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In Different Worlds (SenHaku Week 2021)

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It would be an understatement to say Senku was happy.


He was ecstatic.


His day was going well so far. There was less traffic going to work today. Their science project was successful, and they finished it before the expected date. He even got an email saying his astronaut candidate application was accepted!


The scientist was definitely in a good mood. All he had to do to complete his day was go home to his girlfriend, and have a toast with her. It sounded like he was possessed, but a fine day like this was so rare in his life of 3,715 years.


As he entered the shared apartment, he was expecting to be greeted by Kohaku. There was no sign of her, however. She would usually come running and smiling at him. It was like a daily routine since she always comes home earlier than him. No matter how late it was, she was there without fail.


"Kohaku?" Senku called out.


There was only silence.


The scientist hastily took off his shoes and headed straight to their bedroom. When he opened the door, he caught the faint scent of blood. He frowned once he realized what was going on.


Kohaku was all bundled up on the bed. She wasn't sleeping, but her eyes were closed. She looked so uncomfortable that Senku's previous happiness immediately turned into worry. As he took a seat beside her, the mattress shifted beneath them. She opened her eyes and turned to him.


She weakly smiled at him. "Senku."


"Lioness, I'm home." He helped her sit up then kissed her on the forehead with tenderness. "Can you manage?"


"Ha! I'm not totally-"


Senku watched her curl up in pain as he inserted a finger in his ears. "Uhuh. Sure. It's normal for cramps to be that bad. Have you taken painkillers?"


"I wanted to tough it out."


"I don't think you're ten billion percent successful so far."


"Watch me! I'll be moving like it's nothing!" She groaned. "Just give me five minutes."


"How about I get you cranberry juice and cook while you rest up? " He suggested. Without even waiting for an answer, he patted her back and headed to the kitchen.


He could feel Kohaku keeping an eye on him from the bedroom. Senku knew she wasn't used to him showing emotions. It was so rare for that to happen. He always talked about how emotions were illogical, but he did have his moments.


After living for 3,715 years, he's been through so much as an immortal. There were points in his life he put his emotions in the backseat for logic. It allowed him to excel in the field of science more than he expected.


Kohaku was an unexpected part of his life.


She developed a crush on him, and he shot her down quickly. They remained as friends, but things still changed. He slowly grew to like her. At first, he blamed it on his hormones. He would have stuck to that.


But, he couldn't ignore the fact that vampires react strongly to the blood of their soulmates.


"Weird." He could hear Kohaku whisper before the sheets rustled in the bedroom. Senku chuckled.


Things really do change.