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Summoning the World Guardian

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Hadrian. Guardian of the Known Worlds. Demon Slayer. Monster destroyer. Adventurer God. Dungeon Master. Mage of the Forbidden Island. Guild’s Saviour. He was known by many names. Those just a few. When finishing a guest for a guild who he had decided to stop by he was suddenly pulled through a portal of unknown destination. Now he stands in a room full of children clutching the decapitated heads of a Hydra. 


He blinks behind his armor as he looks around. “This is not Alduriemine Mountain.” He looked around at everyone looking at him with fear and some awe. He flicked his wrist and the heads disappeared. Not even a speck of blood remained on the floor and his armor. “Where have you summoned me to? This is not one of the Known Worlds.” 


He stepped forward to look at the adults staring him down with sticks in their hands. He sniffed the air. Magic. They were mages. He didn’t even pay attention when one of the children stepped up to him and tugged on his cape. When he felt the tug he stiffened and looked down. It was a small child. He guessed no more than eleven or twelve at most. “Are… are you here to hurt us?” The little one asked, scared up at him with big blue eyes. 


Hadrian knelt down to eye level with the child. He gently lifted off his helmet letting his long black hair fall free. “I do not harm children. It is against my code of honor nor is it sanctioned in any of the Known Worlds.” He gently smiled and patted the child’s head. “You have nothing to fear from me, little one. I shall not harm you.” 


The boy gasped at seeing his face and how soft his voice was without the mask. Hadrian smirked. “Anyways, I can’t hurt a kid who is around the same age as my own welp. My son would throw a huge fit if I did so.” He stood back up holding his helmet. He looked back at the adults and sniffed the air again. Magic was building. 


He stiffened and turned to the doors. “Was I the only one you planned on summoning?” He clutched his sword tightly and got in a defensive pose. “Because if so you should have mentioned it or I'll take this as an invasion on your castle. We’re about to have guests.” 


Lightning started to flash outside and he growled darkly. The old man from the center table stepped forward, stick at the ready. “I am not sure how to answer but you were not a planned summon. The Goblet of Fire, a powerful magical object brought you here not us.”


He nodded. “Then I shall consider this an attack on your castle then.” He got a feral look. “I wonder what will come through. That Hydra barely wet my whistle with it’s death.” He headed forward to go outside. “Shall we greet what is coming?”