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Just like that, come my way

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The whirring, low hum of a camera starting up filled the dim room, curtains of purple sheen drawn together as soft music played from a speaker. In the middle of the room, on a nice wide bed with satin sheets sat Strawberry Kisses, or better known as Haru, a popular adult webcammer. He laid in between the sheets, humming softly to himself as he got himself ready, smiling knowingly when he started seeing the chat box fill up with viewers.


“Hello~ I hope everyone’s doing fine today,” Haru purred seductively, smiling cutely as he arched his back, displaying his ass to the camera while he stretched languidly.


Haru watched as the view count went up, and so did the comments, all raving about how pretty he looked, and how nice he looked in his get-up, deceivingly innocent white laced lingerie that flattered his curves beautifully.


Haru hummed absentmindedly to himself as he scrolled through the comments as he sucked on a strawberry lollipop, the candy reddening his wet lips sinfully.

sleepyv : Haru-chan looks so beautiful today


ultrakath : Haru is back and prettier than ever!!




raininharus : beautiful as always ❤️


estellars : HARU CHAN HARU CHAN I MISSED YOU  (´♡‿♡`)

Haru giggles at the comments from his top viewers, tongue coming out to innocently lick over his cherry red lips as he sat upright, exposing the full beauty of the lingerie he had on.


“I missed you guys too~ I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I got pretty busy,” Haru pouted, eyes glittering in the warm light as he sat on his knees, honey thighs spilling slightly over the top of the laced stockings.

nyaavan : it’s ok bby, you’re back and that’s the most important part!




harusimp : haru chan haru chan is today going to be with guests?


sky_lovesharu : help why is his face not showing is it my computer

“Sky san, just press the spacebar twice, it should proceed to show me,” Haru said, a breathy laugh escaped him, ass squirming in the air as he clenched around the butt plug he was wearing.                      


“You guys must be excited for today’s guests! Very familiar guests too, I might add.” Haru added, giggling to someone off-cam as he tilted his head cutely. Immediately, the chat box was bursting with comments, speculating on who the special guests might be.

nyaavan : IS IT RYOUGASM?


sleepyv : OMG IS IT K.SUKE?


estellars : IS IT BOTH OF THEM?!!!




ultrakath : if it’s k.suke pls ruin haru-chan for me <3

“Ah, as expected, my bunnies are always so smart!” Haru said cheerily, winking at the camera as he ran his fingers up and down his chest, breathing out softly as his delicate fingers brushed against his sensitive skin.


“It’s both of them!” Haru exclaimed, making cute jazz hands as he turned around, cheekily showing the scandalous panties he had on. They were a see through pink mesh, with little glittery strawberries that twinkled when reflected with light. Even with the low lighting, his viewers could clearly see the pretty bejewelled buttplug he had in, the pink gem winking at them.


Haru knelt over the bed, ass high up in the air, shaking it slightly as he rummaged for something under his bed. After a while, he knelt upright again, a teasing smile on his glossy pink lips as he waved the collar at the camera.


“Today feels like a collar kind of day, don’t you think?” Haru said to no one in particular as a pair of strong hands reached out from the side of the camera to gently clasp the collar around Haru’s slender neck, a pretty pastel pink that complimented his sun kissed skin beautifully.


Haru’s breath hitched audibly when those hands collared him just a knot too tight, a comforting squeeze around his throat that made his long eyelashes flutter slightly.


“Are you ready, Haru?” the unmistakably deep voice of K.Suke rumbled as he appeared in front of the camera, in his immaculate suit as always.


The man, also known as Daisuke, was known for his explicit ASMR videos, coupled with his naturally dominating personality and deep baritone that made the most salacious of people blush. He didn’t show his face often, the most he went was up until his lips, but one would be safe to assume the man was a sight for sore eyes.


“You’re so pretty like this, Haru,” Another voice says this time, a contrast to Daisuke’s deep voice, though it was equally tinged with a possessive undertone. In comes Ryou, another popular creator in the industry. 


Much like Daisuke, Ryou remained faceless. The wine-haired man was widely known for his hand fetish videos, most of his content being with his beautiful hands fingering someone for hours on end, or less explicit ones where he plays with lotions and textures. Ryou had a very strict care regimen for his hands, often telling his viewers about the importance of moisturising and manicuring. Once again, Haru’s comment section was filled with excitement, everyone clearly excited to see their favourite camboy collaborating with two household names.







nyaavan : haru-chan, this must be my birthday wish come true


lou_u : #GetHaruAWheelchair2021

“Are you ready for a show, lovelies?” Haru cooed into the camera as Ryou’s hands slowly travelled up and down Haru’s lean body, those veined hands coming up to lightly grip at Haru’s chin, thumb going inside of the man’s mouth as Haru sucked on it playfully.


Daisuke’s hands settled on Haru’s slim hips, caressing the soft skin there as he appeared behind the man, a black mask covering half of his face as his cerulean eyes had a lustful glint to them.


“Look at him, Daisuke. Already begging for it,” Ryou said mockingly, Haru still sucking around his fingers, wetting them thoroughly for what was to come while Daisuke busied himself with teasing Haru over his panties, touching the buttplug in his ass that made Haru moan involuntarily.


Daisuke slapped Haru’s ass, making Haru whine at the slight sting as strong hands rubbed soothingly at the reddening flesh afterwards, jiggling the plump flesh lightly as Ryou’s fingers pushed more insistently into Haru’s mouth. Daisuke’s eyes turned possessive as he read the comments showing up on the computer, the need to completely dominate Haru taking over.

raininharus : haru chan looks so pretty (◕‿◕)♡


harusimp : ahhh ryougasm’s fingers in haru’s mouth are so pushy


ultrakath : grr this makes me want to draw lewd haru chan



Haru’s eyes fluttered when he felt Daisuke tug his panties down, leaving his lower bottom bare save for the stockings as the man rubbed around the twitching hole barely gripping onto the plug.


Ryou pulled his hands away from Haru’s mouth gently, leaving a trail of saliva as Haru looked up at him docilely, lips bitten red and cheeks flushed, eyes lidded as he sat himself on all fours, pushing his ass back into Daisuke’s hands.


“Aren’t you a pretty little thing, puppy?” Ryou cooed, tilting Haru’s chin, one hand elegantly ruffling Haru’s hair as the man leaned into the touch, cock twitching when Daisuke slowly rubbed at his balls, fingers warm and heavy.


“Nngh, more !” Haru whined brattily, lips pouted as Daisuke laughed darkly, the sound causing a shiver to run down the taupe haired man’s spine.


“Ryou, I think our little puppy needs some training,” Daisuke said, dark amusement lacing his tone while his fingers grabbed at the buttplug roughly, pulling it out from Haru’s ass.


Haru cried out at the treatment, the sudden emptiness making his hole clench uselessly just as Ryou unzipped his pants, pulling his hard cock out of the confinement. The chat box grew wild at that, since Ryougasm rarely showed himself since his content focused more on his hands.

nyaavan : mans is PACKING


estellars : EVERYONE PRAY FOR HARU CHAN PLS (っ˘ω˘ς )


sleepyv : Rip Haru’s ass

“Open up, pup.” Ryou instructed, making Haru open his mouth wide, pretty eyes staring innocently at Ryou as he kissed the tip of the cock, lapping at the tiny bit of precum from the tip.


Both Daisuke and Ryou groaned at the action, their deep groans emanating through the thick sexual tension in the room. 


Haru smiled impishly up at Ryou, winking playfully at the man before taking him into his pliant mouth, eyes fluttering shut as the thick girth took up the space in his mouth.


Haru sucked at Ryou’s cock as he moaned, Ryou’s hands coming to tug at his hair forcefully, a pleasurable pain. Haru squirmed on the bed as Daisuke pushed in a well lubed finger into him, circling the rim teasingly as he plunged deep in. The taupe haired man moaned around Ryou’s cock, the vibrations making Ryou’s breath hitch.


“You’re such a good boy, aren’t you, Haru-chan?” Daisuke whispered darkly, pushing in another finger to piston in and out of Haru, who wailed at the sudden insert. 


“So pretty like this for us, your pretty hole is so tight,hmm?” Daisuke continued as his free hand gripped at Haru’s narrow waist, punishing and forceful.


Haru let out a high pitched moan at that, the praise making his pretty cock twitch as he hollowed his cheeks, deep throating Ryou who groaned lowly at the debauched man kneeling before him, tears of pleasure decorating his pretty golden eyes as his cheeks bulged with the cock in his mouth.


After a few seconds, Ryou pushed Haru away gently, which made Haru whine in displeasure at the sudden loss of something filling his mouth. He pouted up at Ryou, doe eyes glittering as his bruised lips were shining with saliva and precum.


“Fuck, look at him, Daisuke, he’s begging for it,” Ryou said breathlessly, gripping his cock in his hands as he slapped Haru’s cheek with it, making the man moan wantonly.


“P-please, I’m a good boy,” Haru whined, lips mouthing at the tip of Ryou’s leaking cock as Daisuke pushed his fingers in harder, hitting Haru’s prostate.


Meanwhile, Haru’s comments section was blowing up rapidly, more and more viewers pouring in at every minute as hundreds of comments filled up the chat box. However, Haru’s top tier viewers’ were the only comments that were readable, being highlighted in a different colour as opposed to the normal tiers.

nyaavan : oh my god- hoshino made our bby so lewd


sleepyv : how can a man be so hot even though he has a mask on?


estellars : /// HARU CHAN LOOKS SO WRECKED (。・//ε//・。)


ultrakath : ryougasm’s hands so pretty on haru’s face hehe


raininharus : subscribing to haru-chan’s channel is the best decision i made

“Do you see it, baby? Everyone’s enjoying how lewd you are right now, pup,” Daisuke said, velvety smooth as he gripped Haru’s cock, the member pretty and pink against his veiny hands. Haru moaned at the sensation, the simulation nearly too much to bear as he squeezed tight around Daisuke’s fingers.


Ryou made himself busy with teasing Haru’s nipples over the lingerie he had on, rubbing the pink nubs to full perkiness as the taupe-haired man writhed from the touch, baring his neck to the side, making Ryou’s eyes glint with want. Ryou turned his head away from the camera, so only his back was shown while he nipped at Haru’s neck and collarbone, sucking in lovebites that Haru was certain would bruise for days.


Haru keened at the lips attacking his neck, bangs sticking to his flushed face. Daisuke in the meantime, slathered some lube onto his hard cock, slicking it up as obscene squelching sounds filled the room. Once he was done, he removed his fingers gently from Haru’s entrance, who looked back at him sadly.


“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get something better,” Daisuke cooed, positioning himself up against Haru, lining his cock up with Haru’s clenching hole.


Ryou ducked down to suck at Haru’s reddened nipples, which made Haru cry out as he arched his back in pleasure. Haru was such a sight to behold like this. His skin was flushed a pretty pink, and his hair fell into his golden eyes seductively. The lingerie he had on was already dishevelled, a strap falling down one shoulder as Ryou pulled it down to mouth at bare, salty skin. Haru’s viewers go wild at that, anonymous donors giving generous amounts of money while the comments section grew rapidly faster.

lou_u : i can’t see ryougasm’s face, but i bet you he’s super handsome, just look at that back


sky_lovesharu : haru chan’s lingerie is so pretty today, i hope they don’t rip it 〣( ºΔº )〣


sleepyv : pfftt k.suke’s rich i’m sure he’d just buy new ones for ruru


ultrakath : the strawberry panties he had on were so cute


nyaavan : i can’t get over how k.suke is so rough but still gentle with our bby 

Haru cried out in pleasure as he felt the large tip of Daisuke’s cock entering him, his hole swallowing the thick cock all the way up to the hilt in such a way it made Daisuke groan with want, hands clasped around Haru’s waist.


The taupe haired man whined, peering down with lidded eyelids, breathing heavily when he realised Daisuke’s hands around his waist met in the middle, making Haru feel incredibly aroused, his size kink very much on display.


Ryou, not one to be ignored, pulled Haru’s face close, gripping the latter’s chin tightly as they engaged in a wet liplock, tongues and teeth clashing. Ryou dominated the kiss with ease, licking into Haru’s mouth fervently, who moaned into the other man’s lips.


Behind Haru, Daisuke was thrusting relentlessly, grunting in exertion when he felt Haru clenching tightly around him.


“Fuck, how are you so tight even after I fingerfucked you?” Daisuke whispered hotly into Haru’s ear, draping himself over Haru so their bodies were flushed together, a synergy of debauchery.


Haru could only moan in response, head hazy as Ryou practically consumed him, biting his lips possessively. His breath hitched with surprise when he felt a hand against the lower part of his flat stomach, hot and heavy. Haru gazed distractedly into Ryou’s eyes, his pale eyelashes clumped together as tears made of crystalline threatened to drop down his flushed cheeks.


“Can you feel it, Haru-chan? You’re stuffed full of cock, like how you deserve to be,” Ryou cooed, almost in a condescending way when Haru looked down, seeing the faint bulge of Daisuke reappearing and disappearing, making him clench even tighter than deemed possible around Daisuke’s length.


“Y-yes~! Nnf, harder please,” a litany of pleas escaped Haru’s mouth as he panted against Hoshino’s firm chest, mouthing cutely against the flushed skin. 


“D’you think you can take more, pretty pup?” Ryou asked, brushing Haru’s hair gently out of his sweaty face, the gesture a sweet contrast to Daisuke’s rough, bone shattering thrusts. Just as Ryou uttered those words, a couple hundred more viewers joined the stream, some of them typing comments at rapid speed while Daisuke smirked under his mask.

raininharus : OH MY GOD *FANS SELF*


sleepyv : how is haru still coherent??!


lou_u : oh my god he looks so pretty when he’s wrecked


estellars : today i am thankful to god for giving me eyes so i could witness this


nyaavan : haru-chan’s little whines and pleas- he is so cute

Haru looked distracted, eyes hazed as he blinked slowly at Ryou, who chuckled at the endearing sight.


“Oh pretty baby, you’re so fucked out aren’t you? So full of cock, hmm? Want more?” Ryou asked again, cupping Haru’s cheeks in his hands, making the cheeks plump up cutely.


Haru nodded in response, throat hoarse from all the moaning, letting his aureate eyes do the talking as he peered at Ryou excitedly, eyes big and puppy-like as he pouted.


“I need a verbal answer, baby,” Ryou ordered, one hand circling around Haru’s neck, squeezing it experimentally. Haru moaned at the sudden touch, eyes fluttering shut once again. He opened his eyes, however, when he realised the relentless thrusting from Daisuke had slowed down to a snail-pace thrust. 


Haru pushed his butt back, only for his ass to be spanked by Daisuke. Haru cried out at the pleasurable sting, back arching as he shamelessly leaned into the touch. Daisuke smirked underneath his mask, sweat glistening on his pale skin while he stuffed two fingers along with his cock into Haru, making Haru squirm even more in unadulterated pleasure, a fucked out look on his pretty face.


“Answer Ryou first, then I’ll fuck you properly, puppy,” Daisuke ordered, the dominance in his voice unmistakable as he groped those pert globes infront of him with his free hand, revelling in the redness of the once pale skin.


“Yes! Please, please, please fuck me, both of you,” Haru wailed, lust overtaking his embarrassment as Ryou only smirked in response.


“As you wish, pretty boy,” Ryou whispered lovingly while Daisuke wrapped an arm around Haru’s middle, pulling him back against the bed’s headboard so Haru was right on top of Daisuke’s lap, his cock nestled deep inside Haru’s pliant body as he removed his fingers from Haru’s ass.


Ryou turned his back towards the camera, still stealthily hiding his face away, though even under the dim lighting, Haru’s viewers could see the purple brown of the man’s hair.


He positioned himself between Haru’s spread legs, watching as Daisuke’s cock slid in and out of Haru, the bulge visible in such an obscenely lewd way. Ryou grabbed some of the remaining lube, slicking himself up, smirking when Haru whined at the sight.


The younger man slid his cock in slowly, groaning at the tight fit as Daisuke let out a guttural moan at the friction. Haru moaned loudly, throwing his head back in ecstasy as his back met Daisuke’s firm chest, the heat of their bodies combining as they were pressed flush together.


Ryou couldn’t help but look at the chatbox, smirking when he saw some of the comments Haru’s loyal viewers were leaving.

ultrakath : they bully haru chan so much, he looks so lewd hehe


nyaavan : oh to have haru in your arms so pretty and wrecked


sleepyv : the way k.suke holds haru is so hot the dynamic is so intense


estellars : i need holy water after this

“Haru, can’t you see? Everyone thinks you’re so pretty, darling.” Daisuke whispered into Haru’s ear, voice dark with desire and want as Haru cried in pleasure, arms falling pliant as he became a ragdoll between the two men, his hole clenching around their thick girths.


Ryou snapped his hips forward, making Haru push up against Daisuke’s chest, the firm abs brushing against his glistening back while the wine haired man’s elegant hands gripped his waist painfully leaving finger shaped bruises that would definitely bloom into a deeper colour tomorrow. 


“Nnf, gonna cum~” Haru keened, mouthing needily at the fingers Daisuke stuffed into his wet mouth, nipping gently as he was being mercilessly railed.


“Ah~ not so soon, puppy,” Ryou crooned, hand gripping at the taller man’s leaking cock tightly to stop him from coming, making Haru bite his lip hard as Daisuke played with his sensitive nipples, fondling his chest roughly.


“P-please, I’ve been a good boy,” Haru begged, fresh tears of pleasure rolling down his sweaty face as he groaned at the feeling of being stuffed full of cock, thrusting relentlessly into his pulsing hole.


“Not good enough. You’re such a little tease, wearing such perverted things. You want us to think of you so lewdly, Haru chan. Look at that pathetic cock twitching, you’re a perfect little plaything, aren’t you?” Daisuke growled low in his throat, still playing with Haru’s pink nipples harshly, making his sensitive nipples perk up with each touch.


“Nnnh, you guys made me like this, you guys are the perverts!” Haru whined, arching his back beautifully when Ryou wrapped a hand around his throat, squeezing tight enough to make the taupe haired man’s eyes roll back in pleasure.


“Ah, but you like it, don’t you? When we play with you like this, making you so worked up, hmm? Pretty puppy, only good for taking cock,” Ryou whispered sinisterly, stealing Haru’s breath with a wet kiss as he pushed his tongue inside the man’s mouth.


Haru was barely coherent enough to respond, body writhing from the intense simulation he was experiencing, only managing to let out hoarse whines at every thrust.


“Are you going to be a good pup for us baby? Do you want us to breed you like a little bitch ?” Daisuke whispered tauntingly, a wicked smile under his mask when he felt Haru clench tighter than ever at the dirty words.


“Please fill me up, breed me please- I can take it,” Haru blabbered, pre cum leaking from the tip of his pink cock as Ryou’s hand came to fondle his balls, slender fingertips grazing against the sensitive flesh.


Ryou smirked as he looked at the comments section, teeming with viewers sending messages.

lou_u : that’s it guys. i’m deceased. Bye.


ultrakath : never have i wanted to be k.suke so bad just to rail haru..


nyaavan : i’m using up my entire life savings for haru chan


sleepyv : haru is literally being mind broken right now


estellars : someone remind me to clear my search history (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

“You can’t waste any of it, understand?” Daisuke whispered into Haru’s flushed ear, hand coming up to tug at the collar to pull him closer. Haru nodded his head, fluffy hair a ruffled mess as he leaned his head back on Daisuke’s shoulder, golden puppy dog eyes looking up adoringly into Daisuke’s own eyes.


“I w-won’t, I’ll keep it inside, I’m a g-good boy,” Haru promised, stuttering through his words as he moaned for the nth time while Ryou thumbed at the tip of his hard cock, the head very, very sensitive.


“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot, Haru.” Daisuke said filthily, hand pressing against the bulge at the taupe-haired man’s lower abdomen, making Ryou swear under his breath when he sees the bulge disappearing and reappearing with every thrust.


“Don’t come until we tell you, understand?” Ryou demanded feeling himself reaching his climax. It was obvious Daisuke was the same way too, with the way his hips pistoned up into Haru’s ass, reaching impossibly deep.


Haru let out another sob, feeling his toes curl in pleasure as the two men inside him thrusted in sync, making Haru’s thighs shake.


“I said, do you understand, pup ?” Ryou growled louder, grabbing Haru’s chin to face him, making Haru’s heartbeat speed up at the manhandling.


“Nnngh, y-yes, yes! Fill me up~ please,” Haru said pitifully, eyes pleading as he pouted cutely, which made Ryou grit his teeth as him and Daisuke pushed one last bone shattering thrust into Haru, groans filling the room as cum flooded out of their hard cocks into Haru’s pliant hole, making Haru sigh happily.


Haru continued to clench around the softening cocks in him, squeezing out every single droplet of come as he leant against Daisuke, feeling Daisuke groan at the contact. Slowly, Ryou pulled out of Haru, making the latter whine at the loss as excess cum dripped down his hole seductively, staining the sheets of the bed. Daisuke too slowly removed himself, Haru sighing, not fully sated but feeling full of cum.


“Such a good boy, aren’t you, Haru?” Ryou said, chuckling as Haru slumped on the bed, pretty cock still hard as he laid there, panting heavily. “Taking so much cock, aren’t you a good little pup,” Ryou continued, pulling Haru upright as the taupe haired man leaned heavily against him.


“Do you want to cum, baby?” Daisuke cooed, glaring slightly at Ryou while he kept a possessive arm around Haru’s slim waist, to which the wine haired man glared back.


“Yes, I’ve been so good, please,” Haru rambled, pretty face wet with tears as excess cum continued to drip slowly out of his hole, making him look even more lewd.


“Come here, then.” Ryou said, the words sounding gentle even though the dark lilt to his tone said otherwise.


Haru crawled towards Ryou slowly as Daisuke grabbed the camera, zooming it closer to where Haru was perched on his lap. The black haired man smirked as he read the comments their viewers were leaving.

ultrakath : i wish i could leave a la creatura gif because that’s how i feel rn


raininharus : this was very. very woah.


sleepyv : we need a wheelchair for haru asap guys


estellars : k.suke pls buy a wheelchair for haru!!


“Aren’t you a pretty boy,” Ryou whispered, fingers circling Haru’s loose rim, making Haru grind needily against Ryou’s toned body.


Daisuke brought the camera closer until it focused on Haru’s face which was flushed and wet with tears and sweat, making a pretty, debauched picture that made Daisuke want to fuck his face even more.


The black haired man cradled his cheek softly, smiling when he felt Haru lean into his touch, trying to nip at the fingers while Ryou jerked him off. Daisuke kept the camera focused on Haru’s lewd expression, the adorable scrunch of his nose indicating he was going to orgasm soon. 


“Nnh, Ryou, faster,” Haru whined, mouthing at the man’s neck cutely, making Daisuke’s heart constrict at the deceivingly innocent action. Ryou complied, jerking Haru off faster with slick, elegant movements that almost seemed too regal for something so dirty.


After a few pumps and Ryou sucking a hickey into the skin of Haru’s fevered neck, the latter came with a pitiful cry, cum spurting out as it reached his chest, staining Ryou’s hands as well as dripping slightly on the bed. Haru sobbed as the other man pumped at his sensitive cock, twitching with every touch as Daisuke whispered words of affirmation to the fucked out man.


“You’re so good for us, puppy. Such an obedient boy,” Daisuke said while Haru came down from his high, beautiful golden eyes blinking sleepily as he slumped against Ryou, who was ruffling a hand through his messy taupe hair.


“Mmh, I’m your good boy,” Haru slurred, hands coming around Ryou’s neck to tug Daisuke down, removing the mask he was wearing. Daisuke panned the camera to simply focus on Haru as he pulled the man into a kiss, relishing in the twisted pleasure of tasting someone else in his mouth. 


“Do you have something to say to your viewers, Haru?” Ryou said, moving the camera back as he read the comments from the computer.


sleepyv : Fuck, that had to be the hottest stream Haru has ever done


lou_u : i died, i died and i went to heaven


nyaavan : no way you’re going to heaven i’m dragging you to hell






raininharus : Excuse me i’ve been a dedicated subscriber since he started he is MINE


sky_lovesharu : guys dont fight ;__;

Haru looked into the camera, blinking slowly as a dazed, fucked-out smile settled on his red lips, some drops of cum near his mouth as he licked them away with his tongue. He tilted his head, big doe eyes sparkling like bubbling champagne as he says “Thank you for watching, my lovely bunnies. I’ll see you in my next stream~!” before Daisuke turned off the camera, wondering if he could coax Haru into another round.


After all, he knows exactly how to play his cards right.


“You guys were too rough,” Haru whined as Daisuke placed him gently into the bathtub, mindful of his sore behind while he made sure the water temperature wasn’t too hot.


Daisuke and Haru were left alone in their apartment, Ryou having left a little earlier for a few errands. It left the couple alone as Daisuke tended to Haru, slowly soaping the latter’s body up with gentle hands while Haru sighed happily at the tender care. Daisuke grabbed the shampoo to his left, squirting out some of the strawberry scented shampoo into his palms before working it through Haru’s hair. 


“Sorry. But you liked it, didn’t you?” Daisuke murmured in his low baritone, smiling fondly as Haru purred at the little head massage, leaning back against Daisuke’s firm chest in total relaxation.


“Mmm, yeah. Feels nice,” Haru slurred, eyelids becoming heavier as the warm water and gentle touches made him drowsy, combined with the post-sex haze.


They sat in silence, punctuated with Haru’s little happy sighs as Daisuke slowly soaped him down, incredibly gentle as he hummed a song under his breath.


“While it certainly was exhilarating, I don’t think I want to see you with another person again,” Daisuke said after a while, playing with Haru’s limp fingers as he waited for the conditioner to seep through the older man’s hair.


“Hmm… it was nice but if I do it too often my ass might not be able to take it,” Haru mumbled, lax against the shorter man’s shoulder as he traced circles on the firm planes of his chest.


Daisuke said nothing, simply washing out the leftover conditioner as Haru practically melted in his grasp. Slowly, the black haired man gently removed himself from Haru, who whined, mourning the warmth. 


He toweled himself dry, wrapping it around his waist before heaving Haru out of the tub, chuckling when Haru simply clung to him, a little wobbly on his feet. Daisuke grabbed another towel to dry him off, Haru barely awake as his eyes fluttered shut, a sleepy pout on his face while Daisuke dried his taupe coloured hair.


“Suke, I’m sleepy..” Haru whined again, eyebrows furrowed slightly as Daisuke marched him to the bathroom counter, placing his toothbrush that already had toothpaste squeezed unto it. 


“I know you are. But brush your teeth first.” Daisuke instructed, slapping some night cream moisturizer on his face and onto Haru’s, who brushed his teeth slowly. 


When the both of them were done, Daisuke held Haru by his hand, tugging him along to the wardrobe to grab some nightclothes. He spotted a pair of cream coloured pajamas with tiny little brown bears all over, a gift from Saeki for Haru’s birthday last year. 


“Hands up,” Daisuke motioned to Haru, who obeyed obediently as Daisuke fitted his arms through the slightly oversized pajama shirt, buttoning it down, but not without gently thumbing over the finger shaped bruises on his neck and hips. Haru clung to the shorter man as Daisuke fitted the loose pajama pants as well, laughing softly when Daisuke patted at his butt slightly.


Haru trudged over to the now clean bed, which already had new sheets over it. Daisuke must’ve done it sometime between getting the bathtub ready while Haru sluggishly threw the dirtied sheets into the hamper by the door. The man snuggled into the cool sheets, purring in content as Daisuke joined him, dressed in a comfy t-shirt and sweatpants.


“Night ‘Suke. Love you,” Haru yawned, cuddling close to Daisuke when the other man opened his arms, inviting him to a cuddle.


“Too tired for round two?” Daisuke jokes, snickering when Haru grumbled his discontent and punched his chest softly.


“Insatiable prick.”


“Mmm. I love you, too.”