then walked away to let them process the information. It was a lot to take in at once. A shock to their systems. Emile would help them get settled He was sure of that. He needed some time to breathe away from everyone else. He went back into his tent. He needed to think.

Chapter Text

Hadrian sighed as he looked at the books within his tent. He flipped through the pages of his notes on world crossing and summoning. He groaned when he found nothing on a way back for the others. He knew none of them wanted to be there. He heard Emilia crying and knew she needed to be fed. 


Getting up and closing his work he walked over to the crib where his precious daughter lay sniffling. “Hey princess, are you hungry?” He then picked her up gently and laid her on his bed before removing his shirt. He knew Emile would be confused but it was something he’d found out he could do when needing to feed Havedan. He could breastfeed for six months after birth. After that he couldn’t and would have to feed the child cow's milk.


Hadrian sat on the bed feeding his daughter when Emile came in. He blushed, making Hadrian chuckle. “You can come in, Love. I’m just feeding Emilia.” He watched as Emile sat beside him on the bed and watched. 


“How?” Emile asked, confused at the sight. 


Hadrian smiled. “My natural magic allows me to get pregnant and as such it allows me to give birth and feed my child for up to six month after birth. It’s an odd experience at first but you get used to it. I only have to do this for three more months then she can drink regular milk.” 


Emile nodded. He was confused but also in awe. He was a father. He gently ran his fingers across her baby soft hair. “Several Portals dropped out groups. They wish to speak with you.” He said once he remembered why he had come in the tent to begin with. 


Harry nodded. “Send them in once I finish feeding Emilia.” He smiled at how enraptured Emile was with little Emilia. As soon as she was finished he placed her on his shoulder and started to pat her back. After a few pats she burped. “Would you like to hold her while I get a shirt on?”


Emile nodded excitedly. He practically radiated sunshine and sparkles when Emilia was placed in his arms. Hadrian snorted at how cute his husband was. Cinnamon roll. He dressed in a button up shirt and jeans. To be honest he had a feeling he was going to have to get used to large groups appearing. Magic seemed to want to bring a quicker end to this.


Once dressed he sat on the end of the bed and Emile left with a pout to go get the new groups. Emilia thankfully snoozed away. Hearing the flap to his tent open he looked away from his daughter to those gathered. “I am Hadrian, the Guardian of the Known Worlds. Some of you know me and some of you do not. I am sure you were told by one of the others around here what has happened or at least some of what has happened. So let me shed more light on what has brought us all here.”


Hadrian moved to sit at the head of the bed. He motioned for those gathered to sit anywhere, even the bed. “I was summoned by an artifact of this world that is made of magic. My birth name was entered into it and when the artifact chose me as one of it’s chosen four it dragged me to this world. The world I was born in.” 


He folded his hands in his lap. “What I have discovered is that the bonds I share with some of you carried though to this artifact’s magic and it deemed fit to bring those I am connected with in some way through the worlds, through time, and through space to here. So far two others are also from this world originally but died and are from the future. If possible can you all try not to pressure them. It’s hard enough on them that they will never see their families again.”


There was a round of nodding at his words. “Now, I’d love to have introductions while we are sitting here. Try not to be too loud. My daughter has just gone to sleep.” They all peeked at the bassinet where his little Emilia lay. He finally just pointed at a group. “You start.”


There were five groups gathered before him. He listened as they introduced themselves to each other and him. The first group consisted of Touya Mochizuki and his companions, Princess Yumina Urnea Belfast, Soucie Elnea Ortlinde, Linse Shileska, Else Shileska, Yae Kokonoe, Lean and her possessed bear, Paula, Lion Blitz, Origa Strand and her sister, Alma Strand, Lapis, Cecile, and the animals, Kouhaku the tiger Heavenly Beast, Kokuyou the large jet black serpent as big as an anaconda with a pair of golden eyes, and Sango's the 4-meter-high tortoise.


The second group was what made Hadrian confused. He was not familiar with this world and it didn’t hit him until half way through that none in the group had been isekai’d. There was Sora Kashiwagi and Mii-kun, Tazuki Kamiya and Conny, Asa Motegi and Isao, Daichi Tachiaki and Mukumuku, Kaede Kashiwagi and Aayan. The little cute things each one had were adorable.


The third group consisted of children from a world where they could barely survive. Hadrian personally hated that world because of its leaders treating their people like trash. He sighed as he looked over the precious ones before him. Betrayed by the world too early in life. Hajime Nagumo, Yue, Kaori Shirasaki, Shia Haulia, Tio Clarence, Myuu, and Kousuke Endou. Mere children to him.


The fourth group was from a world he’d accidentally visited and adored. He looked them over and grinned. The Eight Dogs of the East and a few others were gathered before him. He wiggled his fingers at the crow climbing into his lap. “Hello, Murasame.” 


The bird squealed and bobbed his head. “Hadrian! Come, you must meet my Shino.” He tugged on his sleeve trying to pull him to the little dark haired boy sitting at the edge of the bed. 


Hadrian merely laughed. “Mura, you need not pull at me, he's only mere inches away.” He then smiled softly at the boy. “It’s nice to meet you. I can tell you are taking good care of Murasame. I know he’s been a handful since I had to leave your world to check on others. He must have found you quite special to bound himself to you. After all, not just anyone can take Murasame into their body and not be devoured. It tends to take those with the blood of the gods in their veins usually to hold something of such ‘power’.”


The boy stiffened as did the long haired blonde sitting close to him. “How… How did you know that? I’ve never told anyone… not even Sousuke.”


Hadrian sighed. “I was raised by the gods. I can tell when another of us is around. Plus, Murasame is a god killing demon. Only a god's child or descendant could dare to even touch him and not die.” He flicked Murasame on the beak. “Don’t be too hard on the kid, Mura. He’s welcome to sleep here if the need arises.”


The blonde glared standing. “I think not! Shino’s a child, he's not some Red Light Whore!”


Hadrian had to nearly choke Murasame to keep the bird from attacking the blonde in anger for his sake. “That is not what I meant. I have this tent and the bed enchanted. It keeps away nightmares and allows for peaceful rest no matter the circumstances. I know that Murasame tends to give nightmares to those who host him. I meant nothing by the offer in such a way that you feared. I’m not into children and teenagers.” Hadrian stood and placed his hands on the blondes to calm him. “I meant no disrespect to your younger brother.”


The blonde blushed. “I… I am sorry I assumed… Wait, how did you...?” The blonde looked at him in shock. 


Hadrian tapped his chest. “Your aura is the same meaning you two carry the same blood. As it’s not that of a father son I'd say you are brothers a few years apart in age.” He then moved back to his place on the bed. 


The blonde hangs his head and wraps an arm around the boy, Shino. “We have the same bitch for a mother.” Hadrian narrows his eyes while eyeing the two. “Tamazusa.”


Hadrian growls. “So she still lives even after I cut her head from her body.” He then looked at the two. “I feel sorry for you two. Having her for a mother. I’m sure she killed you at least once or tried to.” 


The younger clenched his fists and nodded. “She killed me and everyone but my adopted sister Hajime. Murasame’s the only reason i’m alive and haven’t aged since then.” 


Hadrian ruffled the boy’s hair. “You can’t choose your blood family but you can choose your heart family.” He said tapping the boy’s chest twice. “Your chosen heart family will choose you first over themselves most of the time. Though, child, you may be eighteen years old, you must realize that you are semi-immortal as is your brother. Both of you will outlive normal humans by many years. Keep your heart family close and you will find yourself much happier and healthier.”


He then yawned. “Sorry, it’s been a long day. Let's finish introductions then I think we should all rest some. I have a feeling we’ll need it soon for whatever’s coming. I know I'll need the rest as there are many portals that have yet to spit out their groups.” Hadrian listened to the names of those from this group. Murasame, Shino Inuzuka, Megu, Sousuke Inukawa, Ao, Riou Satomi, Yasfusa, Kaname Osaki, the Osaki Five Foxes, Keno Inusaka, Kokonoe, Kobungo Inuta, Genpachi Inukai, Hamaji, Dousetsu Inuyama, Yukihime, Hibiki "Chikage", Ayane Mizuki, Nachi Hinozuka, Kaede, Shinobu Inue, Natsume, Daikaku Inumura, and little Kaho. He also noticed two lingering souls standing protectively over the Inue boy.


And the last group made him laugh. A group he found super funny. It was a group he’d met before in passing but never stayed long. He knew Aqua knew him. They were Kazuma Satou, the goddess Aqua, Megumin, Lalatina Dustiness Ford, Komekko, Yunyun, Dust, Keith, and Lean. Quite the group if he said so himself.

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